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Projectile Motion Formula | Formula for Projectile Motion |

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Projectile Motion Formula Projectile Motion Problems

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Projectile Motion Formula

We often experience many kinds of motions in our daily life. Projectile motion is one among them. A projectile is some object thrown in air or space. The Curved path along which the projectile travels is what is known as trajectory. Projectile Motion is the free fall motion of any body in a horizontal path with constant velocity.

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Projectile Motion Formula (trajectory formula) is given by

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Where Vx is the velocity along x-axis, Vxo is the initial velocity along x-axis, Vy is the velocity along y-axis, Vyo is the initial velocity along y-axis. g is the acceleration due to gravity and t is the time taken. Equations related to trajectory motion (projectile motion) are given by



Projectile Motion Formula | Formula for Projectile Motion |

Where Vo is the initial Velocity, sin is the component along y-axis, cos

is the component along x-axis.

Projectile Motion formula is used to find the distance, velocity and time taken in the projectile motion.

Projectile Motion Problems

Below are given some problems based on projectile motion which may help you in your assignments.

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Solved Examples
Question 1: A body is projected with a velocity of 20 ms -1 at 50o to the horizontal. Find (i) Maximum height reached (ii) Time of flight and (iii) Range of the projectile. Solution: Initial Velocity Vo = 20 ms -1,

= 50o
2V0 sin g

Time of flight, t =

220sin50 9.8

= 3.126 s.
Vo sin 2g
2 2

Maximum Height reached, H =





Projectile Motion Formula | Formula for Projectile Motion |

(20) sin 50 29.8
2 2 2

= 11.97 m.
v sin2
2 0

Horizontal Range R =

sin 100 9.8

= 40.196 m.

Question 2: John is on top of the building and jack is down. If john throws a ball at an angle of 60o and with initial velocity 20 m/s. At what height will the ball reach after 2 s? Solution: Given: Vyo = 20 m/s,

t = 2s,

The Vertical velocity in y direction is given by Vy = Vyo sin 60o = 20

1 2 3 2

= 17.32 m/s. Vertical distance, y = Vyo t gt2

= 20 2 - 0.5 9.8 4 = 20.4 m.

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