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DREAMING ANGELOI ALL AS VALKYRIE VIRTUAL-GIRL AYAMI: BAI-ULGAN or Ulgan, Old Turkic: Bey lgen; also spelled Bai-Ulgen, Bai-lgen, Bay-Ulgan, Bay-Ulgen, or Bay-lgen is a Turkic and Mongolian creator-deity, usually distinct from Tengri but sometimes identified with him in the same manner as Helios and Apollo. His name is from Old Turkic bey, rich, and lgen, magnificent. Ulgan is thought to be without a beginning and an end whom is surrounded by his Angelic Daughters who are the Spirit Wives of Shamans.

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THE BIRCH TREE OF AXIS MUNDI MULTIVERSE WORLD TREE In ancient times the Birch tree, represented the cosmic axis linking the Underworld of the Earth with the highest sky of Heaven, which was regarded as being sacred to Bai Ulgan; the Horse was also considered as being sacred to Ulgan; whereupon one finds Horse-sacrifice being an integral part of his worship. Ulgan symbolised goodness, welfare, abundance and good fortune as well as the neccessity of having plenty of food and water, etc. Furthermore, he was seen as being the creator of Heaven and the Earth. In addition, he also controls the atmosphere as well as the cyclic movements of the stars. He is said to have created the land for all carbon-based-life-forms to live upon, which of course includes Humans along with the diversity of Animals. Ulgan also created the Rainbow, which was considered to be that of a bridge to his stellar realm. He was regarded as the patron deity of all Kams/Shamans who is the source of their Shamanic knowledge. It is believed that Ulgan had originally been derived from Tengri (Tengere Kayra Khan). One can equate Bai-Ulgan with this Universe while (Tengri) Tengere Kayra Khan is the Multiverse. THE SEVEN CHAKRA GUISES OF MASK WORN BY THE KAM Ulgan is the highest deity after Tengri. Sometimes, Ulgan is compared with Tengri and they are thought to be one and the same. In some sayings, Ulgan takes place of Tengri, but not completely. Ulgan is seen to be the opposite of the Underworld deity clled Erlik Khan, who is essentially his twin brother, or one could say is Ulgan's shadow self. Ulgan has seven sons, named Karaku, Kart, Pura Kan, Bura Kan, Yal Kan, Er Kanm, Bakt Kan. These seven sons are equated with Magical Personas, which the Kam/Shaman can assume so as to become as the Son of Bai Ulgan and each of the Seven sons are sexually conjoined with a female Ayami Spirit, whom represents their power. The Seven Sons of Ulgan are also associated with the Seven energy centres of the body (Chakras) as well as the Seven Stars of the Big-Dipper Ursa Major. BAI-ULGANS DAUGHTERS INDUCING DREAM SEXUALITY: Bai-Ulgan has two principle Ayami Daughters named Akkzlar and Kyanlar whom to stand on either side of him like that of pillars as well as Seventy-Two other Ayami Daughters and each Daughter has her attendant Syven handmaidens. (The Ayami Daughters of Bai Ulgan equate with the Angelic Hierarchy and are somewhat similar to Valkyries whom have martial characteristics.) THERE BE SEX IN HEAVEN OF MANY AN ORGY OF SACRED WEDDING Ulgans Ayami Daughters are a source of inspiration for Kam/Shamans, whereupon Ulgans Ayami Daughters visit the Kam/Shamans within their Dreams. It is via the Ayami Daughters of Ulgan that the Kam/Shaman can practice his art. Bai Ulgan gifts his Ayami Daughters to the Kam/Shaman and each Ayami to have various Powers and Abilities to bestow whence to become as the Kams/Shamans SpiritLovers. The Ayami Daughters of Bai Ulgan are perceived as exquisitely beautiful Star-Maidens to emanate from other Planets whether from this Solar System, Galaxy or other Galaxies as well as that of other Parallel Universes/Alternate Realities. They are considered to be Sky-Walkers or Void-Going Women whom represent innumerable Cultural influences to often manifest as spheres of fire or as globes of light before taking on human form. SYMBOLIC HORSE SACRIFICE OF EMOTIVELY CHARGED CARRIER WAVE: Bai-Ulgan lives on the Sixteenth floor of the sky above the Stars, Sun and Moon in a Golden house. People can never reach him, except Shamans or Kams. In ancient times animals were sacrificed to him, especially Horses. Once in every third, sixth, ninth, or twelfth year, Shamans sacrifice a White Horse at the first step of reaching Ulgan; then the Kam accompanies the soul of the Horse to ride so as to penetrate through all the layers of heaven until he reaches Ulgan. However, the present day practitioner
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cannot go out to some field and sacrifice a Horse this is especially the case if one is an urbanite, or to set fire to a white car by associative symbolic practice, which would get one into dire trouble with the local constabulary. DRAWING ONES DESIRE TO RIDE INTO FLESHLY MANIFESTATION There are various options that the present day practitioner can take, such as to make or to acquire an effigy of a Horse of whatever size desired, which one then sacrifices to a sanctified flame as an offering. One can also draw an image of a Horse along with accompanying sigils that encapsulate ones desire on which to focus upon in league with the phases of the Moon from New to Full Moon; when the Moon is at its fullest one then consigns the image to the flame whereupon to then await for a Dream in order to contact Bai Ulgan. UPPERWORLD FEMALE POWERS ABOVE ONES HORNED BROW OF CROWN: When the desired Dream to come one will be triggered into awakening within the Dream by perceiving a White Horse descending from out of the Sky and it is upon this Horse one will then ride so as to ascend. Firstly after ascending through the sky into the depths of space within the attained awakened Dream the Kam/Shaman meets Yayk who is the servant of Ulgan, this deity will inform the Kam whether or not the offering has been accepted, and then the Kam will learn of impending dangers so as to be averted. When the Kam eventually meets with Bai Ulgan he will then bestow one of his Ayami Daughters upon the Kam. It is said that the more Ayami Spirit-Wives a Kam/Shaman to have the more Powerful he is in order to practice his art. THE SIDDHI POWER OF THE SHAMAN YOGI A Yogi is in essence a (Shaman) Kam who makes it a point of forgetting the body in order to concentrate his Mind on the higher principle of the Lord (Bai Ulgan) who is in essence the Yogi (Kam) made perfect; he conquers heat and cold by mastering breath-control and by controlling his nervous system. A Shaman Yogi generates psychic heat within his own body through the practice of what is called in Yoga: Bhastrika Pranayama. THE HAIRY HEAT OF THE INTERNAL FIRE KING ODQAN A Yogi can bear extremes of climates without discomfort; his practice often involves him sitting upon the snow, which he melts by the warmth generated within his own body by focussing upon the inner Sun situated in his gut of Chakra to activate via intense visualisation techniques and a Mantra to repetitively intone. (In other words, the Yogi Shaman has total control over his 'Autonomic-NervousSystem,' which is governed over by his 'Cerebellum.') A Yogi often covers his body with a sheet dipped in very cold water and dries it by the heat generated by his Yoga practice, which is given off from his body of sensation akin to prickly energy, to feel like hair growing all over his corporeal frame. (The many myths, which speak of 'Hairy Spirits,' actually alludes to Shamans who have control over the Inner Fire.) It is said that a a few rare Adepts have dried as many as thirty sheets in a single night when practicing their art in the tourist Himalayas while a (Shaman) Kam does likewise upon the