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Mi ake: =: 50+ PROJECTS HOMEGROWN ~ DRONES! FUN « PRACTICAL : EASIER THAN EVER MAKERMEDIA makezine.com WEEKEND PROJECTS ren POWERED BY Build “Drawdio,” a simple electronic sound synthesizer mounted on a pencil Designed by Jay Silver, then student in the Life- long Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. the Drawdio circuit plays @ musical tone with a frequen- cy that varies based on the resistance between two points. The wire wrapped around the pencil handle is one point, and the pencil lead itself is another ‘When you hold Drawdio in yourhand, your body becomes part of the resistive loop, and you can do allkinds of fun tricks, ike draw yourself a piano and playa little tune! The Drawdio circuit is based on the classic 555 timer chip. To save space on batteries, we're using amore modern low-power version of the 555 that will run on 3 volts, but otherwise it behaves just like astandard 555. Wired like this, the 555 operates in so-called astable mode, outputting a continuous stream of pulses from pin 3. The frequency of those pulses can be controlled by changing the values of the resistors and capacitors connected to pins 2 ADVERTORIAL and 7. Since the contacts are arranged to put the user's body into the resistive loop, the frequency ‘output by the 555 naturally varies depending on what she or hes touching, The transistor amplifies those pulses, which emerge from the speaker as audible sound —Sean Michae/Ragan, MAKE Technical Edftor: Michael Colombo. MAKE Online Contributor Learn to build an analog sound synthesizer that piggybacks on top ofa pencil! 1. Test-fit the components on the perfooard, PY y | Det 2, Cutandstrip the grip and graphite leads. 2a For complete instructions and details on this project visit: tadioshackdiy.com/drawdio 33, Solder the compon the speaker to the per indattach cl 4. Attach the perfooard and battery holder to the pencil 55. Secure the graphite lead tothe top witha thumbtack 6. Secure the grip lead with electrical tape. CONTENTS COLUMNS Welcome 0 Reader Input 08 AllArtis Made by Makers 10 Hackschooling " Made on Earth 2 FEATURES Shitting Gears 2 Radically Cheap mw Inijet Maniac 2B DRONES Flight ofthe Drones 2 Anatomy of a Drone 3 Fat sv sa Aerial Videography 36 iets sean World of Drones 40 Unrate tombe Quadcopter Photogrammetry 42 Haneoper ‘UAV 4b Drone Buyer's Guide 49 FPV Fundamentals 50 Custom-Crafted Multicopters 52 f a No Man's Land 3 ede 5 Quad Squad 54 SKILL BUILDERS Finding YourWaywith GPS 58 i Gating OutAround the World 62 Sensor Smirgisbord PROJECTS Luminous Lowtops 6 Saltand Pepper Well 70 Library Box - " , ‘ % Zombie Flashight % Lense Pst Guar 76 Remaking listen Three DayKinchh 82 2 makezine.com FLIGHT OF THE DRONES Here's looking at you new platforms for ‘arial imaging. 32 123: Glider Launcher The Amateur Scientist «Soa cau dag Chameleon Bag t Toy Inventor's Notebook shape Enough Already Bass Bump 123: Self-Filling Pet Water Bowd Bamboo Hors d'Ocuvre Tray id c Mini Blind Minder ett ay one GPS Cat Tracker CNC Air Raid Siren, ni Glow Plug 3D Printer Extruder Howtons ly nam a Homebrew Pinball Machine TOOLBOX Toot Reviews Books ile aie New Maker Tech nth pt nh 8 9 12 100 104 106 7 You can’t stop innovation... ‘iy TIERTIME UP! mini UP Plus? 2 Available at: amazon.com. —s , ~~ Ff iting == — | UP! Create! Innovateias Maker Profile: RC Dragster Sports lio Floyd builds high performance frames and drive trains for RC dragster cars with his Tormach PCNC 1100, These dragsters are powered by Lithium batteries and race ‘ona I/10ch scale quarter mile rack that is 132 feet long, His record is 149 seconds at over 90 miles per hour. Learn more at www tormach comidragsters. f. PONG 770 Series 3 |” www.tormach.com/dragsters “One finds limits by pushing them.” Herbert Simon Make: Mark Frauenfelder — Sten Hotbrook {aura Cochrane Arwen OReilyGrifith Craig Couden Brian Jepson Patrik DLJusto ‘Anna Kazlunas France Cte Clu a ke oy ot timo Foret Sa St Shin, 1 makezine.com DateDousherty aioe ‘Jason Babler Sana Brown delve Braveeman ‘Nat Witon-Heckathorn Emmanuel Mota Dani Spangler Parker Thomas: Jake Spurtock Cole Geissinger Bil olson David Beauchamp ‘Amy Woods Cee Sees Sherry Huss ‘saues cecly Benzon Brigit Kunde Miranda Mager Mara Lineatn Suzanne Huston Kevin Oushue David Watta Heather Harmon ochran yen a0 Rob Bullington Heather Brundage Nana Budantsey Erie Weinottor Nichaa Castor MaRKeriNe: Vickie Welch MegMason Karlee Vincent Courtney Lente wacen rain Bridgette Vandertaan ‘Sabrina Meri Daniel Randolph Dale Dougherty, CEO fier ies ea CONTRIBUTORS What fantastic contraption would you love to build? Tom Kuehn NG futhos My Own ‘contraption wouldbe tobuid ahouse trom the ground up-Tnehause would bepowered by renewables, have stmartadative nergy conta ith Sencarstadetectanapredct your abt and be cenraliyconlios Andwab are Also there would betrap coors bookcase levers, and eating replace doors) Skyler Tiffin ‘alr Sa Fling Pet Water Bowl 92 My conraption would becaltesthe Pack ‘emp would ut ryhomework nto my backpack ‘techool when lose my locker ‘Wien open up my locker again, ‘books soul be m my bg and Touldgohare without havingo pack stutfup, Mika Hart Autor ding Your thetridum Saale Networkin Your Projet p58 Inthe te 1970 was swetinte the bre roling balclock od ver see, ve been ental byralingball andmechaniat fulpure. arto make a big “imekeeping deve hat tes latzof ping song als being blown pinto and laling oto rays ‘foverhend PYC tube, gted by ‘ero conralled sre pdt Hove lending old ‘styl tech with new ideas. A steam pow ‘Sed quadcopter wih auntage Platecamerawouldbeaun Ehalleng! Clayton iehter Ps. 66 ‘Aantal conrap- fiontat ould te tomate sapen tha recordswhatyoudra tod Siprstunmperesone vsonfyouware Wbockand forth Witiam Grassi Photogrammetry 2 Js tor bck as! ‘canrememberl have alvays been enarpored of ight. welding ‘ee dy bull my aun custom Sesigned aera. Spacecraft Studios invites you to launch your own creativity Alison Mertick's SpaceCraft ‘Stuatos is a unique blend of a workroom studio space and retail shop with handorafted gits ana DIY kits. The studio offers classes including sewing, knitting, soreen printing, jewelry-making, paper- making, soap-making, gla etching, soldering, metal stamping {and many more Te sco is equpoed withthe traditional too and supplies you'd expect ina crafting space, as well asa cia fabric printer, aditive QD printer and digitizer — and now the Handibot Smart Tool. Alison explained, "I want to lean all | can about the Handbot tool so I can help others integrate It into making.” Her husband, Dan Bradley, a software engineer, is fascinated by the possbilites of app development for the Handibot tool and c Alison said, "To me, there's a natural connection between MMR: Chaticsion Si making and education. We leam by making. So as | dreamt BUSINESS SpaceCraftStudios.com cf having my own company, | saw a need for a place where ShlossGr Tee Haruissls saan poeer Tool people can gather and be inspired and make things... | want to helo empower people to start making the things in their world themselves and see whore it can take ther." The Handibot Smart Toot is a subtractive digital fabrication tool for cutting in woods, plastics, soft metal and more. Unlike “traditional” CNC tools, it's easy to take to any jobsite; you Just bring the tool to your work. And it can be run by apps from smartphones or tablets. You can put the Handibot to work with no previous training in CAD or CNC. The Handibot development team is crowdsourcing app ideas now. Submit yours for a chance to win cool Handi-swag! Visit