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Raynauds Disease & SHAKLEE Helps

Raynauds Disease is a condition in which the arteries of the hands and sometimes the feet are reactive and become spastic when the hands are cold. This is a circulatory disorder that produces attacks of pallor, numbness and discomfort. Due to this spastic response in the small arteries, the fingers or toes are deprived of adequate amounts of oxygenated blood, and become whitish or bluish in colour. The symptoms can come on quickly, and may be triggered by emotional stress. ver time, the condition may result in a general shrinkage of the affected area. !angrene or ulceration of the fingertips and toes may result from lack of blood to the affected part. This often leads to chronic infection under and around the finger or toe nails. Causes: "rteriosclerosis or "ngina #caused by spasms in the coronary arteries$ %t is often the side effect of prescription drugs& o 'alcium channel blockers #usually given for high blood pressure, angina or migraines$ o (rgot preparations #drugs given for funguses$ o "lpha) and beta)adrenergic blockers #usually given for high blood pressure, angina, congestive heart failure, irregular heartbeat, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc.$ *eurgers disease #a chronic inflammation of the blood vessels in the extremities that is most common in people who smoke$ +igraines Traditional Medical Treatment: ,atient is told to wear warm gloves Take antispasmodic drugs #such as phenoxyben-amine$ .ympathectomy is sometimes recommended #surgery to divide the sympathetic nerve fibers in an attempt to improve circulation$ Recommendations: "void everything that causes artery constriction //.caffeine, stress, smoking, fatty 0 fried foods Supplements of Tremendous enefit: o 'oen-yme123 o 4itamin ( o !inkgo *iloba #.5"67(( +ental "cuity$ o 7ecithin 8 9laxseed oil capsules #or ground flaxseed$ o "lfalfa o 'alcium +agnesium o * 'omplex

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Subj: Raynaud's Testimony/CoQ10 Date: 3/14/2004 2:44:39 PM Pa i!i Standa"d Time #"om: $%&"ant'())) T$is is a Testimony !"om a C*ient o! mine) Dea" +e*en,

-'m just so $a%%y t$at - (anted to *et you .no( ($at -'/e e0%e"ien ed sin e - sta"ted ta.in& t$e S+12344 CoQ10) 1*t$ou&$ you su&&ested t$at - ta.e 2/day to see i! it (ou*d $e*% (it$ my Raynauds, - sta"ted (it$ just one) - (as a *itt*e u%set be ause t$e !i"st (ee. my $ands (e"e a tua**y o*de") T$en somet$in& ama5in& $a%%ened) T$e o*dness disa%%ea"ed and it $as ne/e" ome ba .) - $a/e just !inis$ed my !i"st bott*e and am /e"y $a%%y (it$ t$ese "esu*ts) -'m $a%%y to add CoQ10 to my S+12344 "e&ime and am &*ad t$at my $i"o%"a to" sent me to you yea"s a&o to $e*% (it$ my a"t$"itis) 3itt*e did - .no( t$at you'd be ab*e to $e*% (it$ my i" u*ation %"ob*em) - (onde" ($y do to"s ou*dn't te** me t$is yea"s a&o and sa/e me a *ot o! dis om!o"t) 3au"a

Subje t: Raynaud's Disease Sou" e: Ca"o* 6a"t$o!! 7ate"*oo, -1 Ca"o* (as dia&nosed (it$ Raynaud's disease at Mayo C*ini in 1984) +e" sym%toms o! o*dness, tin&*in& and b*an $in& o! !in&e"s (it$ %oo" i" u*ation, ($i $ !i"st a%%ea"ed in 1981, $ad !ina**y sent $e" to t$e do to") S *e"ode"ma (as a*so dia&nosed at t$at time be ause o! sym%toms o! s.in ti&$tenin& in $e" !a e and so"e mus *es and tendons) -n 199: s(e**in& in t$e joints o! $e" !in&e"s and dis!i&u"in& *ed $e" do to" to %ut $e" on P"ednisone !o" "$eumatoid a"t$"itis) S$e (as a*so on Mot"in, ($i $ didn't seem to $e*%) 1s o! ;anua"y 1991, Ca"o* &"adua**y ta%e"ed o!! $e" dose o! P"ednisone unde" $e" do to"'s di"e tion unti* s$e (as o!! om%*ete*y by May 1991) Ca"o* s$a"es $e" ent$usiasm !o" t$e S+12344 !ood su%%*ements ea $ time s$e a**s) Re ent*y, s$e "e%o"ted t$at &ettin& o!! a %ain medi ation (as a $a**en&e s$e (asn't su"e s$e ou*d mana&e) S$e added 3 Ca* ium Ma&nesium dai*y and in "eased $e" <ita=4 400 -> to : a%su*es %e" day and t$at $as $e*%ed to *essen t$e %ain and ma.e it mo"e to*e"ab*e) S$e !ee*s it (ent su"%"isin&*y (e**) +e"e is ($at Ca"o* ta.es o! S+12344 !ood su%%*ements: 1*!a*!a = 30/day <ita=3ea = 2/day ?M461 3 = 3/day Ca* ium Com%*e0 = 3/day -"on @ C = 2/day -mmunity #o"mu*a 1 = 2/day <ita=C SR = :/day Ca"otoma0 = 3/(.

