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=638 DG0I7/ @-? D0/ 10FA 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 BB
=638 DG0I7/ :7/A0.6G @-? D0/ 36"A 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 COC
D76/ 0D D-/7I0/JA I-"8 10FA 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 COE

8ach flower essences are exLracLs from flowers whlch have a poslLlve effecL on emoLlonal lmbalances
and mood swlngs such as fear, depresslon, lack of self-confldence, sLress and worrylng.
1he name comes from ur. Ldward 8ach (1886 - 1936) who dlscovered Lhls heallng meLhod aL Lhe
beglnnlng of Lhe lasL cenLury. lor more Lhan 70 years Lhese flower essences have proved useful for
chlldren as well as adulLs for all klnds of emoLlonal problems. Sleep problems, fear of fallure, exam
fear, AuPu, sadness, gullL, concenLraLlon problems. 1hese are all buL a few examples where 8ach
llower Lssences have been successfully used wlLh good resulLs.
8ach llower Lssences have Lhe quallLy and ablllLy Lo change a negaLlve emoLlon lnLo a poslLlve one.
lor lnsLance a person wlLh a low self-esLeem wlll, afLer Laklng speclflc flower essences, sLarL Lo
belleve ln hlm or herself agaln and wlll be more self-confldenL deallng wlLh Lhe day-Lo-day Lhlngs.
negaLlve emoLlons are noL suppressed buL Lurned lnLo Lhe opposlLe poslLlve emoLlonal sLaLe. lor
example, fear of fallure lnLo self-confldence or lmpaLlence lnLo calmness and LranqullllLy.
8ach llower Lssences are 100 naLural and can successfully be used by chlldren and adulLs. 1hey are
compleLely safe and harmless. 1here are no slde effecLs, you cannoL over dose and Lhey are noL
addlcLlve. 1hey can be used ln comblnaLlon wlLh oLher medlcaLlon and/or oLher forms of LreaLmenL
lncludlng homeopaLhy wlLhouL lnLerference.
8ach llower Lssences can be applled ln a vasL number of areas. 1hey work on all aspecLs of
psychologlcal and emoLlonal healLh. 1here are 38 dlfferenL 8ach llower Lssences each of Lhem acLs
on a speclflc emoLlonal sLaLe. MosL of Lhe Llme up Lo 6 dlfferenL flower essences are mlxed lnLo a
LreaLmenL boLLle whlch wlll address a speclflc problem.

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. #$/'.+*-
-.6""7."-0. 6.1 89:7/63"-;-"9

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 33 PLLS 1C CCnCLn18A1L 8L11L8 Anu CL1 LLSS ulS18AC1Lu
eople sufferlng from AuPu flnd lL hard Lo keep Lhelr aLLenLlon on Lhe Lask aL hand. 1hey easlly geL
dlsLracLed and respond Lo oLher sLlmull. 1hls wlll make lL hard for Lhem Lo remember Lhlngs, lL wlll
cause problems when sLudylng and also when compleLlng cerLaln Lasks. 8ach llower essences help
Lhe person Lo remaln concenLraLed on Lhe Lask aL hand. 1hls resulLs ln belng less dlsLracLed, and
more focused.
AuPu chlldren (and adulLs) can be very lmpulslve. 1hey [usL randomly do someLhlng wlLhouL Lhlnklng
furLher abouL whaL may be Lhe consequences of Lhelr acLs. lL ls as lf Lhey are mlsslng a cerLaln Lype of
lnner conLrol. 1hls makes lL hard for Lhem Lo sLeer Lhelr behavlour ln a cerLaln dlrecLlon, everyLhlng
happens lmpulslvely. 8ach llower essences wlll help Lhem Lhlnk before Lhey acL, ln LhaL way Lhey wlll
have more conLrol on Lhelr behavlour and Lhelr llves.
1yplcally of AuPu ls LhaL one ls consLanLly acLlve. 1hls ls especlally so wlLh llLLle chlldren. 1hey are
runnlng around all day, Lhey can'L slL sLlll ln Lhelr chalr, ln brlef Lhey have Lo be consLanLly busy. 1hey
are resLless and Lhelr behavlour can be nerve-racklng for Lhelr envlronmenL. eace and LranqulllLy ls
whaL 8ach llower essences wlll relnsLall ln Lhem, so LhaL noL only for Lhemselves buL for Lhe people
around Lhem as well, Lhelr envlronmenL becomes endurable agaln.
Laslly frusLraLed
AuPu chlldren are easlly frusLraLed. Lspeclally when Lhlngs go Lo slow accordlng Lo Lhem. LveryLhlng
needs Lo move fasL and Lhey have a hard Llme deallng wlLh people who are less acLlve Lhan Lhey are.
1helr llfe speeds on ahead and anyone who can'L keep up wlll geL on Lhelr nerves. 8ach llower
essences wlll brlng Lolerance and undersLandlng. lL wlll offer Lhe necessary peace of mlnd so Lhey
don'L geL frusLraLed abouL oLher people's slowness.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 33 lnaLLenLlon and PyperacLlvlLy"

8ach llower Mlx n 33 helps Lo:
ConcenLraLe beLLer and geL less dlsLracLed
8ecome calmer and be less lmpulslve
Change hyperacLlvlLy lnLo normal acLlvlLy levels
8educe belng frusLraLed
luncLlon beLLer aL school and aL work



Clve dlrecLlon
uurlng puberLy, Lhe adolescenL wlll go off ln search of hlmself and Lhe dlrecLlon he wlshes Lo follow
ln llfe. 1hey are looklng for Lhe answer Lo quesLlons llke Who am l?" Where am l golng?" 8ach
llower essences wlll help you flnd Lhe rlghL dlrecLlon ln llfe and supporL you ln bulldlng your own
uoubL ls a common feellng exhlblLed durlng puberLy. 1he adolescenL ls searchlng, Lrylng ouL
everyLhlng, rebels agalnsL esLabllshed boundarles and wanLs Lo flnd Lhelr own way of llfe. lnsecurlLy
and doubL ofLen dlsLurb Lhe emoLlonal balance of Lhe Leenager. 8ach llower essences help Lo obLaln
emoLlonal sLablllLy so Lhey become more self-confldenL and doubL less.
Changlng moods
Mood swlngs are an expresslon of emoLlonal lnsLablllLy. Cne momenL one feels greaL and ls euphorlc,
Lhe nexL one ls aggresslve and angry Lowards frlends, famlly and socleLy. 8ach llower essences wlll
neuLrallze Lhese mood swlngs and provlde more balance ln your emoLlonal llfe.
leellng of lnferlorlLy
1eenagers can feel less worLhy Lhan oLhers durlng Lhelr puberLy phase. 1hey wanL Lo be parL of a
group buL feel Lhey are dumber, less lnLeresLlng or have resLrlcLed capablllLles because of Lhe soclal
sLaLues of Lhelr parenLs. 1hls can lead Lo a feellng of lnferlorlLy and low self-esLeem. 1hrough flower
essences we are able Lo reduce Lhls lnferlorlLy feellng and bulld up Lhe self-lmage agaln.
8ebelllng agalnsL socleLy, Lhelr parenLs, esLabllshed norms and values are Lyplcal aspecLs of puberLy.
8ebelllous behavlour and worklng agalnsL oLher people ls a way of obLalnlng a spoL" ln Lhe adulL
world. 8ach llower essences wlll make sure Lhls rebelllous behavlour doesn'L run ouL of conLrol, Lhey
wlll offer Lhe necessary peace and LranqulllLy Lo Lhe sLaLe of mlnd.
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 82 u8L81?"

8ach llower Mlx n 82 helps Lo:

Pave a smooLher passage Lhrough puberLy
llnd your own way ln llfe
CreaLe a sense of self-worLhlness
Clve emoLlonal sLablllLy and be less effecLed by mood swlngs
8rlng peace of mlnd

7?6@ A"/7AA

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 74 PLLS 1C 8LMAln CALM Anu 8LLAx uu8lnC 1PL LxAMS.

1here are people who dream of Lhelr upcomlng exams every slngle nlghL. 1he amounL of sLress LhaL
exams can cause ls so much lL ls hard Lo puL lL ouL of your mlnd. 1he consLanL Lhlnklng and worrylng
exhausLs you and reduces your ablllLy Lo concenLraLe. 8ach llower essences help shuL Lhese
repeaLlng LhoughLs down and focus you on your sLudles. 1hls wlll conLrlbuLe Lo a good nlghL sleep so
you no longer geL exhausLed.
lear of fallure
lear of fallure ls Lhe blggesL culprlL durlng exams. CfLen people Lhlnk Lhey can'L do lL or aren'L smarL
enough, whlch makes Lhem Lhrow ln Lhe Lowel ln advance. 8ach llower essences resLore and glve
you enough self-confldence.
eace and LranqulllLy are very lmporLanL durlng Lhe exam perlod. nervousness only makes lL harder
Lo concenLraLe and learn Lhe sub[ecL maLLer. 1hls peace and LranqulllLy can be galned by Laklng 8ach
llower essences.

MosL sLudenLs are very lrrlLable and Louchy durlng Lhe exam perlod. 1hls ls because of Lenslon and
sLress caused by Lhe exams. As 8ach llower essences reduce sLress and brlng peace, Lhls wlll make
Lhem less lrrlLable Lowards Lhe people around Lhem.
LosL courage
Pavlng done a bad exam can sLrongly lnfluence Lhe person's splrlLs. 1hey don'L feel llke conLlnulng,
Lhey Lhlnk lL won'L maLLer, as Lhey wlll fall anyway. 8ach llower essences help llfL Lhe splrlLs and

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 74 LxAM S18LSS"

8ach llower mlx n 74 helps Lo :

8emaln calm and relax durlng Lhe exams
Avold loslng courage when an exam dldn'L go well
keep bellevlng ln your own capablllLy
SLop worrylng and belng anxlous
CeL rld of your lrrlLaLlons durlng exams
Sleep well by brlnglng lnner peace



Make conLacLs
lor people wlLh auLlsm lL ls dlfflculL Lo make soclal conLacLs. 1hey are Lurned lnward and llve ln Lhelr
own world. 1hey wlll noL Lake lnlLlaLlve and avold eye conLacL. 8ach llower essences can help creaLe
openness Lowards Lhe ouLslde world. 1hls way maklng conLacLs wlll run smooLher.
anlc when change occurs
eople sufferlng from auLlsm wlll malnLaln sLrlcL paLLerns of behavlour and rarely dlverL from Lhem.
1hey have dlfflculLles deallng wlLh changes for lnsLance change of school, work envlronmenL, geLLlng
a new Lv eLc. 1hey need rouLlne and wlll panlc when Lhlngs aren'L Lhey way Lhey normally are. 8ach
llower essences wlll help deal wlLh new Lhlngs more smooLhly. 1hey wlll be less LempLed Lo hold on
Lo famlllar Lhlngs and 8ach llowers wlll also help Lhem leL go of Lhlngs more easlly and be open Lo
whaL may come.

SenslLlvlLy Lo sLress
When Lhere ls a Loo fasL sequence of sLlmull and evenLs a person wlLh auLlsm wlll experlence a loL of
sLress. 1he experlence of sLress ln Lhls way can cause a breakdown. A loL of people sufferlng from
auLlsm wlll experlence depresslon ln Lhelr llfe. 8ach llower Lssences can reduce Lhe sLress so
depresslon has llLLle chance.
As menLloned before people wlLh auLlsm are senslLlve Lo sLress and Lherefore geL easlly depressed.
Lven when depressed 8ach llower essences wlll offer a loL of supporL. 1hey wlll help you geL over Lhe
depresslon and reduce lLs lnLenslLy.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 64 Au1lSM"

8ach llower Mlx n 64 helps Lo :

Make soclal conLacLs more easlly
ueal wlLh change beLLer
Avold panlc as easlly when someLhlng new happens
Learn how Lo deal wlLh sLress slLuaLlons beLLer
8educe Lhe chance of depresslon
1-;0/37 0D "87 :6/7."A

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 37 PLLS CPlLu8Ln 1C uLAL Wl1P 1PL 18AuMA Cl A ulvC8CL

Suddenly everyLhlng changes
AfLer a dlvorce Lhe chlld wlll need Lo llve wlLh only one of lLs parenLs, so he/she wlll need Lo ad[usL Lo
noL havlng boLh parenLs Laklng care of hlm/her. Cr ln Lhe case of a co-parenLlng dlvorce Lhe chlld wlll
need Lo learn Lo llve wlLh Lhe weekly Lravelllng back and forLh beLween moLher and faLher. CfLen Lhe
chlld needs Lo move, 1herefore Lhelr homely surroundlngs change as well. Lven Lhe day-Lo-day
rouLlne of eaLlng LogeLher, havlng a bedLlme sLory are noL Lhe same anymore. 8ach llower essences
make sure LhaL Lhe chlld wlll noL geL Loo shaken up by all Lhese changes so he/she can ad[usL Lo Lhe
new slLuaLlon.
CullL feellng
CfLen Lhe chlld wlll feel gullLy abouL Lhe dlvorce. 1hls even happens when Lhe parenLs haven'L done
anyLhlng Lo cause Lhls. 1hey assume Lhe role Lhey played ln lL was blgger Lhan whaL lL acLually was.
Lspeclally Loddlers can Lake Lhe blame for Lhe dlvorce on Lhemselves. 8ach llower essences wlll Lake
Lhls gullL feellng away and help Lhem see Lhere ls no reason for blamlng Lhemselves.
ulvorce brlngs on fear: fear Lo be abandoned compleLely, noL be loved anymore, Lo have faLe declde
and many more fear responses. 8ach llower essences wlll make sure Lhls fear wlll be replaced by a
feellng of LrusL. 1he chlldren wlll experlence LrusL and courage Lo deal wlLh Lhls new slLuaLlon.
Anger and haLred
AfLer Lhe dlvorce some chlldren wlll experlence anger Lowards Lhelr parenLs. 1hls anger ls malnly
relaLed Lo Lhe feellng of belng abandoned by one of Lhe parenLs. 1hls ofLen occurs when Lhe dlvorce
ls caused by a Lhlrd person lnvolved. 1hen Lhls anger - or even deep-seaLed haLred - can become Lhe
prlmary emoLlonal expresslon of Lhe chlld. 8ach llower essences wlll Lurn Lhls anger or haLred lnLo a
more lovlng aLLlLude.
AlLhough dlvorce happens ofLen sLlll a loL of chlldren are ashamed abouL lL. 1hey flnd lL hard Lo Lalk
Lo Lhelr peers abouL lL because Lhey are ashamed. SomeLlmes shame wlll sLarL Lo play a role ln Lhelr
llfe as Lhey can'L afford as much on a maLerlal basls. 8ach llower essences wlll resolve Lhls feellng of
shame and make Lhem see LhaL Lhey don'L need Lo be ashamed abouL Lhelr parenLs dlvorclng.
Co lnLo lsolaLlon
We wlll see chlldren lsolaLlng Lhemselves afLer a dlvorce. 1hey show llLLle emoLlon as lf Lhe dlvorce
doesn'L affecL Lhem. Powever ofLen here Lhe opposlLe ls Lrue. 1hey are deallng wlLh Lhe dlvorce by
Lhemselves and don'L Lalk Lo anybody abouL lL. 1hey wlll lsolaLe Lhemselves and reLreaL lnLo Lhelr
own world. 8ach llower essences wlll help Lhem Lo remaln ln conLacL wlLh Lhelr envlronmenL and
Lalk abouL Lhelr feellngs so Lhey don'L go lnslde Lhemselves, whlch would oLherwlse cause blgger
problems ln Lhe fuLure.
1rauma and grlef
SomeLlmes Lhe dlvorce comes as a compleLe surprlse Lo Lhe chlldren. 1hey hadn'L seen lL comlng aL
all. As Lhey hadn'L LhoughL Lhelr moLher and faLher would ever geL a dlvorce, Lherefore Lhe dlvorce
can cause a shock and resulL ln a blg Lrauma for Lhe chlld. 8ach llower essences wlll help deal wlLh
Lhls Lrauma and Lhe grlef connecLed Lo lL.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 37 ulvC8CL Cl A8Ln1S"

8ach llower Mlx n 37 helps Lo :

deal wlLh Lhe Lrauma of a dlvorce
8educe Lhe grlef
8e able Lo ad[usL easler Lo changes
noL have gullL feellngs abouL Lhe dlvorce
8educe Lhe anger Lowards Lhe parenLs
8educe Lhe fears wlLhln Lhemselves
noL be ashamed abouL lL

"77.6F7 17:/7AA-0.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 66 lC8 1LLnACL uL8LSSlCn

lndlfference and llsLlessness
lf you are young and suffer from depresslon, Lhere are unexpecLed changes ln your behavlor. ?ou
become llsLless, apaLheLlc and lrrlLable. ?ou'll flnd everyLhlng borlng and annoylng. 8ach llower
essence wlll reklndle your meanlng of llfe and encourage your acLlvlLy. 1he llsLless behavlor wlll
evenLually dlsappear and wlll overLlme be replaced by acLlon.
lrrlLable, angry and passlonaLe
lf you have encounLered depresslon aL a young age, you wlll feel moodler Lhe usual. AL Lhe leasL, you
become angry and fly off. SomeLlmes you seem Lo explode wlLh rage, whereas before you had a
quleL personallLy. 1he 8ach llowers brlng calmness Lo Lhe mlnd so LhaL Lhere ls a decrease ln anger
and lL wlll evenLually dlsappear.
negaLlve self-lmage
1he depresslon ls ofLen manlfesLed ln feellngs of gullL and feellngs of lnadequacy. ?ou feel llke you
falled, as lf you are lnferlor Lo your peers and excluded. Also, you are unhappy abouL your
appearance. 8ach llower essences puL you lnLo Lhe rlghL perspecLlve and relnforce Lhe bellef ln

ALLempLed sulclde
Lven youngsLers can suffer from sulcldal LhoughLs. Lspeclally ln Llme where Lhey are sufferlng from
depresslon and self lnfllcLed LhoughLs. 3 of adolescenLs wlLh depresslon aLLempL Lo Lake Lhelr own
llfe. 8ach llower remedy n66 helps Lo remove and dlspel Lhese LhoughLs so LhaL Lhere are no
consequences. 1hey help you sLay ln conLrol and so LhaL you do noL do anyLhlng ''sllly''.
leellng lsolaLed
?ounger people who suffer from depresslon can also separaLe Lhemselves from Lhelr surroundlngs.
1hey go lnLo Lhelr own world lnslde of Lhelr mlnd and break off all conLacL wlLh everyone and
everyLhlng ouLslde of Lhelr own world. Commonly people drlnk alcohol and Lake drugs so LhaL Lhey
mlghL selze Lhe depresslon, buL Lhls ls only Lemporarlly. 8ach llower essence 8emedy's wlll help you
keep your soclal conLacLs, malnLaln your relaLlonshlps wlLh your frlends and famlly and wlll sLop you
from lsolaLlng yourself.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 66 1LLnACL uL8LSSlCn"

8ach llower Mlx n 66 helps Lo:

geL you back lnLo an acLlve llfe
remove Lhe gloom and despondency
calm you down and conLrol your anger
help you wlLh a poslLlve lmage
remove Lhe sulcldal LhoughLs you geL
- help you soclallze and Lo noL be ln lsolaLlon

=6=9 30G-3

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 90 PLLS 1C CALM ?Cu8 8A8?