handibot.com. Hanivot® and the Handlvot logo are trademarks of ShopBot Tools, Ine WELCOME: Your Drone makezine.com/37 WRITTENBY DALEDOUGHERTY, founderandCEOof Maker Media. Not everybody likes the word drone — industry and military experts avoid using ‘the "D word” in public. They prefer the term “unmanned aerial system or vehicle” and associated acronyms UAS or UAV. Despite plenty of misgivings about military and ‘spy drones, the word drone has become widespread and popular, used with great ‘enthusiasm by habbyists who hang out on the DIY Drones site and by professional ‘aerial photographers ike the LA-based Drone Dudes. $o what isa drone? ‘The original meaning of drone is a male bee. The body ofa drones bigger than all, ‘other bees lexcept the queenl, but what physically distinguishes a drone is a larger pair of compound eyes. Yet drones have no eal work to do but epraduce. They make late afternoon flights to whats called a congregation area, where drones gather looking to mate witha virgin queen. Once these bees succeed, however land they perform this act in mid-air, the drones fall, ‘ut of the sky, having left an essential body part behind. That’ all that drones do. “The notion that a drone doesn't have much work ofits awn leads toa secondary definition ofa drone as someone wa lives off the work of others — a parasite Infact atthe end of summer, the worker bees kick the remaining drones out ofthe hive. They ‘ea too much and do too litle. They can be replacedin the spring Thishelps sot up the problem. We not ontyneed to figure outa definition for drones, we also have to gure aut what they're going to do — and not do. White some agree that drones are unmanned, thers pent out that they're piloted, preferring the acronyen RPA Tor “remotely piled aireraf.” That wouldn't diferentiate drones fom remote-contralatcraf, but itemphasizes that 2 human, who can be held responsible, is atthe contels. A drone can be operated marvaly ort an be programmed to fellow 2 fed ight plan. The distinguishing feature ofa drone seemstobe the promise of autonomy Today, a ypical ight consists of switching between manval fight and autpit. How ‘much further might ito? Gwen the right instrumentation and the ability to process that data, coulda drone be programmed to make context-aware decisions particularly cones that humans are not very good at? A drone might datect problems before they cceur, such as responding to gusts of wind or avoiding unexpected obstacles. drone righ also beable to cornmurieat with other drones Cana drone be considered a robot, able to obey Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics? We need drones that explicitly avoid harming humans and can att protect themselves from destruction. We should expect this much from any fully autonomous vehicle. drone then might be said to havea ‘mind of ts own, Until such time, however, that responsibilty falls on the person fying the rane, When you fla drone, ou aren't Justa user —you'rea pilot. You must protect your equipment, yourself, and ‘most importantly ather people. Abad or incompetent plat can injure people or invade thee privacy. I's not alot diferent fom owning a pet or a car {Good pilots, lke the Drone Dudes, worry that bad or careless plots will garner the publi’ attention, create a climate of fear, and cause governments to restrict or eliminate drones for commercial or recreational use. The reason we need bet- ter technologyis that few of us are very good pitts. For makers, the most interesting challenge isnt just building drones or fying them, Its discovering what drones are good for, what creative uses they have, ‘and what tough problems they might sole Otherwise, planes and quadcopters will, be sold only as tays, nat tools, and many people will discard them once they ose interest in their playthings. We're hoping » spend one fll day a week interning at either Moment Skis in Reno, Nev, oF Bigtruck Brand in Truckee, Cal »» Fm a member of the Squaw Valley Kids Institute, a community of kids who study interesting world thinkers and activist, lke Joel Salatin and Sir Ken Robinson. Before these speakers present ta hundreds of Tahoe locals, we get to sit inatiny huddle, shoulder-to-shoulder, ‘and ask them our prepared questions. >» With a couple of friends, take chemistry class froma biochemist who conducts research at the University of Nevada Rena and wants usta learn fram ‘making This week we made icecream sing liquid nitrogen! » Take 2 Constitution class from my friend's mom who spent her summer taking a seminar on US. history inorder tateach us. > I participate in events put on by the Holland Project, an organization of kids that brings the art to kids. »» ski competitively, take math online, read what interests me (tke the orginal Conan books] edit vdeo, study Brazilian Jiusitsu, and am starting my om clothing ‘company with some friends. Basically, while my friends are away at school preparing for ite, m living it. Same people call what Ido “home- ‘Wtten by Logan alate schooling” but really | prefer to earn and make anay from home By ar my favorite way of hacking my education is being an intern. My intern ships at Moment and Bigtruck give me clear sense of community, depth, and pride. | get to make things 'm proud of with people | admire. Lremember the first ime I got to wear a five-panel hat | designed at Bigtruck | was skating to my friend's house and ‘when | got there he complimented my hat and asked wiere I gotit. told him Imade it. t made me fel proud that someone noticed something I designed and sewed mysel. My friend Max Louis Miler ves in New Yorkand isa designer for Moment. Ive always admired his designs and graphics. They're strange, which makes Moment so unique. Two winters ago | got to sit down with Max, who was out West designing the 2012-2013 line, and we made some weird designs together The next year onthe hil looked down, at my new pair of Moment skis and saw fone of my ideas from that night. had ‘made my frst mark ona ski Now, as an intern, 'ma part ofthe whole sk-making process at Moment, from the computer and a plank of wood terunning the CNC saw and attach- ing sidewall and fiterglass and carbon fiber. | put the skis in the heat press and cook them for 40 minutes. | participate in many steps of the process, and then I got to cliek in and jump cliffs on ther, Most people think their skis are planks cof wood with aplastic sheet overlay. Because of my hackschooling knowledge eel more deeply connected Internships area great way of getting involved in your community, getting an ‘education from people you admire, and having fun, What most people don't realize that when you're akid you have a better chance of geting really cool internships. These opportunities are time lived and should not be passed up.