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Thornton Thornton

Wilder’s Wilder’s

April 10-27
WILDER’S lostnationtheater.org


montpelier “This is the way we were:

city hall in our growing up and in
arts center our marrying and in our
39 main living and in our dying”
street �
Tony Award “Best Play”
Pulitzer Prize Winner
802-229-0492 lostnationtheater.org “the greatest
Thursdays–Sundays April 10–27 American play ever


7pm Thu’s; 8pm Fri’s; 6:45pm Opening Gala 8pm Sat; written”
7pm Sun 4/13 & 4/20; 2pm Sun 4/27 + 2pm Sat 4/12 - Edward Albee

One of the Best Regional theaters in America - nyc drama league

Vol. 42, No. 50 403 US RTE 302 - BERLIN, BARRE, VT 05641 • 479-2582 OR 1-800-639-9753 • Fax (802) 479-7916 April 16, 2014

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in our growing up and in in������������������

montpelier “This is the way we were: “This is the way we were:

city hall our growing up and in
arts center our marrying and in our our marrying and in our
39 main living and in our dying” living and in our dying”
Tony Award “BestTheatre Camp
Play” Tony Award July 7-18, 8:30–3:30
“Best Play”

Pulitzer Prize Winner Pulitzer Prize Winner
2 �����������������
802-229-0492 lostnationtheater.org “SEUSSICAL,
“the greatest JR.”

“the greatest

Vermont 10–27
Jump$tart American
April 10–27 play ever
American play ever
written” �
’s; 6:45pm U-32
Thu’s; 8pmas
Gala Financial
Fri’s; 6:45pm Opening Gala 8pm Sat;
20; 2pm Sun
7pm4/27 Champion
Sun +4/13 - Edward Albee
4/122pm Sun 4/27 + 2pm Sat 4/12
4/20; - Edward Albee
page 7
e of the Best RegionalOne
of the
- nyc theaters in America - nyc drama league
drama league

Easter Egg
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To Your Good Health
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Natural Health Corner
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� Easter
Creative Story Theatre Camp
August 18-22, 8:30–3:30

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pages 25-27
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Northfield Middle High School Principal Ryan Parkman (left) receives
congratulations from Northfield School Superintendant Laurie Gossens
for being named as the VT Principal’s Association’s Secondary School
Principal of the Year at a school-wide assembly last Friday morning. The
award is named the Robert F. Pierce award, after a longtime Northfield
principal. Mr. Parkman is the first Northfield administrator to win the
award since its inception in 1977. Photo by Bill Croney.

even the 2014 models of quality furniture! n n n

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& Rea
d WERE $1099
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$999 NOW $ 999 Boy Scout Joe Hutchinson of Troop 714 and fellow scouts prepare the
colors for retirement.

Local Scout Organizes Flag

Retirement Ceremony
on the Boy Scout Joe Hutchinson, of Troop 714, recently coordinated
Barre-Montpelier Rd Monday, a flag retirement ceremony as part of his path to become an Eagle
April 21 Scout. The ceremony was held with the assistance of Joe’s parents,
his troop master and fellow scouts in Troop 714, members of VFW
802-476-7900 Post 790 in East Barre, as well as scouts from some other troops,
family and friends.
FREE LOCAL DELIVERY Joe will graduate from Spaulding High School in June and plans
Mon. - Fri. 9-5:30; Sat. 9-5 to study fire science at Vermont Tech in Randolph. He aspires to
join the Barre Town Fire Department as he has been a fire cadet
FINANCING AVAILABLE with the department for the last three years. Joe also plans on con-
www.novellofurniture.com tinuing in scouting once he turns 18, and would like to be an
assistant scout master.

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page 2 The WORLD April 16, 2014

WORLD 5 x 6
Join us at The Coop as we
Celebrate Earth Day!
Tuesday, April 22nd 10am-5pm

Reduce! Reuse!
Learn about Check
eck outt the
environmental Community
resources in our Book Swap.
community. Bring in your
Kathy and Greg Lord (front row center), owners of A New Twist Boutique on Main Street in downtown Barre, old books
are welcomed by members of the local business community and the Barre Partnership with a ribbon cutting
ceremony. to swap with
Prizes &
yone Welcome!
e r
A Birth Certificate 5% Discount v Demos from
Local Vendors

for all
proves you were born. Kids Gardening
Table & Face
can enter to win Painting
A Death Certificate a high-efficiency Recycle!
washer from Bring your old Bike, walk,
Sears Hometown cell phones and or carpool to
proves you died. Store in Barre rechargeable batteries
to be recycled
The Coop and
win a prize!
for you.
Photos prove that
Open 8am-8pm daily
you lived life! 623 Stone Cutters Way, Montpelier, VT
802.223.8000 • www.hungermountain.coop
Putting Bob’s 40+ years of experience to work for you!


Camera & Video I SAW IT IN
WE STILL Everybody’s
DO FILM! Hometown

Now Taking
Barre Partnership Member

86 No. Main St., Suite 1, Barre, VT

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Orders for
Love Your Floor Sales Event
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KITCHEN AND TURKEYS: Mammoth Bronze ($6.75 ea.)

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Pickup Date:
Lots of 50
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to your pond
& Operated

3998 US Rt 2 304 Mountain View Plaza & Yard

East Montpelier, VT
Morrisville, VT
19 Barre St., Montpelier 229-0567
Monday-Friday 8-6 Saturday 8-5
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 3

F i n a l l ySPRING


ALL Stearns &
Foster Exalted Ruler Terri Ford with Officer of the Year Kristin Calcagni (center)

and Elk of the Year John Cutler (right).
Sealy Optimum 5
Cooling Gel Barre Elks Hold Membership &
Recognition Night
ALL Candiac Group
Sealy Posturepedic Each year, Barre Elks Lodge recognizes and pins members who
have reached certain years of membership in the Order. At this
year’s Membership Recognition Night, the Lodge honored and
pinned 65-year member, Herbert Jorgensen. Dr. Richard Parnigoni

was recognized for 55 years of membership, while Joseph
Limited Calcagni and John Towne were each recognized for 50 years of
Time On Edward Hutchins was recognized for 45 years of membership,
while Roy Willard, Leonard Hutchinson and John Mattson were
ly recognized for 40 years of membership. Michael Blondin,
Raymond Jennett and Randy Rouleau were recognized for 35
years of membership, and Homer Peake and Richard Hutchins
were recognized for 30 years of membership. Charles Lyford,
Douglas Rossi and Ronald Tallman were recognized for 25 years
of membership. Twenty-year members recognized were Robert
Ruel, Devon Craig, Jeffrey Canas and Paul Gagne, and Betty
Cutler was recognized for 15 years.
Sharon Gallacher, Steve Gallacher, Justin Hart and Linda
Wadkins were recognized for 10 years of membership. Five-year
members recognized were Eric Chaloux, Kelley Chaloux
Lawrence, Erin Murphy and Raegan Pembroke. Many other mem-
bers reached levels of membership and were honored in addition
to those present at the Membership Recognition Night.
In addition to honoring lodge members, Exalted Ruler Terri
Ford presented three awards; Elks Distinguished Citizenship

Award, Elk of the Year Award and Officer of the Year Award.
The Elks Distinguished Citizenship Award was presented to
Terry Paine. This award is presented for “outstanding and merito-
rious service to humanity.” This award is given to someone who
has shown leadership in the community, has contributed voluntary
856 US Rte 302, Barre VT 05641 - 802-476-3141 service, and is recognized as being an all-around good citizen.
2931 Waterbury-Stowe Rd, Waterbury Ctr., VT 05677 - 802-244-4034 The Elk of the Year Award was presented to John Cutler. This
award is given as an expression of the gratitude and appreciation
M-F 9-5:30, Sat 9-4:30 (Waterbury Store Closed Tues) of the members of the Lodge and of the Grand Lodge for loyal and
meritorious service. This award is given to a member who has
performed outstanding service to Elkdom, particularly at the local
Lodge level.
The Officer of the Year Award was presented to Kristin
Calcagni. The Officer of the Year Award is given for dedication
and meritorious service to the Lodge, who by unselfish commit-
ment and cheerful enthusiasm furthered Elkdom’s programs while
fulfilling the responsibilities as an Officer of the Lodge in an
exemplary manner.

Pregnancy is so much more than Barre Lodge is extremely appreciative of its members and vol-
unteers who continually demonstrate that “Elks Care, Elks

just your due date.

Central Vermont Women’s Health providers
know that every step on your path to DOWNLOAD OUR APP!
childbirth is an important one.
Our prenatal care and birthing classes at the Garden Path World Publications Scoopkit
Birthing Center will prepare you well for labor and delivery.
We want you to have the birth experience
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Center offers: FREE
- Doula trained nurses to help coach you through labor.
- Labor tubs ready to help you through labor.
- CVMC anesthesiologists who are available
24/7 should you seek help with your pain.
- A highly skilled team of obstetricians ★★★★★
with decades of combined experience
and knowledge. You and your baby may
never need specialized care but take
comfort in knowing that our board-
certified physicians intervene only when
absolutely necessary and have a
proven record of good outcomes.
There is nothing more The Experts in Home Finance
important to us than your
health and the health of your Rural Housing · VA
baby. Conventional · FHA
Please call Pam, Nicole or Emma at 371.5961
to schedule a time for us to get together.
Financing & Refinancing
My partners and I look forward to meeting Patti Shedd Loan Officer

you to talk about growing your family. O: 802.476.7000

C: 802.476.0476
Roger Knowlton, DO PShedd@PremiumMortgage.com
Central Vermont Women’s Health 328 N Main St, Barre, VT 05641
(inside Granite Hills Credit Union)
A CVMC Medical Group Practice / www.cvmc.org Best Hospital
NMLS# 6339 | Equal Housing Lender | Licensed Mortgage Banker

130 Fisher Rd / Med Office Bldg A, Suite 1-4 / Berlin VT 05602 / 802-371-5961 Personal • Professional • Local
page 4 The WORLD April 16, 2014
Thank You!
The Sno Bees Snowmobile Club would like to
thank area landowners and trail sign supporters for
their support this past season. Without the generosity
of local landowners opening up their land, and
Cyndi Pirtle,
hairstylist and Salon & Spa
area businesses by advertising on our trail sign, esthetician
at Cyn Nhi Salon and Spa we’re committed to helping
we would not be able to function. Nhi Vo McArdle you achieve the best version of you.
esthetician and
nail technician Come pamper yourself in our quiet, peaceful,
relaxing atmosphere.
Try a Keratin treatment for smooth, deeply
conditioned hair.
Prepare yourself for a truly transformational
experience with NuSkin, anti-aging science that
targets the sources of aging. Specializing in
Ageloc® Galvanic System
Now booking appointments for double pedicures.
Accura Printing Laquerre’s Marine Treat Mom for Mother’s Day
Allen Lumber Co. Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel

Alpine AC/R Services, L.L.C. Macauley’s Food Service
Always On Time Signs & Designs The Mailing Center
32 East State St.
Auto Xtreme McLeod’s Spring & Chassis Montpelier
Barre Electric & Lighting MetLife
Bates & Murray, Inc. Miles Supply
Bellavance Trucking
Beverage Baron & Redemption Mulligan’s Irish Pub
Bond Auto Packard Fuels
Brookside Country Store Pletzer Design, Inc.
Buttura Gherardi Poulos Insurance
Campo di Vino Robert’s General Store
Rogers Brothers, Inc.
Capital City GMC
Casella Waste Management
Central Vermont ATV
Tim Stone Trucking TO BOTTOM UP/TOP
Classic Auto Exchange Subway
Comfort Inn & Suites at Maplewood DOWN OPTION
Summer Street Auto Inc
Duranleau Construction Upper Valley Grill & General Store
Available on Graber Cellular Shades,
Formula Ford Valsangiacomo, Detora & McQuesten
Pleated Shades and Natural Shades
Gilles Sales & Service Village Homes
Granite Financial Group
Granite Industries of VT Woodwise Forestland, LLC
Green Mountain Paving/Sealcoat
G.S.B. Excavation Also Thank You To Our TMA Agents:
Hutch Concrete Gilles Sales & Service Guy’s Repair
Insurance Agency of New England, Inc. Laquerre’s Marine Trow Hill Grocery
Kurrle Fuels R & L Archery
Thank you, from all of us at Sno Bees


THROUGH JUNE 30, 2014.
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window. Lower shades


Come enjoy the start of a wonderful season...

from the top or raise
them from the bottom
to let in natural light Home Decorating, Inc.
while still maintaining “We make your colors right”
Jail Branch is privacy. 141 River Street, Montpelier, VT 05602
jumping into Phone: (802) 223-1616 • Fax: (802) 223-2286
Easter with a great
selection of Easter
Flowers and Bulbs!
Pansies & Violas
are waiting for your
baskets and window

Sugar-On-Snow OPEN 9-5

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Veggies are here,
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Noon to 4 PM EASTER
are gorgeous! Come Come see the boiling!
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colors of spring! (No Sugar-On-Snow)
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Lots of Great Treats
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Happy Easter! including - what else -
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Best In The Area!
Route 302
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1168 County Road Montpelier
• JASMINE • DORMANT OIL • HERBS • just 2.7 miles up Montpelier’s Main St. from the roundabout...
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 5
Seven CVMC Volunteers Awarded Gold Pins Project Independence Lucky
During 2013, 168 Central Vermont Medical Center volunteers
contributed 21,175 hours. Volunteers serve at the hospital, the
tificate from the President of the United States and a bronze, silver
or gold lapel pin based on total hours served.
Raffle Night Winner
cancer center, Woodridge Rehabilitation & Nursing and the Volunteers who served 500 or more hours in 2013 received a Project Independence Executive Director Dee Rollins and Barb
CVMC Auxiliary Bene-Fit Shop in Barre. In addition, members of gold pin. These outstanding individuals are Elizabeth Gilligan, Clark recently presented a check for $2,014 to Tom Brock, winner
the CVMC Board of Trustees, CVMC Auxiliary and individuals Roxanne Jarvis, Heidi Pelletier, Donald Ruggles, Andrea Stitzel, of this year’s Project Independence’s Lucky Raffle Night.
from the community gave of their time and talents. Eleanore Traynor and Ann Zallinger. The fun-filled annual event raised over $8,500 to support
CVMC volunteers who contribute 100 or more hours during the For information on becoming a volunteer at CVMC go to www. Project Independence in its mission to help elderly and disabled
year are recognized by the national President’s Volunteer Service cvmc.org and click on “volunteer” at the top of the page or contact folks remain in their homes. Project Independence provides a
Award program. As part of the program, volunteers receive a cer- Julia at 802-371-5364. safe, comfortable environment where participants receive mental
and social stimulation, delicious healthy home-cooked meals and
health care assistance and monitoring by nurses, which also
allows caregivers time for themselves.
Mark your calendar now for next year’s Lucky Raffle Night, to
HOUSEWORK be held Friday, March 13, 2015 at the Barre Elks Club.

Today, I... ■ ■ ■

washed my windows, Lorraine Neal to be

cleaned my carpets, Honored May 18th
scrubbed and sealed This year marks the 40th
my stone floor, Anniversary Performances of
Contemporary Dance and
and got that nasty stain out Fitness Studio, founded in 1973
by Lorraine Neal. A reunion
of my couch. and celebration to honor Neal

The Best Part? will be held on May 18th at

I didn’t have to 223-6577

Professional Carpet/Upholstery
5pm at the Barre Opera House.
A special show will be pre-
sented in the theater, followed
by a reception in the lobby.
lift a finger! Cleaning & Maintenance All alumni and friends of the
studio are invited. Please RSVP
407 BARRE STREET • MONTPELIER • www.MontpelierCarpetCleaning.com at (802) 229-4676 or reunion@

Suga r o n Enjoy
Snow Snow
Sugar On
with all the
fixin’s at the
Bragg Farm
Last Chance for
Fri. & Sat.
April 18 & 19
Maple & Noon to 5PM
Creemees Open Easter Sunday!
Served Bring your guests for a
Every Day! delicious Maple Creemee!

HERE! 802-223-5757
1 mile north of E. Montpelier Village on Rt. 14N (follow signs)
OPEN Every Day from 8:30AM-6:00PM

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page 6 The WORLD April 16, 2014
Vermont Jump$tart Recognizes U-32 as
Financial Literacy Champion
The Vermont Jump$tart Coalition for Personal management, insurance, investing and career
Maids in Vermont
Financial Literacy recognized U-32 High School
as one of four Vermont high schools receiving
“We are aligned perfectly with the Common
Saturday, April 26, 7:30 PM
the 2014 Financial Literacy Champion Award at Core in this area as our students need to be able Unitarian Church of Montpelier
a ceremony on April 10 in Montpelier. In addi- to solve real life problems dealing with money
tion to U-32, this first year of the annual award management,” Cook said. “Financial literacy is 130 Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont
also honored Vergennes Union High School, not an overly challenging type of mathematics.
Missisquoi Valley Union High School, and Fair However, students must become educated on Karen Kevra - flute
Haven Union High School for their commitment being disciplined and how to make complex Sp

to make financial literacy a requirement for financial decisions that are critical to their well-
VIOLINISTMary Rowell - violin
Sponsored by:

graduation. being.”
The Vermont Jump$tart Financial Literacy The one-semester, half-credit course at U-32
Champion Award recognizes leadership and out-
standing innovation and achievement in the
will be taught by three instructors, all of whom
are graduates of Champlain College’s Vermont
RACHELStefanie Taylor - viola
effort to advance the financial literacy of Vermont
youth. The honor comes with a $1,000 cash
Teachers Financial Literacy Summer Institute.
“The teachers at U-32 are continuously growing
Frances Rowell - cello
with Matthew Hagle, piano
award which was equally divided among the four professionally in this area, so that we can pass it Rebecca Kauffman - harp
recipients. Vergennes Union High School was on to our students,” Cook said, who also has Saturday, June 1, 2013 7:30PM
first to make personal finance a requirement for attended financial literacy conferences spon- Unitarian Church of Montpelier
graduation in 2009, followed by Missisquoi, Fair sored by Vermont Jump$tart. 130 Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont
Haven and U-32. Though each school may have The awards ceremony was one of several Maurice Ravel:
a different approach, all four high schools have activities recognizing Vermont schools and stu- “An exciting, boundary-defying performer
Sonatine–for flute, cello, & harp
demonstrated a pronounced commitment to dent achievement in financial literacy. Vermont Montpelier City Montpelier
Pine displays a power and confidence
Ernst von Dohnanyi:
financial literacy by introducing required course- Lt. Gov. Phil Scott kicked off the event with the Arts Fund Pharmacy that puts her in the top echelon.”
Serenade for violin, viola, & cello
work that teaches the skills necessary for respon- presentation of a proclamation signed by Gov. — The Washington Post
sible personal money management. Peter Shumlin declaring April as Financial An eclectic and global program of well-known Bohuslav
and ground- Martinu:
“Whether these young adults go on to further Literacy Month in Vermont. Students and their breaking works for violin, featured are two Duo
of thefor violin & cello
their education or go directly to work, money schools also were recognized for their participa- Romantic sonatas for violin and piano: Beethoven’s Sonata for
Libby Larsen:
management skills are essential to make the tion in the “Reading is an Investment” program, violin and piano No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 12 No. 3, and
Sonata for violin and piano in E-flat major,
in 4
Op. 18.
movements for flute, viola,
money they earn stretch to meet their current sponsored by the Vermont Treasurer’s Office, & harp
She will also play a set of lullabies by Brahms, Ysaye,
expenses as well as save for the future,” said TD Bank and the Windham Foundation, and the and Clarke, as well as the Egyptian-flavored Sonata
Jean for
Judy Ribolini, president of Vermont Jump$tart’s “Be Money Wise” poster contest, sponsored by Quintet for flute, violin, viola, cello,
Solo Violin, a piece written for her by Arab-American
board of directors. “We at Vermont Jump$tart are the Treasurer’s Office and the Vermont Bankers
Tickets: $10 – $25
At the door while supplies last or composer Mohammed Fairouz. & harp
excited to be able to recognize the schools that Association.
in advance from Bear Pond Books,

are leading the way to help our students achieve The Vermont Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Charge Your Tickets Online: www.capitalcityconcerts.org
financial independence after graduation.” Financial Literacy is an all-volunteer, nonprofit

According to George Cook, a business teacher organization comprising individuals, organiza-

at U-32 and advocate for financial literacy, tions, and businesses seeking to promote finan-
“Personal finance is a twenty-first century skill cial literacy to Vermont youth. Vermont Jump$tart
that all students should possess.” U-32’s class of is affiliated with the national Vermont Jump$tart
2018 will graduate with the skills to manage Coalition, Washington, D.C. For more informa-
their personal finances responsibly, including tion on Vermont Jump$tart, visit www.vtjump-
knowledge on income, saving, credit, debt risk start.org.

n n n

Free Summer Classes Open to Area Businesses

at Community College of Vermont
The Community College of Vermont is offer- Tuesdays, 5:30 - 9pm, June 3 - August 19,
ing several 3-credit, undergraduate courses at onsite
select center locations this summer, open to busi- Middlebury
nesses at no cost. Funding for these courses is Tuesdays, 5 - 8:15pm, May 21 - August 5,
provided through the US Department of Labor’s onsite
Trade Adjustment Assistance Community Winooski
College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Wednesdays, 6 - 9pm, May 21-August 20,
Program. onsite
“Principles of Supervision” is geared toward
supervisors, managers, and employees who are In addition, two free online classes are open to
ready for leadership positions according to their the public, “Professional Financial Literacy” and
employers. Topics covered in this course include “Introduction to Internet Marketing,” and are
communication, goal setting, delegation, time being offered May 20 - August 5.
and stress management, performance appraisal, Classes are filling quickly. To enroll please
the hiring process, motivation, and responses to contact: Workforce@ccv.edu.
technology. CCV is an equal opportunity employer.
Principles of Supervision is offered at the fol- Auxiliary aids and services are available upon
lowing times and locations: request to individuals with disabilities.Programs
Montpelier developed in full with a TAACCCT grant from
Thursdays, 5 - 7pm, May 22-July 31, partially the U.S. Department of Labor.
online & onsite

The Center for Leadership Skills


Lindel James coaching & consulting

Taking You from Frustration to Enthusiasm


Friday, May 2, 2014 Friday, May 2, 2014

The WORLD is offering a special page
Join us for all the
The WORLD is offering a special page
dedicated to Childcare Provider Join us for all the
dedicated to Childcare Provider

Egg-citement Egg-citement
Appreciation Day in our April 30 issue Appreciation Day in our April 30 issue
of The WORLD. of The WORLD.
Just fill out this form and send a picture of Just fill out this form and send a picture of
your child(ren) and a short message Than ael- your child(ren) and a short message Rach
ks f thanking them for their service and $5.00. ael-

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

goo or tak Than

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

thanking them for their service and $5.00. ks f
d ca
All “Thank Yous” must be received re o ing suc All “Thank You’” must be received goo or tak
f me h d ca
by April 24 (limit 15 words). Love ! by April 24 (limit 15 words). re o ing suc
, Mi f me h
key Love !
, Mi

Win one of three $15 Gift Certificates

Your message ____________________________________________________________
Win one of three $15 Gift Certificates
Your message ____________________________________________________________

(gift certificate from participating advertisers) _______________________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________ (gift certificate from participating advertisers)

There are at least 12 to find. ➔

1. Throughout this week’s WORLD, advertisements contain this Mr. Easter Egg.
Send $5.00 and this
form to:
1. _______________________________________________________________________________________
Throughout this week’s WORLD, advertisements contain this Mr. Easter Egg.
There are at least 12 to find.
Children’s name(s) ___________________________________________________________________

Send $5.00 and this
Children’s name(s)
2. On a separate sheet___________________________________________________________________
of paper, list all of the advertisers who have the special Easter Eggs in their ads. formads.
2. On a separate sheet of paper, list all of the advertisers who have the special Easter Eggs in their to:
Include your name, address, daytime phone number, and where you would like yourTHE WORLDfrom
Gift Certificate Include your name, address, daytime phone number, and where you would like your Gift Certificate from
if you win
Parent’s name(must be one of the advertisers with an egg in their ad).
c/o Childcare Provider
if you winname
be one of the advertisers with an egg in their ad). THE WORLD
3. Mail your entry to: The WORLD’s Easter Egg Hunt, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641. 3. Mail your entry to: The WORLD’s Easter Egg Hunt, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre,c/o Childcare Provider
VT 05641.
Fax to 479-7916.
Address Email to sales@vt-world.com
______________________________________________________________________________403 US Rt. 302-Berlin Address ______________________________________________________________________________
Fax to 479-7916. Email to sales@vt-world.com
403 US Rt. 302-Berlin
4. Deadline for entries: April 24. Barre, VT 4. Deadline for entries: April 24.
Phone ________________________________________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________________________________________________ Barre, VT
5. Winners will be drawn at random from the correct contest entries. Only 1 entry per household. Winners 5. Winners will be drawn at random from the correct contest entries. Only 1 entry per household. Winners
will be published in the April 30 edition of The WORLD. will be published in the April 30 edition of The WORLD. 05641-2274
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 7
Kellogg-Hubbard Northfield Savings Bank
Holli-Day Care
Are you looking for a place for your dog during the day while you’re at Library News Supports Local Adult Literacy
work? Call now to reserve your spot. Opening in Mid-April is a new in Montpelier Northfield Savings Bank (NSB) recently contributed $2,500 to
home doggy daycare with a fenced in back yard in the
Fine Forgiveness Week Central Vermont Adult Basic Education (CVABE) to support the
Return overdue or billed items by Saturday, April 19 (closing time organization in helping area adults and teens learn basic literacy
Barre area. This will be a fun loving daycare that will
provide the love and attention your dog needs dur-
ing the time you’re away from the house. There is 5:30pm) and fines on those items will be forgiven. Fine skills for employment and for life.
will be no more separation anxiety for your dog! Forgiveness Week does not apply to: fines on items that were With help from over 100 volunteers, the organization serves
Located next to a dog park, we will have daily returned before April 14; damaged or lost items; or other library nearly 700 central Vermont adults and teens annually, providing
rates as well as weekly rates. Hours will be debts. free basic literacy instruction (reading, writing, and math educa-
7am to 5pm but will be flexible when needed. tion), English language learning for immigrants and refugees, and
Close to the interstate for your convenience. Dealing with Climate Change: Thursday, April 17, 6-7:45pm high school completion programs. NSB’s funding is targeted
For more information please contact us today! Transition Town Montpelier presents this talk by Dr. Alan Betts. towards CVABE’s basic literacy instruction.
Increasing greenhouse gases are transforming the climate of the CVAVE has six learning centers in Washington, Orange and
802-622-0474 Earth and New England. Dr. Betts will discuss the changes that are
happening and address the huge transition we face as a society. Lamoille counties. Its free services are available to residents ages
16 and older.
Death and Rebirth: Facing Fear and Finding Hope. Carol Shults-Perkins, CVABE’s Executive Director comment-
w/ the Venerable Amy Miller, Monday, April 21 & 28, 6-8pm ed, “Northfield Savings Bank’s commitment to adult literacy is
Explore the natural cycle of life, death, and rebirth from a Buddhist outstanding, and our whole central Vermont community is
perspective. Ven. Amy Miller combines her experience of hospice enriched as a result. This grant is vital to CVABE’s work in help-
EAST BARRE ANTIQUE MALL work and knowledge of Buddhist philosophy to provide a heart- ing local individuals gain the reading, writing and math skills they
warming and realistic approach to this challenging topic.

need for employment and for life.”
April is National Poetry Month! According to Shults-Perkins, individuals in the basic literacy
Stop by the library to pick up a schedule of PoemCity events to see program are learning academics to achieve their goals such as
everything that’s going on. Here are some upcoming events: reading and writing information at work, budgeting and paying
• Wednesday, April 16, 7pm. Goddard College Faculty read from bills, getting a driver’s license, understanding medical informa-
their works. tion, and gaining employment.
Old Century Paint ON SALE • Thursday, April 17, 7pm. My Strange Objects, at Sweet Melissa’s, For more information about CVABE’s free adult basic educa-
24 Langdon St. Students from Montpelier High School perform tion and literacy services or how to become a volunteer, call (802)
their new poetic/collaborative works. 476-4588.
133 MILL STREET, EAST BARRE, VT 05649 • Thursday, April 17, 7pm. Vermont Studio Center Alumni Poetry
479-5190 Reading at Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 58 Barre St.
Tuesday - Sunday 10-5, Closed Mondays • Friday, April 18, 12 noon. Brown Bag Poetry: Favorite Poems.
Bring your lunch for this roundtable sharing of our favorite poems,
www.eastbarreantiquemall.com by ourselves or others!
• Friday, April 18, 6pm. So Little Time. The writers of this anthol-
ogy, focusing on nature and our human impact, gather for a read-
• Saturday, April 19, 10:30am. Braiding History, at Vermont History All listed events are free and held at the Jaquith Public Library,
Museum’s Snelling Room, 109 State St. Join historian, novelist & Old Schoolhouse Common, 122 School Street, in Marshfield.
PUZZLES ON PAGE 31 poet Beth Kannell in this generative writing workshop
• Saturday, April 19, 12:30pm, Twitter Poetry at Bagitos Bagel & E-mail jaquithpublibrary@gmail.com or call 802-426-3581 for
Burrito Café, 26 Main St. Got 140 characters? Beth Kannell leads more information or titles of the movies.
Song Circle: Community Sing-A-Long

CRYPTO QUIP EVEN this workshop in using social media.
• Saturday, April 19, 1pm to 3pm. Photo and Poetry Workshop at April 16 and May 21 at 6:45pm
Benefit Shop
Local 64, 5 State St. Deb Fleishman and Gary Miller host a genera- This very popular program with Rich and Laura Atkinson is back!!
tive workshop around photography and poetry. Everyone has a great time singing with Rich and Laura. They use

• Tuesday, April 22, 7pm. Annual Open Reading at Bear Pond a variety of instruments to accompany the singers. All ages and
Books, 77 Cottage
St. St., Barre 479-4309
• Wednesday, April 23, 7pm. Leland Kinsey reads from his newest
abilities are welcome and song books are provided.
Writing and Reading Film Series
Thursdays, April 17 and May 15 at 7pm


book, Winter Ready.
Closed for Renovations
GO FIGURE • Thursday, April 24. Poem in Your Pocket Day, at various loca- Join us for a group of interesting and sometimes quirky films
tions. Select The CVMC
a poem youAuxiliary Bene-Fit
love, and thenShop
it be you to share. which will be sure to stimulate your mind and senses.
Various poem distribution
October 29thsites with poems
through to keep. 6th.
November Bicycle Maintenance: Wednesday, April 23 at 7 p.m.
• Thursday, April 24, 7pm The Poetry of William Carlos Williams. Tune-up your bike for spring with Anne Miller and friends. Gas
UVM English professor Huck Gutman discusses this modern prices are going up! Get out your bike and get it ready to go.FULL LINE
Vermont’s Only
American poet. New Shop Hours Annual Contra Dance: For Friday, May 2 at 7pm Dealer...

• Friday, April 25, 12 noon to 1pm. Brown Bag Poetry: Card At Vivien and Michael OverFritz’s
50 barn It is aCadillac
CatalogWePoetry Writing.
will reopen Bring your
Wednesday, lunch7thtowith
November thisnew
hours: ses- This is an event not-to-be-missed. fundraiser so you can
sion; we’llWednesday We
use the library’s Can No Longer
retired card catalogAccept Checks
as a prompt. For Payment Years
help the library while having lots of fun dancing and listening to 1-800-278-C
through Friday 10am-4pm V ERMONT ’S T RUCK STORE

the music. This will be our fourth annual contra dance and it hasCall U
Barre-Montpelier Rd • Montpelier
Saturday 9am-2pm. gotten rave reviews in the past so please join us!!! With SusannahDr. Jim Cu
Dr. Jim Culver
Blachly and Susan Reid on fiddle and George White on guitar. For 417 US RTE. 302
directions to the barnOral
call:& 426-3190.
Maxillofacial Surgery (next to The WO
Hours By Appoi
Come check out our new look and shop for the holidays! Mother’s Day Wildflower Walk: Sun., May 11, 1pm to 4pm 479-324
•Extractions •Wisdom Teeth
•Anesthesia •Dental Implants
We look forward to seeing you soon, and thank you for With Brett Engstrom.•TMJDisorder
by the Marshfield
of Conservation
MAGIC MAZE your patronage. Committee and the JaquithFacial Library. We will meet at the Stranahan
Forest parking lot.
15 Cottage St., Barre • 479-4309
Insurance Assistance


We’re the best place to stay in B
New Shop Hours: Receive the highest payout in the area...GUARANTEED.
173 So. Main St.,
SUDOKU Wednesday through Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 9am-2pm
Green Mountain Barre 476-6678
Coins & Estate Jewelry
Operated by The Jeff Anton Family Great New Indoor Pool


Buying gold, silver Ricker & Brown
NEEDED! and coins Insurance & Financial Services

Spring Clothing
We will evaluate your estate jewelry, sterling

For Everyone HARRY’S

flatware, tea sets and coin collections.
We will answer any question you Marchelewicz,
about Owner
your item. If you are unsure if your estate jewelry
is authentic or costume, we will test your gold,

platinum, silver and diamonds to find out its purity
FEAR KNOT ~ THIS AD SPONSORED BY~ and if it's real. We base the value on the piece,
KAKURO Noyle Johnson Group and the current market Home
platinum when you walk
921 US
in Rt.
“Good Tasting
and Medicines”
Barre-Montpelier Rd. (across from Hooker’s) 479-2521
119 River St., Montpelier • (802) 223-7735
83 Washington St., Barre • (802) 479-3366 John Kirby, Owner • (802) 777-5550
P.O. Box 195, Danville • (802) 684-3924 9 South Main Street, Waterbury (Next Door to Arvad's)
www.nwjinsurance.com & &
Owner John Kirby is a 1997 graduate of the American Numismatic Association,
Colorado Springs, for coin grading, certification and authentication.