. 8rlngs peace
Some bables are resLless sleepers: Lhey Loss and Lurn and seem Lo be consLanLly engaged whlle Lhey
are asleep. As a resulL Lhey have less 'quallLy sleep' or deep sleep. lor bables, however lL ls of uLmosL
lmporLance Lo geL Lhe quallLy sleep Lhey need. lf your baby lacks LhaL quallLy sleep, a vlclous clrcle
may appear. ?our baby lsn'L fully resLed, crles because he or she ls Llred, buL by crylng becomes even
more Llred and experlences lncreaslng dlfflculLles falllng asleep. 8ach llower remedy 90 helps your
baby Lo be less senslLlve Lo hls or her surroundlngs. 1hls resulLs ln a calmer and more peaceful
aLLlLude, your baby wlll fall asleep more easlly, sleep deeper and be a loL more manageable
. Lases Lhe blrLh Lrauma
1he blrLh of a baby ls an exLraordlnary evenL. noL only for Lhe parenLs and famlly, buL also for Lhe
baby lLself. When you are glvlng blrLh Lhe baby's sooLhlng warm home 'Lhe womb' ls suddenly
replaced for a cold and nolsy envlronmenL called 'Lhe world'. ln some way Lhls rupLure ls
unconsclously LraumaLlc for your baby. uue Lo Lhls 'Lrauma', some bables may experlence dlfflculLles
sleeplng, show abnormal sleeplng behavlor or have lncessanL crylng flLs ln a laLer sLage. 8ach llower
remedy 90 helps Lo ease Lhe blrLh Lrauma and helps your baby Lo geL Lhrough.

. Pelps Lo adapL Lo a new envlronmenL
lor a newborn - as Lhe name already lndlcaLes - everyLhlng ls new. new world, new home, new
people, new places, eLc. All of Lhese changes are a whole loL Lo process and Lo adapL Lo. SomeLlmes lL
may be a blL Loo much for your baby. 1hanks Lo 8ach llower remedy 90, you can help your baby
adapL more fluenLly Lo Lhese new envlronmenLs. As a resulL your baby crles less and sleeps beLLer.
. neuLrallzes hypersenslLlvlLy of sLlmull from Lhe envlronmenL
Some bables are very senslLlve Lo envlronmenLal sLlmull: Lhey reacL Lo Lhe sllghLesL sound or Lhe
sllghLesL movemenL. 1hls ls obvlously noL favorable for a good nlghL resL. 8ach llower remedy 90
helps your baby Lo pay less aLLenLlon Lo whaL ls golng on around hlm or her, ln oLher words your
baby neuLrallzes Lhe envlronmenLal sLlmull and Lhls guaranLees an lmproved sleep.
. 8emoves fears
AlLhough your baby cannoL speak yeL, he or she may suffer from feellngs of anxleLy and cry Lo glve
expresslon Lo Lhose feellngs. 8ach llower essences can ellmlnaLe Lhese fears, so your baby wlll be
less Lroubled by sleepless momenLs and lnexpllcable crylng flLs.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 90 8A8? CCLlC"

8ach llower Mlx n 90 helps :

Lo calm your baby
your baby Lo recover from Lhe blrLh Lrauma
your baby Lo sleep beLLer
Lo reduce your baby's senslLlvlLy

=2GG9-.F 6" A3800G


Loss of self-confldence
8elng Lhe LargeL of bullylng has some ma[or consequences for your self-confldence. 1he vlcLlm wlll
become lnsecure and feel lnferlor LhaL can cause serlous problems soclally and emoLlonally laLer ln
llfe. 8ach llower essences help your chlld Lo have more self-confldence and self-bellef.
vlcLlms of bullylng wlll sLarL havlng sLomach-aches or be slcker more ofLen. 1hls ls ofLen a resulL of
school bullylng. 1he fear of golng Lo school wlll be physlcally expressed so Lhey are able Lo sLay aL
home. 8ach llower essences help Lo have Lhe sLrengLh and courage and overcome Lhose fears.
Cne of Lhe causes for depresslon wlLh chlldren ls school bullylng. When bullylng happens over a long
perlod of Llme Lhls can lead Lo depresslon and ln exLreme cases Lo LhoughLs of sulclde or even Lhe acL
of sulclde. 1hrough 8ach llower essences lL ls posslble Lo sLay poslLlve and noL geL dragged lnLo
vlcLlms of bullylng rarely Lalk abouL Lhe bullylng. 1hey ofLen feel lL ls Lhelr own faulL or Lhey are
embarrassed because Lhey are noL popular". 8ach llower essences wlll help you see LhaL oLhers
aren'L superlor and you shouldn'L be ashamed.

LoLs of chlldren who are bullled wlll lsolaLe Lhemselves. 1hey wlll slL ln a corner of Lhe playgrounds by
Lhemselves, won'L play wlLh oLhers and avold any conLacL. 1hls way Lhey hope noL Lo be a LargeL for
bullylng. llower essences wlll reduce Lhe need Lo lsolaLe by glvlng back self-confldence and feellng of
self-worLh so Lhey make conLacL agaln wlLh Lhelr peers.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 76 8uLL?lnC A1 SCPCCL"

8ach llower Mlx n 76 helps Lo:

8alse Lhe feellng of self-worLhlness
Avold belng ashamed of yourself
8emaln ln conLacL wlLh frlends
Cvercome your fears of golng Lo school
8emaln poslLlve

38-G1 6=2A7

CPlLu A8uSL: 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 79 PLLS 1C CCL Wl1P 1PL 18AuMA1lC LxL8lLnCL

A chlld LhaL ls a vlcLlm of vlolaLlon geLs Lhe characLerlsLlc of belng anxlous and consLanLly on guard of
Lhelr surroundlngs. 1he chlld ls easlly sLarLled by unexpecLed evenLs. 8ach llower Lssences can help
Lo calm Lhe chlld's mlnd so Lhey can flnd more confldence and be more easy and sLeady.
Chlld abuse ls a severe LraumaLlc experlence, whlch goes wlLhouL saylng. 8ach llower essences can
help a chlld LhaL ls experlenclng Lhls Lrauma and wlll help Lhem so LhaL no furLher damage ls done Lo
Lhem ln Lhe fuLure.
Chlldren who were a vlcLlm of chlld abuse can suffer from depresslon. 1he Lrauma LhaL ls caused
makes Lhe chlld loose hls meanlng of llfe. 1hey Lend Lo hurL Lhemselves and would raLher be dead
Lhan allve. 8ach llower essences can help Lo revere Lhese negaLlve feellngs and Lurn Lhem lnLo a
poslLlve mood, whlch wlll mean Lhey wlll begln Lo geL a meanlng ln llfe agaln.
A chlld LhaL ls neglecLed from love or affecLlon or even from a lack of soclal opLlons can Lend Lo
become qulLe shy and would raLher llve ln Lhelr own world. 8ach llower remedy 79 can help Lhe
chlld break Lhrough Lhe lonellness and begln Lo recover Lhe LrusL ln oLhers and reform bonds LhaL
were broken and seek ouL new ones.
Low self-esLeem
Chlldren LhaL have been abused can have a low self-esLeem. 8ach llower remedles can help ln Lhe
long run, by resLorlng Lhe chlld's self-lmage and glve Lhem Lhe esLeem Lhey wlll need Lo go Lhrough
A chlld belng abused can lead Lo aggresslve behavlour laLer on ln llfe. 1hls ls because Lhey don'L know
of a way Lo venL Lhelr anger, so lL shows ln Lhelr behavlour and aLLlLude Lo oLhers. 8ach llower
essences can help wlLh Lhls by neuLrallzlng Lhe anger maklng Lhem more Lranqull and calm.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 79 CPlLu A8uSL"

8ach llower Mlx n 79 helps Lo:

Cope wlLh a LraumaLlc experlence
8rlng back self-confldence
Clve a more poslLlve self-lmage
8educe fears
CeL a new purpose ln llfe wlLh more courage
8rlng some peace Lo Lhe chlld
lnsplre Lhe chlld Lo make more frlends and be more soclable


8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 46 PLLS ?Cu8 CPlLu 1C S1C WL11lnC 1PL 8Lu !

. lears
lf you flnd LhaL you are weLLlng Lhe bed laLer on ln your llfe, Lhls can be caused by anxleLy. WeLLlng
Lhe bed does noL happen ofLen lf you weLLed Lhe bed when you were younger, however lL can
happen aL a laLer sLage lf you flnd yourself ln a slLuaLlon LhaL ls very capLlvaLlng. 8ach llower remedy
46 helps wlLh Lhe Lrauma and fear LhaL chlldren and adulLs geL from weLLlng Lhe bed, so ln Llme lL wlll
. PypersenslLlvlLy
Chlldren LhaL are hypersenslLlve, experlence everyLhlng durlng Lhe day much more lnLensely Lhen
oLher chlldren do. 1hey wlll also go Lhrough sounds, emoLlons and paln more lnLensely Lhen oLher
chlldren do. Chlldren LhaL are hypersenslLlve are more ofLen prone Lo weLLlng Lhe bed. lL ls because
of Lhe flerce emoLlons LhaL Lhey experlenced durlng Lhe day and LhaL are released aL nlghL, causlng
Lhe bladder Lo relax. 8ach llower essences help Lo lmprove Lhe fllLer for Lhe sensory lnpuL, whlch
would make Lhe chlld less prone Lo weL Lhe bed.
. Cverworked
Chlldren LhaL are overworked Lend Lo weL Lhe bed. Chlldren LhaL are overworked wlll weL Lhe bed
because of Lhe hlgh demands made Lo Lhem durlng Lhe day, when lL comes Lo nlghL, Lhey are able Lo
fully relax, however Lhe downslde Lo Lhls ls LhaL Lhelr bladder also relaxes so LhaL Lhey weL Lhe bed.
1hls can be resolved by 8ach llower essences, Lhey reduce Lhe consclous and unconsclous Lenslon
LhaL Lhe chlld experlences.

. Shame
When a chlld feels ashamed, Lhls can lead Lo bedweLLlng. 1he chlld cerLalnly doesn'L wanL Lhelr
frlends Lo flnd ouL LhaL Lhey weL Lhe bed, as Lhls would shame Lhem causlng Lhe problem Lo become
worse. lf Lhey weL Lhe bed, Lhey feel ashamed LhaL Lhey have done Lhls, and Lhls sLarLs a vlclous
clrcle. 8ach llower remedy 46 can break Lhls vlclous clrcle and lL wlll reduce Lhe sense of shame LhaL
Lhe chlld feels.
. Low self-esLeem
lf a chlld ls bedweLLlng Lhey wlll have a lower self esLeem, Lhey have no conLrol over lL and Lhey begln
Lo blame Lhemselves for lL. 1he chlld usually ls puL under more sLress because Lhey are weLLlng Lhe
bed, whlch leads Lo Lhem maklng Lhe slLuaLlon worse. 8ach flower 8emedy 46 ensures LhaL Lhe chlld
wlll become more self-dependenL and doensn'L blame hls/ herself LhaL ofLen. 1hls leads Lo an
lncreased self-esLeem and less bedweLLlng.
. new slLuaLlons
Chlldren encounLer a loL of new slLuaLlons, llke havlng a new slbllng on Lhe way or sLarLlng school,
movlng home, parenLs spllLLlng. 1hese are all slLuaLlons where Lhe chlld knows LhaL change ls comlng
and Lhey are noL sure wheLher Lhey can cope wlLh lL. lL may sLarL Lo cause Lhem Lo weL Lhe bed. 1he
chlld's uncerLalnLy wlLh Lhe fuLure can be alded wlLh 8ach llower remedy 46 as lL makes Lhe chlld
more calm and confldenL allowlng Lhem Lo Lackle slLuaLlons smooLhly and wlLhouL Lhe added sLress.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 46 8LuWL11lnC"

8ach llower Mlx n 46 helps Lo:

SLop weLLlng Lhe bed
8educe fears
Clve lnner peace
8emove Lraumas
Clve more self-confldence

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. )(/*-
I7-F8" G0AA

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 31 PLLS ?Cu 1C CL1 8lu Cl 1PLSL CunuS.

. WelghL loss = change ln eaLlng hablLs
lf you wanL Lo lose welghL you wlll need Lo break cerLaln paLLerns. 1hls wlll be a blg ad[usLmenL for
you. Maybe you geL, llke many people, sLuck ln cerLaln dleLs. 8ach llower essences comblnaLlon n
31 helps Lo smooLh Lhe LranslLlon Lo a new dleL.
. Sllmmlng = conLlnulng
ln Lhe beglnnlng of your dleL, for example, Lhe uukan dleL, you qulckly lose welghL. 1hen Lhe welghL
comes off more slowly and lL Lakes courage Lo malnLaln Lhe dleL. 8ach llower mlx n 31 helps you Lo
persevere so LhaL Lhe expecLed ouLcome ls reached qulckly.
. Sllmmlng = self-dlsclpllne
AL Llmes durlng your dleL, lL can be hard Lo sLlck Lo lL, llke aL a frlend or a famlly members' parLy. lL
can be dlfflculL when Lhere ls cake and alcohol presenL and you are on your dleL, 1hls can cause
sLress. lL requlres you Lo have a sLrong dlsclpllne aL Lhls Llme Lo noL glve ln. 8ach flower remedy 31
can help you Lo have Lhe needed dlsclpllne Lo geL Lhrough Lhe day and sLlck Lo your dleL.
. ulscouragemenL wlLh unsaLlsfacLory resulLs
Loslng welghL Lakes a loL of efforL. lf Lhe resulL ls noL ln proporLlon Lo Lhe efforL one geLs easlly
dlscouraged. Lven lf lL's a good amounL of welghL losL, buL noL Lhe amounL LhaL was deslred, Lhe
person can beaL Lhemselves up lnslde causlng sLress whlch makes sLaylng on Lhe dleL even harder.
8ach llower remedy 31 glves you Lhe sLrengLh Lo sLlck Lo Lhe dleL desplLe Lhe resulLs LhaL you have,
furLher helplng you Lo keep up wlLh lL.
. Moody and lrrlLable
Moodlness and lrrlLablllLy are emoLlonal sLaLes LhaL ofLen occur durlng sllmmlng. ?ou cannoL LoleraLe
much, and you soon become angry. 1he chlldren work on your nerves, ln shorL you walk around
Lense. lor Lhls we suggesL Lhe 8ach llower remedy 31 whlch wlll make you calmer and quleLer so
sllmmlng becomes a loL frlendller and less sLressful.
. lmpaLlenL
lf you wanL Lo lose welghL and see a resulL as qulckly as posslble, buL are Loo lmpaLlenL Lo walL for Lhe
resulLs, 8ach llowers can help. 8ach llower 8emedy's can help you become more paLlenL so LhaL you
do noL become sLressed lf Lhlngs do noL happen as fasL as you'd llke Lhem Lo.
. Self-blame, gullL
lf you are sufferlng from a Lough Llme and you're unable Lo sLlck Lo your dleL, you wlll sLarL Lo feel
gullLy. 1he feellngs of gullL lead Lo sLress, Lhls mlghL casue you Lo sLop Lhe dleL alLogeLher. 8ach
llower remedy 31 ensures LhaL lf you geL gullL, LhaL lL was a oneLlme Lhlng and helps you overcome
. SLress
Someone who ls loslng welghL wlll auLomaLlcally be confronLed wlLh a serles of emoLlons. SLress wlll
cerLalnly be parL of lL. 8ach llower remedy 31 can help Lo keep you calm so LhaL sLress wlLh sLarL Lo
have no posslble way of affecLlng your dleL.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 31 WLlCP1 LCSS"

8ach llower Mlx n 31 helps Lo :

Change your eaLlng hablLs
Pave self-dlsclpllne durlng dlfflculL Llmes
llnd Lhe courage noL Lo glve up when Lhlngs are noL golng well
Pave enough paLlence when you don'L see an lmmedlaLe resulL
1o avold feellngs of gullL lf you have slnned
F7""-.F :/7F.6."

