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TM Introduction to Electronic Daddy DZBB-1 Student Entertainment Timing Controller

General Situation
Without strong self-control ability, either pupils or students in middle schools tend to spend their time in going online, making phone calls, watching TV or playing games instead of in studying. Stern parents always lead their children to a bad mood, doing harm to the family relationship. With this controller, parents can set the study time and entertainment time together with their children, so that children can rela! after studying in an appropriate way. "uring the entertainment time, children can make phone calls, go online or watch TV. When the entertainment time is due, network, telephone line, and the power of tele#ision set and play machine will be switched off automatically. $n this way, children%s self-discipline is formed without any conflicts between parents and their children. &utting the $' card or typing the password into the electronic daddy, parents can use it. The controller is as showed in the picture on the right. ()*are number keys, which is used to type password and set data+ the ",key is used to cancel the current operation and return to the pre#ious one+ the ./0 key is used to choose and set the items+ the M1", key is used to switch on the internet, watch TV and playing games+ the ,0T key is used to confirm the inputted data+ 2and 3are used to mo#e the control flashing cursor left or right, changing the place of the modified data. Main technical parameters of the controller are as follow4 Si5e4 678966(988mm: &ower dissipation4 ;W Timing setting resolution4 second+
1ne-day entertainment ,ntertainment time Two connection sockets Small cover board IC card socket

88 88 88
1ne-time entertainment &assword modification Study time

6 = < <

; 8 > (

: 7 * >



Time of error4 less than 6(s?day The range of control time4 ;=hours The biggest control power of the associate control board @used to control tele#ision or game machineA4 7((w

Work Process
When the controller%s entertainment time is put into work, the microcomputer will minus entertainment time automatically. $f the entertainment time becomes 5ero, the microcomputer will send out a signal to switch off the line, making the obBect under control enter the unemployable state, and begin to calculate the study time . Cs long as the study time accounts to the set inter#al, the microcomputer will enter the state of entertainment time , and signals the de#ice under control to reenter the employable state. $nputting the correct password or inserting electronic daddy $' card, the microcomputer will make the obBect under control enter the employable state and begin to calculate the studying time .

Setting Functions
One-time Encouragement: to add an entertainment period to the controller @the entertainment period eDuals to the set entertainment timeA, which is used when the machine works for the first time and when children earn encouragement. One-da Entertainment: to make the controller openly use a longer period, which is used to reBoice children on holidays. Password !odi"ication: to change password. Set Stud Time: to check or change the study time. Set Entertainment Time: to check or change the entertainment time.
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