Open Everyday 6 am - 11 pm
342 N. Main St., Downtown Barre • 479-3675

~ This message sponsored by ~
Noyle Johnson Group
OBACCO 119 River St., Montpelier • (802) 223-773

83 Washington St., Barre • (802) 479-336

SUPER CROSSWORD P.O. Box 195, Danville • (802) 684-3924
(It's Worth The Drive) PRICES! www.nwjinsurance.com
■ Vaporizers $69.00
■ E-Cigs & Juice
■ Cigarette Tubes $1.99
■ Large Selection Rollers/Electric
■ “Roll Your Own Headquarters”
■ Waterpipes 89 State St., Montpelier
■ American Glass
■ Simple Mobile Authorized Dealer
■ Sim Cards $8.99
■ Tattoo Kits/Supplies/Aftercare

GAL. ■ Body Jewelry

NET 10 - $45.00 UNLIMITED
SATURDAY, APRIL 19 Discount Tobacco/Smoke Shop/Wireless Phone Store
Call 1-800-654-3344 by Noon Friday 125 N. Main St., 1st Floor • Barre • 476-3500
Minimum 100 gal. delivery Open Mon.-Sat.
page 8 The WORLD April 16, 2014
Groton Free Business Briefs To Do List:
Public Library
✔ Earn more income on my savings
- ING U.S., Inc. was recently honored as a 2014 World’s Most ✔ Consider rolling over retirement accounts
Ethical Company® by the Ethisphere Institute, an independent ✔ Find out if I’m able to retire on what I have
Yoga for All Levels. Every Wed. from 6-7pm. Free to all par- center of research promoting best practices in corporate ethics and
ticipants! Co-sponsored by the Groton Library and the Groton governance. The World’s Most Ethical Company designation is ✔ Retire
Recreation Committee. Join us at the Groton Community Building awarded to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to rais- Call us to help you with your “To Do” list
for this special series of eight classes. Bring your own mat, or sign ing the bar on ethical leadership and corporate behavior. ING U.S.
up to borrow a mat: 802.584.3358/grotonlibraryvt@gmail.com. was one of 16 financial services firms and one of 144 companies RETIREMENT • INSURANCE • INVESTMENTS
“Yogi” kids ages 8 and up welcome to attend with an adult. Open overall to receive this esteemed global distinction.
to residents of all towns. Wed. 6-7pm, March 19 to May 7. (April
23 @ 7-8pm, following BMU vote.)
Between the Covers- YA Book Discussion. Monday, April 21 at
- Edward Jones was named the Best Place to Work in Vermont Yvonne M. Liguori
in the category of large businesses (150+ employees) in the
6:30pm. This month’s featured read: 2005-2006 Green Mountain annual survey and awards program by Vermont Business Magazine 963 Paine Turnpike North, Unit3-G
Book Award nominee The Curious Incident of the Dog in the and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Local businesses Union Berlin, VT 05602
Night-Time by Mark Haddon. New folks welcome! Copies avail- Mutual Insurance Company and Vermont College of Fine
able at the library. Written for both adult and teen readers. Arts, both located in Montpelier, and SunCommon, in Waterbury
Book Discussion. Monday, April 28 at 7pm. This month’s fea-
tured read: In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. New folks
Center, made the list of top 12 small/medium companies in the (802)371-5011
survey. yvonne.liguori@ingfp.com
welcome! Copies available at the library.
Crafts & Conversation. Every Wednesday from 1-3pm. Join us - SCORE, mentors to America’s small businesses, celebrates its
with your ideas and projects-in-process – or – just join us! 50th anniversary in 2014. Throughout the year, the Vermont
All of our programs are free and open to the public. Find us on SCORE District will be hosting local entrepreneur events, educa- Registered representative of and securities offered through ING Financial Partners, Inc (Member SIPC)

Facebook (Groton Free Public Library), www.grotonlibraryvt.org, tional workshops, and free confidential, one-on-one business
or contact Anne: grotonlibraryvt@gmail.com, 802.584.3358. mentoring. If you or someone you know is interested in starting or
Open Hours: Mon 2:30-7pm, Wed 10am-4pm, Fri 2:30-7pm. growing a small business, get in touch with our local chapter of
SCORE by visiting www.score.org or email montpelier.score@
Host Families Needed
THANK YOU FOR SAYING for the Upcoming
I SAW IT IN 2014 Season!
The Waterbury Public Library is very proud to be a World Book
Night giver: on April 23 - Shakespeare’s birthday - 25,000 volun- �������������������������������������
teers from Kodiak to Key West will give away half a million free
books in more than 6,000 towns and cities across America.
World Book Night U.S. (WBN) is an ambitious campaign to EMAILED ADVERTISEMENT
give thousands of free, specially printed paperbacks to light or ADVERTISING INSERTION ORDER
non-readers to help promote reading. The chosen WBN books to ������������������������������������������������������ Thomas Hirchak Company
be given away are by a wide array of award winning and bestsell- FROM: Matt Chaney (Lisa Rowell)
ing adult and YA authors, as well as classics, books in Spanish, ���������������������������������������
and books in Large Print. The assortment of 39 WBN titles is
based on diversity in subject matter, age level, gender, ethnicity COMPANY: The World - ROP
and geography. The books were chosen in a vote by booksellers
and librarians. TODAY’S DATE: 4/8
On April 23, starting at 6pm, the Waterbury Public Library will NAME OF FILE: DrownWORLD
be handing out 20 copies of Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria ��������������������
Semple. Semple, who has written episodes of television’s Arrested ���������������
Development, pieces together a modern-day comic caper through EMAILED TO: sales@vt-world.com
documents—e-mails, letters, magazine articles – with very little �������� ������ ����� ������ �� ������� ��� ������ ����� ���
narrative prose, which helps make the reading easier and more village land. Property is not in compliance with town zoning
palatable for light or non-readers, the target audience for World regulations. Property is occupied by tenant. Please contact SECTION: REAL ESTATE
Book Night giveaways. ����������������������������� If you are interested or have questions, please
If you or someone you know doesn’t read much, but could use ��������������������������������������������� give us a call at 249-8411 or send us an email at
a good story and a good laugh, then please come to the Waterbury
Public Library at 6pm on April 23rd – first come, first served!
������������������������������������������������ HostFamilies@TheVermontMountaineers.com

10-Year Term

2 .000% RATE
3/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage
1 .746 % APR

Want lower mortgage payments?

Our new 3/1, 10-year adjustable rate mortgage starts with an incredibly low rate that is fixed for the first 3 years.
After that, the rate may adjust annually. A lower monthly mortgage payment means more money in your pocket
for other things life brings. Plus, our mortgage decisions are made locally and mortgages are held locally.

You-Win Rate Lock

Apply for your local mortgage at MVBT.com, Other Terms Available
or at any of our 32 statewide branches.
Easy Online Application
800-322-5222 www.MBVT.com Free Pre-Approval

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) example: The initial monthly payment on a 10-year $150,000 3/1 ARM at 2.000% and 80% loan-to-value (LTV) is $1,380.20 with zero (0) points due at closing. The Annual
Percentage Rate (APR) is 1.746%. Example payment does not include taxes and insurance, so the actual total payments will be higher. The payment amount will vary depending upon loan amount. The interest
rate is variable and changes will be determined based upon an Index plus a Margin. Principal and interest payment and rate are subject to increase or decrease annually starting after the first three years.
After the first three years the annual interest rate change cap is 2.000%, with a lifetime change cap of 4.000% over the first year rate. Loan offer is subject to credit approval. Advertised rate and APR are as
of March 1, 2014 and subject to change without notice.

April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 9

Merchants Bank // ARM Spring 2014 – “Want Lower mortgage payments?” // The World // 10.25” x 8” // B&W // DO Not Print This Line
Wanted: Food Donations!
Over 800 free meals served each week
Give food for Barre’s community meals
Needs: Bread, oatmeal, eggs, milk, tuna, peanut butter,
beans, pasta, canned goods, and more!
Contact: Carl at First Presbyterian Church
Meals are a collaboration of Barre Interfaith Group
Feed our neighbors– Support community meals!

Older Items & Antiques
Call before you have a tag sale!
We Buy: Older Mixing Bowls, Pottery, China, Glass, Vases,
Candlesticks, Sterling, Coins, Costume Jewelry, Toys, Jugs, Crocks,
Canning Jars & Bottles, Lamps, Prints, Paintings, Knick-Knacks,
Holiday Decorations, etc., etc.
Full House - Attic/Basement Contents - Estate Liquidations
Rich Aronson • 802-563-2204 • 802-595-3632 CELL

10:00 A.M.
#37 DAKOTA AUSTIN The WORLD welcomes Letters to the Editor concerning pub- increases that went down to defeat were less (in some instances,
#46 EMILY BARAW lic issues. Letters should be 400 words or less and may be significantly less) than the 13% increase proposed for Montpelier.
subject to editing due to space constraints. Submissions should In Burlington for example the proposed (and roundly defeated)
#56 GREG EDSON also contain the name of the author and a contact telephone school tax increase was 9.9%. But in Montpelier the School Board
#72 JOHN MORFOGEN number for verification. For letters of thanks, contact our is coming back with a proposal that would still mean a whopping
FOR INFO: 802-485-3311 OR 802-485-4611 advertising department at 479-2582; non-profit rates are 11.8% increase over last year.
available. A quality public education for Montpelier students is essential.
There is no question about this. The challenge is how to achieve
Vote ‘No’ on Revised Montpelier quality within financial constraints and without demanding of

Contacting Congress
those who have less that they give up what little they have.
School Budget Montpelier needs to have a school board that is representative
Editor: of the community as a whole – comprising individuals who can
U.S. Rep. Peter Welch In a letter to the editor in The World urging people to vote no on make decisions which balance the needs of the schools with those
Mailing address: the Montpelier school budget proposal in March, I ended with the of the whole community. Until such time, a ‘no’ vote on this
30 Main St.,Third Floor, Suite 350 statement: “It is only by saying no to the proposed school budget ‘revised’ budget is the only appropriate action. It’s very important
Burlington, VT 05401 that there might be some hope of conveying to those who control that everyone who has concerns about the budget gets out to vote
Web site: www.welch.house.gov the purse strings that we’re not in la-la land but dealing with limits on April 15.
Phone: (888) 605-7270 or (802) 652-2450 – not the least of which are financial.” Lew Friedland
Well, that hope was dashed. The day after the proposed school Montpelier
budget was voted down, Sue Aldrich as chairwoman for the
U.S. Sen. Bernard Sanders
Mailing address:
Montpelier School Board told VPR news that the loss was in part
due to organized efforts to galvanize opposition.
In Support of a Livable Wage
1 Church St., Second Floor, The fact is, it was an organized and well-funded group called Editor:
Burlington, VT 05401 Friends of Montpelier Schools that took out a $450 ad in The I am writing this letter because I believe a livable wage bill
Web site: www.sanders.senate.gov Bridge this week to try to influence the outcome of the re-vote should be put on the front burner.
Phone: (802) 862-0697 next week. And it was the Montpelier Schools System that took I support H.522 which would put the minimum wage up to
out a $900 ad (from school tax monies?) in The Bridge this week $12.50/hr. This is a good start towards reaching a livable wage. It
U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy to do the same. Those of us who can’t afford significantly higher would give thousands of Vermonters a chance to access things like
Mailing address: school taxes obviously can’t afford to pay for costly ads to influ- mental health services or much needed dental care, both of which
199 Main St., Fourth Floor, ence the voting. are out of my reach and many of your neighbors. Shuffling money
Burlington, VT 05401 Putting the revised (but barely improved) school budget pro- from program to program hasn’t worked in the past. This might
Web site: www.leahy.senate.gov posal in context; residents in Burlington, Colchester, Rutland, St. help to stimulate the economy and give Vermonters a chance to
Phone: (802) 863-2525 Johnsbury, and Bennington along with some 30 other Vermont live a more dignified life, and better take care of our families.
cities and towns - together representing about 26% of the students Please join me and call your representatives about H.552.
in the state - voted down their respective March school budgets. Stauch Blaise
It’s worthwhile to note that the proposed school property tax Randolph


2014 RATES Here’s the Message about Texting and Social Media Safety
Parents have been texting me about texting zone” so you can have that conversation.
NEW NEW SENIOR how to ensure their children and teens Keep the home computer or tablet in a public part of your home
AGE 70 & ABOVE stay safe when they send text messages so you can monitor your children’s online time and set time limits
$420 and use social media on their computers for social media and messaging.
$499 $860 and cell phones. Well, let me send some Remind your children that everything sent over the internet or a
messages out to everyone on smartphone can be shared – even SnapChat photos and videos can
20 SOMETHING 30 SOMETHING WEEKDAY the subject of digital commu- be retrieved – so they need to use good judgment in the
MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIP nication. texts and pictures they are sending. Remind them that
AGE 20-29 AGE 30-39 SUBJECT TO It appears that texting and sexting or bullying using these apps and sites can result
$250 $350 BLACK OUT TIMES messaging – including photo in possible legal action against them and affect their
$350 and video apps like future careers or even their ability to get into college.
SnapChat – and the popularity of social media sites There are also parental controls that your internet ser-
JUNIOR We Offer A Fully Stocked Pro Shop,
Full Service Bar & Restaurant, like Facebook and Twitter have surpassed email as vice provider can help install so you can download and
UP TO AGE 19 PGA Professional, Outstanding Golf Course! the preferred methods of communication for chil- monitor your children’s internet and texting activity if they
$120 The Best Value In Golf Membership dren and adults. Because children do not have the matu- are using the home internet service as their source of
In Vermont!
rity and life experience needed to use these communication online communication.
tools safely, parents need to understand what these net- Be alert to the signs of trouble: skipping activities,
works and apps are about and help their children learn to meals, homework, or grade drops. These could repre-
navigate them safely. sent internet, smartphone or social media addiction,
Step one is to learn about them if you haven’t already, something you should talk about with your pediatri-
because your children certainly will. Create a profile for cian, who can offer suggestions to help break such an
yourself on the social media network or app your child will addiction or refer you to others that may be able to
be using. You should have a policy that your children need help.
to keep you as a friend or follower if they want to have access Hopefully tips like this will allow you to send just
Northfield to the technologies in your home that enable them to text,
send messages or otherwise use social media.
the right message when it comes to parents and children working
together to enjoy texting and social media safety.
C ountr y C lub Make their use of digital communication a topic for dinner by Lewis First, M.D., is chief of Pediatrics at Vermont Children’s
asking what might be new or exciting on social media that day. Be Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care and chair of the Department
FOR INFORMATION 802-485-4515 PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGE prepared to share your own experiences online with your children. of Pediatrics at the UVM College of Medicine. You can also catch
2066 Vt Rt 12A, Northfield, VT 05663 The more your children feel comfortable talking about their use of “First with Kids” weekly on WOKO 98.9FM and WPTZ Channel
TO DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION social media and texting, the less likely they are to get into trouble. 5, or visit the First with Kids video archives at www.FletcherAllen.
www.northfieldcountryclub.com And don’t forget to make the evening meal a “no screen and no org/firstwithkids
page 10 The WORLD April 16, 2014
Reiss’s Pieces
By Judy Reiss
The Town of Barre is seeking roadside mowing bids from

qualified contractors. The mowing period is June 16,
2014 to July 18, 2014. Contract requires use of a mowing
think that Easter is one of my favorite Once he got there, it seemed he was the first one, attachment capable of reaching behind guardrails. After
holidays, at least it was when my chil- so he climbed up into the bunny’s lap and snuggled subtracting most village and subdivision streets, there are
dren and then my grandchildren were right down. And, within seconds, there was quite a about 85 road miles (or 170 lane miles) to be mowed. The
little. Back in the day, the excitement as line of children who also wanted to meet and greet contractor will be required to show proof of insurance.
they waited for the Easter Bunny to come this Easter icon. However, regardless of how hard Bids are due for opening on May 1, 2014. Contact the
and leave little nests of treats, was palpa- we tried, we couldn’t pry that little boy off the bunny’s lap! We Town Manager’s Office (479-9331 or offices@barretown.
ble! How wonderful were those days when pried and he screamed and the bunny tried to convince him to leave org) for specifications and bidding instructions.
everyone was unbelievably excited for the idea of a big, white bun- by giving him lollypops and other candies, of course, to no avail. Carl Rogers, Town Manager
ny who would not only bring candies but would also decorate and Of course, we were still older and stronger, so we finally got him
bring lots of hard-boiled eggs. Now, that bunny was amazing… off and he shrieked like we were torturing him. After we got him in
But, now everyone’s old enough that they are our arms and we walked way down the mall, we put him down so
able to enjoy Easter but without the bunny be- he could walk, and you know what he did? He turned around and
ing the centerpiece of the day. And I don’t know raced back, knocked other much bigger children out of the way and
if they miss the good old days as much as I do. plunked himself back on the bunny’s lap, shrieking, “my bunny,
However, at our house, even the youngest of my bunny!” The rest of my grandchildren never had the same op- CABOT SCHOOL
grandchildren love to hear about what happened before their time
and we always reminisce and laugh at the antics of the little person
portunity because all of us older folks learned our lesson and we
never gave those poor deprived children the same KINDERGARTEN
when the bunny either came or was just moments away.
Maybe because he was the first grandchild, I have lots more
chance ! No mall bunny for them.
We also spent one Easter in the Cayman Islands
stories and memories about McKinley. He also was obsessed about and McKinley was thrilled to find out that the Eas- Parents of all children who will be five
the big bunny and just couldn’t wait for him to come. Once, Sarah ter Bunny was still able to find him. And after he by August 31, 2014 and want to attend
and I took him to the mall on Cape Cod and we had no idea that found most of the nests that were left for him, he Cabot School Kindergarten in September,
there would actually be an Easter Bunny there. All of us were sur- went upstairs to my bedroom and lo and behold, he found lots of
prised to see a big, huge person in a bunny suit sitting on a throne jelly beans on my bed. “OH, look,” he yelled, “The Easter Bunny 2014, must register their children during
in the middle of the mall. And Mac, who was about two, instead of pooped jelly beams all over Nana’s bed!” the week of April 28-May 2, 2014 at the
being afraid or nervous, let out a shout of joy and broke away from You just can’t make any of those memories up, all you can do is Cabot School office. Please bring an
us and raced towards the bunny. laugh and talk about them as everyone grows up. original birth certificate and vaccination
records. You may contact Linda Savoca
Senate Report:
n n n
at 563-2289 if you have questions.
Berlin Concerned About Opiates KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION:
APRIL 28, 2014 - May 2, 2014
by Senator Bill Doyle

Senator Bill Doyle


Town Meeting Day Survey - March 2014

any thanks to the 132 Yes No Sure
citizens of Berlin who
responded to the Town 1. Should drivers be prohibited from using cell phones while driving? 1 100 21 11 79 Summer Street, Barre VT 05641
Meeting Survey. Berlin residents _____________________________________________________________________________________________
expressed concern about opiates, Serving students of all faiths
2. Should Vermont legalize marijuana? 2 52 55 25
the cost of education, and the use _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Preschool — Grade 8
of cell phones. Comments are re-
sults are as follows. 3. Should wind turbines be constructed on Vermont ridge lines? 3 59 43 30
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Enroll Now For 2014—2015
Drugs 4. Should Vermont increase its minimum wage? 4 87 32 13
“We lost the war on drugs years _____________________________________________________________________________________________
ago.” Preschool (age 3) & PreKindergarten:
5. Are you concerned about the increasing use of opiates in Vermont? 5 117 5 10
Retirement _____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Flexible – 2, 3, or 5 day op�on.
“As a retired military man, 22 6. Should we reduce the Vermont prison population through the use of • Affordable – less than $28/day.
years of active duty, as long as I alternatives for non-violent offenders? 6 87 23 22
can get a family health plan from _____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Bright Futures Subsidy accepted.
Maine, I’ll be happy.” 7. Should food products sold in Vermont produced with genetic engineering be labeled? 7 96 20 16
Plastic Bags Grades K – 8:
“Regarding the proposal fee for 8. Do you believe that Vermont is an affordable place to live? 8 26 92 14
plastic grocery bags, I feel this _____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Challenging academic program.
will penalize us older folk who 9. Are statewide cell service and broadband important to the future
can’t lift heavy bags. In order to of Vermont's economy? 9 99 16 17
• Respec�ul learning environment.
accommodate all of our groceries, _____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Flexible payment op�ons.
I would need 5 or 6 bags. I recycle
the plastic bags at the store so I 10. Should natural gas be an important part of Vermont's economy? 10 70 27 35
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Scholarship assistance available.
don’t see why they create such a
huge problem.” 11. Should Vermont create a state bank? 11 39 55 38
12. Do you believe that Vermont health care is moving in the right direction? 12 33 62 37
For more informa�on, call:
“Our education system needs to be
redesigned to be more appropri-
(802) 476-5015
ate for today’s world. The future 13. Do you believe that increasing costs of education are unsustainable? 13 105 18 9
is innovative. Student-designed _____________________________________________________________________________________________
mentorship and community-based www.centralvermontcatholicschool.com
14. Do you believe that our national government collects too much information
education should be considered. on the lives of American citizens? 14 90 26 16
Vermont should support more
capitalized, big picture modeled
Wind Towers Senator Bill Doyle serves on at Johnson State College. He
Health “Wind towers themselves are the Senate Education Commit- can be reached at 186 Murray
really not the problem but the tee and Senate Economic Af- Town and Village of
“I’m not convinced that single Road, Montpelier, VT 05602;
payer is the best overall. How do access roads are. Why not en- fairs Committee, and is the Sen- Northfield, Vermont
we pay? Is care going to change courage small scale wind clos- ate Assistant Minority Leader. e-mail wdoyle@leg.state.vt.us; Request for Proposals (RFP) -
for the better?” er to the users?” He teaches government history or call 223-2851. Audit Services
The Town and Village of Northfield is requesting a
n n n
joint audit proposal from Independent Certified Public

Cardio® Tennis Event to Benefit GMUW on April 26 Accounting firms to conduct the annual audit for the
Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2014. The Town and Village
of Northfield currently are separate legal entities and each
Do you play tennis, even just little? Have you been thinking that Cardio tennis will elevate your heart rate and burn more calo-
will require separate audit reports. On July 1, 2014, the
it’s time you did something to improve your cardiovascular ries. It is similar to interval training, that is, periods of high inten- Village of Northfield shall cease to exist and shall merge
health? sity followed by short periods of rest, the best way to train for into the Town of Northfield. There is an approved plan of
Get yourself down to First in Fitness at 652 Granger Rd. in optimal health and fitness. Get a great workout and improve your merger which shall constitute the Charter for the Town of
Berlin on April 26th at 1pm where they will be sponsoring a fund- Northfield. This audit will be for the final fiscal year of the
raising Cardio® Tennis event for the benefit of Green Mountain tennis skills. two governments as separate entities.
United Way. Donate $20.00 and take part in a Cardio Tennis work- For more information, email Scott Barker at First in Fitness at The annual audit shall consist of an examination of the
out. Help your game and help the community at the same time by sbarker@firstinfitness.com, or call Michael Knight at GMUW at individual and combined financial statements conducted
contributing to GMUW. No other entrance fees will be requested. 229-9532. Register today! in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.
The audit shall include the preparation of both the draft
n n n and final reports. The audit also shall include a review
of accounting procedures and the system of internal
accounting control to ensure that there is effective control
over revenues, expenditures, assets, and liabilities. The
audit shall consist of tests of compliance with provisions of
applicable state and federal laws, regulations, contracts,
and grant agreements.
Proposals must be received by 12:00 Noon on Friday,
May 2, 2014, clearly marked “Proposal - Audit Services,”
and either mailed or hand delivered (NO FAXES) to:
Laurie Baroffio
Finance Director
Northfield Municipality
51 South Main Street
Northfield, VT 05663
For a copy of the complete bid specifications, please
contact Finance Director Baroffio at 1-802-485-6043 or at
lbaroffio@northfield.vt.us. The Municipality reserves the
right to accept or reject any and all proposals.

April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 11

MCCARTHY, IRENE ISABELLE, 93, formerly of Barre, died grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. She was also much
March 29, at Central Vermont Medical Center. She was born July loved by many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.
17, 1920, in Cabot, the daughter of the late Fred R. and Marcia
(Smith) Simpson. She attended Cabot High School and enjoyed STEFANESE, ROSE VITANOS, 83, of Berlin
basketball. In 1937, the Cabot High School girls' basketball team Mobile Home Park, passed away peacefully April 5,
were the division state champions. In 1938, Irene graduated from at Central Vermont Medical Center. Born Aug. 5,
that high school and, in 1939, she continued her education at 1930, in Montpelier, to George and Eva (Bakame)
Barre, died peacefully on April 4, at Fletcher
Evangeline Booth School of Nursing in Boston. On May 20, 1946, Vitanos, Rose enjoyed lasting memories of growing
Allen Health Care, surrounded by her fami-
she married Joseph Patrick McCarthy in Maryland. He died in up in the family home on Charles Street in Montpelier.
ly. She was born June 28,1934 in Berlin to
1987. She was employed as a midwife for 25 years at Boston She attended Montpelier public schools and was a
Sydney and Erma Banfield. She graduated
Lying-In Hospital. She retired in 1962. She later moved to Groton, 1949 graduate of Montpelier High School. In her early years, she
from Montpelier High School in 1953 and
where she lived with her sister for a few years before relocating to worked at the clothespin factory in Montpelier. She later enjoyed
went on to work at Union Mutual. In 1955,
Barre, where she remained until entering the nursing home in many years and friendships as a telephone operator for the New
she married Walter Salvas and settled in
Berlin. Irene enjoyed playing scrabble, knitting, crocheting and England Telephone Co., retiring in 1993. It was not in her nature
Montpelier. She enjoyed going to Maine and Aruba on their
gardening. Survivors include a son, Joseph P. McCarthy, and wife, to sit still, so Rose secured a part-time job, walking a distance
vacations. She also loved to sew, the Red Sox and her cat,
Susan, of Rocky Mount, N.C.; a sister, Elizabeth Lakin, of from home to Friendly's Restaurant, where she continued to touch
Marmalade. She is survived by her children, Michelle Somaini
Middlesex; one grandson; several nieces, nephews and cousins. In the hearts of many. Rose was an avid Red Sox and New England
and husband, Jon of Montpelier, Diane Peterson and husband,
addition to her husband, she was predeceased by four siblings: Patriots fan and loved being with nature, especially camping at
Dan of Montpelier, and Rob Salvas and wife, Sandy of Barre.
Frederick Simpson, Lillian Darling, Pauline Palermo and Ruth Little River State Park in Waterbury, and outings at Montpelier's
Ann leaves behind her beloved grandchildren, AJ Somaini,
Burnham. Hubbard Park. She enjoyed traveling to Adak, Alaska, Gulfport,
Casey Somaini, David Peterson, Drew Peterson, Pierce Salvas,
Nicholas Salvas and Rachel Salvas, and great-grandchildren, Miss., and Annapolis, Md., to visit her daughter while her son-in-
Lucy Peterson and Ryan Somaini. A graveside service and law was in the U.S. Navy Seabees. She had a passion for all ani-
gathering in her memory will be held at a later date. PLANTE, ROY MAURICE, 73, passed mals and participated in many Walks for the Animals, often claim-
from this world Dec. 29, 2013, at the Hospeace ing recognition as the largest collector of donations. Rose was a
House in Naples, N.Y., surrounded by those who member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Women's Auxiliary,
loved him dearly - his beloved younger brother, Auxiliary of the American Legion, and a life member of the
BROWN, IRENE LAFAYETTE, 94, died April 5, Tommie Plante, his "favorite sister-in-law," Sharon Fairpoint Pioneers. Rose is survived by her daughter, Roseanne
at the Woodridge Nursing Home in Berlin. Born Plante, Ted Holton (to whom he lovingly referred as his adopted Newton, and husband, Dan, of Richford; two nieces and a nephew.
Sept. 17, 1919, in Plainfield, she was the daughter of son) and wife Jen, and close friend Joe Watson. Roy was the oldest She was predeceased by her siblings, James Vitanos, Louis
Alton Luther and Florence Ruth (Bailaw) LaFayette. son of the late Merle Roselind LaValley Plante and Maurice Vitanos and Cia Hickey.
She attended the Plainfield Center School and gradu- Raymond Plante. He was born in the second-floor room of the
ated from Plainfield High School, then attended then-family home on April 23, 1940. He was raised by his beloved
Burlington Business College. On April 21, 1944, she grandmother, the late Marguerite LaValley, along with his younger WITZENBERGER, HENRY FRANK, 96, died April
married Urban A. Brown in Plainfield. They spent most of their brother, Tommie, and younger sister, Merle "TT." Roy attended 1, at Heaton Woods in Montpelier. He was born March 30, 1918,
married life in Plainfield. He died Sept. 1, 1982. She had worked Mathewson Elementary School and Spaulding High School in in Brooklyn in New York City, the son of Henry and Jennie
on the dairy farm that she and her husband owned and operated. Barre. He later enlisted in the U.S. Army and was stationed in (Kopitsh) Witzenberger. He graduated from Farmington High
She also was a cook at Goddard College in Plainfield, had worked Germany for two tours of duty. He served our country for six School on Long Island, N.Y., in 1936. He worked in meteorologi-
for the Vermont Agency of Transportation, and was a caregiver in years. Upon honorable discharge from the Army, Roy married cal repairs as part of the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World
Montpelier. Her memberships included the Grace United Methodist Claudette Rancourt (the love of his life) in Barre. They had two War II. He married Dorothy Walker on Jan. 25, 1942, in
Church of Plainfield, the Capital City Grange in Montpelier, and children, Rennie and Lisa Plante. Roy then worked in the roofing/ Farmingdale, N.Y. He worked for Sperry Gyroscope in Little
the Twin Valley Senior Center in Marshfield. Her interests includ- construction field, before relocating to upstate New York to join Neck, N.Y., and for Henry J. Green in West Berry, N.Y. They
ed bird-watching, flower gardening, her pets, playing pinochle, his younger brother, Tommie, in the construction field. After a few moved to Vermont in 1987. He was a member of the Phoenix
and poetry by Ima Kidder. She is survived by her son, Bernard years in New York, Roy and Claudette divorced. Roy taught him- Orion Masonic Lodge 205 and the Montpelier Methodist Church.
Brown, of Plainfield; and her daughter Maria Brown, of Woodbury; self everything there was to learn about mobile home installation, Survivors include his wife, of Montpelier; a son, Thomas, of Boca
nine grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; a great-great-grand- renovation and reconstruction and at one time was manager for six Raton, Fla.; three granddaughters; and a great-granddaughter.
son; a niece and three nephews. She was predeceased by her mobile home parks. He rebuilt several homes which later became
daughters Brenda Blair and Kay Smith; a grandson; a brother, affordable housing to several people. These people would not have
Alton Jerome LaFayette; and a sister, Florence Bridges. HARTLEY, SHIRLEY ANN, 73, of Barre, passed
had the opportunity to become homeowners, if not for Roy. He
away April 6, at her home, surrounded by her family.
was extremely good-hearted, a hard worker, humorous, and loved
Born in Barre Oct. 13, 1940, she was the daughter of
Christmas. A few years ago he decided to go to Vermont for
MEANEY, FRANCIS J. "MIDGE," 92, of Randolph the late Clarence and Annette (Gagnon) Hartley.
Christmas. He put on his Santa suit, hopped into his truck and
Center, died April 5, at Gifford Medical Center. He was born June Shirley was a graduate of St. Monica Grade School
drove to Vermont to surprise his mother and grandchildren. He
2, 1921, in Pittsfield, Mass., the son of Francis J. and Marion in Barre and St. Michael High School in Montpelier,
was best known as a good person to talk to if you had a problem
(Purdy) Meaney. He graduated from Lenox (Mass.) High School. class of 1958. After her schooling, she was employed
and needed help. As a child he was a little prankster, with his sis-
Mr. Meaney served in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War for several years at the lunch counter at the former Whelan's Drug
ter, Merle, getting blamed for everything. He will be missed by all
II, where he was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Store in Barre. Later she was employed at The Times Argus for 28
who were close to him especially brother Tommie, Ted and Jen
Distinguished Flying Cross. He married Barbara E. Brow in years, until failing eyesight caused her to take early retirement.
Holton and their children, who called him Papa Roy; and his
Denver, Colo., Nov. 23, 1944. He retired from Mass. Electric Shirley was a longtime active member of St. Monica Catholic
cockatiel, Chipper. He rescued and loved Chipper dearly. Roy was
where he was an electrical consultant for many years. Mr. Meaney Church of Barre; also a member of AARP; the Vermont Council
predeceased by his beloved son, Rennie Plante; his father, Maurice
was a member of Nantucket Basket Makers Association, Southern of the Blind; the National Federation of the Blind; a volunteer
Plante; and his mother, Merle Bresette. Merle passed this same
Berkshire Barber Shop Chorus Association and First Congregational member of the AmeriCorps; and the Vermont Association for the
year in May, at the age of 96. Roy is survived by his beloved
Church of Randolph Center. He enjoyed basket making, golf and Blind and Visually Impaired. Survivors include one sister, Lorraine
brother, Tommie Plante, and wife, Sharon, of Honeoye, N.Y.; his
caning chairs. Survivors include his wife, of Randolph Center; a Watker, of Barre, as well as many nieces, nephews and cousins.
sister, Merle "TT" Hutchins, and husband Gary, of Surprise, Ariz.;
daughter, Barbara Meaney, of East Randolph; a son, David Besides her parents, she was predeceased by one brother, Alfred
his daughter, Lisa Lucero, and husband Mark, of Ocala, Fla.; and
Meaney, of Lancaster, Pa.; three grandchildren, five great-grand- Hartley, and one sister, Rita LaFlamme.
grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Vermont and Florida; his
children, a great-great-grandchild; many nieces and nephews. He three half-sisters, Cynthia Nichols, of Honeoye, N.Y., Susan
was predeceased by two sons, Michael and Stephen Meaney, and Kelley, of Barre, and Nancy Gosselin, of Barre; as well as many CALCAGNI, MARIAN DAVIS, 86, of Ocala, Fla.,
a brother, William Meaney. nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews, and cousins. died peacefully April 1 at Legacy House, following
There will be an adult memorial service/reception in honor of a brief illness. She was the widow of Frank R.
Roy's life on April 23, 2014, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars at 1 Calcagni, who passed away May 27, 2008. Born
CHASE, SANFORD S., 81, died April 6, at Central Aug. 5, 1927, in Barre, Calcagni was the daughter of
Vermont Medical Center. He was born Sept. 27, 1932, in Pioneer St. in Montpelier, Vt., at 11am.
the Hon. Deane Chandler Davis, former governor of
Pierrepont, N.Y., the son of Charles B. and Alice (Irish) Chase. He BAER, EVELYN BELLE SIGEL, 104, beloved Vermont, and Corrine Eastman Davis. She was a
had lived in Brookfield and Northfield before moving to Worcester mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, died graduate of Spaulding High School in Barre, and Boston University.
in 1997. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years. He had been on April 5 at her home at Westview Meadows in A devoted homemaker and accomplished pianist, Calcagni shared
married to Gloria, then was predeceased by his second wife, Montpelier. Evelyn was born on July 17, 1909 in her joy of music with young people over many years as a piano
Velma LaRocque, and was currently married to Anne Bouchard. Boston, Mass., the daughter of Samuel Sigel and teacher. With her husband of 58 years, she relocated from Vermont
He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He enjoyed Bessie Rich. Her mother died in the influenza epi- to Ocala to assume ownership of the Little Professor Bookstore.
fishing. Survivors include his wife; two sons, Kenneth Chase and demic of 1918, and Etta Rich later became her step- Calcagni enthusiastically assisted all who needed her help, espe-
Scott Chase, both of Tucson, Ariz.; two daughters, Shane Maher, mother. Evelyn had four brothers and one sister, all of whom pre- cially those who were ill or less fortunate. Always ready with a
of Gilroy, Calif., and Sylvia Belcher, of Burnside, Kan.; three deceased her. Evelyn attended public school and Girls Latin warm smile and kind heart, she frequently played the piano and
brothers, Lawrence Chase, of Colton, N.Y., Marlo Chase, of School in Boston. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta sang for residents at nursing and memory-care facilities near her
Hermon, N.Y., and Marcell Chase, of East Casanovia, N.Y.; a Kappa from Radcliffe College, then earned a Masters of Social home at the Oak Run Community. As an avid bridge player, she
sister, Blanche Watson, of Hermon, N.Y.; stepchildren Lorraine Work from Smith College School of Social Work, and a post- taught many of her friends the finer nuances of the game. She will
Wimble, of Waitsfield, Marlene Ryan, of Barre, Ellen Roux, of graduate degree at Pennsylvania School of Social Work. She was be missed dearly by her friends in Florida and across the country.
Sebastian, Fla., Audrey Morris, of Northfield Falls, and Robert a life-long member of National Association of Social Workers Calcagni is survived by her brother, Thomas Davis, and sister-in-
Ryan, of St. Albans; and seven grandchildren. He was predeceased (NASW), and enjoyed a long career as a psychiatric social worker. law, Delores Davis; her son, Thomas Calcagni, and wife, Elizabeth;
by a daughter, Shirley Chase, and a sister, Pauline Holman. Evelyn was an active tennis player and swimmer, thriving at these her sister and brother-in-law, Clifford and Loretta Mattoon; and
activities into her eighties. She was a voracious reader, and active three grandchildren. She also is survived by four stepgrandchil-
theatre-goer. She had a particular joy for the English language, dren; 12 nieces and nephews and seven great-grandchildren.