@ Make: 11 O The world of backyard technology know a project that would be periect for Made on Earth? Email us: ecitorBimakenine.com ALTARED REALITY DAYOFTHEROBOT.COM Ona trip to Mexico, artist Chad Meserve fel forthe playful and quirky skeleton Gioramas ofthe Dia de los Muertos afenda — a tradi tional altarith offerings forthe deceased, Onee home agai in Bur bank, Calif, he began to ext-apolate the orndals post-apocalyptic de- scendenlsSeenes staring robots in place ofskeletons Tis series of miniature sculpted figures depicting day-to-day human actives is Cay OF Toe Robot Atter narmaldays work immersed in ohfilmeakers! world, Meserv streatsto the workbench to creat his ov Starting each newscene from scratch, he makes every figure, costume, and prop by hand LLamenting that the lassie diorama hasbecame “anart form marginalized by mandatonysehool projects," he knew his debut scene had to be something une recognizable and accessible he created the Rabot Nativity. reehing are ose Revs itt ty a Frenne nk aa cleanly Berea ipegne ct teerbossucch thew ve Beaty keene. | ‘They didn’t count on needing meter 4 Feat araetes he Peete i cies eveeieciriren. | eae el iscrtog Gregory yes | § = : a AGNES THE KNIT BOT FACEBOOK.COM/AGNES.ROBOKNIT Agnes blinks, looks around, and drops her gaze back tothe task a hand—knitting. True to her name, — Agnes Roboknitis a humanoid robat that knits ona circular loom, per odically iting her head to look side tossde and blink. Artist and inventor ‘Andy Noyes, who lives in southeast England, explains, “I wanted her to look human from a gis but ‘obviously be a machine closer up, with metal parts on show He's cata ei mus hg DDC motors drive her joints, using homemade gears In fact, almost ev: cerypart ofher body was handmade, including her silicone face and her made from plaster cass of areal person, The original plan had her knitting with needles, but after Noyes learned howto knit himselt — a necessary step in his design process — he realized a loom would be easier Agnes debuted at the 2019 Maker Faire UK. he name Agnes? “To start with twas AGNES, andl wanted ito be an acronym asf from the carly days of computers. Though I cculdnt think up goad acronym so just became Agnes,” he recalls Also my grandmather who used to knit — asa grandmothers do, don't they? — was called Agnes = Laura Cochrane ROBOT BALLERINAS BLACKUABELROBOT.COM The geometric frames and Arduino-controlled servos o = s a & FEATURES ‘The ex-rancher felt empathy push his problem-solving mind into a new direction. He ooked back at all those years he hac tinkered with junk-built machine tools in his workshop —allthat time spent poring over scans of antique havi-to ‘magazines looking fr clever hacks to aveid having to buy new tools. twas fun and sometimes necessary for me, he thought, at what ve created here can also help many people. ‘This isthe story of Pat Delany, one of the leading creative voices in Appropriate Technology — technology that is. small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, b i old grandfather came tothe field as an outsider, inspired by | _ help milions bootstrap themselves out of poverty. Delany environmentally sound, and locally controlled This 78-year ‘a second-hand description ofa news photo, But his visionary home-built machine-tool designs now have the potential to never had much money himself, ar any formal engineering education, but his personal quest to develop open-source DIY machine tools has been embraced and spread by Appropriate Technology's conference-hopping, grant-getting establishment Delany had worked with machines for his entire life and built ‘many machines for himsell, Backin the 1950s he paid his way through Tulane as an industrial electrician and then continued as an electrician in New Orleans. Working atthe Jackson Brewery when it shut down in 1973, he followed an opportunity to move to Palestine, Texas and raise cattle, which he did until the sector crashed in 1982. With his last $525, he started an oil and gas information service, ff) Riamatch Information, which originally ran va dialup on his son's RadioShack Model 1 computer. Anearty lightning strike fried the computer, 50 he bought more than 30 replacements for $10 each ata RadioShack company sale. After many thunderstorm seasons, he finally ran out ofthese "servers" just 2s the woridwide web came ‘along. By economic necessity, Delany worked on Rigmatch well into his 70s; only recently did his 39-year-old son Mike finish taking over the business. [The fami also includes wie Clarissa, sons Stratton and Colin, daughter Megan, and seven grandchildren.) ‘THE MULTIMACHINE. About 13 years.ago, Delany decided to build himself a horizontal milling machine on the cheap. He was stuck on fining the right parts until he came across the article "Build the Engine Mill” by 6. A. Ewen, inan issue of Machinist’ Workshop. Ewen's handy ile Dy mill was built from a four-cylinder car engine block —a solid chunk of metal that's sourceable from any junkyard — but has the strength, weight, and precise geometry to make an ideal frame for a small machine tool. As Delany explains in the documentation for his now-famous project, “cylinder bores are bored parallel to each ther and at exact right angles tothe cylinder head surface. Delany expanded on Ewen's engine block idea to create an all- purpose metalworking station that he called the MuttiMachine [see page 26). tsa creative mashup of old designs, new ideas, ‘and cheaply avaiable parts that functions as a combination lathe, mil and drill press. Delany has used to resurface a neighbor's brake rotors, among other things. Naturally, he continued experimenting with the MultiMachine and impraving it after he fist gotit working, He puta chop saw blade on the spindle for example, and found tha it also makes a great saw makezine.com/patdelany a smesalinvestianarmn WOLF EPOWERWEN But on om sp aan ck pats, Deas apes Wultiie i cng clin sup ioe ol win ct awe neces ‘Themen fr espn cornea immense. ear hw tome your onan ven abt isthe opens machines at oencuoexchneto m FEATURES Pat Delany MAKING A MULTIMACHINE Delany's MultiMachine is built on two engine blocks. The six-cylinder block in back {Al uses one bore to hold the mills spindle 1) and another above it to hold ‘an overarm[C}, which extends out to hald 2 talstock for using the machine as a lathe, The block is held up on a wheeled engine stand (0). Driving the spindle, ‘and mounted aroundit, area fast motor, ‘2 slaw motor, and three lly clusters (E| all of which allow the user torun the spindle ata range of speeds and torques by swapping belts around, These drivetrain components are bolted to ‘existing mounting holes onthe block, like for the ot iter or to angle iron brackets (Fl botted to new holes drilled and tapped inthe block. The spindle itself is just a piece of pipe that rotates inside bearings salvaged from a car differential. Key to his design is what he calls the “adjuster,” a small ring around the spindle that acts lke abike axle ball bearing adjuster. A variety of tools — tke ‘makezine.com ‘lathe chuck, end or horizantal mill, dri, saw with blade up to 14", grinding Wheel sanding discs — can be attached tothe end ofthe spindle, enabling the MultiMachine ta dovirtualy al. ‘metalworking operations. The overarm can be replaced witna shaper or slater The worktable (6) is a metal plate bolted flat top a four-cylinder engine block ll that sits beside the main block. Each black has avertical plate bolted to each side U,and these pairs of plates interlock and serve as a side ‘mechanism that ets the work surface bbe raised and lowered by an automotive jack that supports the ower block. After you jack the table, you keep it in place by clamping the vertical plates together ‘And by applying abit of jack pressure, releasing the clamps, and tapping the lower block with a hammer, you can raise the table just afew ten-thousandths of aninch, a level of precision that Delany calls “amazingly repeatable. LOST WISDOM Developing the MultMachine, Delany drew from an overlooked source of high-quality practical knowledge thatis now hs hallmark: how-to articles and books from the 19th ‘and early 20th centuries. Numerous maker publications flourished during this time span, toserve a handy population with limited product options. Many of these books were printed by Lindsay's Technical Books, which advertises in the back of hobby publications. “Lindsay isa cranky old man