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Middlesex County College Psychology and Education Department Course Syllabus and Schedule Introduction to Psychology (PSY 123)

PSY-123 ntroductory Psychology !P M" #$%3#&M-1#%!#&M #$'#3'13 to 12'13'13

Professor: Pedro (ayas) EdD *Dr+ (, E-mail: pedro-.#/.0portal+middlesexcc+edu or psy1you0yahoo+com Office hours: a2ter class by appointment only ourse descri!tion: 3his course is an introduction to the psychological basis underlying human beha4ior+ t 5ill also pro4ide an o4er4ie5 o2 the sub6ect o2 psychology and its relation to other areas o2 human condition+ t is the goal o2 this course to enlighten the student to the many di22erent areas included in Psychology and ser4es as a basis 2or 2urther study in this discipline ourse o"#ecti$es: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of psychology as a science. 2. Articulate the general connections between psychology and biology 3. Classify the psychological theories of psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic

psychology as applied to personality theory. ist the psychological developmental stages and characteristics of human growth and development. !. "e aware of the theoretical underpinnings of psychological dysfunctions and the various types of therapies to address the dysfunctions.
4. ourse materials: 3he re7uired text 2or the course is% #ing, aura. $%perience &sychology 2nd

edition, 2'13. (ew )or*. +c,raw -ill &ublishers. .or the purpose of the content of this course, this te%tboo* will be the primary source of information. All other resources or materials used throughout will be complementary.
%dditional resources: 1+ 3he nternet 2+ Psychology 8ournals Database located in MCC 9ibrary ourse re&uirements and E$aluation 1+ :egular attendance% 2+ &cti4e participation in all class acti4ities 3+ ;ome5or< and assignments 1+ =nit >ui--es' Exams !+ ?amiliarity 5ith the pro4isions o2 the MCC students catalogue and Student ;andboo< 'aily Po(erPoint !resentations: Students 5ill be assigned to chapter topics 2rom the textboo< create a Po5erPoint 2ormat *!-. minutes per topic, and present it to the class+ You must create your o5n presentation@ ho5e4er) you are 2ree to expand your topic using the nternet+ 2 you 2ind a Po5erPoint on the topic assigned you can use it to complement yours) AB3 as a substitute+ 3his acti4ity 5ill ta<e place on 4arious class periods as assigned by the ?acilitator++ Students 5ho participate 5ill add one point per presentation to their 2inal score+ )he Psych 'etecti$e: (*hat+s the E$idence) Each student 5ill search the Psychology 8ournals Database) maga-ines) or the nternet 2or in2ormation on studies on Psychology issues and present it to the class in 2-3 minutes+ 3his acti4ity 5ill pro4ide you 5ith the opportunity to bring methods used and results and conclusions on current research done in psychological issues+ You