-nstant P"otein = 4 TA/day A=Com%*e0 = :/day 3e it$in = :/day <ita=4 400 -> = : a%s/day Ca"o*s says, B- don't .no( $o( - ou*d do (it$out t$e S+12344 !ood su%%*ements) T$ey a"e an essentia* %a"t o! my dai*y diet and "e&ime) My $usband said t$at $e t$in.s t$at's ($at .ee%s me &oin&) ?t$e"(ise, - (ou*d be bed"idden) S+12344 !ood su%%*ements $a/e a %"io"ity in ou" bud&et) T$an. you, S+12344)B

Subj: Raynaud's Testimony Date: 9/9/2001 10:19:13 1M 4aste"n Day*i&$t Time +e**o Sand"a, - too $ad Raynaud's and sin e ta.in& 4=: <ita 4 Cto $e*% meno%ause sym%toms 2 yea"s a&oD and in "easin& #o"mu*a - to 4 %e" day - $a/e not e0%e"ien ed t$e o*d $ands and !eet) - used to "ea**y be in %ain too (it$ my nose in t$e (inte" mont$s) - (as onside"in& .nittin& a o/e" !o" my nose) - e/en (o"e &*o/es in Se%tembe" my $ands (e"e so o*d and no( - an be in mid (inte" and not e0%e"ien in& t$e %ain!u* o*d $ands and !eet and not e/en $a/e to (ea" &*o/es) +o%e t$is $e*%s, Pat Aa.e" S%e** $ea*t$ E (ea*t$ S + 1 2 3 4 4

Subj: Raynaud's Disease Date: 4/1F/03 F:38:40 PM Cent"a* Day*i&$t Time #"om: t"u$ea*t$F'ao*) om Raynaud's Disease, eit$e" %"ima"y o" se onda"y, is $a"a te"i5ed by e0t"eme o*dness in t$e $ands o" !eet, (it$ t$e !in&e"s o" toes be omin& ($ite and numb) T$e o*o" may $an&e to b*ue and !ina**y "ed, as t$e b*ood "etu"ns to t$e tissues) T$is an ta.e se/e"a* minutes o" many $ou"s, and an be e0t"eme*y %ain!u*) -t may a*so a!!e t t$e ea"s and nose) T$e"e may be asso iated tin&*in&, s(e**in&, and %ain!u* t$"obbin&) Raynaud's %$enomenon is asso iated (it$ diseases o! t$e a"te"ies su $ as Aeu"&e"Gs disease and at$e"os *e"osis, "$eumatoid a"t$"itis, s *e"ode"ma and systemi *u%us e"yt$ematosus) -t an a*so !o**o( "e%eated t"auma, %a"ti u*a"*y /ib"ations su $ as t$ose aused by ty%in& o" %*ayin& t$e %iano) 1n o/e"dose o! e"&ot om%ounds o" met$yse"&ide may a*so be a ause o! se onda"y Raynaud's %$enomenon) -! sym%toms o u" (it$ no .no(n ause, t$e diso"de" is .no(n as Raynaud's disease) -! t$e ondition %"o&"esses, b*ood !*o( to t$e a"ea ou*d be ome %e"manent*y de "eased ausin& t$e !in&e"s to be ome t$in and ta%e"ed, (it$ smoot$, s$iny s.in and s*o( &"o(in& nai*s) -! an a"te"y be omes b*o .ed om%*ete*y, &an&"ene o" u* e"ation o! t$e s.in may o u") T$e "is. !a to"s in *ude asso iated diseases and smo.in&) 7omen a"e a!!e ted mo"e o!ten t$an men) T$e in iden e is 4 out o! 10,000 %eo%*e) 1 a"e!u* *ini a* $isto"y, %$ysi a* e0amination and tests, su $ as a%i**a"y mi "os o%y, enab*e t$e do to" to dia&nose ($et$e" t$e %atient $as %"ima"y Raynaud's Cnot asso iated (it$ any ot$e" onditionD o" i! it is se onda"y to anot$e" unde"*yin& disease, su $ as s *e"ode"ma, systemi *u%us e"yt$ematosus o" "$eumatoid a"t$"itis) A*ood tests (i** $e*% to identi!y an unde"*yin& onne ti/e tissue

diso"de" and 0="ays, a*on& (it$ do%%*e" u*t"asound studies, may "e/ea* a"te"ia* abno"ma*ities) -! auto=antibodies a"e %"esent in t$e b*ood, t$e %atient s$ou*d be "e!e""ed to a onsu*tant) -t is essentia* t$at %eo%*e (it$ si&ni!i ant Raynaud's a"e s "eened !o" a %ossib*e unde"*yin& ondition) T"eatment may /a"y a o"din& to t$e se/e"ity o! t$e sym%toms) -n mi*d Raynaud's it may be su!!i ient to maintain a onstant body tem%e"atu"e, and, i! %ossib*e, a/oid e0t"eme o*d and sudden $an&es in tem%e"atu"e) 1tta .s an a*so be aused by st"ess and smo.in&) -t is im%o"tant to %"e/ent Raynaud's atta .s as !a" as %ossib*e) T$e"e a"e a numbe" o! o%tions !o" t"eatin& mo"e se/e"e Raynaud's, su $ as a* ium $anne* b*o .e"s, /asodi*ato"s, o" in!usions o! -*o%"ost) Hou" do to" (i** de ide on t$e most suitab*e t"eatment) Su%%*ementa"y <itamins C and 4 may be %"es "ibed) Some %atients !ind bene!it by ta.in& &in&e", &a"*i o" &in&.o bi*oba) <itamin 4 $e*%s t$e body use o0y&en mo"e e!!i ient*y, E S+12344's Menta* 1 uity o%ens u% tiny b*ood /esse*s) Su&&estion: <ita 4 C3D 1 uity C3D <ita C C3D and 6a"*i C3D dai*y, un*ess t$e"e is a "eason not to ta.e any $e"bs t$at t$in t$e b*ood) D") Mi*e"'s %am%$*et on S+12344's &in&.o s$o(s it is $e*%!u* !o" %eo%*e (it$ Raynaud's disease) #"om: +ea*t$ie"C$oi es Date: 7ed ;u* 2F,2001 4:38 am Subje t: Re: 3ea.y6ut Synd"ome