ike me,” Delany remarks. “Several of my best ideas came just from his ads. | could never afford to buy most of his books. More, Google Books has published full- scan archives of old Poputar Mechanics, Popular Science, and The Mechanics Magazine, and archives of other tiles exist elsewhere online. Delany MultiMachine plans include a DIY design fram an 1925 'ssue of Popular Mechanics fora hand- cranked cross-slide ta move workpieces ‘across the table although his own machine uses a commercial version). The plans ‘also show how to make a cutting point for lathing from a broken del it (Popular ‘Mechanics, 1928}; how to make a chuck from an engine flywheel [Machinery Magazine, 1916]; and how to cut screw threads without 2 lathe or die by using a stretched spring ‘38 amaster IScientc American, 1910), Unfortunately, Delany also had an accident wile building his MultiMachine, The sus- pended engine black came loose and knocked him through 2 window, seriously injuring his back Now he describes himself ‘as “a crippled inventor guy — the kind that rides a scooter in the supermarket ‘THE PHOTOGRAPH ‘Around the same time that Delany suffered his back injury, a friend told him about the fateful photograph, which showed ‘2 missionary with a farmworker in the developing world, The farmworker held ‘a machete witha blade that looked only ‘about 4” or 5" long, and Delany’s heart went out to him for having te rey on such ‘2 meager tool. Asan inventor with a Lifetime of practical machine experience, he realized that he wanted t hel. (Old car parts and scrap metal are avaiable in much of the developing world and ifyou build your own practical machine too, then youwill know exactly how to use, modi ‘and Fixit. A MultiMachine outfitted with a ‘chop saw blade and a grinding wheel could turn car leaf springs, or even body panel, into ample and effective machete blades for farmers everywhere. Even f you make just 2a day you can use the machine to start your own business and to make more tools, ‘empowering yourself and your community. ‘And so, from his home in Texas, Delany entered the world of Appropriate Technology. He tied contacting dozens of large nongovernmental organizations invelved in development work, as well as some university engineering departments in “Texas, o tell them about the MultiMachine ‘and its potential fr the developing world Even the simplest version of his machine, he noted, can resurface brakes and clutches, job that needs doing anywhere there are ‘crs, But Delany's front-door knocking proved unfuitful. “The NGO people had no interest in anything technical, and the University people seemed tobe inflicted with ‘not-invented-here syndrome,” he recalls. OPEN-SOURCE HARDWARE Having struck out finding institutional backing, Delany went the DIV route, He started a MulliMachine Yahoo Group in 2006 to collaborate on open-source ‘machine plans, andit started to gana following. Mary others, ina broad range of ages, also wanted to build their own racially cheap machine tools and hel ‘marginalized communities around the \orid free themselves from poverty and dependence. He was encouraged to pursue fis vision. In ane forum thread fram April 2008, Delany responded to a message from member George Ewen by writing: Itsstrange, but at my advanced age I realize that machine tools are ‘about all that believe in. The athe, shaper, and mill bull the foundation ‘four current standard of living and there is mo reason whya cheap ‘and ea5y-to-build multipurpose toot could not help the 500 milion people that need simple water pumps or the bition people who live ‘ona dollar a day or tess. Thanks for getting aerazy old man started. He also sees great empowerment potentiat {for DIY metal casting, which he has tried in his backyard, Build charcoal ire, intensity itwith a blower (Pat used a Shop-Vac), and you can melt common zinc-aluminum alloys such 25 ZA-12 and 24-27 na steel pot. Pour into a wet sand mold, and your castings will be easy to machine and nearty ‘as strong as cast ron. Witha simple metal ‘casting setup, a MultMachine, and access to scrap metal, Delany notes, you can do ‘an enormous range of useful metalwork, ‘THE MACHINE GOES WIDE From 2005-2007, Delany's MultiMachine project and online forum continued to gain attention and activity, with surges Following ‘coverage on the MAKE and Boing Boing sites and in Popular Mechanics. In 2007, he ‘demonstrated the machine at Maker Faire ‘Austin, and when he learned that the first Maker Faire Africa was being planned for ‘August 2009 n Accra, Ghana, he decided to ‘exhibit it there as well. “My only goal isto get the word out” he explains, “and 'm willing ‘tobankrupt myself buying plane tickets. There he met Noha El-Ghobachy, president of Engineering for Change (E&CI, ‘an online forum that enables formally trained engineers and makers ta collaborate with NGOs, community advocates, and ‘others on development challenges,“ found Pat a bea bit ofan anomaly, given the other kinds of people there,” El- Ghobashy recalls, “but itwas s0 fascinating howhe uses 19th century technology toaddress current global needs. Inthe Appropriate Technology mainstream, no one was doing what Delany was doing, poring through antique books and magazines and trying out the ideas. But it was a valuable approach, so El-Ghobashy invited him to become one ‘of the early members and contributors to EAC and also asked EAC’s main writer Rob Goodier to keep up with and report on Delany's projects. “Engineers tend not to be the best communicators or marketers ‘of their work,” El-Ghobashy explains, at uploaded his work to our site, ut it needed a push to get the word out~ ‘THE CONCRETE LATHE Inthe meantime, Delany had been recognig the limits of his origina. makezinecom/patdelany MultiMachine. It could work asa lathe for smaller work pieces, butitwas neither big or powerful enough to bootstrap a factory, ror could be controlled to reliably cut screw threads, which requires apoint to engage with an advancing rod repeatedly in exactly the same place. "The metat lathe is the most necessary tool for industrial evelopment,” he explains. “It makes everything that's round, it makes the rollers that make everything fat, and you can seit asa milling machine to make fancy shapes. Ital ames back tothe lathe.” He had spent years looking for away to ‘make alarge, high-speed lathe outof scrap parts that would be stable, accurate, and hard to throw outa alignment. Finally, he founda cive:a single paragraph in 1923, issue of Popular Mechanics that described concrete-body machine tools used for World ‘War |, One of them wasa 10-ton monster lathe that was used to shape artery shells Concrete seemed likea great, inexpensive material for making slid ‘machine tools, but it shrinks as ithardens, ‘wiih would throw off the alignment of anything that's anchored tot. So, how tid the WM armament factories dit? Delany searched far two years for more specific information about how the concrete lathe was built Finally, MultiMachine forum member Shannon DeWolfe found the answerina 1916 article in Machinery ‘magazine, which described a concrete- body lathe in which the precision parts ‘were held in alignment by casting them in poured molten metal. Delany updated engineer Lucien Yeomans’ 1915 lathe technique by using PVC pipe to create spaces in the concrete fr fiting the metal parts and securing them in lace with non- shrinking cement grout instead of metal ‘But now, Delany back injury prevents im from being abe to build his dream ‘machine, which is enormously frustrating for him. He stil hasa lifetime of machine knowledge in his head, however, and