Northeast Granite Company

which was evident in any conversation, in spelling bees, and espe-
cially on the Scrabble board. Evelyn lived good portions of her life
in Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut. She traveled a COOKE, COLBY JEROME, 27, died
great deal throughout the U. S. and Canada, and also enjoyed a trip unexpectedly in Brooklyn, N.Y., on March 25. He
to Scotland, England and France. In 2004, she moved to Westview was born in Berlin on July 6, 1986, the son of Jerome
2 Granite Street, Montpelier, VT 05602 Meadows in Montpelier, to be near family, and where she enjoyed and Sandra (Wheeler) Cooke. Colby was a 2004
800-950-3066 • 802-223-3502 good friends and an active life. Evelyn was predeceased by her graduate of Northfield High School. Colby sought
husband, Harry Baer, to whom she was married for 42 years employment after graduation and enjoyed working
before his death in 1975. Later in life, Everett Wilson was her as an automobile salesman in the central Vermont area and then
companion for 16 years, and a grandfather to Richard, Thomas, ventured off to South Florida for employment. Colby had a drive
Emily and Ben, until his death in 2003. She is survived by her for life and laughter and was always making people laugh and
daughter Ellen Baer of Rutledge, Tenn., her daughter Jane smile. He enlisted in the United States Army in 2009 and was a
Youngbaer and son-in-law Peter Youngbaer of Plainfield; four veteran of the war in Afghanistan, serving in Operation Enduring
Freedom at Forward Operating Base Sharana with the 554th EN
Company Headquarters Platoon. During his military service, he
became a SIG support systems specialist, setting up and encrypt-
PRUNEAU-POLLI ing communications for the convoys, installing the "Blue Sky
Trackers" system for U.S. Army vehicles overseas. He played
FUNERAL HOME basketball during his high school years, and his passion for basket-
ball continued after his graduation. He enjoyed music, cars, time
Serving All Faiths
with friends and family, and his time spent with his "battle bud-
dies" who served with him in the Army. Survivors include his
Serving you and your family in your time of need. father, Jerome Cooke, of Montpelier; his mother, Sandra Fraser,
Cemetery Monuments
Family Owned & Operated and stepfather, John, of Northfield Falls; paternal grandmother
Mary Louise Cooke, of Northfield; maternal grandmother Margaret
Monument Cleaning 58 Summer Street • Barre, Vermont Rollins, of Northfield Falls; companion Cynthia Devins (Bagley)
On-site Cemetery Lettering Prou
d Member
802-476-4621 and their son, Jeremy Bagley, of East Calais; his sister, Stephanie
Made Locally In Montpelier, Vermont Cooke, of Warren; and her stepsiblings, Lauren Fraser, of Elmore,
Stop By & Discuss Your Needs & See Our Outside Display and Brent Fraser, of Enfield, N.H.; many aunts, uncles and cous-
continued on next page
National Funeral Directors Handicap Accessible

page 12 The WORLD April 16, 2014

children and 12 great-grandchildren; as well as many nieces,

nephews and cousins. She is also survived by one sister, Monica
Campanella, of Wallingford, Conn.; and sister-in-law Dorothy
Cayia, of Barre; her special friend, Rita LaRose, of Barre; and all
continued from previous page who loved her at the North Barre Manor. Besides her husband, she
ins. He was predeceased by his paternal grandfather, Allan Cooke, was predeceased by three brothers, Francis, Alex and Louis
and maternal grandfather, Edward Wheeler. Dessureau. Oil & Propane Service LLC
LAFEBVRE, ROGER J., 80, of East Oakridge, Fla., passed Locally Owned & Operated
away March 26, at the JFK Medical Center in Lantana, Fla. Born LUMSDEN, RETIRED MASTER SGT.
Oct. 27, 1933, in Stanstead, Quebec, he was the son of the late ADRIAN "BUZZ," 76, a longtime Stannard resi- Boilers - Furnaces - Water Heaters
Roland and Valeda (Geoffrey) Lefebvre. Roger attended schools dent, died April 6, in the comfort of his home, with Space Heaters - GasLines
in Stanstead. In 1952 he came to Barre, where he was employed his family at his bedside. Buzz was born May 29, Oil Tanks - Coal & Wood Boilers
by the Barre City Street Department and later worked for the state 1937, in Greensboro, the son of the late Donald B.
of Vermont Highway Department, until his retirement in 1996. In Lumsden Sr. and Irene (Brown) Lumsden. He
1954, he married Jeannine Carbonneau in St. Monica Catholic attended public schools in Greensboro, Hardwick Center School, We now accept
Church in Barre. The couple made their home in the Barre City East Hardwick, and graduated from Hardwick Academy in 1955.
area for many years. Jeannine passed away Feb. 8, 1996. On Sept. Buzz was employed by his father as a logger for a short time, prior ~Financing Available To Qualified Buyers~
22, 1997, he married Carole Donnelly. They made their home in to enlisting in the U.S. Air Force on Nov. 28, 1955. He was sta-
Woodbury, and wintered in Florida. Carol passed away Sept. 22, tioned in many locations including New York, Wyoming, Serving Washington County
2000. Roger was a former member of St. Monica Catholic Church Massachusetts, New Mexico, Maine, Delaware, North Carolina, & the Mad River Valley DENNIS SMITH
the Philippines and Thailand. He also served proudly during the
and the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lantana, Fla. He was also
a member of the Knights of Columbus and Fourth Degree; Korean and Vietnam wars. Master Sgt. Lumsden retired from the preferred.pops@gmail.com 802-476-8278
Canadian Club; Barre Elks Lodge 1535; and Loyal Order of military on Nov. 30, 1975, returning to Stannard. On Oct. 29,
Moose Barre Lodge 1391. Survivors include four sisters, Cecile 1956, he married Inez Rose Willey in Stannard. Together they
Lefebvre, of Sherbrooke, Quebec; Jackie Cloutier and husband, raised five children, Adrian Jr., Willie, Rose, Ruth and Sue. Upon
Norman, of Vero Beach, Fla.; Annette White and husband, Larry, Buzz's retirement from the military, he drove a school bus and was
of Vero Beach, Fla.; and Jean Beasse and husband, Peter, of road commissioner for the town of Stannard. He also owned and
Sherbrooke, Quebec. Also surviving is a brother, John Lefebvre, operated a private trucking business, and he worked at two bowl-
and wife, Jeannine, of Weeton, Quebec, as well as many nieces, ing centers (Bangor, Maine, and Berlin, Vt.) as a mechanical
nephews and cousins. He was predeceased by two brothers, technician. Buzz was a member of the American Legion Post 7 of
Robert and Paul Lefebvre. Hardwick, The Retired Enlisters Association and the Disabled
American Veterans Association. He enjoyed bowling, traveling
and trips to casinos, as well as being involved in his children's
DEWEY, DAVID M., 77, of East Randolph, died April various activities while they were growing up. Survivors include
7, at Hanover Terrace in Hanover, N.H. He was born May 26, his loving wife, Inez, of Stannard; a son, William Lumsden, and
1936, in Boston, the son of Helen Dewey Carley, and was raised wife, Carol, of Hardwick; three daughters: Rose Lovejoy and
by Frank and Mary (Howard) Dewey on a farm in Brookfield. He husband, Daryl, of Waterboro, Maine, and Ruth Pickard and hus-
served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Korean War. He lived band, Steve, and Susan Thomas and husband, Jay, all of Stannard;
in Brattleboro and Randolph before moving to East Randolph in four grandchildren; and a great-grandson. Buzz was predeceased
1976. He married Marie Manning on June 3, 1961, in Randolph. by a son, Adrian L. Lumsden Jr., and a brother, Donald B.
He was a taxi driver and brewery truck driver in Brattleboro and Lumsden Jr.
drove a milk truck for White's Dairy. He also worked at Savage's
Mill, Ethan Allen Furniture Manufacturing and Casella Waste
Management, from which he retired after 28 years. He was a
member of the East Randolph Fire Department. He enjoyed play-
ing cards, bingo, scratch tickets and bird-watching. Survivors
Adult Education Office
include his wife, of East Randolph; daughters Katherine Coburn, 17 Forest Street, Randolph, VT 05060
of Williamstown, Victoria Dewey, of East Randolph, and Jo-Anne
Paton, of East Orange; four grandchildren and four great-grand- (802) 728-4241 or adultedinfo@randolphtech.org
children; a sister, Joyce Banford, of Turners Falls, Mass.; and a
brother, Brian Carley, of Marlboro. He was predeceased by a sis-
ter, Jerilynn Bruneau. Graveside services will be Tuesday, May
27, at 10:30am at the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery in
Upcoming Courses ~ Spring 2014
Randolph Center. Call (802) 728-4241 or e-mail adultedinfo@randolphtech.org for full course descriptions or to register.
Advanced registration is required for all courses and workshops.
passed on peacefully April 6, surrounded by friends
and family. Merrilyn is no longer suffering from the Computer Classes Small Business/Entrepreneurship
lengthy illness that she put up a tough fight against *In collaboration with VtSBDC.
for many years. She is greatly missed by her many FREE Computer Drop-In Time
loving friends, family and her dearly loved pets, Tuesdays, ongoing through June 3rd, 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. *Get Ready to Start A Specialty Food Business – Free!
Sadi and Josie. Merrilyn was born April 30, 1949, (There will be no Drop-In Time 4/22) Learn the basics of developing a successful specialty food
the daughter of Merrill Demas and Hazel Pittsley business, including licensing and food safety issues.
Demas, of South Barre, who both predeceased her. Merrilyn now Introduction to Computing II - $75 Thursday, 5/8; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
joins her husband, Dennis Garcia, who predeceased her in 2003. Expand your basic knowledge so that you can use a computer to
Merrilyn grew up in South Barre and graduated from Spaulding
High School. Throughout her life, Merrilyn worked at Central stay in touch and find information. Cooking Classes
Vermont Medical Center in Berlin. Her co-worker and lifelong Wednesdays, 4/30 – 5/28 (except 5/21); 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Cooking for College Students - $35
dear friend, Dorothy Bergeron, was there, along with family at her
side when she passed. Merrilyn is survived by her brothers: Intermediate Microsoft Word (2013) - $80 Learn to save money by planning quick, tasty, simple meals that
Richard Demas, Michael Demas, William Demas and wife, Learn how to do more with Microsoft Word, including tables, anyone can make. For anyone on a tight budget and schedule!
Geralyn, and Gary Demas and wife, Mary. Merrilyn had been a borders, labels, hyperlinks, and more! Tuesdays, 5/20 & 5/27; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
loving mother to many, including her niece Lorie Demas and her
son; Denise Garcia; Lynn Garcia, her son, and his father; Dennis Thursdays, 5/1 – 5/22; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Courses in RTCC’s Shops
Garcia and wife, Dominee; Laurie Cummings and husband, Intermediate Microsoft Excel (2013) - $85
Bobby; Randy Garcia and Daniel Garcia; nieces and nephews Basic Welding - $200*
Heidi Demas and fiancé, Matthew Wallin; Heather Chateauvert Learn how to do more with Microsoft Excel, including formulas, Learn and practice the fundamentals of Metal Inert Gas Welding.
and husband, Craig; Eric Demas and wife, Jana; Brent Demas and functions, charts, and printing! *Basic supplies included, call for details
wife, Jocelyn; Bethany Demas, Chris Demas, Rebekah Razzaq, Thursdays, 5/1 – 5/29; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Thursdays, 4/29 – 6/3; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Matthew Demas and Andrew Demas; her cousin, Lynn Provasi;
her very dear friend, Ernie Wilson; her loving sisters-in-law, Carol iPad Basics - $40 Residential Electrical Wiring - $110*
Newhall and Debbie Demas. Learn how to use your iPad’s features to keep notes, set Learn the components of a residential electrical system, including
reminders, browse the web, and send and receive mail, and more! wiring switches, receptacles, and GFCI’s. *Plus textbooks
HOLT, JESSIE MARY, 92, died April 3, at Central Tuesdays, 5/6 & 5/13; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Mondays, 5/5 – 6/2 (except 5/26); 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Vermont Medical Center. Born Sept. 9, 1921, in
Providence, R.I., she was the daughter of Karl and Facebook Use and Security - $40 Introduction to Excavator Operation - $150
Sonia (Solomon) Habbep. She attended elementary Through classroom instruction, use of a simulator, and hands-on
school in Barre and graduated from Spaulding High In this class we’ll show you the basics of setting up a Facebook
experience, participants learn to operate an excavator safely.
School. She married Richard Wallace Holt in account and setting privacy controls, as well as using it to stay in
Harpersville, N.Y. After his death, she lived in Barre. touch with family and friends. Wednesdays, 4/30 – 6/11 (except 5/21); 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
She worked at the Brown Derby Restaurant in Tuesdays, 5/20 & 5/27; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Montpelier, Tony's Meat Land, as a domestic housekeeper, as a Languages
laundry attendant, and for several years as a capacitor inspector at Being Secure Online - $25 Conversational Spanish - $90
Sprague Electric in Barre. She attended St. Monica Church in Learn how to interact safely and securely online by choosing Join us to learn and practice basic Spanish speaking and listening
Barre and was a member of the Ladies of Blousa. She enjoyed
cooking, shopping, knitting, crocheting and painting. Survivors strong passwords, shopping safely, and avoiding scams. skills while exploring cultural themes.
include three daughters: Josephine O'Brien, of Barre, Kay Parton, Tuesday, 6/3; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays, 5/6 – 6/3; 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
of Plainfield, and Elaine Holt, of Waterbury Center; six grandchil-
dren; 11 great-grandchildren; six great-great-grandchildren; six Presenting with Powerpoint - $40 Art Classes
nieces; a nephew; and several cousins. She was predeceased by Join us to explore how Powerpoint can help you communicate
four sisters: Josephine Good, Lulu Caplitcka, Theresa Berini and Watercolor, Pen, and Ink - $90
professionally and effectively in your field.
Annie Habbep. Thursdays, 5/22 & 5/29; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Join us for individualized explorations in the art of Watercolor,
Pen, and Ink. All levels are welcome.
KNIGHT, DONALD R., 91, of Traverse City, Mich., and for- Career Planning Workshop Wednesdays, 4/30 – 6/11; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
merly of Brookfield, died April 8, at Munson Medical Center in
Traverse City. Arrangements are pending at the Day Funeral Where Do I Go From Here? – FREE! Digital Photography Advanced - $90
Home in Randolph. Join us for an informative evening that will help you identify your This class will cover SLR camera controls, lighting, composition,
marketable skills and clarify your education and career options. color-management, printing, and more!
CAYIA, THERESA M., 86, of North Barre Manor, Tuesday, 5/6; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Thursdays, 5/1 – 6/5; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
passed away peacefully April 5, at her home. Born in
Barre Oct. 10, 1927, she was the daughter of the late Writing Classes Computer-Assisted Drawing and Design
Henri and Resina (Plant) Dessureau. Theresa attend-
ed school in Barre and was a 1946 graduate of St. Creative Writing - $85 Sketch Up, Part 1 – $40
Michael's High School. On May 4, 1946, she mar- In this course you’ll write, think, critique, and explore the craft of Come learn the basics using this free program to help you with
ried John Cayia in St. Monica Catholic Church in writing in a group and on your own. your landscaping and design needs.
Barre. He passed away Dec. 25, 1981. She was Saturday, 5/10; 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Thursdays, 5/1 – 6/12 (except 5/15); 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
employed as a printer for National Life Insurance Co. for 42 years.
She was also employed as a waitress for many local restaurants. Sketch Up, Part 2 – $40
Theresa will be remembered for her sense of humor and love for
her family; her passion for playing bridge and love of pets. She Learn the more advanced features to mock-up potential new
RTCC affords equal opportunity in education &
was a remarkable woman who loved to laugh, tell a good joke, structures or preview your renovation plans.
play cards and enjoyed celebrations. Survivors include two daugh- employment. Saturday, 5/17; 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
ters, Michele Larson and husband, Robert, of York, Penn., and
Rhea Cayia and her wife, Mary Cadoret, of Proctor; five grand-
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 13
Think Spring...
A group of Barre resi-

INNERSPRING dents vacationed at the

Aruba Beach Club in
March, and took the time
for a photo opportunity
How are yours treating you? on the beach. Some of
these couples have been
going to Aruba for over 30
years. Pictured are John
& Natalie Anderson, Scott
& Cathy Anderson, Joan
Family Owned & Operated for 34 Years Argenti, Bill & Liz Bond,
Mike & Amanda Peyerl John & Betty Cutler,
97 US Rt. 302 Barre-Montpelier Road • 802-479-0671 Richard & Cheryl
Garibaldi, Charlie & Linda
Livendale, Rev. Msgr. Reid
Mayo, Bob & Carlene Roy
(former Barre residents),
Paul & Marie Tomberg,
Men's & Hair Care Mike & Ernie Ziter, and
Dwayne & Diane Webster

of Danville.

Jo d
160 N. Seminary St. in Barre
(near Yipes Stripes)
H ap p y 9 0th

Call Or Text 802- 793-7417 Norma Cassani

April 23, 2014
TUXEDO RENTALS Cards may be sent to:
Norma Cassani 
Alterations & Tailoring
for the Whole Family
44 Railroad St. 
Hems, Sleeves, Barre, VT 
Zipper & Lining 05641
The Sewing Basket Replacement,
Leather Garment
“A Professional Sewing Service”
27 Years in Central Vermont
Alterations & Tailoring for the Whole Family
Bridal & Formal Wear Hello, my name is Raquel Norway. I’m a freshman
Bridal and Formal Wear Alterations
Starting at $94.95 Garment Repair
Alterations at Winthrop University and a member of the
Spaulding High School class of 2013. I will be Graves-Lusignan
Embroidery & Monograms • Personalization •Embroidery & spending most of this summer in India, teaching Mitch and Deb Graves, along with Brian and Lois Lusignan, are
Groom’s& Tux
Stock Logos • Garments/Gifts Monograms health practices in the slums to better their very pleased to announce the engagement of their children, Sheri
•Personalization quality of life. I’ll also be leading prayer walks,
with 5 paid rentals
BARRE - 325 N. Main St. - 476-8389 and evangelizing. My biggest need is for prayer, Graves and Sean Lusignan.
•Screenprinting The future bride and groom are both 2005 graduates of U32
and NOW OPEN •Garments as this will be a very intense journey! I also have
need for financial donations, because this trip is High School. Sheri graduated with her bachelor’s in nursing from
MONTPELIER - 168 River St.- 778-9311 & Gifts so expensive to make it a possibility. If you have Chamberlain College and works as an RN at Central Vermont
Dry Cleaning Services any questions you can email me at Home Health & Hospice in Berlin. Sean graduated from
provided by G R E E R S norwayr2@winthrop.edu! Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is a Merchant Marine offi-
cer for Hornbeck, based in Louisiana.
Dry Cleaning & Launder Centers

Checks can be made payable to

Pickup & Delivery Every Day!

The Sewing Basket Raquel Norway, and mailed to: The couple reside in Barre Town with their big dog, Marshall.
Raquel Norway The wedding is being planned for fall 2015 at their home,
“A Professional Sewing Service” 163 Martin Meadow Rd amongst the apple orchard and beautiful perennial gardens.
Over 30 Years in Central Vermont Plainfield, VT 05667
■ ■ ■
BARRE 476-8389 MONTPELIER 778-9311 Web Fund:
325 N. Main St. 168 River St., Montpelier

Happy Birthday!
Don’t forget... ME
11-15 Becky Hall, Greensboro
4-30 Lillian Kasulka, 4, E. Bend
Montpelier 11-18 Stephen Wilson, 25,
4-30 Darlene Callahan, 52, Burlington
FROM Barre 11-19 Henry Kasulka, 10, E.

BARRE-MONTPELIER RD. 5-4 Katie Hodgdon, 6, 11-22 Ruth Pearce, 66,
Waterbury Chelsea

5-6 Gary Villa, Washington 11-23 Jason Lowe, 25, Wby
Price Chopper (Berlin, VT) and The WORLD would like to help you wish someone special a 5-6 Jim Elliott, 47, Barre 11-28 Neil, 25, Burlington
Happy Birthday. Just send their name, address & birthdate. We’ll publish the names in this 5-13 Kristen Lee Evans, 26, 12-3 Peter Lefcourt, 41, Barre
space each week. Plus, we’ll draw one (1) winner each week for a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE Mentor, OH 12-3 DOT! 61, Calais
from Price Chopper (Berlin, VT). No obligation, nothing to buy. Just send birthday names two 5-14 John, Chelsea 12-7 Armour Moodie, 60,
(2) weeks prior to birthdate, to: The WORLD, c/o BIRTHDAY CAKE, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, 5-20 Bill Boyce, Chelsea Stannard
Botanica Florals and The WORLD would Barre, VT 05641. Please provide your name, address & phone number for prize notification. 5-20 Mary Lefcourt, Burlington 12-8 Thelma Forkey, Waterbury
like to help you wish a special couple APRIL 8 APRIL 19 5-22 Ruth Madigan P., Bethel 12-16 Lonny McLeon, 48,
a Happy Anniversary. Just send their Dalton Cody, 12, Barre 5-27 Candy McLeon Hardwick
Malachi Barton, 5, West Topsham 12-25 Jenna Companion, 16,
name, address & wedding anniversary APRIL 9
date. Each week we publish the names, Edna M. Cole, 63, Barre 6-3 L’il Joey, Wby Ctr, 35 Waterbury
plus we’ll draw one (1) winner each Christina Isabelle, 5, So. Barre Tom Isabelle, 39, So. Barre 6-5 Rob Salvas, 52, Barre 12-31 Chelsea Phillips, 26,
6-6 Heather Holmes, 46, Manassas, VA
week for a Gift Certificate for a bouquet APRIL 11 APRIL 20 Woodbury
of fresh flowers from Botanica Florals Patricia Paola, 56, Barre 1-4 Betsy Cody, 58, Barre
in Montpelier. No obligation, nothing to Jessie Louise Phillips, 22, E.Montpelier
buy. Just send anniversary names two 10 St a t e St reet APRIL 16
Zoe Morey, 3, Barre
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(2) weeks prior to anniversary date, to: M ont p elier Tristan Jay, 12, Calais 7-11 Joslyn Richardson, Hardwick
26, hosted
The WORLD, c/o HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Samantha Oliver, 11, Barre APRIL 21 Maureen’s Sweet Treats an Easter cookie decorating event on
Saturday, April 5, after story1-15
Waterbury, VT time Peggy Zurla,Chapter
at Next 51, Mayaez,Bookstore. The chil-
403 U.S.Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641. 802- 229- 9885 Devin Whitcher, East Barre Jillian Moser, 12, Barre dren decorated cookies and they Rico
7-11 Marcus Hass, 25 Puerto collected donations of toys for Our
Please provide name, address & phone www. bot ani ca f l or al svt . com Carter Hoffman, 8 7-12 Emily Rappold, Plainfield 1-15 Shawn Kasulka, E.Mplr
House in Barre. Pictured here, Maureen, Tenley and Emily are having a
number for prize notification. Don’t
f l ower s@ bot ani caforget
f l or al svt .to
com Grady Wimble, 18, Middlesex
Emmett Kolber, 12, Montpelier
greatBelle D. Gonet,
time 1-19 Kevn Sare, 33, Cabot
9, sweet treat!
with their
APRIL 17 Chelsea (no “I”)
Please Send Us Your April & May change this date
Anniversaries KB, 14, Plainfield APRIL 22 7-18 Mike Jacques, So. Barre 1-27 Caitlyn Couture, 23,
to the
& Be Automatically Registered Thursday Alice King, 71, Plainfield Cody Brickey, 20, Plainfield
7-24 Fran Houghton,
Barre■ ■ ■
1-31 Linda Couture, Barre
To Win A Gift Certificate from issue
Botanica 7-28 Lew Perry, Lyndonville 1-31 Wayne Michaud, 67,
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You’re
This Week’s Cake Winner: Bristol
date... On April 19TH EMILIE DUFF OF WILLIAMSTOWN will be 12 years old!
8-2 Grace Hodgdon, 8, Jericho doing better on the flexibility issue,
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2-1 Nancy Prescott, Barre
Bobyou still72need to loosen up a bit to
Warrenyou can be less judgmental and
WINNER: Please call Price Chopper (Berlin, VT) at 479-9078 and ask for
On APRIL 14, DONALD & BERNICE SEAVER Sharon Hebert (Bakery Mgr.) or Beverlee Hutchins or Penny Millette 8-8 Shirley Combs, Randolph Lanigan
of WILLIAMSTOWN Will Celebrate 60 Years of Marriage (Cake Decorators) by Thursday, April 17 to arrange for cake pick-up. 8-9 Bob Evans, 60, Clark, NJ more
2-12 understanding about certain
Joe Richardson,
8-15 Dolly Fournier, Glover sensitive
2-13 matters.
Sandy Salvas, Barre
BARRE TOWN (April 20 to May 2-1420) Your
Laura personal
Rappold, East aspect continues to


8-20 this
Rachel Salvas, week.
20, BarreBut try to make
2-19 Kevin
Lawson, 46,
deal with important
career-linked matters
Barre as well. A change of plans might occur by
8-21 Chriiis
Mail this coupon to: The WORLD c/o Birthday Cake 8/22 Tanya Bryan, 43, Topsham
Mail this coupon to: The WORLD 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin theTerry
8-24 weekend.
c/o Happy Anniversary GEMINI (May 21 24, to June3-16
Excuses are Barre
not really needed for
Lewiston, ME 3-5 Rebecca Lefcourt, 35
Barre, VT 05641 8-26 Joshua McLeon, Harrington,
403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641 Open to people of all ages. Just send in the entry blank below, and we will much of
Hartford, CT the confusion occurring thisBaltimore,
3-17 Pat Wieja, week. MD However, explana-
Just send in the entry blank below, and we will publish it in this space each week. publish it in this space each week. Plus, we will draw one (1) name each week tions
8-26 from
Darcy all parties could
Hodgdon, 3-22help in working
Nicholas Salvas, 22, things out to every-
Plus, we will draw one (1) couple each week for a Gift Certificate from Botanica for a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE from the Price Chopper Super Center (Berlin,
Florals. No obligation, nothing to buy. Entries must be mailed two (2) weeks prior VT). No obligation, nothing to buy. Entries must be mailed two (2) weeks prior one’s satisfaction.
8-29 Connie Spaulding, Minot,
3-25 Zarek Michael Gonet, 7,
to anniversary date. Telephone calls to The WORLD will not be accepted. to birthdate. Telephone calls to The WORLD will not be accepted. CANCER (June 21 to July
ME 22) That
Charlestown, NH surprising (but pleasant)
recent turn of events continues to develop positive aspects. But be
ANNIVERSARY BIRTHDATE______________________________ prepared for aLefcourt,
bit of a4 jolt4-1
another issue 59, that needs attention.
9-5 Sally Fontaine, Walden Lefcourt, 35
9-8 Arlo Benjamin 4-12 Meredith Page,
DATE_______________________# YEARS_____ NAME___________________________________ LEO (July 23 to August 22) Creating a fuss might bring you that
9-15 Deborah Phillips Croyden, NH
9-28 you want.
Jessica McLeon, 25, But are 4-20 you
Phillips, 23, for
E. all the explaining
NAMES__________________________________ AGE (this birthday)_________________________ Hardwick
you’d have to do? Better 4-21
to use
13, Barreways to make your
ADDRESS________________________________ bid.Bret Hodgdon, Jericho 4-21 Carter Hoffman, 9
ADDRESS________________________________ 10-4
VIRGO (August
10-5 Lisa Companion,
23 to September 22) With education continuing
________________________________________ ________________________________________ Waterbury
to be
10-6 a strong
Steven Lefcourt,factor
30, this week, this could be the time to start learn-
PHONE__________________________________ ing some new skills that can later be applied to a bid for a potential
PHONE__________________________________ career
10-10 move.
Chris McLean, 44,
continued on page 31
Haverhill, NH
page 14 The WORLD April 16, 2014 10-15 Gavin Hodgdon, 6,
10-18 KAY
10-24 Joey’s Mommy
Website Offers More ‘Parent Up’ Help to
Prevent Underage Drinking
Four years ago, the Vermont Department of Health launched “Talking with your kids about alcohol beginning around age 11
ParentUp, a web-based campaign focused on the important role of can be one of the best prevention steps a parent can take,” said Your Job is More Than Just Work.
parents in preventing underage drinking. Research shows that Deputy Commissioner Barbara Cimaglio.
You’ll Improve People’s Lives.
parents are the number one influence on a child’s decision to drink “We also understand that parents also need a place and time to
or not to drink alcohol. talk with each other about this issue.” You’ll Maximize Your Impact on Your Community.
The website www.ParentUpVT.org offers information, tools The Health Department funds 17 community coalitions as part You’ll Make a Difference That Means as Much
and videos that illustrate simple, proven steps parents can take of a coordinated statewide effort to reduce the prevalence of to You as to the People around You.
with their children to help reduce underage drinking. As part of underage drinking. According to the Vermont Youth Risk Behavior
Alcohol Awareness Month, the Health Department has added new Survey, underage drinking has steadily decreased – from 43 per-
videos and a listing of local events for parents to talk with each cent in 2007 to 33 percent in 2013. You are a
other about the problem of underage and risky drinking. “We know these discussions can be difficult and awkward,” Personal Care Attendant!
Cimaglio said, “but parents are usually surprised at how receptive
children are, and how much they rely on you as a resource and
source of support.”
600 Granger Road � Barre, VT 05641
Enhancements to the website include a new “Talk: They Will
CARD SHOWER Hear You” video from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Learn more at www.cvhhh.org/careers. EOE
ANNOUNCEMENT Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
Local meetings where parents can talk and get good information
Born April 21st, 1934 include a Town Hall in Ludlow on April 22, a presentation on the
impact of drinking and drugs on a young person’s brain in Whoever said being
Robert E. Tucker Hardwick on April 24, and a discussion of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
SAVE $$$$!
a parent is easy?
is celebrating his on April 25 at the VFW in Brattleboro.
Curt's Drop-Off For help call
80th Birthday!
Student events include an Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest in Circle of ParentsTM
Essex on April 21-May 1 and workshops at North Country Union
High School, Lake Region Junior High School, and Orleans
Please send cards to: Middle School in April and May. The workshops give students an
near VT Granite Museum &
Faith Community Church
279 Sunnyside Lane opportunity to think critically about alcohol and tobacco advertis- in Barre
Williamstown, VT 05679-9253 ing. $
per 30 gal. and/or
ParentUp is designed to support communities with appropriate
25 lb. rubbish bag
for 2 or more at
Happy Birthday Bob/Dad/Papa! tools to create the right localized approach with ParentUpVT.org FOR 4-16-14
a time

3.25 per 30 gal. and/or Weekly
Health Tip
acting as a clearinghouse for information and resources. 25 lb. rubbish bag
Joan, Jim & Margo, Becky, For more information on about the ParentUp campaign and a Free Recycling ~ Limits Apply
Brian, Elizabeth & Connor full list of alcohol and tobacco prevention events, go to ParentUpVT. Good News for
See You 7:30AM to 1PM!

org or http://healthvermont.gov.
FOR 4-23-14

Wallet Sciatica
by Edward Ferrari Jr., R.Ph.