+e"e is some in!o (e $a/e om%i*ed on 3ea.y 6ut Synd"ome) 1 &"eat "esou" e t$at you may (is$ to *isten to and s$a"e is t$e Aob #e"&uson, Ied"a Sa$" ta%e on -""itab*e Ao(* Disease) 3ea.y 6ut, C"o$n's Disease, Di/e"ti u*itis, et ), a"e a** *abe*ed as -""itab*e Ao(* Diseases) T$e "e ommendations a"e !antasti and $a/e $e*%ed me a &"eat dea*, as - $a/e C"o$n's Disease and C$"oni #ati&ue Synd"ome) Aest 7is$es, S$i"*ey 1"mst"on& 1*te"ed -mmunity E 3ea.y 6ut Synd"ome T$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome is t$e name &i/en to a /e"y ommon $ea*t$ diso"de" in ($i $ t$e basi o"&ani de!e t C*esionD is an intestina* *inin& ($i $ is mo"e %e"meab*e C%o"ousD t$an no"ma*) T$e abno"ma**y *a"&e s%a es %"esent bet(een t$e e**s o! t$e &ut (a** a**o( t$e ent"y o! to0i mate"ia* into t$e b*oodst"eam t$at (ou*d, in $ea*t$ie" i" umstan es, be "e%e**ed and e*iminated) T$e &ut be omes *ea.y in t$e sense t$at ba te"ia, !un&i, %a"asites and t$ei" to0ins, undi&ested %"otein, !at and (aste no"ma**y not abso"bed into t$e b*oodst"eam in t$e $ea*t$y state, %ass t$"ou&$ a dama&ed, $y%e"%e"meab*e, %o"ous o" *ea.y &ut) T$is an be /e"i!ied by s%e ia* &ut %e"meabi*ity u"ine tests, mi "os o%i e0amination o! t$e *inin& o! t$e intestina* (a** as (e** as t$e b*oodst"eam (it$ %$ase ont"ast o" da". !ie*d mi "os o%y o! *i/in& ($o*e b*ood) 7$y is T$e 3ea.y 6ut Synd"ome -m%o"tantJ T$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome is a*most a*(ays asso iated (it$ autoimmune disease and "e/e"sin& autoimmune disease de%ends on $ea*in& t$e *inin& o! t$e &ast"ointestina* t"a t) 1ny ot$e" t"eatment is just sym%tom su%%"ession) 1n autoimmune disease is de!ined as one in ($i $ t$e immune system ma.es antibodies a&ainst its o(n tissues) Diseases in t$is ate&o"y in *ude *u%us, a*o%e ia a"eata, "$eumatoid a"t$"itis, %o*ymya*&ia "$eumati a, mu*ti%*e s *e"osis, !ib"omya*&ia, $"oni !ati&ue synd"ome, Sjo&"en's synd"ome, /iti*i&o, t$y"oiditis, /as u*itis, C"o$n's disease, u* e"ati/e o*itis, u"ti a"ia C$i/esD, diabetes and Raynaud's disease) P$ysi ians a"e in "easin&*y "e o&ni5in& t$e im%o"tan e o! t$e &ast"ointestina* t"a t in t$e de/e*o%ment o! a**e"&i o" autoimmunedisease) >nde"standin& t$e *ea.y &ut %$enomenon not on*y $e*%s us see ($y a**e"&ies and autoimmune diseases de/e*o%

but a*so $e*%s us (it$ sa!e and e!!e ti/e t$e"a%ies to b"in& t$e body ba . into ba*an e) Due to t$e en*a"&ed s%a es bet(een t$e e**s o! t$e &ut (a**, *a"&e" t$an usua* %"otein mo*e u*es a"e abso"bed be!o"e t$ey $a/e a $an e to be om%*ete*y b"o.en do(n as o u"s ($en t$e intestina* *inin& is inta t) T$e immune system sta"ts ma.in& antibodies a&ainst t$ese *a"&e" mo*e u*es be ause it "e o&ni5es t$em as !o"ei&n, in/adin& substan es) T$e immune system sta"ts t"eatin& t$em as i! t$ey $ad to be dest"oyed) 1ntibodies a"e made a&ainst t$ese %"oteins de"i/ed !"om %"e/ious*y $a"m*ess !oods) +uman tissues $a/e anti&eni sites /e"y simi*a" to t$ose on !oods, ba te"ia, %a"asites, andida o" !un&i) T$e antibodies "eated by t$e *ea.y &ut %$enomenon a&ainst t$ese anti&ens an &et into /a"ious tissues and t"i&&e" an in!*ammato"y "ea tion ($en t$e o""es%ondin& !ood is onsumed o" t$e mi "obe is en ounte"ed) 1uto antibodies a"e t$us "eated and in!*ammation be omes $"oni ) -! t$is in!*ammation o u"s in a joint, autoimmune a"t$"itis C"$eumatoid a"t$"itisD de/e*o%s) -! it o u"s in t$e b"ain, mya*&i en e%$a*omye*itis Ca).)a) $"oni !ati&ue synd"omeD may be t$e "esu*t) -! it o u"s in t$e b*ood /esse*s, /as u*itis Cin!*ammation o! t$e b*ood /esse*sD is t$e "esu*tin& autoimmune %"ob*em) -! t$e antibodies end u% atta .in& t$e *inin& o! t$e &ut itse*!, t$e "esu*t may be o*itis o" C"o$n'sdisease) -! it o u"s in t$e *un&s, ast$ma is t"i&&e"ed on a de*ayed basis e/e"y time t$e indi/idua* onsumes t$e !ood ($i $ t"i&&e"ed t$e %"odu tion o! t$e antibodies in t$e !i"st %*a e) -t is easy to see t$at %"a ti a**y any o"&an o" body tissue an be ome a!!e ted by !ood a**e"&ies "eated by t$e *ea.y &ut) Sym%toms, es%e ia**y t$ose seen in onditions su $ as $"oni !ati&ue synd"ome an be mu*ti%*e and se/e"e*y debi*itatin&) T$e in!*ammation t$at auses t$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome a*so dama&es t$e %"ote ti/e oatin& o! antibodies o! t$e -&1 !ami*y no"ma**y %"esent in a $ea*t$y &ut) Sin e -&1 $e*%s us (a"d o!! in!e tions, (it$ *ea.y &ut %"ob*ems (e be ome *ess "esistant to /i"uses, ba te"ia, %a"asites and andida) T$ese mi "obes a"e t$en ab*e to in/ade t$e b*oodst"eam and o*oni5e a*most any body tissue o" o"&an) 7$en t$is o u"s in t$e &ums, %e"iodonta* disease "esu*ts) -! it $a%%ens in t$e ja(, toot$ e0t"a tion o" "oot ana*s mi&$t be ne essa"y to u"e t$e in!e tion)