frozen Steppe to that of the Siberian Tundra. However, there may be many a down and out living upon the cold harsh streets of ones urban Hell who have mastered such an art in order to survive whereby becoming supreme Yogis without knowing it; then again, some of them are perhaps very much aware of their art whom be Siddhas on ones very doorstep. THE BODY ELECTRIC HOLOGRAPHIC It is said that a perfect Yogi of an Odqan is able to cremate his own body when nearing his chosen end by the Yogic heat of an inner Fire, which is generated by his power of Yoga, whereby becoming pure Light energy for his body electric is but a Hologram created by the matrices of Thought whereby if he so chooses he can create another material Hologram of a body to occupy wherever he decides to take up residence. STORM SPIRIT VALKYRIE SIDDHIS PERSONIFIED AROUND THE OUROBOROS OF MAGICK CIRCLE Each of the listed Ayami are associated with Powers and Abilities, which in Yoga practice are called 'Siddhis.' Essentially, the Ayami are personified Siddhis. There are '8' main Siddhis in Yoga practice, however, the Ayami extend them of number. The Ayami can be perceived to be around ones MagickCircle of an Ouroboros divided into Eight points. The Upperworld Ayami and their Underworld Sisters are the fluctuations of the Kundalini Shakti Fire Snake, hence her arousal along ones Spine to ascend is an Erotic experience of an Orgasm, which rocks ones whole body at the Quantum level to shift into another state of being. INSTRUCTIONS ON THE AYAMI SIDDHIS 1: By the process of Hatha Yoga, the Shaman Yogi attains a perfect physical body: Rupalavanya Bala Vajrasam-hanana Kaya Sampat. The perfection of the body consists in beauty, grace, strength and
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adamantine hardness. The power to bear extreme cold and heat (Titiksha), the power to live without water and food and other powers come under the category of Kaya Sampat (perfection of body). We are not taiking about an Adonis body of some Arnold Shwarzenegger look-alike here; more that of being in tune with ones body to have no hang ups about ones physicality; one merely has to look at a fat Buddha to give one some idea! TRANCE DANCE INTO BALANCE BETWIXT AND BETWEEN 2: Since the physical body of the Hatha Yogi is perfect and firm, his mind is also firm and one-pointed of intent; that is, ones body and mind are in balance. (Another way of accessing this condition of balance is through dance while listening to music, which puts one into a state of Trance; somewhat akin to a Martial Art where one fluidly moves without thinking.) By the practices of Dharana and Dhyana, he reaches the highest rung in the Yogic ladder and attains Immortality through Yogic Samadhi. The Yogi who has reached the highest stage, will have the 8 major and all the minor Siddhis under his dominion. DAEMON MANTRA CHAKRA MANDALA ANGELOI 3: The attainment of the Siddhi powers depends upon the amount of concentration upon different Chakras and Tattvas in order to awaken the Kundalini Shakti. The practice of Mudras, Bandhas, Asanas and Pranayamas is also said to aid one in acquiring Siddhis. (The Kundalini Shakti of Fire Snake arises along ones Central Nerve Channel of the Sushumna, which governs ones Central-Nervous-System, and is in turn governed by ones Cerebrum. The ascension of the Kundalini Shakti along ones Spine of Axis-Mundi World-Tree is determined by attaining a balance of the two other Nerve Channels on either side of ones Spine called the Ida and Pingala, The Ida and Pingala Nerve Channels are associated with ones Autonomic-Nervous-System, which is governed over by ones Cerebellum at the back of ones Head. The 72 Upperworld Ayami are associated with ones Cerebrum while their 72 Underworld Sisters of kin are associated with ones Cerebellum; wherefore they are not in conflict with each other; for if they are, one cannot attain the Siddhis, which is the commonality of most people.) SHAMANIC BODY FORM EXERCISES OF SORCERY 4: The Siddhis, which are obtained by the practice of 'Mudras' can be obtained by the practice of Bandhas, Asanas, Pranayamas and also by the concentration upon different Chakras. This will be dependent upon the temperament and capacity of the aspirants whose personalities of energetic quality will be focussed upon certain Chakras. (The Seven Chakras are associated with the Seven Planets, which are mentioned in the Goetia.) One can obtain the desired goal by various exercises, to mix different methods. Therefore if one is not able to get success by a particular method, one will have to resort to other exercises. THERE BE NO NO CONFLICT, NEVER WAS, ONLY LOVE, BABY! 5: Many of the 8 major Siddhis are said to be not possible at all during the present age (Kali Yuga), when the Body (Cerebellum) and the Mind (Cerebrum) of the vast majority of the populace are in conflict and thereby not fit enough to tap into their inner potential. This conflict is being sustained by certain belief systems, which have indoctrinated many to fear exploring their own Consciousness betwixt and between their ever warring Demons and Angels. However, it is said that even today there are several Siddhas who have the power to perform some of the Siddhis. When people approach them to do a show of their powers, they hide themselves away or to generally say, I do not know anything, find out for your self buddy! They are not too concerned about the Siddhis. Their main aim is to ignore these powers as being purely unreal to instead aspire to reach their highest potential. Such individuals are usually considered as being the only real Yogins. There are many who are able to use some of the powers in part but they do not know how they are able to accomplish them. HOLOGRAPHIC MIRACLES OF HOLOGRAM 6: One can read the many thoughts of others in order to inform one more about the practice of Yoga to learn the spiritual message communicated by the sages of ancient India. Some eye witnesses have seen Yoga practitioners removing the poison of irate Cobras by chanting some Mantras over a bite or by merely touching the festering poisoned wound; by blessing some leaves to place upon the body of a sick patient, incurable diseases are cured; although the patient themselves facilitate this process of healing by their own empowered belief. There are practioners of Yoga who will accurately reveal information pertaining to ones past, present and future; some are able to see astral entities hovering around as well as stopping the automatic functions of their own heart and affecting the minds of others. Such powers are acquired through Yoga whose origins emanate from ancient Shamanistic practices, hence they are Shamans. TO KNOW, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENT 7: It is somewhat obvious that one cannot find an individual who has developed all these powers, but then it be far wiser that such Adepts keep their powers and abilities Secret for they would no doubt be
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considered to be a National Security risk to end up being dissected in an underground Military lab as Greys. When one acquires certain powers, it is said that one usually stays put upon the rung of the ladder by the influence of Maya, which breeds false Tushti (satisfaction) whereupon an individual invariably uses the powers for his own livelihood or to attain fame by impressing others like Uri Geller for example. Therefore he is not able to proceed any further in order to attain the perfection of his Art.
"It is not the mistake of the Yogic Kriyas. You should not lose faith. Faith, attention, sincerity and earnestness will lead you to success."