FOR 4-30-14 Good News for

Stanley D. Goodrich Popcorn Lovers
Brisk Walking This filling, low-calorie snack counts F
August 29, 1949 - April 18, 2013 toward the recommended three
servings a day of whole grains. A
Here Comes a Miracle FOR 5-7-14 one ounce serving (3 to 4 cups
popped) of air-popped, butter-free
One of His Lambs Came Home!
popcorn has 4 grams of fiber, 1 gram

Honey, you are the same New Guidelines of fat and only 110 calories. If you
get microwaveable popcorn, look
yesterday, today and forever. for low-fat, low-salt versions without
Your face I seek. trans fats. Also, a new study K
Your love for me and mine for you. confirmed that popcorn and nuts do
I’m never feeling alone not increase the risk of diverticulitis.
Lost and Confused will take time In fact, those who ate popcorn at
I know you are where you want to be. least twice a week reduced their risk F
“Stan the Man” by 30% over those who ate it once a
Your sharing spirit never leaves me. month.
Thank you for all the angels you’ve sent me.

Rest, Darling.
Helen - Your Wife F
and Your Family and Friends 20 South Main Street
Barre • 479-3381
M-F 8:30am-6pm, Sat. 8:30am-1pm Ant

Sarah Montgomery, Marlaina
Pashby, PT, DPT Montgomery,

MOT Kerry
Jessica Olive, OTR, McCarthy,
Samantha ATRIC, CSCS
OCS Reusch, PT, DPT

Athletes Helping Athletes. We’ll get you back out there.

Offices in Montpelier, Barre, Berlin, Waterbury and Northfield and an ExpressCare clinic for urgent needs. Our therapies,
services and practitioners are listed at www.cvmc.org/rehab. Call 371.4242 for more information or to make an appointment.

Central Vermont Medical Center

Central to Your Well Being / cvmc.org
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 15
Vermont Coverts: Woodlands for Wildlife VT Official Honored with EPA Clean Air Excellence Award
Announces Spring Training Richard A. Valentinetti, of the Vermont Agency
of Natural Resources, was honored last week by
to reduce emissions of criteria pollutants, air tox-
ics and greenhouse gases over the past forty
Are you a landowner committed to wildlife management of Vermont’s forests. the Environmental Protection Agency with a years, we can all breathe a little easier.”
conservation and forest stewardship? Are you Almost all who attend the Coverts training national “2014 Clean Air Excellence Award” for Deb Markowitz, Secretary of the Vermont
interested in learning ways to improve your workshops find themselves caught up in the inten- “Outstanding Individual Achievement.” Agency of Natural Resources said, “Not only is
woodlands for wildlife? If you answered yes, then sity of presentations and conversations centered Dick Valentinetti, of Moretown, is the longest- Dick Valentinetti recognized and respected as a
consider attending Vermont Coverts: Woodlands on woodlands and wildlife. Almost all who attend serving state air director in the country. During regional and national leader on air pollution
for Wildlife spring Cooperator Training. return home, as newly titled “coverts coopera- his lengthy career he has demonstrated a lasting issues, but he has made significant contributions
Vermont’s forests are an important resource tors,” with energetic plans for their own land and commitment to improving air quality in Vermont to the State of Vermont, helping us reduce air pol-
providing a beautiful back drop to our daily lives. a commitment to “spread the gospel” – a practical, and within New England. His award was the only lution and achieve health and environmental
These forests also provide for wildlife habitat, ecological vision for their neighborhood, their one this year for an individual, and was announced improvements that benefit all Vermonters.”
protection of water quality, carbon storage, soil town or their county. along with recognition for nine projects from Dick Valentinetti is a leader in developing the
stabilization and a number of forest products “With this workshop, our goal is to give land- across the United States for work on clean air and New England Governor’s/Eastern Canadian
including firewood and maple syrup. With about owners the resources to make sound management climate initiatives that protect Americans’ health Premiers’ mercury and climate action plans and
87% of Vermont’s land in private ownership, it is decisions on their own property and help other and the environment, educate the public, serve the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. His lead-
the actions or non-actions that occur on these landowners find the resources to do the same,” their communities and stimulate the economy. ership resulted in adopting a number of air qual-
lands that will affect the dominant ecology of During the past four decades as the Director of ity regulations in Vermont that served as models
Vermont. notes Executive Director Lisa Sausville. Currently,
there are more than 600 cooperators around the the Vermont Dept. of Environmental for other states, such as groundbreaking air toxics
The 3-day program will take place May 16-18 Conservation’s Air Pollution Control Division, regulations and the first emission limits for out-
at The Woods at Wihakowi in Northfield. The state working to manage their own land and help-
ing others find the tools to make sound forest Mr. Valentinetti’s list of accomplishments is door wood-fired boilers. He played a key role
program is free and includes materials, food and extensive. Two prominent examples are the key coordinating the regional haze program for the
lodging in a camp-like setting. A $100 deposit, management decisions.
If you are interested in the training or in having role he played in providing the technical basis for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, and was criti-
refundable upon completion of the class, is all that EPA’s acid rain program and in conducting long- cal in the region adopting and implementing
is required. Graduates, also known as “coopera- a cooperator visit your land contact the Vermont
term monitoring in Vermont that demonstrated California’s low-emission vehicle standards,
tors,” are trained to be a resource to neighbors and Coverts office at 802-388-3880 or e-mail info@ the long-range transport of mercury emissions. zero-emission vehicle standards and greenhouse
communities to encourage forest and wildlife vtcoverts.org. You can view an agenda and down- “On behalf of EPA, I am truly pleased to pro- gas emission standards.
stewardship. Through networking with friends load an application at the Coverts website www. vide the recognition that Dick Valentinetti’s He currently serves as a Special Assistant to
and neighbors, cooperators can share strategies vtcoverts.org. Vermont Coverts is a non-profit career so richly deserves,” said Curt Spalding, the Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural
for managing forestland and the professional dedicated to educating landowners committed to regional administrator of EPA’s New England Resources and remains a passionate advocate and
resources available to help. These cooperators are sound forest management that enhances wildlife office. “As a trusted and respected air director a strong voice for environmental protection.
instrumental in having a positive influence in the habitat. here in New England, he consistently invested Since 2000, EPA’s Clean Air Excellence
resources in air quality monitoring and research, Awards have recognized and honored both indi-
and he helped establish Vermont as a national viduals and organizations that have undertaken
leader in improving the scientific understanding the risks of innovation, served as pioneers in their
of complex regional, national and international fields, advanced public understanding of air pol-

Join us as we March for Babies. air quality issues. Thanks to his successful efforts
■ ■ ■
lution and improved air quality.

Hundreds of families and businesses in Washington State Leaders Encourage Everyone to Green Up Vermont
Governor Peter Shumlin and Lt. Governor Phil Up Day one of the best ever.”
County are affected by the devastating effects of Scott, alongside state, community and business And this year, businesses are stepping up to
leaders, town coordinators and volunteers, are help ensure that Green Up Day is on strong finan-
preterm birth and birth defects. asking Vermonters to join them outside for the
44th annual Green Up Day on Saturday, May 3,
cial footing. Green Mountain Power will serve as
the signature corporate sponsor for Green Up
and help pick up trash to clean up the Green
Join us and become a champion for all babies! Mountain State.
Day for the next three years. Other business lead-
ers include Subaru of New England, VSECU, a
“For more than four decades Vermonters of all credit union for everybody in Vermont, Casella
ages have spent the first Saturday in May picking Waste Systems and many more.
EVENT INFO up trash along our roads, in parks and other pub- “We are very proud to support Green Up
Sunday, May 4, 2014 lic spaces, and celebrating the community spirit Vermont,” said Mary Powell, President and CEO
that has made Green Up Day such an important of Green Mountain Power. “Vermont is a special
event,” Governor Peter Shumlin said. “I urge
Montpelier High School everyone to turn out this year and donate their
place to live and we all have a responsibility to
pitch in and do our part to keep the Green
time and enthusiasm because we’ve proven that Mountain State beautiful. In addition to our spon-
Registration at 8am when Vermonters work together, we can accom- sorship, we are excited to be organizing teams of
plish amazing things.”
Walk begins at 9am volunteers.”
During this annual tradition, first started by
Governor Deane C. Davis in 1970, Green Up Day Green Up Day also has state support from
Start a company or family team, or register as volunteers will help clean up about 13,100 miles SerVermont, the Vermont Commission on
an individual walker. We have fun for a great of roads, collecting over 40,000 bags of trash. In National & Community Service, which commit-
cause! Even if you can’t be there that day you addition to the volunteer teams, the Vermont ted $10,000 to help engage people in service and
can still fundraise and have a virtual team, Agency of Transportation sends out crews to volunteerism.
or volunteer to help at the event. clear debris from about 2,700 miles of state high- “It’s great to see so much excitement and
ways and interstates in order to keep volunteers energy around ensuring that Green Up Day is a
To register online go to: off these more dangerous roads. success now and in the future,” said Green Up
“We can’t take Vermont’s beauty for granted,” Vermont President Melinda Vieux. “I encourage
www.marchforbabies.org said Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott. “It’s our everyone to take part – volunteer to clean up or
responsibility to keep the Green Mountain State donate funds to Green Up Vermont to help Green
colorful and clean. I ask Vermonters as they walk, Up Day happen. Each one of us can help make a
Contact us for more information at bike or drive to keep an eye out for areas that big difference and be part of a tradition that
makes Vermont special.”
could use some cleaning up, and then on Green
rclapp@marchofdimes.com or call (802) 560-3239 Up Day, get together with family, friends and For more information on how to participate in
neighbors and help us do some spring cleaning. Green Up Day on Saturday, May 3, please visit
Let’s work together and make this year’s Green www.greenupvermont.org.

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page 16 The WORLD April 16, 2014
Is Your Brain Obese? People’s Health & Wellness Clinic’s

N eed some extra motivation to take off those helps grow new brain cells and healthy new con-
excess pounds? We’ve got it for you! A new nections between them. Exercise also helps two
report reveals, for the first time, that there’s a areas that are important for memory and emo-
8th Annual

direct link between belly fat and brain drain -- and tional intelligence (the hippocampus and anterior
how to stop it. We know that carrying extra cingulate cortex) get bigger and better connected.
pounds of belly fat raises your odds for dementia Say “no” to palm and coconut oils. These
by a whopping 80 percent. But now, a well- tropical plant oils that contain saturated fat have
designed lab study (on mice) has found that deep been at the center of debate for several years now,
abdominal fat pours inflammatory chemicals into but a new study settles the spat. Lose ‘em. They
your bloodstream that then cross the blood/brain promote body fat in the worst possible spots: your
barrier, causing dementia. abdomen and your liver.
Saturday May 3rd, 2014
Until now, we thought the blood/brain barrier Banish food felons that “feed” belly fat. Skip
protected the brain’s gray cells from this particu- added sugars, syrups and refined grains such as 1:00 - 3:00 PM
lar form of inflammatory assault. But it turns out white bread and white rice. They’re packed with
that compounds secreted by excess belly fat empty calories that take your blood sugar on a
weaken this barrier, so fat-triggered inflammation roller-coaster ride, fueling cravings. Steer clear of Twin City Family Fun Center
oozes into the brain, dumbing down your hip- trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils), found in
pocampus (a relay station for memories), slowing some baked goods and other processed foods.
mental processing, hindering recall and allowing They don’t just send new fat to your belly; they
dementia to develop. Up until now, scientists make fat from other places land there, too.
weren’t sure which came first, dementia or brain Go for 100 percent whole grains and healthful
inflammation. odd omega fats. Getting three servings of whole
But there’s a bright side. (That’s why the mouse grains (like 100 percent whole-wheat bread, bar- Form Your Team and
study is really big news.) The researchers say that ley and oatmeal) could slash belly fat by 10 per-
if you put the creatures on a daily exercise pro- cent -- but only if you also limit refined grains to Reserve Your Lane
gram, it tamps down inflammation, restores a one serving or less per day. Using olive oil, Now!
strong blood/brain barrier and improves mental munching a few nuts and sliding sliced avocado
sharpness. (“I remember where the cheese is!”) into your sandwich instead of cheese all help, too.
Great prizes for top fundraisers
Why believe a mouse study? Two reasons: (1) These contain odd omega fatty acids that encour- Overnight for two at Warren's luxurious Pitcher Inn;
In mice and men, the blood/brain barrier acts very age your body to store fat elsewhere. Nice trick! Foursome round of golf at Sugarbush Resort;
similarly; and (2) you can cause mice to pack on Traveling? Just busy? Pack road food. A steady
belly fat and then observe the effects, but you diet of fast food could increase ab fat by up to 41 Overnight for two, including breakfast, trail use, and
can’t do that with people. percent in just one month! Invest in a good cooler
equipment at the

True, you can’t be certain that things happen and load it with fat-fighting goodies -- like blue- Millstone Hill Lodge and Touring Center;
exactly the same way in human brains, but the berries, cherries, strawberries and raspberries, $$ Thousands more in prizes for top fundraising, high
evidence is strong enough for the study’s lead caffeinated coffee and green tea. Rich in plant team and individual scores, and more!
researcher to suggest exactly what we suggest: compounds that turn up your body’s antioxidant
Get moving -- especially if you’re carrying extra defenses, these treats help your body burn off ab
weight around your middle! So here are five ways fat, too.
to trim your tummy and have a leaner, more *** Thanks to the generosity of the companies below, all proceeds will go directly to the Clinic
nimble brain: Mehmet Oz, M.D. is host of “The Dr. Oz Show,”
Say “yes” to exercise. A 30-minute daily walk and Mike Roizen, M.D. is Chief Wellness Officer
plus 20-30 minutes of strength training twice a and Chair of Wellness Institute at Cleveland
week is a great start. You want to head for 10,000 Clinic. To live your healthiest, tune into “The Dr.
total steps (or step equivalents) a day. Activity Oz Show” or visit www.sharecare.com.
boosts levels of a brain and spinal cord protein (c) 2014 Michael Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet Oz, M.D.
called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Joshua Singer, L.Ac. ing an active ingredient in a plant and concen- herbs and the effectiveness is enhanced. There known function of quickening blood circulation
Licensed Acupuncturist trating it to have a strong and quick acting effect has been recent awareness of licorice root caus- like cinnamon, we’ve recently learned that cory-

elcome back to our
monthly natural health
column. Last month I had
on the body. A common example of this is wil-
low bark, which has been used for thousands
of years to reduce fever, pain
ing an increase in blood pressure, so your pro-
vider may warn you against taking it if
you have hypertension. When this
dalis may have the similar mechanism as pre-
scription pain medications of blocking pain sig-
nals in the brain. This herb can be used to treat
talked about acupuncture, one and inflammation. We’ve conclusion was made, this herb chronic pain with less risk for addiction, a grow-
of the branches of Traditional more recently learned that was studied by itself. In Chinese ing problem we are seeing here in Vermont. You
Chinese Medicine. Another the bark of white willow herbal medicine licorice root is can imagine the start of a Chinese herbal for-
branch that is also becoming contains salicin. In the always used combined with other mula with cinnamon and corydalis used to man-
more commonly used in our 1800s salicin was used to herbs in a formula, which age pain by warming and invigorating blood
country is herbalism. develop aspirin, acetyl- will not cause the blood circulation, and relieving inflammation.
salicylic acid. White wil- pressure to rise. Before opening up your spice cabinet or shop-
Treating the Root of the Problem low typically brings ping for ingredients, please contact me to learn
It is a simple rule in Chinese Medicine to treat pain relief more slowly A Couple Chinese more about how Chinese herbal medicine might
the root of the problem. This means that, as an than aspirin, though its Herbs You Should Know help you. You may also consider classes that I’ll
acupuncturist and herbalist, I am looking to find effects may last longer. One commonly known be offering to understand more about using this
the underlying cause of a condition. The function Rather than isolating, alter- and used Chinese herb is group of herbs safely for you or your loved ones.
of Chinese herbs is to assist in correcting the ing, and concentrating the cinnamon. We think of it as a With more education, my hope is that our mod-
imbalanced part of us, the underlying cause, active ingredient, herbs use it within spice to flavor in baking, but it is mentioned as ern day culture begins to value the various
which may be presenting with a certain symp- its whole plant form. When taken in the form in far back as 2700 B.C. in one of the earliest books options of medicine and work together to even
tom. This is different than a medicine solely which it grows naturally, that active ingredient about Chinese herbal medicine. Cinnamon, both more effectively treat our health concerns.
being designed to take away a symptom. If the has less potential for creating side effects. the twig and bark, is one of the most important
root of the problem is addressed, you’ll see that herbs to improve circulation. Hence it’s com- “Joshua Singer is a nationally board certified
when the medicine managing your heartburn, for Combining Herbs into Formulas monly used as a main herb in formulas treating and licensed acupuncturist in private practice in
example, is removed the heartburn will no longer Often herbs in the West are taken by them- menstrual disorders, masses, abdominal cramp- Montpelier. His practice, Integrative Acupuncture,
be there. With your doctor’s cooperation, it is not selves to manage certain symptoms or illness, for ing, chest pain, and arthritis. Aside from invigo- is in affiliation with Central Vermont Medical
uncommon to replace your medication with a example using echinacea for immune support. In rating blood, cinnamon is warming to the body Center at Montpelier Integrative Family Health,
Chinese herbal formula and eventually not need Chinese Medicine, herbs are almost always used and used to prevent and treat the common cold and is currently accepting new patients. To stay
the herbs. Heartburn is a good example of this, as in formulas, combinations of up to twenty differ- and upper respiratory congestion. up to date with Josh sign up for his monthly
I’ve seen people be able to no longer depend on ent herbs. Because these herbs have been used Another less known herb often used in Chinese newsletter “Qi mail” at www.integrativeaom.
their Prilosec. for thousands of years, it has been carefully Medicine is corydalis. This herb has been used as com and like him on Facebook at www.facebook.
observed how they affect the body when in com- a chief herb in formulas for pain relief also since com/integrativeaom. You can reach him via
Using the Whole Plant bination. The risk of side effects of each herb is ancient times, including treating headaches, email josh@integrativeaom.com or phone 802-
Pharmaceuticals are often created from isolat- also reduced when combined with other specific menstrual pain, and back pain. Aside from its 223-0954.”


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April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 17

Text the 4 DIGIT CODE
to 27414
for more information

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Rt. 14 N, 296 E. Montpelier Rd., Barre 2005 Legacy Sedan: Silver,

802-479-0140 Automatic..................................... $9,995
750cc, one owner, great shape, 4-dr, auto, cruise, low miles, 63K 2003 Legacy Wagon: Silver,

black. $2,700. 802-272-8224 $4,495 Automatic..................................... $6,500
2009 KAWASAKI VULCAN auto, AC, PW, PL, cruise, tilt, low miles, 83K
2000LT Classic, 37,000 miles. $4,995 2007 Forester: Gold, 5 Speed,
Excellent condition, Many add- Rte. 2 • 1/2 mile E. of the Roundabout • Montpelier, VT 03 FORD F250 XLT MA car, 1 owner........................... $7,500
ons. Reason for Selling is I In the Capitol City Kia Building extra cab, auto, low miles, 1 owner, warranty

$9,495 2006 Forester: Silver, Automatic,
have 2 of Them. $6,200.00 NY car, 1 owner ........................... $8,500
Call Any Time 802-476-7200 05 FORD FOCUS ZX4
-Norm Trepanier, -Kristian Page, 4-dr, 5-spd, loaded, sunroof, warranty, low miles 2005 Forester: Blue, 5 Speed,
Manager Mon.-Fri. 7:30AM-5PM CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-691-3914 Assistant Manager $5,995
2010 HARLEY DAVIDSON CT car .......................................... $9,995
Sportster 883 Iron - $7,500 99 FORD ESCORT 2-DR. ZX2
low miles 2004 Forester: Silver, Automatic,
- 1,321 miles, silver denim, $2,495 MA car ........................................ $6,500
one female owner, mint condi- 04 BUICK PARK AVENUE
tion. Call Kyle (802)279-0169.
“Yes, we’re still
auto., low miles, sunroof, warranty
$7,995 2006 Impreza Sedan: Silver,
2011 HARLEY STREET BOB 03 FORD E550 14-FT. BOX TRUCK Automatic, MA car, 1 owner ......... $7,995
11,000 miles V&H pipes, Scream-
here with the
auto, 6.8 liter, Mass. title, one owner
ing Eagle Ventilator, Remov- $7,495
able Windshield, Many Ex- 05 BUICK LESABRE 2006 Baja Truck: Black,
tras $10,000. 802-479-1081
same quality
auto, loaded, warranty, low miles, 66K
Automatic...................................... $9995

service we’ve
CYCLE KAWASAKI 1967-1980 auto, PW, PL, low miles, Mass. title
Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000,ZIR, $3,495 New arrivals available soon!
KX1000MKII,A1-250, W1-650, 01 BUICK LASABRE 2007 Outback Wagon: Blue, 5 Speed,
H1-500, H2-750,S1-250, S2-350,
S3-400 Suzuki GS400, GT380,
GT750, Honda CB750(1969,1970)
offered for auto., one owner, low miles
MA car
2004 Outback Wagon: Blue, Automatic,
772-1142, 1-310-721-0726
over 30 years” auto, loaded, Florida title, low miles: 50K
MA car
2004 Legacy Sedan: Silver, Automatic,
CT car
loaded, 7 passenger, warranty
$6,495 2008 Forester: Silver, Automatic, MA car
2-dr, LS sport, loaded, warranty 2005 Forester: Green, Automatic
$4,995 2004 Forester: Silver, Automatic, RI car
• Green Technology 03 BUICK LESABRE 2002 Forester: Red, Automatic, MA car
auto., low miles, one owner, warranty,
(4) GENERAL AMERICTAC TR • Guaranteed Repairs
M&S P255-70-R17 5/8TO3/4 Tread Estimates! • Certified Technicians
2007 Impreza Sedan: Blue, 5 Speed,
MA car
depth $200.00 Call 802-476-6805
• Free Estimate WATERBORNE auto, Mass. title, low miles
$3,995 2004 Impreza Wagon: Green, Auto-
V-6 SV,
• Expert Collision Repair PAINT SYSTEM 04 FORD F150 XL
auto, AC, low miles, 78K, 1 owner, warranty
matic, TX car

needs transmission. $450 Good Direct Repair For • Courtesy Shuttle Available $4,995 RUST FREE, SOUTHERN SUBARUS
tires. Call 802-622-0093 Most Major Insurance • State Of The Art Spray Booth 97 GMC EXTRA CAB SLT For more info please visit us online
3 dr., auto., leather, 4x4, low miles
2002 DODGE RAM 1500 SLT • Wash & Vacuum Included $4,995
Other Subarus Arriving Weekly
Quad Cab Short Bed 4WD Grey
8-Cylinder V8, 5.7L Call For JUST GOOD AUTOS Thousands of New & Used
Trades Welcome Subaru Parts In Stock!
Prices East Barre Auto Sales 866-
928-9370 or Text 6MTV TO 27414 ANY MAKE ★ ANY MODEL ★ ANY TIME Prices Negotiable
Just a Sample of Many
*Not affiliated with Subaru of
America or Fuji Heavy Industries
Just Good Autos!

Spring Into A Honda 802Honda.com

Sales Event
Lease for

New 2014 Honda Accord LX Model# CR2F3

Model #RM4H5
Lease it Your Way - New 2014 Honda Accord

2014 CRV
Lease a new 2014 Honda Accord LX 4-door Automatic with 16 alloy
wheels, bluetooth, back-up camera & more for only $239 a month!

(includes taxes & fees)

$239 12,000 $1,025 $1,264

$239 15,000 $1,500 $1,739

Financing 0.9%
$239 18,000 $2,450 $2,689
$239 20,000 $3,050 $3,289

for 60 months
*12 month/12,000 mile example: $1,264 TOTAL CASH OR TRADE EQUITY due at
lease signing includes $1,025 down payment, security deposit, tax, title, registration
and documentation fee. Includes acquisition fee, GAP insurance and 12,000 miles
Steve Mark Melody Doug Ben of usage, additional miles at $0.15 per mile. Total payment $8,604. Lease end value
Subject to AHF approval Wimble Lewis Lacroix Allen Toro
25 yrs. experience 15 yrs. experience 9 yrs. experience 7 yrs. experience 4 yrs. experience
$13,891.55. Offer good until 4/3/14. Subject to AHFC approval. Model# CR2F3.
Please contact 802 Honda for additional details.
at Town & Country at Town & Country at Town & Country at Town & Country at Town & Country

V6, auto, FWD, under 75K, auto, 4WD auto, FWD, hatchback, manual, FWD, 3.5 sedan, auto, FWD, sedan, variable trans., FWD,
#13588A #14336A #13576A #7789 HYBRID #7714 under 18K, #7772
sedan, FWD, 4-cyl, #13107A
$9,900 $19,901 $12,903 $12,902 $12,903 $13,900 $18,402


coupe, manual, FWD, 34K, passenger van, auto, FWD, RIDGELINE RTL TRUCK SUV, auto, 4WD, coupe, auto, FWD, MONTPELIER, VT
#13502A #107 crew cab, auto, 4WD, #14317A #7763 #14339A

$15,903 $20,902 $25,900 $10,400


April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 19

FULL SERVICE BIKE/AUTO SHOP TRUCKS/VANS/JEEPS 1500 4WD Ext Cab 143.5 LT Sil- GT 500 Red $16,985 LAM- 1.6L 4 cyls 30,754 Miles $11,888
ver 14,292 Miles $30,988 Cody OILLE Valley Ford 866-308- Capitol City Buick GMC 866-863-
Motorcycle Repair/Restoration/Racing continued Chevrolet-Cadillac 888-495-0672 5127 or Text 2XUP TO 27414 0994 Or Text 340B TO 27414
Major & Minor Repairs
State Inspections • Parts & Accessories 2006 TOYOTA CAMRY Sil- 2013 KIA SPORTAGE Silver
2008 FORD ESCAPE XLT Blue 3.0
Owner: Tires • Batteries, Spark Plugs, Oil Filters, $10,940 Lamoille Valley Ford 877- CARS & ACCESS. ver 2.4L 4 cyls $9,888 Capi-
tol City Buick GMC 866-863-
2.4L 4 cyls 33,088 Miles $17,888
Capitol City Kia 866-872-
Ed Barna Air Filters, Brake Pads & Shoes 469-7496 or Text 99K0 TO 27414 0994 or Text RLC3 To 27414 4706 Or Text OE0X TO 27414
Off Cox Brook Rd. Northfield Handlebars & Grips $75 TO $300+
Pickup & Delivery Available 2008 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER Limited 2007 FORD EXPLORER 2013 SUBARU IMPREZA 5dr
V8 Auto, 4WD, 59K Miles, Gray, JUNK CARS, TRUCKS
Full Line of Spectro Lubricants XLT Red 4.0 $12,920 Lam- Auto 2.0i Sport Premium Blue
802 485-3354
Clip This Ad &StillBring In To:
doing general repairs on cars & trucks! #85349A $23,491 Call 802 Toyota 802-522-4279. oille Valley Ford 877-469- 21,206 Miles $20,988 Cody
7496 or Text 34Yh TO 27414 Chevrolet-Cadillac 888-495-0672
at 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug $21 Car Insurance - Instant
www.classiccyclesofvermont.com Quote - All Credit Types - Find
2008 TOYOTA TACOMA V6 Dou- Out If You Qualify - As Low As 2007 TOYOTA COROLLA LE, 4 NEW TOYO Open Coun-
ble Cab 4WD, Auto, 56K Miles, $21/Month. Call (888) 291-2920. Auto, 79K, Blue, Now Inspec- try All Season Tires, 225-65-
$21,991 #56832A, Red, Call 802 tion, down country clean. $9495. R17, $375.00. 802-479-3479
Toyota 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug 1999 DODGE INTREPID ES Grey Trades. Juanita’s 802-476-3900
$2995. East Barre Auto Sales 866- CAR RIMS - Used - Many Makes
Clip ✄This Ad & Bring In To: 2011 FORD EXPEDITION EL
Limited 4WD, 72K Miles, 6SP,
Auto, Ingot Silver, Loaded,
928-9370 or text 5VOU to 27414.
4.6L V8 78,214 Miles $16,888
Capitol City Buick GMC 866-863-
and Models. 802-522-9140
0994 Or Text SZ54 TO 27414 DREN FIGHTING DIABETES. Fast,

TLE GLS 2.0 Silver 4-Cylinder L4,
#85346A $30,991 Call 802 Toy- 2.0L; SOHC 8V Call For Prices Free Towing. Call 7 days/week.
ota 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug East Barre Auto Sales 866-928- 2008 FORD Fusion SE Non-runners OK. Tax Deductible.
9370 or Text V2KK TO 27414 Black 2.3 $11,840 Call Lam- Call Juvenile Diabetes Research
AUTO, Carbon black #85282A, 2001 VOLKSWAGEN PAS-
oille Valley Ford 877-469-
7496 or Text 9BYQ TO 27414
Foundation, 1-800-578-0408.

$22,991 Call 802 Toyota SAT GLS Silver 6-Cylinder ERASE BAD CREDIT FOREVER!
877-216-7053 Ask for Doug V6, 2.8L; Call For Prices East 2008 HONDA CRV 4WD Auto, Credit repair companies make
Barre Auto Sales 866-928- new inspection, down coun- false claims and promises to
Service & Parts 2011 GMC SIERRA 1500 Work
Truck Extended Cab, 4WD, Gray,
9370 or Text KNU0 TO 27414
try clean, 1 owner, $13,900
obo. Juanita’s 802-476-3900
erase a trail of unpaid bills or late
payments from your credit report.
However, only time can erase
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 7-5; Wed. 7-7 Auto, #85292A $23,991 Call 802 V.G.Cond. Cold Air, AM/FM/CD, 2009 CHEVROLET COBALT negative, but accurate credit infor-
Toyota 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug 81K(+) P.W.s/DRs, ABS, $2475/ 4dr Sdn LT w/1LT Gray 65,226 mation. In addition, federal law for-
THE CAPITAL REGION’S IMPORT SPECIALISTS OBRO BOB 802-585-5204 Miles $9,488 Cody Chevro- bids credit repair companies from
CORNER OF RT. 2 & GALLISON HILL RD. Montpelier, VT 2011 KIA SORENTO EX 2.4L let-Cadillac 888-495-0672 collecting money before they pro-
4 cyls 69,819 Miles $17,888 2003 TOYOTA CAMRY LE, one vide their service. TIP: If you have

Matt Luce
Service Manager
Capitol City Kia 866-872-
4706 or Text HC15 TO 27414
owner, 76K, Auto, New Inspec-
tion, Down Country Clean! $7995,
Trades-Juanita’s 802-476-3900
95K Miles, Black, #84402A,
$10,491 Call 802 Toyota At
questions about your credit history
or you want to know how to get
a free copy of your credit report
Lube, Oil“We
Filter Change
all service
2011 TOYOTA RAV4 V6 4WD,
Black, 69K Miles, #85348B,
Leather, sun roof, super clean, 1
877-216-7053 Ask for Doug
GRAM at 1-800-649-2424. Don’t

+ PLUS 27-Pt. Inspection $16,991 Call 802 Toyota at owner, new inspections. $7495
contracts. We service all 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug obo. Juanita’s 802-476-3900 $11,900 OB. send any money to a credit repair

$& models”
• Up to 5 qts. 5W30 makes
oil. Juanita’s 802-476-3900 company until you check it out.

