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Dragon Ball Z Legend of the Super Saiyan Cheat list by Nassif9000 1- Character and Item Swapping Player in slot

1 7E0B01xx Player in slot 2 7E0B21xx Player in slot 3 7E0B41xx Player in slot 4 7E0B61xx Player in slot 5 7E0B81xx Player in slot 6 7E0BA1xx Player in slot 7 7E0BC1xx Player in slot 8 7E0BE1xx Enemy in slot 1 7E0E01xx Enemy in slot 2 7E0E21xx Enemy in slot 3 7E0E41xx Enemy in slot 4 7E0E61xx Enemy in slot 5 7E0E81xx Where xx can be the following numbers 00 goku 01 piccolo 02 raditz 03 blue saiba 04 yellow saiba 05 black saiba 06 green saiba 07 pink-blue saiba 08 grey saiba

09 gohan 0A krillin 0B tien 0C yamcha 0D chaotzu 0E nappa 0F Saiyan Saga Vegeta 10 oohzaru gohan 11 oohzaru vegeta 12 appule 13 green appule 14 orange appule 15 frieza bearded soldier 16 frieza bearded soldier 2 17 frieza bearded soldier 3 18 cui 19 cui 2 1A cui 3 1B dodoria 1C dodoria 2 1D dodoria 3 1E zarbon 1F transformed zarbon 20 transformed zarbon 2 21 transformed zarbon 3

22 nail 23 tsumari 1 24 mai-ma 2 25 guldo 26 guldo 2 27 guldo 3 28 recoome 29 recoome 2 2A recoome 3 2B burter 2C burter 2 2D burter 3 2E jeice 2F jeice 2 30 jeice 3 31 ginyu 32 ginyu 2 33 ginyu 3 34 king kai 35 freiza form 1 36 frieza form 2 37 frieza form 3 38 frieza form 4 39 goku w/kaioken 3A goku w/genki dama

3B ssj goku 3C ssj goku with piccolo moves? 3D piccolo called O 3E piccolo that doesnt have ki attacks 3F ssj gohan 40 krillin with vegeta image and moves 41 krillin king kai training 42 gohan namek saga 43 krillin (the one you see in kame house, he is invisible) 44 tien ssj vegeta saga 45 yamcha ssj vegeta saga 46 chaotzu ssj vegeta saga 47 tien namek saga again? 48 yamcha namek saga again? 49 chaotzu namek saga again? 4A vegeta namek saga that doesnt get a name 4B SSJ vegeta from secret battle 4C Golden oohzaru picture but normal during battle 4D oohzaru 4E frieza form 1 again 4F golden oohzaru vegeta (same case as before) 50 rescue vegeta 51 raditz 52 raditz again without a name 53 yajirobe

54 emi(cargo) or dende (doesnt function most of the time) 55 king kai's planet 56 king kai's planet again 57 king kai's planet again! 58 king kai's planet again!! 59 king kai's planet again!!! 5A king kai's planet again!!!! 5B king kai's planet again!!!!! 5C king kai's planet again!!!!!! 5D king kai's planet again!!!!!!! 5E king kai's planet again!!!!!!!!! 5F king kai's planet again!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60 raditz again O_o 61 glitchy dende (don't use or u will get a crash) 62 goku again 63 frieza form 1 again 64 frieza form 3 again 65 namekian krillin? LOL 66 ssj gohan with normal sprites 67 nail again 68 frieza form 4 again (has various glitches like sprites disappearing) 69 glitchy kami (has energy beam that fucks up everything) 6A master roshi (is a fully black goku sprite O_o) 6B bulma 6C popo (a fully black saibaman)

6D puar (fucked up raditz) 6E king kai (more like king glitchass) 6F guru (of fuck ups) 70 grandpa gohan (a fucked up goku sprite) 71 karin (another goku) 72 launch (fully black goku) 73 king yemma (fucks up everything) 74 baba (fully black saibaman) 75 chichi (more like fuckupfuckup) 76 oolong (doesn't appear but can fire blue energy beam) 77 shenron (a colored king kai that can fire a makoho) 78 porunga (fuck up everything) 79 red scouter (fully red vegeta) 7A green scouter (interesting list of crashy ki attacks) 7B yajirobe (don't use this one) 7C vegeta fuck your game up saga 7D moon/tail (can fight but with lotsa glitches) 7E bubbles (his "super skill" ki attack is yamchas glitch ball) 7F escape (a fucked up raditz with a ki move that makes him attack the enemy like normal attacks) 80 dragon radar (invisible, his seogekiha gives goku's image with some bullshit) 81 ginyu frog (invisible, ki attack doesn't appear, but if u click A, you will make piccolo use an energy beam, where every opponent is attacked, but they are too strong for it) 82 kame turtle (invisible raditz fights the enemy) 83 crying baby gohan (invisible, but makes the enemy fight himself till your char dies) 84 good launch (first you are an invisible yellow saiba, then you can see some strange stuff happen like the enemy doing king kai planet jump commands, or the game telling you that you died)

