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NAME: Lacey Huck DATE: 10/3/12



SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES TO MEET GOALS: The student will be able to practice for the OGT. The student will be able to work in a group. The student will be able to experience a change from the normal classroom setting. COMMON CORE STANDARDS : The review will cover the five standards that are required to pass the OGT. This includes the following; Numbers, Number Sense, and Operations, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterns, Functions, and Algebra, and Data Analysis and Probability. MOTIVATIONAL TECHNIQUES: Use an activity to review for the OGT. The students will enjoy a change from their traditional practice tests while still getting good review in. The activity will also provide them with a chance for bonus points/candy. MATERIALS NEEDED: Timer, scrap paper, smart board, prepared questions, setup desk arrangement, each team will need an ipad (to use as dry erase board) PROCEDURE FOR THE LESSON: -Number the students 1,2,1,2,1. There will be two teams. One team on each side of the room. -The desks in the middle are set up like a tic-tac-toe board. - I will show the students the first question on the smart board. -Each team will have 60 seconds to work out the answer. -I will randomly call on someone from the first group, if they answer correctly, they can take a seat in the middle -If not, the other team has a chance to steal, if they answer correctly they get to take a seat in the middle. -If no one answers I will work out the problem on the smart board and ask a new question to the next team. -The game continues until some team gets three in a row. ACADEMIC LANGUAGE: Many different math skills will be reviewed, including; Factors, Multiples, Exponents, Scientific notation, Order of Operations, Angles, Congruence , Similarity, Perimeter, Circumference, etc.

ASSESSMENT METHODS: When both teams miss the question, go over it on the board. While they are answering in their groups walk around so I can hear and know what their reasoning is and where it may be wrong. EVALUATION OF FIELD EXPERIENCE STUDENTS PERFORMANCE:

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