a capable following online, soe’ done ‘hat he can to enlist others in supporting the potentially world-transforming project. You too canhelp. © FEATURES INKJE ANIAC PRINTERS ARE BECOMING HARDER TO HACK, BUT ONE ARTIST HAS BECOME A CHEMIST, PROGRAMMER, AND MACHINIST IN ORDER TO GE' EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS FROM HIS MACHINES. Have you bought ink for your printer lately? H¥s0, you probably feta little annoyed with the manufacturer. For starters, there's the full round of inkjet cost of the printer itself Printers are one of those famous loss-leader products like razors and kerosene lamps; you pay almost nothing for the gadget, then they gouge you on the supplies. Analyst ate that the three big printer makers — Canon, HP, and Epson — make roughly two- thirds of their revenue from supplies, he economics of ink, there's ative control. As long as the inkjet has existed, adventurous users have been able to peek under the hood, manipulate 2 makezine.com the driver software to create weird effect, ‘manually tweak settings to eke out a higher quality, or even delve into the chemistry of ink itselt. But that window's closing. Since the inclusion of embedded microchips on ink cartridges, hacking these beige monsters is increasingly tough. A programmer needs to find the digital code on the cartridge in order touse bathtub ink and software, and that code technical cl them in order like Jon Cone, 52, the inkjet pro behind art prints by artists such as David Bowie, Wolf eee Lan Cnet towgh oe FEATURES| ‘Ttlick banda paper ace ta air shea tra ites . cally nove pir pig, ise ats abu S50 & Tis tie thck harder tong pedo a Road pinata * 3 ban iid a oath ape an Cr cst ins Kahn, and Richard Avedon, The whole point of printing at the fine art level is to work with the artist to create a signature look. Drawing on a degree in traditional printmaking from Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts, Cone works with artists to ‘manipulate how the ink gets lid down on the page. Then he monkeys with the software to-create subtle effects with the high-end paper his clients use — for instance, a recent job called for impossibly thick Japanese handmade paper, each sheet of which weighed 20 pounds and cost $6,000. “You can't doa test run, you can't see a preview in Photoshop,” says Cone. “After a while, you just {got the feel of it and you start to think in ink” ‘Cone’s workshop is in the middle of a 17- ‘acre sheep farm deep in rural Vermont. W's a Little tke a Bond villain’s hidden lair — remote, lnassuming, and packed with high-tech gear: Inside the converted barn are a dozen wide format printers perched on glossy hardwood floors. A $123,000 Iris machine spits out a print that wil take several hours to finish Meanwhile, Cone tinkers on a nearby Roland in preparation to handle photographer Zana Brisk’ black-and-white work. Briski, the co- director of the Oscar-winning documentary 30 makezine.com Born into Brothels, wants rich images for this, project with a palette tinted the color of tea ‘and the images running over all the edges. To create Briski’s images, Cone changed the firmware inside the device to think it had 12iinks instead of its standard six. To hold the new cartridges in place, he used steel washers ‘and a custom jig he machined on the farm, He even designed the ink itself, had it tested for longevity, and then produced it with a Taiwanese partner [Cone runs a side business selling inks for high-end and consumer inkjets). The 12 different inks wil give the image @ full range of various levels of gray a consumer inkjet typicaly creates gray with one black cartridge). Says Cone, “She wants tons of depth and structure, butif we use too much ink in any one spot it will bleed everywhere. Cone also printed the images for Greg Colbert's "Ashes and Snow exhibit, one of the most visited art exhibits in history. Colbert began showing his werk on giant Polaroids, bbut needed a new method once the worldwide supply of £0".80" Polaroid film ran out, For two years, Cone designed inks, wrote printer driver software, and experimented with various papers to reproduce the otherworldly colors from the Polaroid pracess. Artists Tana Ceca of ae tins Pes one etenscom) hs mal at fap ram hota dea Zi depend an such hervies because it lets them take an active ale inthe production of the art. "When you buy any art print,” explains Charles James, a digital printmaker for BowHaus in Los Angeles, “You're looking for evidence 2ECEN' ofthe artist's hand, SIBLYT Acollectar of ANDI Ansel Adams silver gelatin prints wants ; to know he himself did the dodging and burning and the developing, with digital, you're looking for the same decisions, not what they did in Photoshop but the way they blended the ink and laid down the image on the page. ‘Because high-end printers only ship with automatic control, every print can ook the sare as every other prin,” grouses James. "But there are people out there who want to push their printer tothe limit. don't understand why the manufacturers haven't embraced this. To keep their creative experiments going, makezine.comvinkjet maniac thik et pte sav TO od hat Lone madi studi pti, The pata 2 ee apt foruse wth he pment ii Cone and other printmakers are in @ constant cat-and-mouse geme with manufacturers. Getting a printer to spit out specialty inks involves creating a software driver that makes, the printer think it' using a standard ink tank, But you need the codes inside the cart’s microchip to perform this sleight of hand, and sometimes it's not that easy. With a sweep of his hand, Cone gestures to show how he is getting rid of the fleet of newish wide-forma Epson printers i his shop, replacing them with Canons. Epson's latest machines are tao hard to hack, and he wants to standardize ‘on a more easily modified platform, I For the technically A minded consumer, t Cone and others. recommend keeping ‘an eye out for well- made vintage printers in junk shops and on eBay, You might even find a few of Cone’s castoffs. “Save your ‘ald printers,” says Roy Harrington, who codes and selisa driver called QuadTone RIP. “Creativity is more than just hitting the Print button. The older equipment lets you get your hands into their machine and ‘make your image just the way you want i.” ® BOBPARKS ean 1 bobparkswercem SPECIAL SECTION ict poresrown-drones DRONES Smaller, quicker, and smarter than ever, UAVs are taking off fast. he noun “drone eriginally referred toamale honey bee. twas Fst adopted to describe pibtess airraft (probably during the 1940s, and has since expanded to include allplotless vehicles, airborne or athorwise: Today, cars, boats, ane ‘submarines can be “drones, too, tia As computers and robat- leshave advanced, “drone” has, started to imply amore sophis- ticated autonomy. The phrase “uve drone” has been cropping up. lately. indicating @vehice that isnot only unmanned, but sol piloting: Tollt where toga, and it simply goes there without further instruction, mma However you fee! about the terminclagy, the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles is Fascinating ands ‘generally applicable whether your ‘ambtionsliein the area of “tue ‘drones o rational YC, Given limited space, we havelimites urfocusmastlytosirborne examples, but here, too; many of the same ideas can be applied to {rones.on the ground, anor und the water, and perhaps even in utorspace. mmm Let's gettott. SPECIAL SECTION: DRONES 3 makezine.com NATOLY A. STANDARD PROP The same “tractor” propeller used on standard front-engine RIC airplanes. B. PUSHER” PROP These contra-rotating props exactly cancel out motor torques during stationary evel fight. Opposite pitch gives downdraft. G.MOTOR Usually brushless electric “outrunner” type, which is more efficient, more reliable, and quieter than a brushed motor. 