• Most cars & light trucks. 2011 TOYOTA TUNDRA Double 2005 SUBARU LEGACY Sedan,
5 Speed, 177,000 miles, Very 2011 CHEVROLET MALIBU 1LT FOUR COOPER All Season

• Synthetics & diesels extra. Cab 4WD 22K Miles, Magnetic Grey Gold 2.4L 4cyls 45,047 Miles Tires. CS4-size P205/70/15,
Good Condition, Very Well Main-
★ CAPITOL CITY #85186A, $27,991 Call 802 Toyo-
tained, $3695.00 802-272-5556 $14,888 Capitol City Kia 866-872- 9/32 Tread depth. Almost new
Mount & Balance
★ 4 Tires
Lube,Oil & Filter Change
ta at 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug 4706 OR TEXT HAH3 TO 27414 Paid $39 ea. plus tax. Selling 4
for $250.00 Call 802-223-2788

2011 DODGE CALIBER, Hatch-
• Mount27-Pt.
4 tires Inspection
Hunter Heavy Duty back, Auto, 36K Miles, $13,491

$ 95
• Up• to Service & Parts
Computer balance
oil. 4 tires $
Service & Parts #G85066A Call 802 Toyota at ALL SIZES, Used Rims,

5 qts. 5W30 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 7-5; Wed. 7-7 877-216-7053 Ask for Doug 8 0 2 - 8 8 3 - 5 5 0 6 / 2 7 2 - 6 6 11
• Most cars & light
• Most cars & lightMon., trucks
trucks.Tues., Thurs., CAPITAL
THE Fri. 7-5; Wed.
OF RT. 2 & GALLISON HILL RD. Montpelier, VT
• Synthetics & diesels extra. CORNER
• Free Car Wash
We honor allOF with
RT. Service
service 2 contractsBRAKE
service all makes SERVICE
models Titanium, 20K Miles, #56856 fire Sport
For All Sizes
CORNER & GALLISON HILL RD. Montpelier, VT $14,791 Call 802 Toyota
HAVE YOU LOST FUEL MILEAGE? DO YOUR BRAKES 2-door. Excellent interior & exte-
877-216-7053 Ask for Doug rior. $500. 802-249-2909
toll free: SERVICE
800-731-4577 of RVs
If you live in the Northeast you are
2011 RAM DAKOTA Bighorn/Lon- TOP CASH Paid - Toyo-
very susceptible to your BRAKE
Must present ad to receive advertisedPADS
offers. May notSLIDES
or CALIPER be used in conjunction with other
freezing, Trucks, Trailers estar Black 3.7L V6 40,685 miles tas, Hondas, Subarus.
advertised offers. Some models may binding,
be slightly higher. Prices
is duedoto not include sales tax $19,888 Capitol City Kia Text T56F Juanita Auto 802-476-3900
& Buses
or sticking. This
moisture, dirt, sand, and de-icing
and shop supplies. Offers end 12-31-12.
chemicals used on our roads. Your TO 27414 or Call 866-872-4706
If you live in the Northeast BRAKE
“Your Truck Chassis Specialist” WILL HAUL away for free: Scrap

2011 TOYOTA YARIS 4D metal, old appliances, car parts,
very susceptible to your will get corroded and-or have a dirt
Special With $ buildup
that causes them to bind.
When they bind, the pads cannot Hatch, 25K $11,900 OB. etc. Furnaces, boilers and demoli-
This Ad...
binding, or sticking. This isrelease
due properly,
to resulting in brake Juanita’s 802-476-3900 tions for a fee. No job too big or

Call toll free: 802-262-2039

too small. Chad, 802-793-0885.
drag. It feels as though you are
moisture, dirt, sand, and slightly
de-icingholding your foot on the brake pedal all of the time. The
Spring & Chassis
end result is drop in fuel mileage, premature brake wear out, and
chemicals used on our roads. Your
warped brake rotors. The cure for this is a preventive mainte-
SLIDES 1LT Red 1.4L 4 cyls 44,112 WILL PICK-UP Scrap cars &
Must present ad to receive advertised offers. May not be used in conjunction
should be done at least once a year to prevent these Miles $14,888 Capitol City scrap metal at your location.
will get corroded and-or have a dirt
with otheradvertised offers. Some models may be slightly higher. Prices do not
buildup that causes them to
issues from happening. Once the issue occurs it is too late. Call
bind. 32 Blackwell St., Barre, VT Buick GMC 866-863-0994 Cars paying $50-$400 based on
include sales taxand shop supplies. Offers end 4-30-14.
today and prevent expensive problems in the future.
1-800-464-4971 • 476-4971 Open Mon.-Fri. 7-5 Or Text H4HR TO 27414 size and condition. 802-279-2155
When they bind, the pads March cannot Special
release properly, resulting in brake
With This Ad…


drag. It feels as though you are
slightly holding your foot on the brakeOIL pedal
& FILTER all of theVERMONT
time. TheSTATE
end result is drop in fuel mileage, premature out, and
+ Plus 27-Pt. Inspection
warped brake rotors. The cure for this is a preventive #4 Is mainte-
Due, Call Today
• Up to 5 qts. 5W30 oil. • Most cars & light trucks.
• Most cars & light trucks. SERVICE.• InspectionThis
only, repairs
service should be done at least once
• Synthetics a year
& diesels to prevent
are extra. these
are extra.

issues from happening. Once the

$ issue occurs it is too$late. Call
today and prevent expensive problems in the future. 29.95

We honor all service contracts • We service all makes & models

$ Free:1-800-731-4577
March Special Toll
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tax and shop supplies. OFFERS END 3-31-12.


+ Plus 27-Pt. Inspection #4 Is Due, Call Today
• Up to 5 qts. 5W30 oil. • Most cars & light trucks.
• Most cars & light trucks. • Inspection only, repairs
• Synthetics & diesels are extra. are extra.

19.95 $
We honor all service contracts • We service all makes & models

Toll Free:1-800-731-4577
MUST PRESENT AD to receive advertised offers. May not be used in conjunction with
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tax and shop supplies. OFFERS END 3-31-12.

2005 SAAB 93 2008 KAWASKI 2011 CANAM 2011 YAMAHA 2002 YAMAHA
manual 6 spd., one owner, excellent Loaded with options, Camo, 4x4, like new! low loaded, with plow,
87,000 miles condition, 6,250 miles winch, 2,120 miles miles, only 369 miles 775 miles


SPORTSMAN 500 SPYDER 990 800 CAMO EFI, side by side ATV, 1800 GOLD WING
4x4 ATV with winch 3 wheel motorcycle, 4x4 ATV, like new, loaded 4x4, with dump body, FULL TOURING
1,835 miles 15,478 miles with options, 508 miles 5,211 miles with all the options


Mon- Thursday

Auto Sales Excellence

Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-3
(802) 622-0492 • www.ayerautosales.com Financing Available
572 No.Main St., Barre, VT To Qualified Buyers
page 20 The WORLD April 16, 2014
that is wider than your body. This protects you from being acciden-

AUTO, SPORTS & OUTDOORS tally struck by pellets fired from behind you.
- Place decoys on the far side of a tree trunk or a rock. This prevents
you from being directly in the line of fire should another hunter

Hunt Safely in Turkey Season

mistakenly shoot at your decoy.
- Never shoot unless you’re absolutely sure of your target. Since
only turkeys with beards are legal during the spring season, lack of
In Vermont, May 1st is almost as important as the opening of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department urges hunters to consider positive identification could result in shooting an illegal bird, or
firearms deer season, and while spring turkey hunting-related shoot- these safety tips: worse, another hunter.
ings are rare (last year’s season was incident-free) precautions are - Never stalk a gobbling turkey. Your chances of getting close are - Wear hunter orange while moving from set-up to set-up. Take it
needed. Camouflage or drab colored clothing is almost mandatory poor, and you may be sneaking up on another hunter. off when you are in position.
to outwit a keen sighted gobbler. Unfortunately, camouflage has the - Avoid red, white, blue and black in clothing and equipment. A tom Hunt smart. Hunt safe.
same affect on other hunters as it has on the turkeys. turkey’s head has similar colors.
“With a handful of exceptions, all of our incidents have been - Stick with hen calls. A gobbler call might draw in other hunters.
caused by hunters who didn’t positively identify the target before - Avoid unnecessary movement. This alerts turkeys and attracts YOKOHAMA GOODYEAR MICHELIN PIRELLI
they pulled the trigger,” said Chris Saunders, Hunter Education hunters.
New & Good Used Tires

Coordinator. “And the victim is usually another hunter, often a - Don’t hide so well that you impair your field of vision

friend, trying to stalk a turkey call.” - Wrap your turkey in blaze orange for the hike back to the car.
With the opening of spring turkey hunting season near, the - Always sit with your back against a tree trunk, big log or a boulder All Season & Winter
Hallee Allen is New Vermont Champion on Beam
■ ■ ■

Mounted &

Twelve girls from Sunrise Gymnastics in Berlin traveled the
last weekend of March to Bellows Falls High School to end this Computer Balanced
competitive season participating in USA Gymnastics Junior Your Tires Or Ours
Olympics Vermont Championships.

The youngest of them, Hallee Allen, won first place and the NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY
Vermont Champion title on beam in level 3 for the 5 to 7-year-old
age group, with a very nice score of 9.575 points. Hallee also took WE DO STORE HOURS
bronze in all-around with 35.500 and in floor exercise competition Mon. - Fri. 8:30-4:30

(8.525) and finished 4th on vault (9.325) and 6th on bars (8.075). Saturday 8:30-1:00
In the 10-year-old group at the same level, Olga Kissner took
5th place on vault with 9.325 points, Eva Stumpff was 8th on REPAIR Closed Sunday
beam (8.950) and Camilla Pia-Needleman was 8th on vault
(9.200). In the 9-year-old age group Tovah Williams finished 9th
on vault with 9.150 points. FRED BUDZYN
Level 4 girls won two more bronze medals for Sunrise Hallee Allen (center) is the Vermont Champion on beam for level 3 girls
ages 5 to 7.
Gymnastics. Chloe Reynolds was 3rd in floor exercise with 9.300 WE

points, and she also took 7th place on bars (8.675) and beam age group. In the same age group, Jenna Krussman finished 8th in
(9.250) and finished 8th in all-around competition with 36.050 floor exercise (8.750), Zoey Dubois took 9th place on vault Corner No. Main &
among 9 to 10-year-old girls. In the same age group, Megan (8.775) and Claudia Farnham was 12th on vault (8.600) and in Seminary Sts., Barre EBT
Krussman was 14th in floor exercise (7.950) and 15th on beam floor exercise (8.400). 479-1819 OR CASH
(8.100). Auden Hubbard was the only Sunrise gymnast competing at CALL FOR PRICES NO CHECKS
Meimei Dwyer-Frattalone performed an excellent beam routine level 4 in the 11-year-old age group, and she placed 6th on bars
and scored 9.525, winning her a bronze medal in the 12 and older among the 22 girls competing, with 8.800 points. WINTERMASTER HANKOOK WINTER FORCE

Central Vermont’s Most Respected Sales Team

“The Right Way. The Right Car.”

Certified Pre-Owned

Stk#2134P1. Automatic. alloys, moonroof. Stk#30414A, extended cab, auto, 19K mi. Stk#2140P. auto, 15,333 mi. Stk#1114A. 15K mi., auto. Stk#2114A. 60K mi., auto.
24,988 $
23,988 $
34,988 $
21,900 $
26,988 $
INVETORY ONLINE... www.codychevrolet.com

Stk#28514B. OTS Professional. Stk#11514A. Stk#28913A. Auto., BOSE. Stk#3214B. 5-spd, 5-dr. Stk#30914A1. 20K miles.
24,588 $
21,988 $
23,988 $
28,988 $
20,988 $
More Vehicles from our Quality Pre-owned Inventory - See these vehicles and more online!
2000 Chevrolet Express RV Cutaway 2009 Chevy Cobalt 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Stk#3214A, 26K $26,988
Stk#54513A .............................................................. $ Stk#35114A3 .......................................................... $9,488 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 Stk#5214A$24,988 2012 Chevy Cruze Stk#2093P, 19K ..........$15,988 Stk#41913B, 83K ....................................................$18,988


April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 21
of 374 laps in a race that went
seven circuits past its scheduled
distance. Nevertheless, it took a
four-tire call in the pits and a late
caution to give Harvick a final
chance to beat Earnhardt, who had
streaked to a 15-car-length lead on
two fresh tires in the first attempt at
a green-white-checker. But Kurt
Busch’s wreck on the backstretch
brought out the 11th caution on Lap
369 and snatched the victory from
with Steve Poulin Earnhardt’s grasp. Restarting on
the outside of the front row after
n There’s something special going Elliott had retaken the top spot, but powering past Jimmie Johnson on
on here….. Employing a banzai the green-flag run didn’t last long. the first attempt at overtime,
run in a two-lap dash to the finish On Lap 68, a wild wreck involving Harvick prevailed with a superior
of Friday night’s Nationwide Series the Chevrolet of Dylan car on superior tires. The victory

DRIVE HOME HAPPY % APR IN LIEU race at Darlington Raceway, Kwasniewski and the Ford of Chris was Harvick’s first at Darlington
OF OTHER 18-year-old Chase Elliott muscled Buescher slowed the field for the and the 25th of his career. It was
BRAND NEW 2014 MITSUBISHI FINANCING OFFERS his way past Elliott Sadler on the third time. Elliott controlled the the series-best third win of the sea-
final lap to score his second straight action through two subsequent yel- son for Stewart-Haas Racing. After
win in his seventh start in the lows but lost four positions during the race, Harvick, the pole winner,

series. Elliott, who restarted sixth pit stops under caution on Lap 89 revealed he had been keeping a
on Lap 146, charged to the front for Smith’s spin in Turn 1. Busch tactic in reserve for just the sort of
and claimed victory in the VFW assumed the lead off pit road, with moment that arose Saturday night
2.0L 4 Cy. Engine • Auto Transmission • Keyless Entry Sport Clips Help a Hero 200 in his Kenseth, Harvick, Larson and at the 1.366-mile speedway. “We
• Bluetooth • Cruise Control first event at the fabled 1.366-mile Elliott trailing for a restart on Lap were able to hang on there at the
Must trade 2010 or newer vehicle and track. The victory was Elliott’s 94. end, and I knew I had that high line
• Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls n The “Outlaw” Eddie MacDonald
have Mitsubishi loyalty vehicle second in as many weeks and the I hadn’t showed it to them all night
• Dual Front Airbags second of his fledgling career. stayed home this weekend at Lee on the restarts, and I wanted to save
• Power Windows, Locks & Mirrors registered in household to Sadler, who gambled on two tires USA Speedway to take on the reg- it until the very end,” Harvick said.
• Hill Start Assist qualify for sale price for the final restart with two laps ulars of the American Canadian “I kind of learned that last night as
• Ac�ve Stability Control left, held the second spot. Matt Tour in the personally elusive New we were in the Nationwide race. It
STK#QC14234 Kenseth ran third, followed by Hampshire Governor’s Cup 150. was a good tool in your tool bag to
LEASE FOR ONLY MSRP $22,895 polesitter Kyle Busch, Joey Starting on the pole MacDonald have there at the end.” Earnhardt

steadily slipped back as far as 10th
Logano, Kyle Larson and Kevin finished second, .559 seconds back.
Harvick. “I knew the guys on two in the field during the early going Johnson ran third, followed by
tires (Sadler and Larson) were bringing yet another win miss to Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle.
going to be a little slower than the minds of most in attendance. Not to Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, rookie
guys on four,” Elliott said of the be outdone the versatile racer strat- Kyle Larson, Tony Stewart and
PER MONTH final restart. “Our lane went and egized to reverse his slide and Ryan Newman completed the top
Elliott (Sadler) got a little loose off charged forward late in the race to 10. Gordon retained the series lead
For well qualified Lessees. (Turn) 2 and let me get to the out- seal the win over fellow New by one point over Kenseth, but
$1999 down, does not side, and that was where I wanted Hampshire driver’s Joey neither has a victory this season. ...
include tax, title, registration, to be anyway.” Elliott won the Polewarczyk and Wayne Helliwell Rookie Kyle Larson scored his
or 1st month payment. previous week at Texas Motor Jr. at his family’s track. The win fourth top 10 in eight races this
36 month/36,000 miles total. Lessee responsible for excess Speedway, but the victory at was MacDonald’ first career ACT season. ... Harvick is the first pole-
Darlington, where his father, Bill win at Lee in his ninth start at the sitter to win at Darlington since
wear, tear, maintenance & excess mileage Elliott, won five NASCAR Sprint 3/8ths mile speedway and his fifth Dale Jarrett accomplished the feat
at .15 cents per mile over 36,000. Cup Series races, had special sig- career ACT Late Model win. Serie in 1997
nificance. “Darlington has always ACT regular combatants Alex Garage Garble
Shop us online at lovethatmitsu.com been my favorite place to watch a Labbe and Stephane Decoste fin- n Maybe the long winless droughts
race,” said Elliott, the youngest ished fourth and fifth, respectively. are over for Matt Crafton. The

driver ever to win at Nationwide Defending race champion Jimmy defending NASCAR Camping
Series race at Darlington at 18 Hebert recovered from dead last, World Truck Series champion
years, four months, four days. “Just 30th, and charged to a 6th place picked up his fourth career win last
Route 5 • 36 Memorial Drive • St. Johnsbury, VT to be a part of this race is unbeliev- finish. ACT has a weekend off weekend at Martinsville and the
able. “To win this thing is a day I’ll before heading to Thunder Road in victory ended a 19-race winless
never forget.” Elliott also is the
youngest driver ever to win two
Barre, VT for the Merchants Bank
150 on Sunday, April 27. The annu-
streak for the California driver, after
last visiting Victory Lane at Kansas
SET BY THE MANUFACTURER AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE PRICE ACTUALLY PAID BY CONSUMERS. NNS races, and he’s the youngest al car show will be held in down- Speedway in April 2013. Crafton
“One of New England’s Largest Auto Dealer Groups” driver to lead the series point’s town Barre on Saturday, April 26 hopes to make it two in a row at
REGISTRATION FEES WHERE APPLICABLE. PHOTOS ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY AND MIGHT VARY BY MODEL. REBATES ARE standings, a feat he achieved for before an afternoon practice ses- Kansas Speedway in early May,
the first time last week at Texas. On sion. which would be a first at any track
SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. ALL SALE PRICES ARE BASED ON DEALER DISCOUNT AND APPLICABLE FACTORY REBATES & IN- Friday night, Elliott extended his n The 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup for the veteran. Crafton’s longest
CENTIVES. SOME CUSTOMERS MAY NOT QUALIFY FOR APPLICABLE REBATES. SEE SHOWROOM FOR DETAILS. points lead to 13 over Regan Smith, Series season has been one of feast break between two wins is 79 races
who recovered from a spin to finish or famine for Kevin Harvick—and (Charlotte 2008 – Iowa 2011). If he
eighth. Naysayers beware….this on Saturday night at Darlington can pick up the win in the SFP 250,
boy is for real. Elliot asserted his Raceway, Harvick enjoyed the he would also become the first
superiority early in the race. After delectable taste of victory. Passing driver to win multiple races at the
restarting fourth on Lap 24, he Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the next-to- track. There have been 13 different
made short work of the cars in front last lap of the second attempt at a winners in as many races at Kansas
on him. On Lap 27, he stormed past green-white-checkered-flag finish, Speedway. If Crafton can take home
Harvick and Matt Kenseth into the Harvick won Sunday’s Bojangles’ the checkered flag at Kansas he
second spot and seven laps later Southern 500 and all but locked would become the first driver to win
sped by Busch, the polesitter, for himself into the Chase for the back-to-back races on the schedule
the lead. NASCAR Sprint Cup as the first since Kyle Busch accomplished the
n Harvick followed into second two-time winner in the series this feat last year with wins at Charlotte
place four laps later, and the top year (he still needs to finish in the Motor Speedway and Dover
three—Elliott, Harvick and top 30 in points after race No. 26 International Speedway. Crafton
Busch—remained constant until and attempt to qualify for every has never won consecutive races.
NASCAR called a caution on Lap race). In the second race of the Next Lap
59 for debris on the backstretch. season, Harvick dominated in win- n NASCAR’s top three divisions
During pit stops under the yellow, ning at Phoenix, before a spate of take their Annual Easter Hiatus this
Harvick and Elliott swapped the mechanical issues waylaid him in weekend before the Nationwide &
top two positions, and Harvick led four of five subsequent events. On Sprint Cup Series move to Richmond
the field to green on Lap 65. By the Saturday at Darlington, he was the International Speedway for the
time they got back to the stripe, class of the field again, leading 238 April 25,26 weekend.


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APRIL30,30, 2014.
page 22 The WORLD April 16, 2014
h e ille rd
T o Fo
Car, Truck & SUV
L lle
Va Challenge Is On!
After a great start in 2014, I have challenged my sales teams
to sell and deliver 300 new Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs by close
of business April 30th. With your help, I am announcing that the
Lamoille Valley Ford Car, Truck, and SUV Challenge is on!
2014 Focus SE!!! 2013 F-150 S-Crew 4x4!!
Auto, A/C, Winter Package, Heated Seats, Sirius Satellite 3 Reasons To Get mo

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30 ilable
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Valley Ford Car, sav

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Truck, and SUV 0% ailab

Challenge! XLT, Auto, A/C, MSRP.................................................$41,980

Lease for $149 per month x24 mos., w/ $2,000
Power Seat, Sat
Radio, 3.55 E-lock
LVF Special Discount.........................$3,000
Ford Credit Retail Cash.....................$1,500
plus Tax, Reg., Acquisition Fee and 1st Payment due at Axle, Trailer Brake F-150 XLT Bonus Customer Cash.......$500
inception. Waive security. 10,500 miles per year!!! ´0% Financing x 60 mos Controller, XLT F-150 XLT Special Retail......................$500
Lease for $99 per month, same terms if in a available on Super Duty, F-150,
Chrome Package Ford Trade Assistance Bonus Cash...$2,500
competitive make lease or returning from any Ford lease!!!
Focus, Fusion and Escape + $33,980
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Payments that Make Right Now 2014 Fusion Energi SE!!!

THE SCORECARD the Right Time!! Auto, A/C, Plug In Hybrid, Leather Heated Seats,
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2013 CMax SEL Hybrid, 16k miles, loaded, w/NAV, GET BARTON 2011 F-250 Crew Cab XLT, 4x4, chrome pkg,
etc, leather #23419A, Was $27,960.... Now $26,855 #A8839A, Was $33,900............... Now $32,995
2010 Focus SE, 55k miles, power equipt, MORRISVILLE E 2012 Focus, 12 to choose from, go to
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#24176A, Was $26,940......Now $25,822
W 16 etc., #24289A, Was $17,775..............Now $16,480
2010 Fusion SE, 41k miles, thru the shop, 15
‘08 Edge AWD Sil ver SEL, #24087B,
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O *To qualified buyers. Does not apply to previously quoted deals. AXZD plans do not qualify. Commercial upfits require plow or dump body and require proof of
M business. Tax, Title & registration extra. Ford rebates subject to change! Price includes Documentation Fee. Lease offers expire April 30th, 2014. “Jake” M

April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 23

A very cool snowman contest

Lori Florek Williamstown Delaney Magee, and her father, Tim, Orange Caitlin Ladabouche Barre, VT

Olivia & Evelyn Trojbom Barre, VT Tatum Pells West Berlin Gaige Williams West Berlin

Jakobi Kmeicik and Ambiana Glavin Lunt Family Barre VT Jaysen & Austin Graves Barre Chaunte May (6 1/2 yrs old) Williamstown

Dawna MacLaren Plainfield Chandler (3) and Alexandria (1) Bothfeld The Marineau Family Berlin, VT Drew Bernier with his snowman built by Chaunte May
and Tracy Wright to support HOPE FOR DREW who suf-
fers from Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Please take a moment
to visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/hopefordrew

Brendan Marineau Berlin, VT “We named the snowman Private Frosty” Nathan & Sarah Ettouzar, East Montpelier
Duprey Family Plainfield Nathan had a stroke in Nov. 13. He was so proud of himself this week when he was
able to create this snowman “snowrex” with the help of his physical therapist & his
sister!) Nathan Ettouzar’s fundraising web site address is http://www.youcaring.com/

page 24 The WORLD April 16, 2014

All calendar submissions should be sent to editor@vt-world.com or Weekly Storytime. Next Chapter Bookstore, 158 North Main St.,
mailed to The WORLD, Attn: Calendar, 403 U.S. Route 302, Barre, Saturdays, 10:30am. Info. 476-3114.
Vt. 05641. The deadline is 5:00pm, Thursday preceding publica- Overeaters Anonymous. Church of the Good Shepherd, Tuesdays
tion. The Ongoing section is for free/low cost community events, 5:30-6:30pm. Info. 249-0414.
which should be verified monthly. We are no longer able to include
ongoing classes. Greater Barre Democrats. Town & City residents welcome. Aldrich
Public Library, last Wednesdays, 5:15-6:15pm. Info 476-4185.
Ongoing Events Barre Tones Women’s A Capella Chorus. 2nd flr Alumni Hall, next to
Barre Aud., Mondays, 6:30-9pm. www.barretonesvt.com or 223-2039.
Come Enjoy Our Delicious Buffett
BARRE- Central VT Adult Basic Education. Free classes. Pre- Featuring Fresh Salmon, Ham, Chicken
Play Group. St. Monica’s Church, lower level, Thursdays during
GED and high school diploma prep classes at Barre Learning Center, school year, 9:30-11am. Marsala, Ravioli, Steak, Shrimp Scampi,

46 Washington St. Info./pre-register 476-4588.

$ 95
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 10. Meets at the post, first Waffles, Eggs,
PAWS. Support for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet. VFW, one Thursday of each month (not Jan. or July), 6:30pm.
Wednesday per month, 5:30pm. Info. beyondthedog97@gmail.com Bacon, Sausage,
Vermont Modelers Club. Building & flying model airplanes year-
Playgroup. Universalist Church, Tuesdays 9:30-11am, while school round, visitors welcome. Info. 485-7144. Pastries, Fresh Fruit,
is in session. Sponsored by Building Bright Futures. Info. 279-0993. And Much More!
Community Breakfast. First Presbyterian Church, 78 Summer St.,
Rocking Horse Circle of Support for Women. Childcare provided. 3rd Sunday of month, FREE, 7:30-9am. 476-3966.
Hedding Methodist Church, Weds. 4/9-6/11, 9:30-11:30am. 279-6378.
Lupus Support Group. 9 Jorgensen Ln., teen meeting 3rd Wednesdays
Powerful Tools for Caregivers. Workshops help you care for your- at 6:30pm, adult meeting 4th Weds., 6:30pm. Info. 877-735-8787. THE
self while caring for others. CVCOA, Wednesdays 4/2-5/7, 3-5pm.
Grandparents Raising Their Children’s Children. Support group.
Additional Recyclables Collection Center. Open for collection First Presbyterian Church, 1st & 3rd Weds., 10am-noon. 476-1480.
9:30AM TO 1:00PM
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30-5:30pm, and 3rd Saturdays 9am-1pm.
540 No. Main St. Visit www.cvswmd.org for list of acceptable items. Friends of Aldrich Public Library. Aldrich Library, 2nd floor board-
Vermont Independent Writers. Place and time will vary according
room, 2nd Tuesday of month. Info. 476-7550.
Circle of Parents. Confidential support group for parents and caregiv-
Sunday, April 20
to weather. Info. 476-7289 or chosenwords@yahoo.com
ers. Meets Tuesday evenings. Info. 229-5724 or 1-800-CHILDREN.
Navigating VT Health Connect. Get help from Certified Application
Counselor Marcia Drake. Aldrich Library, Tuesdays 5-8pm. Central VT Amateur Radio Club. Steak House, Barre-Montpelier
Rd., 1st Wednesdays, 6:30pm. Info. 496-3566 or 496-2836.
Medicare and You. New to Medicare? Have questions? We have
answers. Central Vermont Council on Aging, 59 N. Main St., Suite Mothers of Preschoolers. Monthly get-togethers for crafts, refresh-
200, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Call 479-0531 to register. ments, etc. Christian Alliance Church, 476-3221.
Line Dancing. Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite St., by donation, Thursdays Alcoholics Anonymous. Meetings in Barre, daily; call 802-229-5100
6:30-8:30pm. for latest times & locations; www.aavt.org.
RCIA. For those who want to learn more about the Catholic faith. St. Alzheimer’s Support Group. Rowan Court Health & Rehab, 4th
Monica Church, Wednesdays starting 9/25, 7pm. Pre-reg. 479-3253. Weds. of month, 3-5pm. Info/RSVP at 476-4166.
Celebrate Recovery. Recovery for all your hurts/habits/hang-ups. Faith Hedding United Methodist Activities & Meetings. 40 Washington
Community Church, 30 Jones Bros. Way, Mondays, 6-8pm. 476-3221. Street, 476-8156. Choir, Thursdays 7pm; Free Community Supper,
Fridays 5:30-6:30pm; Community Service & Food Shelf Hours:
Wheelchair Basketball. Barre Evangelical Free Church, 17 So. Main Weds & Thurs. 3-5pm. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly),
St., Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm. Info 498-3030 (David) or 249-7931 (Sandy). Wednesdays 5pm, call 371-8929.
Community Drum Circle. At the Parish house next to Universalist Turning Point Recovery Center. 489 N. Main St. For individuals/
Church, Fridays, 7-9pm. Info. 724-7301. families in or seeking substance abuse recovery. Recovery coaching &
Story Hour. Aldrich Library children’s room, Mondays & Tuesdays, other support programs. Open Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. noon – 5pm. Vermont
10:30am. Making Recovery Easier, Tuesdays, 6pm; Wit’s End family support
Central Vermont Business Builders. Community National Bank, 1st group, Wednesdays, 6pm; Narcotics Anonymous– When Enough Is Nut-Free
& 3rd Tuesdays, 8-9am. Info. 777-5419. Enough, Sundays, 5:30pm & Thursdays, 6:30pm; Life Skills Group, Chocolates
continued on next page
Jelly Beans • Easter Cards

Holy Week Services CHELSEA Baptist Church, St. Paul Street. Easter
Stuffed Animals & Bunnies
Decorative Easter Figurines
The Northfield Pharmacy
Barre Evangelical Free Church, 17 So. The Mission Pentecostal Church, themis- Sunday service, 9am, with brunch to follow.
MON.-FRI. 9-6; SAT. 9-2; SUN. 8-NOON
Main Street. Good Friday service, 7pm; sionstruth@gmail.com Easter Sunday ser- Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, DEPOT SQUARE • NORTHFIELD
Easter Sunday services, 8am and 10:45am. vice, 10am. 115 Northfield Street.Maundy Thursday ser-
vice, 7pm; Good Friday service, 7pm; Easter 485-4771
Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal),
39 Washington Street. Maundy Thursday EAST BARRE Sunday service, 9:30am.
service, 6:30pm; Great Vigil of Easter, 8pm; East Barre Congregational Church, corner St. Augustine’s, Barre Street. Easter Vigil,
Easter Sunday services, 8am and 10am. of Mill & Church streets. Maundy Thursday 7pm; Easter Sunday services, 8:30am and
Faith Community Church, 30 Jones service, 6pm; Good Friday service, 12:15pm; 10:30am.

