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118 Huntmar Drive, Stittsville Ontario, K2S 0E3 Phone: (613)715-2821 Email: hailey.gillis@gmail.com Online Teaching Portfolio: www.haileygillis.weebly.com

I am a devoted teaching professional who fosters a respectful and supportive classroom environment. I have demonstrated talent in designing lessons that are engaging and focused on inquiry based learning. I have worked at integrating technology into my teaching to make learning accessible to all students. I have a proven ability to provide individual support and to utilize differentiated instruction methods to ensure that all students unique needs are being met. I am an enthusiastic teacher that makes personal growth through professional development a priority. I am a hardworking and motivated educator that enjoys collaborating with colleagues and parents to provide the best educational experiences for my students.


Additional and Basic Qualifications Intermediate Math York University, 2013 Junior Qualifications Queens University, 2012 Honours Specialist in Biology Queens University, 2010 Intermediate/Senior Science- Chemistry, 2008 Intermediate/Senior Science- Biology, 2008 Bachelor of Education Intermediate/Senior Divisions Queens University, 2008 Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Biology) Laurentian University, 2007

Grade 7 Math/Science/Religion St. Patricks Intermediate School (9/2013-6/2014) Gained experience working with ESL students. Focused on providing students with the opportunity to collaborate and work with technology as a medium to demonstrate their learning, for example using google docs or Show Me app for the iPad. Grade 8 Math/Religion/Resource and Grade 7/8 Achievement Center All Saints Catholic High School, Kanata and Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Kanata (9/2012-6/2013) Implemented differentiated and leveled testing methods to assess students in Math. Provided individualized support for students who had fallen behind or were struggling with class material. Grade 7/8 After-school Numeracy Course Holy Trinity Catholic High School (2012, 2013) Used EQAO questions to develop lessons and activities that would prepare students for the Grade 9 EQAO test.

HAILEY GILLIS 2 OF 2 Grade 8 Math and Grade 8 Religion Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Kanata (9/2011- 6/2012) Planned lessons with a focus on the use of technology and inquiry based learning. As the lead teacher on the DI committee, I focused on integrating differentiated instruction and assessment methods. Grade 7/8 Math Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Kanata (9/2010-6/2011) Planned lessons with a focus on differentiated instruction to stimulate student interest and to teach to various learning styles. Collaborated with colleagues in both the 7/8 and high school panel to develop tasked based assessment strategies for various units in math. Grade 9, 10& 11 Hospitality and Tourism, Grade 10 Food and Nutrition Science and Grade 10 Religion Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Kanata (9/2009-6/2010) Provided students with an opportunity to explore various areas of Hospitality and Tourism. Provided students with hands on experience with culinary techniques, food preparation and health and safety standards in a professional kitchen. Utilized organization skills and knowledge of food safety and sanitation to maintain a kitchen that exceeded health and safety standards. Grade 7&8- Math and Religion Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Kanata (1/2009-6/2009) Utilized TIPS 4M math resources to plan engaging individualized and cooperative learning activities. Implemented lessons in Math and Religion which promoted Gospel Values. Grade 8- Drama, Science and Religion Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Kanata (9/2008, 12/2009) Created a safe and supportive learning environment. Engaged student interest and developed students confidence in performing for peers, through interactive games and cooperative learning activities, which reinforced drama concepts learned in class. Enriched students learning in Science with guided demonstrations. Grade 11- University Biology Reach Ahead St. Pius X Catholic High School, Ottawa (7/2008) Developed lesson plans, in accordance with the Ontario Curriculum Documents, suitable for the restrictive summer school timeline. Utilized differentiated lessons and motivational techniques to stimulate student interest.

Conferences: Science Teachers Association of Ontario Annual Conference (2007), Ideas Conference (2011), Reaching Higher Reaching Wider Conference (2012) Workshops: Religion Workshops at Queens University (Coping with Loss, Catholicity Across the Curriculum, Prayer in the Classroom) (2007), Workshops on Social Justice Issues (2008), Building Futures (2008), Classroom Management Workshop (2009), Technology in the Classroom Workshops (2011) Committees: Differentiated Instruction Committee, Social Committee, Progressive Discipline Committee, Cross Panel Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Middle Years Math Group, 21st Century Learning Committee

Silvio Rigucci, Principal: silvio.rigucci@ocsb.ca Lisa Cameron, Vice Principal: lisa.cameron@ocsb.ca Brent Hopkins, Vice Principal: brent.hopkins@ocsb.ca Stephanie Goodwin, Guidance Counselor: stephanie.goodwin@ocsb.ca