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The Moon! Article...

Dear Friends: I was inspired by how much people liked the other article I wrote on Saturn, that I thought I should write about all the planets, too. This one's about the Moon. Like Saturn, the Moon has it's positive and negative sides. The Moon, originally, coming from the Latin, 'Lunar' means, we get the word: "Lunacy", or insanity. Obviously that's the 'dark' side of the Moon's force. And, those that have delicate, or malefically aggravated Moon's can experience all manners of everything from emotional problems, to phobias, anxieties, worries, and depression. But, the Moon, itself, is called the Planet of the Mind. And, the Mind, includes all possibilities, from insanity, to enlightenment. We, obviously want to culture and develop our Moon's, so that we grow in term's of our Mind-Moon. Let's first talk about the highest value of the mind, and from wherever you experience, your Moon, you can then aspire for 'more'. The natural vision of the highest value of the Moon is contained both in it's size, and it's Quality. Moon is supposed to be the 'best' that is both Exalted, and/or Full! In fact there are many positive descriptions for a person, if they have that 'auspicious' Waxing Moon, in their charts or Exalted, or in it's Own Sign. Moon, however, is slightly more complicated, because the Moon in it's various Signs, isn't necessarily 'wrong' or undeveloped if in Aries, or Gemini, but just different. I believe the best, 'judge' of the various levels of strength of Moon and Mind, is the size of the Moon. The bigger the Moon, the stronger, is one's emotional or mental nature. People with 'good' Moon's have an evenness about them, stronger, feeling nature's and handle all aspects of life, including stress, better. But, there's been something missing in the normal depictions of the Moon, in all it's various stages. The Moon, when it's not big, or when it's Waning, and small, or in the getting smaller, mode, is more

about the 'starting point' of the Mind, Moon. Therefore no matter where your Moon is starting, now, that you were born to strengthen, and develop, your Moon/Mind! Moon represesents Happiness, and also fulfillment. The Moon as it's getting bigger and bigger, expresses more and more, brightness of the Sun, upon us, and like that, the bigger someone's Moon, is, the more pure inner, 'light' of Being, or Consciousness, is able to light, into our Heart's and Mind's. The Moon, itself, is like a big clock, churning, bigger and bigger, then, smaller and smaller. It's movements, always, churning, getting fuller, and then, more and more empty, represent's not only the state and stage of development of our Moon's; but,.... this cycle of the Moon, also represent's the path of emotional growth and development. I've discovered, that the cycle, itself, is a kind of big, powerful, cycle of 'Rest & Activity'. Like the daily cycle, going to bed, early, one gains better rest, and as a result, more success during the next day. If one learns how to follow this naturally, cyclical, flow, of the Moon, being more and more restful, inward, and rejuvenative, during the Waning part, then, the Waxing cycle, will be more and more lively, and successful. If you want to enjoy more success inside, and or, outside, then, 'do', more during the Waxing part. You'll generally, find yourself, with more energy, and dynamism, as the light upon the Moon is brighter and brighter. You'll also find that you need less rest during this cycle and outwardness is natural, and very purposeful. But, the minute the Moon starts to 'Wane' see, if you notice, next time, that there's an immediate, inwardness, or settling down, goings on. After watching the Moon for awhile, since 1988, I began to 'feel' that flow inside of me. As the Moon's getting bigger and bigger, I noticed, 'I', including my body, but even, emotionally, I felt better and better, with more energy, and dynamism. But, the minute, the Moon started to Wane, I noticed an immediate, 'falling off' type of experience, and then, eventually, I realized,..it meant something. That shift, in Physiology, and Mind, seemed to correspond with more and more 'inwardness', of the body. I noticed more and more that 'I', or the body, wanted to hibernate, curl up, lie down, take a nap, be more inward...and get more rest. Then, I realized, the time's when I felt the most chaos, were one's in which I was not being in-tune, with these 2 cycles. Especially, the inward part, if I tried to be busy, or had to, I noticed a very strong, and sometimes, subtle