1D. MOTOR MOUNT ‘Sometimes builtinto combination fitings with landing struts, E. LANDING GEAR Designs that need high ground clearance may adopt helicop- ter-style skids mounted directly to the body, while designs with ‘no hanging payload may amit landing gear altogether. F.BOOM Shorter booms increase maneuverability, while longer booms increase stability. Booms must be tough tohold upina crash wile interfering with prop downdraft as little as possible. G.MAIN BODY Central hub" rom which booms radiate lke spokes on a Wheel, Houses battery avionics, cameras, and sensors. H. ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER [ESC] Converts DC battery power into 3-phase AC for driving brush- less motors. LL FLIGHT CONTROLLER Interprets input from receiver, GPS module, battery monitor, and onboard sensors. Regulates motor speeds, via ESCs, to Provide steering, as well as triggering cameras or other pay- loads. Controls autopilot and other autonomous functions. Finding your way around a modern multirotor UAV. Illustration by Rob Nance J.GPS MODULE Often combines GPS receiver and magnetometer to provide latitude, longitude, elevation, and compass heading from 2 single device K.RECEIVER Often a standard R/C radio receiver unit. The minimum num- ber of channels needed to controLa quad is 4 but Sis usually recommended LANTENNA [Depending on your receiver, may bea loose wire whip or heli= cal rubber ducky” type. M. BATTERY Lithium polymer (LiPo batteries offer the best combination of energy density, power density, and lifetime on the market, N.BATTERY MONITOR Provides in-flight power level manitoring to flight controller 0.GIMBAL Pivoting mount that rotates about 1,2, or 3axes to provide stabilization and pointing of carneras or other sensors P.GIMBAL MOTOR Brushless DC motors can be used for direct-crive angular Positioning, too, which requires specialy-wound coils and dedicated control circuitry that have only recentlybecome commercially available. Q.GIMBAL CONTROLLER Allows contra of direct-drive brushless gimbal motors asif they were standard hobby serves. R.CAMERA. GoPro or other compact HO video unit with onboard storage. Real-time streaming is posse with special equipment. SPECIAL SECTION: makezine.com/homegrown-drones GETTING STARTED WITH = How to make fantastic videos from your multicopter or drone. Written by Eric Cheng jhe first aerial photograph was taken in 1858 by French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (rom hat air balloon, an since then, aerial p spectives in imaging have remained elusive without astronomical budgets, Historically, chotographers have used just about everything to get cameras upin the ons, birds, kites, rockets, ‘unmanned aeriat UAV] have improved so much in pce and reliailt that they have EnicCheng underwater photographer aerial imager, and publisher His underwater im: ‘pave won conte: tures est Photograpy competition, which, ‘geting RXPLn 2 ‘toefine TAPin 3 ‘icefine GPsBaud 4860 ‘icehine ConsoleBaud 115200 1] The serial connection to the GS device SoftwareSerial ss(RXPin, TxPin); ‘void setup() « Serial.begin(Consoletaud); ss.begin(GPsBaud); Serial.printin("GPs Example 1"); Serial.printin(‘Displaying the raw NNEA data transmitted by GPS modile,"); nique tothe Ultimate like inter Serial.printin("by Mikal Hart"); Serial.peintln()s y ‘void oop) « iF (Gs.avallable() > 0) // As each character arrives... Serial.nrite(ss.read()); // ... write it to the console, » Finding Your Way with GPS. Sketch 1: A Toe in the Datastream ‘The instant you apply power, GPS. Upload this sketch and open Serial module begins sending chunks of text Monitor at 115,200 haus. Ifeverything’s data onits TXline. tmaynotyetseea working, you should see a dense, end- single satellite, much lesshavea fix” less stream of comma-separated text but the data faucet comes on right away, strings. Each wil look something like andit'sinteresting to see what comes Figure 2. out. Dur first simple sketch (Figure 1) These distinctive strings are known does nothing but display this unpro- as NMEA sentences, socalled because cessed data, the format was invented by the National Maritime Electronics Association, NMEA defines a number af these sentences, {for navigational data ranging fram the ‘essential location and time], to the esoteric (satelite signal-to-noise rato, magnetic variance, et. Manufacturers are inconsistent about which sentence types their receivers use, but GPRMCis ‘essential. Once your module gets fix, you should see a fairnumber of these GPRMC sentences. Sketch 2: Finding Yourself I’snattrival to convert the raw module ‘output int information your pragram ‘can actually use. Fortunately, there are ‘some great libraries already available todo this for you. Limor Fries popu lar Adatruit GPS Library is a corwenient choice you're using thei Ultimate breakout. It'swritten to enable features data logging] and adds some snazzy bells and whistles ofits own, My favorite parsing library, however — and here |am of course completely unbiased — is the one | wrate called TinyGPS+. | designed itto be compre- hensive, powerful, concise, and easy to use, Let's take itfora spin. (Our second application continually displays the receiver's location and simaure — $GPRNC, 162642.03,A, 4813.7943164,N, 016215693035, £,7.158,156.6705,020713,020.32,EYSE GPRMC is probably the mest co checksum ta ensure data integrity makezine.com on NI IEA sentence. I contains 12 comma-separated field, followed by an asterisk (*| and a altitude, using TinyGPS++ to help with parsing. Ina real device, you might log this data to an SD card or display iton an LOD. Grab the library and sketch FindingourSeltino Download the sketch FindingtourWayino from rmakezine.com/gps and openit inthe Arduino IDE, Seta destination tkm or 2km away, upload the sketch o your Arduino, run from makerine comiaps. JANES, itonyouraptop, and seeit Instalthe brary, as usual tater itll guide you there, But inthe Arduinotbraries oder, atletctict are important stdythe Uploadthe sketch toyour—ayvnyitatsiviney code andunderstand how ‘Arduino and open Seat youre tworks, Monitor at 115,200 baud a a ‘You should see your location Going Further ‘and altitude updating in real time, To see exactly where you stand, paste some of the resulting latitude/longitude coordinates into Google Maps. Now hook up your laptop. and gofora stroll ora drive. (But remem- ber tokeep your eyes on the road!) Sketch 3: Finding Your Way Our third and final application isthe result of aporsonal challenge towritearead- ‘able TinyGPS++ sketch, in fewer than 100 lines of code, that would guide a user toa destination using simple text instructions like “keep straight” or "veer left.” Every 5 seconds the code captures the user's location ‘and course [direction of travell and calculates the bearing [direction to the destina- tion), using the TinyGPS++ courseTo() method. Comparing the two vectors, generates a suggestion to keep going straight or turn, as shown in Figure, a Ea 30° How Finding Yoursltino tro bearing into text drectio become the starting point fo type of autonomous ‘The creative potential of GPSis vast, One of the most satisfying things l ever made was ‘a GPS-enabled puzzle box that opens only at one preprogrammed location. your victim wants to get the treasure locked inside, she has to figure out where that se- ‘ret locations and physically bring the box there. (See The Reverse Geocache Puzzle MAKE Volume 25.) Appopular first project idea is some sort of logging device that records the minute by-minute position and altitude of, say, a hiker walking the Trans-Pennine Trail. Or hat about one of those sneaky magnetic teackersthe DEA agents in Breaking Bad stick on the bad guys’ cars? Both are to- tally feasible, and ‘would probably be fun tobuild, but lencour- age you tothink more expansively, beyond stuff you canatready buyon ‘Amazon. tsabig ‘world aut there. Roam as far and wide as youcan.