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Workshop: Standards of Performance

TASKS Needs Improvement Adequate Excellent

Average MD Calls per Less than 15 Call average per day: 16 MDs or less than 17
Day 15 MDs/per day

Call Planning: Plans for Call Planning: Less than Call Planning: 100%
each call and consults MD 100%
Professional and Personal
Data Cards

Post Call Analysis and Md Cards have less than All cards have a More than 6 data entries
Fills up Md Data Card 6 data per 6 mos. minimum of 6 data per per Md Card
six mos.

Physician Selection and Updates less than 5 % Updates 5% MDs every Updates 7-8%MDs every
Classification:. MDs every 6 mos. 6 mos. 6 mos

Visits the right Doctors Visits less than 95% AA Visits 95% of all AA MD Visits more than 95%

with the right frequency MDs. No missed AA MD calls

Workshop: Standards of Performance


Customer Rapport: Makes Fills and uses personal Fills personal d-base Fills and uses personal
productive use of personal d-base less than 80% 80% d-base 90% of Top 20
rapport to in«ease sales of of Top 20 MDs: O Top 20 MDs: MDs:
Company products.
Few repeat orders Lots of repeat orders Lots of repeat orders

Medical and Product Answers less than 90% of Answers 90% of Answers 95% of
Knowledge: Demonstrates Customer´s questions Customers questions Customers´questions
current technical knowledge
and uses same to sell the
company's products.

Account Selection and Creates 1 New Customer Creates more than

Coverage: Selects and calls on Visits 4 or less per wk. 1/day
All pharmacies and account as Accounts/day Visits 5-7 Accounts/day
Visits 5-7 Accounts/day

Resource Management: Main- When Sales performance is
Tains and cost-effectively 100%, Resource
Utilizes company property. More than 105% utilization=100-105% Less than 100%

Meetings: Attends and No absences. No absences. No absences.

Participate at meetings. Average score in Tests=89% Average score in Tests=90% Average score in Tests=95%
Completes study assignments. Or lower.

CME Activities - : Organizes 5 or less MDs / per seminar 6 or more MDs/per seminar 9 or more MDs/per seminar
And conducts CME activities,
e.g., video showings, doctor 1 Seminar/mo. or none 2 Seminar / month 2-3 Seminar / month
meetings, congresses, symposia.

Distributor Salesmen;
Coordinates with and motivates Meeting with Distributor Meeting with Distributor
Distributor salesmen, discusses Rarely Meets with Salesmen Salesmen
Monthly Distributor
Sales plan, identifies problem Salesmen Once a month More than once a month
Accounts, monitors weekly sales.

TASKS Needs Improvement Adequate Excellent

Other Promotional Activities: Rarely organizes promotional Organizes one Promotional Organizes at least 2
Organizes other types of activities Activity per month promotional activities
Promotional activities, e.g., free per month
clinics, group presentations to nurses,
pharmacy clerks, exhibit selling,

Less than 5 Products per year One Products per year in 2 Products per year in 85% of
Hospital Formularies:
in 80% of potential 80% of potential formularies potential formularies listing
Organizes the timely inclusion formularies listing listing
Of Company's products in the
Hospital formularies.