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Inspired by bed linens

Dreamin' Vintage invites you to remember the past.

Cheerful florals and cool
geometrics play together in this fun

from the 50's and 60's,

and retro collection.

We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry. - E. B. White I have been sewing since I was 11, but crafting nearly all my life. From mud pies to friendship bracelets and collages made from magazine clippings, Ive always felt a strong urge to make things. I taught myself to sew with the help of my mother, who always encouraged craftiness. Throughout high school I sewed tote bags and small projects, but eventually other hobbies took precedence. When I went away to college, I dragged along my trusty sewing machine and sewed off and on when I found time between classes. Finally, I moved into an apartment and made my first quilt. I have been hooked ever since! My favorite part of the sewing process is fabric and color selection, I love nothing more than to be surrounded by fabric. It feels natural to be entering into the realm of fabric design with my first fabric collection, Color Me Retro. Im still trying to find my style. One side of me loves clean, minimalist designs with limited colors and patterns. The other side loves patchwork goodness, sweet vintage florals, and an explosion of color. One thing is for certain; I love a bit of whimsy! In addition to sewing, my hobbies include photography, baking, and collecting vintage kitchenware and linens. I currently live in Wisconsin with my pet bunny, George.

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e Treasu Cottag res 4 2 0 Pin 0 5 k V D

riangularily Your T s Ca 028 0 rr 5 ot V D

uite Lovely 27 Q Su 0 0 -5 gar V D

ty 2 Pret Poesies 2 0 L -50 im V D e

azy Daisy Ra 0 L 2 0 spb 50 err V D y

onal Melod 23 T ie B 0 0 -5 V lus D h

027 -50 DV

Quite Lovely S uga r

029 -50 DV
Sweet Meado w Ro se

Jolly Dots 0026 5 Pet al DV

Sweet Meadow 029 O -60 r chi DV d

025 -60 DV

Pop L a Mod v end er

Jolly Dots L 026 ilac -60 DV

024 -60 DV

Cottage Treasur es

B er r

Pretty Poesie s 022 Ja -60 m DV

loomery 021 B Citr -60 o n ell DV e

021 -60 DV

mery C i t r Bloo one lle

Lazy Dai s y 020 Plu -60 m DV

Mod Pop Carna 5 2 tion 500 DV

020 -60 DV

Lazy Daisy P lum

023 -60 DV

Tonal Melodie F res h

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