-n addition to t$e "eation o! !ood a**e"&ies by t$e *ea.y &ut, t$e b*oodst"eam is in/aded by ba te"ia, !un&i and %a"asites t$at, in t$e $ea*t$y state, (ou*d not %enet"ate t$e %"ote ti/e ba""ie" o! t$e &ut) T$ese mi "obes and t$ei" to0ins, i! %"esent in *a"&e enou&$ amounts, an o/e"($e*m t$e *i/e"'s abi*ity to deto0i!y) T$is "esu*ts in sym%toms su $ as on!usion,memo"y *oss, b"ain !o& o" !a ia* s(e**in& ($en t$e indi/idua* is e0%osed to a %e"!ume o" to i&a"ette smo.e t$at $e o" s$e $ad no ad/e"se "ea tions to %"io" to t$e de/e*o%ment o! t$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome) 3ea.y &ut synd"ome a*so "eates a *on& *ist o! mine"a* de!i ien ies be ause t$e /a"ious a""ie" %"oteins %"esent in t$e &ast"ointestina* t"a t t$at a"e needed to t"ans%o"t mine"a*s !"om t$e intestine to t$e b*ood a"e dama&ed by t$e in!*ammation %"o ess) #o" e0am%*e, ma&nesium de!i ien y C*o( "ed b*ood e** ma&nesiumD is Kuite a ommon !indin& in onditions *i.e !ib"omya*&ia des%ite a $i&$ ma&nesium inta.e t$"ou&$ t$e diet and su%%*ementation) -! t$e a""ie" %"otein !o" ma&nesium is dama&ed, ma&nesium de!i ien y de/e*o%s as a "esu*t o! ma*abso"%tion) Mus *e %ain and s%asms an o u" as a "esu*t) Simi*a"*y, 5in de!i ien y due to ma*abso"%tion an "esu*t in $ai" *oss o" ba*dness as o u"s in a*o%e ia a"eata) Co%%e" de!i ien y an o u" in an identi a* (ay *eadin& to $i&$ b*ood $o*este"o* *e/e*s and osteoa"t$"itis) #u"t$e", bone %"ob*ems de/e*o% as a "esu*t o! t$e ma*abso"%tion o! a* ium, bo"on, si*i on and man&anese) T$e Causes T$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome is basi a**y aused by in!*ammation o! t$e &ut *inin&) T$is in!*ammation is usua**y b"ou&$t about by t$e !o**o(in&: ==1ntibioti s be ause t$ey *ead to t$e o/e"&"o(t$ o! abno"ma* !*o"a in t$e

&ast"ointestina* t"a t Cba te"ia, %a"asites, andida,!un&iD ==1* o$o* and a!!eine Cst"on& &ut i""itantsD ==#oods and be/e"a&es ontaminated by %a"asites *i.e &ia"dia*amb*ia, "y%tos%o"idium, b*asto ystis $ominis and ot$e"s ==#oods and be/e"a&es ontaminated by ba te"ia *i.e $e*i oba te" %y*o"i, .*ebsie**a, it"oba te", %seudomonas and ot$e"s ==C$emi a*s in !e"mented and %"o essed !ood Cdyes,%"ese"/ati/es, %e"o0idi5ed !atsD ==4n5yme de!i ien ies Ce)&) e*ia disease, *a tase de!i ien y ausin& *a tose into*e"an eD ==IS1-DS Cnon=ste"oida* anti=in!*ammato"y d"u&sD *i.e 1S1,ibu%"o!en, indomet$a in, ==P"es "i%tion o"ti oste"oids Ce)&) %"ednisoneD ==+i&$ "e!ined a"bo$yd"ate diet Ce)&) andy ba"s, oo.ies, a.e, so!t d"in.s, ($ite b"eadD ==P"es "i%tion $o"mones *i.e t$e bi"t$ ont"o* %i** ==Mo*d and !un&a* my oto0ins in sto"ed &"ains, !"uit and "e!ined a"bo$yd"ates)

