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conjunction Word Classes preposition interjection listen to a variety of purposes & in different context respond to a variety of stimuli listen

to texts on processes & make notes identify linking words used in processes suggest suitable alternatives to linking words instructions Listening & Speaking respond orally to facts & opinions paraphrasing justification Reflections Academic papers Writing oral presentations story-telling songs rhymes able to express opinions & give personal responses

Interaction 1

Interaction 5

conduct a forum & express opinions on the chosen topic literal comprehension

application complaint appreciation enquiry informal components of the paper APA referencing systems Bibliography paraphrasing Academic papers formal Letter writing

[WAJ 3103] English Language Proficiency II

Reading Barrett's Taxonomy

reorganisation compare & contrast a text explain main ideas & supporting details present main and supporting ideas using graphic organizer display for others to comment and justify inferential comprehension make inferences predict outcomes draw conclusions make generalisations

Interaction 2 Interaction 4

appreciation Reading Barrett's Taxonomy read and discuss a poem recite a chosen poem give personal responses

Interaction 3
report writing Writing

format purpose language audience summary writing

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