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September 24, 2006


IN HIDING: Martin McGartland who was reinterviewed this week



DETECTIVES have reopened the kidnap and abduction file on former IRA spy Martin McGartland.
Two detectives from the PSNI based at Antrim Road in Belfast this week flew to England to interview the spy the RUC secretly called Agent Carol.
The interview, which lasted four hours, was arranged between McGartlands MI5 security handlers and the PSNI and was held at a top security London police station.
McGartland, who lives at a secret address somewhere in Britain, travelled in cognito to the interview because of the threat to his life from individual IRA members. McGartland told the Sunday World from his secret hideaway address: I made a very detailed statement, which probably ran to at least 12 pages in total, outlining what happened to me on August 8, 1991. My basic point to the detectives is that my original complaint to the RUC was never properly investigated. I was told at the time by Special Branch not to say too much and believed this was because they were planning something against my abductors. But nothing happened and Jim McCarthy and Paul Chico Hamilton escaped across the border to avoid arrest. So if it happens again this time

ESCAPED : Jim Filter Tip McCarthy and Paul Chico Hamilton

McGartland demands action on kidnap bid

because it is not in the public interest then I will be making a formal complaint to the Police Ombudsman that only was my first complaint not properly investigated but also my second complaint hasnt been properly been investigated.

I think it is about time I got justice and those who kidnapped me, tortured me with the intention of killing me were brought before a court to face justice. I think McCarthy and Hamilton should now be arrested, charged and put before a court and let a judge decide who is telling the truth.

But if that doesnt happen, then it will prove once and for all that either McCarthy or both him and Hamilton were security force agents inside the IRA which is what I believe. McGartland, 38, said the detectives are also planning to speak to a retired RUC detective in west Belfast CID who investigated his original kidnapping while lying in a safe house inside Palace Barracks, Holywood, recovering from his injuries he received after jumping 40ft to the ground to escape his captors. And detectives will be speaking to his former Special Branch handlers and will also be reviewing Special Branch intelligence log

books on the day of his abduction. I think they will also be looking at the diaries belonging to Ian Phoenix, who ran the RUCs surveillance team on the day of my abduction, and which was detailed in his book Policing the Shadows. On August 7, 1991, McGartland was at his mothers west Belfast home when a woman he knew as Carol, an IRA messenger in her 20s, called to tell him: You have to go and see Padraig Wilson at Connolly Houseat ten tomorrow morning. Connolly House was Sinn Feins headquarters in west Belfast and Padraig Wilson was head of the IRAs Civil Administration Team, its internal discipline department. McGartland suspected trouble and headed home to use a secret SB radio to contact his handler Felix to seek his advice. When he went the following day, he was met by two IRA members, Jim Filter Tip McCarthy and Paul Chico Hamilton, who later became bodyguards to Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams who took him to Broom Park in Twinbrook. After spending a few minutes inside the flat, McCarthy, Hamilton and a third unnamed man came out of the kitchen. Listen, said Jim, Provisional IRA. Youre under arrest. McCarthy pulled out a hand gun and said Lie face down on the floor and dont try anything. I could see Chico taking the laces out of my trainers. He tied my hands in front of my body but fumbled when he tried to tie the knot. Then he tied the other laces around my ankles. McGartland asked his captors to use the bathroom and it was here he made good his escape.