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COM Global Warming

When you cant ma e them !ee the light" ma e them #eel the heat.$ % &onal' &eagan

Im(lo!ion o# the (lanet i! in the realm o# (o!!ibility an' the blin'ne!! to the !ituation i! ha)ing 'etrimental a#termath. The emi!!ion! o# Carbon *io+i'e increa!ing !igni#icantly e)ery year 'ue to the a!toun'ing gro,th an' 'e)elo(ment the #uture loo ! blea . The #ocu! on economic gro,th i! unhinging the geological outloo . -igh (o(ulation" large in'u!trie!" an' heightene' con!um(tion o# #o!!il #uel! all contribute to (ollution. With the outcry #or en)ironmental com(lication #alling on 'ea# ear! (erha(! it can be the ri!e o# tem(erature! in the ,orl' ,hich might bring the tear!. .Earth /olicy In!titute0 % Source #or table China 1"234 Million Ton! o# 556 Increa!e in (a!t The highe!t increa!e CO1 emi!!ion!. 4 year!. in CO1 emi!!ion! an' the ma7or e+tingui!her o# #o!!il #uel.


Unite' State! 8"592 Million Ton! o# 886 *ecrea!e in (a!t The highe!t re'uction o# America CO1 emi!!ion!. 4 year! in CO1 emi!!ion o)er the (a!t 4 year! !till 'oe!nt 'imini!h the e+ce!!i)e emi!!ion. In'ia 43: Million Ton! o# CO1 526 Increa!e in (a!t Secon' highe!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!. increa!e in #i)e year! in CO1 emi!!ion! 'ue to ;ehicle emi!!ion an' 'e#ore!tation. &u!!ia 553 Million Ton! o# CO1 16 Increa!e in (a!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!. <a(an 22: Million Ton! o# CO1 86 Increa!e in (a!t 4 -ea)y emi!!ion!. year!. In'u!triali=ation an' the (ro+imity to China all increa!e the (ollution. Germany 199 Million Ton! o# CO1 56 *ecrea!e in (a!t The 'ecrea!e 'oe!nt emi!!ion!. 4 year!. minutely 'oe!nt com(oun' the re>uire' amount. ?eing the :th highe!t in emanating CO1. Iran 843 Million Ton! o# CO1 836 Increa!e in (a!t ;ehicle emi!!ion!" emi!!ion!. 4 year!. 'e#ore!tation" chemical re#inery all heighten the emi!!ion!. South @orea 84A Million Ton! o# CO1 116 Increa!e in (a!t The !mall country emi!!ion!. 4 Bear!. contribute! to 84A Million ton!. In'u!triali=ation i! the (rime rea!on. In'one!ia 85: Million Ton! o# CO1 416 Increa!e in (a!t Similar to ?ra=il" emi!!ion!. *e#ore!tation i! the 4 year!. cau!e o# (ollution. /o(ulation gro,th enhance! in'u!trial gro,th an' ma e! tran!(ortation a nece!!ity. All three com(oun' to (ollution. Cana'a 855 Million Ton! o# CO1 56 *ecrea!e in (a!t Energy (ro'uction


emi!!ion!. 4 year!. generate! Carbon (ro'uction. One o# the #our countrie! ,hich re'uce' it! emi!!ion!. Carge!t e+(orter o# /etroleum" Secon' in Oil (ro'uction" an' -y'rocarbon #rom car! all collecti)ely rai!e (ollution. In'u!trial ,a!te! an' ga!e! #rom chemical #actorie! contribute to the 'eterioration. A !tea'y 'ecline in (ollution o)er the (a!t 4 year! yet the 81: Million Ton! i! !till e+ce!!i)e. Me+ico City ,a! mo!t (ollute' in 8331 an' !ince then there ,a! a !tea'y 'ecline. Though the country u!e! Ethanol it i! the 'e#ore!tation that cau!e the (ollution.

Sau'i Arabia

822 Million Ton! o# CO1 136 Increa!e in (a!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!.

South A#rica

822 Million Ton! o# CO1 816 Increa!e in (a!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!. 81: Million Ton! o# CO1 886 *ecrea!e in (a!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!.

Unite' @ing'om


812 Million Ton! o# CO1 :6 Increa!e in (a!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!. 889 Million Ton! o# CO1 836 Increa!e in (a!t emi!!ion!. 4 year!.


The a')i!e' cutbac in emi!!ion! o# Carbon 'io+i'e an' greenhou!e ga!e! i! 59 % A9 (ercent by 1949 in or'er to ee( the global tem(erature ri!e belo, 1 'egree Cel!iu!. Un#ortunately it! the o((o!ite that! tran!(iring. With emi!!ion! ri!ing 8 gigaton e)ery year bet,een 1999 an' 1989 the mea!ure! being ta en arent a'e>uate. With China being the to( carbon (olluter an' a (robable ri!e in the emi!!ion! o)er the ne+t 'eca'e ma e! it ha=ar'ou!. *ri#ting a,ay #rom Oil an' Coal i! an o(timal ,ay to (re)ent the ri!e o# tem(erature. Greenhou!e E##ect % /roce!! by ,hich ab!or(tion an' emi!!ion o# in#rare' ra'iation by ga!e! in a (lanet! atmo!(here ,arm it! lo,er atmo!(here an' !ur#ace.$ Water ;a(or Carbon *io+i'e Cau!e! 2: % A96 Greenhou!e e##ect. Cau!e! 3 % 1:6 Greenhou!e e##ect.


Methane O=one Nitrou! O+i'e Cau!e! 5 % 36 Greenhou!e e##ect. Cau!e! 2 % A6 Greenhou!e e##ect. Cau!e! 46 o# Greenhou!e e##ect.

There i! a clear me!!age #rom !cienceD To a)oi' 'angerou! inter#erence ,ith the climate !y!tem" ,e nee' to mo)e a,ay #rom bu!ine!! a! u!ual.$ E Ottmar E'enho#er The ri!e in tem(erature" the ri!e in !ea le)el! an' the change in climate can all be men'e' by the GeoEEngineering the (lanet. Though GeoEEngineering i! ca(able o# (ro)i'ing a !olution the !ub7ect i! >uite touchy. The uncertainty o# the !cience ma e! it intimi'ating ,hile the te!tine!! o# the !ub7ect 'erail! the a')ancement. T,o 'ominant ty(e! o# GeoEEngineering are Carbon *io+i'e &emo)al .C*&0 an' Solar &a'iation Management .S&M0. Carbon *io+i'e &emo)al i! e+traction o# Solar &a'iation Management alter! the CO1 ,hich can ha)e 'irect im(act in earth! ra'iation by re'ucing the amount climate change. o# energy recei)e' #rom the !un. Carbon *io+i'e &emo)al in)ol)e! arti#icial Solar &a'iation Management in)ol)e! tree! ,hich ca(ture Carbon an' /lan ton !ee'ing clou'! ,ith mirror! to re#lect !olar gro,th in ocean!. ray! a,ay #rom earth. Carbon *io+i'e &emo)al i! a !a#e (ractice Solar &a'iation Management i! but it i! e+(en!i)e. com(arati)ely a##or'able but the im(act o# can be uncertain.