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National Research Development Corporation

In association with Suruchi Consultants LONG SHELF LIFE PANEER Technology offer

Paneer manufacture involves heat/ acid coagulation of standardized milk followed by pressing of the coagulum. he process permits conservation of milk solids without The existing manufacturing technique is labour and loss of whey and higher yield of paneer with product energy intensive and is susceptible to environmental safety through modern technology. contamination. Manual handling at various stages of processing leads to microbial ADVANTAGES spoilage, which is a PLANT PARAMETERS serious limitation factor for the Capacity, 800T/A of finished The method offers the following organized nationwide marketing product advantages. network. Further, lack of effective No. of shifts / day 2 1 Higher product yield of 35-40% packaging system limits its life to compared to conventional process Working days/Year 300 only one or two days at room 2 2 Whey solids retained in the To be worked out for temperature. More over Covered Area, m product, thus no problem of whey processing but the traditional technology is suitable disposal should be around for batch operations and handling of 3 Shelf life 3 months at 30 500-700 sq mtr if all milk up to 5000-10000 litres in degrees the operations to be batches. 4 Various unit operations included in the integrated process area for The traditional technology has the fully with mechanized energy panir following limitations:efficient equipments. 5 Appropriate packaging system. 1 Loss of nearly half of milk MANPOWER 6. Cost of manufacture of paneer solids in whey is Rs.45/Kg. Managerial 1 2. Loss of heat in whey 7 .Hygienic quality product 3 3. Recontamination of product Skilled Unskilled 8 after heat treatment About NRDC 4. Limited shelf life RAW MATERIAL 5. Labour intensive National Research Development Buffalo milk 6. Lack of packaging systems Corporation, a Government of India 7. Lack of quality assurance Gluco delta lactone Enterprise, is a premier Technology Nisin system Transfer Corporation with four decades PLANT & MACHINERY NEW PROCESS An innovative approach in- package, sterilization directed at heat/acid coagulation of concentrated milk coupled with texturization has been conceptualized for the preparation of long life paneer. The process permits integration of newly developed energy efficient unit process into the system for commercial scale manufacture of paneer having extended shelf life at room temperature. Weighing balance Aluminium cans Storage tank Cream separator Standardised tank Plate chiller Heat exchanger Air compressor ECONOMICS Total project cost Including land and building Baby boiler Ghee clarifier sterilizer Evaporator Pouch filling machine UF plant Clearing system of experience. It has helped establish over one thousand projects in the small and medium scale sector. The supply of technologies and services to entrepreneurs extend both in the developing and developed countries like USA, Germany, Malaysia, Burma, Brazil, Nepal, Senegal, Madagascar, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh and Egypt.

To be worked out as per the capacity envisaged alongwith technology transfer arrangements