T$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome an ause t$e ma*abso"%tion o! many im%o"tant mi "onut"ients) T$e in!*ammato"y %"o ess auses s(e**in& CedemaD and t$e %"esen e o! many no0ious $emi a*s a** o! ($i $ an b*o . t$e abso"%tion o! /itamins and essentia* amino a ids) 1 *ea.y &ut does not abso"b nut"ients %"o%e"*y) A*oatin&, &as and "am%s o u" as do a *on& *ist o! /itamin and mine"a* de!i ien ies) 4/entua**y, systemi om%*aints *i.e !ati&ue, $eada $es,memo"y *oss, %oo" on ent"ation o" i""itabi*ity de/e*o%) P"es "i%tion b"oad s%e t"um antibioti s, es%e ia**y ($en ta.en !o" e0tended %e"iods o! time, (i%e out a** t$e &ut !"iend*y ba te"ia t$at %"o/ide %"ote tion a&ainst !un&i and amoebi C%a"asiti D in!e tions, $e*% t$e body b"ea. do(n om%*e0 !oods and synt$esi5e /itamins *i.e A12 and biotin) Sin e t$is !"iend*y bo(e* !*o"a is .i**ed o!!, t$e body no( $as no *o a* de!ense a&ainst t$e %a"asites o" !un&i t$at a"e no"ma**y $e*d in $e .) T$is t$en auses an in!*ammato"y "ea tion *eadin& to t$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome) #ood a**e"&ies Kui .*y de/e*o% and t$ese may t"i&&e" t$e si&ns and sym%toms o! a"t$"itis,e 5ema, mi&"aines, ast$ma o" ot$e" !o"ms o! immune dys!un tion) ?t$e" ommon sym%toms o! t$is bo(e* !*o"a imba*an e and *ea.y &ut synd"ome a"e b*oatin& and &as a!te" mea*s and a*te"natin& onsti%ation (it$ dia""$ea) T$is set o! sym%toms is usua**y *abe**ed as -ASCi""itab*e bo(e* synd"omeD o" s%asti bo(e* disease and t"eated sym%tomati a**y by &ene"a* %"a titione"s and &ast"oente"o*o&ists (it$ antis%asmodi d"u&s,t"anKui*i5e"s o" di!!e"ent ty%es o! so*ub*e C%sy**iumD and inso*ub*e Cb"anD !ibe") T$e 3ea.y 6ut and -AS T$e mainst"eam t$in.in& on -AS is t$at it is aused by st"ess) -""itab*e bo(e* synd"ome is t$e numbe" one "eason !o" &ene"a* %"a titione" "e!e""a*s to s%e ia*ists) -n (e** o/e" 90L o! t$e ases, tests *i.e t$e intestina* %e"meabi*ity test Ca s%e ia* u"ine test in/o*/in& t$e dete"mination o! abso"%tion "ates o! t(o su&a"s a**ed *a tu*ose and mannito*D,CDS1 o" *i/e e** da".!ie*d mi "os o%y "e/ea* t$e %"esen e o! an o/e"&"o(t$ o! !un&i, %a"asites o" %at$o&eni ba te"ia) T$e one= e**ed %a"asite, b*asto ystis$ominis and di!!e"ent s%e ies o! andida a"e t$e most ommon mi "obes seen in -AS) T$e on*y st"ess asso iated (it$ -AS is t$at ($i $ is &ene"ated by in!e tion and t$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome) -! a**o(ed to %e"sist (it$out t$e o""e t t"eatment, -AS an %"o&"ess into mo"e se"ious diso"de"s *i.e t$e andidiasis synd"ome, mu*ti%*e $emi a* sensiti/ities, $"oni !ati&ue synd"ome, many autoimmune diseases and e/en an e") -! t"eated medi a**y, -AS is "a"e*y u"ed) To t"eat it o""e t*y, natu"a* t"eatments (o". best and must in *ude t$e "emo/a* o! t$e ause, im%"o/ement o! &ast"ointestina* !un tion and $ea*in& t$e *inin& o! t$e &ut)

+o( to Re/e"se 3ea.y 6ut Synd"ome Aand=aid t"eatments (it$ o"ti oste"oids, %"es "i%tion antibioti s and immuno su%%"essi/e d"u&s may be tem%o"a"i*y *i!e=sa/in& !o" a ute e%isodes o! %ain, b*eedin& o" se/e"e in!*ammation as o u"s in *u%us o" o*itis) -n t$e *on& "un, $o(e/e", none o! t$ese t"eatments do anyt$in& to $ea* t$e *ea.y &ut %"ob*em) To "e/e"se t$e *ea.y &ut synd"ome t$e diet must be om%*ete*y $an&ed to one ($i $ is as $y%oa**e"&eni as %ossib*e) Su&a", ($ite !*ou" %"odu ts, a** &*uten= ontainin& &"ains Ces%e ia**y ($eat, ba"*ey, oats and "yeD, mi*. and dai"y %"odu ts, $i&$ !at !oods, a!!eine %"odu ts, a* o$o* and $idden !ood a**e"&ies dete"mined by testin& must a** be e*iminated !o" *on& %e"iods o! time Cse/e"a* yea"s in t$e most se/e"e asesD) T"eatment mi&$t a*so in *ude t$e use o! natu"a* antibioti s Ce $ina ea, &a"*i D, and anti!un&a*s C&"a%e!"uit seed e0t"a tD de%endin& on t$e ty%e o! in!e tion ($i $ s$o(s u% on obje ti/e tests) -t is "a"e t$at /i tims "eKui"e %"es "i%tion d"u&s !o" t$ese in!e tions and t$ey s$ou*d be dis ou"a&ed) T$e d"u&s a"e usua**y e0%ensi/e, $a/e un%*easant side e!!e ts and a"e best "ese"/ed !o" *i!e=t$"eatenin& onditions) 3ea.y &ut synd"ome %atients an $e*% t$emse*/es by $e(in& t$ei" !ood mo"e t$o"ou&$*y, !o**o(in& t$e basi "u*es o! !ood ombinin&, eatin& !"eKuent sma** mea*s "at$e" t$an t$"ee *a"&e ones and ta.in& mo"e time (it$ t$ei" mea*s) 6ast"ointestina* !un tion an be im%"o/ed (it$ a jui e !ast o" a $y%oa**e"&eni diet and su%%*ements *i.e *a toba i**us a ido%$i*us and bi!idus as (e** as #?S C!"u too*i&osa $a"idesD) Aene!i ia* Su%%*ements !o" 3ea.y 6ut Synd"ome = C%*ease see *ist !"om audio ta%eD #"om: Iatu"a* So*utions !o" -n!*ammato"y Ao(e* Synd"ome Re*ie! Ay: Aob #e"&usonE Ied"a Sa$" Sta&e 1: #o" $ea*in&M 6a"*i ==: %e" day !o" $ea*in& and to "edu e in!*ammationM #ibe" P*an >n!*a/o"ed==N ts%) To 1 ts%) E (o". u% to 1T) 2 0 day CCan a*so use #ibe" Tabs !o" "ude bu*.DM Soy P"otein== ontains 6enistein ($i $ aids in mu ousa* tissue "e%ai", ta.e 2 0 day in (ate", soy o" "i e mi*.M ?M461 3 #atty 1 idsOim%o"tant !o" anti=in!*ammato"y and anti=!un&a* %"o%e"ties, and bette" insu*in "e e%to"s Cmu $ bette" t$an !*a0 oi*M Can a*so use 631DM Stoma $ Soot$in& Com%*e0===/e"y e!!e ti/e (it$ -AS==soot$es intestina* *inin&, best !o" stoma $ %"ob*ems, stimu*ates bi*e ($i $ is im%o"tant !o" di&estion Sta&e 2:M 1*!a*!a==1 o" 2 %e" day C%e"$a%s mo"e i! neededDM ?%ti!*o"a== /e"y im%o"tant to "ebui*d $ea*t$ o! t$e intestina* t"a t and %"ote t *inin& o! t$e intestine) -! t$e bo(e* is in!*amed may need to ta.e just a%su*e !o" t$e !i"st F days and sta"t t$e %o(de" at just N ts%) %e" day at !i"st)M Ca"otoMa0==Aeta Ca"otene and ot$e" a"otenoids $e*% $ea* t$e *inin&M 4== b*o .s a"a odoni a id ($i $ %"omotes t$e in!*ammato"y "es%onseM A==%"o/ides su%%o"tM C==%"omotes intestina* $ea*in& Sta&e 3:M <ita=3ea==mu*ti=/itamin and mine"a* CIote: i! bo(e*s a"e "ea**y in!*amed, t$e mine"a*s in <ita=3ea may !u"t$e" i""itate t$em==t$at is ($y you may need to (ait unti* a!te" ta.in& some $ea*in& su%%*ements to be&in <ita=3ea)DM 4=P 6est==im%o"tant !o" %"o%e" di&estion Cmay be ab*e to ta.e t$is in sta&es 1 o" 2D

