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Genesis 1:26

"Then God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness..."

God created man and put him on earth. The true origin of man is God. He only stays on earth.
Man's true culture was just the behavior of God. There was no culture on earth then. As man
sinned and disconnected from God, He lost sense of the behavior of God. And for them to relate
with one another, they formed a culture (way of life) that could create order in the midst of them.
As humanity began to expand, they began to follow the culture formed by humans. They called
themselves by the name of the person, who began their race.

After the tower of Babel's experience, many languages were being released from heaven upon
humanity. This made people to separate and joined themselves with those, who can understand
them; and then, different groups were formed.
God did this in order to fill the earth with people, so that his aim- cultivating the earth- will be
As the people separated, many more cultures were being formed. The more they separated, the
more cultures were formed; and this continued until the earth was filled with populations (about
6 billion now).


Remember this; the race of Adam was not recorded. Now, there are black, white and red race,
even more yet undiscovered. The reason for culture is to create order among same race.
But as people continued to migrate from one place to the other, kingdoms began to emerge, and
nations began to be formed via colony, and there followed the formation of continents. This is
called 'The metamorphosis of continent.' It is the amalgamation of kingdoms into a nation, and of
nations to continent. Today, many nations have different cultures and race, while some have just
one culture and one race.

Then, everywhere was filled with different culture. And because man was created with the
instinct of worship, humanity from kingdom to kingdom made for themselves idles of different
kind; hence, many kingdoms lack the knowledge of the true God and the true culture- God's way
of life.

Thank God for whom He is! He never gave up on humanity, but he went after man from time to
time. He then found a man called Abraham, through whom he raised up a nation that produced a
woman by whom God came down in form of a man (through Jesus Christ) in order to reach the
world with the knowledge of the lost culture- God's way of life.

To bring you to conclusion, the whole world is going to a point. We shall all leave this earth and
all languages and cultures will disappear because their aim is over at that time; but God's way of
life continues with the redeemed that have come to the knowledge of this truth and embraced it.
They will all speak one language (heavenly language), and live with one culture (God’s way of
Remember, there shall be a new heaven and a new earth. The redeemed will live in the new earth
after this dispensation (Revelation 20, 21). To those who are racists, what color of skin will they
have then? By rapture- the disappearance of the redeemed from this earth- we will all leave this
natural body and put on the celestial (angelic) body (1Corinthians 15:16-49). If I may ask, what
color is it? This is to tell you that color does not mean anything to God. It is just like the paint
over a building. It will disappear after the rapture. What matters is your spiritual man, created in
God's image.

So, stay focused in God till we meet next time. Remember, you are too important to me. God
bless you real good.

Pastor Harrison.