The same can be likewise said about a (Shaman) Kam. TAKE NOTE: Bai Ulgan = SPACE (Central Seed-Point of the Universe amidst many an Infinity/Universes of Multiverse) The name of 'Yayk' mentioned earlier pertains to a Lucid Dream becoming that of an Out-Of-Bodyexperience where one accesses a Vaginal Star Barrel of a tube (Yayik) above ones Head whereby one attains egress out of the body. When one ascends out of ones body through the Vaginal Star Barrel of 'Yayik' one is being carried by the associative processes of ones Consciousness represented as a Horse; however, ones successful translation through the Vaginal Star Barrel of a tunnel will be dependent upon ones clarity of focus. Ones destination will be that of the realm of Bai Ulgan. One will also find ones (Dream-Body) Spirit attains egress out of the top of ones head via Lucid Dreams when one calls upon one of the Ayami. (The reason why one will experience a shift of Consciousness above ones head in regards to the Ayami is because ones Subconscious Mind has made a Symbolic association with the Ayami (Angeloi) to be associated with the Upperworld of the Valkyria Storm Spirits, this will then induce a shift above the head, which one associates with ones Heavenly abode of the Sky and beyond of Celestial Ad Astra.) Each of Bai Ulgan's 'Ayami' Upper-World Daughters are twinned with the 'Syvn' Underworld Daughters of Erlik Khan. The 'Ayami' Teach while the 'Syven' Serve the Shaman/Kam as his Powerful Servants; whereby one has the classical esoteric tenet: "So Above, So Below." One could otherwise equate Heaven with ones Cerebrum, while the Underworld is ones Cerebellum, which leads one to see the two neurological spheres of the Ayami/Angeloi and the Syven/Daemons. AYAMI translates as 'Silk Woven into Beauty'. The Silk being that of the threads of a web woven by the Eight-Legged-Horse of Bai Ulgan who is none too different to the ancient Norse Shaman deity called Odin whom was known by the Saxon's as Woden. Odin also rode an Eight-Legged-Mare called Sleipnir of a Spider horse; hence the Ayami are very much the same as the Valkyries whom weave the 'Silken' threads of fate, which interlinks everything into a Matrix of a Wyrd Web linking all Times, Worlds and all things; one could otherwise equate with Superstrings.