are 2ree to choose your topic as long as it is related to the topics discussed in the textboo<+ =se the table o2 contents to help you 2ind a topic+ "hen presenting) you must state% 1+ 3he title and purpose o2 the research 2+ 3he source o2 in2ormation 3+ 3he methodology used 1+ :esults and conclusion 3he pro2essor 5ill interrupt the class at any gi4en time and call you to present your 2indings+ &ll students must present) so) be prepared+++ you might be the 2irst one+++ or the nextCCC (*atch for (ords you can+t e$en !ronounce,,)- )his is a 2-3 minutes s!eech (oral !resentation) e.ercise- )here is no need to gi$e me anything in (riting)hree (3) /ournal %rticles summary criti&ues in *ritten and oral (Po(erPoint) Presentations: Summary criti&ue of studies on current !sychology issues: * nstructions 5ill be emailed to you,+ Student 5ill choose a related study 2rom one o2 the many Psychology 6ournals a4ailable+ You 5ill present a 5ritten summary criti7ue o2 articles related to psychology research studies *!-. typed pages long) &P& Style,, and a Po5erPoint presentation to the class o2 about ! minutes long+ *Please note% You must use the Psychology 8ournals database located in the 2irst 2loor o2 MCC 9ibrary 2or this acti4ity,+ Po(erPoint must include% & title slide 5ith your name) section number) topic title) and a Minimum o2 D *maximum .E content Po5erPoint slides,+ You 5ill present your Po5erPoint simultaneously 5ith the 5ritten summary criti7ue presentation+ - 0ule is12ee! it sim!le and1-short- 3extboo< in2ormation or copying text 5ord-2or-5ord 2rom other 5eb sites is not allo5ed+ &lso be mind2ul o2 copyright issues 5hen copying photos) diagrams) images) and 7uotes 2rom other sources+ Spelling) grammar) and other elements o2 5riting must be accurate and at the college le4el+ ourse E$aluation34inal 5rade% 3here 5ill be cumulati4e multiple choice chapters 7ui--es and tests and a 2inal exam+ &ll exams'7ui--es are 5orth 1## points altogether+ Class attendance'participation 5ill add 1# points to your 2inal score) ho5e4er you 5ill lose one point per e4ery class session missed) and one point per e4ery t5o times late o4er ! minutes+ Exams (ill not "e re!eated after due date + 2 you 2ail to ta<e an exam by the due date *See Course Schedule,) you may be eligible to ta<e a ma<eup test+ Makeup in class exams will be given simultaneously with the final exam. There is no makeup for the final exam. &bsences and missed 5or< are generally indications o2 a lac< o2 interest in) and diminished desire to) succeed in this course+ 5rading Scale% 4/'' 0 A 1''12! 3/3' 0 A1 2'124 3.!' 0 "5 42146 3.'' 0 " 4!143 2,3' 0 "1 4214' 2.!' 0 C5 32136 2.'' 0 C 3!13' 1.'' 0 D 6216! '.'' 0 . 64 and below Cumulati4e Points Aeeded 4'' 1 334 333 1 3!4 3!3 1 342 341 1 33' 322 1 314 313 1 3'2 3'1 1 234 233 1 2!2 2!4 1'

ollege Student 'emeanor% You 5ill be treated as an adult and you are expected to beha4e as one+ &rri4e on time) or early) and be prepared to participate in class discussions+ Cell phones and other electronic de4ices must be turned o22 be2ore entering the classroom 2or the duration o2 the class+ You are AB3 allo5ed to lea4e the class to ans5er phone calls+ 2 you do) please ta<e your bag and do not come bac<+ You 5ill be mar<ed absent 2or that class session+ &lso) unless you ha4e a medical condition) please limit the use o2 the rest room to one) i2 needed+ Fe considerate% E4ery time a student 5al<s in and out) the class is interrupted+