Brothers Way. Easter Sunday service, 10am. Easter Sunday service, 10:30am.
First Baptist Church, 24 Washington Street. EAST MONTPELIER
Easter Sunday service, 10am. St. John the Evangelist. Easter Vigil, 8pm;
Old Brick Church, Junction of Rts. 2 & 14. Easter Sunday service, 8:30am. ON THE GREEN
First Presbyterian Church, 19 Seminary Good Friday service, 6pm; Easter Sunday
Street. Maundy Thursday service, 6pm; Good sunrise service, 5:45am at Four Corners ORANGE
Friday ecumenical service, 12 noon; Easter School House; Easter Sunday service, 10am The Mission Pentecostal Church, themis- Northfield’s Treasure
Sunday service, 10am. at church. sionstruth@gmail.com Easter Sunday servic-
Hedding United Methodist Church, 40 Old Meeting House, 1620 Center Road. es, 12pm and 6pm. for all your special gifts/flowers
Washington Street. Maundy Thursday ser- Maundy Thursday service, 6:30pm; Good
vice, 7pm; Easter Vigil, 8pm; Easter Sunday, Friday service, 7:30pm; Easter Sunday ser- UPPER VALLEY this Easter Season
10am. vice, 9:30am. The Mission Pentecostal Church, themis-
St. Monica’s, Summer Street. Easter Vigil, sionstruth@gmail.com Easter Sunday ser- Easter Open House
MARSHFIELD vice, 11am.
7pm; Easter Sunday services, 7:45am, 9:30am
and 11:15am. North American Martyrs. Easter Sunday
Saturday, April 19
service, 9am. WILLIAMSTOWN
BERLIN St. Edward. Easter Sunday service, 10:30am.
Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, MONTPELIER
Airport Road. Good Friday service, 7pm; Christ Episcopal Church, 64 State Street. WORCESTER
Easter Sunday service, 10:30am. Maundy Thursday service, 7pm; Good Friday Worcester United Methodist Church,
First Congregational Church of Berlin, services, 12pm and 7pm; Easter Sunday ser- Minister Brook Road. Easter Sunday sunrise
1808 Scott Hill Road. Maundy Thursday ser- vices, 8am and 10am. service, 6:30am, breakfast potluck follows;
vice, 7pm; Easter Sunday service, 9:30am. Lighthouse Christian Church & First Easter Sunday service, 10:30am.
(802)485-4531 M-F 8:30-5:00 Sat 8:30-12:00 noon


Our Easter Buffet EGG CELLENT 55 BARRE STREET • 225-8699

Sunday, April 20
Central Vermont’s Largest
Locally Owned Toy Store
Easter Egg
Homemade Belgian Waffles ~ French Toast
~ Blueberry Pancakes ~ Scrambled Eggs ~
Eggs Benedict ~ Maple Baked Ham w/
Saturday, April 19
sauce ~ Bacon ~ Sausage ~ Home Fries ~
Orange Chicken ~ Chicken & Biscuits ~

Held at Hubbard Park

Sirloin Tips ~ Seafood Newburg ~ Fired
Seafood ~ Baked Macaroni and Cheese ~
Baked Seafood ~ Steamed Vegetables ~
Pasta ~ Meatballs
30 Item Salad and Sundae Bar and More...
24 STATE ST. MONTPELIER Arrive at 9:45am
Reservations Suggested Starts at 10:00am
$17.99 Adults / $6.99 under 12
Children 12 & under
This is a pet-free event ~ please
3-4272 do not bring your pet with you.
e St re et , M on tpelier • 802-22
Barre-Montpelier Road
24 Stat Week
www.steakhousebarre.com Open 7 Days Antaintoys.com
ur ym ou

April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 25

Mondays, noon-1:30pm (lunch provided). Al-Anon- Courage to
Change, Saturdays 6-7pm, childcare provided. Info. 479-7373.
Knights of Columbus. Pine Hill Road, Barre Town, meetings second
Tuesday of every month, 7pm.
Green Mountain Spirit Chapter. National women bikers club. 2nd Women’s Book Club. New members welcome. Kellogg-Hubbard SL AA. 12-step recovery group for sex/relationship problems. Bethany
Wed. of month; info grnmtnspirit@hotmail.com. Library, East Montpelier rm, 2nd Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm. 223-8067. Church, Wed., 5pm. Info. 802-249-6825.
MONTPELIER- Central VT Adult Basic Education. Free classes. Free Community Meals. Mondays: Unitarian Church, 11am-1pm; Survivors of Incest Anonymous. Bethany Church parlor, 115 Main
Intermediate Level Reading for Adults: Thurs. 9-10am; Learning Tuesdays: Bethany Church, 11:30am-1pm; Wednesdays: Christ St., Mondays, 5pm. Please call first: 229-9036 or 454-8402.
English: Tues. or Weds. 9-10am; English Conversation: Tues. 4-5pm. Church, 11am-12:30pm; Thursdays: Trinity Church, 11:30am-1pm;
Montpelier Learning Center, 100 State St. Info/pre-register 223-3403. Brain Injury Support Group. Unitarian Church, third Thursday of
Fridays: St. Augustine Church, 11am-12:30pm. 2nd Saturdays: Trinity the month, 1:30-2:30pm. Info. 1-877-856-1772
Lenten Book Study. Rev. Pitton leads discussion of The Last Week by Church, 11:30am-1pm; Last Sundays, Bethany Church, 4:30-6:30pm.
M. Borg & J. Crossan. All are welcome, bring your book. Bethany La Leche League. Breastfeeding info and support. Good Beginnings
Trinity Teen Night. United Methodist Church, 2nd and 3rd Fridays, Nest, 174 River St., 3rd Thursdays, 9:30-11:30am. Info 244-1254.
Church, Sundays 3/9-4/13, 11:30am. reddoorroomtable@blogspot.com/ 5-9pm. Volunteers needed to share talents & hobbies. Info 279-3695.
Friday Night Group. Open to all LGBTQ youth ages 13-22. Pizza & Playgroups: Dads & Kids Playgroup, Thursdays, 6-7:30pm and
Toastmasters. Montpelier “Speakeasies” held at National Life, 1st & 3rd Playgroup, Saturdays, 9:30-11am, both at Family Center of
social time, facilitated by adults from Outright VT. Unitarian Church, Wednesdays, noon-1pm. Learn the arts of speaking, listening & thinking.
2nd & 4th Fridays, 6:30-8pm. 223-7035 or Micah@OutrightVT.org Washington County. All held during school year only.
No fee for guests. 229-7455 or tdensmore@sentinelinvestments.com
Meditation, Mondays at 1pm; Intro to Yoga, Tuesdays 4pm; Kindred Connections Peer to Peer Cancer Support for Patients and
Grandparents Raising Their Children’s Children. Support group,
Consults, Fridays 11am. Free classes, some limits apply. All at Fusion Caregivers. Info 1-800-652-5064 email info@vcsn.net
childcare provided. Resurrection Baptist Church, 144 Elm St., 2nd
Studio, 56 East State St. Info. 272-8923 or www.fusionstudio.org Thursday of the month, 6-8pm. Info. 476-1480. Christian Meditation. Christ Church, Mondays, 12-1pm.
Open Library. Open to all, books and DVDs for all ages. Resurrection
Baptist Church, open Sundays 12:30pm-2pm.
Calico County Quilters. All skill levels welcome. Bethany Church, Wednesday, April 16
Red Room, 2nd Saturday of each month, 1-3pm (NOT Oct. or May). BARRE- A Tour of Studio Place Arts. An Osher Lifelong Institute
Central VT Roller Derby’s Wrecking Doll Society. Intro to roller Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA). Bethany Church basement,
derby, gear supplied, bring a mouth guard. First time is free. Montpelier program with SPA Executive Director Sue Higby. Studio Place Arts,
Tuesdays, 6:30pm. Info. 229-9036. $5 for OLLI non-members, 1:30pm. Info. 454-1234.
Rec. Center, Barre St., Saturdays 5-6:30pm. www.twincityriot.com
Kellogg-Hubbard Library Activities. 135 Main St., 223-3338. Story Start Your Own Business. Workshop hosted by VT Small Business
Celiac Support Group. Tulsi Tea Room, 34 Elm St., 2nd Wednesdays, Time: Tues/Fri, 10:30am; Sit N Knit: for young knitters age 6 & up,
4-5pm. Info. 598-9206. Development Center. Fee includes workbook, access to 20 online
Mondays, 3:30-4pm; Read to Coco: Wednesdays, 3:30-4pm; Origami courses. Community National Bank, $99, 9am-1pm. www.vtsbdc.org
MSAC Public Activities: FEAST Together, $5 sugg. donation ages Club: Thursdays, 3-4pm; Read with Arlo: Thursdays 4-5pm.
60+/$6 others, Tuesdays & Fridays, noon-1pm. FEAST To Go, bene- Open Mike. With host John Lackard. Green Mountain Tavern, 10
CHADD ADHD Parent Support Group. Childcare not available, Keith Ave., no cover, 9pm. Info. 522-3482.
fits senior meals program, $5-8.50, Thursdays, 11am-1pm. Meal reser- please make plans for your child. Woodbury College, second Tuesday
vations 262-6288. All at Montpelier Senior Activity Ctr, 58 Barre St. of month, 5:30-7:30pm. Info. 498-5928. Family Film Night. Join us for the animated tale, Hotel Transylvania.
A Course In Miracles study group. Everyone is welcome and there Aldrich Library, Milne Community Room, 6pm.
Overeaters Anonymous. Bethany Church, Fridays at noon. 223-3079.
is no charge. Christ Church, Tuesdays, 7pm. Info. 619-540-4876. Co-op Socials Series: Barre Edition. Highlighting how area coops
Good Beginnings of Central VT. 174 River St., 595-7953. Mama’s have contributed to Granite City Grocery’s startup efforts. Comp.
Parent’s Group and Meet-Up. Connect with local parents to share Circle, Thursdays, 10am-noon; Volunteer Meetings, 2nd Wednesdays,
advice & information, kids welcome. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Hayes appetizers, cash bar. The Quarry, 6:30-8:30pm. RSVP 279-7518.
10:30am; Babywearing Group, 2nd Thursdays, 10:30am-noon;
Rm, first Mondays, 10-11:30am. Info. mamasayszine@gmail.com MARSHFIELD- Song Circle: Community Sing Along. Led by
Bible Study. Christian Alliance Church, Weds., 7pm. 476-3221.
Joyful Noise Laughter Club. Playful exercises to get you moving, Rich and Laura Atkinson. All ages & abilities welcome, song books
breathing and laughing. Ages 8 & up. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 2nd Al-Anon. Trinity Methodist Church, Main St., Sun., 6:15-7:30pm. provided. Jaquith Public Library, FREE, 6:45pm. Info. 426-3581.
& 4th Mondays (no holidays), 6-7pm. Charlotte, 223-1607. Info. 1-866-972-5266.
MONTPELIER- Goddard College Faculty Reading. Feat. Wendy
Families Anonymous. For families or friends of those who have Al-Anon. Bethany Church basement, 115 Main St., Tuesdays & Call, Michael Leong, Janet Sylvester, Michael Vizsolyi and Arisa
issues with addiction, alcohol and/or mental illness. Bethany Church, Thursdays noon-1pm, Wednesdays 7-8pm. Info. 1-866-972-5266. White. A PoemCity 2014 event. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 7pm.
2nd floor youth room, Mondays, 7-8pm. 229-6219. Central Vermont Support Group. Meeting at Another Way, 125 Public Banking: A Good Fit for Vermont? Panel discussion will
Freeride Montpelier Open Shop Nights. Need help w/a bike repair? Barre St., Tuesdays 6-7:30pm. Info. 479-5485. explore pros & cons of public banking. Hosted by League of Women
Come to the volunteer-run community bike shop. 89 Barre St., Tuesdays Community Kitchen. Unitarian Universalist, 2nd & 4th Sun., 4:30- Voters of Central VT, all are welcome. State House, room 10, 7-9pm.
6-8pm, other days seasonal, donations. Info. freeridemontpelier.org 6pm. Info. Richard Sheir, 223-4799. continued on next page

Old Meeting You are invited to worship with us
Palm Sunday April 13 9:30a.m.
Maundy Thursday April 17 6:30p.m.

Intergenerational footwashing service with communion
Good Friday April 18 7:30p.m.
Service of light & shadows
Easter Sunday April 20 9:30a.m.
Intergenerational Worship

1620 Center Road • East Montpelier Center • 229-9593

The Church of the

Good Shepherd (Episcopal)
Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Celebrant
39 Washington Street, Barre, VT

Holy Week
The First Congregational Church of Berlin
Invites you to join us
Chelsea 10am Service
Upper Valley 11am Service
Maundy Thursday, April 17, 7:00pm Service
Orange 12pm Service and April 17, Maundy Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
Agape Supper following
6pm Service April 19, the Great Vigil of Easter at 8:00 p.m.
April 20, Easter Celebration at 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.
Email themissionstruth@gmail.com
9:30am April 20
Pastor Rev. Doreen Vanderlinde-Abernathy
1808 Scott Hill Rd., Berlin
I-89 Exit 7. Turn right at first light (Paine Turnpike).
Go straight 1/2 mile, church on the left.
Good Friday, April 18
Candlelight Service 7:00 pm
(arrive early, everyone is leaving in silence)

Easter Sunday, April 20

“The Surety of
the Resurrection”
Christ’s bodily

Sunday Services are at 8 and 10:45 am

17 S. Main St., Barre, VT 05641 * 802-476-5344 * www.befcvt.org

page 26 The WORLD April 16, 2014

SAMBEL’S •• Weddings
Papa GreyBeard Blues. Blues/roots music from Keith Williams and
friends. Bagitos Cafe, 28 Main St., 6-8pm. Info. 229-9212.
VT Studio Center Alumni Poetry Reading. Join Julia Shipley, Hilary
Poremski-Beitzel & Kristin Fogdall for a group reading for PoemCity
Massage Clinic. Massages by Erika Peterson, for ages 50+. 15-min.
chair massages by donation, table massages by sliding scale. Montpelier
2014. Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 58 Barre St., 7pm.
My Strange Objects. Montpelier H.S. students under the direction of
Senior Activity Ctr, 11am-3pm. Call 249-4115 for appointment. composer Erik Nielsen & poet Kerrin McCadden perform works cre-
Missisquoi River Band. Bluegrass-inspired traditional and original ated for PoemCity 2014. Sweet Melissa’s, 24 Langdon St., 7pm.
music, part of Farmers’ Night series. State House, FREE, 7:30pm. Our Town. LNT opens 2014 season with Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer-
Spring Cleanse with Food as Medicine. Renew body, mind & spirit Prize and Tony Award winning classic, feat. a multi-generational cast.
in this workshop with Lisa Mase of Harmonized Cookery. Hunger Mtn Lost Nation Theater, $25-$30, 7pm. Info. 229-0492.
Coop, $3 members/$5 non, 5-6pm. Pre-reg. 223-8000 x202. Green Mountain Care Board Public Meeting. Dept. of Financial
WATERBURY- Central VT Adult Basic Education Volunteer Info. Regulation, 89 Main St., 3rd floor, 1-4pm. Info. at http://gmcboard.
Session. Learn about volunteer opportunities. CVABE’s Waterbury vermont.gov/
Learning Center, 141 So. Main St., 4:30-5:30pm. Info. 476-4588. Clear Up Your Brain Fog. Trouble thinking clearly some days? Join
American Red Cross Shelter Fundamentals Training. Learn the health coach Kim Sargeant & learn how to improve your brain func-
guidelines & procedures for opening, operating and closing a shelter
during a disaster. Waterbury Congregational Church, 5:30-9:30pm.
tion. Hunger Mtn Coop, FREE, 6-7:30pm. Pre-reg. 223-8000 x202.
PLAINFIELD- Art Opening. Reception for “Backstage at the
Rainbow Cattle Co.” exhibit. Talk at 7pm w/photographer Lovett and Offer
Thursday, April 17 Dr. Sharrow of VT Folklife Ctr. Plainfield Community Center, 5-8pm.
BARRE- Where Does My Money Go? Part of Business Building
Workshops series. Central Vermont Community Action Council, 20 Friday, April 18
Gable Place, FREE, 6-8:30pm. Call Margaret at 477-5214 to register. CALAIS- Bramblewood. Colin McCaffrey, Carol Hausner & Danny
Soup & Sandwich Luncheon. Supports Good Samaritan Haven.
Barre Unitarian Universalist Church, 11:30am-1:15pm.
Coane. Whammy Bar, Maple Corner Store, FREE, starts 7:30pm.
MONTPELIER- Spring Migration Bird Walk. Explore NBNC &
Granite City Grocery Breakfast Update. GCG owners, downtown
merchants & employees welcome. Pastries, coffee & tea provided by
other local birding hotspots for warblers, vireos, thrushes, more. North
Branch Nature Center, $10/free for members, 7-8:30am. 229-6206.
& Wraps
Espresso Bueno. The Quarry, 7:30-8:30am. RSVP to 279-7518. Yoga Storytime. Chrissy from Studio Zenith returns to lead mini
CALAIS- Borealis Guitar Duo. Irish/Celtic. At Whammy Bar, yogis and their grownups in playful poses inspired by story and song. TGIF
Maple Corner Store, FREE, starts 7:30pm. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 10:30am.
Create a Biodiverse Garden for Ecological Resilience. Workshop w/
SPECIAL Including Gluten-Free
CRAFTSBURY COMMON- The Sharing Economy. Presentation
by Christina Goodwin, executive director of Home Share Now Dr. Wendy Sue Harper of Green Mtn College. Spons. by Central VT This Friday
Sterling College, Mager Hall, 6:30pm. Master Gardeners. North Branch Nature Ctr, $5, 6:30-8pm. 229-6206. Only with purchase of lunch
MARSHFIELD- Writing and Reading Film Series. April movie to Brown Bag Poetry: Favorite Poems. Bring your lunch and a favorite
be announced. Jaquith Public Library, FREE, 7pm. 426-3581. poem to share. A PoemCity event. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, noon. Mon. - Sat. 10% Discount to ALL OCCASIONS
MONTPELIER- Third Thursday Lunch Series: Porches of North So Little Time. The writers of this anthology, Dede Cummings, Ralph 10:30am - FIREMEN, POLICE & & BUDGETS
America. Presentation by UVM’s Thomas Visser. Bring a bag lunch. Culver, Ellen Bryant Voigt & others, gather for a reading. A PoemCity 2:30pm MILITARY (In Uniform) CATERING
Vermont History Museum, FREE, noon. Info. 828-2180. 2014 event. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 6pm. nÊ-Ì>ÌiÊ-ÌÀiiÌ]Êœ˜Ì«iˆiÀÊÊUÊÊ229-6788
Dealing with Climate Change. Dr. Alan Betts discusses the climate Art Herttua and Stephen Morabito Jazz. Jazz guitar and percus-
sion. Bagitos Cafe, 28 Main St., 6-8pm. Info. 229-9212. See Our Daily Special & More
changes that are happening and the transition we face as a society. A www.facebook.com/unclemikesdeli
Transition Town Montpelier event. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 6pm. continued on next page

Come Hear about the God The Worcester United Methodist Church
Who Gave His Life for Us invites you to a
(and lived to tell about it!) EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE ~ 6:30AM Graniteville Presbyterian Church
Easter Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. at the top of Minister Brook Road in Worcester
Maundy Thurs. (Apr. 17) at 6:00 p.m.
Good Friday (Apri. 18) at 12:15 p.m.
Potluck Breakfast Follows Easter Sunrise Service
East Barre Congregational Church
Pastor Seok-Cheol Shin
at 7:00 AM
(corner of Mill and Church streets, East Barre) Followed by Our Annual Easter Breakfast
Questions? 476-6454 or www.eastbarrechurch.org We hope to see you there! ~All Welcome~

Everyone Welcome Maundy Thursday

to Our Easter Masses

April 17, 7:00PM–Confession and absolution, Foot
Washing, the Lord’s Supper, and stripping of the altar.
Good Friday
April 18, 7:00PM–Walking the Way of the Cross.
St. John
the Evangelist, St. Edward, An opportunity to pray for the suffring world and to
Northfield Williamstown remember & give thanks for Jesus' redemptive suffering
Schedule Schedule and death.
Saturday, Sunday, Easter Celebration Service
April 19: April 20: April 20, 9:30AM–Christ is risen! We celebrate with
8PM - Easter Vigil 10:30AM lots of music, flowers symbolizing new life and a
40 Washington St., Barre, VT 05641 Mass Easter Mass Festival Eucharist. Bring a friend!
802.476.8156 email: heddingumc@hotmail.com Sunday, April 20:
www.heddingumc.org 8:30AM Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Easter Mass 115 Northfield Street • Montpelier • 229-5440
We invite everyone to join us for a joyful celebra�on
of the Resurrec�on of Jesus Christ and the hope
of our own resurrec�on to new life in Christ.
Lighthouse Christian Church &
�� Maundy Thursday Worship, April 17 at 7PM
Easter Week Services
�� Easter Vigil, Saturday, April 19 at 8PM Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church We First Baptist Church - Montpelier
�� Easter Sunday Service at Hedding UMC, April 20 at 10AM Minister: Rev. Carl Durham Welcome
Please join us! Good Friday, April 18, 7:00PM You! are holding a combined
“A Spiritual Home, Offering Christ in Community and Fellowship” At Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Directions: Turn south on Airport Road at intersection of VT 63 Resurrection Sunday
(hospital light). Go 2.2 miles and look for church on left.
Service at 9:00AM
Easter Morning 10:30AM at St. Paul Street, Montpelier
The holidays are a natural time to worship, but Worship in Word & Song: “Wake up...rise from the dead, with a Brunch following
and Christ will Shine on you.” We invite you to share in the celebration
they aren’t the only time. Throughout the year, of our risen Lord!
whenever you feel the need for an open Christ Is Risen From The Dead! (Worship Every Sunday 10:00AM)
welcoming spiritual community, there’s church.
Here and now.
Maundy Thursday Come Celebrate the Resurrection
EXPERIENCE Come and rejoice,
(Last Supper) Service
6:00 p.m.
WONDER Good Friday, for Christ the Lord is Risen”
Ecumenical 12 noon
BEYOND Easter Sunday
Come and hear the story of betrayal,
sacrifice, and the conquering of death. ...with us at the First Baptist Church
Old Brick Church of East Montpelier
PAINTED EGGS. Worship 10:00 a.m.
Childcare Provided
Pastor Herb Hatch
24 Washington Street, Barre
Easter Worship Services:
First Presbyterian Church Good Friday Service 6:00 PM
Easter Sunday Sunrise Service 5:45 AM
Easter Sunday Service
(The Green Church)
19 Seminary Street, Barre, VT at Four Corner School House, East Montpelier
Easter Sunday Church Service 10:00 AM
10:00 a.m.
Rev. Carl Hilton-VanOsdall Questions? Call: 223-1232 All Are Welcome
Email: brickchurchvt@gmail.com
Pastor All are welcome to attend For Transportation Needs, Call
PRESBYTERIAN Church is located at the Junction of Rts. 2 & 14
CHURCH (USA) 802-476-5929 or 802-229-0268

April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 27

Could also
also be
be used
used without
without food
food listing.

Gregoire’s VIOLIN SHOP

Making & Restoring Fine Violins
Violin • Viola • Cello • Bass Our Town. Lost Nation Theater, 8pm. See description 4/17. Open Turf Time. Play soccer, frisbee, basketball, baseball and lots
VIOLIN RENTALS CVCOA Help. Sarah Willhoit of CV Council on Aging can answer more, including indoor driving range. Central Vermont Memorial
15 month
e s t au ra nt
your questions about health insurance & other senior services.
Montpelier Senior Activity Ctr, 9am-noon. Call 479-4400 for appt.
Civic Center, Gallison Hill Rd., $1, 3:30-5pm. Info. 229-5900.
Pruning Trees. This hands-on workshop with State Lands Forester
10 Hutchins Circle
R Service
Rewriting Your Truths Part 2: A Night of Affirmations. Workshop
w/certified holistic health coach Sarah Richardson M.Ed, M.S. Hunger
Mtn Coop, $2 members/$3 non, 6-7:30pm. Pre-reg. 223-8000 x202.
Dave Wilcox is a perennial favorite. Dress for the outdoors, meet in
East Montpelier room. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 10am.
WOLCOTT- Lacing Up for Cancer Benefit Indoor Yard Sale &
Cello Rentals WATERBURY- The Science of Sound. Hands-on activities with Bake Sale. Wolcott United Methodist Church, Rte 15, 9am-3pm.
Fresh Seafood • Steaks • Ice Cream
Kurt Valenta, ages 3-6. Waterbury Public Library, 10am. 244-7036.
WOLCOTT- Lacing Up for Cancer Benefit Indoor Yard Sale & Sunday, April 20
Appraisals Bake Sale. Wolcott United Methodist Church, Rte 15, 9am-4pm. MONTPELIER- Ben Kinsley. Acoustic guitar for Sunday brunch.
Bagitos Cafe, 28 Main St., 11am-1pm. Info. 229-9212.
Bow Rehairing
& Restoration Saturday, April 19 Our Town. Lost Nation Theater, 7pm. See description 4/17.
BERLIN- Annual VT Scholastic Chess Championships. All VT
www.vermontviolinmaker.com students in grades k-12 are welcome, all abilities. Berlin Elementary, Monday, April 21
registration 8:30-9:30am, games start 10am. http://vtchess.info
MONTPELIER- Red Cross Blood Drive. Please donate. Make an
CALAIS- Bob and the Trubadors. At Whammy Bar, Maple Corner appointment at redcrossblood.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. Walk-
Store, FREE, starts 7:30pm. ins also welcome. Main Street Middle School, 11:30am-5:30pm.
MIDDLESEX- Green Mtn Club History Walk. Easy, 4-6 mile walk Death and Rebirth: Facing Fear & Finding Hope. Explore the natu-
along Rte 100B, with some photos of buildings as they existed many


GExample Example of ad
years ago. Call 622-0585 for meeting time and place.
ral cycle of life, death and rebirth from a Buddhist perspective, with

O P E APRIL 24th ON MONTPELIER- Braiding History. Join historian and writer Beth
Kannell in this workshop weaving Montpelier history & personal his-
Ven. Amy Miller. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 6-8pm.
Guided Partner Thai Bodywork. With Lori Flower of Karmic
Connection. Come to give and receive with a friend. Hunger Mtn
tory into a poem. Vermont History Museum, 109 State St., 10:30am. Coop, $8 members/$10 non, 5:30-6:30pm. Pre-reg. 223-8000 x202.
Twitter Poetry. Got 140 characters? Beth Kannell leads this workshop
• Fresh Seafood in using the power of Twitter in creating poems. A PoemCity 2014
event. Bagitos Cafe, 26 Main St., 12:30pm.
Tuesday, April 22
• Steaks MONTPELIER- Birding By Ear Mini-Course. First session of
Photo and Poetry Workshop. Write Mondays hosts Deb Fleishman
and Gary Miller host a generative workshop around photography and four-part workshop. North Branch Nature Center, $165 members/$180
• Ice Cream poetry. A PoemCity 2014 event. Local 64, 5 State St., 1-3pm. non for series, 6-7:30pm. Info./register 229-6206.
Thursday through Sunday 11AM-8PM The “Not Too Far From Home” Comedy Tour. Starring comics Red Cross Blood Drive. Please donate. Make an appointment at red-
Enjoy crossblood.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. Walk-ins also welcome.
Enjoy our
our dining
dining room
room or
or convenient
convenient window
window service!
service! Aaron David Ward, Deric Harrington & Ray Harrington. Montpelier
National Life, 9am-3pm.
Elks Lodge, $25, dinner 6pm, show 8pm. Info. 223-2600 x22.
Route PoemCity Annual Open Reading. This event never fails to draw a
Route 107,
107, Bethel,
Bethel, VT
VT •• 802-234-9400
802-234-9400 Irish Session, 2-5pm; The Neptunes, 6-8pm. Both at Bagitos Cafe,
lively crowd of local poets. Bear Pond Books, 77 Main St., 7pm. Sign-
28 Main St. Info. 229-9212.
up details at www.bearpondbooks.com
Our Town. Lost Nation Theater, 8pm. See description 4/17. continued on next page

C oncert
Montpelier Kiwanis
Club 19TH Annual
BARRE- Barre Paletteers Spring Art Show. Artists interpret the
theme “Zebra, Water, Fruit” and present other works. Aldrich
Public Library, Milne Room, through 5/9.
MONTPELIER- Re-Wilding: Shamanic Painting by Linda 4/17 Cinderella - Moscow Festival Ballet, Lyndon Institute - Lyndonville, VT

Pruitt. In the fiction room. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, through 4/19 Joan Osborne, Lebanon Opera House - Lebanon, NH
4/30. 7/18 The Pat Travers Band, Tupelo Music Hall - White 4/25 Bill Burr, Flynn Theater - Burlington, VT
-- Wildlife in Colored 5/2 Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck, Tupelo Music Hall - White River Jct, VT
River Jct, VT Pencil. Giclee prints by Corinna Thurston.
2 col x 4.8
Green Bean Art Gallery 4/2 thru 5/4 The Spitfire Grill, Briggs Opera House - White River Jct, VT
7/19 Soulshine Tour,atBank
of NHGrounds,
Pavilion atthrough 4/27. 5/9 Nobby Reed, Tupelo Music Hall - White River Jct, VT
-- Gretchen Besio Quilts.
Meadowbrook - Gilford,Including
NH hand-dyed fabrics and
Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, "French" uniquely7/25
sewnMaxpieces. The Cheshire
Creek, Tupelo Music HallCat, through
- White River 4/30.
5/10 Roots of Creation, Tupelo Music Hall - White River Jct, VT
5/11 The Wailin’ Jennys, Chandler Center for the Arts - Randolph, VT
-- Re-Envisioned.
VT Fabric collage and colored pencil works by
Toast, Pancakes, Coffee, Juice, Milk Dianne 7/25
Nickel Creek,Governor’s
Shelburne MuseumGallery, Pavilion Building 5th
- Shelburne,
5/16 The Snaz, Tupelo Music Hall - White River Jct, VT
5/2 thru 5/18 Joe Egg, Shaker Bridge Theater - Enfield, NH
"All the food...You Can Eat!" floor, through VTJune. Photo ID required for admission. 5/24 Jack Johnson, Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY
7/29 of
-- Artists Old GRACE
Crow Medicine2014.Show, Shelburne
Works MuseumDensmore,
by Merrill - T.J. 5/25 The Head and the Heart, Flynn Theater - Burlington, VT
Goodrich, Dot Shelburne,
KibbeeVT& James Nace. State House cafeteria, thru
Sat., May 3 • 7AM - 11:30AM 5/2. 8/1 thru 8/3 Osheaga Music & Arts Festival, Parc
Jean-Drapeau - Montreal, QC
5/28 Ray LaMontagne, Shelburne Museum - Shelburne, VT
5/30 Sullivan Davis Hanscom Band, Tupelo Music Hall - White River Jct, VT
-- Sculpture
8/3 Iris Exhibit. Featuring
Dement, Tupelo Musicworks by Thea
Hall - White RiverAlvin,
Jct, Ria Blaas,
5/30 and 5/31 Dave Matthews Band, Saratoga Performing Arts Center -
BOUTWELL MASONIC CENTER Rob Hitzig,VTSteve Proctor, Brian-Jon Swift & James Irving Saratoga Springs, NY
8/8 Ana Popovic,ArtsTupeloCouncil Sculpture
Music Hall Garden,
- White River Jct, ongoing.
6/6 Tedeschi Trucks Band, Shelburne Museum - Shelburne, VT
Gallison Hill Road, Montpelier PLAINFIELD-
VT Birches: Twists and Turns. Acrylic paintings on
byGooBarbara Leber. Blinking Light Gallery,
6/10 Fitz & The Tantrums, Higher Ground - South Burlington, VT
Valley through 6/1.
6/13 Patty Griffin, Lebanon Opera House - Lebanon, NH
8/23 Goo Dolls / Daughtry, Champlain 6/14 Patty Griffin, Flynn Theater - Burlington, VT
-- Backstage Expoat the Jct,
- Essex Rainbow
VT Cattle Co.: Drag Queens of
Benefit Kiwanis Community Services Dummerston,
10/3 JennVt.Grinels,
by Evie Lovett,
Music Hall - w/interviews
White River by Lovett &
6/17 Hot Tuna / Leon Russell, Lebanon Opera House - Lebanon, NH
Greg Sharrow of VT Folklife Center. Plainfield Community 6/20 The English Beat, Tupelo Music Hall - White River Jct, VT
Jct, VT
Adults: $7 • Children under 12: $4 Center, 4/17-5/22. 7/2 Neko Case, Flynn Theater - Burlington, VT
7/3 thru 7/5 Phish, Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY
STOWE- Surveillance Society. Group exhibit. Helen Day Art 7/5 O.A.R. & Phillip Phillips, Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook - Gilford,
Tickets available at the Center, Main Gallery, through 4/20. NH
door or from any -- Andrea Lilienthal. Works by the Brooklyn-based mixed media 7/10 John Hiatt & Robert Cray, Shelburne Museum - Shelburne, VT
sculptor. Helen Day Art Center, East Gallery, through 4/20. 7/12 Jennifer Nettles / Indigo Girls, Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook -
Montpelier Kiwanian -- Local Color. Works by Vermont painter Rebecca Kinkead. West Gilford, NH
Branch Gallery, Main Gallery, through 6/17. 7/16 Sarah McLachlan, Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs,
Our 75th Year of Service -- Recent Works. Paintings and photographs by architect and art- NY
to the Community ist Tom Cullins. Upstairs at West Branch Gallery, through 6/17. For venue phone numbers, call
The Point at 223-2396 9:00 to 5:00
Mon.-Fri., or visit our web site at www.pointfm.com
• Bethel • Braintree • Montpelier • Randolph • Rochester • U-32 District Towns • Waterbury Schedules subject to change without notice.
ORCA Media Channel 15 8:00p Vermont Countryside
9:00p Live at Sweet Melissa’s
Story Line
4:30p Abundant Living
7:00p Ethan Allen Homestead
Enrichment Program
11:00a Governance Structure for Education
1:30p Improving the Quality of State Waters CVTV Channel 23 • BARRE, VT
Public Access Weekly Program Schedu 10:00p Poem City 5:00p The Thom Hartman Show 8:30p The Storyteller 4:00p VT Public Benefit Structure & Woodside
Wednesday, April 16 Saturday, April 19 6:00p France 24 9:00p First Wednesdays Rehab Center Wednesday 10:30 AMThe Artful Word
6:00a Bob Dylan Wannabe Contest 7:00p Senior Moments Sunday, April 20 3:00 AMFright Night 11:00 AMCVTSport.net
8:00a Democracy Now!
5:30a Jesus By John Easter Special
8:30p Salaam Shalom
5:30p Montpelier City Council Monday
7:00a Hour of Refreshing 12:00p U32 School Board 9:30p Montpelier Design Review Committee 4:59 AMGreen Mountain Vets for 12:30 PMCuban Bridge
9:00a Singer Songwriter Competition 7:30a Wings of Devotion 10:30p Hunger Council 4:00p Montpelier School Board 2:00 AMFright Night
11:30a Live at Sweet Melissa’s 8:00a Senior Moments 11:30p The Last Irene 8:00p VT State Board of Education
11:00p Central Vermont Regional Planning Com- Peace 1:30 PMSports Talk 6:30 AMArts Collage Attack
mission 6:00 AMSports Talk 2:30 PMBarre Town Drama
12:00p Democracy Now! 10:00a Welcome To Reality: Phase B Tuesday, April 22 Monday, April 21 7:00 AMPreservation Burlington
1:00p Abundant Living 11:00a Bill Doyle on VT Issues 6:00a The Struggle Sat, April 19 7:00 AMSound Off 4:30 PMEthan Allen Hoemstead
2:00p For The Animals 12:00p Everyday Gardening 6:00a Changes to State Transportation Laws Parts 1&2 7:30 AMSports Talk
11:30a Bill Doyle on VT Issues 7:00a Vermont Countryside 1:00p Poetry Out Loud Semi-Finals 8:30 AMCaptSalty_50 5:30 PMSongwriter’s Notebook
2:30p Miss Vermont Today 12:00p Spotlight On VT Issues 8:00a Democracy Now! 3:00p Arts Collage Attack 9:00a Randolph Selectboard 9:30 AMFor the Animals 6:00 PMBook Talk 8:30 AMSalaam Shalom
3:30p VT Treasures 12:30p Egidio: A Story of Resistance & 9:00a Salaam Shalom 12:30p Waterbury Village Trustees
4:00p The Last Irene 10:00a Hick In The Hood
4:00p Abolition & the Underground 12:30 PMFor the Animals 6:30 PMNuclear Free Future 9:30 AMBill Doyle on VT Issues
Resilience Railroad in Vermont 3:30p Berlin Selectboard
5:00p The Thom Hartman Show 1:30p The Awareness Theater 12:00p Democracy Now! 7:00p Bethel Selectboard 1:00 PMCVTSport.net 7:30 PMVermont Treasures 10:30 AMCity Room with Steve
5:30p Mindful Health Alternatives
6:00p France 24 2:30p AARP Vermont 1:00p A Nuclear Iran & the New Middle East 6:00p New England Culinary Institute 9:00p Vermont in Focus 2:30 PMBill Doyle on VT Issues 7:59 PMGreen Mountain Vets for Pappas
7:00p Vermont Historical Society 3:00p Poem City 2:00p Poem City 3:00 PMSalaam Shalom Peace
8:00p Vermont Musicians On The Air 3:00p Another Way
7:00p New England Cooks 9:30p Health Care Payment Reform 11:00 AMHolistically Speaking
4:30p Roman Catholic Mass 8:00p Goddard College – 35th Parallel 10:30p Health Care Reform 4:00 PMShotgun Express 11:30 PMFright Night
9:00p The Awareness Theater 5:00p Washington Baptist Church 4:00p Vermont Musicians On The Air 12:00 PMSalaam Shalom
9:30p Bob Dylan Wannabe Contest 6:00p France 24 5:00p The Thom Hartman Show Part 1 & 2 11:30p Substance Abuse Treatment 5:00 PMSound Off 1:00 PMCuban Bridge
10:00p Community Cinema Sun, April 20 6:00 PMBook Talk Saturday
Thursday, April 17 7:00p VT Treasures 6:00p Welcome To Reality: Phase B LIVE
11:00p Book Talk 2:00 PMCVTSport.net
6:00a International Women’s 8:00p Out On a Limb 7:00p VT Senate Spotlight 6:00a Solid Waste Management 8:00 PMCity Room with Steve 2:00 AMFright Night
Day Celebration Live at the Tip Top 7:30p Bill Doyle on VT Issues Tuesday, April 22 6:30a Health Care Reform Discussion Pappas 7:30 AMSports Talk 3:15 PMSports Talk
7:30a Songwriter’s Notebook 10:30p For The Animals 8:00p Bill Doyle on VT Issues 12:00p First Wednesdays 7:30a Vermonters Recovery Testimony 4:00 PMVermont Treasures
8:30p Talking About Movies 1:30p Education – Join The Conversation 8:30 PMPete Seeger Tribut 8:00 AMCapt. Salty
8:00a Democracy Now! 11:00p Gay USA 8:30a Montpelier Planning Commission 4:30 PMSound Off
9:00p Singer Songwriter Competition 2:30p CVTS Game of the Week Concert 9:30 AMTalking About Movies
9:00a Live at Main Street Landing Sunday, April 20 4:30p Arts Collage Attack 10:30a Early Childhood Day & Teacher Licensing
11:00 PMTalking About Movies 11:30 AMCVTSport.net 5:30 PMCaptSalty_50
9:30a The Folklorist 6:00a Wings of Devotion 11:30a Creation and Renewal of State Police Contracts
5:00p Burlington Free University 1:00 PMEthan Allen Hoemstead 6:30 PMShotgun Express
10:30a AARP Vermont
11:00a The Awareness Theater
6:30a Hour of Refreshing
7:00a Jesus By John Easter Special
ORCA Media Channel 16 6:00p Boreas Borealis 12:00a Vermont in Focus
Thursday 2:00 PMNew England Cooks
Education Access Weekly Program Schedule 8:00p Holistically Speaking 12:30p Under The Golden Dome 7:30 PMEthan Allen Hoemstead
11:30a The Last Irene 8:30a Abundant Living 1:00p Inside Your State House 2:00 AMFright Night 3:00 PMBook Talk
12:00p Democracy Now! 9:00a Spotlight on Vermont Issues
Additional Educational Programming 9:00p Village Square Booksellers 8:25 PMVT Musicians on Air
1:00p Singer Songwriter Competition Between Scheduled Shows 10:00p Let’s Talk About Mental Health 1:20p Early Childhood Day & Teacher Licensing 6:00 AMSalaam Shalom 3:30 PMArt With Tracy 11:00 PMFright Night
9:30a For the Animals
3:30p Lost Nation Theater “Adapted By 10:00a Assassin’s Creed “Black Flag” – Wednesday, April 16 11:00p Book Talk 2:30p Property Tax Bill Rate 8:00 AMCity Room with Steve 5:00 PMNew England Cooks
Samuel Becket” Story Line 12:00p Village Square Booksellers 5:30p Waterbury Selectboard Pappas 6:00 PMPreservation Burlington
5:00p The Thom Hartman Show
6:00p France 24
10:30a Roman Catholic Mass 1:00p Burlington Free University
2:00p The Storyteller ORCA Media Channel 17 9:30p Waterbury Vtrans Public Hearing
11:30p Autism Report
9:00 AMShotgun Express 6:30 PMLifelines
3:00 AMFright Night
11:00a Vermont Historical Society
2:30p Let’s Talk About Mental Health Government Access Weekly Program Schedule 10:45 AMSongwriter’s Notebook 7:30 PMSports Talk
7:00p Assassin’s Creed “Black Flag” – 12:00p Washington Baptist Church
3:00p Education – Join The Conversation Wed, April 16 Mon, April 21 11:30 AMCity Room with Steve 8:00 PMSound Off 6:30 AMMiss_Vermont_Today
Story Line 1:00p The Struggle 6:00a GMO Labeling
7:30p Sudzin Country 1:30p VT Senate Spotlight 4:00p Danger Men Cooking 6:00a Green Mountain Care Board Pappas 9:00 PMVT Musicians on Air 7:30 AMSports Talk
9:00a Regulation of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
8:00p Talking About Movies 2:00p Jesus By John Easter Special 5:00p Abolition & the Underground 10:00a 2015 Budget
11:00a Property Tax Bill Rate
12:00 PMSports Talk 11:00 PMFright Night 8:30 AMCaptSalty_50
9:00p Spotlight on Vermont Issues 4:30p Vermont Countryside Railroad in Vermont 1:00p VT Public Benefit Structure & Woodside 1:00 PMArt With Tracy
9:30p Another Way 6:30p Mindful Health Alternatives Rehab Center 2:00p VT Public Benefit Structure & Woodside 9:30 AMFor the Animals
5:30p Bill Doyle on VT Issues 2:00 PMSound Off Sunday
10:30p Recovery of the Bald Eagle in VT 6:00p Bill Doyle on VT Issues 7:00p Montpelier School Board LIVE 2:30p GMO Labeling Rehab Center 10:00 AMNew England Cooks
Thursday, April 17 5:30p Vermonters Recovery Testimony 3:30p Early Childhood Day & Teacher Licensing 3:00 PMNew England Cooks 2:00 AMSports Talk
Friday, April 18 7:00p Egidio: A Story of Resistance &
4:00 PMCity Room with Steve 10:59 AMLifelines
Resilience 12:00p Holistically Speaking 6:30p Montpelier City Council LIVE 7:00p Montpelier Development Review Board LIVE 6:00 AMSports Talk
6:00a Lost Nation Theater “Adapted By
8:00p Lost Nation Theater “Adapted By 1:30p New England Culinary Institute Thu, April 17 Pappas 7:00 AMCapt. Salty 11:30 AMVermont Treasures
Samuel Becket”
7:30a Miss Vermont Today Samuel Becket” 2:00p Community Cinema 6:00a Carr Lot Design Committee Tue, April 22 4:30 PMCVTSport.net 8:00 AMSound Off 12:00 PMArts Collage Attack
8:00a Democracy Now! 9:30p Talking About Movies 3:00p Boreas Borealis 8:30a Health Care Reform 6:00a Improving the Quality of State Waters 5:59 PMGreen Mountain Vets for 9:30 AMCaptSalty_50 1:00 PMCVTSport.net
9:00a Another Way 10:00p Jesus By John Easter Special 5:00p Book Talk 9:30a Substance Abuse Treatment
6:00p The Artful Word 10:00a Montpelier Development Review Board
8:30a Health Care Reform Discussion Peace 10:30 AMTalking About Movies 2:30 PMSalaam Shalom
9:30a VT Senate Spotlight Monday, April 21 5:30p E. Montpelier School Board 9:30a Solid Waste Management 8:30 PMNew England Cooks 11:00 AMCVTSport.net 3:30 PMBill Doyle on VT Issues
10:00a Interpretive Dance “Animal” 6:00a Sudzin Country 1:00p Green Mountain Care Board
8:30p CVTS Game of the Week 10:00a Privatization of Public Schools 9:30 PMThe Artful Word 12:30 PMNew England Cooks
11:00a Salaam Shalom 7:00a VT Historical Society 4:00p Raising the Vermont Minimum Wage
11:00a TBA 5:00 PMHolistically Speaking
12:00p Democracy Now! 8:00a Democracy Now! 10:30p Vermont Floor Hockey 7:30p Under The Golden Dome 11:00 PMFright Night 1:30 PMCity Room with Steve
Friday, April 18 8:30p Early Childhood Day & Teaching Licensing 11:30a Lake Shoreland Protection Standards 6:00 PMFor the Animals
1:00p Senior Moments 9:00a Vermont Musicians On The Air 12:00p Homelessness For Project Citizen Pappas 6:30 PMCaptSalty_50
2:30p Songwriter’s Notebook 10:00a Talking About Movies 12:00p Harwood Union School Board 9:30p VT Public Benefit Structure & Woodside
Rehab Center 1:00p Education Property Tax Rate & Financial Friday 2:30 PMShotgun Express
3:00p Brunch With Bernie LIVE 11:00a Poem City 4:30p U32 School Board
2:00 AMFright Night 6:59 PMLifelines 8:00 PMCity Room with Steve
4:00p Common Good Vermont 12:00p Democracy Now! 8:30p Montpelier School Board 11:00p Proposing Amendments to the U.S. Implications
7:30 AMShotgun Express 7:30 PMSports Talk Pappas
4:30p Monroe’s Sharing Garden 1:00p Live at Sweet Melissa’s Saturday, April 19 Constitution 4:00p Press Conference
8:30 PMArt With Tracy
5:00p The Thom Hartman Show 2:00p Welcome To Reality: Phase B 12:00p CVTS Game of the Week Fri, April 18 5:30p Montpelier Design Review Committee 8:30 AMLifelines 8:30 PMEthan Allen Hoemstead
6:00p France 24 3:00p Interpretive Dance “Animal” 3:00p E. Montpelier School Board 7:00a Health Care Payment Reform 7:00p Montpelier Planning Commission 9:30 AMCity Room with Steve 9:30 PMHolistically Speaking 9:30 PMNuclear Free Future
7:00p The Struggle 4:00p Assassin’s Creed “Black Flag” – 6:00p Massachusetts School of Law 8:00a Raising the Vermont Minimum Wage 10:00p Regulation of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Pappas 10:30 PMCVTSport.net 11:00 PMTalking About Movies
Community Media(802) 224-9901 Check out our Web page at www.orcamedia.net ALL PROGRAMING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

