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3M Highlighter Video Case Study 1.(a) How did 3Ms David Windorski get ideas ro!

"ollege students to hel# hi! in designing the inal "o!!er"ial version o the $ost%it& 'lag Highlighter( (b) How were these ideas i!#ortant to the su""ess o the #rodu"ts( A) David uses the information conducted from given the highlighter pens to students and receiving feedback for the innovation of products by forms that they sent back. David also interviews other students for getting more ideas. B) The idea was important because it is product which based on the real need of customers. Moreover, it is a great idea and uni ue product in the Market. ). What (a) s#e"ial advantages and (b) #otential #ro*le!s did 3M have in introdu"ing a new highlighter%with% lags #rodu"t or "ollege students in )++,( -dvantages $otential #ro*le!s - A product based on real needs of - Although this is a creative product customers research. A creative idea for highlight pens. !reating convenience for users. "irst mover in the market, because #M is the only suppliers for this kind of special pens. $o they have the right for pricing the product and so on. by doing marketing with research carefully, it may be possible to re%ect by the users out of the research. The target customers are students so #M needs a very good pricing strategy. Advertising is always costly and this is a new product so it needs a lot of advertising activities. #M needs to locate the store carefully to avoid being in the wrong places from target customers or not being accepted by the retails due to new product.

3. Visit your "ollege *ookstore *e ore you answer. ( a) Where would you dis#lay the $ost% it& 'lag Highlighter in a "ollege *ookstore and ( b) How "an the dis#lay in"rease student awareness o the #rodu"t( A) &nfortunately, '(& has no book store. )owever, ( think the best place to sell this highlighter is in the library and ne*t to the tables for reading. B) The display should be colorful to attract the students and big enough for them to see but not too big for them to hate the product. ,. .n what ways !ight 3M try to #ro!ote its $ost%it& 'lag Highlighter and !ake students !ore aware o the #rodu"t( #M can use some marketing way like+ - Advertising in the social network+ By posting some articles about the benefits and differences when using this product or create several events for competitors to how well you know about this product, #M !ompany can increase the attention of their main customers , teenager or students. - Advertising in the T-+ this is the traditional way but always be effective. - "ace to face+ the best way to introduce this product is going to universities and schools and talking with main customers. (t make the students have good impression about #M and its products. - .ive away activities+ give out some sample products for consumers, especially students. /. What are (a) the s#e"ial o##ortunities and (b) #otential "hallenges or 3M in taking its $ost%it& 'lag Highlighter into international !arkets( ( c) 0n whi"h "ountries should 3M o"us its !arketing e orts( "irst, the #M have a lot of special opportunities and potential challenges because when they taking their product into international markets, it will help not only students but also some officers can take note some vital information. Moreover, its products are also currently established products and they have less competitors than some other company certainly, which also gives them the amount of potential buyers indispensably. (n addition, a student or officer can use some different colours and that is also an appropriate opportunity to get more benefits from customer all over the world. #M should focus its marketing efforts in some populous countries because those are consuming their product more than some other countries. )owever, they should also concentrate on affluent countries because of they are potential consumption.