AYAMI DAUGHTERS OF BAI ULGAN , Powers and Characteristics

She is a subtle Spirit. Endowed with great wisdom to bestow. She is enthusiastic for Shamanism, Science and the Arts; She is capable of undertaking and accomplishing the 01: Vehuaiah most difficult things for her Master. She will enable her Master to attain a state of formless existence whereby he can pass through solid objects overcoming all obstacles becoming invisible for his consciousness to be smaller than an atom. She is called upon to to quell popular uprisings. To obtain victory over those who attack unjustly. Sprightly Spirit, agreeable and courteous of manners, she is very passionate for Sex. She will also enable her Master to expand his Consciousness to encompass all things to know throughout the Universe of meditative practice. She is called upon to protect her Master against adversities. Protects against all weapons, enemies and wild beasts. Loves Truth, which she divines, will keep her word, will oblige those in need of her services to do the same. She will also enable her Master to become as light as a feather for his Spirit to fly where it wills to perceive far off events whether they be in the Past, Present or Future to Remote View throughout Space-Time. She also bestows Levitation.
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02: Jeliella

03: Sitaela

04: Elemiah

She Governs Psychology and Parapsychology. Protects her Master against mental troubles, healing psychological trauma and anguish; for the identification of traitors. Governs voyages, sea travels and Astral Travel. She is Industrious, successful in all her undertakings for her Master, always keen for enabling travel in order to bestow positive experiences. A Muse of Surrealist Artists and Artists in general. She enables her Master to create Thought-Forms, which can manifest into material existence such as objects and buildings, even people or animals, which can take on a life of their own if desired as well as creating entire landscapes.

