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SVPrecis_12th_Physics Electrostatic Force, Electrostatic Field and Gauss Theorem Two point charges of values q and 2q are kept at a distance d apart from each other in air. A third charge Q is kept along the same line in such a way that the net force acting on q and 2q is zero. Calculate the position of charge Q in terms of q and d . [Ans.
d 1 2


S1 and S2 are two hollow concentric sphere enclosing charges Q and 2Q respectively as

shown in the figure. a. What is the ratio of the electric flux through S1 and S2 ? b. How will the electric flux through the sphere S1 change if a medium of dielectric constant S is introduced in the space inside S1 in space of air? [Ans. (i) 3.
1 (ii) reduces to 15 of 3

original value] Four point charges of qA 2c, qB 5c, qc 2c and qD 5c are located at the corners of a square ABCD of side 10 cm. Find the force on a charge of 1c placed at centre O of the square. Three small charged spheres, with equal charges on them are placed as shown in fig. A and C are fixed in position and B can move. C exerts a force of 4 106 N and B . a. What force A exerts on B? b. What is the net force on B? [Ans.(a) 3 106 N ; (b) 5 106 N ] In a given figure shows tracks of three charged particles crossing a uniform electrostatic field with same velocities along horizontal. Give the signs of the three charges. Which particle has the highest charge to mass ratio.




Force of attraction between two points charges placed at a distance d apart in a medium is F. what should be the distance apart in the same medium so that the force of attraction between them becomes
F ? 3

[Ans. d ' 3d ]



Two identical metallic spheres having unequal, opposite charges are placed at a distance 0.90m apart in air. After brining them in contact with each-other, they are again placed at the same distance apart. Now the force of repulsion between them is 0.025N. Calculate the final charge on each of them. [Ans. 1.5 106c ] How many electrons should be removed from a coin of mass 1.6g, so that it may float in an electric field of intensity 109 NC 1 directed upward. [Ans 9.8 107 ]


A dipole consists of two charges +10 c and 10 c separated by a certain distance. Let they be located at x 6.0cm, y=0 and x 6.0cm, y 0 respectively. Calculate the field strength at a point x 0, y 8cm . [Ans. 1.08 107 NC 1 ]

10. 11.

Two protons A and B are placed between two parallel plates having a potential difference V as shown in the fig will this proton experience equal or unequal force A point charge 10c is at a distance 5 cm directly above the centre of a square of side 10 m as shown in the fig. What is the magnitude of the electric flux through the square? Where E0 8.854 1012 C 2 N 1m2 . [Ans. 1.88 105 Nm2 c1 ]

12. 13.

, calculate the electric flux through a 3 j 4k If the electric field is given by 62

surface of area 20 units lying in YZ-plane. [Ans. 120 units] A uniformly charged conducting sphere of 2.4m diameter has a surface charge density of 80.0 cm 2 .] a. Find the charge on the sphere. b. What is the total electric flux leaving the surface of the sphere? [Ans. (a) 1.45 103 C, (b) 1.64 108 Nm2 c 1 ] E0 8.854 1012 C 2 N 1m2


A point charge causes an electric flux of 1.0 103 Nm2c1 to pass through a spherical gaussian surface of 10.0cm radius centered on the charge. (a) If the radius of the gaussian surface were doubled, how much flux would pass through the surface? (b) what is the value of the point charge? [Ans (a) 1.0 103 Nm2 c1 , (b) 8.854 109 c ] E0 8.854 1012 C 2 N 1m2 a. Two insulated charged copper spheres A and B have their centers separated by a distance of 50 cm. What is the mutual force of electrostatic repulsion if the charge on each is 6.5 107 c ? The radii of A and B are negligible compared to the distance of separation. b. What is the force of repulsion if each sphere is charged double the above amount and distance between them is halved? [Ans.(a) 1.5 102 N , (b) 0.24 N ]



Suppose the sphere A and B in the above question have identical sizes. A third sphere of same size but uncharged is brought in contact with the first, then brought in contact with the second , and finally removed from both. What is the new force of repulsion between A and B? [Ans. 5.7 103 N ]
N/C. Consider a uniform electric field E 3 103 i a. What is the flux of this field through a square of 10cm on a side whose plane is parallel to the yz plane? b. What is the flux through the same square if the normal to its plane makes a 30 angle with the x axis? [Ans (a) 30 Nm2 c1 , (b) 25.98Nm2 / c]



An oil drop of 12 excess electron is held stationary under a constant electric field of 2.55 104 NC 1 is Millikans oil drop experiment. The density of the oil is 1.26 g cm3 . Estimate the radius of the drop. [
g 9.8ms 2 , e 1.6 1019 c]

[Ans. 9.81104 m m ]