MS+12344 %"odu ts Subj: 3ea.y 6ut Synd"ome Date: 8/28/2001 11:08:09 1M 4aste"n Day*i&$t Time #"om: as$*eysa"e'ea"t$*in.)net CTy*e" E +eat$e" 1s$*eyD Diseases o! t$e Ao(e*: Subj: Iotes !"om Ied"a Sa$" on!) a** on -""itab*e Ao(e* Synd"ome -n!*ammato"y Ao(e* Diseases P$one on!e"en e (it$ Aa"ba"a 3a&oni E Ied"a Sa$", MS Iut"itionist 11/9/99 -ntestine o" bo(e* &ets in!*amed) CDi/e"ti u*itisD) Causes dia""$ea Co" onsti%ationD >* e"ati/e o*itis o" "o$n's)))bot$)))a"e "e!e""ed to as in!*ammato"y bo(e* disease C-ADD ?n t$e "ise in de/e*o%in& ount"ies as (e** as us) 1s ea"*y as F o" 10 yea"s o*d) >* e"ati/e o*itis) A*eedin& !"om *a"&e intestine on*y t$e *inin& o! t$e o*on o" *a"&e intestine is in!*amed and $as b*oody dia""$ea as its main sym%tom) C"o$n's an be *o(e" sma** intestine 1ID *a"&e) B-T-SB means in!*ammation) Main sym%toms: &as and b*oatin&) Dia""$ea a*te"natin& (it$ onsti%ation) 3ots o! %ain) 1bdomina* "am%in&) A*eedin&) Can *ead to anemia) Can be !ound in t$e mout$, *ead to a"t$"itis, and in!*ammation o! t$e eyes) Some "esea" $e"s s%e u*ate t$at "$eumatoid a"t$"itis is "ea**y i""itab*e bo(e*) CauseJ >n.no(n) T$"ee %ossibi*ities) -mmune *o() -n!e tion) Diet) St"ess) St"ess a*(ays in "eases t$e se/e"ity o! t$e disease) B7$at is eatin& youJB a*on& (it$ B7$at a"e you eatin&JB Common t$"ead) 3ea.y &ut synd"ome) T$e intestina* (a** $as be ome om%"omised and t$in&s *ea. t$"ou&$) >ndi&ested %"oteins, i! t$ey %ass t$"ou&$ t$e (a** into t$e b*ood st"eam ($e"e t$ey don't be*on&=t$en t$e body's immune system atta .s t$e %"oteins) 1utoimmune disease=body atta .s itse*!) P"otein %assin& t$"ou&$ is undi&ested and a"e *a"&e mo*e u*es and an %ass t$e b*ood b"ain ba""ie" Cand %"obab*y auses $"oni !ati&ue by &ettin& to t$e b"ainD, et )= auses so many %"ob*ems) 1** do to"s $a/e not .e%t u% (it$ t$is) Remo/e, Re%*a e, Reino u*ate, Re%ai" is t$e st"ate&y) Remo/e t$e stimu*ation in t$e 6- t"a t) Heast o/e"&"o(t$) Aa te"ia %at$o&ens) 1**e"&y=%"odu in& !oods) Re%*a e (it$ &ood !oods) Some need di&esti/e en5yme) C4P=6estD Reino u*ate) 1 ido%$i*us and Ai!idus C?PT-#3?R1 %ea"*D and !eed t$e &ood ba te"ia C?PT-#3?R1 %o(de"D Re%ai" (it$ su%%*ements to $ea* t$e (a**s and mu osa* t"a t) CCa"otoMa0, <ita C, 4, P"otein, ?%ti!*o"aD, *o(e" t$e in!*ammation C?M461 3, 631D -! you ta.e a(ay, you need to "e%*a e) Peo%*e &et testy ($en you ta.e t$in&s a(ayQ #at in!*ames) C$i%s and !"ied !oods need to &o do(n to non=e0istent) 4*iminate dai"y %"odu ts C"e ommended (ay ba . in 1999 in 6>T ma&a5ine)%ediat"i "esea" $, tooD) 4/en ta.e out yo&u"t !o" a($i*e) Red