quality of strain going on. I also noticed that people seemed to suffer the most, emotionally, when the Moon, itself, was Waning. Originally, I thought this was just the nature of the Moon, as in many Astrological descriptions. Now, I realize, however, that it's more because we're straining, and not allowing that this is the natural purpose and priority of the Moon, and our Physiology. Women, know the Moon cycle already. Did you know that women's 'cycle' is a lunar cycle? Many people, have their cycles, during the Waning part, and often, literally around the New Moon. However, often when their cycles are out of whack and or especially rough and exhausting, it turns out their cycles, are not in-tune with that more healing, restful time, but come during the Waxing or 'bigger' Moon, parts. After a while, I realized one of the greatest things people should know would be how to live their live's more and more in-tune with those Moon cycles. Most successful people in business, already recognize that business, itself, goes through cycles. There are of course, busy cycles, and then there are time's when the need arises, to pause, to collect oneself, maybe get re-organized, or catch up with previous paperwork, that got neglected during the 'hay day' of the more active cycles. What I've discovered, however, is whenever I allow myself, to be more and more in-tune with those 2 primary aspects of the Moon, I find myself being the most successful. Saturn has taught us about the need to rest more, and to heal and rejuvenate, recuperate, and renew; during the appropriate times. Daily Rest...and now we're hearing about the Monthly rest cycle. Ayurved teaches, a lot about how to be more in-tune with all the 'rest' cycles. There's that daily cycle, and going to bed, early enough, that we get completely refreshed, and prepared, for more easy, smooth, and dynamic activity of the next day. Then, there's the monthly cycle, which is predominately a Lunar cycle. Watch the Moon for a couple of Months. See, if you notice a clear, difference within, between the Waxing & Waning Moon, cycles. You'll notice most of the time, feeling more inward during the Waning part's and more outward, and dynamic, during the Waning parts. Allow yourself, to be 'that' in-tune with those 2 chapters, or cycles. As, I have, I've noticed a complete strengthening, of my own, emotional side, or self. As you pay more attention to those cycles, you'll find yourself, feeling more centered, and natural, and prepared.

When you rest more, then you'll pick up less stress, and as you're picking up less stress; especially emotional stress, then, your very Moon, inside, will shine more brightly! Another thing I've noticed about our chart's and our Moon's, is the exact details of our Moon's shows us the particular lessons, that are not only good for our Moon's but also more appropriate, for ourselves. I'll give you some examples. I have my Moon in the 12th, which is also there along with Saturn. My Moon is also only 1 house away from my Sun which is in the 11th house. In other words, the Moon is in the negative 12th house, and #2, with a fairly negative or malefically functioning Saturn, and #3, is very small. All of these qualities, seemed to correspond quite neatly to all my emotional shyness, growing up. I was very insecure. Now I understand it was emotional. I would always get my feelings 'hurt' very easily, and even experienced much worrying, anxieties, phobias, and even depression... Whew! Exhausting even reviewing that! hehe But, the minute I learned how to meditate, in college, immediately I started feeling better. Way back then, in 1970, I knew very little about Astrology, but I knew I surely needed something. Each day, month, and then year, that slipped by, I noticed I felt more and more calm, settled, , and emotionally happy! I knew I was finally doing something right. But, because of my extreme weakness of the Moon, I still felt a lot of weakness there, even after a number of years. Then, in 1988, I discovered Jyotish, and I discovered a very real, connection between all the Malefics in my chart, and all the still, frustrations, and unhappinesses, in my life. Then, I started studying the Moon. I read about what it was supposed to be like, in both 'size' and by 'sign', and I felt some kind of growing, value, there inside, emotionally. In addition to being more in-tune with the various Waxings and Wanings of the Moon, the Moon inside us, and our charts; also teaches us about where and how we're supposed to put more attention. The Moon, according to Jyotish, expresses where our 'Conscious Mind's' are meant to focus in this life. The Sun may be about our Soul's life, and purpose, but our Moon's are where our Moon's are meant to focus. For someone with the Moon, in the 4th, the arena of the home, and family are most important. For those with the Moon, in the 5th, Education is primary. For those with the Moon, in the 6th, health, and healing are more vital. With each house's nature comes each, area of life's focus.