85 goku (appears as black saiba during battle, and is invisible, probably the goku item) 86 piccolo (same as goku in 85, although, green saibaman) 87 green saiba (same as goku and piccolo before, appears as pink-blue saiba) 88 looks like a baby gohan (another interesting ki list of crashes) 89 ginyu frog (like other item chars, strange) 8A-90 dragon balls, like other item chars 91 namek npc 92 namek npc 2 93 namek npc 3 94 glitchy turtle 95 king kai planet AGAIN! 96 gravity chamber 97 dinosoar 98-FF unknown, appear as invisible characters or fuck stuff up *note: 3C-97 except vegeta ssj and some others may have been test characters or something for the game, and maybe it is a cheat code related thing, like the cheat code making items and NPC codings be used as characters. **note: 98-FF are possibly like the ones from 3C, but involving game coding for stages, and stuff like that. Items: Slot 1 - -7e0100xx Slot 2 - -7e0102xx Slot 3 - -7e0104xx Slot 4 - -7e0106xx Slot 5 - -7e0108xx Slot 6 - -7e010axx Slot 7 - -7e010cxx

Slot 8 - -7e010exx Slot 9 - -7e0110xx Slot 10 - 7e0112xx Slot 11 - 7e0114xx Slot 12 - 7e0116xx Slot 13 - 7e0118xx Slot 14 - 7e011axx Slot 15 - 7e011cxx Slot 16 - 7e011exx Slot 17 - 7e0120xx Slot 18 - 7e0122xx Slot 19 - 7e0124xx Slot 20 - 7e0126xx Slot 21 - 7e0128xx Slot 22 - 7e012axx Slot 23 - 7e012cxx Slot 24 - 7e012exx

Where xx can equal: 00: Kami 01: Master Roshi 02: Bulma 03: Popo 04: Puar 05: King Kai 06: Guru Power-up 07: Grandpa Gohan 08: Korin 09: Bad Lunch

0A: King Yama 0B: Baba 0C: Chi Chi 0D: Oolong 0E: Shenlong 0F: Porunga (grants 3 wishes) 10: Scouter A 11: Scouter B 12: Yajirobe 13: Vegeta 14: Moon/Tail 15: Bubbles 16: Escape 17: Dragon Radar 18: Namek Frog 19: Master Roshi's Turtle 1A: Son Gohan (use on Raditz) 20: Namek Frog 21 to 27: Dragonballs Dont use numbers that exceed 27 2- IN-BATTLE MODIFIERS Card 1 Attack 7E01430x

Card 1 Defense 7E01440x Card 1 Picture 7E01450x Card 2 Attack 7E01490x

Card 2 Defense 7E014A0x Card 2 Picture 7E014B0x Card 3 Attack 7E014F0x

Card 3 Defense 7E01500x Card 3 Picture 7E01510x Card 4 Attack 7E01550x

Card 4 Defense 7E01560x Card 4 Picture 7E01570x

Card 5 Attack


Card 5 Defense 7E015C0x Card 5 Picture 7E015D0x here, x can be between 1-8 for attack and defense, and 1-7 for card picture card pictures: 1=turtle 2= demon 3= alien 4=ginyu force 5=ki 6=super 7=super favorite (Ive never seen this in any fight till now, but it acts as a favorite card for everyone)

3-Others Instant Kill for all enemies 7E144301 + 7E144400 Infinite money gained from training 7E01E40A Infinite Money 7E01B4E7 + 7E01B503 P1 Level 7E0B02xx P2 Level 7E0B22xx P3 Level 7E0B42xx P4 Level 7E0B62xx P5 Level 7E0B82xx P6 Level 7E0BA2xx P7 Level 7E0BC2xx P8 Level 7E0BE2xx