meats) 1** t$e jun. !ood $as to &o) So many C"o$n's %atients a"e su&a"$o*i s) T$in. o! you"se*! as a""yin& a 1000=%ound b*o . o! ement on you" s$ou*de"s=t$at's t$e st"ess t$at bad !oods %uts on you) Remo/e &*uten) 3an et study in 1994) 7$o*e ($eat and b"an made t$e onditions (o"se) Io ($eat, "ye, oats, ba"*ey, and s%e*t) 100L *ean o! t$ese) S%e*t is not &*uten !"ee, t$ou&$ many t$in. it is) Io b"ead, mu!!ins, ($eat %astas, sou%s made (it$ !*ou") Peo%*e "a/e t$ese %"odu ts) Dia""$ea and onsti%ation $a/e been .no(n to &o a(ay in a (ee. ($en t$ese a"e e*iminatedQ 9FL a"e $e*%ed t$is Kui .*y=&ettin& "id o! %ain, onsti%ation, &as, b*oatin&) 4atin& out and eatin& %"e%a"ed !oods is ($e"e (e &et in t"oub*e) - 3?<4 D-4T-I6 $e*%s %eo%*e be ause it e*iminates t$e &*utens and a"bo$yd"ates) Ied"a a&"ees (it$ it) #o" some %eo%*e (it$ intestina* dist"ess t$ey may $a/e to oo. t$e /e&&ies !o" a($i*e, instead o! eatin& t$em "a( in t$e %"o&"am) A"ands t$at a"e &ood: Sa/o"y T$ins "a .e"s) 21M4 "a .e"s) Aot$ o.ay) 3oo. !o" just "i e, sa*t, and a *itt*e bit o! oi*) 1nyt$in& "i e is !ine) Quinoa %asta is a*so &ood) Comes in %ea"*s o" %astas) ;>ST D43-C-?>S) Cous ous is ($eat, so una e%tab*e) Mi**et is a e%tab*e) 1ma"ynt$ is a e%tab*e) 3oo. !o" t$e &*uten=!"ee se tion in t$e $ea*t$ !ood sto"e) 3oo. at e"ea*s *abe*s) Io ($eat, s%e*t) Co"n %asta is "ea**y &ood i! you an !ind it and i! you an eat it) Re i%e boo.s $a/e a /a"yin& de&"ee o! "e i%es) T$e"e's not$in& %e"!e t out t$e"e Cso s$e may ("ite oneD) Sou%s a"e easy to ma.e &*uten=!"ee) Co"n and .a*e $o(de") 3oo. in you" e0istin& oo.boo.s) T$e"e's a ($o*e ne( (o"*d o! !ood (aitin&) Aeans, *enti*s, sKuas$, s(eet %otato, ($ite %otato, et ) a"e !ine) 6? #?R T+4 <466-4S) -! t$e"e is in!*ammation, $a/e to &o easy (it$ !ibe" unti* t$e"e is $ea*in&) D"in. 9=10 &*asses o! *ean CAest(ate" R?D (ate") Aein& de$yd"ated is a A-6 %"ob*em !o" t$ese %eo%*e) 1dd P4R#?RM1IC4 to (ate", ($en t$e"e is a *ot o! dum%in& o! e*e t"o*ytes t$"ou&$ dia""$ea) >se un!*a/o"ed #ibe" P*an) 1 teas%oon at b"ea.!ast and dinne" time to sta"t) #ibe" tabs a"e based on soy and it"us, so you an do 3 and 3) 6>T Ma&a5ine is a !a/o"ite and "ead (ide*y by &ast"o=ente"o*o&ists) Re%*a e==dai"y (it$ soy mi*., "i e mi*., soy and "i e i e "eam and $eese) 2no . o!! e/e"yt$in& !i"st !o" a !e( (ee.s) Rest you" &ut, t$en ta.e in soy and "i e) -no u*ate (it$ ?PT-#3?R1) -t's t$e best on t$e ma".et) 6ua"antees a** ba te"ia *i/e de*i/e"y to t$e *o(e" intestine Ct$e on*y %"odu t t$at doesD) -nu*in $as t$e most !a/o"ab*e e!!e t on *i/e" and intestina* deto0i!i ation=bette" t$an oat !ibe", et ) -nu*in is in ?PT-#3?R1) Po(de" is #?S C!"u too*i&osa $a"idesD) -! %eo%*e $a/e in!*amed situation, may &et &as initia**y) Sta"t (it$ 1/4 teas%oon (it$ t$e %ea"*) -! t$at's too mu $, t$en &o to 1/9) 7o". u% to 1 teas%oon) Some need to ta.e t(o to !ou" se"/in&s a day) Di/ide and ta.e t$e %o(de"

