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Shruti Shiksha

E-mail: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @shruti_shiksha

Address: sian !ollege of "ournalism# !hennai - 6$$%%3# &ndia Mobile: '(% ((623)26$3 Skype ID: shrutishiksha25

Summary A ournalism student with knowled!e in content writin!"editin! and research and a pro!ressi#e thinker$ !oal oriented and stri#es %or accuracy and ob ecti#ity& I ha#e a bachelor's de!ree in mass communication %rom (atna )omen's *olle!e$ (atna +,iharwhich included internships with reputed or!anisations like The Times o% India and the *..-I,.& I was also the chie% sub-editor o% the colle!e lab- ournal /0eadway'& I am about to !raduate %rom the Asian *olle!e o% 1ournalism$ *hennai with specialisation in .ew Media stream& I look %orward to new pro%essional challen!es$ where I can use my inherent and ac2uired skills in .ew Media ournalism within the industry or media trainin!"consultancy& *ore Skills *ontent writin! and editin! )ritin! %or the web 4 SE5 techni2ues .ew Media tools 4 techni2ues$ social media ournalism$ content curation and mobile ournalism (ro%essional E3perience 4 Achie#ements *ontent plannin! 4 research *ontent de#elopment Li#e blo!!in!$ Mobile 1ournalism 4 Twitter reportin! Social media ournalism$ news !atherin! and in%ormation Interacti#e web documentaries Immersi#e Storytellin!

May - 1une$ 6786 Intern at the *..-I,.$ (atna *riting# +eporting , -diting !ontent research .asic techni/ues of camera work# 0hooting and editing on 1&2 software 0cript *riting

1une 9 1uly$ 6788 Intern at the Times o% India$ (atna *riting$ +eporting , -diting !ontent research# 3age la4out and design !it4 +eporting 2esk *ork thorough knowledge about how the print media works and the functioning of the different departments Education ,achelor's de!ree in Mass *ommunication %rom (atna )omen's *olle!e$ (atna ;ni#ersity$ (atna +,ihar 0i!her secondary in *ommerce stream %rom St& 1oseph's *on#ent 0i!h School$ (atna Schoolin! %rom St& 1oseph's *on#ent 0i!h School$ (atna Asian *olle!e o% 1ournalism speciali:ation in the .ew Media stream$ *hennai


5ew 6edia# +esearch# +eading newspapers# &ndian politics# mo7ies# 8ra7elling and !ricket. En!lish: E3cellent

Lan!ua!e Skills 0indi: E3cellent ,ho puri and Ma!ahi: Elementary 5ationalit4: &ndian (ersonal Details 2ate of .irth: 25-$5-%((% 2$%9- 3articipated in %2-hour :lobal 5ews +ela4# led b4 the ;ni7ersit4 of 0alford and other %$ Achie#ements uni7ersities including !". 2$%3-2$%9 < 3articipated in two :lobal 3op-up 5ewsrooms on the topics 3o7ert4 and *omen=s

da4# with collaboration with other international uni7ersities of ;0 and ;>. 2$%3-2$%9 < ?i7e .logging and ?i7e 8weeting. ?i7e reporting of 7arious e7ents through different multimedia tools. 2$%3 < !ompleted electi7es on -n7ironment and ecolog4# ?iterar4 "ournalism and "ournalism for 2e7elopment. 2$%2-2$%3 < !hief 0ub-editor of the lab @ournal in 3atna *omen=s !ollege# 3atna. 2$%3 < 8hird 3riAe in 2ocumentar4 Bilm Besti7al C bhi4akti 2$%2C. D short documentar4 on two con@oined twins from 3atna# 0abah and BarahE 2$%2-2$%3 < !ompleted the !ertificate !ourse in *omen=s 0tudies. 2$%%-2$%2 < !ompleted .asic +adio# 1ideo 3roduction and 3hoto@ournalism !ourse at +a7i .harati &nstitute# 3atna. 2$%%-2$%2 < !ompleted the Boundation and !ertificate !ourse in Fuman +ights and 1alues in -ducation sponsored b4 ;:!. (ort%olio

)eb 4 T< content"&6cbN;M

=e%erences 2e7das 3 +a@aram# ssistant 3rofessor# sian !ollege of "ournalism# !hennai. -mail: 8el: '(% (566 2)3)$L 0an@i7 2as# !hief !op4-editor# Findustan 8imes# 3atna. -mail:san@i7_das2$$ 8el: '(% )25$L29)95

>. 5agara@# 3rofessor# sian !ollege of "ournalism# !hennai. -mail: karkadanagara@9( 8el: '(% (999$2%322