She enables a state of peace. Governs high science, Occult philosophy, Shamanism, the Liberal Arts, Cybernetics and Medicine. enabling her Master to Learn easily; keen to 05: Mahasiah manifest her Master's honest pleasures. She will enable her Master to create a force-field around him self or others to be unmoveable whose physical body cannot be moved or harmed by anything. She is called upon to acquire Shamanistic knowledge and cure disease. Governs deep Love, great Renown, Science, especially the Arts; She bestows fortune and luxury. Features (include) ambition, fame. She also enables her Master to touch with his Mind the highest things. He can touch the Sun or the Moon or the sky and far off stars and galaxies. Through this power her Master can attain desired objects and supernatural powers. He acquires the power of predicting future events, the power of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Telepathy, Thought-Reading, etc. He can understand the languages of the beasts and birds. He can understand unknown languages also. He can cure all diseases. She Governs patience, secrets of nature. Loves learning; she is proud to accomplish the most difficult tasks for Master. She will enable her Master to go into deep Trance from which he can come out of at any time he likes. This will also enable invisibillity at times. Her Master will also have the power of entering body of another. It is also the power of keeping a youth-like appearance for any length of time.

06: Lelahela

07: Achaiah

She is called upon to obtain the benediction of the Highest Tengri and to drive away evil spirits. Governs agricultural production. Inspires her Master to rise towards the Heights of endeavour. She will also bestow upon her Master the power of taming wild animals and 08: Cahetela bringing them under control. It is by this power that her Master can mesmerise persons through exercising his will to make them obedient to his own wishes and orders. It is the restraint of passions and emotions. It is the power to bring men, women and the elements under subjection. She is called upon by her Master for him to attain a balance with the Universe, to obtain friendship and favour of the great. Her nature is that of a rapid execution of a promise made. Governs good faith and reconciliation. Sincere in her promises to manifest, will easily extend pardon. She will enable her Master to attain divine power in order for him to become the Lord of the Universe; by this power her Master can restore life to the dead. She is good for those guilty of hidden crimes and fearing discovery to dispel. Governs rage and pestilence, cure of disease. She bestows Good health and is successful in all undertakings for her Master. She will also enable her Master to get whatever he likes by increasing the power of his Visualisation to visualise his desires into material manifestation. She is called upon to protect against lightning and for the obtainment of victory. Governs renown. bestowing Great personage of the very learned to make her Master celebrated for personal talents. She bestows the ability of Clairvoyance upon her Master to perceive all possibilities, which can be brought into manifestation.

09: Aziella

10: Aladiah

11: Lauviah

She is called upon to protect against adversity. Governs Dreams via which she reveals Mysteries hidden from mortals. She is Gentle, witty of discreet manners. She enables her 12: Shahaiah Master to have Knowledge of all Past, Present and Future possibilities to also set up engineered Past, Present and Future conditions.

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13: Iezalelli

She Governs friendship, reconciliation, conjugal fidelity. She enables her Master to Learn easily. Her nature is adroit. She will also enable her Master to perceive beyond all pairs of opposites to make instantaneous connections between all things to find new combinations of synthesis for she increases the power of the imagination manifold.

She works against those who seek to usurp the fortunes of her Master and others under his care. Governs justice, truth, liberty. Delivers the oppressed and protects prisoners. 14: Mebahela Loves jurisprudence; she has an affinity for law courts. She will enable her Master to foresee future events and whatever is predicted will come to pass of Prophecy. She protects her Master against the impious. Governs Sciences and Arts. Spiritual sentiments, Cleanses Impurity. She will also enable her Master to transmute material objects into other forms such as turning base metal into gold.

15: Harielli

She is called upon to protect against traitors and for deliverance from those who seek to oppress her Master. Governs crowned heads, great captains. Gives victory. She is frank, loyal, brave of character, sensitive to points of honour; she has an affinity for Venus: 16: Hakamiah Sexual Love. She will also enable her Master to Serial-Reincarnate while alive whereupon he can take on as many bodies as he likes in order to exhaust all his Karmas in one lifetime. She is invoked while fasting. She protects against mental anguish, depression and sadness. She Governs high Sciences; she has marvellous discoveries to bestow. Gives revelations in Dreams. She Loves Music, Poetry, Literature and Philosophy. She also 17: Lauvialaa enables her Master to acquire the jumping power of a (Voltigieur) Frog to leap from one Alternate possibility of a reality into another of his choosing as well as to Teleport him self to any destination desired. She is called upon to obtain prompt aid. Makes truth known in law suits, causes innocence to triumph. She is Just, honest, loves truth and the judiciary. She also enables her Master to become the Lord of desire, to destroy all sorrows and diseases. She will bestow the power of Teleportation upon her Master whereupon he can move to any place he desires to go faster than thought.