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 69 PLLS ?Cu 1C CL1 8LCnAn1

Cnce Lhe declslon Lo have chlldren ls made boLh parLners wlll geL very exclLed and Lhe women wlll
wanL Lo geL pregnanL as soon as posslble. 1hls lmpaLlence can obsLrucL Lhe naLural process and
hlnder geLLlng pregnanL. lL causes Lenslon and lrrlLablllLy for Lhe man and woman. 1herefore lL ls
advlsable for boLh men and women Lo Lake 8ach llower essences, Lhls wlll creaLe a menLal relaxaLlon
and reduce Lhe lrrlLablllLy and help faclllLaLe Lhe naLural flow of Lhlngs.
CeLLlng pregnanL ls ofLen noL successful ln Lhe flrsL monLh. SomeLlmes monLhs pass before geLLlng
pregnanL. AfLer a few monLhs dlsappolnLmenL and doubL arlse wheLher lL ls posslble Lo geL pregnanL
aL all. 8ach llower essences wlll help overcome Lhls doubL and noL lose courage.
uoubLlng yourself
Chances are you sLarL doubLlng yourself when afLer a few monLhs Lhere ls sLlll no resulL. 1hls
lnsecurlLy can lead Lo asklng advlse everywhere, readlng up on all klnds of medlcal publlcaLlons and
consulLlng dlfferenL docLors. ?ou sLarL Lo doubL yourself and wlll look for supporL and conflrmaLlon
from oLhers who you Lhlnk wlll know beLLer. 1hls can lead Lo maklng declslons and dolng Lhlngs you
mlghL regreL laLer on maybe agalnsL your own lnLulLlon. 8ach llower essences make you belleve ln
yourself agaln, you learn Lo LrusL your own [udgemenL lnsLead of doubLlng and asklng advlse every

When lL ls dlfflculL Lo geL pregnanL, you mlghL geL Lhe feellng LhaL falLh [usL plcked you. CLhers
around you are easlly geLLlng pregnanL so why doesn'L Lhls happen Lo you. ?ou flnd lL hard Lo share ln
Lhe [oy of oLhers when Lhey Lell you Lhey are pregnanL. Why Lhem and noL me? Cradually you geL
blLLer. 1he bach llower essence composlLlon wlll make Lhe blLLerness ebb away so you can be [oyous
agaln and share lL wlLh oLhers. 1he sadness and blLLerness wlll make way for a feellng of accepLance
and [oy ln llfe.
!ealousy and anger
SomeLlmes a feellng of [ealousy or anger can Lake conLrol over you. Lspeclally durlng Lhe momenLs
when you are confronLed wlLh people who are pregnanL and you aren'L. 1hls [ealousy ls
overpowerlng and can Lurn lnLo anger, lL ls hard Lo resLraln yourself from expresslng your frusLraLlon
wlLhouL hurLlng people's feellngs. ln Lhe baslc composlLlon you can flnd 8ach llower essences whlch
help deal wlLh [ealousy, anger and wlll Lurn Lhese emoLlons lnLo a lovlng frlendllness Lowards oLhers.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 69 CL11lnC 8LCnAn1"

8ach llower Mlx n 69 helps:

1o remaln paLlenL
noL geL dlscouraged when noL successful sLralghL away
1o keep bellevlng
noL Lo be blLLer Lowards oLhers
1o overcome [ealousy of oLhers


8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 40 SCLvLS 18AnSl1lCn 8C8LLMS lC8 ?Cu

. Sleeplng problems
Sleeplng problems are very common wlLh women LhaL are ln Lhe menopause. lL's one of Lhe mosL
common complalnLs ln menopause, besldes hoL flashes and nlghL sweaLs. 1hls has Lo do wlLh Lhe
change ln hormones, buL also worrylng, anxleLy and depresslve LhoughLs can cause a dlsLurbed
sleeplng paLLern. 8ach llower n40 menopause helps you Lo sleep beLLer, so you feel less faLlgue
when waklng up.
. ups and downs
Cne momenL you're cheerful, and Lhe nexL you're crylng and feellng down. 1hls ls very Lyplcal and
normal durlng Lhe menopause. 8ach llower Mlx 40 helps you Lo be emoLlonally balanced and
experlence fewer ups and downs.
. laLlgue
?ou don'L feel llke dolng anyLhlng, you're Llred and you dread golng Lo work. 1he 8ach llower
comblnaLlon menopause glves you vlLallLy and [oy so llfe ls no longer an asslgnmenL.
. PelghLened senslLlvlLy
ln Lhe menopause you can'L Lake a loL from oLhers. ?ou feel lrrlLaLed qulLe frequenLly and fasL. 8ach
llower Mlx 'menopause' glves you a sense of calmness, you are more Lolerable for Lhe acLlons of
. LeLhargy
Seelng everyLhlng negaLlvely, loslng lnLeresL, havlng no more fun, feellng useless, Lhese are all
feellngs LhaL you can have durlng Lhe menopause. 8ach llower Mlx 40 helps you Lo geLs rld of Lhese
dark LhoughLs and sLeers you up Lhe opLlmlsLlc paLh agaln.
. Sex
As a woman ln Lhe menopause you don'L feel llke havlng sex, because you don'L feel llke lL ls fun
anymore. 1hls can puL a heavy burden on your relaLlonshlp. 8ach llower essences help you Lo keep a
healLhy sexual longlng and makes you en[oy lL agaln.
. Calnlng welghL
ln Lhe process of aglng, your body ls consLanLly changlng, especlally durlng Lhe menopause. ?ou wlll
have Lo mlnd whaL you eaL, because everyLhlng seems Lo sLlck Lo you. 8ach llower Mlx 40 provldes
you wlLh dlsclpllne noL Lo overeaL. 8ecause of your helghLened self-conLrol, you malnLaln your welghL
more easlly.
. lears
A loL of women experlence fear durlng Lhelr menopause. 1hese fears can be vague, neverLheless Lhey
can also grow lnLo real panlc aLLacks. 1hls usually goes LogeLher wlLh hearL palplLaLlons and/or
hypervenLllaLlon. 8ach llower essences creaLe LranqulllLy and gradually dlmlnlsh your anxleLy.
. Self-esLeem
A woman ln her menopause ofLen feels old and useless. ln your eyes men only look aL younger, more
ferLlle women. ?ou suffer from Lhe lack of aLLenLlon and you feel played ouL. 8ach llower Mlx 40
helps you Lo malnLaln your self-esLeem and helps you Lo belleve ln yourself agaln.
. ConcenLraLlon
uurlng your menopause, focuslng or concenLraLlng becomes a surprlslngly hard Lhlng Lo do. ?ou feel
as lf your memory ls a sleve, memorlzlng ls hard and lnformaLlon [usL sllps Lhrough. 8ach llower
essences lncrease your concenLraLlon so LhaL you can sLay focused longer and sLore lnformaLlon
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 40 MLnCAuSL"

8ach llower Mlx n 40 helps Lo :

Sleep beLLer and have less faLlgue
Pavlng less ups and downs
Avold lrrlLaLlon
SLlmulaLe your llbldo
ConLrol your welghL


LMC1lCnAL lnS1A8lLl1? uu8lnC 1PL 8LCnAnC?? 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 33 PLLS ?Cu!

Mood swlngs
regnancy and mood swlngs usually go LogeLher. Cne momenL you're beamlng and cheerful, Lhe nexL
you see problems popplng up everywhere and feel very depressed. ?ou feel aL Lhe mercy of your
own emoLlons. 1hls slLuaLlon ls very dlfflculL Lo deal wlLh for boLh yourself and your envlronmenL.
8ach llower essences wlll reduce Lhe mood swlngs and brlng abouL more balance so you are no
longer feellng aL Lhe mercy of your emoLlons.
lear aLLacks
under Lhe lnfluence of changlng hormones sudden sLrong fear aLLacks can occur durlng pregnancy. A
person can feel LhreaLened by Lhem and Lhls can cause panlc. CerLaln bach llower, whlch are ln Lhe
pregnancy composlLlon, wlll brlng calmness and peace Lo Lhe fronL durlng pregnancy.
8ecause of general faLlgue, especlally durlng Lhe flrsL monLhs, you don'L feel llke dolng much. 1he
expecLlng moLher ls mlsslng vlLallLy and zesL for llfe and Lherefore plays a passlve role ln llfe ofLen
leLLlng lL all happen wlLhouL parLlclpaLlng ln lL. 8ach llower Lssences wlll brlng [oy ln llfe and an acLlve
parLlclpaLlon ln lL ln splLe of Lhe faLlgue.

uurlng pregnancy mosL women worry Loo much abouL Lhe baby Lhey are carrylng ln Lhelr belly. 1hey
worry and are very afrald abouL whaL could go wrong durlng Lhe pregnancy. 1hls Lenslon wlll have an
effecL on Lhe foeLus and can cause sleeplessness. Concernlng Lhe dellvery many women worry
monLhs ln advance. 8ach llowers wlll make sure LhaL a level of cauLlon ls presenL wlLhouL Lhe fearful
worrles LhaL have a negaLlve lnfluence on Lhe pregnancy.
Mood swlngs are mosL llkely Lo happen. 8uL lL ls posslble LhaL durlng Lhe whole pregnancy you can
feel more depressed Lhan happy. ?ou geL Lhe Lendency Lo close yourself off from Lhe ouLslde world,
you don'L wanL Lo do much, are melanchollc, and lL feels llke lL ls polnLless. 8ach llower Mlx 33 wlll
clear away Lhe dark clouds and leL Lhe sun shlne lnLo your llfe agaln.
CerLaln women are noL good company when Lhey are pregnanL. 1hey crlLlclze everyLhlng and always
know beLLer. 1hey are very lnLoleranL and geL upseL when Lhlngs go wrong. Pere 8ach llower
essences can asslsL ln belng more LoleranL and hlghllghL Lhe good lnLenL of oLhers.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 33 8LCnAnC?"

8ach llower Mlx n 33 helps Lo:

CreaLe an emoLlonal balance
8e more calm and relaxed
Pave more splrlL and energy
Pave more LrusL and worry less
8e ln a good mood and combaL low splrlL

:/7@7.A"/26G A9.1/0@7


. lrrlLaLlon
8efore your mensLruaLlon you are more senslLlve and lrrlLable. ?ou are lrrlLaLed fasLer and can'L Lake
a loL from oLhers. noL only annoylng for you, buL also for Lhe people around you. 8ach flower mlx 60
ls made especlally for Lhls purpose and wlll help Lo remove Lhe lrrlLablllLy.
. Mood swlngs
AnoLher negaLlve aspecL of MS ls Lhose annoylng mood swlngs. Cne momenL you are lncredlbly
happy and exclLlng, and a few mlnuLes laLer you wanL Lo crawl lnLo a corner and cry. 8ach llower Mlx
60 helps Lo reduce mood swlngs and brlng balance back. ?ou wlll no longer llver ln exLremes and sLop
Lurnlng llke Lhe leaf on a Lree.
. lears
Maybe you also have Lroubles wlLh lL: Lhose unexplalnable, welrd feellngs of fear LhaL someLlmes
come ouL of nowhere before your mensLruaLlon. ?ou don'L feel comforLable anymore and you're
looklng someLhlng Lo be afrald of everywhere. ln facL Lhere ls noLhlng golng on, and you reallse Lhls
Loo. 8ach llower Mlx 60 ls deslgned for Lhese cases and wlll llberaLe you from Lhese feellngs of fear.
. negaLlve feellngs
Some women have negaLlve or even depresslve feellngs before Lhelr mensLruaLlon. Maybe you have
lL Loo, LhaL you feel worse ln LhaL perlod and see llfe very negaLlve. 8ach llower Mlx 60 wlll help you
Lo see Lhe good slde of llfe. 8ecause of Lhls mlx everyLhlng looks dlfferenL!

. Annoylng emoLlons
A loL of women Lend Lo cry a loL before Lhelr mensLruaLlon. ?ou don'L know why buL you feel so sad
LhaL you have Lo cry. A few mlnuLes laLer lL ls usually already over. very annoylng! WlLh 8ach llower
Mlx 60 you can counL Lhose annoylng emoLlons ln Lhe pasL!

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 60 8LMLnS18uAL S?nu8CML"

8ach llower Mlx n 60 helps Lo :

Lessen lrrlLaLlon
8emove mood swlngs
8emove feellngs of fear
Lessen depresslve feellngs
8rlng emoLlonal balance

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. .*/+*,,0(-
F7.7/6G 17:/7AA-0.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 63 CC88LC1S 1PL S?M1CMS Cl uL8LSSlCn

Cloomy and melanchollc are Lhe mosL lmporLanL characLerlsLlcs of a depresslon. eople sufferlng
from Lhese, have a llfe LhaL ls coloured ln shades of grey and black. 1hey can'L have fun anymore and
see no way ouL. Lucklly 8ach llower essences work very well ln Lhls area, Lhey are able Lo llfL Lhe
splrlLs ln a shorL Llme span and make Lhose dark clouds" dlsappear.
ApaLhy and llsLlessness
eople sufferlng from depresslon are noL llvlng Lhelr llfe fully. 1hey Lake llLLle lnlLlaLlve. 1hey only do
Lhe mlnlmal LhaL ls requlred Lo funcLlon. 1hey are very apaLheLlc and have losL Lhe meanlng of llfe.
8ach llower essences have Lhe ablllLy Lo brlng back Lhe dynamlsm and vlLallLy so llsLlessness

ConcenLraLlon problems and forgeLfulness
uepressed people flnd lL hard Lo concenLraLe for any perlod of Llme. As a resulL Lhey can'L Lake lL all
ln and forgeL a loL of Lhlngs. 8ach llower essences help you remaln focused on Lhe Lask aL hand be
aware of your surroundlngs.
SomeLlmes depressed people do noLhlng all day. Cn Lhe ouLslde Lhey appear Lo be dolng noLhlng buL
menLally Lhey worry consLanLly abouL everyLhlng. 1hls causes Lhem Lo be very Llred even when Lhey
haven'L done any physlcal acLlvlLy. 8ach llower essences wlll sLop Lhls worrylng and brlng menLal
peace so Lhey wlll feel less Llred.
Sulclde LhoughLs
Somebody sufferlng from a heavy depresslon wlll ofLen walk around wlLh LhoughLs abouL sulclde.
1hese wlll surface aL Llmes and lL can be hard noL Lo submlL Lo Lhem. 1hrough 8ach llower essences
Lhese LhoughLs wlll gradually dlssolve and when Lhey do surface agaln you no longer pay much
aLLenLlon Lo Lhem.
no feellng of self-worLh
uepressed people have Lhe feellng Lhey aren'L worLh much. 1helr self-worLh ls very low and Lhey
have very llLLle bellef ln Lhemselves. 8ecause of Lhe lack of self-worLh Lhey develop fear of fallure and
almosL never underLake anyLhlng. 8ach llower essences wlll ralse your self-worLh so you regaln your

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 63 CLnL8AL uL8LSSlCn"

8ach llower Mlx n 63 helps Lo:

8rlng llghL back lnLo your llfe and make Lhe dark clouds dlsappear
8rlng meanlng back lnLo llfe
8e more aLLenLlve Lo llfe
8elleve ln yourself agaln
8lock reoccurrlng LhoughLs of sulclde ouL of your mlnd

=-:0G6/ 1-A0/17/

Someone sufferlng from a blpolar dlsorder wlll acL very lmpulslvely ln a manlc perlod. 1hey acL flrsL
before Lhey Lhlnk. 1hls way Lhlngs happen whlch Lhey Lhen regreL havlng done. 8ach llowers glve Lhe
necessary LranqulllLy Lo flrsL Lake a momenL Lo Lhlnk before acLlng.
A blpolar dlsordered person can come across as belng qulLe obLruslve. 1hls can someLlmes resulL lnLo
lnapproprlaLe aggresslve behavlour LhaL Lhe person has no longer conLrol over. 8ecause bach llower
Mlx 88 wlll brlng calmness and LranqulllLy such LhaL Lhls aggresslon wlll have llLLle or no chance Lo
lull of Lhemselves
ln a manlc perlod Lhe person can experlence a helghLened feellng of self-worLh. 1hey are convlnced
of Lhelr own LruLhs and lL ls hard Lo geL oLher polnLs of vlew across Lo Lhem. 1hls can lead Lo
unreasonable behavlour and Lenslons soclally, aL work and Lhe house. 8ach llower Mlx 88 wlll
promoLe a sense of reallLy and leave room for oLher people's ldeas.
leellngs of despalr and pesslmlsm
Someone sufferlng from a blpolar dlsorder ls golng Lrough a depresslve phase and wlll see everyLhlng
very gloomy and dark. 1hey don'L see Lhe meanlng of llfe and feel very desperaLe. 8ach llower
essences help glve back zesL for llfe and overcome Lhls despalr.