%ttendance36ateness 2 you registered 2or this class it is assumed that you agree to comply 5ith the class time2rame+ lass starts 7:38 %9 :S;%0P: If you come late !lease stay out- 'o not interru!t the class- &ttendance 5ill be ta<en at each class meeting+ :esearch consistently sho5s a positi4e connection bet5een on time'regular attendance and course success+ Excessi4e absence and tardiness 5ill lead to 2ailure+ %ssignments3Pro#ects39issing *or2% 3here 5ill be a number o2 assignments and class pro6ects to complete in a speci2ied time 2rame+ Class presentations and discussions 5ill 2ocus on assigned readings and home5or<+ Please Aote% You are responsible 2or an assignment e4en i2 you are absent 2rom class+ You are also responsible 2or all reading assignments e4en i2 there is not enough time to discuss them in class+ You 5ill need to de4ote personal time to prepare 2or this class and demonstrate your le4el o2 understanding by being able to explain the topic presented and relate it to other experiences+ You 5ill recei4e a # 2or missing graded or counted assignments+ YO< 9<S) ;%=E );E 6%)ES) E'I)IO> O4 );E )E?)@OOA and you must com!lete all graded and 3or counted assignments%cademic ;onesty: ;anding in 5or< obtained 2rom another source 5ithout gi4ing proper credit *citations) 2ootnotes etc+, or copying someone elseGs test ans5ers ma<es a student guilty in the 2irst instance o2 plagiarism and in the second o2 cheating+ Su22ice it to say) in both instances) the student is claiming someone elseGs 5or< as his'her o5n+ Cheating and'or plagiarism can lead to an ? in the course and) 2urther) to academic dismissal 2rom the College+ See the Student Code o2 Conduct) in your Path2inder *Student Manual)+ 'isa"ility %ccommodations% Students 5ith disability issues are encouraged to go to the Disabilities Ser4ices B22ice in Edison ;all H l##) or Call% D32-$#/-2!1/+ 5etting onnected on the ollege am!us% Success2ul students are connected to the college+ Participating in the 4arious college and students acti4ities help 5ith the social and academic integration process--bonding you to the college and your peers+ You are encouraged to Iget connectedJ+ You pro2it by ha4ing peers to tal< to and) li<e you) are continuously ad6usting to the college en4ironment+ You all ha4e much to tal< about and are in a position to support and help one another+ 3o continue 5ith your Kconnecting to the campusG process) you may 5ant to meet and collect the names and email addresses o2 at least three o2 your PSY 123 classmates+ &dd their names belo5+ You may 5ant to create a study group+ n the 5orld o2 5or<) pro2essional teams 5or<ing together on a problem see the 4alue o2 multiple perspecti4es 2or 2inding a solution+ "or<ing in a group in college 5ill ma<e course5or< easier+ AameLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLemail addressLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AameLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLemail addressLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AameLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLemail addressLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL %cti$e 0eading% Bne o2 the phrases you 5ill 2re7uently hear at college is Iacti4e reading)J 3o be an acti4e reader you 5ill ha4e to consciously 5or< to de4elop special reading comprehension s<ills+ Bne aspect o2 Iacti4eJ reading occurs 5hen you buy your textboo<s+ Fe an acti4e reader and examine the textMbe2ore the course begins+ You begin your examination o2 a text boo< 5ith the 2irst page *<no5 the title and the author,+ Scan the table o2 contents) chapters and the index+ &s you scan) you can gain an impression o2 the depth and scope o2 the text--5hat is going to be expected o2 you) the student) ho5 the author*s, presents ne5 material) ideas and concepts+ Scan the 5hole textboo< and thin< about 5hat you ha4e learned in the past about the topics co4ered+ Fe 5ise and use the SB30s

ourse Schedule *NSchedule is 6ust a guide and is sub6ect to change as the need arises,+ Class dayN $'1 $'$-11 $'1/-1. $'23 $'2! $'3#-1#'2 1#'D 1#'$ 1#'11 1#'1/ PSY 123-CP - 4all 2813 - 9onday-*ednesday D 7:38-18:C8am 0E%'I>5 %SSI5>9E>)S ntroduction) Syllabus+ 8ournals topics presentations explained Chapter 1- 3he science o2 Psychology Chapter 2% 3he brain and beha4ior Chapter 3% Sensation and Perception Chapter 1% States o2 Consciousness Chapter !% 9earning In class e.am 1 ( ha!ters 1 to C) Chapter /% Memory >o lass ollege closed olum"us day

4irst Summary research article and PP assignment '<E ( 18 !oints) 2 you miss this date you missed 1# points o2 your 2inal score 1#'1!-1D Chapters D% 3hin<ing) 9anguage and ntelligence 1#'21-23 Chapter .% ;uman De4elopment 1#'2.-3# Chapters $% Moti4ation 11'1-/ 11'11 11'13 11'1. 11'2# 11'2! 11'2D 12'2 12'1 12'$ 12'11 Chapter 1#% : Personality >o lass ollege closed =eterans day

In class e.am 2 ( ha!ters E to 18) Second Summary research article and PP assignment '<E ( 18 !oints) 2 you miss this date you missed 1# points o2 your 2inal score Chapter 11% Social Psychology Chapter 12% Psychological Disorders Chapter 13% 3herapy Chapter 11% ;ealth Psychology In class e.am 3 ( ha!ters 11 to 1F) )hird /ournal (ritten summary3Po(er Point Presentations 2 you miss this date you missed 1# points o2 your 2inal score 4I>%6 E?%9 (In lassG @ased on the Pre$ious )hree E.amsG ha!ters 1-1F)

4O0 B<ES)IO>S %@O<) S ;OO6 I>4O09%)IO>3S ;OO6 6OSI>5 H32-78E-2CCC 9 (e" site: (((-middlese.cc-edu