Infinite HP P1 7E0B0300R + 7E0B0A00 + 7E0B0400R + 7E0B0B00 Infinite HP P2 7E0B2300R + 7E0B2A00 + 7E0B2400R + 7E0B2B00 Infinite HP P3 7E0B4300R + 7E0B4A00 + 7E0B4400R + 7E0B4B00 Infinite HP P4 7E0B6300R + 7E0B6A00 + 7E0B6400R + 7E0B6B00 Infinite HP P5 7E0B8300R + 7E0B8A00 + 7E0B8400R + 7E0B8B00 Infinite HP P6 7E0BA300R + 7E0BAA00 + 7E0BA400R + 7E0BAB00 Infinite HP P7 7E0BC300R + 7E0BCA00 + 7E0BC400R + 7E0BCB00 Infinite HP P8 7E0BE300R + 7E0BEA00 + 7E0BE400R + 7E0BEB00 Infinite Ki P1 7E0B0500R + 7E0B0C00 + 7E0B0600R + 7E0B0D00 Infinite Ki P2 7E0B2500R + 7E0B2C00 + 7E0B2600R + 7E0B2D00 Infinite Ki P3 7E0B4500R + 7E0B4C00 + 7E0B4600R + 7E0B4D00 Infinite Ki P4 7E0B6500R + 7E0B6C00 + 7E0B6600R + 7E0B6D00 Infinite Ki P5 7E0B8500R + 7E0B8C00 + 7E0B8600R + 7E0B8D00 Infinite Ki P6 7E0BA500R + 7E0BAC00 + 7E0BA600R + 7E0BAD00 Infinite Ki P7 7E0BC500R + 7E0BCC00 + 7E0BC600R + 7E0BCD00 Infinite Ki P8 7E0BE500R + 7E0BEC00 + 7E0BE600R + 7E0BED00 P1 Full BP 7E0B077F + 7E0B0896 + 7E0B0998 P2 Full BP 7E0B277F + 7E0B2896 + 7E0B2998 P3 Full BP 7E0B477F + 7E0B4896 + 7E0B4998 P4 Full BP 7E0B677F + 7E0B6896 + 7E0B6998 P5 Full BP 7E0B877F + 7E0B8896 + 7E0B8998 P6 Full BP 7E0BA77F + 7E0BA896 + 7E0BA998 P7 Full BP 7E0BC77F + 7E0BC896 + 7E0BC998 P8 Full BP 7E0BE77F + 7E0BE896 + 7E0BE998

4- Other modifiers Extra experience after each battle 7E14F3FF + 7E14F4FF Attack modifier 7E1412xx (controls the attack that all your characters use, is useful for making them use kaioken or sthn, AND gives some hilarious stuff) Here, xx can be 00 Headbutt/Punch 01 Syougekiha 02 Energy beam 03 Multi-beams 04 Taiyoken 05 Kamehameha 06 Energy beam 07 Multi-beams 08 Makoho 09 Makankosappo 0A Makoho 0B Zarbon transformation 0C Energy beam 0D Self-destruct (Saibaiman) 0E Energy beam 0F Multi-beams 10 Double attack 11 Masenko 12 Kakusan ha 13 Kienzan 14 Kikoho 15 Split Kikoho (blasts) 16 Split Kikoho (explosion) 17 Soukidan (small) 18 Soukidan (big) 19 Energy beam 1A Paralyze (Chaotzu) 1B Self-destruct (Chaotzu) 1C Bakuhatsuha 1D Galick Gun 1E Fake moon (Vegeta) 1F Paralyze beam 20 Mouth blast 21 Angry headbutt 22 Time freeze 23 Bakuhatsuha (single hit) 24 Triple attack

25 Enemy power up 26 Eraser cannon 27 Bakuhatsuha 28 Angry headbutt 29 Jeice/Burter attack 2A Multi-surround blasts 2B Crusher ball 2C Power up (raises your BP) 2D Ki drain (drains enemy KI) 2E Body switch 2F HP steal (steals enemy HP) 30 Ground slice 31 Freezas imprisonment ball 32 Kienzan (hits twice) 33 Kaioken (turns into Goku) 34 Kaioken Kamehameha 35 Charge Genki Dama 36 Throw Fully charged Genki Dama 37 Multi-Kienzan 38 Soukidan (small) 39 Quick Kienzan 3A Charge Genki Dama 3B Fake moon (Gohan)

Amount of random battles/encounters 7E00AA0x Here, x ranges from 0 to 8 where 0 means lots of encounters and 8 means none Permanent bad launch item 7E0B00FF i.e. cards are always used as favorite Quick level-Up character slot 1 7E0B0F:F0 + 7E0B10:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 2 7E0B2F:F0 + 7E0B30:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 3 7E0B4F:F0 + 7E0B50:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 4 7E0B6F:F0 + 7E0B70:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 5 7E0B8F:F0 + 7E0B90:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 6 7E0BAF:F0 + 7E0BB0:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 7 7E0BCF:F0 + 7E0BD0:F0 Quick level-Up character slot 8 7E0BEF:F0 + 7E0BF0:F0

i hope you enjoy using this list as much as i enjoyed making it :) PIECE OUT!