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Introduction to Business Law Business Case Fajrullah 1310531076 Disney in France Disney as a company that de eloped the concept

o! a theme par" in the #usiness has earned a pro!it in the $nited %tates and &apan' (he ne)t step underta"en Disney is tryin* to enter the +uropean mar"et, in this case -aris as the main tar*et' .hy -aris is used as the city that will #e #uilt ne)t amusement par"/ .hy not choose another city/ Disney ar*ued that -aris was chosen !or se eral reasons, the !irst o! a#out 17 million +uropeans li e less than two hours journey to -aris, and a#out 310 million can !ly to -aris at the same time' %econd, the amount o! attention -aris city *o ernment that o!!ers more than one #illion dollars in a ariety o! incenti es, and the e)pectation that the project will create 30,000 jo#s' But what happened/ In practice some o! the issues !acin* Disney amon* others #oycott the openin* ceremony #y the French culture minister, and Disney !ailure to o#tain tar*eted isitors comin* and e)pected re enue' .hy can/ (his is due to the assumption o! Disney errors tastes and choices o! consumers in France' (his is due to cultural di!!erences, Disney considers patterns o! corporate culture which has #een success!ully implemented in the $nited %tates and &apan will pre ail also in France, it did not' For e)ample, !irst, Disney policy to not pro ide alcoholic #e era*es at the amusement par", is #ad #ecause in -aris it was customary to ha e lunch with a *lass o! wine' Both assumptions that Friday will #e more crowded than %unday, it turns out the opposite' (hird, Disney does not pro ide a #rea"!ast o! #acon and e**s as cool #y consumers, #ut instead pro ide co!!ee and croissants' Li"ewise with teamwor" models were applied, Disney try applyin* a similar model o! teamwor" made in the $%0 and &apan, which cannot #e accepted #y the employees o! Disney in -aris' Disney also error estimates that +uropeans will spend their time in the par", was wron*' Failure and error patterns that do Disney corporate culture in -aris, due to an error in the interpretation o! culture' Disney assume that what #e applica#le and success!ul in the $%0 and &apan will succeed anyway in France' Disney should conduct research #e!orehand a#out how the culture o! the French company that cultural patterns can #e adapted to the local culture and applied in France' 0nd a!ter Disney chan*ed his strate*y is to chan*e the name o! his company to Disney land -aris, chan*e o! !ood and clothin* to suit the local cultural pattern, one1third cut tic"et prices, Disney pro ed the num#er o! isitors has increased in -aris'