page 28 The WORLD April 16, 2014

For Showtimes
Call 229-0343
Or Visit Us On
For Showtimes Call 229-0343
www.fgbtheaters.com BARRE
Descriptive For Showtimes Please Call 479-9621
Author Don Mitchell. Reading from his book Flying Blind, about
Audio Descriptive Available on certain movies...
A PoemCityAvailable
2014 event.
on Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 7pm. WED. & THURS. APRIL 16 & 17 Or Visit Us On The web at
creating a habitat for endangered bats on his Vergennes farm. certain mov-
Our Town.ies...WED.
Lost Nation& Theater, 7pm. See description 4/17. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL --PG-- www.fgbtheaters.com
Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 58 Barre St., 12:45pm.
Parklets Presentation
THURS. and Technical Meeting. For those interested CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 --PG-13-- (3D & 2D)
WED. & THURS. APRIL 16 & 17
Earth Day Celebration. Bring old books for book swap, kids garden- APRIL
in learning more about parklets or looking to submit proposals. City
RIO 2 --G-- (3D & 2D)
CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 --PG-13-- (3D & 2D)
ing table, face painting until 1pm, sample local products, plant walk at 16&17
Council Chambers,
HEAVEN IS39 Main St., 7pm. Info. at montpelieralive.org
DIVERGENT --PG-13-- NOAH --PG-13--
noon, prizes and more. Hunger Mountain Coop, 10am-5pm.
Green Mountain
FOR REAL Care Board Public Meeting. Dept. of Financial FRI.-THURS. APRIL 18-24
Solar Home: Heating & Cooling Info. Session. Learn about basics, Regulation, 89 Main St., 3rd floor, 1-4pm. Info. at http://gmcboard.
financial incentives and more w/Jessica Edgerly Walsh of SunCommon. vermont.gov/
Hunger Mountain Coop, FREE, 6-7pm. Pre-register 223-8000 x202. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 --PG-13-- (3D & 2D)
NORTHFIELD- Red Cross Blood Drive. Please donate. Make an RIO 2 --G-- (3D & 2D) CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 --PG-13-- (3D & 2D)

Wednesday, April 23 appointment at redcrossblood.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. Walk-

ins also welcome. Northfield High School, noon-5:30pm.
24-Hr Movie Line 229-0343 • BUY TICKETS ONLINE AT: www.fgbtheaters.com
BARRE- How the Law Made Vermont. An Osher Lifelong Institute RANDOLPH CTR- Red Cross Blood Drive. Please donate. Make
presentation by Paul Gillies, lawyer and writer. Aldrich Library, $5 an appointment at redcrossblood.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.
for OLLI non-members, 1:30pm. Info. 454-1234. Walk-ins also welcome. Vermont Technical College, 11:30am-5pm. 4th Annual Weekend Flea
Open Mike. With host John Lackard. Green Mountain Tavern, 10 Market at The Central VT Friends of the
Keith Ave., no cover, 9pm. Info. 522-3482. Friday, April 25 Memorial Civic Center Aldrich
COLCHESTER- Veterans Benefit Info. Night. For service mem-
bers & their families. Hosted by Norwich Univ., VSAC & VT National
BARRE- Spring Book Sale. Gently used books & other items for all VENDORS Library
Guard. Camp Johnson, 6-8pm. Info. 485-2712.
MARSHFIELD- Bicycle Maintenance with Ann Miller and
ages at rock bottom prices. Hosted by Friends of the Aldrich. Aldrich
Public Library, Milne Community Room, noon-5pm. Info. 476-7550. NEEDED
Buy one 6ft x 10ft slot for $30 Spring Book Sale!
MONTPELIER- Spring Migration Bird Walk. Explore NBNC &
Friends. Tune up your bike for spring. Jaquith Public Library, FREE,
or two for $50
other local birding hotspots for warblers, vireos, thrushes, more. North Slots are going quickly, so reserve yours Fri., April 25, noon to 5pm
7pm. Info. 426-3581. Branch Nature Center, $10/free for members, 7-8:30am. 229-6206. now by calling 229-5900 or email john
Sat., April 26, 10am to 3pm
MONTPELIER- Kitchen Medicine: Spring Rejuvenation.
at johnm@cvmcc.rog
Brown Bag Poetry: Card Catalog Poetry Writing. Bring your lunch -Rain or Shine!- Milne Community Room
Workshop with Lisa Mase of Harmonized Cookery. VT Center for to this group writing session using the library’s retired card catalog as (Event will take place inside our Arena) Aldrich Public Library
Integrative Herbalism, $25, 5:30-8:30pm. Pre-register 224-7100. a prompt. A PoemCity 2014 event. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, noon. Located at the bottom of Gallison Hill Rd in 6 Washington St., Barre, VT 05641
(802) 476-7550
Montpelier, VT
Winter Ready. Leland Kinsey reads from his newest book, Winter Our Town. Lost Nation Theater, 8pm. See description 4/17. May 3 & 4
Ready. A PoemCity 2014 event. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 7pm. Thousands of gently used books,
NORTHFIELD- 9th Annual Northfield Art Show. Paintings, fiber Doors open at 8am and close at audio-books, videos and more,
U-32 & Montpelier School Districts Discussion. Legislators seek arts, photography, pastels & basketry by 20 local artists. Brown Public
2pm (both days) for all ages at rock bottom prices!
your input on ways to increase educational opportunities in the face of Library, open noon-9pm, reception 7-9pm.
rising costs and declining enrollment. State House, Room 11, 6-8pm.
PLAINFIELD- Artist Reception. With Montpelier artist Barbara
WATERBURY- Toy Hacking. Take apart toys and see how they Leber. Blinking Light Gallery, 5-7pm. Info. 454-0141.
work. Toys and tools provided, for 4th-6th grades. Waterbury Public
Library, 10:30am. Pre-register 244-7036.
World Book Night. To promote reading, WPL will give away 20 cop-
Saturday, April 26 HERRING FARM STAND
BARRE- Spring Book Sale. Aldrich Library, 10am-3pm. See 4/25.
ies of a new, popular adult fiction novel to light or non-readers only.
First come, first served. Waterbury Public Library, starts 6pm. BERLIN- Walk with Green Mountain Club. Easy, 5 mile walk at OPENING APRIL 19TH
Berlin Pond, possible extension to 8 miles according to group prefer- Beef - Pork - Eggs - Plants - and more!
Thursday, April 24 ence. Call 249-8849 for meeting time and place.
Cedar Mulch $20.00 per yd.
MONTPELIER- Woodcock Watch. We’ll listen and watch for the continued on next page Top Soil $15.00 per yd.
dramatic courtship flight of the American Woodcock. North Branch
Nature Center, $5 members/$8 non, 7:30pm. Info. 229-6206. Compost $25.00 per yd.
PoemCity 2014: Poem in Your Pocket Day. Carry a poem with you
Got Something To Sell? CALL
to share with co-workers, family, friends & more. Poems distributed
at Bear Pond, Global Gifts, Capitol Grounds, Drawing Board, more. 802-793-7753
Poem in Your Pocket Storytime Celebration. Enjoy a special poetry
storytime and a craft in celebration of Poem in Your Pocket Day and
PoemCity 2014. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 10:30am. 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin • Barre, VT 05641

The Poetry of William Carlos Williams. UVM professor Huck 479-2582 • 1-800-639-9753 • sales@vt-world.com
Gutman discusses and shares the work of the modern American poet.

CVTV CHANNEL 7 Lost Nation Theater presents

Wednesday 4/16
Barre City Council 9a,12p,3p
Barre Masonic Temple - Square & Compass Club
Plainfield Select 7p,10p
2 Academy Street, Barre • 479-9179
Thursday 4/17 Thornton
Plainfield Select 6a, 9a, 12p
Barre Supervisory Union 3p,7p,10p
underwritten by:
Capitol Copy
Eternity Web, WDEV
Wilder’s Every Saturday Night - Children Welcomed
Friday 4/18
National Life Group
Doors Open 1:30PM Early Birds 5:45PM
Barre Supervisory Union 6a,9a,12p

O ur
Barre Town Select 3p,7p,10p City of Montpelier, VAC
The Point! Times Argus
Sales Start 4:00PM FLASHBALL Reg. Games 7:00PM
Saturday 4/19 Kitchen 5PM #1 Tables/Tear-opens
Barre Town Select 6a, 9a, 12p ad courtesy of THE WORLD
NO Good Friday Bingo
4 PM Washington Baptist Church
5 PM Faith Community Church
6 PM Barre Congregational Church
8 PM St. Monica’s Mass


9 PM Gospel Music
10 PM Calvary Life PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT Game 11:
Sunday 4/20
$1,300 53#'s or less
Extra $175
1 AM Faith Community Church
2 AM Barre Congregational Church
4 AM St. Monica’s Mass
Winner Take All???? 55#'s or less

5 AM Washington Baptist Church

6:30 AM Calvary Life
8 AM Gospel Music
9 AM Washington Baptist Church
10 AM Faith Community Church

11 AM Barre Congregational Church
1 PM St. Monica’s Mass
3:30 PM Calvary Life

5 PM Gospel Music
6 PM Washington Baptist Church
7 PM Faith Community Church
8 PM Barre Congregational Church
10 PM St. Monica’s Mass
•Flash Ball 1: $50.
11 PM Calvary Life
5:30 AM Dartmouth Medical

•Flash Ball 2: $150.

7 AM The Painted Word
Monday 4/21 10 AM Vermont Youth Orchestra
Statehouse Programming 6a,9a,12p
Barre Town School 3, 7, 10p •Mini
12:30 PM Jackpot
12 PM Poetry Slam
Granite History 50#'s: $2,525.
“This is the way we were: •Jackpot
4 PM Instant Coffee50#'s: $1,000.
Tuesday 4/22 montpelier 2:30 PM Burlington Authors
Barre Town School 6a,9a,12p city hall in our growing up and in House
Statehouse Programming 3-6pm our marrying and in our Thursday Night
4:30 PM The Painted Word
Barre City Council “Live” 7pm arts center 6 PM CVTSport_010313
•Doors Open
For theat 4:00 PM THIS WE

39 main living and in our dying” 7:30 PM Animals EK'S SP
CHARTER •Premies atWorker’s
8 PM Vermont 6:00 PMCenter ECIAL
street � •Regular Games
9 PM Ask at 7:00 PM
the Experts

OF BARRE Tony Award “Best Play” 11:30 PM Montpelier Now
Pulitzer Prize Winner CANADIAN
802-229-0492 lostnationtheater.org “the greatest ROUTE 14 Night
• 479-9090

6 AMoutside of Barre
Thursdays–Sundays April 10–27 American play ever 8 AM For the Animals

Thought for the Day: 7pm Thu’s; 8pm Fri’s; 6:45pm Opening Gala 8pm Sat; written” 8:30 AM Road to Recovery
9:30 AM Dartmouth Medical
“In this world, you must be a 7pm Sun 4/13 & 4/20; 2pm Sun 4/27 + 2pm Sat 4/12 - Edward Albee 11 AM For the Animals
11:30 AM Messing Around
bit too kind to be kind enough.” 12 PM Granite History
-- Pierre Carlet de Chamblain One of the Best Regional theaters in America - nyc drama league
de Marivaux THE 2 PM Road to Recovery
2:30 PM Vermont Movie Update

3 PM Burlington Authors
4 PM Dartmouth Medical
5:30 PM The Painted Word


6:30 PM Montpelier Now
7 PM Vermont Worker’s Center
8 PM Wind Power Discussion

9:30 PM New England Cooks
Doors open at 4:00 pm APRIL 19
Tuesday Nights Early Birds at 6:00pm 6 PM DINNER
Tuesday 4/15/14 Regular Games at 7:00 pm 8 PM SHOW
Montpelier Elks No. 924
JACKPOT $1,500. ~Food Available~
Kitchen opens at 5:00pm 203 Country Club Rd. Friday,
55 numbers or less -- www.montpelierelks
FLASH BALL $400. Excellent Parking Available
.com April 18, 2014
Tickets: $25
for Dinner & Show 6:00 to 10:00PM
51 numbers or less -- Montpelier Lodge Contact Doreen:
of Elks #924 eventselks924 $5.00 entry fee
3.00 per chance for
203 Country Club Road @comcast.net
Hold 'em Tournament: $50
Bingo Queen of Hearts... Montpelier or call
Pull the Queen & get $157650! 223-2600 Ext #27
(802) 223-2600 Ext. 22
Black Jack - Hold’em - Wheel - Finger Foods
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 29
Cardio Tennis Fundraiser. Benefits Green Mtn United Way, all are
welcome. First in Fitness, $20 donation, 1pm. E-mail sbarker@firstin-
fitness.com to register.
BROOKFIELD- Walkathon for Randolph Area Food Shelf.
Walkers, runners and cyclists welcome. Brookfield Elementary, Ridge Open Turf Time. Play soccer, frisbee, basketball, baseball and lots STOWE- Girl in the Room. A play by Vermont author Sarah Jo
Rd., registration begins 8am. Info. www.randolphareafoodshelf.org more, including indoor driving range. Central Vermont Memorial Willey. Performance benefits Alzherimer’s Association VT chapter.
EAST BETHEL- Annual Ham & Turkey Supper. Grange Hall, Civic Center, Gallison Hill Rd., $1, 3:30-5pm. Info. 229-5900. Spruce Peak Performing Arts Ctr, $20 advance/$25 at door, 7:30pm.
$9/$4 kids, 5-7:30pm. Also Variety Show: $5/$3, 8:15pm. NORTHFIELD- 9th Annual Northfield Art Show. Brown Public
Library, 10am-6pm. See description 4/25.
Sunday, April 27
MONTPELIER- Capital City Concerts: Maids in Vermont. This ELMORE- Pruning 101. Session 1 (1-3pm) on tools/ techniques &
all-girl/all-Vermonter group performs works by Ravel, Martinu, more. PLAINFIELD- 5th Annual Mad Pie Hoedown. Contra dancing and apple tree pruning; session 2 (3:15-5:15pm) on pruning fruit trees,
Unitarian Church, $10-$25, 7:30pm. www.capitalcityconcerts.com pie auction, benefits Villagebuilding Convergence. Plainfield blueberries, other bush fruit. Elmore Roots, $10/session. 888-3305.
Capital City Indoor Farmers Market. Locally grown & prepared Community Center, $8-$20 sugg. donation, 7:30pm. Info. 223-1730.
MONTPELIER- Our Town. Lost Nation Theater, 2pm. See 4/17.
foods, gifts and more. Last week of the “indoor” market will be out- Discover Goddard Day. Learn about low residency degree programs,
side at the usual summer site. 60 State St., 10am-2pm. Musicians Against Child Abuse. Russ, Greta & PQ at 4pm;
meet students and faculty, tour campus & have lunch. Goddard Stehpanie Lynn at 4:30pm; Chad Hollister at 5pm; Bow Thayer at
The Nature of Poetry. Bring your favorite nature poem to share or College, FREE, 10am-3pm. RSVP at www.goddard.edu/discover 6pm. Benefits Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, all ages welcome. Held
come to listen. Led by poet & nature lover Michelle A.L. Singer, foll. RANDOLPH- Christian Contemporary Concert. Under One Roof at Sweet Melissa’s, Langdon St., $10 sugg. donation, 4-7pm.
by nature walk & writing. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 10am-noon. Ministry presents a concert for all ages feat. Remnant and Unique Small NORTHFIELD- 9th Annual Northfield Art Show. Brown Public
Springtime Family Music Soiree with Summit School. Rollicking & The Mended Hearts. Green Mtn Gospel Chapel, FREE, 7pm. Library, noon-4pm. See description 4/25.
family fun featuring music, dancing & wonderful talent of the Summit Beat the Band Contest Winners. Feat. Donna Thunder, Coquette, WATERBURY- Hike with Green Mountain Club. Moderate, 5-6
School for Traditional Music. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 1-2pm. Revibe, TallGrass GetDown & The Folk Rock Project. Audience mem- miles at Little River State Park. Spring wildflower & history hike.
Our Town. Lost Nation Theater, 8pm. See description 4/17. bers vote for a winner. Chandler Music Hall, $12, 7:30pm. 728-6464. Bring water and lunch. Call 229-9787 for meeting time and place.

Like us on facebook to follow
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Low Cigarette Prices Everyday & specials ~
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Red Bull 8.4 oz. & Monster 16-oz. can ..................... 2/$4.00 Chardonnay ...........................................................750 ml $1299*
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5 5699*
Red Buck Tip Cigars Labatt Ice 24 oz. Red Bull & Monster 4-pk 8.4-oz....................................$7.59
$ 89* $
10-ct $1.19**single ¢* GAL. GAL. GAL. GAL.
Vermont's Own Switchel QUARTS .............................$6.99 Franzia 5.0L Bag-In-A-Box
$2.99*pk $23.99*carton $14.28** 12-pk All Half-Gallons 2
$ 59 4-pk 12-oz. bottles ........... $10.69 Blush, Chillable Red,
Crisp White, Sangria ..................................................... $
Large Selection of E-Cigs and Juice HARD CIDER SELECTIONS:
Citizens Unified Press 22-oz ........................... $ 699*
•BARQ'S •CANADA DRY 12-PK$ 439 Pepsi, Dew, Mug, Schweppes, Crush
Burgundy, Chablis, Chiati, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Merlot, Chardonnay, Moscato ....................................... $
$149 2+ Liters $469 12-Packs
+ DEP.
2-LITER 1 + DEP.
Smith & Forge 12-pk ...................................... $
Fish Eye Ass't Flavors .....................................3 liter $1799*
★Roll-Your-Own Headquarters★ Angry Orchard 12-pk 12-oz............................... $ 1399* $ 49 24-PK 7
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1/2-GAL. Great Selection of Tobacco, Tubes & Machines 1199*
Citizens 4-pk 16-oz can ..................................... $ + DEP. Bota Box Ass't Flavors....................................3 liter $1999*

* = +Tax ** = +Tax+Dep.
Hurry, Limited Supply On All Specials!
Specials Good Thru 4/27/2014 Open Everyday!
We Sell Hunting & Fishing Licenses Monday-Friday 6AM-9PM
LIQUOR 411 North Main St., Barre
Checks By Courtesy Card Only! EBT Saturday & Sunday 7AM-9PM

not responsible for
479-9227 • 476-4962 • Fax 479-9348 ATM
LP Gas Grill
Bottle Drives Welcome
Advance notice appreciated
Fast, Courteous
Bottle Redemption
Other Store Specials Too Numerous To Mention!
typographical errors

Items on sale April 14-27, 2014 Only! • For a Complete Price List Call: (802) SPI-RITS
Stores Visit our website at 802spirits.com



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1.75 L 1.75 L 1.75 L 750 mL 750 mL 750 mL

This ad paid for by Vermont Liquor Brokers or individual companies.

œÃÌʏˆµÕœÀÊÃ̜ÀiÃÊ>Àiʜ«i˜Êœ˜Ê-՘`>ÞÊUÊ78 Convenient Locations Throughout Vermont
page 30 The WORLD April 16, 2014
Sterling Area Services is
looking for a responsible,
patient person to provide
20 hours a week of
support for a young man in
the Barre area. This position JOB looking for physically fit individu- $+DQG\6XQRFR practice Bachs D-minor double,
is temporary (April 28-
September 1, 2014) with Classified OPPORTUNITIES als to work for CAN DO SPECIAL
EVENTS from early May until %D\6HUYLFH6WDWLRQ Handel duets, etc. interests/
PBS/VPR, outdoors, pets, Doo/
the chance of becoming Deadline Is ASSISTANT FOR a GENTLE-
October. Our team sets up tents, ZLWK6XQRFR)XHO Wop. Gary, Minister Brook Rd
tables, chairs and bandshells in
The successful candidate
Monday MAN with minor handicap. a 200 mile radius of Randolph LQ:DWHUEXU\&HQWHU
Worcester. 802-229-0678

must be able to work Before 10:00AM Lawn mowing, chain sawing,

odd jobs, year round, 3-5 days
Vermont. Drivers license pre-
ferred. Call John 802-249-1944 ZLWKD:HOO(VWDEOLVKHG WANTED: VIOLIN partner to
practice Bachs D-minor double,
comfortably in a team. He can
be a bit shy at first, but he has
per week, 9-3. $12.25/hr. Calais
area. Call Tim 802-456-7033.
or email jpettinat@aol.com
&XVWRPHU%DVHLV Handel duets, etc. interests/
PBS/VPR, outdoors, pets, Doo/
a great sense of humor and WEEKEND RESPITE your
home. 2 weekends per
$YDLODEOHIRU/HDVH Wop. Gary, Minister Brook Rd
enjoys shopping, superheroes, DRIVER NEEDED for a
)RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQ Worcester. 802-229-0678
movies and socializing. We
provide paid training.
INTERESTED ride to and from Spauld-
ing High School. Mornings/
month for 2 pleasant gentle-
men who enjoy outdoor ac-
tivities and community. Calais/ FDOO7RP0F*RII
afternoons. 802-479-1993
Interested candidates Woodbury area. $345/week-
end. Call Tim 802-456-7033. 
should submit a cover letter IMMEDIATE OPENING for
of interest to Sterling Area
Services, 109 Professional
Classes Part or Full Time Salvage Yard
Help. Must have own hand
Drive, Morrisville, VT 05661 ongoing in Barre tools. Flexible hours. 802-
685-7799 allenstogether.net
Earn up to $1,000 a week at INVESTMENTS
FOR INFO, 802-522-4279.
(attention Lisa) or call 802- your leisure in your own home?
888-7602 and ask that an Information: LIGHT CARPENTRY and
The probability of gaining big
profits from this and many simi- $21 Car Insurance - Instant
$100-$300 PAID for Your
Complete Junk Cars and
application be sent to you.
A clean driving record, valid 476-4679 painting $15/hr in East Calais.
1-631-813-6427, 802-454-1099.
lar at home jobs is slim. Promot-
ers of these jobs usually require
Quote - All Credit Types - Find
Out If You Qualify - As Low As
Trucks, FREE metal pick-
up Plainfield. 839-6812
Vermont driver’s license as
well as a reliable and insured
249-2886 LOOKING for Motivated In-
dividual for Lawncare and
a fee to teach you useless, and
unprofitable trades, or to provide
$21/Month. Call (888) 296-3040.
NICE, BLACK and White Fe-
you with futile information. TIP: male Cat, 2Yrs. Old, Free to
vehicle is required. Extensive
background checks will be Visit Our Website: Landscaping, must have valid If a work-at-home program is CLASSES & Good Home. 802-433-1649
Drive License and able to
conducted. EOE www.cdlschoolinvt.com drive Truck w/trailer, Trans-
legitimate, your sponsor should
tell you, for free and in writing, WORKSHOPS
portation, Experience helpful. what is involved. If you question
a program’s legitimacy, call the AIRLINE CAREERS begin here
Call Travis @ 802-371-9293

Thank You For Saying

ATTORNEY GENERAL’S CON- - Get trained as FAA certified
Aviation Technician. Housing LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE/
GRAM at 1-800-649-2424. and Financial aid for qualified Lose 20 pounds in one week?
Top has an opening for 2
I Saw It In hair stylists w/cliental. Booth students. Job placement assis-
tance. Call AIM (866)453-6204.
This is almost impossible!
Weight loss ads must reflect
Rental. Lots of FREE Park-
ing. Call Tom 802-479-0855 BUSINESS HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA
the typical experiences of the
diet users. Beware of pro-
“Truck Equipment Installers” OPPORTUNITIES FROM HOME. 6-8 weeks. grams that claim you can lose
ACCREDITED. Get a Di- weight effortlessly. TIP: Clues
LION$? Watch out for business
ploma. Get a Job! 1-800-264-
8330 Benjamin Franklin HS.
to fraudulent ads include words
like: “breakthrough,” “effortless,”
Seeking motivated and skilled
HIRING opportunities that make outra-
geous claims about potential
earnings. Don’t get fooled into
www.diplomafromhome.com and “new discovery.” When you
see words like these be skepti-
cal. Before you invest your time
Must own tools, experience with SERVERS get rich quick scams. There are
legitimate business opportuni-
ties, but be cautious of any busi-
and money call the ATTORNEY
1 year experience necessary Meet singles right now! No paid ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, at
Welding, electriacal, and hydraulic ness that can’t reflect in writing
Is preferred but will train. Apply online: the typical earnings of previous
employees. TIP: Investigate
operators, just real people like
you. Browse greetings, exchange

Salary based on experience, jobs.pizzahut.com earning potential claims of busi- messages and connect live. Try
nesses by requesting written in- it free. Call now 1-888-909-9905 continued on page 33
formation from them before you
Great benefits. SALES PERSON - P&S FURNI- send any money, or by calling