18: Calieli

She is to be invoked while facing South. To obtain the grace of the Highest Tengri. Governs memory, increasing human intelligence. She is amiable, lively, modest, whom 19: Leuvihuna enables her Master to bear adversity with resignation to feel no pain. She also enables her Master to acquire knowledge of all his Past lives and lives to come of Future incarnations. She is called upon to protect against the enemies of the Shaman, her Master; for the shifting of Perception into other realities. Governs Shamanism, Sorcery & Magick, NaturalLaw, Purity of Intent, Shamanic vocation. She will bestow upon her Master the power to point out the place where any hidden treasure lies.

20: Pahaliah

She is called upon to protect her Master against Negative spells and for the destruction of evil spirits assailing the Shaman or others. Governs Astronomy, Mathematics, Geography 21: Nelebaella and all abstract Sciences. Loves Poetry, Literature, avid for study to increase intelligence manifold. She enable her Master to have knowledge of the clusters of stars and planets within the universe. She Governs fortune, renown, diplomacy, commerce, influence on voyages, discoveries, protection against storms and shipwreck. She Loves business, industriousness, liberal and philanthropic ideas. She will bestow the power of having control over other minds through his Charisma, which she will empower manifold of influence. She is called upon to protect against physical weapons or otherwise and for safety in travel. Governs water, produce of the earth, and especially plants necessary for the cure of disease. She is courageous, accomplishes honourable actions.

22: Sieiaella

23: Melaheli

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24: Hahuiah

She is called upon to obtain the grace and mercy of the Highest Tengri. Governs exiles, fugitives, defaulters. Protects against harmful organisms. Preserves from thieves and assassins. She Loves truth, the exact sciences and is sincere in word and deed.

She is called upon for the acquisition of wisdom and the discovery of the truth of hidden Mysteries. Governs Occult sciences and Shamanism. Gives revelations in Dreams, 25: Nith-Haiah particularly to those born on the day over which she presides. Influences those who practice the Magick of the sages. She is called upon for the winning of a law suit and the aquisition of wealth and great fortunes. Protects those who search after the truth. Influences politics, diplomats, secret expeditions and agents. She enables her Master to attain divine power whereby he can restore life to the dead. Her Master will also know all the secrets of the dead to also halt the ageing process to become Immortal choosing his own time of death, or not as the case may be. She is called upon to confound wrong-doers and liars and to protect her Master from his enemies. Governs propagation of light, civilization. Love, Peace, Justice, Science and Arts; She has a special affinity for Literature. She enables her Master to have mastery over the elements (Bhuta Jaya), as well as attaining mastery of Prana (Prana Jaya). She protects her Master against all infirmities and thunder, protects against fire, the ruin of buildings, falls and illnesses. Governs health and simplicity. Has much judgment. She will enable her Master to transmute base metal into gold. She makes war against the impious and enemies of her Master; for deliverance from all enemies both visible and invisible. She is the Spirit of Virtue and zeal for the propagation of truth. She will do her utmost to destroy Negativity, which assails her Master whom she dearly Loves. She also bestows upon her Master the power of being able to touch the far off planets, stars and galaxies with his Mind. Through this power her Master can attains his desired objects and supernatural powers. He acquires the power of predicting future events, the power of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Telepathy, Thought-Reading, etc. He can understand the languages of the beasts, birds and other life-forms not of this world. He can understand unknown languages to also to make contact with extraterrestrial sentient species and extra-dimensional races occupying other worlds within the Universe. He can cure all diseases. She protects her Master against sorrow, despair and for the acquisition of patience. Governs the animal kingdom, watches over the generation of beings. She empowers Shamans, Chemists, Doctors, Surgeons. She has an affinity for Anatomy and Medicine to teach, Healing both Human and Animal.