@ 30° ates your course and he sketch can creating most _—thakezine comprojects/7 THE FOURTH DIMENSION Though weassociate GPS with location in space, don't forget those satellites are transmitting time-and date- stamps, too. Theaverage GPSclockis accurate to one ten-millionth ofasecond,and the theoretical limitiseven higher. Even if you only need your project to keep track of time, a GPS module may still bethe cheapest and easiest solution, ‘Toturn FindingYourselfino intoasuperaccurate clock, just change the last few lines like this: if (gps.time.isUpdated()) { ‘char buf [82]; sprintf(buf, "The tine is ‘1o2d:2024:2023", gps.time. hour(), gps.time,ninute(), ps.time.second()); Serial printin(buf); a SKILL BUILDER | weorwide satette signatng Calling Out Around the World Use the Iridium satellite network to communicate with your projects anywhere they can see the sky. Materials »» RockBlockzatelite modem Wvalabieinnoncemmera, commereial bars boar nd Out Maker Shed #KADES maceshedcom puspeabieto fever » Breadboard (optional) » USBexternal battery pack (optlonal) 7 WWD SEH. IRIDIUM mT IHyou're old enough to remember the pre-cellphone era, you've prob- ably already heard of Iridium Ithe company not the chemical element. Deployment ofthe lite constellation began in the early 1990s and, by the ime the company launched its globe-spanning con- sumer satelite phone service in late 1998, had cost an estimated $5 bilon Itwas a disaster. Phones were expensive, bully, and unreliable compared to ground-based cell ser= vices Iridium LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy less than ayear later and, in 2001, the satelite constellation and ther assets were sold af fora seant $525 million. At one point, there was serious talk of deorbiting the entire fleet of satelites to prevent them becoming hazardous space junk Given all tha, you may be surprised tohear that the Iridium network is still upand running. You may be even ‘more surprised to hear that plans are underway to launcha second ‘generation Iridium consteliation, starting in 2015, called Iridium NEXT. And whatever the fate of that venture may be, the original satellites are expected to remain in service until the 2020s, dium satel ‘There are almost 100 Iridium satellites in low orbit. Each has three large polished flat antennae, which frequently reflect fast-moving spots of sunlight onto an area of Earth's surface about 16 km?, These “flares” are easily visible to the naked eye, and are entirely predictable. To find out when the next one will happen near you, Visit °"'5-above.com. (2 makezine.com makezineconvprojects/37 Wiridlumsatelite Makers Take Over Though the US. Department of Defense e- mains a major user ofthe cium network, the big izle of the company’s orginal word spanning privat satphone service has resulted ina surplus of unused bandwidth spinning, quite tral right over our heads. Isa buyer's market andthe tech to access is now rick- ting down ta hobbyists and entrepreneurs. British developer Rock Seven Motil, for instance, recently introduced an Arduino-compat- ible rida satelite transceiver called RockBlock [Figure Alcan make real-time voice phone calls, bu t can send “text messages" using Iriduen's short burst data [SBD] service. Outgo- ing messages of upto 2A bjtes can be directed toan email address ora web server as an HTTP post. Incoming messages are limited to 270 bytes. and canbe receved through the same channels RockBlock modems ae being installed in high-attude bllons, free-driting ocean buoys, autonamous beats, and fixed-wing drone lids, ust to name a few. Connected toa iow-cost GPS module, an AVR microcontroller, anda poner source, the RockBiock becomes global tacking device. As ong asthe power ‘supplyholds out and the antennae can see the you can track this stack of ccuit boards anywhere it goes, anywhere in the world, {rom anywhere you can access the web, Getting Started Fellow the bundled instructions to set up your RockBlock aecour, then connect the modem to Yur Arduino, and your Arduino to your GPS med ule, as shown in Figure B. Visit akozine ony iium, downloade sketch GlabalBeocon ‘no andthe necessary libraries, plug in your Arduino, and upload the code. ‘Youll probably ned to take everything ouside to geta OPS fix and an rium tink. Open the Arduino IDEs Serial Monitor window at 115,200, baud and follow along as the code frst estab- lshes a GPS fis, then uploads tothe Iiium networks then puts the hardare int low-power “sleep” made, Left alone wil “wake up” every hour and repeat this process. Log ont the Rock Seven web portato read the received messages and set up message handlers. Going Further ‘Thissjust a simple proof-of-concept sys- ‘em powered by the USB connection. The first step toward real-warid application Tr otc abs dur mode ost aot 250 (us al rath anes ana charges) nets yo mmr ith ouyet tg tha web anu onthe sure oe sane yu ean etd a1 0. fac folk igs ith 10-9 1Seamiad al hat suas xt thai egos te aon a Ines ca eves an aac. Th silt eu, shun, wba id casa we’ se nt, ihn ines oT, Ed Sep. smal ut in ad FS aston, sao pig would tkely be untethering it from your com- puter, perhaps with an off-the-shelf USB. ‘external battery pack or solar charger. Don't forget thatthe ReckBlack can bath ‘send and receive messages, opening up @ world of possibilities beyond basic tracking and ‘monitoring apps. Want a robot that travels to ‘some remote location, reports back on condi tions there, and wats for instructions on how to proceed? This technology makes itnot just possible todo that, but relatively cheap and easy. The sky — quite literally —is the ony limit. @ Moke: 63, SKILL BUILDER | surpiossensorcrab sag = ELECTRONICS: FUN&FUNDAMENTALS _ Sensor Smérgasbord From alcohol vapor to atmospheric pressure, all-in-one sensing devices are smaller, cheaper, and easier to use than ever. its la ‘The mass production Magnetic Fields first of automobiles, and CHERRY MP201701 REEDSWITCH $9 : jomeco.com now of smartphones, One of the most basic versatile sensorsisa magnetically operated switch. i The easiest io useis a reed switch, containing two magnetized strips that hasresulted ina surplus | send and make contact when exposed ta magnetic fed. you havea expensive sensor home alarm system with pairs of screw-on modules that signal when doors, trwindowsare opened, one module probably contains a magnet while the ather containsa reed switch. Many reed switches are contained in thin, trickling down rapidly into | fragile glass capsules. but youcan also buy them sealedin tough plastic. the hobbyist market, with industrial surface-mount | S19%4HALL-EFFECT MAGNETICSENSOR 50€ : goldmine-elec-products.com components installed Reed switches are simple and need no power supply. but they're me- chanically fragile and vibration-sensitve. Hall-elfect sensors area en breskow: hoards ft superior solid-state alternative. These are found in automotive igaition easy soldering. 