Accepting applications at work Weekends when necessary. CONSUMER ASSISTANCE
PROGRAM, at 1-800-649-2424.
Full or Part Time 802-535-7649
450 N. Main St. Barre Vt
Call Ella 802-476-3161
Or email at
Seasonal RV Technicians Needed
reception@tenconewengland.com Looking for hard working, self motivated
Tenco Industries an Alamo Group Company is proud to be an Equal
Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer and provides equal op-
NURSERY MANAGER individuals to work in our service department.
portunity to minorities, females, protected veterans and individuals
with disabilities (M/F/D/V). We maintain a drug-free workplace and
perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.
WANTED Vermont Country Campers is looking for handy
people with mechanical skills to join our fast
paced, team oriented service department.
Interested applicants please stop in and see
Make a difference in the lives Job duties include ordering plants, Shawn or send resume to
of the families we support! merchandising, hiring and firing, opening, shawn@vermontcountrycampers.com
closing and point of sale operation.
Must be friendly and able to work with
the public and staff. Salary and
hours depend on experience
EASTER SEALS IS BEGINNING and qualifications.
SERVICES IN BARRE, VT Please apply in person.
Easter Seals is opening in Barre, VT and will be Ask for David or Sheila. 1498 US Rt. 2, East Montpelier, VT 05651
co-located with the Vermont Department for Children (802) 223-6417
and Families. We are currently seeking:


The coordinator supervises and supports the team of Family SUMMER RECREATION VACANCIES
Centered Practice Workers and will join a highly talented
Easter Seals management team in Vermont. Duties will include The Town of Northfield is now accepting
recruiting and supervising staff, managing services and applications for several Recreation positions for
referrals, supporting full implementation of the DCF practice
model, and ensuring excellent communication and relations Vermont’s largest sitework and concrete contractor, the 2014 summer season. Applicants must be 15
with Vermont DCF. S.D. Ireland is looking for experienced and enthusiastic years of age on or before May 1, 2014, to be
people to join our team. qualified to hold a position.
Family Centered We have openings for the following positions:
Positions Available:

Practice Workers •Concrete Finishers •Flaggers Head Life Guard

Life Guards
The FCPW will facilitate Family Group Conferences and Family •Commercial and
Safety Planning Meetings, and will provide Family Time Residential Form •Pipe Layers Water Safety Instructors
Coaching and home visiting for children and families working Workers All applicants must hold current certification.
with VT DCF, Family Services Division. The worker engages
•Rebar tiers •Laborers
families, develops and maintains treatment documentation, Application forms can be picked up at the
and has frequent communication with DCF social workers and
community providers. •Equipment Operators •Pump Operator Northfield Municipal Building (address below) or
Both the Program Coordinator and the FCPW candidates will •CDL Drivers including call 485-6121 to have one sent.
have strong communication, coaching, and writing skills, tandem and mixer •Pavers Please mail or deliver your application to:
along with the ability to work closely with parents, children,
social workers, and community providers. Qualifications Robert H. Lewis
Pay will be commensurate with experience.
include a Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in social work, Town Manager
psychology, human services, or other related field. We offer great benefits, including health care, dental,
paid time off, and a 401(k) plan. c/o Municipal Building
Please submit your resume online at www.eastersealsvt.org
and click on the job opportunities tab to search current openings. Please apply in person at 193 Industrial Avenue in 51 South Main Street

www.eastersealsvt.org Williston, VT to fill out an employment application,

mail your resume to P.O. Box 2286 South Burlington,
Northfield, Vermont 05663
VT 05407 or send via email to kbarrett@sdireland.com. All applications must be received by Tuesday,
Equal Opportunity Employer
S.D. Ireland is an Equal Opportunity Employer April 29, 2014. EOE
page 32 The WORLD April 16, 2014
HEALTH CARE WANTED Before 1990. Running or Not. ANTIQUES/
continued $ A1-CASH PAID
Japanese, British, American, COLLECTIBLES/ HELP WANTED
European. Top Cash Paid.
$75 TO $300+ Free Pick-up. Location Cen- RESTORATION Temporary Part-Time
Health fraud is a business that 802-522-4279.
tral New York 315-569-8094,
Information Center Representative
sells false hope. Beware of un- LOOKING For a PIECE of The State of Vermont Department of Buildings and
substantiated claims for health A.S.A.P. FURNITURE, Check Us Out,
7’x 12’ or 14’ box trailer, barn WANTED: PISTOLS, Ri- made of Real Wood! Not General Services is seeking an individual with strong
products and services. There fles, Shotguns. Top Pric- Pressed Board. Last Time interpersonal skills to promote Vermont and welcome
are no “Quick Cures” - no mat- doors okay. 802-479-4635.
es paid. 802-492-3339 Around Antiques 114 No. Main visitors at our Information Center in Montpelier. Duties
ter what the ad is claiming. TIP: days. 802-492-3032 nights. St Barre.
DO NOT rely on promises of a COIN COLLECTOR will include a combination of customer service, computer
Pay Cash for Pre-1965 Like Us On FaceBook 802-476- data entry and custodial tasks: greeting and providing
“money back guarantee!” Watch Coins and Coin Collec- WANTS TO purchase miner- 8830
out for key words such as “exclu- Open 6 Days a Week. information to our visitors, map reading, record keeping,
tions. Call Joe 802-498-3692 als and other oil and gas in- cleaning restrooms, mopping, shoveling snow and
sive secret,” “amazing results,” terests. Send details to: PO
or “scientific breakthrough.” For HOUSE KEEPER Position TWO THRIFTY SISTERS An- occasional lifting.
Box 13557, Denver, CO 80201 tiques Spring Sale Now in
more information on health re- available Part-Time, North- We have a temporary position available which may include
lated products or services, call field Inn, 802-485-8558 Progress with over 50 pieces of
WILL HAUL away for free: Scrap furniture to choose from. Home holidays and weekends.
the ATTORNEY GENERAL’S metal, old appliances, car parts,
Thank You For Saying
CONSUMER ASSISTANCE of quality, friendly services. To apply or for more information, speak with Mike Tierney
etc. Furnaces, boilers and demo- Two Thrifty Sisters 124 No. or Kathy Satterfield by calling the Capital Region Visitor
PROGRAM at 1-800-649-2424, litions for a fee. No job too big or
or consult a health care pro- Main St Barre 1-802-622-8000 Center at 802-828-5981.
vider. I Saw It In too small. Chad, 802-793-0885.
continued on page 34 The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Employer.

Registered Nurse: A 35 hours per week with on-call availability housekeeping and personal hygiene, assisting with medication Residential Support Specialist: This position is 38 hour/week
and is based in Barre. Needed to provide leadership and instruction administration, and crisis intervention as needed. Must be willing with full time benefits. Seeking a motivated individual to assist two
for two Level III Residential Care Homes in Barre, train and to work a flexible schedule that will include some overnights. autistic men in the Barre area with support needs. Responsibilities
delegate to unlicensed assistive personnel, monitor and ensure Hours will be split between two residential homes in the Montpelier vary and include providing support for social, recreational, self/
compliance with federal and state regulations governing Level III area. BA in Human Services or related field required. personal care, communication, and behavioral needs both
Care Homes, advocate and intervene to promote wellness of Residential Counselor Single Steps: Part-time (14 hours per residentially and in the community. Must have a high school
residents, participate actively and collaboratively with house week). Seeking an individual to provide for the emotional and diploma or GED equivalent. Some college or Bachelor’s degree
management and CDS management team, encourage and promote physical safety of residents in a group care setting experiencing
community inclusion for all residents. Must have solid clinical mental health challenges. A residential counselor will act as a role preferred. Willingness to use personal vehicle.
skills to apply to clients of widely varied ages and health care model and teach independent living skills, to include cooking, Children and Family Services Navigator: Full time position with
needs, and further challenged by developmental and/or mental housekeeping and personal hygiene, assisting with medication benefits performing intake screening and assessment, group
health needs. Flexibility, excellent communication (verbal and administration, and crisis intervention as needed. This position will coordination and facilitation, brief treatment and stabilization, and
written) and critical thinking skills required. Must have excellent provide house coverage 14 hours per week and may include one brief targeted case management to presenting families through
interpersonal and communication skills; strong administrative and paid overnight shift. This position will be shared between two telephone contact, in office meetings, and potentially, meetings in
medical assessment skills. Experience working with Intellectual/ residential settings in the Montpelier area. This position is perfect the field. Work is highly coordinated with the Children’s Utilization
Developmental Disabilities population desired. for a college graduate interested in part time work in the human Review team and with other youth supporting programs within and
Sobriety Support Worker: A part time, hourly position providing services field. BA in Human Services or related field required. outside of WCMHS. Work is based in Berlin with travel throughout
support, basic needs, and information to individuals who are in an Behavior Interventionists/Educational Support Specialists for the Washington County area. Master’s Degree in psychology, social
intoxicated state, but safe to stay within a voluntary shelter bed the following programs: Full time w/ benefits. work, or counseling, and licensure or license eligible as a
program for up to 24 hours. The staff person will follow program psychologist, social worker or Mental Health counselor preferred.
safety protocol and manage the environment in accordance with SBBI (School Based Behavior Interventionist):
those protocols. Position will involve awake overnight coverage. Multiple positions. Full time w/ benefits. Provide direct Must have 1 - 3 years working within mental health with experience
Preferably filled by a person in recovery, familiar with peer supervision to enrolled child or youth within a school with children, youth and families. Training in trauma and
support, who demonstrates good judgment, with encouraging, non- setting. Implement behavioral programming and provide co-occurring disorders also required. Must have safe, reliable and
judgmental attitude. A flexible schedule is an asset. counseling in social, recreational and daily living skills in insured vehicle with a clean driving record. During the school year,
school and community settings. Bachelor's Degree in must be available to work until 5:30 or 6pm two to three days per
Employment Service Specialist: (2 positions open) 30 hour a human services, education or psychology preferred. If
week position with benefits that provides supported employment week, or some weekend hours.
degree requirements are not complete, working toward
services to individuals with developmental disabilities so they can BA/BS or related field is required. Experience providing Home Intervention Counselor: Anticipated opening on April
meet employment goals of set by present employer. Individual will direct instruction and therapeutic services to children 30th. Full time w/ benefits. Position# 745 is a Tuesday-Saturday,
specialize in the training management strategies for placement, with challenging behaviors preferred. awake overnights. Provides direct care to consumers in crisis who
training, support and continuous follow-along while serving the would generally receive services in a hospital environment.
employer and Individual. High school diploma or equivalent and ChOICE Behavior Intervention/Education Support
Specialist: Provide direct supervision to youth (ages Responsible for doing related tasks which provide for a safe
3-5 years’ experience working with individuals with developmental environment. Bachelor’s degree curriculum plus 0-2 years relevant
disabilities and job development. 12-18+) within an integrated mental health treatment
facility / educational center. Implement behavioral experience; or 2 years of college plus 2-4 years’ experience; high
Residential/Community Support Specialist: A 30 hour position programming and milieu counseling in social, emotional school plus 4-7 years’ experience; or the equivalent.
with benefits providing support services to a challenging individual and recreation/leisure skills and activities of daily living
with communication needs, both in a residential and in a community Residential Counselor- Chrysalis House: A program supporting
in classroom, day treatment and community settings. psychiatrically challenged individuals in a residential setting.
support setting. The successful candidate will possess strong Provide individual and group supervision as needed.
interpersonal and communication skills, demonstrate flexibility, Chrysalis House is a goal oriented behavioral program accentuating
and be willing to work with individuals with a variety of support All Behavior Interventionist positions require: living skills and community integration. This location is based in
needs. H.S. diploma or equivalent. Bachelor's Degree in human services, education or Waterbury. This is an hourly position, requesting coverage on an as
psychology preferred. If degree requirements are not needed basis. Availability to cover various weekend/weekday and
Community Support Specialist: A position providing 25hrs/week complete, working toward BA/BS or related field is
community support for a 21 year-old man in the Barre area. required. Experience providing direct instruction and awake overnight shifts is frequently needed.
Responsibilities include providing structure and support, therapeutic services to children with challenging START Residential Support Specialist: Full time w/ benefits.
successfully follow and implement written behavioral programming, behaviors preferred. Ability to lift and carry 50 Seeking individuals to provide support, guidance and supervision
manage problematic behavior, role modeling and other duties. Must pounds and execute physical restraints required. to challenging client living in his own apartment. Support would be
have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Bachelor’s degree
preferred. Must possess a valid driver’s license, excellent driving Associate Director of Community Developmental Services: Full needed in the following areas: community activities, vocational,
record, and have access to a safe, reliable, insured vehicle. time with benefits. Responsible for providing supervision and personal care, daily management, behavior management and safety
Experience providing direct instruction and therapeutic services to support to personnel as well as ensuring the fiscal and clinical needs. Must be able to work independently and as a team member.
young adults with challenging behaviors preferred. integrity of the program. In this managerial role, the Associate Must have strong verbal and written communication skills. Must be
Director will be under the direct supervision and mentorship of the
Home Intervention Counselor: Full time w/ benefits. Position # CDS Program Director, and the CDS Assistant Director in the able to complete documentation and data recording in a timely
884. This is a floater position and candidate will provide fill-in for Program Director’s absence. The position also involves collaborating manner. Must be flexible with schedule and be willing to work
staff vacancies or leaves. In the absence of vacancy/leaves will and working closely with CDS and WCMHS administrators/ weekends, overnights and holidays. HS Diploma or GED
negotiate a mutually agreeable schedule. Provides direct care to personnel, and VT State Agencies. The successful applicant must required.
consumers in crisis who would generally receive services in a be familiar the Vermont Disabilities System, Medicaid Waivers, SBBI (School Based Behavior Intervention) Case Manager:
hospital environment. Responsible for doing related tasks which case management, the provision of community based day services, Full time w/ benefits. Develops and /or delivers ongoing community
provide for a safe environment. Program uses a recovery model to supported employment, and transition services, Self-determination based assessment, treatment and supports for children and youth
provide supportive counseling and constructive interactions to and Recovery models of community based services, and have experiencing a severe emotional disturbance and their families.
promote emotional stability. Will participate in treatment planning managerial and supervisory experience. Master’s Degree preferred
and documentation, coordination and referral processes and consult in related field or QDDP with five years managerial / supervisory Bachelor’s Degree in human service or related field required.
with community teams. Bachelor's degree preferred. Master’s Degree and / or enrolled in an Applied Behavioral
experience. The preferred candidate will possess strong interpersonal Analysis program preferred. Two years of human service delivery
Home Intervention Counselor: Full time w/ benefits. Position and communication skills, demonstrate flexibility, have knowledge with children and families preferred. Experience providing direct
#739 is a Wednesday – Saturday position, generally day shift with of DS Medicaid rules and regulations, have knowledge of the DD instruction and therapeutic services to children with challenging
some awake overnights required. Provides direct care to consumers Act of 1996, and have strong computer skills.
in crisis who would generally receive services in a hospital General Billing Specialist: Responsible for various billing and behaviors preferred. Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds and execute
environment. Responsible for doing related tasks which provide for recording of payments in a timely and accurate manner. Billing and physical restraints.
a safe environment. Program uses a recovery model to provide other duties will include some or all of the following: Entry of Case Manager for our Community Support Programs: Full-
supportive counseling and constructive interactions to promote In-Takes, Title XIX Medicaid, Case Rate, Medicare, Third Party time w/ benefits. Want to work with great people doing important
emotional stability. Will participate in treatment planning and billing and various funding specific billing. Prefer 2-3 years’ work? Are you compassionate, enthusiastic, and optimistic? Do
documentation, coordination and referral processes and consult experience as a Data Entry Clerk or Billing Clerk. A high school you like to be consistently challenged at your job? Is integrity
with community teams. Bachelor's degree preferred. diploma or GED with 1-2 years’ experience with PC and Mainframe important to you? We’re looking for someone who can answer
Home Intervention Counselor: Anticipated opening on April applications will be considered. “yes” to these questions. If you have a Master’s Degree in a mental
30th. Full time w/ benefits. Position# 728 is Saturday- Tuesday, Positive Behavior Support Behavior Analyst (4 positions open): health related field, experience working with adults with severe and
awake overnights. Provides direct care to consumers in crisis who Full time w/ benefits. Seeking individual to provide consultation to persistent mental illness, and have a focus on recovery, then
would generally receive services in a hospital environment. assigned school (Williamstown Elementary, Berlin, U32 or WCSU) consider applying for this Case Management position in WCMHS
Responsible for doing related tasks which provide for a safe and program clients in the application of Positive Behavior Community Support Program. Supervision hours towards licensure
environment. Bachelor’s degree curriculum plus 0-2 years relevant Intervention and Supports (PBiS) methods based upon the principles
experience; or 2 years of college plus 2-4 years experience; high of Applied Behavior Analysis. Training in the field of Applied available.
school plus 4-7 years’ experience; or the equivalent. Must have a Behavior Analysis and experience working with children and youth Social Support Specialist: 20 hours a month either afterschool or
valid drivers license, possess an excellent driving record, and have who present serious emotional and behavioral challenges and/or on weekends. Support needed for an 11yr old boy who lives in the
access to a safe, reliable, insured vehicle. autism is required. Experience working in school settings is Mooretown area. He enjoys outdoor activities. The ideal candidate
Registered Nurse - Weekends: Looking for a Registered Nurse to desirable. Completion (or (ongoing progress toward the completion) would help him strengthen his socialization skills. Call Diane @
provide weekend professional nursing supervision and care to of the coursework required to sit for the BCBA examination is 793-3186 for more information.
consumers in crisis at the Home Intervention program. This Nurse required. Possession of a Master’s degree or enrollment and Maintenance Technician: Full time w/ benefits. This position is
will provide both psychiatric and physical assessments, communicate participation in a Master’s degree program is required. Minimum 1
with on call psychiatric providers, facilitate admissions, and year experience as a Behavior Interventionist (or equivalent) responsible for much of the day-to-day work. Responsibilities may
delegate medication administration duties to direct care staff, as preferred; OR Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst in good include: Appliances and furnace maintenance and repair; painting;
well as provide clinical supervision to direct care staff. This standing. Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds and execute physical carpentry; plumbing; electrical work (wiring & re-wiring); roofing;
position requires strong team work as well as the capacity to restraints. vinyl and wood sidings and trims and replacement/repair of broken
function independently. The successful candidate will have strong Residential Services Specialist: 37.5 hours a week with benefits. windows and doors, maintenance of; flooring (installation and
interpersonal skills, along with strong psychiatric and medical Must be flexible and be able to work evenings and weekends. maintenance of all types); knowledge of sprinkler systems, heating
assessment skills. Must be an RN with a current Vermont License. Individual needed to work in community care home with 6 adults systems, fire panel systems and internal alarm systems. Assist as
Residential Counselor Single Steps/Segue House: Full time w/ with developmental disabilities. Responsibilities include teaching backup for Janitorial and Housekeeping. Must be familiar with the
benefits. Seeking an individual to provide for the emotional and social and self-care skills in the community and at home. Successful following areas: Painting interior and exterior, plumbing, and
physical safety of residents in a group care setting experiencing candidate will possess ability to work independently and with a team flooring. Desirable skills: Appliance and furnace repair; plumbing
mental health challenges. A residential counselor will act as a role to support the growth of each person. Willingness to learn and a and heating; carpentry at all levels; electrical; the ability to read and
model and teach independent living skills, to include cooking, sense of humor are helpful. High School Diploma or equivalent. translate blueprints. HS Diploma or GED required.
Only qualified applicants will receive a response. Valid driver’s license, excellent driving record and access to a safe, reliable, insured vehicle is required. Send letter of interest and resume to: WCMHS,
Personnel, PO Box 647, Montpelier, VT 05601. Contact: 802-229-1399 Fax 802-223-6423 personnel@wcmhs.org www.wcmhs.org E.O.E.
April 16, 2014 The WORLD page 33
GARAGE SALES for hands on Aviation Career. FURNITURE
PANE heater $200.00.Empire
FLEA MARKETS FAA approved program. Fi-
nancial aid for qualified stu-
Closet Furnace Propane
Northfield Middle High School is seeking a 60,000/BTUs $150.00. MATTRESS WHOLESALE
Carpentry Counselor. This position starts July 7, RUMMAGES dents - Job placement assis-
tance. Call Aviation Institute of
1971 Ford Maverick 4dr FL Car
runs great Sharp $1,400.00/
2014-July 25, 2014. There will be some required Maintenance (888)686-1704 Firm. FACTORY DIRECT ~ TOP QUALITY
trainings prior to the start date. For a full job MOVING SALE 2 Week-
ends 11,12,13 April and 18,19 1999 Parts Car Olds. Alero Great SERTA MADE
description please go to www.wssu.org. AVIATION MAINTENANCE Body $500.00 Firm! 7:00am-
April. 8:30AM-3PM. 11 Deer- 50-75% OFF
Interested applicants please submit a cover letter, TRAINING Financial Aid if quali- 7:30pm Calls 802-563-2653
field Drive, Montpelier, VT. fied. Job Placement Assistance. Queen Pillow Top
resume, three letters of reference: Call National Aviation Acad- HO MODEL Railroad For Sale,
starting at $150.
Washington South Supervisory Union 750 plus Freight, 100 Passen- Mattress by Appointment, LLC
37 Cross Street #1 MISCELLANEOUS emy Today!. FAA Approved.
CLASSES STARTING SOON! ger, 1000+ T Track, 100 plus 802-661-8568
Northfield, VT 05663 1-800-292-3228 or NAA.edu. switches. Other Non Revenue mattressby_apptvt@yahoo.com
EOE !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! Cars, Building, Call after 5pm
Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, B&L AUTO Salvage & Metal No Sunday’s, Must See, Seri-
1930-1980. Top Dollar Paid!! Recycling. Pay cash for sal- ous inquiries. 802-477-2284 TWIN BED and mat-
Toll Free: 1-866-433-8277. vage or unwanted vehicles. Pick tress, Sealy, never used,

Montpelier Public Schools

up scrap metal. 802-249-5220 KILL BED BUGS! Buy Har- $200 firm. 802-479-9316
“GREEN MOUNTAIN ris Bed Bug Killer Complete
Part-Time Accounting Assistant BARGAIN SHOP” DIRECTV, Internet, & Phone Treatment Program or Kit.
802-461-7828 From $69.99/mo+ Free 3 Available: Hardware Stores. MUSICAL
Months: HBO Starz SHOW-
We have an opening for a part-time Accounting We Buy-Sell-Barter
“Lets Make a Deal” TIME CINEMAX + FREE GE-
Buy Online: homedepot.com
Assistant to work in our team-oriented Williamstown VT NIE 4 Room Upgrade + NFL LOOKING FOR someone to fessional instructor/musi-
SUNDAY TICKET! Limited of-
Business Office. Qualified candidates must be $ A1-CASH PAID fer. Call Now 888-248-5961
take down two(2) old barns,
milk house, chicken house
cian. Musicspeak Education
Program (www.musicspeak.
skilled in accounts receivable, benefits, bank $75 TO $300+ DISH TV Retailer, SAVE!
and a garage for the lum- org) 802-793-8387”Servic-
reconciliations, payroll, and general ledger. JUNK CARS, TRUCKS Starting $19.99/month (for 12 ber, beams, barn boards etc. es in Central VT & Beyond”
Must be proficient in Excel, Word, QuickBooks 802-522-4279. months). Free premium movie Must be cleaned up and taken
away by June 30, 2014. For NORTH BRANCH Instruments,
and accounting software. We are looking for $ CASH $
channels. Free equipment, in-
stallation and activation. CALL, more information call 802- LLC. Fretted Instrument Repair.
Buy and Sell used Fretted Instru-
a well-organized individual who possesses FOR JUNK VEHICLES
Paying up to $300 for junk cars
COMPARE LOCAL DEALS! 249-2744 or 1-636-294-2388.
ments. Michael Ricciarelli 802-
excellent communication skills and works well and trucks, FREE Scrap Metal
MEET singles now! No paid 229-0952, 802-272-1875 www.
with others. Experience in fund accounting Pick-up. Call Barre, 802-917- FOUR COOPER All Season operators, just people like you.
Browse greetings, exchange
a plus. An Associate’s degree in accounting 2495, 802-476-4815, Bob. Tires. CS4-size P205/70/15,
messages, connect live, FREE
is preferred and three years of experience is $21 Car Insurance - Instant
9/32 Tread depth. Almost new
Paid $39 ea. plus tax. Selling 4 trial. Call 1-877-737-9447 BOATING & FISHING
required. Quote - All Credit Types - Find
Out If You Qualify - As Low As
for $250.00 Call 802-223-2788
ORDER DISH Network Satel- 14’3” 2005 STARCRAFT boat
$21/Month. Call (888) 287-2130. HARDWOOD KINDLING, lite TV and Internet Starting at motor and trailer like new
Please submit a letter of interest, résumé and *************
Meshbags $6.00/ea. Free de-
livery to Seniors. 802-279-2595
$19.99! Free Installation, Hopper
DVR and 5 Free Premium Mov-
$2750 obo 802-476-8997.

three current letters of reference to Cynthia BUYING ie Channels! Call 800-597-2464

Rossi, Business Manager, Montpelier Public MOVIES-GAMES-ELECTRON- STORAGE
Schools, 5 High School Drive, Unit #1, ICS.
Harry and Lloyds Thank You For Saying ROLL of Barber Carpet $50.
Two Pine/Glass Gun Cabinets 8’X20’ STORAGE UNITS for rent.
Montpelier, VT 05602. 802-622-0825
I Saw It In 10/Gun $50, 5/Gun $25. 4X10 Airport Rd, Berlin. 802-223-6252
************ Picture Window $175. Francis
E.O.E. Bacon Player Piano $250.00. 8’x20’, 8’x40’ OCEAN
Yamaha 7 Speaker Home Cine- FREIGHT containers (new/
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING FORM ma Package(never used) Still in used) for sale. 802-223-6252.
box $100. 15Gal Aquarium with
stand $50.00. 802-244-1856 L/M


A /M C /D
Use your V

and call 47
9-2582 or Start with Rotary and good
things happen. Rotary, human-
403 U.S. RT. 302 - BERLIN • BARRE, VT 05641-2274 ity in motion. Find informa-
479-2582 • 1-800-639-9753 • FAX 479-7916 tion or locate your local club
at: www.rotary.org. Brought

4 for 3 LINE RATE 1-3 Words Per Line $1.75/LINE to you by your free commu-

nity paper and PaperChain.

SPECIAL Capitalizing more than the first 2 words, etc. 70¢/WORD SUNSETTER RETRACTABLE
Awning 14X10 blue, has remote
Run The Same
Classified for DEADLINE: For The WORLD is MONDAY by 10:00 AM opener and crank, side wind
screen and front, and a few oth-
ORD 3 Consecutive Weeks- CANCELLATIONS: A classified ad cancelled before 10:00 AM on ers, 3 years old paid $3000.00 PLENTY OF STORAGE TRAILERS
PER W MIN. Get 4th Week Monday will receive credit for the remaining paid weeks. Asking $1200.00. to see call & CONTAINERS AVAILABLE
$3.P5e0r Week
802-479-1210 ask for Dave. Call For Prices
The WORLD asks that you check your ad on its first publication. If you find an error please
Per A
d notify us immediately so that corrections can be made. The WORLD will not be responsible TOP CASH PAID FOR OLD 
(Any changes void free week) for more than one incorrect publication of the ad. GUITARS! 1920’s thru 1980’s.
Gibson, Martin, Fender,
CHECK HEADING: Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prai-
■ Animals-Farm ......................500    /($6 ([LW
PHONE NUMBER ___________________________________________________________________________ rie State, D’Angelico, Strom- ,1 * RII,
■ Animals-Pet .........................430 berg, and Gibson Mandolins/ 5R\DOWRQ97
■ Antiques/Restorations .........144 Banjos. 1-800-401-0440.
LAST NAME _______________________________________________________________________________ ‡  
■ Baby/Children Items ............140 + + + + + + + + +
■ Bicycles ...............................220 TORO BLOWER Flower Clean
FIRST NAME ______________________________________________________________________________ ■ Boating/Fishing ...................210 210R 141cc, 2 cycle,Asking $175. STORE IT ALL - VT!!
■ Building Materials................300 802-479-1210 Ask for Dave. Over 400 storage units thru out
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ ■ Business Items....................080 Central Vt 5’X5’ to 10’X40, cli-
■ Business Opportunities .......060 WE CAN remove bankruptcies, mate control 24/7 access. $25
CITY _______________________________________________ STATE ____________ ZIP _______________ ■ Camping ..............................205 judgments, liens, and bad loans off first month for new custom-
■ Childcare Service ................030 from your credit file forever! The ers 802-479-3637
START DATE: ___________ NUMBER OF ISSUES: __________ ■ Christmas Trees ..................370 Federal Trade Commission says
■ Class & Workshops .............103
■ Clothing & Accessories .......130
companies that promise to scrub
your credit report of accurate
EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT THE AD TO READ ■ Computers/Electronics ........100 negative information for a fee /RFN,W
Please print, we cannot be responsible for words we can't read. ■ Farm/Garden/Lawn .............410 are lying. Under FEDERAL law, $QG<28
■ Free Ads..............................108
■ Furniture..............................180
accurate negative information
can be reported for up to seven
________________________________________________________________ ■ Garage Sales/Flea Mkt. ......145 years, and some bankrupt- &DOO
■ Health ..................................113 cies for up to 10 years. Learn
________________________________________________________________ ■ Home Appliances ................160 about managing credit and debt Barre Montpelier Area
■ Hunting/Guns/Archery.........305 at ftc.gov/credit. A message Mini Storage Warehouse
________________________________________________________________ ■ Insurance/Investments ........090 from The World and the FTC.
■ Job Opportunities................020
continued on page 35
________________________________________________________________ ■ Lost and Found ...................110
■ Miscellaneous .....................150
Our Walking Routes make a Great
■ Musical ................................200
■ Personals ............................105
________________________________________________________________ ■ Professional Services .........540 Exercise Plan, and the Bonus is...

■ Rideshare ............................125
________________________________________________________________ ■ Snow Removal Equip. .........355
■ Snowmobiles/Access. .........360
■ Sporting Equipment ............250

________________________________________________________________ ■ Storage................................235
■ Support Groups ..................107
________________________________________________________________ ■ Tools ....................................330
■ Wanted ................................120

________________________________________________________________ ■ Wood/Heating Equip............350
■ Work Wanted .......................040

Each separate word, each phone number counts as one word ■ Campers/Motor Homes .......845
■ Cars & Accessories ............875
a Walking Route!
■ Motorcycles/ATV’s ...............850
Number of words ____________ times 35¢($3.50 min.)_________________ (cost for one week) ■ Trucks/Vans/Jeeps Access. .870

Once-A-Week • No Collecting
■ Vintage/Classic Vehicles .....873
■ Work Vehicles/Heavy Equip. ....855
times number of weeks __________ ■ 4 for 3 Special TOTAL COST __________________
■ Apts./House for Rent...........630
■ Camps for Sale ...................650 ■Barre
$ ■ FULL PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THIS FORM ✔■ ■ Comm. Rentals/Sales .........605
■ MasterCard ■ Condominiums ....................680 ■Montpelier
■ Apt. Blds. for Sale................685
Credit Card
■ Visa ■ Homes .................................690 ■Northfield
Number ____________________________________________________ ■ Discover ■ Land for Sale.......................670
■ Mobile Homes .....................600
■ Vacation Rentals/Sales .......645
Signature __________________________________________Exp. Date ___________________ ■ Wanted to Rent/Buy ............610

page 34 The WORLD April 16, 2014

Chimney pipes. Everyday low
price. Plainfield Hardware &
General Store, Rt2 East Mont-
AL Care Attendant; Looking
to provide Services for your
Cleanup get you down. Contact
Jason at mowingmaninvt@ya-
Free Is Good!
loved one, Reference Avail- hoo.com or (802)439-9347 for
pelier Rd, Plainfield. 802-454-
NEW AND used guns, 1000 Open 7 Days a Week BROKEN IRON Ranch. able, Call 802-476-0955. free estimates. Offering Lawn STIHL
muzzle loaders, accesso- Certified organic, 2nd cut PowerSweepTM
ries, Snowsville Store, E. $5.00/bale, at the barn. 802- FINISHING TOUCHES Home Mowing, Trimming, Raking,
Braintree. 802-728-5252. 839-0409/802-839-0409 Improvement and Maintenance, Seeding, and Fertilizing for new STARTING AT
Interior and Exterior painting,
staining, power washing, decks
and old lawns in the Barre, Mont-
pelier and East Barre areas. $51995
New & Used Firearms $700,000 Long, well-packed bales, and patios and more. 20 Years
Plus Inventory of Guns, Ar- VT select premium $4.00 first Cut. $4.50 second The STIHL
chery, Fishing, Scopes, Knives cut. Buy local versus out- experience Fully insured call WILL HAUL away for free: Scrap PowerSweepTM cleans
firewood, loose or up caked dirt along
& More. Between Ford Dealer- palletized of-state hay. 802-426-3781 for a free estimate. We also metal, old appliances, car parts,
install and clean windows and roads and sidewalks,
ship & Light, Hardwick 802-472- Stacked, wrapped & delivered etc. Furnaces, boilers and demo- moves pebbles
5916 Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 9-2. on 1/2 cord pallet Kidder’s Smokehouse. Custom doors. Call for all your home litions for a fee. No job too big or and sand in turf, FREE
Will deliver with forklift & place smoke & cure. We do corn- improvement and maintenance as well as water HEARING & EYE
too small. Chad, 802-793-0885.
TURKEY in/on your property as long as there
is access with our machine
beef. Orange. 802-498-4550.
Kidder’s Smokehouse. Custom
needs, mulching, gardens in-
stalled, debris removal and YARD MAINTENANCE PO-
and light
snow along
flat surfaces.

HUNTING Can also deliver bulk, up to 3 cord

loads (loose) smoke & cure. We do cornbeef. spring cleanups. 802-274-2955
SITIONS Available. Please

•Guns •Ammo
or ajpalmiero@gmail.com of any
$125 per 1/2 cord pallet We do Cutting, Wrapping-Pigs contact Logan at 916-821- KombiMotor
only. Orange. 802-498-4550.
•Accessories (2 pallet minimum for free delivery)
OR $200 per cord loose
0071 for more information. Ac-
cess to equipment is a plus.
& Attachment