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Clients Last Name Goes Here 1 The Implications On Mobile Commerce In The International Marketing Communication Perspectives Smart

phone technologies introduced a new era for mobile communications and consumer market. The concept of a mobile wallet system rules out the possibility of defenceless entering of sensitive information and submitting it via wireless and is a way by which customers may order products and services online (Taghilool, M., Agheli, M.A.& Rezaeinezhad, M. R., 2010, 1). Such a new challenge to use a mobile phone as a wallet has a chance to replace the traditional payment systems of MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The growth of mobile commerce depends on widely accepted mobile payment systems. (Mallat, N. & Tuunainen, V. K., 2008, 24). The progression in mobile and wireless technologies has unbinded consumers from the spatial and temporal constraints of traditional commerce (Balasubramanian, S., Peterson, R.A., & Jarvenpaa, S.L., 2002, 353). Due to the increasing popularity of mobile wallets, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are entering the mobilepayments market with mobile wallets that can be funded with existing credit and debit cards. MasterCard has announced its own mobile-wallet-payment system service called PayPass Wallet while Visa Europe is going to launch its new digital wallet service called V.me by Visa. The contactless solutions of both corporations will lead to a growth in sales for adopting retailers with transaction convenience and the customers expenditure are not reduced by the amount of cash they carry (Wiechert, T. J. P., Thiesse, F., Fleisch, E., 2009, 2) The general strategy of multinational financial services corporations such as MasterCard or Visa keeps up with the times towards implications for high tech markets incorporating with any or all of our new payment technologies including mobile environment thus meeting the needs of both banks and their customers.

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