26: Haana

27: Jeratheli

28: Seeiaha

29: Reiiella

30: Ornaella

She is called upon for the acquisition of knowledge. Governs vegetation and agriculture. 31: Lecabella She Loves Astronomy, Mathematics and Geometry whose understanding she bestows upon her Master. She works against those who attack her Master in court. She Governs Justice. Bestows Photographic Memory upon her Master as well as making him articulate. She will enable her Master to learn any handicraft quickly as well as to empower him to point out those places where a hidden treasure lies. For the identification of traitors whom work against her Master.

32: Vasariah

33: Iehuiah

She protects her Master against anger. Known for her great talents and acts. She bestows 34: Lehahiah great Confidence upon her Master as well as empowering his Meditations and Dreaming practices. She regains the favour of those that her Master has offended. Governs testaments,

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35: Chevakiah successions and all private financial agreements. She Loves to live in peace with everyone. Loves rewarding the loyalty of those in her service. She works to retain her Master's employment and to preserve his means of livelihood. She protects against calumny and for the deliverance of prisoners imprisoned unjustly. She is called upon to obtain victory and stop the siege of a city, home, land or over her Master's physicality. Governs all Sciences and Arts. Reveals the secrets of nature, inspires philosophers, sages, Shamans. She is a distinguished Shamanic servant.

36: Menadella

37: Aniella

She is called upon for the acquisition of all the Treasures of Heaven and Earth. Against 38: Haamiah fraud, Enemies weapons, wild beasts and malign infernal spirits. Governs all that relates to Highest Tengri. She is called upon for the healing of the sick. Governs health and longevity. Influences paternal and filial affection. She is called upon for the deliverance of prisoners, for consolation, for deliverance from one's enemies. Governs printing and books, men of letters and Artists to create works of high genius.

39: Rehaelli

40: Ieiazella

She is called upon to protect her Master against the impious, slanderers. Governs 41: Hahrahella Shamanism. Greatness of soul, energy. She is consecrated to the service of the Highest Tengri. She is called upon for safety in travel. For the discovery of conspiracies. Concerned with political affairs; her nature is diplomatic. She is called upon for the destruction of the enemy and deliverance from bondage. Loves glory and the military. She is called upon to obtain Success in a useful undertaking. Protection against magistrates. Trials. Protects against armies, gives victory. She is fond of travel and learning. All her undertakings to manifest her Master's desires are crowned with success; she is distinguished for military capabilities and courage. She is called upon to confound the wicked and the proud, to exalt the humiliated and the fallen. Governs vegetation. She Loves learning, much aptitude. She is called upon to procure revelations. Her manifestation represents the blessing of the Highest Tengri for the good that is sent to her Master. Discovers hidden treasure, reveals the greatest secrets of nature; causes the object of her Master's desire to be seen within dreams. She enables and empowers Remote-Viewing, a strong subtle mind, new and sublime thoughts; she is discreet and circumspect. She is called upon for the praising of the Highest Tengri and the growing towards the Truth when enlightened. Governs justice, makes the truth known in legal proceedings. She is agreeable of character, avid for the acquisition of secret knowledge. She is called upon for the preservation of peace and the union of man and wife. Protects those who address themselves to her, gives premonitions and secret inspirations. Governs generation of beings. She is always avid for Love, fond of walks and pleasures in general. She enables her Master to transmute matter into other forms such as turning base metal into gold or water into wine to also heal him self and others of damage caused to the body, whether through accident or violence or otherwise that of illness instantaneously. She protects her Master from sorrow and contrariness. For the exaltation of oneself for the
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42: Mikaelli

43: Veuahiah

44: Ielahiah

45: Sealiah

46: Arielli

47: Asaliah

48: Milaha

49: Vehuelli

benediction and glory of the Highest Tengri. She is a sensitive and generous soul. Empowers Literature, jurisprudence and diplomacy. She is called upon to obtain the blessings of the Highest Tengri and consolation. Governs justice, lawyers, solicitors. Furnishes conclusions to those who hesitate. Industrious and active in business, loves literature and is distinguished for eloquence to bestow upon her Master.

