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SN Kansagra School

An Ethic of Excellence

Name: Sanjay Nath Critical Friend: Poorvi Doshi Work Area: S N K main ICSE Geography and Environmental Science Grade : Middle school and High School Std 9,10 and 12 S N Kansagra School, Rajkot, India

Introduction: my views
This book inspires me a lot, I wonder the amount of patience and perseverance the Author bestow with. He commit to nothing less than the best. The amazing idealism just appear to so realistic, his wisdom and immense craftsmanship with in bring out the best of his work to showcase and inspire to create the master among the youngs.

An ethic of excellence is an excellent effort of author where one can sense the blend of present ideas with the real learning. The examples simply boost up the thinking and thought process of guru/educationalist, also for those in the noble profession; The work of the Author really arise and trigger many questions to ponder upon and many to upset and few to celebrate and too many to learn and appreciate the author work. Its was like a short journey for me while I was reading and understanding the work of the author, however certainty for Ron Burger that was a real epic journey of an teacher to became an craftsman and bestow with the title of craftsmanship, respect for his exceptional work. Positively this reading is helping a lot and makes me understand to certain extent how meaningful and important to craft young master to master craftsmen, that is the real way to create the culture and it should be, for such reforms and change we need a special architecture, with the present model I have many examples and instances to wonder, value and appreciate. In carpentry there is no higher compliment builders give to each other than this: This guy is a craftsman. Even I want my students to be real and genuine craftsman, master of one best thing that he can work and create wonder in this world. But in our present setup our students not able to explore and practice what really they could. This doesnt mean student not putting effort to achieve the excellence and quality in their work, but the duration and method need to be improvise. Just like when an engineer wants to build an structure or building, first they work and plan for where to keep the foundation and make it strong enough to sustain any shake. I really able to recall the group of students form grade 9, they were five, but for me they were 50. Yes, task was to map the SNK main building, floor wise. Surprisingly they use integration of many methods and tools, like measuring tape, one was good in maths, sketch man, second was good at making the blue print of the floor, third was taking the evidences of working
QQC- Sanjay Nath

duration, keeper and resource man, forth was good in visualisation and sense of direction, fifth one was the creative men the presenter. The project they compiled at the end was their own master piece includes the blend of maths, art, creativity, presentation and above all collaboration. The project what they crafted was excellent . I present to all the group of fives work Our concern seems to be cantered on testing and ranking ranking students, schools, and districts over and over again. I believe our concern should be centred on what we can do in our schools and communities to bring out the best in kid. Our students have to undergo many test and long exams, mainly written work. But what is important here after evaluation, does the students really retain the learning. In our education system, still the evaluation method not so effective. There is a tug of war between the old method and smart/improvise method (skill base learning). The blend of traditional approach with new tested method will bring out the skills and potential of the learner in far better way. Today students are more expose to the dynamics of everything, events around the world, in all the sectors, we just have to guide their approach and facilitate their cause and idea. By doing this we will able to give more with effective manner. One such example our CCCA evaluation method for geography subject for std 9 ICSE, here students are not evaluated for something base on reading and writing in exam. In this approach skill of observation and interpretation is consider for evaluation. Like students has to observe one set of rock samples and identify on the basis of certain parameters. In this situation students have to use the skills of comparison, distinguish, analysis, observation and recall. In this manner learners skills has been experienced and is more realistic and the learning visible. Above all, creating opportunities in class and the environment for learners should be the main approach for the facilitator to bring out the best qualities in our students; such effect will create the culture of skills base learning and better community for our future generation. The key to excellence is this : it is born from a culture, through society debates the question of whether schools should teach values, the process of schooling itself imbues values we have no choice about this. Excellence is what? It is natural and born from culture, and in the present scenario inculcating cultural values in the students life will plays an important role in future. School teach us to became the master of subject and earn own living. But no books or journal will teach us the values of life and experiences, thats come from good practice and good learning. Truly speaking any school, ethically wants to teach values but values cant be taught, here we can create the environment and situation where, students learn by their own and
QQC- Sanjay Nath

understand the importance of things in life and value it, thats is the point when real value education and learning starts. For instance our school, inculcating values education among the students is not an easy task, this required lot of perseverance and deep understanding for both the ends, like the receiver and the giver. At every subject level we are putting lot of effort to learn/teach the objective and the core concepts, with in every core concept there is always a space for values to add. Like std 10 ICSE have topic of soil and natural vegetation connected with climate and surrounding of our planet, here the value that one can bring out is conservation of natural resources and nurturing nature, this is the turning point from where students starts to realise and make little effort to do something towards conservation.

QQC- Sanjay Nath