Less lnLeresL ln work and hobbles
lL Lakes a loL of a manlc-depresslve person Lo keep showlng lnLeresL ln Lhelr [ob. SomeLlmes he/she
can musLer enough lnLeresL lnLo Lhelr hobbles buL LhaL lsn'L a loL elLher. 8ach llower essences wlll
help keep Lhe lnLeresL allve so Lhe hobbles and llfe don'L geL borlng.
un[usLlfled gullL feellngs
CfLen ln a depresslve phase Lhey wlll suffer from excesslve gullL feellngs. 1hese are mosLly un[usLlfled
and wlll brlng Lhe splrlLs of Lhe manlc depresslve person down. 1hrough 8ach llower Mlx 88 self-
blame geLs dealL wlLh, helplng Lo no longer feellng gullLy abouL Lhlngs Lhey aren'L responslble for.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 88 8lCLA8 ulSC8uL8"

ue bachbloesemcomblnaLle n 88 helps Lo:
8eacL less lmpulslve and Lhlnk flrsL
8ecome calm and show less aggresslon
Clve a sense of reallLy
8educe feellngs of depresslon
8egaln an lnLeresL ln llfe
Avold feellng gullLy


8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 68 CAn ClvL S18CnC SuC81 uu8lnC A 8L8LAvLMLn1

Lven when you know LhaL one of your loved ones wlll dle soon, Lhe acLual momenL of deaLh ls always
a shocklng experlence. ln Lhe case of a sudden deaLh for example by car accldenL, lL ls a compleLe
shock. 8ach llower essences help Lo neuLrallse Lhls shock so lL wlll no longer block day Lo day
1he grlef over Lhe loss of a loved one can be enormous. CerLaln people can'L cope wlLh Lhls and wlll
push lL away. CLhers wlll suffer for monLhs, someLlmes years of hearLache. 8ach llower essences
help Lo deal wlLh Lhls lnLense grlef so Lhe physlcal effecLs are kepL under conLrol.
1he loss of a loved one can brlng a loL of anger or aggresslon Lo Lhe surface. 1hls ls ofLen Lo
compensaLe for Lhe Lerrlble grlef belng experlenced. 1hls anger can be expressed Lowards Lhe
deceased, Lhelr parLner, Lhelr frlends or Lhelr colleagues aL work. 8ach llower Mlx 68 helps Lo dlffuse
Lhls anger and help you see LhaL anger doesn'L change anyLhlng.

SomeLlmes a person feels a vold afLer Lhe loss of a loved one. Llfe has no meanlng Lhey experlence
consLanL flLs of crylng, neglecL Lhemselves and reLreaL. ln order noL Lo leL lL geL Lhls far bach llowers
wlll help you Lo remaln lnLeresLed ln llfe and prevenL you from geLLlng down.
Ad[usLlng Lo a new llfe
Llfe ls no longer Lhe same afLer Lhe loss of a loved one. 1he deceased meanL a loL Lo Lhelr parLner,
frlend or chlld. Pe/she can no longer be Lhere for Lhem so Lhe people LhaL goL lefL behlnd wlll flnd
Lhemselves ln a LoLally new slLuaLlon. LeLLlng go and ad[usLlng Lo Lhls new llfe can be supporLed
Lhrough 8ach llower essences. 1hey wlll make Lhe person feel aL home ln Lhls new llfe paLLern.
AccepLlng Lhe deaLh of a loved one
CfLen you wlll see people years afLer Lhe loss of Lhelr parLner, frlend or chlld sLlll holdlng on Lo Lhem.
1hey cannoL leL go of Lhe deceased. lL sLlll conLrols Lhelr way of llfe. 1hey wlll hold on Lo Lhlngs from
Lhe pasL. 8ach llower essences help Lo leL go of Lhe pasL and focus on Lhe fuLure.
- ueluslons and halluclnaLlons
eople ln mournlng wlll ofLen have deluslons when Lhey don'L wanL Lo belleve LhaL Lhelr loved one
has passed away. 1hey Lhlnk Lhey have seen Lhem, hear Lhem or smell Lhem. 1hls perlod of
halluclnaLlons can be very frlghLenlng, you feel you are loslng conLrol and are becomlng crazy.
1hrough 8ach llower Mlx 68 you wlll overcome Lhese fears and Lhe halluclnaLlons wlll gradually

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 68 8L8LAvLMLn1"

8ach flower mlx n 68 helps Lo :

ueal wlLh Lhe shock of Lhe deaLh of a loved one
SooLhe Lhe grlef
8educe anger and aggresslon
CombaL depresslon
AccepL Lhe deaLh of Lhe loved one and leL go
Cvercome and prevenL posslble halluclnaLlons and fears

:0A".6"6G 17:/7AA-0.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 89 nLu18ALlSLS 1PL S?M1CMS Cl A CS1nA1AL uL8LSSlCn

A posLnaLal depresslon causes people Lo walk around wlLh gloomy LhoughLs. 1hey have a pesslmlsLlc
ouLlook on llfe. no deslre Lo do anyLhlng, apaLheLlc and llsLless. Pere Lhe 8ach llower essences wlll
Lurn Lhe depresslon lnLo an alrlness and llvellness. 1hey wlll see a way ouL and have a poslLlve
anlc aLLacks
Sudden panlc aLLacks are Lyplcal durlng a posLnaLal depresslon. 1hey can be very lnLense and occur
on unexpecLed momenLs. 8ach llower essences wlll Lemper Lhese panlc aLLacks and resLore peace
and calmness.
A posLnaLal depresslon can cause a consLanL feellng of unhapplness. ?ou feel gullLy and feel as
Lhough you have falled ln belng a good moLher. 8ach llower Mlx 89 wlll help regaln your self-worLh
and combaL Lhese gullL feellngs.

Mood swlngs
Cne momenL you can be up and on a hlgh and Lhe nexL you can be very depressed. ?our
surroundlngs have no effecL on you and you feel unable Lo galn conLrol over Lhese consLanL mood
swlngs. 1he 8ach llower Mlx wlll brlng balance ln your emoLlons so LhaL you can regaln conLrol over
Sudden fears can occur. 1hlngs you were noL afrald of ln Lhe pasL can now dlsLurb you a loL. An
anxlous nervousness can be one of Lhe sympLoms durlng posLnaLal depresslon. 8ach llower essences
wlll Lurn Lhese fears lnLo LrusL and LranqulllLy.
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 89 CS1nA1AL uL8LSSlCn"

8ach llower Mlx n 89 helps Lo :

See a way ouL and flnd llghL ln Lhe darkness
revenL panlc aLLacks
8emove Lhe gullL feellngs
Manage Lhe emoLlonal sLablllLy
Cvercome fears
A76A0.6G 6DD73"-;7 1-A0/17/

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 92 8LuuCLS 1PL CCMLAln1S WPLn SullL8lnC l8CM SAu

noL seelng a way ouL, lack of lnLeresL ln dolng Lhlngs, belng down, no zesL for llfe, eLc. 1hese are all
mood characLerlsLlcs of SAu. Moreover, Lhey are common Lo depresslon ln general. AL Lhe beglnnlng
of wlnLer when Lhese moods arlse, 8ach llower essences wlll be able Lo Lackle Lhem and Lurn Lhem
lnLo lLs opposlLe opLlmlsLlc and cheerful sLaLe of mlnd.
Somebody sufferlng from SAu ls qulLe senslLlve and lrrlLable. 1hey don'L LoleraLe much and are easlly
lrrlLaLed by Lhe behavlour of oLhers. 8ach llower Mlx 92 wlll reduce Lhls over-senslLlvlLy so Lhe
person won'L experlence hls envlronmenL geLLlng on hls/her nerves all Lhe Llme.
uurlng SAu mosL people are very Llred even lf Lhey sleep for more Lhan 12 hours a day. 1hls Llredness
wlll make Lhem less aLLenLlve and Lherefore makes Lhem appear absenL-mlnded. 8ach llowers wlll
brlng you back lnLo a poslLlon where you are able Lo regaln Lhe necessary energy.
1endency Lo lsolaLe Lhemselves
uurlng SAu people geL Lhe Lendency Lo reLreaL lnLo hls or her own llLLle world. 1hey lsolaLe
Lhemselves and avold all soclal conLacLs. 8ach llower Mlx 92 wlll make sure you remaln ln conLacL
wlLh your envlronmenL Lo avold geLLlng even more down.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 92 SLASCnAL AllLC1lvL ulSC8uL8"

8ach llower Mlx n 92 helps Lo :

CeL Lhrough wlnLer wlLh llfLed splrlLs
lend off melancholy
8e more LoleranL
Pave more energy
8emaln acLlve lnsLead of reLreaL


8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 93 CAn PLL WPLn SullL8lnC l8CM LCvLSlCknLSS

lf your relaLlonshlp comes Lo an end - be lL a shorL or a long one - Lhls causes lnLense sadness.
?ou've always loved your ex-lover and now you are forced Lo leL hlm/her go. 8ach llowers can help
you Lo mend your broken hearL.
Anger, revenge en [ealousy
CfLen loveslckness goes hand ln hand wlLh feellngs of anger, revenge and [ealousy. 1he LhoughL of
your ex-lover wlLh a new boy or glrl makes you sad, angry, feel powerless and [ealous. 8ach flowers
can help you Lo deal wlLh Lhese emoLlons.
leellngs of gullL Lake Lhe upper hand
lf you feel as lf you are Lhe only one who's gullLy of breaklng up, lf you Lhlnk Lhe oLher person dldn'L
do anyLhlng wrong and all LhaL happened ls [usL your faulL. 1hen LhaL ls Loo heavy a burden Lo carry.
8ach llowers wlll help you Lo gradually Lake away Lhese feellngs of gullL.
Lack of self-confldence
lf you have been Lurned down LhaL ls qulLe a breach ln your self-confldence. ?ou're noL longer so
sure abouL yourself and you're afrald Lo sLarL a new relaLlonshlp. lear of fallure Lakes Lhe upper
hand. 8ach llower mlx 93 can help you Lo regaln your self-confldence and feel sure abouL yourself

uepressed feellngs
CulLe self-evldenLly you experlence Lhose feellngs and Lhey wlll geL your down. ?ou feel dlshearLened
and lL looks as lf everyLhlng ls agalnsL you. ?ou're no longer en[oylng your llfe. 8rlefly you're Lurnlng
lnLo a worrywarL and pesslmlsL person. 8ach llowers may brlghLen up your llfe agaln.
LeLLlng go of Lhe pasL
AfLer a relaLlonshlp lL ls lmporLanL LhaL you leL go of Lhe pasL. noL all ln Lhe world ls abouL love. ?ou'll
have Lo learn Lo Lake your llfe back lnLo your own hands. Lspeclally lf you had a durable long bond
wlLh your parLner, lL ls all Lhe more dlfflculL Lo do LhaL. ?ou're used Lo do everyLhlng LogeLher, Lhere
was always a helplng hand, and now you have Lo manage by yourself. 8ach llowers wlll help you Lo
sLand on your own feeL agaln and sLep by sLep plck up Lhe Lhread of your old llfe.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 93 LCvLSlCknLSS"

8ach llower Mlx n 93 helps Lo:

Lase Lhe paln and sadness
1emper your feellngs of [ealousy and revenge
ueal wlLh Lhe dlsappolnLmenL
1ake away Lhe feellng of gullL
8oosL your self-confldence

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. ,/+*,,


Somebody who suffers from sLress ls mosLly qulckly lrrlLaLed. Pe ls very Louchy and can'L LoleraLe
much. 8ach llower essences wlll provlde peace and Lherefore creaLe a hlgher Lolerance level Lowards
nervousness and lmpaLlence
nervousness and lmpaLlence are Lyplcal behavlour of somebody sufferlng from sLress. LveryLhlng has
Lo move fasL. 1he nervousness can be seen ln Lhe way Lhe person behaves. 8ach llower essences wlll
make you feel more paLlenL and less nervous. 1ranqullllLy and peace wlll brlng Lhe person back lnLo
AnxleLy aLLacks
AnxleLy aLLacks are Lyplcal for people sufferlng from sLress. When someLhlng doesn'L go Lhe way lL ls
supposed Lo, Lhls wlll cause Lhem Lo become anxlous and sLarL Lo panlc. SomeLlmes even wlLhouL a
parLlcular reason Lhey can feel fear come Lo Lhe surface. WlLh 8ach llower essences we can
neuLrallse Lhls fear so Lhe person becomes calmer and doesn'L panlc.

ConcenLraLlon problems
8ecause of havlng so much on your mlnd, lL ls hard Lo fully concenLraLe. CerLaln Lhlngs geL forgoLLen,
Lherefore conLrlbuLlng Lo Lhe overall level of sLress. 8ach llower essences help Lhe person Lo deal
wlLh one Lhlng aL a Llme and noL run ahead of hlm or herself. 1hls wlll help Lo keep Lhe person's full
aLLenLlon on Lhe [ob aL hand.
AL one sLage when sufferlng from sLress lL ls posslble a person can geL down and depressed abouL
Lhlngs. 1he person wlll go Lhrough a perlod of melancholy, whlch can lasL for a long Llme. We Lry Lo
prevenL Lhls Lhrough Lhe use of flower essences. 8ach llower Mlx 71 essences brlng llghLness and [oy,
whlch wlll cause Lhe gloom Lo vanlsh.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 71 S18LSS"

8ach llower Mlx n 71 helps Lo :

8emove lrrlLablllLy as a resulL of sLress
Solve Lhe nervousness Lyplcal Lo sLress
8educe Lhe anxleLy aLLacks
1o be able Lo concenLraLe beLLer
revenL from golng lnLo a depresslon as a resulL of sLress


8ACP8LCLSLMMlx 84 8LuuCLS P?L8vLn1lLA1lCn

1enslon and sLress are some of Lhe mosL lmporLanL facLors ln Lrlggerlng hypervenLllaLlon. 1hls
Lenslon can come from work or from famlly. 8ach llower Lssences help dlmlnlsh Lenslons and brlng
more peace and LranqullllLy.
SLrong feellngs of sorrow can brlng on a hypervenLllaLlon aLLack as well. 8ach llower Mlx 84 have Lhe
ablllLy Lo sooLhe Lhe paln and sorrow so lL doesn'L brlng you ouL of emoLlonal balance.
1here ls a blgger chance of havlng a hypervenLllaLlon aLLack when you have been furlous aL
somebody. 8ach llowers wlll brlng more balanced splrlLs so Lhere wlll be less ouLbreaks of anger.
lear can be a Lrlgger as well. 8ecause hypervenLllaLlon ls such a frlghLenlng experlence, Lhe fear of
havlng anoLher one ls very blg. 8ach llower essences help overcome Lhls fear and have confldence
LhaL you can deal wlLh Lhe slLuaLlon. 1hls wlll make sure LhaL Lhe fear doesn'L resulL lnLo phoblc

unresolved emoLlons
PypervenLllaLlon can come up ouL of Lhe blue as well. Pere mosL of Lhe Llmes Lhe cause can be found
ln an unresolved Lrauma. 8ach llower Mlx 84 helps Lo resolve LraumaLlc experlences from Lhe pasL so
Lhey no longer affecL Lhe ablllLy Lo funcLlon ln llfe.
Cver exhausLlon
CerLaln people have Lhe Lendency Lo Lake on Loo many responslblllLles and end up over exhausLlng
Lhemselves. 1hls can be Lhe cause of hypervenLllaLlon. llower essences wlll help you learn Lo manage
your energy and sLop when lL's Llme so Lhe chance of overexerLlon ls reduced.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 84 P?L8vLn1lLA1lCn"

8ach llower Mlx n 84 helps Lo:
8educe Lenslons
Solve unresolved emoLlons
Manage your energy
Cvercome fears
8ecome calm and conLrol anger
SooLhe paln and sorrow


8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 83 PLLS SCl1Ln 1PL S?M1CMS Cl A 8u8nCu1.

ConcenLraLlon problem
eople sufferlng from burnouL can no longer flnd happlness nor can Lhey flnd saLlsfacLlon ln Lhelr [ob.
1herefore lL ls hard for Lhem Lo Lry and concenLraLe. 8ach llower Lssences help sharpen your
aLLenLlon and perform Lhe Lasks aL hand wlLh dedlcaLed aLLenLlon.
Low self-esLeem
When you burnouL you have Lhe feellng of noL dolng your [ob well and noL belng able Lo cope wlLh lL
anymore. WhaL you dld ln Lhe pasL, you can'L do anymore. 1hls causes low self-esLeem and a llLLle a
feellng of poor self-worLh. 8ach llower Mlx 83 wlll make you sLop beaLlng yourself up and remaln full
of prlde.
eople sufferlng from burnouL have Lhe Lendency Lo lsolaLe Lhemselves and become lnLroverLed.
1hey have noLlce Lhey can'L do Lhlngs very well and wlll Lherefore Lry Lo be lnvlslble Lo Lhelr
colleagues. 8ach llower essences glve you Lhe sLrengLh Lo go Lhrough wlLh Lhlngs and noL reLreaL
uread havlng Lo sLarL Lhe day
lL ofLen happens Lo people who burnouL LhaL Lhey wake up ln Lhe mornlng wlLh dread havlng Lo sLarL
Lhe day. !usL Lhe LhoughL of work wlll make Lhem feel mlserable and Llred. 8ach llowers help
overcome Lhls Monday-mornlng" feellng and geL lnLeresLed agaln ln Lhe [ob.
8oredom and llsLlessness are Lyplcal Lo people sufferlng from burnouL. 1hey don'L feel llke geLLlng
lnvolved and are bored because Lhey can'L geL enLhuslasLlc abouL Lhelr [ob anymore. 8ach llower Mlx
83 helps Lo flnd Lhe necessary energy and vlLallLy Lo en[oy your [ob agaln.
8urnouL ls a form of depresslon. leellngs of depresslon and melancholy ofLen occur wlLh burnouL.
8ach llower essences prevenL Lhese moods Lo overpower you and make Lhe gloomy LhoughLs

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 83 8u8nCu1"