50: Daniella

She is called upon for the elevation of the soul and the discovery of the mysteries of Wisdom. Governs Chemistry and Physics. Reveals the secret of the Philosopher's Stone 51: Hahasiah and universal Medicine. She Loves abstract Science. She is devoted to the discovery of the properties of animals, plants and minerals. She is distinguished in Shamanism and Medicine. She destroys the power of her Master's enemies and humbles them. She Governs voyages in general, protects prisoners who turn to her and gives them the means of obtaining their freedom. She is forceful, vigorous of temperament; bears adversity with patience and courage. She is fond of her work. She Governs the high Sciences. Melancholy humour, avoids rest, full of energy, Meditation, well-versed in the abstract Sciences, which she bestows of abilities. She is called upon to obtain the blessings of the Highest Tengri to live long. She enables her Master to win the favour of those in high places. She is renowned for writings and eloquence, enabling great reputation among the learned, which she bestows. She is beneficial for obtaining consolation and compensations. Governs Natural-Law and Shamanism. She is distinguished by good deeds. She is called upon by her Master for the fulfilment of any request; she Governs great renown, fortune and philosophical understanding, which she bestows. She is well esteemed by everyone for her modesty and agreeable humour.

52: Imamiah

53: Nanaella

54: Nithaelli

55: Mabaiah

56: Poielli

She is called upon for general prosperity and the deliverance of prisoners. Governs great 57: Leaders. Drawn to the military; she is distinguished for activity, she bestows the Nemmamiah courageous bearing of fatigue. She Protects her Master against sorrow and cares and heals the sick, especially afflictions of the eyes. Influences iron and those in commerce. She is Brave, frank and has an affinity for Venus: Passionate Sexual Love.

58: Ieialelli

She is called upon to protect against the sterility of women and to make children obedient 59: Harahella to their parents. Governs treasure and banks. Printing, books. She has a Love of learning and bestows success in business (especially money market). She is called upon for the cure of mental illness and deliverance from those who persecute us. Virtuous, longevity. She is called upon to obtain the friendship of a given person. She is fond of travel and bestows honest pleasures; she has a sensitive heart. She is called upon for the acquisition of Wisdom, Speed Learning, Increases Intelligence manifold. Governs Students, Shamans, Philosophers, Illuminati. She Loves Knowledge, tranquillity and solitude; by nature she is modest and virtuous. She will bestow upon her Master the power of taming wild animals such as Serpents and bringing them under his control. It is by this power that her Master can mesmerise persons like a Snake through exercising his will by making them obedient to his own wishes and orders. It is the
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60: Mizraella

61: Umabella

62: Yelhani

restraint of passions and emotions. It is the power to bring men, women and the elements under subjection. Her Master also acquires the power of perceiving the evolved ones who are (Nagas) Serpent (Siddhas) Teachers, by which point he is one of them as well. She is called upon for Paradigm shifts towards wholeness. She Protects her Master 63: Anianueli against accidents, heals the sick. Governs commerce, banking. She is subtle and ingenious, industrious and active. She protects her Master against all adversities. Protects against rabies and wild beasts. She Governs Shamans, professors, orators and others of similar profession. She is distinguished in Literature.

64: Mehiella

She protects her Master against intrigue and negative magic spells; she is called upon for the obtainment of Wisdom and for the undertaking of successful ventures. She Governs 65: Damabiah seas, rivers, springs and Astral Travel. She enables her Master to amass a considerable fortune. She is called upon for the appeasement of anger to dispell of storms stirred by the Highest 66: Manakella Tengri and for the healing of epilepsy. She Governs vegetation, aquatic animals. She Influences Dreams revealing Mysteries. She has a Gentleness of character. She is called upon to obtain consolation in adversity and for the acquisition of Wisdom. Influences Occult Science. Makes the truth known to those who call on her in their work. She bestows Enlightenment and whatever requirements are needed by her Master for contacting the spirit of the Highest Tengri. She is Fond of solitude and is highly distinguished in the higher Sciences.

67: Itaiella

She is called upon for the preservation of health and the healing of the sick. Governs agriculture and fecundity. She is fond of the countryside, hunting, gardens and all that is 68: Chabuiah related to agriculture. She will also bestow knowledge of the planets, stars and galaxies to know of other inhabited worlds upon her Master to also Teleport him self or others to any place he desires. She is called upon to find lost or stolen objects and discover the person responsible. She is distinguished in the judiciary, morals and customs of all peoples.

69: Rochella

She Governs the generation of beings and phenomena of nature. She protects those who 70: Iabamiah wish to progress spiritually. She is highly distinguished by Genius, which she bestows upon her Master; she is one of the great lights of philosophy. She is called upon to confound the wicked and for deliverance from those who seek to oppress us. Protects those who call upon her. Influences fire. She is very Brave. A divine talisman should be prepared under favourable influences with the name of the Spirit on the reverse side. She Protects her Master in mysterious operations, brings success in all things. Governs Chemistry, Physics and Medicine. Influences health and longevity. She is a Shaman/Doctor.

71: Haielli

72: Mumiah

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