For me, the one good thing about the Moon being in my 12th, is the positive side of the 12th, was that I had a strong, thirst, to know what was the ultimate, purpose of life? This is by the way, one of the natural symbolisms of the 12th house, is the positive values of the 'Transcendental Reality'.... I had a hunger and a thirst, to want to know about God, and the Ultimate reality. So, that was the good thing. The bad part was my Moon, there, exhibited all the classic malefic aspects of 'loss', and 'over expenditures'. Now, I realize over expenditures, mean's financial expenditures, but also over expenditures, emotionally! As I learned these things, and especially watched the Moon, and strove to be more in-tune with the Moon's nature, and cycles, I found myself, living, a much more fulfilling and satisfying emotional life. Then, when I started to understand the inherent symbolism, especially, of the negative sides of the 12th house, and especially that quality of over-expenditures, then I started to experience, being again, more happy, within. What finally made a huge difference for me, was when I realized that I was supposed to gain, more inner balance, of money, or savings, related to the 12th house, and when I learned this, and actually had some money put away, I noticed a direct, powerful effect on my heart, feelings, or Moon. So, develop the strength of your Moon. Figure out the specific functionally malefic message or symbolism that's there in your Charts. The malefics in our chart's are not just symbolic of our problems, lessons and griefs! These same malefics are also symbolic of the very things we need to do, and learn, to literally, strengthen, and improve the very functionings of those, 'so-called' malefics. When you then, learn to take even a few short steps, into these developments, you'll know you're progressing in the right direction,.... because the very real, and frustrating consequences of those malefics will begin to diminish. If it's the Moon, as that improves, you'll notice feeling better emotionally. You'll feel more even, and happy, as a result! Anxieties, and worries will become less. You'll find yourself, listening more to your inward, intuition, and your sense of automatic, non-linear, knowingness or intuition, will be stronger. You'll also feel much more centered, and purposeful, just because the Moon is a very important and vital part of our lives' as well as it is a part of our Jyotish charts. Other prescriptions, and suggestions for strengthening the Moon, include:

o o o o o

Pay more attention to what you feel As you recognize what you're needing, emotionally, give that to yourself. If you're tired, feel it, and then, rest. If you're worried, or anxious, then rest. If you are upset, or overshadowed, by things and events, pay more attention to how you feel, strengthen that Moon, and see, if the worrying doesn't diminish. Other remedies include: o "Don't worry, be happy." o Allow yourself to enjoy, more. o Nourish yourself, more. o Give to yourself, emotionally, more. o Have more fun! Entertainment and fun, vacations, are very healthy especially for our Moon's! We live in a society and a time, when Intellect, and masculine 'Sun' values dominate. The whole world-wide, 'women's movement' is really a movement, to re-claim the importance of the Moon! When the world, admired and respected 'women', and 'Mother's' more, then the Moon was stronger! Moon represent's the female side of life. It represents 'emotions', it represent's 'feminine'. It also represents nourishing, compassion, and careing. If your Moon, is found lacking in any of these qualities... #1 Take yourself, and your Moon, to deeper levels of bliss and inner awareness. That experience, alone will have the potential of strengthening your Moon! #2 Then, find the particular insight that your chart, and Moon are about.

If your Moon's in Aries, notice that you have a very real tendency to rush, and be active. This is very Ariesish of you, however, be sure that you're doing enough for the quality, and inner happiness of the Moon, as well. Oh, yes, I forgot to add.... #1 Find the size of your Moon. If it's not Full, whether, very small, just beginning to Wax, as in my case, or anywhere between, almost nil, and Full, then, put more attention on increasing it's size. If the Moon's in the Waning motion, then recognize, you were really born, to put more attention, and pursue, the deeply fascinating, and yet, unique qualities of developing that precious, 'inwardness' of the Moon/Mind. #3 Once, you find the particular lesson and symbolism of your Moon, then, do whatever is needed to bring more peace, and eliminate any malefic influences. Moon with each Different

Malefic, situation... Some people have their Moon's with difficult planets like my Saturn. In my case, it was not only important that I learn to strengthen the size of my Moon, but I also had to learn how to 'balance' my Saturn. When I hadn't then, my Moon, was a regular barometer, of the Moon's great miseries, and imbalances. If someone's got their Moon with their Sun's, this represents the New Moon, and the absolute importance of strengthening the size of the Moon. However the Sun, with the Moon, also has another unique characteristic, and that is, the Sun represents will, and 'self' so selfish, is one of the Sun's less then positive aspects. When the Moon is then, there, with the Sun, typically, people's past selfish, or ego-centric, efforts and activities, have actually interfered, and even, hurt, their own, emotional sides. Part of the lesson, here, then, is to put more attention on your feelings, to give more to yourself, emotionally, and follow your intuition, more and more. If someone's got their Moon, with a malefic functioning, Mars, then, the quality of pitta, of anger, of bossiness, of fighting, have literally invaded the natural quality and subtle, wonderful qualities of the Moon. In some of these cases, it's not really the Moon that's acting malefically, but the Moon, is a natural reflection of, and in this case, Marish, too harsh quality. In this example, then Mars needs to be controlled, diminished, and issues such as anger, resentment, and especially, blameing others, needs to be mastered. In future articles we'll talk about how to balance the Mars, Sun, Rahu&Ketu, to name the normal planets that act the most malefically.

I'll end with one more final malefic influence. Let's say someone's Moon is with Rahu, which almost always is found acting, bizarrely. The way to tell, in fact if Rahu is acting malefically, is to see, if it's negative consequences are dominating, and in this case, dominating, in the very Moon, or your emotional life. People with these kind's of negative Rahu's will have experiences, of obsessions, compulsions, and even addictions. Because Rahu represent's these negative's then, when Rahu is close to the Moon, these negative tendencies, or patterns, even bad habits, will affect one's emotions. Part of the solution for this is to learn how to balance, Rahu. Again, we'll talk more in a separate article about Rahu, but for right now, let me just say, the extent to which your stive, to eliminate the very quality of 'obsession's' or 'fame', or 'addiction's, then, Rahu will begin easing up it's negative 'grip' upon the Moon.

More, later.

So, here we have it. The Moon represent the mind, heart, and feelings. The Moon therefore represent's happiness, satisfaction, and inner joy and bliss. The Moon, also, is the primary planet of fulfillment and contentment.

Therefore, identify your present level of inner happiness, and if you're not experiencing all the happiness, that you would like; then, consider strengthening your Moon!

Jai Guru

Mark Kincaid

The Moon
The Sun, besides bestowing a native with reputation, fame & visibility, also gives him a brilliant concentration, a powerful immune system & strong sense of literature and arts. As I have heard from astrologers, praying to the Sun via the Gayatri Mantra actually repairs all the planets. I mean to say that all the bad guys (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu etc) do not disturb the native if one worship Sun by Gayatri Mantra. Moving on to Moon now. Moon or Chandra as said in Vedic astrology, is the planet of coolness. I have witnessed people with Cancer ascendant to be extremely cool & contented with life. They are pretty satisfied with things in their lives. They are not very striving if the ascendant is not aspected by some other planet like Mars or Mercury which actually push a native to work hard. When the planet Moon or the ascendant Cancer is aspected by some bad guy, the coolness moves to carelessness. A weak or debilitated Moon(in Scorpio) will bring unhappiness & loss of coolness. If the Moon does not have a planet with it, or aspecting it (say Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn), it is weak. If Moon does not have any planet before or after it, again it is weak. If Moon is aspected by Rahu or Ketu, it brings unnecessary worries & lack of stable mind to the native! Moon is extremely strong when the birth takes place on the full moon day! It can alone ward off other evils of the horoscope, alone! It is also strong during Shukla Paksha (brighter moon cycle). If the native is born in Krishna Paksha, the moon get bad, but if it is accompanied by some good guy - Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or is aspected by them, it turns to good! Moon is natural benefactor of luck. A good moon gives extreme satisfaction to the native. If well placed with Jupiter, it will take the native to the heights of spirituality. Moon primarily is a sattvik planet. The remedies that do not involve spiritual bent actually will just strengthen your moon. Actually Moon needs to be with your Jupiter. The best combination that you can get in a chart is that of Moon in first own house with Jupiter (exalted). It would be better if the Moon is a full Moon or it is at 90 degrees with respect to Sun. Such a combination is capable of warding of any evil that would come on your way. So, if you are serious to strengthen your Moon, please also strengthen your Jupiter. So in that case the best remedy will be to read the Geeta. It makes one's mind passive, fast. Also, avoid indulging in any sort of politics and be righteous. Be social, be honest, and believe everyone (I know it's hard, I still am trying to be like that). Accept your fault. Say sorry. Control your speech. Don't be arrogant. All these qualities will actually make you a humble person, yet extremely successful in the long run. The most successful people in fact are most humble.

I am enlisting the remedies of Moon again as below: 1) Drink water in silver vessel. Drink lots of water. 2) Wear a Silver chain in your neck with spherical silver pendant. 3) Use good amount of water for bathing. 4) Wear whites on Mondays. 5) Offer Saptadhanya to birds. 6) Try out Chandra Tratak - continuous gazing at moon. If possible chant 'Om Namah Shivay' or any Chandra mantra. 7) Read the ShrimadBhagwadGita. 8) Worship Lord Shiva. Offer water to Lord Shiva on Mondays. Chant the Shiv Pachakshar Strota. 9) Except for those who have exalted Moon (in Taurus), you can lend milk to small kids on Mondays 10) Have lots of juices. Give water to citrus plants. 11) Do not waste water.
Out of the above 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th are quickest way to strengthen your moon.

Also for strengthening Jupiter, do the following:

1. Find a Guru or make someone a Guru in your life and seek His guidance. That person must be someone who can guide you spiritually. Be in His presence, and serve Him. The more the blessings of a Guru you have , more is the probability is that your Ju is getting balanced. 2. If by any chance, you do not find anyone, make Lord Krishna as your guide. It was He who guided Arjun through the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he was confused in delivering his duties. Now this actually means to follow the Bhagwad Geeta, read it daily and try to assimilate its teachings in your daily life. Lord Shiva is also considered Guru. He is the master of the Spiritual world,which lies just above the Material world, in which we mortals exist. 3. Read literature, healthy literature. It is best if it is spiritual text such as ShriRamCharitManas, Bhagwad Geeta, Koran, Bible or Zend Avesta. It must be something that must help an individual grow. 4. Teach, be a guide yourself. Explain things to people. Teach kids. Distribute your knowledge to others. Indulge in healthy discussions with others, related to the community/society improvement and spirituality. 5. Avoid politics; don't indulge in politics of any sort. Don't conspire against anyone. Be away from any such elements who indulge in politics.

6. Be humble. Most humble people have best of Ju in their charts. Learn to say sorry, even if it is not your fault. Leave your ego and arrogance. 7. Respect elders and people of greater age. Touch their feet and take their blessings more often. 8. Wear a haldi (turmeric) and/or kesar (saffron) tilak on your forehead daily. 9. On Thursdays worship Tulsi plant. Put a spoon of milk in its roots. 10. Worship the milder form Lord Vishnu, viz... Lord Ram or Lord Krishna on Thursdays. Since Ju is signifies kids too. many people have problems related to children too because if weak Ju. The best they can do is worship the Lord in their child form. E.g. do tratak with the Lord when He is in His mother's lap. E.g. Lord Krishna in Maa Yashoda's lap. For girls, who want healthy and obedient children, this is the first step towards their motherhood. And they must look at the Lord in the manner they themselves are Yashoda Maa!!! 11. Do upwas on Ekadashi tithi (11th day on brighter half moon month). 12. Avoid having salt on Thursdays. Have grains only once a day. Prepare flour halwa, which must be sweet and have it with your first finger. Put Tulsi leaves in that halwa preparation and offer to the Lord before having it. 13. Visit temples or places of worship, more often than ever. Sit there and feel the energy and sanctity of that place. 14. Donate books (specially spiritual) to people. Develop your own library of books. 15. Donate yellow clothes to your Guru on Thursday. Donate yellow sweets to your Guru or any elderly person on Thursdays. 16. Feed cows with wheat flour, gram and jaggery (gurh) on Thursdays. 17. Donate land/property/money for the development of places of worship. 18. If your ascendant is governed by Venus (Taurus or Libra), avoid having excess Haldi (turmeric). Instead donate it. Also, avoid having bananas much, donate them too. Plant a banana tree and water it daily.

Gayatri Mantra (Panchanan Shiva Gayatri)

Moon / Chandra Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Moon is associated with the functionality of mind. It is believed that the moon controls the power of mind and versatility. It is also believed to provide power of meditation, concentration and resistance against cold diseases. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Moon / Chandra Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : White Monday Lord Shiva

The ill effects of Moon can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

To propitiate Moon, astrologers recommend donation of white cloth to needy and poor on any Monday. It is also authoritatively stated that chanting of "Om Namah Shivaya" for a good length of time continuously leads to please Moon. Worshipping Lord Shiva daily keeps Moon immensely pleased to quench even high ambitions of the person concerned, it is stated emphatically in astrology. Fasting on Monday brings favours granted by Moon. 'Mounavrat' (Total Silence) practiced on Poornima (Full Moon) provides power and strengthening of mind. Wearing of Pearl ring on the small finger on any Monday and continuing to wear it thereafter is yet one more piece of advice from our ancestors to please the Moon.
Gemstone for this Planet - Pearl

Sun / Surya Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Sun is treated as a ferocious and cruel planet. It's nature is hot and it is the controller of sharpness of mind, beauty and energy of body. It is also the master of successes in life and controls the family affairs along with the Mars. Sun is related to fulfilment of desires, eye diseases, care of eyes, leprosy, skin diseases, span and longevity of life, success in fortune. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Sun / Surya Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Vermillion Red Sunday Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

The ill effects of Sun can be minimised and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Choose any Sunday and donate a piece of red cloth to the poor. Sun is associated with red colour. Doing so will please the Sun and it's benevolence will increase and it's malevolence will decrease considerably. Just at Sunrise, worship the Sun, pour pure water in front of the Sun, pray soulfully. It is believed that the Sun will listen to you and bestow it's grace to your prayers. Lord Shiva, the merciful god, will bless you when worshipped with offerings of red flowers. Offering of such mode of prayer will appease the Sun Planet. If possible, donate, according to your capacity, gold or copper on a Sunday to a needy person. But, this should fall within the reach of your budget. This will help to retard the annoyance of the Sun. Feeding the needy and poor with roasted grams & Gud (Raw Sugar) on Sunday is one more step to appease the Sun. Gemstone for this Planet - Ruby

Mars / Mangal Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Mars, a powerful planet, can work out miracles for it's devotees. It can protect it's devotees from impending dangers and blood-related ailments. It is instrumental in the acquisition of landed properties, acquiring of status, affluence in profession/occupation and even relieves from steep debts. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Mars / Mangal Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Red Tuesday Lord Hanuman

The ill effects of Mars can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Donation of a piece of Red cloth on any Tuesday is an ideal proposition, recommended by the astrologers, as red is the colour dear to Mars. Wearing of coral ring made of Gold or Copper on the Index or Ring finger on any Tuesday and continuing to wear it thereafter is likely to appease Mars. Wearing Gold or Copper ring is also recommended to bring effective beneficial results. Offering Red Kaner (Red Oleander) in Hawan (Fire Sacrifices) is also an effective measure to appease Mars. Fasting on Tuesday is very effective effort to get the grace of the Mars. But, if fasting is not congenial to health, make a habit of using Masoor Pulse (Lentil Pulse) on Tuesday. This will prove to be substitutive. Gemstone for this Planet - Coral

Mercury / Budh Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Mercury is adored for bestowment of blessings of good education, business, sharp intellect, and pleasing appearance and also to keep off from heat-induced ailments, general debility and depressions. The planet also monitors the family affairs in life. It is related to peace of mind, earnings, intellect, education and business, if it is favourable. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Mercury / Budh Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Green Wednesday Goddess Parvati

The ill effects of Mercury can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Green is the colour and Wednesday is the weekday dear to Mercury. So, astrologers recommend donation of green coloured clothes on any Wednesday. Worshipping goddess Parvati with yellow or green flowers is recommended for better beneficial results. Giving away in charity alloy or alloy utensils according to capacity is considered to keep one away from ill effects of Mercury. Distributing Khand (Sugar Powder), butter oil, grams to needy persons and fodders to animals will appease Mercury. Distributing fruits is another way recommended to please mercury. Gemstone for this Planet - Emerald

Jupiter / Guru Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Jupiter is believed to be a bestower of successes. It is generally believed that one who is graced by Jupiter, commands respect from others. Cleanliness is a virtue preferred by Jupiter. Jupiter in astrology is named as 'Guru', meaning, biggest of all planets. The persons with grace of favour of Jupiter enjoy elderly quality, towering respect and business. If it is powerful, it can counter the ill effects of other planets comfortably. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Jupiter / Guru Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Yellow Thursday Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Indra, Goddess Parvati

The ill effects of Jupiter can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Donating in charity a piece of pale yellow cloth on any Thursday keeps Jupiter pleased. Feed an Ox with Gud (Raw Sugar) and gram pulse on Thursdays. Wearing Pukhraj (Topaz) on the Index finger on any Thursday is considered to bring in pleasing results. The ring should be continuously worn for a long period starting from any Thursday. Distributing sweets and donating Gold or Copper on Thursdays, if the budget allows. Worshipping Lord Shiva by pouring some Butter oil on Shiva Linga daily is another way to seek the blessings of Jupiter. Do it for a week. Gemstone for this Planet - Yellow Sapphire

Venus / Shukra Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Venus Planet is mainly associated with family life, taste and business/livelihood. The benevolent influence of Venus favours accumulation of wealth, jewellery, landed properties, happy home life, success in business and occupations, controlling obesity and fatness. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Venus / Shukra Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Light Blue, White Friday Goddess Lakshmi

The ill effects of Venus can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Giving away in charity on any Friday, the light blue cloth, rice and Mishri (Sugar Crystals) to the poor is considered to minimize the ill effects of Venus and add the favour of the planet. White horse donated in charity is also remedial measure to combat the ill effects of Venus. Using white or light blue coloured clothes on Fridays may go to please the Venus Planet. Bathing the idol of Lakshmi with Milk, Honey, Ghee (Butter Oil), Curd, Sugar - Together called Panchamrit will please Venus Planet because, She i.e. Goddess Lakshmi is the Lord of Venus. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi with white flowers and sandalwood paste (Tilak) regularly will appease Venus. Gemstone for this Planet - Diamond

Saturn / Sani Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Saturn is symbolic of cruelty and irritations in life for people. It is adverse in nature. It originates apprehensions of chronic diseases, accidents, enmity, financial crisis, depression of mind and retardation in business. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Saturn / Sani Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Blue, Black Saturday Lord Hanuman

The ill effects of Saturn can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Donating in charity a piece of black cloth, silk cloth, a cow, a buffalo, a mare, black grams and Black Til (Sesamum Seeds) on Saturday will amply influence Saturn to bestow benefits on devotees and to keep away from adverse effects, because these are the colours and objects dear to Saturn Planet. Donating a piece of copper to a Dakot (A Person who accepts the offerings forwarded on Shani Dev) on Saturday will reduce ill effects of Saturn. Donating in charity, Mustard oil on any Saturday to a Dakot will appease Saturn Planet. Wearing blue sapphire on any Saturday on the middle finger after testing its suitability is considered to bring favours of Saturn. Once worn on any Saturday, the ring should be continuously worn for a long time. Offering Mustard oil and Black Flowers in Hawan (Fire Sacrifice) will also add the favour of Saturn. Gemstone for this Planet - Blue Sapphire

Dr.Head / Rahu Briefing the Nature of the Planet

The planet Rahu relates to mind, insanity, Epilepsy, fights and trifles, and fruitless wonderings many a times. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Dr.Head / Rahu Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Cola, Blue, Black Saturday Lord Hanuman

The ill effects of Rahu can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Donation in charity, a piece of cloth of cola colour or blue cloth to some needy person on any Saturday, will gain favours of Rahu. Donating in charity if possible Gold or Lead also appeases Rahu. Distributing Til (sesamum seeds) and mustard oil on any Saturday is another proposition to please the Rahu. Offering Black Flowers in Hawan (Fire Sacrifices) will go a long way to appease Rahu. Charity of black/Cola colour blanket in winter and also using black/Cola Colour blankets for self brings favour of Rahu. Gemstone for this Planet - Hessonite

Dr.Tail / Ketu Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Ketu is quite influential to make one lovable among the people in a social circle. It bestows love for god and high values. Ketu is also denoted as the representative of bringing luxuries and wealth if it is favourable. Ketu is also a sign of action, intuition and innovation. Click Here to Know more about Planet - Dr.Tail / Ketu Favourite Colour Favourite Day Favourite God / Deity : : : Smoke Coloured Saturday Lord Bhairav (An Incarnation of Shiva)

The ill effects of Ketu can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Donating in charity blankets, iron and Black Til (Sesamum Seeds) on Saturday. Distributing all seven cereals (Wheat, Bajra, Kangani, Moong, Udad, Barley, Gram) to needy and poor on any Saturday. Wearing of smoke coloured clothes will immensely please Ketu to be benevolent. Worshipping Lord Hanuman or Bhairav everyday with Red Flowers and Dhoop. Eating of coconut and distributing the same in charity to the needy people