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Does God exist? Is there proof of God? he fo!!o"i#$ offers %&#did' str&i$ht-for"&rd re&so#s to (e!ie)e i# the existe#%e of God... *+ M&ri!+# Ad&,so#

Just once wouldn't you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God's existence? No arm-twisting. No statements of, " ou !ust have to "elieve." #ell, here is an attempt to candidly offer some of the reasons which suggest that God exists. $ut first consider this. %f a person opposes even the possi"ility of there "eing a God, then any evidence can "e rationali&ed or explained away. %t is li'e if someone refuses to "elieve that people have wal'ed on the moon, then no amount of information is going to change their thin'ing. (hotographs of astronauts wal'ing on the moon, interviews with the astronauts, moon roc's...all the evidence would "e worthless, "ecause the person has already concluded that people cannot go to the moon. #hen it comes to the possi"ility of God's existence, the $i"le says that there are people who have seen sufficient evidence, "ut they have suppressed the truth a"out God. ) *n the other hand, for those who want to 'now God if he is there, he says, " ou will see' me and find me+ when you see' me with all your heart, % will "e found "y you.", $efore you loo' at the facts surrounding God's existence, as' yourself, If God does exist, would I want to know him? -. Does God exist? o st&te "ith %ert&i#t+ th&t there is #o God' & perso# h&s to i$#ore the p&ssio# of &# e#or,o.s!+ )&st #.,(er of peop!e "ho &re %o#)i#%ed th&t there is & God. -his is not to say that if enough people "elieve something it is therefore true. .cientists, for example, have discovered new truths a"out the universe which overruled previous conclusions. $ut as science has progressed, no scientific discovery has countered the numerical li'elihood of an intelligent mind "eing "ehind it all. %n fact, the more science discovers a"out human life and the universe, the more complex and precisely designed we reali&e these to "e. /ather than pointing away from God, evidence mounts further toward an intelligent source. $ut o"!ective evidence is not all. -here is a much larger issue. -hroughout history, "illions of people in the world have attested to their firm, core convictions a"out God's existence -- arrived at from their subjective, personal relationship with God. 0illions today could give detailed account of their experience with God. -hey would point to answered prayer and specific, ama&ing ways God has met their needs, and guided them through important personal decisions. -hey would offer, not only a description of their "eliefs, "ut detailed reports of God's actions in their lives. 0any are sure that a loving God exists and has shown himself to "e faithful to them. %f you are a s'eptic, can you say with certainty1 "% am a"solutely right and they all are wrong a"out God"?

The word comes from Greek (khristianos), from (khristos) meaning the anointed! "#$ %n the (Greek) &e't(agint )ersion of the *e+rew ,i+-e, khristos was (sed to trans-ate the *e+rew (Maa,) (messiah), meaning "one who is$ ".$ anointed! The first known (sage of the term (khristianos) can +e fo(nd in the /ew Testament, in 0cts 112342 the disci'-es were ca--ed 5hristians first in 0ntioch! The name 5hristian was th(s first (sed to denote those known to +e teachers or -eaders of the ch(rch (saints)! The6 were disci'-es and fo--owers of 7es(s 5hrist! The other two /ew Testament (ses of the word a-so refer to the '(+-ic identit6 of those who fo--ow 7es(s! The 7ewish king said the 0'ost-e 8a(- had a-most 'ers(aded the king to +ecome a 5hristian (0cts 34239)! :riting in 1 8eter .214, The ;essage trans-ation, the 0'ost-e 8eter enco(raged +e-ie)ers who are a+(sed +eca(se 6o(<re a 5hristian, don<t gi)e it a second tho(ght! ,e 'ro(d of the disting(ished stat(s ref-ected in that name= The ear-iest recorded (se of the term o(tside the ,i+-e was when Tacit(s recorded that /ero +-amed the 5hristians for the Great >ire of ?ome in 0@ 4.!"A$ 5hristian a-so means a mem+er or adherent of a ch(rch or other organiBed gro(' within 5hristianit6! 0s an adCecti)e, the term ma6 a-so descri+e an6thing associated with 5hristianit6, or e)en remote-6 tho(ght to +e consistent with 5hristianit6, as in the 5hristian thing to do!