8ach llower Mlx n 83 helps Lo:
Cvercome negaLlve moods
8rlng back vlLallLy and zesL for llfe
SLarL Lhe day fresh and enLhuslasLlc
Pave a good self-esLeem
noL reLreaL buL acLlvely parLlclpaLe ln llfe
8e concenLraLed whlle dolng your [ob


ulvC8CL : 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 36 18lLS 1C PLL

Cope wlLh grlef
A dlvorce ls maklng an end Lo a relaLlonshlp, Lhls wlll always colnclde wlLh grlef and paln. ueallng
wlLh Lhls paln and grlef wlll go smooLher and wlll be less lnLense Lhrough Lhe use of 8ach llower
essences. 8ach llower Mlx 36 wlll heal Lhe emoLlonal wound caused by Lhe dlvorce.
8educe gullL feellngs
CfLen a person wlll feel responslble for Lhe dlvorce and Lake all Lhe blame. 1hls burden ls hard Lo
carry and someLlmes compleLely wrong. Lven concernlng Lhelr chlldren Lhey wlll feel gullLy. 1hls self-
blame can become so overwhelmlng LhaL lL causes depresslon and melancholy. 8ach llower essences
wlll provlde a beLLer accepLance and reduce Lhe gullL feellng.
Ad[usL Lo a new slLuaLlon
CeLLlng a dlvorce wlll ofLen colnclde wlLh movlng Lo a new house and Lherefore havlng new
surroundlngs. 8esldes from LhaL Lhe person wlll also have Lo LoLally reorganlse hls/her llfe. Pe/she
wlll have Lo deal wlLh Lhlngs on Lhelr own and be responslble for everyLhlng Lhemselves. 8ach llower
Mlx 36 helps Lo leL Lhls LranslLlon phase run smooLhly so you wlll qulckly flnd Lhe rlghL way Lo
funcLlon ln your new surroundlngs and new way of llfe.
WlLh Lhe lnsecurlLy abouL Lhe fuLure
When dlvorclng a loL wlll change on a maLerlal and flnanclal level. Pe/she wlll sLarL Lo worry abouL
Lhe fuLure and how Lhey wlll cope. CfLen durlng Lhls perlod a loL of fear and anxleLy wlll surface. 8ach
llower essences wlll provlde you wlLh Lhe necessary self-confldence Lo glve you a secure feellng
abouL Lhe fuLure.
8educe worrylng abouL Lhe chlldren
Chlldren are ofLen vlcLlms of a dlvorce. 1he parenLs wlll ofLen feel gullLy abouL Lhls and malnly worry
a loL. A loL of anxlous worrles surface concernlng Lhelr fuLure upbrlnglng and Lhe vlslLlng rlghLs. 1he
chlldren can easlly sense Lhese emoLlons. 8ach llower Mlx 36 wlll help you confldenLly deal wlLh Lhe
slLuaLlon uslng Lhe necessary cauLlon.
ueal wlLh dlfflculL perlods
LmoLlonally a dlvorce can clalm lLs' Loll. SLress wlll cause Lhe person golng Lhrough perlods of noL
belng able Lo cope wlLh lL and becomlng depressed. 8ach llower essences wlll sLop lL from golng Lhls
far and provlde enough supporL durlng LhaL dlfflculL perlod.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 36 ulvC8CL"

8ach llower Mlx n 36 helps Lo:

ueal wlLh grlef caused by Lhe dlvorce
lck your llfe back up
ueal wlLh Lhls new slLuaLlon smooLhly
SLep lnLo Lhe fuLure full of confldence
SLop worry anxlously abouL Lhe chlldren

30.37."/6"-0. :/0=G7@A

lS Auu C8 CCnCLn18A1lCn ClvlnC ?Cu 8C8LLMS? 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 42 PAS 1PL SCLu1lCn!

. ALLenLlon
When you have Auu, lL can be hard Lo keep your aLLenLlon on someLhlng for a long perlod of
Llme. 8ecause of Lhls you sLarL Lo avold Lasks LhaL demand long aLLenLlon. 8ach llowers help you
Lo malnLaln your aLLenLlon longer on cerLaln Lasks or asslgnmenLs.
. AbsenLmlndedness
CLhers have probably Lold you before LhaL you are qulLe absenL mlnded. SomeLlmes you seem
absenL and you don'L noLlce Lhe Lhlngs LhaL are golng on around you. ln LhaL momenL you are
belng held up ln your own fanLasy world. 8ach llower Mlx 42 helps you Lo geL back Lo earLh, and
Lo llve ln Lhe here and now.
. lorgeLLlng and loslng
lL's very Lyplcal for you Lo forgeL Lhlngs such as keys, documenLs, books or oLher sLuff. 1hls ls
because you have a careless way Lo deal wlLh Lhlngs. 8ach llower Mlx 42 helps you Lo keep your
mlnd on Lhlngs, so you know where sLuff ls and loose lL less ofLen.
. ConcenLraLlon problems
When you are worklng on someLhlng you are easlly dlsLracLed by Lhlngs LhaL are golng on around
you. 1hlngs you hear or see drlve your aLLenLlon away from whaL you are dolng. 8ach llowers
makes sure you are less senslLlve for Lhlngs around you, whlch causes you Lo focus beLLer.

. ulsorganlsed
CrganlsaLlon and worklng sysLemaLlcally aren'L your sLrong polnLs. ?ou sLarL on someLhlng qulLe
qulck, buL never flnlsh lL because someLhlng else has caughL your aLLenLlon. lL Lakes you a loL of
Lrouble Lo sLay on a Lask and work on lL ln an organlsed fashlon. 8ach llower Mlx 42 enlarges
your organlsaLlon, helps you Lo plan beLLer and also makes you sLlck Lo your plannlng.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 42 CCnCLn18A1lCn 8C8LLMS"

8ach llower Mlx n 42 helps Lo:

Llve ln Lhe here and now
ConcenLraLe beLLer
8e more alerL
8e less forgeLful
8e more organlsed

87616387 K @-F/6-.7

PLAuACPL C8 MlC8AlnL lM8CvLS Wl1P 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 43

. SLress
SLress ls belng menLloned as Lhe number 1 cause of headache and mlgralne. ln Lhe currenL
Lechnologlcal socleLy, we're all expecLed Lo be avallable aL all Llmes and answer qulckly on emalls
or phone calls. 1hese expecLaLlons puL a blg pressure on you and cause Lenslons. 8ach flower
mlx 43 headache - mlgralne ralses your sLress Lolerance, so you can deal wlLh Lhlngs beLLer and
are less senslLlve Lo mlgralne and headaches.
. Worrles and anxleLy
Pavlng worrles or problems can cause Lenslon. ?ou can have a problem where you don'L have a
soluLlon for, or you are ln a hopeless slLuaLlon. 1hls makes you very senslLlve Lo headache or
mlgralne. 8ach llower Mlx 43 Leaches you Lo noL worry so much and LrusL ln a good endlng. ?ou
worry less and relax more, whlch causes your headaches Lo gradually dlmlnlsh.
. uepresslve feellng
Chronlc headaches ofLen go hand ln hand wlLh depresslve sympLoms. ls Lhe depresslon a resulL
of Lhe headache, or ls Lhe headache caused by Lhe depresslon? uocLors do noL know. lacL ls LhaL
Lhese depresslve feellngs are ofLen presenL. llower essences help you Lo flghL Lhese negaLlve
feellngs and Lo sLay poslLlve.

. lnsomnla
lnsomnla can cause headache or mlgralne. 8ach llower Mlx 43 helps you Lo fall asleep fasLer and
sLay asleep durlng Lhe nlghL. When you are resLed, headaches have less conLrol over you.
. Cver-senslLlvlLy
eople wlLh frequenL headaches are ofLen senslLlve for exLernal lnfluences. Loud nolses, brlghL
llghL, a loL of people, all Lhese can be a cause of a headache or mlgralne. 8ach llowers help Lo be
less senslLlve Lo Lhese sensory sLlmull.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 43 PLAuACPL"

8ach llower Mlx n 43 helps Lo:

8e more sLress reslsLanL
Worry less
llnd your lnner calm
Cope wlLh leLharglc feellng
8e less senslLlve

6181 612G"A

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 48 ClvLS 1PL SCLu1lCn lC8 AuuL1S Wl1P AuPu.

. CrganlsaLlon
1yplcal for adulLs wlLh AuPu ls LhaL Lhey have Lroubles organlzlng. lollowlng a plan ls as good as
lmposslble, whlch resulLs ln Lhem Lo be very chaoLlc and forgeL a loL of Lhlngs. WlLh 8ach llowers
you geL more self-dlsclpllne and Lhey help you Lo be more organlsed.
. lmpulslve
AdulLs wlLh AuPu ofLen reacL ln a very lmpulslve way. 1hls can lead Lo mlsundersLandlngs and
lacklng LacL. ln mulLlple slLuaLlons Lhls lmpulslvlLy can be very embarrasslng. 8ach llower Mlx 48
lessens lmpulslveness and leads Lo more LhoughL Lrough acLlons.
. 8elng easlly dlsLracLed
AdulLs wlLh AuPu are easlly dlsLracLed from Lhelr Lask. 1he smallesL Lhlng LhaL happens around
Lhem ls enough Lo Lake Lhelr concenLraLlon away. 8ach llower Mlx 48 helps Lo sLay focused and
helps you Lo keep on worklng on Lhe same asslgnmenL.

. lorgeLLlng Lhlngs
8ecause Lhey have so many LhoughLs ln Lhelr head and are easlly dlsLracLed, Lhey ofLen forgeL
Lhlngs such as Lhelr keys, phone, purse, buL someLlmes also lmporLanL appolnLmenLs. AnoLher
Lyplcal feaLure ls posLponlng everyLhlng you have Lo do and havlng problems Lo begln wlLh
someLhlng. 8ach llower Mlx 48 helps you geL a grlp on Lhe chaos ln your head and also help Lo
geL sLarLed wlLh Lhe Lhlngs you have Lo do.
. 1aklng rlsks
AdulLs wlLh AuPu are consLanLly looklng for klcks, uncalculaLed rlsks. Consequences are LhaL
Lhese people are ofLen lnvolved ln accldenLs and sporLs such as parachuLe [umplng, mounLaln
cllmblng and speed raclng. 8ach llower Mlx 48 brlngs peace of mlnd and LranqulllLy, so Lhe need
for Lhese exLreme acLlons dlmlnlshes.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 48 AuPu AuuL1S"

8ach llower Mlx n 48 helps Lo:

llnd lnner LranqulllLy
8e less dlsLracLed
8e more organlsed
SLop posLponlng lmporLanL maLLers
8e less lmpulslve

8-F8 A7.A-"-;-"9


When you are very senslLlve you ofLen have a loL of problems wlLh fear. 1hls ls because you are
hlghly senslLlve Lo everyLhlng LhaL ls happenlng ln your envlronmenL. 8ach flower mlx 77 wlll lessen
Lhese fears, by addresslng oversenslLlvlLy. 8ecause of Lhls you are less senslLlve Lo Lhe lnfluences LhaL
cause fears.
Plgh emoLlonal senslLlvlLy
When you are hlghly senslLlve, you experlence poslLlve and negaLlve emoLlons much more lnLensely
Lhan oLher people. lor example: you cry a loL fasLer when you geL crlLlclsm, or you feel depressed.
1hls can resulL ln exLreme crylng or aLLacks of anger. 1he 8ach flower mlx 77 helps Lo reduce Lhls
exLreme senslLlvlLy, whlch resulLs ln fewer problems wlLh Lhe exLreme emoLlons.
LxLreme senslLlvlLy for exLernal sLlmull
1hlngs LhaL hlghly senslLlve people experlence more lnLensely Lhan oLher people are exLernal sLlmull
llke: slrens, loud muslc, and brlghL llghL or sLrong smells. WhaL ls consldered normal Lo oLhers, ls an
obsLacle or even palnful Lo a hlghly senslLlve person. WlLh 8ach flower mlx 77 you are more reslsLanL
Lo Lhese exLernal sLlmull.

8educlng sLress and Lenslon
When you have a hlgh senslLlvlLy, you are more suscepLlble Lo sLress and Lenslon. Someone wlLh hlgh
senslLlvlLy wlll care more abouL oLher people's problems. 8ecause of Lhls, Lhe person geLs sLressed
and can'L relax easlly. 8ach flower mlx 77 reduces sLress and Lenslon, whlch resulLs ln experlenclng
lnner peace.
uare Lo say no"
When you are hlghly senslLlve lL ls hard Lo say no" Lo someone. ?ou always wanL Lo help everyone
and because of Lhls you Lake on Loo much. 8ach flower mlx 77 helps you Lo say no" and makes you
Lhlnk abouL yourself for a change.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 77 PlCP SLnSl1lvl1?"

8ach llower Mlx n 77 helps Lo:

8e less anxlous
8educe emoLlonal senslLlvlLy
8ecome more reslllenL Lo exLernal sLlmull
Lose sLress and Lenslons
uare say no"

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. &*"+

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 83 CAn PLL l8LL uS l8CM Cu8 lLA8S ln ulllL8Ln1 WA?S.

Lvery-day fears
Lvery-day anxleLy ls undersLood Lo be fears we can explaln llke fear of Lhe docLor, fear of geLLlng
slck, fear of Lhe dark, fear Lo fall, Lo galn welghL, Lo lose your [ob, Lo be alone, eLc. 8ach llower
essences wlll help Lo overcome Lhls Lype of fear and be confldenL abouL deallng wlLh Lhe
anlc aLLacks
CerLaln anxleLy can escalaLe lnLo panlc. anlc aLLacks can suddenly occur as a resulL of someLhlng
unexpecLed. 1hls ls common when havlng nlghLmares. 8ach llower essences wlll brlng peace so Lhe
slLuaLlon becomes more bearable Lo deal wlLh. 1hls reduces Lhe chance on panlc aLLacks.
lnexpllcable fears
SomeLlmes you are afrald buL you don'L know why. A cerLaln anxleLy can come over you buL you
don'L have a clue why you are afrald. lL ls a feellng of lnsecurlLy as lf someLhlng ls golng Lo happen.
1hls feellng of dlscomforL wlll overpower you and haunL you. 8ach llower essences wlll sLrengLhen
our confldence and dlmlnlsh Lhese vague fears.
lear of fallure
Some people are afrald of noL succeedlng ln cerLaln Lhlngs, for example exams. lear of fallure ofLen
happens Lo people wlLh low self-esLeem. 1hey don'L LrusL Lhelr own ablllLy and are convlnced oLhers
do a much beLLer [ob. 1hls fear wlll be Lurned lnLo Lhe bellef and LrusL ln Lhelr own ablllLy Lhrough Lhe
use of 8ach llower essences.

lear someLhlng mlghL happen Lo oLhers
LoLs of moLhers are very carlng for Lhelr chlldren. 1hey are ofLen worrled abouL whaL could happen
Lo Lhem. 1hls fear can Lake conLrol over Lhem Lo Lhe polnL LhaL Lhey wlll overproLecL Lhelr chlld. 1he
anxleLy can be applled Lo all Lhelr loved ones l.e. Lhelr chlldren, Lhelr parLner, Lhelr parenLs, good
frlends eLc. 8ach llower Mlx 83 wlll dlmlnlsh Lhls anxlous worrylng, so you no longer suffocaLe your
loved ones. 1hey wlll Leach you Lo have Lhe rlghL level of cauLlon and LrusL Lhelr loved ones can Lake
care of Lhemselves.
lear Lo Lake on new challenges
1he only consLanL ln our llfe ls change. 8uL people have Lhe Lendency Lo be sLubborn and hold on Lo
cerLaln hablLs. Changes of [ob, change of relaLlonshlp, change of eaLlng hablLs, movlng are all
slLuaLlons LhaL can cause anxleLy. 1he person has Lo leL go of someLhlng famlllar. 8ach llower
essences help you make Lhls sLep lnLo Lhe unknown and leL go of anxleLy.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 83 AnxlL1?"
8ach llower Mlx n 83 helps Lo:
Cvercome every-day fears
Avold panlc aLLacks
Clve LrusL and Lake undeflned fears away
no longer be worrled and anxlous abouL your chlld, parLner, frlends, eLc
1ake on challenges and make declslons agaln

D76/ 0D DG9-.F

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 91 PLLS 1C CvL8CCML lLA8 Cl lL?lnC

. nervousness
lear of flylng ofLen sLarLs wlLh a llghL nervousness and Lenslon. As soon as Lhey Lhlnk of Lhelr alrplane
Lrlp Lhelr nerves sLarL acLlng up. 8ach llower essences help Lo keep conLrol over your nerves.
. lear/panlc
Cnce arrlved aL Lhe alrporL Lenslon rlses and fears come Lo Lhe surface. AL LhaL momenL lL ls cruclal
noL Lo lose conLrol and Lo sLay calm. Cn Lhe plane shorLly afLer Laklng off Lhls fear can escalaLe lnLo
panlc whereby Lhe person geLs paralysed by fear. 8ach llower essences help Lo overcome Lhls panlc
and remaln as calm as posslble.
. owerlessness / loslng conLrol
1he facL LhaL you don'L have conLrol over Lhe slLuaLlon affecLs Lhe fear of flylng. ?ou are aL Lhe mercy
of Lhe plloL and hls crew. ?ou have Lo LrusL Lhelr experLlse and Lhe proper funcLlonlng of Lhe plane.
And when someLhlng should happen, Lhere ls no way ouL. 8ach llower Mlx 91 helps you Lo accepL
Lhls feellng of powerlessness and Leaches you Lo belleve and LrusL ln a good endlng.
. lrraLlonal LhoughLs
eople wlLh fear of flylng someLlmes suffer from lrraLlonal LhoughLs. 1helr lmaglnaLlon ls runnlng
wlld, Lhey Lhlnk of all sorLs of doom scenarlos. 1hls only makes Lhelr fear of flylng worse. 8ach
llowers help you Lo sLay flrmly grounded wlLh boLh feeL and see Lhlngs reallsLlcally.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 91 lLA8 Cl lL?lnC"

8ach llower Mlx n 91 helps Lo :

8e ln conLrol of your nerves
SLay calm and relaxed on Lhe plane
Avold panlc durlng Lake off and landlng
Pavlng a sense of confldence ln whaL ls golng on
noL lose conLrol of yourself

:7/D0/@6.37 6.?-7"9

uC ?Cu PAvL L8lC8MAnCL AnxlL1? C8 uCn'1 ?Cu 8LLlLvL ln ?Cu8SLLl? 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 44
MA? PLL ?Cu!

