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The National Education Policy.

National Education Policy enshrined in the Education Act 1961 is based on reports Razak Rahman Talib Report 1956and 1960 Amon! other !oals o" the National Education Association is to create a united #alaysian society Amon! the steps taken to meet the !oals o" the National Education Association in "osterin! national unity and inte!ration such as usin! #alay lan!ua!e as a medium o" instruction in schools and institutions o" hi!her learnin!$ pro%ide uni"orm curriculum content "or all schools in #alaysia and carryin! out e&tra'curricular acti%ities (sports) National unity also can be fortified via education such as vision school concept, teachers role at the school and the education system. Vision School concept involves putting a national school and one or two another vernacular schools together at the same site to share common facilities such as theschool canteen and sports ground. The close proximity between the students of various races as wellas organised activities between the schools will encourage greater interaction between them andfoster national unity. Students who have been a part of a vision school can contribute more to thecountry when they grow up because of their strong bonding among each other. Moreover, studentsnowadays spent most of their time at the school rather than house. Teachers, especially, play asignificant role in encouraging racial understanding outside the home. In this situation, teachers mustplay their important role to educate and nurture the spirit of unity among them. Teachers also mustshow the good attitude because they are role model for their students .In addition, with a unified education system, the government could use education as a tool to build thenation and foster unity through a common syllabus and curriculum. This could be further achievedwith a single national language as the main medium of instruction in schools and university.Teachers also must be provided with a standardized form of training in teachers training colleges.!ence, national unity can be strengthen via education such as vision school concept, teachers role at the school and the education system.

"Malaysia concept must start in schools

I #$$%#&' the attempts made by $rime Minister 'atu( Seri )a*ib Tun +aza( in promoting racial integration through the "Malaysia concept. Malaysians have been encouraged to get to (now the cultures and observances of other races, as it would rid them of pre*udiced views of others. ,hile this effort may pave the way for better and deeper understanding among the various races, I am of the opinion that it will not see the necessary results, unless they are inculcated at a young age. To me, Malaysians can achieve a considerable level of harmony and unity if such values are instilled in children and what better place to start than in schools. Most children have no -ualms about mixing with their peers of different racial or religious bac(grounds, and school authorities and the .overnment should zoom in on schoolchildren to ensure that its efforts at promoting racial integration pay off. ,hen schoolmates of different racial bac(grounds get along well, it will not ta(e long for their parents to ma(e that extra effort to get to (now their children/s friends and their parents, who in turn may become their friends too. 0nce children have a networ( of friends from different bac(grounds, they will certainly loo( beyond race, colour or religion and we will eventually have a generation of "Malaysians. My other suggestion is for all public schools to be converted to national schools. !owever, the 1ducation Ministry should see to it that each school has a good mix of all the races. The ministry and state education departments must ma(e it a point to ensure that there is a racial -uota, and that students from each community are well represented in each school. The same should be done for school teachers, for only then can we truly say that there is racial integration.