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History & Milestones

Al Madina Oil Industries has established in 2001 and start manufacturing of banaspati Ghee and Coo ing oil range in !uper High"ay #nit$ Al Madina oil Industries are sponsored by highly professional ha%ing %aluable e&perience in the edible oil industry$ In 200' Al Madina oil Industries to ta e o%er and purchase second unit name Al Madina Oil Indusries (#nit 2)* (+ormerly Afro,e oil Mill) in -orangi Industrial Area$ .oth #nits are highly competiti%e in Ghee Industry$

.rands & Maintaining time

/he company philosophy of maintain high 0uality standards is dri%ing force behind its acti%ities report claim of (the legend lead) AMOI lead the oil industry in 1a istan for o%er 10 year by its pioneer !hip in pro%iding inno%ati%e and high 0uality Coo ing oil and 2egetable ghee taste of e%ery taste $ Al Madina Oil Industries has been in business of manufacturing and mar eting branded banaspati ghee and cooing oil in 1a istan for o%er 10 year$ /he brand name #mda is a household name and people blindly belie%e in 0uality of product made under this brand$ #nder the corporate claim the legend lead the company today carries no of %ariety of banaspati ghee and coo ing oil product including

Al 3oor .anaspati Ghee & Coo ing Oil !uper 4agle .anaspati Ghee 3e" #mda .anaspati Ghee & Coo ing Oil .ano .anaspati Ghee & Coo ing Oil Al 3oor 5anedar .anaspati Ghee Gulshan .anaspati Ghee

All range of all products is a%ailable$ Continuous impro%ement & constant upgrading befits our gro"ing reputation In /his age of fierce competition* manpo"er alone is not enough$ As "e gro"* "e ma e sure our men are fully e0uipped and ad e0uality supported by state of the art machine$ 6e ha%e di%ided our system ta e section$

1ouch 5epartment

In this 5epartment* "e ha%e latest machines to impro%e our 0uality and maintain all re0uirement household demand li e high nice and systemic pac in pouches

+illing 5epartment

In this department "e fill all type of tin li e 17 g * 8 g & 2$8 g .uc et 17 g* 8 g* & 2$8 g "ith automatic filling system$

/in !hop

6e 1roduce o"n pac ing Material$ In this department hea%y duty Automatic plant made food grain empty tin from high 0uality tin plate

9efinery 5epartment

/his is %ery ma:or & important department "ho made .anaspati and coo ing oil from 9a" Material li e 9.5 1alm oil* 9.5 1alm Olien* !oya been* Canola and !unflo"er oil %ery sanati%e produce to ma e ghee and coo ing oil$

;ocal & 3ational 6ise Mar et

4dible oil mar et can largely di%ide into t"o main categories %ise* branded and unbranded* until 1<<<=2000 80> of the mar et dominated by branded banaspati$ In "hich .anaspati ghee and coo ing oil AMOI has a si,eable !hare$In 1a istan edible oil industry has the role of basic need of meal in e%ery house hold$ /he estimated monthly gross sale in organi,ed sector estimated to be appro&imately 9s 2800 million "ith annual gro"th of appro&imately ?>$ /he Gross sale "hen con%erted in tonnage roughly "or out 1@*000 ton fpr branded banaspati Ghee & coo ing oil "here as total banaspati ghee and coo ing oil consumption is around 28000 ton$

Media Campaigns on satellite /ele%ision & 3e"spaper

/he aggressi%e media campaign on satellite tele%ision resulted in a drastic increase in demand for AMOI 1roduct Many other follo"ed the foot stops of AMOI success attesting yet again to the theory$ Aou can al"ays learn from competition in today dynamic and fast changing mar et en%ironment$ /he !uccess of any business depend on ho" responsi%e it is to change and ho" "ell a"are its eeper are of competition acti%ities$ 6ith the success of %arious product

launches AMOI has pro%e that high 0uality product bac by smart mar eting strategies are the essential ingredients for success in a highly competiti%e en%ironment$

+inal "ords

AMOI has in the past and "ith the help of the almighty Allah* "ill continue to pro%ide consumers "ith product of the highest 0uality and %ariety if the current trend continues to soar$ It "ill not be go too long before AMOI on the front in the 1a istan "ith the premium 0uality of banaspati ghee and coo ing oil* "hich "ill be none$

( I3!HA A;;AH ) Company 1olicy

It is our policy to pro%ide good 0uality products to consumers at reasonable price* "e ma e all efforts to in%ol%e e%ery employee of the Company in the achie%ement of this ob:ecti%e$ /o achie%e this* "e are committedB

/o pre%ent pollution through progressi%e reduction of emission* effluents and disposal of "aste material$ /o reduce negati%e impacts of manufacturing acti%ities through identification & control of Critical 1oints and shall continue to fine=tune the targets through better Management !ystem$

/o conduct periodic audits for continual impro%ement in the system$ /o ensure impro%ement in the performance of employees* contractors* supplier and other rele%ant personnel$ /o comply "ith rele%ant applicable ;egislation and International !tandards$ Our philosophy of good 0uality product isB Compliance "ith !pecification Meeting the Customer !atisfaction and 9e0uirement Hygienically !afe and !ecure 1roduct 4n%ironmental +riendly processes


Al Madina Oil Industries is leading manufacturer of edible oil and Banaspati Ghee. In order to provide Pakistani consumer with good ualit!" nutritious and h!gienicall! packed banaspati and cooking oil. #he manufacturing $nits are located in the Industrial hub at %uper &ighwa! Industrial Area and 'orangi Industrial Area .With over one decade in the edible oil industr!" the management has a rich e(perience in this field. Al Madina oil Industries has been cumulative refining capacit! more than )*"*** +Both $nits, ton per !ear. A glance at AMOI brands portfolio indicates that it covers almost ever! segment of the market. A new state of the art edible oil plant installs at %.I.#.- II %uper &ighwa! Industrial -state in .**/ this was an addition to manufacturing setup in 'arachi. Which help in meeting the swelling demand for AMOI Product .#his was do b! setting up a same entit! either the name of Al Madina Oil Industries +AMOI, %pan market positioning.