. Low self-esLeem
When you have performance anxleLy you always Lhlnk hlgher of oLhers Lhen of yourself. ?ou feel LhaL
you are worLh less Lhan oLhers and forgeL abouL your own needs. 8ach llower Mlx 44 ralses your
self-esLeem, so you value yourself more.
. Lack of self-confldence
A lack of self-confldence ls Lyplcal for performance anxleLy. ?ou don'L belleve ln your own capaclLles,
whlch resulLs ln you doubLlng yourself all Lhe Llme. ?ou puL Lhlngs off or walL for someone else Lo do
lL. 8ach llower Mlx 44 glves you more self-confldence, whlch makes you no longer afrald Lo Lake
Lhlngs head on.
. anlcklng
When Lhlngs don'L go as planned, performance anxleLy can become panlc. lrom LhaL momenL on
noLhlng seems Lo work, even Lhlngs you use Lo do very well. ?ou are LoLally ln panlc and wanL Lo be
free from Lhe speclflc slLuaLlon. 8ach flower mlx 44 helps you Lo sLay calm and when someLhlng does
noL work, Lo Lry agaln, wlLhouL panlcklng.
. 8elng crlLlcal Lowards yourself
?ou are naLurally very crlLlcal for yourself. When you have Lo do someLhlng lL doesn'L have Lo be
100 rlghL, buL 200! ?ou keep on golng unLll lL responds Lo your hlgh sLandards. 8ecause of Lhls
you puL lmmense pressure on your shoulders. 8ach llower Mlx 44 Leaches you LhaL noL everyLhlng
can be perfecL and LhaL lL does help noL Lo be Loo sLrlcL for yourself.
. Searchlng conflrmaLlon by oLhers
lL occurs LhaL oLher people are beLLer aL dolng Lhlngs Lhen you. 1herefor you always look for
conflrmaLlon from Lhem. Am l dolng Lhls rlghL? ?ou don'L LrusL yourself enough and because of Lhls
you are ofLen mlsled by Lhe advlce of someone else. 8ach llower Mlx 44 helps you Lo LrusL ln your
own knowledge and skllls, wlLhouL needlng conflrmaLlon of oLhers.
. roblems wlLh change
?ou llke Lhlngs Lhe way Lhey are. Learnlng new Lhlngs, new acLlvlLles or new colleagues Lend Lo puL
you off. ?ou are lnsecure and doubLful wheLher you can cope wlLh Lhls change. 8ach llower Mlx 44
glves you falLh and sLrengLh. 1hls makes sure LhaL you are no longer afrald of change and see lL as a

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 44 L8lC8MAnCL AnxlL1?"

8ach llower Mlx n 44 helps Lo:

Pave more self-confldence
8emove performance anxleLy
revenL panlcklng
8elleve ln yourself more
8e more calm and peaceful

30@@-"@7." :80=-6

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 43 8LMCvLS ?Cu8 CCMMl1MLn1 PC8lA

WanLlng Lo be free
When you have a commlLmenL phobla, you wanL a relaLlonshlp buL Lhe need Lo be free ls sLronger.
8ecause of Lhls relaLlonshlps don'L lasL very long and lL never becomes lnLense. 8ach llower Mlx 43
Leaches you LhaL you can have a relaLlonshlp, whllsL you sLlll (wanL Lo) feel free.
When you have a commlLmenL phobla, you are consLanLly ln doubL. Lspeclally Lhe doubL Lo see your
frlends less ln order Lo bulld a llfe wlLh your parLner boLhers you. When you spend Llme wlLh your
frlends Lhls doubL ls remarkably absenL. WlLh Lhe help of 8ach llower Mlx 43 you can Lransform Lhls
doubL Lo courage and securlLy.
Avoldlng fuLure plans
8ecause of your commlLmenL phobla you never make any plans for Lhe fuLure, you even fear Lhem!
Lspeclally when Lhese plans are relaLed Lo your relaLlonshlp, you feel Lrapped and suffocaLed. ?ou're
afrald LhaL you wlll regreL your declslon laLer on. When you Lake 8ach llower Mlx 43 you wlll noLlce
LhaL lndeclslveness makes room for lnner securlLy.
Mlsslng exclLemenL
Someone wlLh commlLmenL phobla wlll ofLen flnd Lhelr relaLlonshlp Lo become borlng qulLe fasL, and
mlsslng all Lhe passlon. 1he quesLlon ls lf Lhls ls really Lhe case or lf Lhls ls merely a mask ouL of Lhe
fear Lo Lake Lhe relaLlonshlp furLher. 8ach llower Mlx 43 Leaches you LhaL a lasLlng relaLlonshlp can
be exclLlng and glve you loLs of fulflllmenL.
Avoldlng lnLlmacy
?ou're neL necessarlly afrald of belng lnLlmaLe wlLh your parLner, buL you do geL a crowded feellng
when your parLner wanLs more lnLlmacy beLween you. ?ou are afrald LhaL because of Lhls lnLlmacy,
your parLner ls golng Lo commlL Lo you more. And Lhls ls someLhlng you absoluLely wanL Lo avold.
WlLh 8ach llowers you wlll undersLand LhaL belng lnLlmaLe doesn'L auLomaLlcally mean LhaL Lhe
oLher person wlll hold on Lo you. 1hls wlll leL you open up a blL more.
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 43 CCMMl1MLn1 PC8lA"

8ach llower Mlx n 43 helps Lo :

CommlL Lo someLhlng or someone
leellng llberaLed
1rusLlng oLher people
8elng more lnLlmaLe
8emove Lhe fear of belng sLuck
:6.-3 6""63JA


Conquer fears
lear ls a normal reacLlon of Lhe human body, buL ofLen you have Lo make sure you are sLlll ln conLrol
your fear. SomeLlmes fear changes lnLo ln panlc. 1o conquer your fears and avold panlc aLLacks, you
can use 8ach flower mlx 49 whlch wlll deflnlLely help you.
revenL panlc aLLacks
lL's always beLLer noL Lo geL ln a slLuaLlon where you panlc. 1herefore, lL ls good Lo learn Lo predlcL
when a panlc aLLack wlll arlse. Learnlng Lo prevenL a panlc aLLack ls an arL ln lLself. WlLh Lhe help of
8ach flower mlx 49 one can cope wlLh panlc slLuaLlons beLLer. 1hls way you can prevenL a panlc
no more panlc for everyLhlng new
When you panlc qulckly, you Lend Lo prefer Lo avold new slLuaLlons. ?ou do Lhls for your own
securlLy.When you hold on Lo whaL you know Lhere wlll be no problems, and Lhus no panlc. WlLh
8ach flower mlx 49 you are no longer afrald Lo Lackle new challenges.
uarlng Lo go ouLslde
When panlc aLLacks Lake on lnhuman proporLlons, lL can happen LhaL you no longer dare Lo leave Lhe
house. ?ou sLay aL home and you are afrald Lo go ouLslde or Lo go Lo Lhe shops. WlLh 8ach flowers
you galn Lhe courage and self-confldence Lo go ouLslde agaln.
8educlng sLress
anlc aLLacks are usually caused or made worse by sLress and Lenslon. When you have panlc aLLacks
lL ls also hard Lo reduce Lhls sLress, because of Lhe consLanL LhreaL of a panlc aLLack. 8y uslng 8ach
flower mlx 49 you flnd lnner peace agaln, whlch reduces sLress and Lenslon aL a rapld raLe.

8ACP8LCLSLMCCM8lnA1lL n 49 AnlC A11ACkS"

8ach llower Mlx n 49 helps Lo :

Conquer your fears
revenL panlc aLLacks
1ake on new challenges
Caln Lhe confldence Lo go ouLslde agaln
8educe sLress

A7:7/6"-0. 6.?-7"9

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 78 PLLS lnulvluuALS 1C 8L LLSS uLLnuLn1

8elng less dependenL
When you have separaLlon anxleLy you are ofLen dependenL on oLhers. ?ou always wanL Lo be near
someone you know and LrusL. ?ou have Lhe feellng LhaL you always need someone wlLh you, no
maLLer whaL you do. WlLh Lhe help of 8ach flower mlx 78 you become more lndependenL and you
won'L feel Lhe need of supporL as much.
Cvercomlng fear of belng abandoned
lL's absoluLely normal LhaL you don'L wanL Lo lose someone preclous Lo you. 8uL when you become
anxlous and dlsLrusLlng soon as Lhe person leaves your slghL, you have separaLlon anxleLy. Pavlng Lo
llve wlLh fear all Lhe Llme ls very demandlng. 1he 8ach flower mlx 78 helps you Lo conquer Lhls fear
and leLs you have LrusL ln Lhe fuLure.
Avoldlng panlc
very Lyplcal for someone wlLh separaLlon anxleLy ls Lhe panlc LhaL emerges when Lhey can'L see or
hear Lhe person Lhey love. ?ou become nervous, Lhlnk of worsL case scenarlo's and flnd yourself ln a
sLaLe of panlc. CfLen Lhls panlc leads Lo hypervenLllaLlon. WlLh 8ach flower mlx 78 you become more
peaceful and you won'L panlc when LhaL person ls away.

Ln[oy belng alone agaln
8elng alone ls ofLen Lhe blggesL problem when you suffer from separaLlon anxleLy. ?ou feel llke you
always need someone close Lo you Lo feel good. 8y uslng 8ach flower mlx 78 for separaLlon anxleLy
you can en[oy momenLs when you are on your own agaln. ?ou Lake Llme for yourself wlLhouL Lhlnklng
someone needs Lo be Lhere.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 78 SLL8A1lCn AnxlL1?"

ue 8ach llower Mlx n 78 helps lndlvlduals Lo :
8e less dependenL
Conquer fears of belng abandoned
anlc less qulckly
Ln[oy belng alone agaln

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. "../#0/(-,
M2-" A@0J-.F

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 38 PLLS 1C Cul1 SMCklnC

nlcoLlne addlcLlon
nlcoLlne makes lL hard Lo qulL smoklng and causes wlLhdrawal effecLs llke fear and nervousness
durlng Lhe flrsL Lwo weeks. 8ach llower essences offer supporL durlng Lhe rehablllLaLlon perlod so
you can lncrease your chances have a chance Lo successfully qulL smoklng.
MenLal dependence
MenLal dependence makes Lhe process Lo qulL smoklng very long and hard. Smoklng ls ofLen llnked
wlLh oLher hablLs llke drlnklng wlne, havlng a clgareLLe afLer flnlshlng a nlce meal, durlng sLressful
Llmes, on Lhe phone, durlng sLudylng, eLc. 8reaklng Lhls paLLern and changlng Lhese hablLs are very
dlfflculL Lo do. llower essences wlll help you Lo qulckly Lake on a new aLLlLude so Lhe need Lo llghL a
clgareLLe ls reduced.
lear of galnlng welghL
LoLs of people who qulL smoklng are afrald of galnlng welghL. AcLually lL ls noL no longer smoklng LhaL
causes Lhe galnlng of welghL buL replaclng Lhe deslre for a clgareLLe wlLh eaLlng food LhaL causes Lhe
lncrease ln welghL. 8ach llower essences wlll help you sLop compensaLlng for noL smoklng wlLh food
or candy. 1hls wlll glve none Lo very llLLle welghL lncrease as a resulL.
1he perlod before you qulL smoklng you ofLen sLlll smoke a clgareLLe aL sLressful Llmes. lL ls reallsLlc
Lo say LhaL Lhese perlods wlll be Lhe hardesL Lo sLay away from smoklng. uurlng Lhese perlods you
mlghL be even more Lense, Louchy, lrrlLable and lnLolerable Lowards your envlronmenL. 8ach llower
Mlx 38 has a calmlng and Lranqull effecL so Lhe Lenslon wlll subslde by lLself and Lhus Lhere ls no need
for a clgareLLe.
MosL smokers have Lrled Lo qulL before buL wlLhouL success. 1hls makes Lhem doubL wheLher Lhey
are sLrong enough and have enough dlsclpllne Lo qulL smoklng. 8ach llower Lssences wlll Lake Lhe
doubL away by sLralghLenlng Lhe bellef ln yourself.
MenLal dependence wlll cause a person Lo deslre a clgareLLe even afLer years and years of noL
smoklng. 8ecause of Lhls menLal dependence lL requlres consLanL self-dlsclpllne Lo remaln a non-
smoker. 8ach llower Mlx 38 wlll glve you Lhe sLrengLh and perseverance especlally durlng Lhe
dlfflculL momenLs.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 38 Cul1 SMCklnC"

8ach llower Mlx n 38 helps Lo :
CeL rld of Lhe nlcoLlne addlcLlon
Avold cravlng for oLher subsLlLuLes
8e calm and noL geL nervous
8elleve you can do lL
ersevere durlng dlfflculL clrcumsLances
8esolve fear Lo galn welghL
8e more relaxed durlng Lhe process of no longer smoklng



lears and halluclnaLlons
When people sLop drlnklng alcohol Lhey ofLen sLarL havlng vlsual halluclnaLlons, seelng Lhlngs LhaL
aren'L Lhere. 1hese can be very frlghLenlng. SomeLlmes Lhls can lead Lo panlc aLLacks. 8ach llower
essences can reduce Lhese fears and make sure Lhese halluclnaLlons don'L cause panlc aLLacks.
Cne of Lhe wlLhdrawal effecLs of alcohol rehablllLaLlon ls feellng resLless. lL ls hard Lo keep sLlll and
you are aglLaLed. 1hen Lhe need Lo go back Lo drlnklng ls ralsed agaln. 8ach llower essences wlll
brlng peace and LranqullllLy so lL reduces Lhe need for alcohol.
roblems wlLh concenLraLlon
ConcenLraLlon problems are common when somebody sLops drlnklng alcohol. eople are nervous,
easlly dlsLracLed, uneasy and afrald. 1hls makes lL hard Lo concenLraLe and sLay focused on Lhe [ob aL
hand. As 8ach llower Mlx 62 Lake Lhls unease and Lhese fears away, Lhls wlll auLomaLlcally lmprove
Lhe ablllLy Lo concenLraLe.
When a person no longer drlnks alcohol, he/she ofLen becomes very lrrlLable, because, before
alcohol was playlng a prlmary role and now Lhls ls no longer so. 1he person wlll be very lnLolerable
and very Louchy. 1helr mood wlll be very down and unhappy. bach llower essences wlll brlng more
Lolerance and accepLance. 1hls wlll make hlm/her feel beLLer and make hlm/her less Louchy.
Change of llfesLyle
When Lhe alcohol drops away, lL ls as lf a person's llfe falls aparL. Pls/her whole llfe was wrapped
around lL. uay Lo day conLacLs were all llnked Lo drlnklng. now mosL of Lhem fall away and Lhe person
has Lo ad[usL Lo a new way of llvlng. 1hls change of hablLs and llfesLyle wlll happen much smooLher
wlLh Lhe supporL of 8ach llower essences.
uurlng Lhe wlLhdrawal perlod Lhere wlll ofLen be momenLs when Lhe person doesn'L feel he/she can
go Lhrough wlLh lL. Pe/she wlll go Lhrough very dlfflculL sLaLes of mlnd llke depresslon and
melancholy. Pere he/she wlll beneflL from Lhe use of 8ach llower Mlx 62. 1hey wlll make llfe more
easler and leL Lhe sun shlne Lhrough Lhe dark clouds.


8ach llower Mlx n 62 helps Lo:
revenL halluclnaLlons
llnd peace and balance wlLhouL alcohol
8eslsL Lhe soclal pressure Lo drlnk alcohol
Avold becomlng depressed because of noL belng able Lo drlnk
8ecome more Lolerable and be less lrrlLable

1/2F 611-3"-0.