t(i e i! on e is too mu $) T$e #?S $e*%s t$e ba te"ia o*oni5e and "eate a bette" system) 193F "e%o"t) 7ay ba . t$en t$ey .ne( 1 ido%$i*us $e*%s) Ha*e >ni/e"sity P"ess) -t's been t$e"e a** t$ese yea"s in t$e *ite"atu"eQQQQQ C%eo%*e omin& to t$e >)S) !"om -ndia sta"t $a/in& t$ese %"ob*ems be ause t$ey a"e no *on&e" ma.in& t$ei" o(n yo&u"t and eatin& it : times a day==Autte"mi*. di"e t*y !"om t$e butte" ma.in& is anot$e" &ood sou" e o! &ood ba te"ia, un!o"tunate*y t$e omme" ia**y a/ai*ab*e butte"mi*. is not so &ood anymo"e==too many antibioti s, et )D Re%ai") Sta"t (it$ t$e 4ne"&i5in& o" -nstant soy to sta"t t$e $ea*in& %"o ess) Re ommend t(i e a day=es%e ia**y be ause you'"e e*iminatin& dai"y, et ) Ta.e soy %o(de" in soy o" "i e mi*. o" (ate") Don't use jui e "i&$t no( so you don't !eed t$e yeast o/e"&"o(t$ (it$ !"uit su&a"s) 3ate" on you an di*ute jui e and use it) T$ey'"e a*most a*(ays de!i ient in a*most a** o! t$e As, 1, D, 2, essentia* !atty a ids) A=12 is on*y one %a"t o! t$e %i tu"e) A "e*ates di"e t*y to t$e st"ess issues) Aa"ba"a used to tea $ st"ess mana&ement) As a"e o!a to"s, oen5ymes !o" di&estion, et ) A (i** $e*% (it$ "a/in&s, too) Re ommended S+12344 nut"ients: C400D <ita=4, <ita=C Csta"t (it$ 2 and in "easeD, Ca"otoma0==e%it$e*ia* tissues a"e /e"y de*i ate and t$e a"otonoids "ea**y $e*% (it$ t$is) 1t *east one) ?M461 3 and 631 "edu es in!*ammation) -s anti /i"a*, anti !un&a*) D") A*oo5y Cs%JD 199: study s$o(ed t$at ?M461 3 and 631 "edu es %ossibi*ity o! "e*a%se) 3=:) De%ends on $o( ou"a&eous t$ey a"e) 1=2 %e" mea*) 7i** "edu e joint %ain, too) Sta"t (it$ Pe%%e"mint=6in&e" tea, o" <a*e"ian tea to *et i""itation die do(n be!o"e sta"tin& on <ita=3ea) T$ey "ea**y need it be ause t$ey a"e usua**y *o( in i"on and 5in , et ) Some %eo%*e an sta"t immediate*y) ?t$e"s need a (ee.) 6ene"ous amounts o! a*!a*!a a"e $e*%!u* !o" di&estion and a*so $a/e some anti=in!*ammato"y %"o%e"ties) 4P 6est is S+12344's ne( a** /e&etab*e en5yme %"odu ts==it (o".s (onde"s as (e**==ta.es a (ee. o" so to &et t$e !u** "esu*ts) Ca*=Ma&, 2 %e" mea*, to $e*% (it$ "am%in&) Pin , at *east 2 %e" day) Sto"y) 7oman (it$ -AD) 1 soa% a**ed 3e/e" 2000 (as ausin& t$e sym%toms o! -ADQ 1not$e" %e"son (ent o!! it and &ot sym%tom "e*ie! tooQ Remembe" t$at :0L o! ($at's on t$e s.in &oes into t$e body) So Meado( A*end Aa" is a si&ni!i ant, sa!e a*te"nati/e) Ae /e"y intentiona* about e/e"yt$in&) 3aund"y, dis$es, et ) 4*iminate a** %ossib*e sou" es o! i""itation S(it $ to t$e S+12344 *eane"s in e/e"y a"ea)))&et "id o! a** i""itants to t$e body) 7o"d o! $o%e) Peo%*e on t$is %"o&"am $a/e "edu ed t$ei" de%enden e on ste"oids, o" tota**y &otten o!! o! t$em !o" &ood) T$e %"o&"am s%ea.s (e** !o" itse*!) Motto) Remo/e t$e o!!endin& !a to"s) Re%*a e (it$ &ood !ood) Reino u*ate) Re%ai") >* e"s and +=%y*o"i) +=%y*o"i is aused by ba te"ia o/e"&"o(t$) >* e"s a"e


aused by diet) Ieed to e*iminate t$e %ossibi*ity o! to0i t$in&s &"o(in& in t$e *o(e" intestine) Di/e"ti u*itis) -n!*ammation in t$e %ou $es) Pou $es %oo $ out) +a/e to be "ea**y a"e!u* o! diet) Io nuts, seeds, "ou&$a&e) T$e abo/e P"o&"am (i** $e*% t$is, too) +a/e to oo. /e&&ies !o" Kuite a($i*e) DTR (i** be 4RTR4M43H im%o"tant a*on& (it$ +e"b 3a0 to *ea" out to0ins and im%a ted matte") +anna$ S$a"a%an C($o su!!e"ed !o" yea"sD said t$at +e"b 3a0 (as e0t"eme*y $e*%!u* !o" $e") Caution) 6i/en t$e $i&$ in iden e o! intestina* %"ob*ems don't (ant to e0e" ise in!*amed tissue) Io( (i** sta"t a se"ious ase mo"e s*o(*y (it$ sma**e" amounts C*i.ed 1/4 o! a tab*et o! $e"b *a0D to $e*% "id t$e body o! to0ins and %oisons) ?" (ait unti* t$e sym%toms subsideD) +i&$*y "e ommend ?PT-#3?R1, !ibe", (ate" and may "e%*a e +e"b=3a0, ($i $ is used as a *a0ati/e and a e** deto0i!ie" C($en in!*ammation is not an issueD) D") Doste" says DTR e/e"y day !o" e/e"yone be ause o! t$e in "eased to0ins in t$e en/i"onment) 1 id "e!*u0) -nju"y to t$e tissue) Diet="e*ated) ReKui"es sma**, !"eKuent mea*s) C*ean u% t$e diet) Same as %"o&"am abo/e) -t's a ba .in& u% o! t$e di&estion system) C*eanin& u% t$e *o(e" intestine C?PT-#3?R1D and e*iminatin& mo"e "e&u*a"*y C+4RA 31RD (i** $e*% t$e "e!*u0) 4/e"y one o! us (ou*d &et bene!its !"om t$is diet) 3et's not (ait ti** (e $a/e di&esti/e %"ob*ems) +o( *on& does it ta.e to sta"tJ Pain o!ten "edu es in a (ee., t(o (ee.s) So o!ten it's on*y !ou" days) Some %eo%*e need stoo* ana*y5ed by a *ab to ma.e su"e e/e"yt$in& is bette") 3ab (o". in si0 mont$s to see ($at you sti** $a/e to (o". on) Some a"e om%*ete*y $ea*ed by t$en, *ab (o". s$o(s) 6a"*i is (onde"!u*, too)


Some just s(a**o( Stoma $ Soot$in& Com%*e0 C%e%%e"mint=&in&e"D tabs and doin& t$at $e*%s sometimes ($en t$e tea !o"m doesn't (o". as (e**) +o(e/e", i! you $a/e a %e"son (it$ di&esti/e u%set and nausea, t$e tea is to*e"ated bette" t$an s(a**o(in& t$e tab*ets) 6ent*e S*ee% Com%*e0 Ctea o" tabsD a*so soot$es i""itated tissue)

#?R M?R4 -I#?RM1T-?I: