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LORD ARCTURUS and LORD KUTHUMI, Channeling by Michelle Eloff

6th SEPTEMBER, 2005

Johannesburg, RSA
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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be
linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly
the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as
powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in
the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine
Plan,Timing & Purpose.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at
this time and to bring unto you the blessings of synchronicity, of healing, of purity, and
Greetings, beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather
with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely
upon the hands of God.
Sisters, our gathering here today is for a greater purpose other than assisting the human
kingdom align their consciousness with the higher vibrations of healing. The grid we create
today is one that will combine all the kingdoms of life, harnessing the vibrations of energy
emitted by these kingdoms, so as to assist the formations of sound, of light, of harmony, and
knowledge to assist each of these kingdoms in integrating the power of that which each
kingdom represents. This is necessary for all the dimensions of healing to be integrated on a
harmonious level for all kingdoms. Lord Arcturus' presence in itself, will cause a deep shift
within your body. The shift will come initially from your mental body, working through your
emotional body, then into your physical body. Once the presence of his energy has moved into
the physical body you will integrate that presence into your spirit body. The reason for him
entering specifically through the mental body is for the purpose of harmonizing the higher
frequency of the higher mind of the universal wisdom and that of Mother-Father God to
override the lower conditioning and belief systems that have manifested limited beliefs
regarding your body's ability to heal and to respond to the higher vibrations of healing. Let us
now begin with preparing your energy to receive Lord Arcturus. He brings with him a very
high vibrational energy. This energy is so fine it is at times difficult to feel the vibrations of
your own energy moving through your own body. By this we mean that at times it may feel
that your physical body is not on earth, therefore not being able to feel the vibrations of your
own physical body. Some have experienced a shortness of breath in his presence. If you have
any of these symptoms while you are in his presence, simply draw breath all the way down to
your base chakra and invoke the presence of your healing angel to adjust your energy to
synchronise with his. We will re-calibrate your energy throughout the process of this
initiation. It is important that you try your utmost not to hold onto any thoughts or feelings of
negativity, fear, stress, anxiety or limitation during this transmission. Is this clear to all of

Close your eyes now sisters, begin your process of breathing in deeply and exhaling, and in so
doing harmonizing your body. Call upon the presence of Lord Arcturus to be in your presence.
Call for his light to merge with yours. Call forth all your personal guides. Call upon your
master guide, your doorkeeper guide, call upon your celestial master, and any other being of
light who you have an affinity to. We call forth the presence of Lord Sananda, we invite in
Lady Mary, and we call forth all the healing lords and ladies of your solar system. You need to
breathe in deeply, exhaling, as you continue to do this, I shall take my leave to make way for
Lord Arcturus. Blessings be with each of you. Adonai.
I am Arcturus, Lord of Arcturus. Welcome.
We have come to facilitate deep inner activation of the realms of consciousness, stored within
your chakric system, levels of consciousness hidden within your DNA that you, at this point,
do not understand the functioning of. Your response to this initiation will assist your personal
activation of these hidden keys and memories of many cycles past. The purpose of awakening
these memories will help the collective consciousness of all the kingdoms inhabiting earth, to
respond to the energy we, the Arcturians, bring to planet earth. I come to awaken my
ambassadors of light and each of you are these ambassadors. There are many who respond to
the light of Arcturus, in order for your energy to integrate that which we bring forth, your keys
must be realized. Your inner realization and opening of these keys will unlock dimensions of
inner knowledge, understanding of the mechanics of universal energy, and most important,
how quantum energy is utilized in every moment of existence, even by those who are
unconscious of its mechanics. To begin the process of such integration for the greater
collective consciousness, the balance between the mental, emotional, and physical bodies
must manifest. This is reflected in every aspect of life. Everything the human being
experiences and undergoes in the form of healing and release will create an impact and
transformation in your physical world. The reason why human bodies have difficulty
responding to vibrational healing and as yet are unable to rely purely on energetic healing, is
because of the astral plane's collective energy. It weighs upon humanity like a toxic cloud, and
this shower of toxins seeps into the subtle bodies. This is the reason why children especially
are unable to clear dis-ease and illness from their bodies without the assistance of allopathic
intervention. It is your responsibility as ambassadors of light, not only the ambassadors of
Arcturus, but the ambassadors of light on all levels to eradicate the toxic dimension i.e the
lower astral plane - the lower plane is the 4th dimension. 4th dimension is made up of 2 levels
lower and higher. Each of you, through your personal development and manifestation of
awareness of that which you have come forth to experience, and how it
is that you perform through the obstacles and challenges of your initiation, determine how
energy transmutes in your body and in your presence. The keys stirring inside of you as we
transmit, are within your base and sacral chakras, and your crown and 3rd eye chakras. It
will take 7 days for you to complete the integration of the lower aspect of the astral plane, and
transcend it into the higher dimension of the 4th dimension. The integration of the lower plane
is simply the understanding of the association you as a human being have with the lower
vibration, as a result of your personal conditionings and belief systems. You will enter into the
dense vibration of your genetic imprints, and raise its vibration into the higher octaves of
liberated thinking, feeling and divine _expression. You have walked through many of the dark

nights that brought your soul to the greeting of the new dawn, where new light has been
absorbed into every level of awareness you are conscious and unconscious of. That which you
are unconscious of now comes to the consciousness of the realms of higher wisdom that you
have been in the process of connecting with over the past 8 months. My coming forth to
connect with each of you in this manner, closes the cycle of the past 8 months, and raises the
entire vibration of your physical body to a higher octave. Eight is a very important vibration
for each of you, which is why on the 8th day after the completion of your 7 day cycle, you
will undergo an integration of yet another level of energy which will raise your fully mastered
and Christed self of light into the 12th dimension. You will be transported into the 12th level of
the 12th dimension where I, Lord Arcturus, will personally come and meet with you and
accompany you into the 22nd level of the 12th dimension where you shall meet in council
with the Galactic Federation of Light. You shall receive an imprint which shall release the
keys stored within your solar plexus and throat chakras. That will take a further 7 days. The
cycle of the 7 days will begin on the 9th day. In other words, the first day after your 8th day,
becomes the beginning of your next 7 day cycle. On the completion of the 7th day, as you
come into the 8th day, I, Lord Arcturus, will meet with you yet again in the 12th dimension,
accompanying you to the 13th level of the 12th dimension, where you shall come to meet with
the Galactic Council and Hierarchy of Shambala. This will carry your consciousness into the
44th aspect of the 12th dimension, the level where all the hierarchies of light gather. This
collective gathering of energy houses the vibrations of sound which bring energy healing to
all planets resonating through a specific frequency of light, which can only be harmonized
through 6th dimension. 6th dimension is that of the fluid energy of love, which each of you
must harmonise with in order to bring the perfect balance of unconditional and divine love
into manifestation in order to harness the vibrations of light and sound,and of colour. This
combination of energy dismantles the toxic cloud of lower vibrational consciousness in 4th
dimension. It releases the consciousness of limitation that prevents the physical body from
accepting the higher vibrations of energy healing. The velocity at which you will integrate this
energy will intensify. I will personally hold your energy for 12 days after your final meeting,
and it is through these 12 days that your heart chakra will undergo its integration of the 44th
level, and the 6th dimension, to bring to the fore and therefore into your conscious
consciousness, a deeper understanding of the essence of fluid love, and why it is necessary for
the earth kingdom to integrate its vibration. You are ascended masters in a physical form. You
have forgotten a great part of who you are. However, you have also remembered a great
deal of who you are. I, Arcturus, here in the presence of love with each of you, contribute to
your reawakening. Each of you are vital ingredients in the realigning of the planetary grids
that will anchor the vibrations, of light, sound and colour, which will assist all kingdoms of
consciousness inhabiting earth to surrender to the vibrations that the Galactic Federation of
Light, and the Galactic Council and Hierarchy of Shambala bring. This particular grid of
energy which you establish within your mental body, which you shall bring through into your
emotional, then physical body, will establish a communication network with us, the
Arcturians, and your personal Arcturian mentor. This particular group of beings, will create
further templates of communication of a telepathic and mental nature with the Pleiadians, the
Sirians, the Venutians, the Andromedans, and the Neptunians. Each connection is linked to a
key within your chakric system. Each group holds an octave that stirs the deeper awakening.
What they bring to the fore are the memories of Masters you were fully conscious of in
Atlantic, and in Egypt. Your presence on the earth plane is a key in itself. We are establishing
additional networks of communication with groups in South Africa, in the United Kingdom,
and in Egypt. We are establishing networks of communication in the United States of
America, in Russia, and in Australia. All these places are transmitting stations for
communication and for contact to be made. We will have anchoring stations in Greece, Italy,

in South America, in Geneva Switzerland, in Alaska, and both the north and the south pole.
Along the equator we are establishing 3 very important anchors and transmitters in Iraq, in
Turkey and in Morocco. Even though there is immense physical disharmony in some of
these areas, you must understand that it does not prevent the higher plan of earth from
Each of you are encoded with the divine plan. As individual conduits of energy, you are also
anchors and transmitters of information. This information is emitted in the form of vibrations
through sound, and through touch. Your presence in itself holds a signature. That which
is in harmonious resonance with that code responds and activates. You are the 4th wave of
ambassadors of Arcturian consciousness being brought to life. By this I mean, being awoken.
You are currently receiving your colours as an Ambassador as the Arcturian Groups of
Light. I, Lord Arcturus, welcome all of you into the ship of Arcturus. Our ship travels through
all of the galaxies within your universe, gathering sound, light and vibration to assist the
collective integration of further vibrations. This allows for the raising of consciousness for
your earth, and for all kingdoms that inhabit earth. Humanity's consciousness has tremendous
power. You are aware of this power. You have seen the destructive ability of this power. You
are reversing the impact of this power. Time is of the essence because you experience a linear
existence. We, the Arcturians, with the assistance of the Pleiadians and the Sirians, are reeducating and re-harmonising each of you in your individual capacity, as group souls, and as
communities of light, re-adjusting the templates of energy, re-calibrating your personal energy
to remove you from the constraints of time so that you can impart the energy and wisdom you
This impacts upon the collective consciousness in such a way that it appears to be as an
acceleration of time. People are experiencing the sensation of time running out because it is
necessary to create this illusion so as to ensure that all is brought into the divine plan of
Gaia. The illusion of time has been created by humanity collectively. We utilize this creation
to bring the plan into its divine place. All of you are aware of the accelerated rate at which
energy is moving through time and space. The greatest reason why you are having
difficulty remembering from one moment to the next, is because you are in "no time". You
have stepped into the here and now, and when you are fully in the moment, what happened an
hour ago, or what will be happening in an hour's time will elude you. Do not concern
yourself with what you are missing out on, or concern yourself that you are losing your mind.
Celebrate that you have manifested your ability to be present, as you move into the next
moment of presence you will have recollection of that which must be experienced in that
moment. The more you try and force yourself to remember, the more you undo your quantum
doings. Keep a record of what is required of you, if you must, but do not lose yourself in time.
We, the Arcturians, have been creating grids of communication with each of you over the past
8 months. We, the Arcturians, are Masters of quantum energy. We gather to show you, to
guide you and mentor you in mastering the quantum world of everything. I, Lord Arcturus,
personally facilitate the raising of your mental, your emotional and physical bodies'
vibrational frequency into the 8th level of quantum energy. You are already beginning your
ascent from 7th dimension into 8th dimension. You, however, will not be granted full access
to 8th dimensional energy of the quantum nature until you have successfully completed your
integration of 6th dimension, and the fluid energy of love. It is not permitted by the Galactic
Federation of Light for any lightworker to have access to the full power of the 8th dimension
of abundance without having integrated the 6th dimension of fluid love. The Galactic
Federation, and the Galactic Council and Hierarchy of Shambala, will not take any chances

that any soul moves past the rings of light will access such power, for this was the cause of the
fall of Atlantis. The rings passeth not, will not be allowed to be touched by any soul unless
they wear the mantle of 6th dimension. I believe you understand our motivation. You are
initiates, and have completed many levels of your personal initiations. You have integrated
your colours, and vibrate through the vibrations of these colours. Your personal group of
Arcturian mentors have already united their energy with your chakric system, and now you
begin your entry into the Arcturian realm of creation. In this world you co-create with the
healers of your universe. We begin by uniting your chakric system with the Lords and Ladies
of Healing of your Solar System. This process is currently being activated, and your
vibrations are merging to begin with, on a cellular level, you will move into your mind, your
heart and your physicality over the next 3 hours. Each breath you take brings additional
energy into your body to sustain you for the cycle ahead of you, and to ensure that your
physical body can withstand the velocities of energy you are integrating, especially with your
transportation into the 12th dimension and its inner levels. You are required to begin your
choice regarding your energy's association with an aspect of planetary consciousness shift and
healing. Your choices revolve around the medical fraternity medicine and vibrational
healing. You have the choice of being aligned with the vibrations of bringing healing on an
ecological level, healing the ozone layer, and bringing the healing to the earth, replenishing
the minerals that she has been robbed of, replenishing these minerals will replenish the
physical bodies of humanity. You HAVE the choice of working with the consciousness of
humanity as a collective body, and reversing conditionings of limitation and ignorance,
supporting the deeper understanding of the earth's purpose and divine plan. You can choose to
work with similar energies utilizing the animal kingdom, or plant kingdom, or crystal
kingdom. Take a moment now to consider this, and make your choice. This choice shall be
interwoven into the communication systems being created. Choose your words with care. You
are requested to verbalise your choice, beginning your verbalization beginning with "I", and
stating your name, and vocalize what you have chosen. Please move in a clockwise direction
when you are ready. Group expresses their intentions. Over the next 44 days, each of you will
be assisted in integrating the foundation upon which the structure you shall use to bring this
into manifestation. This foundation includes all aspects that you have vocalized. Integrating
this energy can at times leave you feeling quite drained of human physical energy. Do not
concern yourself. Rather feed your body with as much raw food as you can possibly ingest.
The vibration of raw food will assist the downloading of information you require to activate
the keys that will keep your foundation securely anchored to Mother Earth and with your
Arcturian mentors. Each transmitting station and anchoring system of energy brought to
planet earth will create a shift in vibration. This will contribute to some of the physical earth
changes. Her tectonic plates will shift majorly again. She will come to release the toxins
of her emotional body, as many of you have too. This has been the result of many of the
illnesses associated with your winter colds and flu. One of the reasons why many are having
trouble shifting this particular illness is because of the depth of the detoxification currently in
place. It is important that you are aware of the fact that your detoxification process is not
limited to what you are experiencing in the here and now. You are detoxifying many of your
parallel and alternate connections which is part of the release that you have created as a result
of the initiations you have chosen over the past. You are being liberated from the sins of your
forefathers, therefore is it no longer necessary for you to carry the imprints. Your body has
chosen stages of detoxification; having to deal with it all at once will have left you completely
debilitated and without energy to even feed yourself. Some of you resonate with different
levels of energy therefore your detoxification has been different. Many are experiencing their
detoxification through the emotional body at this current time, as a deep inner resistance to
change. This is manifesting in the forms of depression, deep seated anger coming to the fore

in the forms of irritation, inner resentment toward people that may not even have bothered
them in the past. People that have not even been thought of over the past years, suddenly rise
into the fore in the form of memories. It is essential that you be rid of all of the toxins that
keep the toxic cloud of the 4th dimension in place, so that your world can understand the
importance of harmonious vibration so that your bodies can respond to the vibrations of
healing that will liberate you from the onslaught of subtle attack brought on by the negative
thoughts emitted by those staggering through the dimensions, as a result of their
disconnectedness to self, and the higher aspects of the God-Goddess self. Reuniting medicine,
ecology and healing of all forms with the higher vibrations is now upon you, and more
necessary than ever before. You are already clearly seeing why this is so important. The
children of your world are especially in dire need of this concentration of negative energy to
become diluted. It will not be an immediate eradication; however as it dilutes, it loses its
power, and vibrational healing will have a greater impact. This will result in the collective
consciousness realizing why so many doctors are having difficulty diagnosing and why so
many of the modern medicines are having no impact or very negative impact on the human
body. The level of sensitivity in the human body has already changed quite dramatically. You
are finding your body's responses very different to a few months or years ago. This will
continue to change, and I am sure most of you are aware of this already. The first level of
focus is the children in human form, and the other kingdoms, plant life, animal life, and
mineral life. Bringing these systems into harmony will be the springboard for all other levels
of harmony to manifest. Lightwarriors, such as yourselves, have already undergone many of
the shifts required to bring about states of harmony which you shall impart energetically to the
children, the animals and mineral life forms. These life forms will establish a method of
communication with you to ensure that your anchoring of light always be in a state of
harmony and balance. You will all receive recalibrations every 3 hours over the next 44 days
to ensure your energy can withstand the velocity of light coming forth.
This is the rest of the channeling:
Your emotional body is responding in a harmonious way to the energy your Arcturian mentors
are currently filling you with. It is for your benefit that you ground yourself regularly today
because of the vibration you are being exposed to, you may have difficulty concentrating,
focusing on anything for longer than 15 or 30 minutes. Use what best supports your personal
grounding function. It is time now, for us to transport your consciousness back to the physical
earth plane, grounding you back in your body. Use breath tobring your consciousness into
your chakras welcome back! It is important that all of you feel yourselves completely
grounded in your body before you leave this space today. We do not want you clashing
personalities with anybody else. Breathe deeply and visualize each chakra filled with colour
and light. Visualize spinning in a harmonious flow of energy. Continue to breathe until you
feel completely at peace being in your physical body, fully conscious and
aware of all within you and around you. Sisters of light, I shall now take my leave and hand
over to Lord Kuthumi, who will continue supporting you and offering whatever guidance you
require. I am Lord Arcturus, may you remain well, light and blessed. Farewell. Thank you.
I am Kuthumi, and I return at this point. Greetings sisters. Greetings.
Beloved sisters, the initiation that has taken place today is perhaps one that may impact on
your physical body, unlike the others you have experienced in the past. Therefore it is
important that I reiterate Lord Arcturus, speaking of feeding your body with real food. This

energy is necessary to assist you in sustaining your physical energy levels. Do you all
understand this?
Beloved ones, it is time now for us to end this transmission. And so it is that we embrace each
of you in the light of fluid light. We support each of you on your journey, and bring forth that
which you require to sustain you on all levels. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you,
that carry and comfort you, and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all here, and
with you always and all ways. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Wisdom, and I
greet and bless you in love. Adonai.
Now, are there any questions regarding that which Lord Arcturus discussed with you, that you
are not in harmony with or do not haveclarity in?
Yes, I do. Is there anything that we need to do, or to just go with the flow?
Answer: Your personal guides will guide you. There will be information that will come forth
from various sources that will guide you through your initiations. We will also bring forth all
information that is necessary and that will harmonise with those who are willing to work
with the vibrations of the ascended Masters, the Lords and Ladies of the Star World, with the
animal, the plant, and the mineral kingdoms. Is this clear?
Thank you.
You are welcome. Blessings be with you, sister.
Lord Kuthumi, what I verbalized during Lord Arcturus' transmission is that my focus would
be with bringing about change in human consciousness, but I would want to contribute
towards the earth and all the other kingdoms as well. I just thought that there was only one
that we had to choose, so I didn't verbalise it. But I would like to contribute to all the other
kingdoms as well. How does that impact on what I said?
Answer: You can add this to what you gave to your Arcturian mentors. The process will take a
complete 3 hours, therefore you still have time.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Lord Kuthumi, what exactly is fluid love?
Fluid love is an energy that holds no condition. This means it can penetrate and access any
level of energy, even if there is a wall of defense, the power within fluid love is so that it can
seep into the minutest of cracks and fill the space up with its light and presence. You see up
until this point, humanity has rejected fluid love because humanity's conditionings have
placed conditions on love. This has been as a result of many cycles of manipulation and
control. It is as a result of the consciousness that was created when the 4 destructive

matrixes were put in place. For the past few years, lightworkers have been working fervently
at shattering the matrixes of destruction, and re-imprinting the templates of light which have
brought the golden age into being. As each year passes moving toward 2012, more of its
consciousness is grounded. As it is grounded, there are anchors on the planet, lightworkers
such as yourselves, that hold the energy in place. Fluid love is the next phase of the project of
light. Imagine it like a waterfall. The waterfall looks like water, but in truth all it is, is love.
Fluid love is an energy that many have not been exposed to before, simply because your
world has been predominantly based on conditional love. Do you understand?
Yes, thank you very much.
You are welcome, and blessings for you.
Question: Lord Kuthumi, my question regarding our fall. Why were we allowed to fall so far?
Answer: Because Earth is the only planet of choice. It is a free will zone. Every zone comes
with laws. Each zone has a period of time, so to speak, and in that period of time or window
of opportunity, all who are part of the zone can experience functions within it. That is what
occurred. That window has come to its end, which is why there is so much intervention to
restore balance. Souls have experienced free will and its power. Its destructive power. Now it
is the time to experience the constructive power. It is also the time to experience the
destructive force light has on darkness. So it will be both. And this is where Lord El Morya
plays a vital role in the rebuilding of consciousness, for the first Ray of Will & Power is the
Ray of Destruction. And this is where its energy destroys the world of complacency, which is
what we believe Goddess Artemis was referring to yesterday. Do you understand?
It just seems endless.
It is only because you are conditioned by time. Your body will feel it in this manner because
of the amount of times you, as Ascended Masters, have incarnated into that window period in
which souls experienced free will. There have been times when free will was been taken away
for the purpose of plans to be set in place to protect Goddess Gaia, and then free will must be
returned. But there were not many times when such intervention was permitted to take place.
Do you understand?
Lord Kuthumi, what if there are more and more of us wanting to align free will more with
God will, and as we are now hurtling toward 2012 will there be this time where free will will
merge with God will, and be one with God will?
We hope so! (laughter) This is exactly why we are doing what we are doing! Because as sister
Salome says, it is absolutely hectic. This free will business has caused a lot of havoc, and
that's putting it mildly.
I'm tired of it.
Would you like to come and join me on this side of the fence?!?
To see what we see? I don't think so. For now, do the very best you can, with what you have at
your disposal. That is what we need in order to help you make the changes. Please may I
make a request: that you use me, use every ounce of me, whatever of me is available here on

earth in this physicality. Just use me in whatever way the Master sees will be of most the
benefit to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. I just wish to serve and be .. (inaudible). Thank
It is done.
Lord Kuthumi, how can we best assist the children that are struggling with this negative
blanket on a collective level, because there isn't enough time to help each child individually?
Answer: Spread the word of truth. No longer stand in complacency. Don't keep quiet. Speak
your truth. Put your inspirations on paper, and spread the word. Connect with communities,
schools, clubs, whatever it is, and suggest topics that you can present to groups bringing
greater awareness. Initially, it may feel to some of you, that what you have said has been
rejected, and you will have resistance. It is human nature to resist what is new. However, we
guarantee you that seeds will be planted. And that is what is so important. The moment a seed
is planted, the light and love of Mother-Father God will nurture it. It will find a root and it
will begin to grow. How long it will take to grow is a little more difficult to predict, but
persevere. Do not be complacent. Be careful not to invade another's space, or mind, or heart,
but make the information available. Is this clear?
Thank you.
Lord Kuthumi, in terms of the destructive free will choices that so many people have made to
become addicted to drugs and affecting people you love, how can we go about removing this
addiction from their lives?
You cannot remove the addiction from their lives, sister. One has to be a facilitator of love, so
that the person addicted can find the healing balm that will sate the hunger of their addiction.
Addictions are not limited to drugs. One can be addicted to a person, to an attitude, to a belief
system, and a way of life. One must understand that every dysfunctional behaviour in your
society has a root cause. One needs to get to the root of the problem in order to eradicate it
permanently. This is why we are speaking of all the vibrations coming forth, which is
necessary in order to assist humanity in being comfortable with vibrational healing. Do you
I think so.
Are you sure?
What part did you not understand?
How to facilitate so many advocate tough love, and I don't believe in that because that will
only create more resentment and more problems. Giving unconditional love, the person takes
advantage of you in certain areas. Unconditional love no, that's not right. Giving
unconditional love is something one needs to do, and one tries one's best to do. But to watch
someone destroy their lives so totally, it's heartbreaking, and leaves one with such a sense of
helplessness as to how to especially when they don't want to listen, and when one looks at
trying to discern the root cause. Is there any way we can help as a whole, in helping people
discern the root cause of their addictions in order to heal them?
Answer: One needs to first understand that each soul has an individual and divine plan. One
can do as much as one can to assist the individual, but one cannot force healing or change

upon the individual, for then it will never truly take place. Working with individuals on a soul
level can assist the process, therefore one can ask that the soul intervene by inspiring the
conscious aspect of the self in human form to seek assistance. One can call upon the spirit
parents of the individual to also intervene and bring about what must be in accordance with
the highest will of their soul. That is always the most important. Because no one can know
everybody's plan, one must understand that there is a divine plan. One must harmonise one's
self with those plans and trust that spirit will use you or anyone else as a mechanism to bring
about the healing if it is the higher will of that soul. Is this clear?
Yes, thank you.
You are welcome.
Question: Lord Kuthumi, could you please explain in more depth the concept of the lower
astral plane and allopathic medication in severe diseases.
Answer: Certainly. Are you aware of the fact that many people hold onto disease because it
becomes their identity. I'm one of them!
That feeds the lower astral plane. That association, or that identification with the disease, is
what helps the person feel. For many people for instance, cancer for example, many people
will hold onto their cancer because for them, it may justify their right to be on earth. Deep
seated guilt and shame often manifest diseases, which people hold onto, because they have
not dealt with the shame and the guilt. The disease becomes the punisher on a subtle level
because one holds onto the negative emotions on a sub-conscious level, it keeps the lower
astral plane alive, it feeds it. Do you understand?
treat it through allopathic means or holistic means
You can treat it allopathically, but the core cause of the original manifestation must be dealt
with as well, therefore it must be a holistic approach dealing with every aspect, not just
physical. The allopathic medication will deal with the physical symptoms, but it will not deal
with the original cause. This is why the bridge must occur where if the physical body is at the
level where it is not coping with the overload of emotional or mental toxins, the result is
disease, one can use allopathic medication with the approach of dealing with whatever has
caused it on the mental or emotional or spiritual level. Even if it means having to go back
through time lines to find the original cause. It may be the cause is in a parallel reality, and
connecting with it in the parallel will eradicate it in the current time line. It is however, that
humanity's current condition is that terminal diseases cannot be healed. The list is endless,
sister, as to why people hold onto dis-ease. My current discomfort I haven't had for a long
time, so I always get a fright when it comes back. I'm not certain whether it's these
initiations or whether there's something else going on, and then I start to panic. I think, well
you've supposed to have dealt with this, you've done so much work all these years, and here
we are again.
Try seeing whatever you are being faced with as not being something you have not
completed, but rather another aspect. This means instead of viewing whatever comes your
way as a regression, rather as being a progression, which means you have progressed
sufficiently to deal with whatever level of energy exists in whatever timeline impacting
on your current timeline. Do you understand? Then why does it feel like a circle?
When one deals with energy within the chakric system, especially with a physical form, it can
manifest in a circular motion. The cycles moving within themselves. This creates a level of
containment rather than _expression. Perhaps it would be of assistance for you specifically to
address whatever has come your way, seeing how it is that you contain it within your soul,
and how you can express it in a different way. Think of all the emotions, or thoughts, or belief

systems, or attitudes that you have held within yourself, that you have held in a container,
contained it, swallowed it, not expressed it. When this happens, you understand why,
whatever comes has come. If you've been through a cycle of initiation, and we speak of your
personal relationship specifically, there has been a containment of energy up until very
recently. You began to express what you had contained for so long. Do you understand what
we are getting at? Having understood that, what has been contained can now be completely
released. It will have been contained emotionally, and mentally, and physically, therefore you
move into the rings passeth not, and you move beyond it. This takes you into the 6th
dimensional aspects of fluid love, where you can take the quantum energy to yet another
level, and you move beyond whatever has limited you before. This is how all healing works.
Every level of human consciousness, having to deal with any aspect of healing, be it on a
cellular level, or a genetic level, be it on an emotional or mental level, be it in a
parallel or alternate reality it all boils down to the same point.
The point that you are at in the present moment of whatever consciousness you are in, is what
is most important. Do you understand?
I understand. But it seems endless. It seems forever.
We understand the illusion that one sees, and there is no way that I, or any other Master or
Lady can change that, but you have compacted your energies into a much shorter space of
time, because of the acceleration of the processes, it is more intense and seems more
endless. But have faith!
And all of you!
Lord Kuthumi, last night I had a dream and I was shown a computer that was specially for
me, with 2 special commands and someone pushed the those 2 commands to help me get rid
of my cancer. In my dream I felt really happy and relieved, so I would like to know whether I
can take that dream at its face value or is there an interpretation involved? And the other thing
I would like to know is the cancer that I had, is it something that I created with the choices I
made in my life, or is it part of the divine plan?
Answer: All one's choices are part of the divine plan, therefore what you have created, as with
anything in life, not just illness, there is a gift within. The peace you felt as a result of your
dream, is what we suggest you take into your being. Lord Arcturus and his team often work
through technology, which is projected in thought forms, such as computers or any other
technology. Do you understand? So your Arcturian team of mentors are already working with
you. Do you understand?
Yes, and thank you.
You are welcome, and blessings be with you.