Change of hablL
1hls wlll undoubLedly be Lhe LoughesL aspecL ln Lhe process of rehablllLaLlon. 1o sLop Lhe use of drugs
wlll mean a change of llfesLyle. When ln Lhe pasL drugs would have been used Lo cope wlLh llfe, now
new skllls wlll need Lo be developed Lo learn Lo solve problems on ones own. 8ach llower essences
offer supporL durlng Lhls LranslLlon phase.
Cne of Lhe Lhlngs LhaL generally occur when people sLop Laklng drugs ls fear. 1hese can make you
very anxlous and come up all of a sudden wlLhouL any reason. PalluclnaLlons and deluslons can be
parL of Lhese fears. bach llower Mlx 34 combaLs Lhese fears by brlnglng a sense of LrusL and peace.
Mood swlngs
urugs wlll make everyLhlng look brlghL and lnLense. When people sLop uslng drugs Lhey wlll
experlence a loL more mood swlngs: one Llme all looks rose-coloured, yeL soon afLer everyLhlng can
abrupLly change lnLo a gloomy aLmosphere. LmoLlons wlll go up and down and creaLe general
emoLlonal lnsLablllLy. 8ach llower essences wlll brlng back balance and creaLe sLablllLy on Lhe
emoLlonal level.
urugs have a numblng effecL. When drugs are noL used, Lhe numbness dlsappears and Lhe
resLlessness surfaces. lL's an lnner unease, whlch ls dlfflculL Lo conLrol. ulfferenL 8ach llower
essences Lo LreaL Lhese feellngs of dlscomforL are lncluded ln Lhe LreaLmenL boLLle. 1hey wlll provlde
an lnner peace and LranqulllLy.

uurlng rehablllLaLlon a person ls very vulnerable Lo becomlng depressed. lL ls Lherefore very
lmporLanL Lo sLay acLlve and Lake acLlve parL ln llfe. llower essences wlll provlde Lhe necessary
sLlmull noL Lo fall vlcLlm Lo melancholy.
When a person Lakes Lhe declslon Lo sLop Laklng drugs, lL ls lmporLanL Lo be moLlvaLed enough. Lven
when a person has sLopped uslng lL, Lhere wlll sLlll be momenLs when self-dlsclpllne ls requlred Lo
succumb Lo LempLaLlon. uurlng Lhese momenLs 8ach llower essences can provlde Lhe necessary
CullL feellngs
When a person reallses whaL he/she has done Lo hlm/herself and Lo oLhers durlng hls/her drug
addlcLlon, gullL feellngs may arlse. 1hese gullL feellngs are normal buL lL ls noL healLhy Lo leL Lhem
llnger. 1he alm ls Lo learn from Lhe mlsLakes and move on wlLh llfe. 8ach llower Mlx 34 wlll brlng Lhls
lnslghL and prevenL from geLLlng sLuck ln self-blame.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 34 u8uC AuulC1lCn"

8ach llower Mlx n 34 helps Lo:
8reak Lhe hablL of drug Laklng
Change Lhe llfesLyle paLLern
1ake away Lhe gullL feellngs
8rlng more peace and LranqulllLy
8rlng more llghL and [oy lnLo llfe
8e less affecLed by mood swlngs

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. /$0,1#"' #(2/'"1-3,

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 87 CAn PLL ?Cu SLLL 8L11L8

eople sufferlng from lnsomnla flnd lL hard Lo sLop Lhelr mlnd from raclng. When Lhey lle ln bed Lhey
can'L sLop Lhlnklng abouL Lhlngs. 1hls makes lL hard Lo fall asleep. 8ach llower essences help quleL
your mlnd, whlch wlll make lL easler Lo fall asleep.
8esLlessness and Lenslon
CerLaln people are very hlghly-sLrung and Lense because of Lhelr busy llfe. 1helr [ob, household and
chlldren ask a loL of Lhem. CfLen Lhey flnd lL hard Lo calm down ln Lhe evenlng. 8ach llower Mlx 87
helps you Lo calm down and be more balanced, Lhls resulLs ln a beLLer nlghL resL.
Some people LhaL are very anxlous by naLure wlll someLlmes be afrald of falllng asleep. 1hey flnd lL
hard Lo leL go, Lo relax, because Lhey are afrald of Lhe unknown. 1hls causes lnsomnla. eople who
suffer from nlghLmares are ofLen afrald of golng Lo bed as well. 8ach llower essences brlng peace
and help overcome Lhese fears so a peaceful sleep ls posslble.
As conLradlcLory as lL mlghL sound, some people are Loo Llred Lo fall asleep. 1hey have crossed Lhe
llmlLs of Llredness and Lherefore suffer from lnsomnla. 8ach llower essences wlll help you respecL
your llmlLs and Lake Llme Lo sLop worklng so you flnd Lhe rlghL balance beLween resL and acLlvlLy.
Anxlous worrylng
Some people can'L flnd peace. 1hey are over concerned abouL Lhe welfare of Lhelr loved ones such as
Lhelr chlldren, Lhelr parLners and Lhelr besL frlends. 1hey can only flnd peace when Lhey know Lhey
are well and ouL of harms way. 1yplcal example of Lhls ls an over-concerned moLher who can only geL
Lo sleep when she hears her son arrlvlng safely back home afLer a concerL or parLy he wenL Lo. 8ach
llower essences help reduce Lhls anxlous worrylng and LrusL LhaL Lhe oLhers can Lake care of
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 87 lnSCMnlA"

8ach llower Mlx n 87 helps Lo:
Worry less and Lherefore sleep beLLer
8ecome calm and have fewer Lenslons
8e less afrald
8especL your own boundarles and prevenL over-Llredness
Pave more confldence and be less worrled abouL oLhers
Sleep beLLer and sleep soundly


8AlSL ?Cu8 Ll8luC Wl1P 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 41

- uepresslon
LeLharglc feellngs, lndlfference, a mlxed up head, ln shorL: depresslon. lL speaks for lLself LhaL Lhls has
a negaLlve lnfluence on your llbldo. 8ach llower Mlx 41 helps Lo conquer your leLhargy, whlch
resLores your lusL for llfe and sex.
- erformance anxleLy
When you're consLanLly preoccupled wlLh Lo falllng even before you have Lo do someLhlng, Lhen you
won'L feel llke dolng lL ln Lhe flrsL place. 1hls ls Lhe same for whaL happens ln Lhe bedroom, and
because of Lhls performance anxleLy your llbldo wlll go down. 1hanks Lo 8ach llower essences you'll
geL more self-confldence, whlch wlll affecL your llbldo ln a poslLlve way.
- Worrylng
Worrylng Loo much and belng preoccupled ln general ls noL exacLly good for your sex llfe. 8ach
llower mlx 41 resLores your peace of mlnd and makes you less senslLlve for ouLslde lnfluences. 1hls
wlll beneflL your llbldo.
- negaLlve self-lmage
A negaLlve self-lmage ls a serlous obsLacle ln en[oylng sex. 8ach llower Mlx 41 helps you Lo geL your
self-confldence back, and feel good abouL yourself. 1hls lmproved self-lmage wlll glve you a renewed
lnLeresL ln lusL and love.
- AnxleLy
lnLlmacy creaLes a crowlng curloslLy, buL goes hand ln hand wlLh a klnd of lnsecure feellng as well.
CuesLlons such as 'am l dolng lL rlghL?' and 'whaL am l dolng wrong?' mlghL be of lnfluence on your
llbldo. 8ach llower essences help you Lo geL rld of Lhese fears and glve your llbldo a boosL!

- CullL
8lamlng yourself because lL lsn'L really worklng ouL ln Lhe bedroom can be a real llbldo klller. 8ach
llower mlx 41 helps you Lo sLop blamlng yourself, and look aL Lhe brlghL slde. ?ou wlll Lry Lo look for a
soluLlon and more frequenLly feel llke belng lnLlmaLe wlLh your parLner
- SLress
SLress has a really negaLlve effecL on your llbldo. 8ach llower essences help you Lo deal wlLh sLress
and reduce lL.
- Sexual Lrauma
lf you were abused durlng your chlldhood, or have some klnd of Lrauma, lL ls no surprlse you don'L
feel llke havlng sex. 8ach llower Mlx 41 helps you Lo cope wlLh Lhls Lrauma and gradually resLore
your lnLeresL ln sexual lnLlmacy, as well as resLorlng your confldence ln oLher people.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 41 Ll8luC"

8ach llower Mlx n 41 helps Lo:
SLlmulaLe your llbldo
Conquer performance anxleLy
8elng more reslsLanL Lo sLress
8ulld a poslLlve self-lmage



Loslng self-confldence
sorlasls can lower a person's self-confldence. A person geLs a negaLlve self-lmage and no longer
dares Lo do cerLaln Lhlngs. llower essences gradually bulld Lhls self-confldence up agaln so Lhelr self-
lmage geLs resLored.
leellng down and depressed ls common Lo 40 of people sufferlng from psorlasls. 1hey have no
conLrol over Lhelr dlsease and a new ouLbreak ofLen occurs aL a Llme when Lhey LhoughL lL was
geLLlng beLLer. 8ach llower essences help Lo deal wlLh Lhe dlscouragemenL and make sure Lhe person
doesn'L geL depressed.
eople sufferlng from psorlasls wlll name Lenslon and aglLaLlon as one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL
psychologlcal consequences of Lhelr skln dlsease. LoLs of people are very Louchy, resLless and Lense.
llower essences wlll help brlng peace and LranqullllLy.
8ecause Lhe dlsease can be ln a locaLlon vlslble Lo oLhers, loLs of people wlll be embarrassed by lL.
Colng Lo Lhe halrdresser, Lhe gym, flLLlng cloLhs on are all Lhlngs Lhey wlll avold dolng or Lhey wlll feel
very embarrassed whllsL dolng Lhem. 8ach llower essences help overcome Lhls shame and help
people be ln peace wlLh Lhelr dlsease and Lhelr appearance.
leel lefL ouL
sorlasls sLrongly lnfluences soclal relaLlonshlps: people sufferlng from psorlasls don'L dare Lo leave
Lhe house and sLarLlng a sexual relaLlonshlp can be even harder. 1hls causes people Lo feel soclally
lsolaLed because of Lhe dlsease. 8ach llower Mlx 81 wlll help Lhe person Lo geL ouL of Lhe house and
engage ln havlng soclal conLacLs, Lhls occurs malnly because Lhey have learned Lo accepL Lhelr
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 81 SC8lASlS"

8ach llower Mlx n 81 helps Lo:
Cvercome shame
Co ouLslde agaln even lf you are sufferlng from psorlasls
AccepL Lhe dlsease and make peace wlLh lL
8e ln a good mood and remaln ln good splrlLs
lnLegraLe yourself lnLo socleLy and malnLaln soclal conLacLs
8rlng peace and LranqulllLy and reduce Lenslon


A8L ?Cu lLLLlnC LxPAuS1Lu Anu lA1lCuLu? 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 47 88lnCS ?Cu 1PL SCLu1lCn!

- 8elng exhausLed
AL some Llme you can be compleLely exhausLed. ?ou don'L feel llke dolng anyLhlng and everyLhlng
LhaL ls belng asked of you ls Loo much. ?ou have no more spare energy aL all. 8ach llower Mlx 47
glves you your energy and sLrengLh back, whlch wlll glve you a feellng of vlLallLy.
- 1oo many burdens
Carlng for parenLs or chlldren, havlng Lo do Lhe household alone, Lhese are examples of
responslblllLles LhaL you Look on and you feel llke you can no longer carry Lhem. 8ach llower Mlx 47
helps you Lo overcome Lhls Lemporary lack of energy and glves you Lhe sLrengLh Lo carry more.
- Sleeplng problems
When you have a lack of sleep, or problems Lo fall asleep, lL ls only loglcal LhaL over a perlod of Llme
you wlll be compleLely exhausLed. 1enslons, sLress and worrles make sure you aren'L sleeplng well aL
all. 8ach llower Mlx 47 removes Lenslon and sLress, whlch resulLs ln a beLLer sleep.
- SLress
SLress ls one of Lhe maln facLors LhaL Lake your energy level down. Cur currenL socleLy puLs an
enormous pressure on us, whlch resulLs ln people belng faLlgued on a dally basls. 8ach llower Mlx 47
helps you fend off sLress and be more calm, whlch resulLs ln sLress noL havlng LhaL blg of an lmpacL
on you.
- Cver anxleLy
?ou can be LhaL worrled abouL your chlldren or famlly LhaL lL Lakes away all your energy. 1hls ls a
naLural lnsLlncL buL lL can cause you Lo have a breakdown. 8ach llower Mlx 47 glves you more
confldence, whlch resulLs ln you belng less worrled and belng able Lo leL Lhlngs go more ofLen.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 47 lA1lCuL"

8ach llower Mlx n 47 helps Lo:
Pave more energy
8elng able Lo carry more
8elng more sLress reslsLanL
Worry less
Sleep beLLer

1he mosL lmporLanL characLerlsLlc of flbromyalgla ls chronlc paln. ?eL, besldes Lhe chronlc paln, a loL
of paLlenLs also suffer from sympLoms llke sleep dlsorder, headaches, hypersenslLlvlLy, fear,
8ach llowers can'L Lake away Lhe chronlc palns, buL whaL Lhey can do ls glve menLal and emoLlonal

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 94 ClvLS CCMlC81 Anu SuC81 Wl1P SC8L MuSCLLS Anu LxPAuS1lCn.

- Sleep dlsorder and chronlc faLlgue
paln ln muscles and connecLlve LlssueAlmosL everyone who suffers from flbromyalgla also suffers
from sleep dlsorders and chronlc faLlgue. 1hls ls predomlnanLly because of Lhe consLanL paln, buL ln
parL also because of addlLlonal sLress and fear. eople wlLh sleep dlsorders are ofLen so uLLerly Llred,
almosL Loo Llred Lo fall asleep. llbromyalgla paLlenLs never geL up flL, fully resLed and wlLh a brlghL
feellng. 8ach llowers may help you Lo be calmer aL nlghL and fall asleep easler.
- SLress
SLress has a huge lmpacL on Lhe funcLlon of our body. 1hls ls Lhe case for everyone, buL for
flbromyalgla paLlenLs ln parLlcular. SLress ls Lhelr worsL enemy. SLress ls one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL
sLlmull for flbromyalgla. Cf course, sLress ls caused by many Lhlngs: a busy [ob or Loo much house
hold chores, buL also fear, wearlness, paln and depresslve feellngs may cause sLress. 1hese sLress
causes are exacLly Lhe sympLoms of flbromyalgla. 1hls proves Lhe lmporLance of sLress as one of Lhe
mosL slgnlflcanL Lrlggers of flbromyalgla. 8ach llowers can help you reduce Lhe sLress and flnd calm
and resL ln llfe.
- Popelessness
A loL of people wlLh flbromyalgla feel hopeless. 1helr endless search for LreaLmenL ls ofLen
dlscouraglng and Lhey feel Laken hosLage ln Lhelr own body. Many of Lhem flnd lL hard Lo accepL Lhls
dlsease. lf you flnd yourself ln denlal, Lhls creaLes a negaLlve vlclous clrcle and Lhe feellngs of despalr
wlll lncrease. 8ach llower mlx 94 wlll help you noL Lo glve up.
- uepresslon
ln mosL cases flbromyalgla goes hand ln hand wlLh feellngs of depresslon. llrsL, Lhe dlagnose, Lhen
learnlng Lo llve wlLh Lhe dlsease, Lhe addlLlonal sLress comlng from Lhe chronlc paln, Lhe fears for Lhe
paln Lo come. All of Lhese LogeLher cause you Lo feel down and depressed. 8ach llowers may
prevenL you from endlng up ln Lhls downward splral.
- lear
lear can be a caLalysL when lL comes Lo chronlc paln. aLlenLs of flbromyalgla are ofLen afrald of whaL
Lhe fuLure mlghL brlng. 1hey are scared Lo move a loL because of Lhe paln, Lhey worry and are
frlghLened by Lhe ldea Lo be lefL on Lhe shelf, Lhey are anxlous abouL Lhe ouLlook of Lhe resL of Lhelr
llves. 8ach llowers help Lo overcome Lhose fears and be confldenL Lo deal wlLh Lhe slLuaLlon.
- Soclal lock down
llbromyalgla has almosL always consequences for your soclal llfe. 8ecause of Lhe chronlc paln and
Lhe faLlgue lL's noL always self-evldenL Lo be aL a parLy, on a day Lrlp or slmply Lo be romp around
wlLh Lhe chlldren. 8ecause you don'L really appear slck, you wlll also be confronLed wlLh a loL of
people who Lhlnk Lhls ls [usL drama. ?ou mlghL lose a loL of frlends, and close frlends or relaLlves wlll
on Lhe oLher hand be overproLecLlve and Lry Lo unburden you as much as posslble. ?ou mlghL feel
useless, whlch ls noL Lo Lhe advanLage of a brlghL splrlL. 8ach llower mlx 94 wlll help you Lo proLecL
your soclal llfe and as far as posslble plck up Lhe Lhread where lL lefL off.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 94 ll88CM?ALClA"
8ach llower Mlx n 94 wlll help you Lo:
CeL rld of your hopeless feellngs
8educe your lrrlLablllLy
8educe sLress
lall asleep easler
lncrease your energy levels
Cvercome your fears
CeL back Lo your soclal llfe

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. /*-0"' #(/1'"2-0,

PLL CC88LC1 1PL nLCA1lvL LllLC1S Cl 8C8uL8LlnL Wl1P 8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 63

Somebody wlLh borderllne ofLen Lakes lmpulslve declslons. WlLhouL Lhlnklng of Lhe consequences
Lhey change [obs, sLarL reLralnlng/educaLlon or ends a relaLlonshlp. 1hls lmpulslveness ls ofLen
expressed ln eaLlng dlsorders, wasLlng money and alcohol abuse. 1hrough 8ach llower essences we
are able Lo Lurn Lhe lmpulslveness lnLo an ablllLy Lo sLop and Lhlnk and maklng raLlonal and
emoLlonally balanced declslons.
llLs of anger
eople sufferlng from borderllne can become angry wlLhouL any reason. lL ls very hard for Lhem Lo
keep conLrol over Lhemselves and noL do sllly Lhlngs. 8ach llower essences wlll brlng peace and
LranqulllLy so LhaL Lhe amounL of anger flLs dlmlnlshes and Lhe lnLenslLy reduces.
Sulclde aLLempLs
eople wlLh borderllne are ofLen so unhappy LhaL maklng an end Lo Lhelr llfe seems Lo Lhem Lhe only
way ouL. CfLen people wlLh borderllne aLLempL Lo commlL sulclde. 1 ln 10 does noL survlve Lhls.
llower essences make lL posslble for people wlLh borderllne Lo regaln conLrol over Lhemselves and
refraln Lhemselves from commlLLlng sulclde.
Lack of self-confldence
eople wlLh borderllne personallLy dlsorder lack self-confldence and have a negaLlve self-lmage. 1hey
doubL Lhemselves consLanLly and have no real ldea whaL Lhey wanL ln llfe. WlLh 8ach llower
essences Lhelr self-confldence wlll be resLored and Lhey wlll be able Lo Lake an acLlve role ln Lhelr llfe
full off confldence.

Mood swlngs
eople wlLh borderllne are ofLen very emoLlonally senslLlve. 1he smallesL seLback can brlng Lhem ouL
of balance and can Lherefore Lurn Lhelr cheerfulness lnLo fear or Lhelr [oyful enLhuslasm lnLo
depresslon, eLc. WlLh 8ach llower essences we wlll glve emoLlonal sLablllLy so LhaL Lhey no longer
experlence golng from one exLreme emoLlon lnLo anoLher.
SeparaLlon AnxleLy
eople sufferlng from borderllne are very scared of belng lefL on Lhelr own. lor Lhls reason Lhey wlll
overburden boLh Lhelr parLners and famlly Lo prevenL Lhem from leavlng. 1hls separaLlon anxleLy wlll
be sLrongly reduced Lhrough 8ach llower essences. 1hls way Lhelr famlly and frlends wlll flnd Lhe
relaLlonshlp becomlng less suffocaLlng as well.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 63 8C8uL8LlnL"
8ach llower Mlx n 63 wlll help you Lo:
Pave a more moderaLe behavlour
keep you calm and be less exploslve
ConLrol your anger
Lnhance your self-confldence
Pave balanced moods
Avold desLrucLlve LhoughLs
8educe Lhe separaLlon anxleLy


8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx 61 WlLL PLL ?Cu WPLn SullL8lnC l8CM AnC8LxlA
CfLen anorexla ls Lhe resulL of frequenL sllmmlng. 1hey Lry Lo mlrror Lhemselves Lo and wanL Lo sLrlve
Lo geL Lhe ldeal shape and slze Lhe medla ls promoLlng. eople LhaL suffer from anorexla don'L [usL
wanL Lhe perfecL body (ln Lhelr eyes) buL wlll sLrlve for perfecLlon ln everyLhlng Lhey do as well. 8ach
llower essences wlll make you be flexlble ln deallng wlLh ldeals and norms. And help Leach Lhem LhaL
perfecLlon lsn'L necessary all Lhe Llme.
ulsllke of Lhemselves
Anorexla paLlenLs Lhlnk of Lhemselves as Loo faL, alLhough Lhey are ln facL very sklnny. 1hey flnd lL
hard Lo be pleased wlLh Lhelr own body. 1hey compare Lhemselves wlLh ldeals and Lhlnk Lhey are noL
Lhln enough. 8ach llower essences show Lhem Lhey are flne Lhe way Lhey are so Lhey learn Lo accepL
Lhelr own body.
lnferlorlLy feellng
eople sufferlng from anorexla have Lhe feellng of noL belng good enough. 1hey feel lnferlor and Lry
Lhrough exLreme welghL loss Lo geL people's appreclaLlon. 8ach llower Mlx 61 wlll make you belleve
ln yourself agaln so Lhere ls less need Lo geL conflrmaLlon by oLhers.
CullL feellngs
CullL feellngs ofLen occur ln paLlenLs wlLh anorexla. CfLen Lhey wlll see Lhe sorrow Lhey cause Lo
Lhelr loved ones and Lhey wlll feel gullLy abouL LhaL. 8ach llower essences help you Lo deal wlLh Lhe
self-blame and reduce Lhe gullL feellngs.
eople sufferlng from anorexla are very afrald Lo galn welghL. 1hey wlll keep a close eye on Lhelr
welghL. 1hls fear of galnlng welghL ls ln Lurn caused by a fear of fallure.

8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx n 61 AnC8LxlA"
8ach llower Mlx n 61 wlll help you Lo:
uevelop a poslLlve self-lmage
8eslsL soclal expecLaLlons
1ake away gullL feellngs
Cvercome fears.
8e less perfecLlonlsL
8alse your self-worLh.
AccepL yourself.

!"#$ &'()*+, "-. "-/0"',
6.-@6G =786;-02/ :/0=G7@A

Whlch anlmals can use 8ach llowers?
8ach llowers are known Lo be Lhe mosL affecLlve cure for unwanLed behavlour ln anlmals. 1he use of
8ach llowers on dogs, caLs and horses ls already well known. veLerlnarlans ofLen refer Lo a 8ach
llower LheraplsL. 1hls LheraplsL wlll make your anlmal a personallzed 8ach llower comblnaLlon on
Lhe basls of Lhe anlmal's characLer and Lhe core of hls/her unwanLed behavlour. LaLely, 8ach llowers
are also used for rabblLs, parroLs, canarles and hamsLers, ln all of Lhese cases Lhey glve good resulLs.
Pow can 8ach llowers help anlmals?
!"#$%&'( *+,"** -'# +"'*&.'
1he flrsL funcLlon of Lhe 8ach llowers for anlmals ls Lo reduce lnLernal Lenslon and sLress. 1hese
negaLlve emoLlons bend Lo Lhelr poslLlve counLerparL, wlLh less sLress and Lenslon as a resulL. noL
only Lhe sLress and Lenslon are resolved buL 8ach llowers also deal wlLh Lhe consequences Lhese
emoLlons already caused.
/,"-+&'( -'0&"+1 *123+.2*
A loL of anlmals cope wlLh a cerLaln fear. 8ach llowers are very effecLlve when lL comes Lo fear and
anxleLy. CfLen, anxleLy ln anlmals ls caused by sLress, Lenslon or a LraumaLlc experlence. lor example:
anlmals may pull ouL Lhelr fur when Lhey are under exLreme sLress. A personallzed 8ach llower Mlx
offers help ln Lhese slLuaLlons!
423,.5"# *.%&-6 %.'+-%+
Anlmals havlng Lo llve wlLh oLher anlmals ln Lhelr near surroundlngs mlghL suffer from feellngs llke
[ealousy or nervousness. CLher anlmals may sLress Lhem and glve Lhem Lhe feellng Lhey need more
space. Cn Lhe oLher hand Lhey may grow Loo aLLached Lo one anoLher, whlch causes problems when
Lhey have Lo be alone for a whlle. 8ach llowers Lry Lo resolve Lhese negaLlve or Lroubled emoLlons ln
7.2&'-'+ 8"9-5&.$,
noL all anlmals are Lhe same, some are more domlnanL Lhan oLhers. ?eL lf Lhls domlnance geLs ouL of
hand, lL mlghL cause problems ln Lhelr hablLaL. 8ach llowers Lake care of Lhe underlylng emoLlons
LhaL cause Lhls excesslve domlnanL behavlour. When glvlng 8ach llowers Lo your peL or anlmal, Lhe
rooL of Lhe problem ls belng dealL wlLh and Lhe problems wlll gradually fade.

8ach llower ersonal Mlx helps anlmals Lo :
8educe sLress and Lenslon
1reaL anxleLy sympLoms
lmprove soclal conLacL
Avold domlnanL behavlour

=638 DG0I7/A D0/ 80/A7A

Porse behavlour problems can be cured wlLh 8ach llowers. 1he dlfflculLy ln lL ls Lo make a mlx of Lhe
rlghL 8ach flowers LhaL flL Lhe problem and Lhe characLer of Lhe horse. neverLheless lL ls Lhe besL way
Lo Lackle Lhe problem and make sure Lhe problems gradually fade. lf you are lnLeresLed ln a personal
mlx, feel free Lo mall wlLh a descrlpLlon of Lhe problem and Lhe mosL lmporLanL characLer LralLs of
your horse. WlLh furLher quesLlons you can mall me on Lom[bachfloweradvlce.com and you wlll
recelve an answer wlLhln 24 hours.
Pandllng horse behavlour problems
8ach llowers are a naLural and effecLlve way Lo deal wlLh numerous horse behavlour problems. 1he
followlng horse behavlour problems can be LreaLed well wlLh 8ach llowers:
1raller problems
Aggresslve behavlour
Sheer legs, rearlng up
SeparaLlon anxleLy
Slngle problems
noL sLaylng sLlll on mounLlng
uomlnanL behavlour
noL glvlng Lhe hoof
Pead shyness
SupporL for compeLlLlon horses
lL happens LhaL a horse geLs anxlous durlng a compeLlLlon, or LhaL nerves Lake Lhe upper hand. A loL
of rlders use 8ach llowers Lo deal wlLh Lhese problems, and Lhls also makes Lhelr horse perform
beLLer. A personallsed 8ach llower Mlx ls always Lhe besL ln Lhese cases. Mall me for free advlce!


8ach llower for horses ls :
A personal comblnaLlon
8ased on Lhe behavlour LralLs of your horse
A 8ach llower remedy personally selecLed by 1om
A guaranLee for fasL and good resulLs

=638 DG0I7/ @-? D0/ 10FA

8ACP lLCWL8S lC8 uCCS, 1PL uL1lMA1L 8LMLu?!
8ach llowers for dogs are used Lo Lake on a varleLy of behavloural problems. 8ehavloural problems
are a very common Lhlng wlLh dogs, and are ofLen very hard Lo LreaL.
uoes your dog have a behavloural problem, conLacL me and l wlll glve you free advlce on how 8ach
llowers can help your dog. l work wlLh a personallsed comblnaLlon whlch Lakes on Lhe characLer of
your dog and Lhe behavloural problem he or she has. Mall Loday Lo Lom[bachfloweradvlce.com and
recelve an answer wlLhln 24 hours.
:.+ 9.$*"+,-&'"#
A dog LhaL lsn'L houseLralned can be very annoylng for Lhe owner and can also cause a loL of
problems. SomeLlmes your dog ls houseLralned, buL sLarLs Lo do hls buslness ln Lhe house when you
are noL Lhere. A flLLlng 8ach llower remedy can change Lhls behavlour.
;0%"**&5" 8-,<&'(
8arklng dogs don'L blLe buL LhaL doesn'L mean lL ls less annoylng. Lvery Llme Lhe doorbell rlngs or
Lhey see someone passlng or hear someLhlng Lhey sLarL Lhelr excesslve barklng. Lspeclally aL nlghL
Lhls can work on your nerves, as well as on your nelghbours. A flLLlng 8ach llower mlx can help Lo
reduce your dogs barklng.
="3-,-+&.' -'0&"+1
uogs wlLh separaLlon anxleLy or dogs LhaL cannoL be lefL alone are a common phenomenon.
Lspeclally dogs where Lhe owners are ofLen ouL of Lhe house can develop separaLlon anxleLy. 8ach
llowers can help your dog Lo sLay calm and be less anxlous when you are noL Lhere.

>5","'+9$*&-*+&% #.(*
?ou know Lhem, Lhose dogs LhaL go wlld as soon as Lhey see you. Some dogs are even so enLhuslasLlc
Lhey sLarL peelng on Lhe spoL! 8ach llowers can calm your dog down and make Lhem more peaceful.
A loL of dog behavlour problems have fear as Lhe underlylng cause. 1hls can come Lo show ln humble
behavlour buL also Lhe opposlLe, Lough and aggresslve behavlour. 8ach llowers can brlng Lhese
emoLlons ln balance and leL Lhe fears dlsappear.
@((,"**&5" 8"9-5&.$,
CerLaln dogs can be qulLe aggresslve, Lowards oLher dogs or even oLher people. 1hls dangerous
behavlour can however be LreaLed wlLh a flLLlng 8ach llower remedy. 8ecause of Lhls remedy you
can Lake your dog for a walk wlLh an easy hearL.
@#A$*+&'( +. - '"B "'5&,.'2"'+
When you boughL or adopLed a dog, you probably noLlced LhaL lL Look a whlle for hlm or her Lo ad[usL
Lo Lhe new envlronmenL. A loL of dogs experlence problems wlLh Lhls. A new envlronmenL causes a
loL of lnLernal Lenslon and sLress. WlLh Lhe help of Lhe 8ach llower mlx, your dog wlll feel
comforLable fasL ln hls new envlronmenL.
>5",61 *"0$-6 8"9-5&.$, CD6"( ,&#&'(EF
1he so called 'rldlng' LhaL your dog does on your or someone else's legs ls qulLe embarrasslng. Also
rldlng on oLher dogs ls very hard Lo unlearn. 8ach llowers can help Lo sLop Lhls domlnanL behavlour.
/,"-+&'( - +,-$2-
When your dog has had a LraumaLlc experlence he can be Loo aggresslve or Loo dependenL. WlLh Lhe
help of 8ach llowers Lhe dog has Lhe supporL he needs Lo cope wlLh Lhe Lrauma.
8ACP lLCWL8 Mlx lC8 uCCS

8ach llowers for dogs ls:
A personal comblnaLlon
8ased on Lhe behavlour LralLs of your dog
A 8ach llower remedy personally selecLed by 1om
Cffers fasL and good resulLs

=638 DG0I7/ :7/A0.6G @-? D0/ 36"A

8ach llowers can be used Lo LreaL behavlour problems ln caLs perfecLly. 1hls ls because a loL of
behavlour problems have an emoLlonal cause such as sLress, anxleLy, lnsecurlLy, eLc.
Powever, every caL has a dlfferenL characLer whlch resulLs ln a dlfferenL Lype of behavlour problems.
8ecause of Lhls l always work wlLh a personallsed 8ach llower Mlx. lf you have problems wlLh your
caL, conLacL me for free advlce. Mall Loday Lo Lom[bachfloweradvlce.com and you wlll recelve an
answer wlLhln 24 hours.
When a caL randomly sLarLs spraylng ln Lhe house you geL an annoylng smell and someLlmes even
maLerlal damage. 8ach llowers can help Lo reduce Lhls LerrlLorlal behavlour ln Lhe house.
=%,-+%9&'( G$,'&+$,"H #..,*H %$,+-&'*I
A caL loves Lo scraLch, and as long as she does Lhls on Lhe scraLchlng posL Lhere lsn'L any problem. 8uL
soon as Lhe caL sLarLs scraLchlng furnlLure, doors or curLalns Lhls can be very annoylng. A
personallsed 8ach llower Mlx can cure Lhls unwanLed behavlour and make sure your house wlll have
no more damage.
@#A$*+&'( +. '"B *&+$-+&.'*
A caL ls an anlmal LhaL has a loL of problems ad[usLlng Lo a new slLuaLlon. When you have a new
addlLlon Lo Lhe famlly, or furnlLure has moved, Lhe caL wlll seem ouL of lLs normal behavlour. 8ach
llowers wlll help her Lo glve lL all a place, whlch resulLs ln less unwanLed behavlour.
@((,"**&5" 8"9-5&.$,H +9" 3"+ -'# 8&+" *1'#,.2"
1he peL and blLe syndrome ls Lhe mosL common aggresslve behavlour wlLh caLs. When you peL a caL
she wlll suddenly Lurn around and blLe your hand. SomeLlmes she wlll even grab your hand wlLh her
fronL paws and Lry Lo klck you. A personallsed 8ach llower Mlx can deal wlLh Lhls behavlour, because
Lhe cause lles wlLh fear and a lack of LrusL.

:.+ 9.$*"+,-&'"#
8esldes spraylng, a caL can also pee ln Lhe house. 1hls ls also caused by emoLlons such as anger,
domlnance,and aggresslon. 8ach llowers can correcL Lhese emoLlons and makes sure your caL ls
houseLralned ln no Llme.
Some caLs are really anxlous. 1hls happens ln cerLaln clrcumsLances, such as a vlslLor or a mlnor
sound. 1hls causes your caL Lo flee, or causes your caL Lo reacL aggresslvely. A personallsed 8ach
llower Mlx can make sure your caL conquers Lhese fears and doesn'L reacL so ouL of conLrol
CaLs llke Lo be on Lhelr own, and when a new anlmal comes lnLo Lhe house Lhls can deflnlLely cause
some problems. 1he caL wlll noL LoleraLe anoLher caL ln her LerrlLory. 1hls lnLolerance also causes
aggresslve behavlour. 8ach llowers help Lo glve your caL geL more Lolerance and be more accepLlng
Lo Lhe newcomer.
8ach llowers for caLs
A personal comblnaLlon
8ased on Lhe behavlour LralLs of your caL
A 8ach llower remedy personally selecLed by 1om
lasL and good resulLs

D76/ 0D D-/7I0/JA I-"8 10FA

8ACP lLCWL8S CAn PLL ?Cu8 uCC Wl1P lLA8 Cl ll8LWC8kS
lear of flreworks ls common problem wlLh dogs. Many dogs fear for Lhelr llves when flreworks go off.
Some dogs panlc and run away, oLhers seek shelLer and shlver from fear. 1hey suddenly forgeL Lhelr
LolleL Lralnlng, bark or whlne excesslvely, and are lgnoranL of all oLher Lhlngs golng on around Lhem.
Cf course, Lhls ls all buL a comforLable slLuaLlon for your dog, buL nelLher ls lL for you. 8esldes, lL ls
also a very dlfflculL slLuaLlon Lo communlcaLe wlLh, or glve orders Lo your dog. ConsequenLly, a loL of
dog owners don'L really look forward Lo Lhe ChrlsLmas holldays and Lhe new ?ear. 1hey already
worry abouL how Lo geL Lhrough Lhem wlLh Lhelr anxlous dogs.
Avold fear of flreworks: sLarL on Llme wlLh 8ach llower mlx 100
lL ls recommended Lo sLarL a couple of weeks ln advance wlLh Lhe 8ach llower mlx 100 LreaLmenL.
1he 8ach llowers wlll Lake care of Lhe cause of Lhe fears of your dog. lf you know LhaL flre works are
belng held soon, for example on new ?ear's Lve, you may lncrease Lhe frequency of glvlng Lhe drops.
ln Llmes of exLreme sLress or fear you may admlnlsLer Lhe 8ach llower drops every 3 mlnuLes.
8ach llowers, 100 safe
1here are a loL of exlsLlng remedles Lo Lake away Lhe fear of flreworks wlLh dogs. neverLheless, Lhese
medlclnes are noL flL for longer perlods or dally use. 8esldes, many of Lhese LreaLmenLs resulL ln your
dog belng drugged or almosL paralysed. ?our dog wlll sLlll feel fear because of Lhe flreworks, buL Lhe
medlcaLlon wlll prevenL hlm/her Lo respond Lo hls/her fears because he/she ls Loo drowsy. 1he fear,
however, ls sLlll presenL lnslde. 8ach llowers ls a naLural remedy, lL has no slde effecLs, ls noL
addlcLlve and cannoL cause damage Lo Lhe physlcs or psyche of your dog. 1hey are 100 safe.

8ACP lLCWL8S lLA8 Cl ll8LWC8kS Wl1P uCCS"

8ach flower mlx n 100 helps your dog Lo:
reduce hls fear of flre works and loud exploslons,
avold sudden uncleanllness,
avold hldlng and seeklng shelLer,
excesslve barklng or howllng.