'minthe | systems, and can detect postion orretation in simpler applications. Far instance, if you mount a magneton a bicycle wheel oppasite a Hall effect sensor clamped othe frame, a microcontroller can count how the sensors section for often the wheel turns and calculate your speed and distance traveled of modules. Devices are process of researching my new book, Make: More | oweyweLL HMCcseea1 ELECTRONIC COMPASS Electronics, but wanted ‘$15 : sparktun.com How about sensing the Earth's magnetic field to make an elec- tpleke a breakand tronic cornpass? Inexpensive modules are available, but be pre- share a few of my most pared for alearning curve. Magnetic eld intensity varies with i latitude, and though you can compensate for this with an acceler- terest interesting finds tometer, the method isnot exactly trivial Read up onit frst Atypical arrangement is shown in TREN Figure . The postive sie othe power supnly sinks eurent through an external Manyallin-one sensor modules operate pull-upresistor through the transistor, onthe principle of open-collctr output, __tonegatve ground, When the detecting The detecting elerentinthe sensorcon- element witches on the transistor its ects withthe base ofan internal trancis- effective internal resistance falls, andthe torwhose cllectoris open” meaning you ellectorvltage drops. When the ransis- can accessitvia one ofthe external leads. _torturnsof, the veltagertestonear the makezine.com Light & Color \VISHAY TCRTSOOOL REFLECTIVE OPTICALSENSOR $1» mouser.com IR infrared] optical sensors are available ina variety of emitter-receiver configura- tions. Areceiver mounted alongside an always-on infrared LED is sometimes. referred toas a reflective sensor, because Light from the LED must go out and be reflected back betore the sensor sees it. ‘Any opaque object will bounce the bear, changing the output from the sensor. makezine corvprojects/37 Gas & Vapor MO-5 PROPANE SENSOR, $7 : parallax.com Hanwei Electronics in China builds sen- ‘sors specific for awide range of gases including methane, propane, and carbon monoxide, Their propane sensor could be used to detect gas leaksif youre in _aruralarea where propane heats your home. Itruns off §V AC or DC, and uses atiny heating element to detect gas. EVERLIGHTITR9606-F OPTO-INTERRUPTER 706 : mouser:com IR sensors are also packaged with the emitter opposite the receive, witha U- shaped gap between them. This configura~ tion may be called an opto-interropter, ait detects objects interrupting the light bear. They are often used in copiers and printers. Ma-3 ALCOHOL/BENZENE SENSOR $5 : parallax.com {An aleohol sensor could be used ina DIY breathalyzer Beware thatthe heating ele- ‘ment has tobe burned in for 12-24 hours belore the output stabilizes, Even then, the readings tend to drift ait, and calibration is general problem with analog sensors. PARALLAX 8555-28027 PASSIVE INFRARED MOTION SENSOR $11: parallax.com Don't confuse emitter-receivers, which are “active” devices, with passive infrared (PIR) ‘sensors, PIR motion sensors respond to variations in the environment created by body heat and are often used to activate Lighting for security or energy savings. HUMIREL HS1101 HUMIDITY SENSOR $9 : parallax.com Low humidity is bad for my sinuses, sol use anultrasonic humidifier. 'élikea sensor to ‘switch it on and of, just like a thermostat controls a heating system. Unfortunately the HSTIO1 provides its output in the form variable capacitance, which isa bit tricky ‘tomeasure without a micracontroller ‘TAOS TS3200 COLOR DETECTOR $9 : jameco.com Ifyou need to match colors or do white balancing, all-in-one color sensar mod- ules are available that mount 4 LEDs (red, green, blue, and white] around ‘surface-mount sensor that detects the rad, green, and blue components of incident ight using photodiodes, ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE SENSOR MODULE GY-85 $9 : cipmicro.com Ityouire interested in sensing atmospheric pressure generally, instead of particular gases, consider an “electronic barom- ‘ter’ lke the Bosch BMPO85, shown here ‘mounted ina breakout board madule sporting an I2¢ interface that should be recognized by most micracontrollers, e Rubi thy Co) tee sneakers to the Pie cl pease full-color LEDs Lowtops polb rm nBLO)tZcIs} TA Weekens il Cost: '$200-5240] i ier ors SOB eee omer pert) ‘THE LIGHT-UP SHOES FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD ARE ALL GROWN UP — these Luminous Lowiops are force-sensiie, full-color LED light-up shoes for adults, Each shoe has two embedded force- sensitive resistors [FSR] — one under the heel and one under the ball ofthe foat — and up to 40, RGB LEDs that change color based on the force readings, giving brilliant visual effects when you walk, stomp, jump, oF lea. Not long age ! saw a litle boy stomping around asstore in his ight-up shoes. Admitted jealous, | searched online far adult light-up shoes. Dicappointingly, none of them responded to how yu moved, only to the fact that you moved. Also, most of them required a battery pack te be strapped tothe leg or shoe, rather than puting it inside tke the kids’ shoes do. With those issues in mind, I decided to make the Luminous Lowtops ‘The electronics areas simple as possible to allow everything to fit within the shoe. The LEDs are individually addressable, so each one canbe a different color at the same time, allowing the shoes to show shifts in weight and react to your ‘movements. An Arduino Mini ricrocontrallar reads an analog input from the front and rear FSRs, converts these values into colors and maps them tothe front and rear LEDs, then calculates a ‘calor gradient fr all the LEDs in between, Each shoe is powered by 3 rechargeable AA batteries under the heel, and the components are ‘embediled under the insole for a clean look. The LED strips securely sewn to the exterior of the shoe, so you can jump, dance, or just gaze at the changing colors, 1. Prepare the shoes ‘There are 2 good mounting options for the batteries and Arduino, Mounting them on top of the tongue of the shoe is easiest, but they! be more visible there. To hide the components inside, choose shoes witha thick insole, This allows for some of the padding to be cut out and replaced with the 3xAA, battery pack. Rip out the insoles and strip all extra padding of of ther, leaving just a thin layer. Save the extra padding you remave inthis step, as you might want to replace some of it later for comfort 2. Attach the LEDs Using scissors, cut the LED strips tothe proper length to wrap around the perimeter of each shoe. The SparkFun and NeoPixel strips can be cut between any 2 LEDs [Figure 2al; just avoid the copper contacts, Cut the Adafrut #306 strip along the lines that appear after every second LED. Use a needle bwith thread that matches your shoes] to sew the LED strip to the shoe To do this, loop the thread from the inside of the shoe, out through the edge of the LED strip, and back through the opposite edge of the strip into the shoe [Figure 2b]. Pul ths oop tight and te a knot. Repeat tis process about once every inch along the shoe's perimeter 3.Drill the shoes Drila small hole through the back of each shoe, so that itemerges under the insole. This wll allow wires from the Arduino and battery pac inside to reach the LED strips outside. makezine.comyprojects/37 ¢ Materials > Shoes (2) seal with thick » ROBLED strips, 1 meter Inelvidvally addressable (@) Seartrun 8cOMe 12037 SOLED per meter vou ean aso use the nexcensive rate NeoPa tips (Maker Shed #NKAD 74 eter) or the older Adafrult $306 (32 LeDsrmeten. » Sewingkit > Atdulna Pro Mini 328 ‘microcontroller boards, SV, Temes (2) » FTDIBasic Breakout board, rootbrating (ehttom clscon com Make Siteto buy the 100 pound model I your shoe ees oo Shaltto ithe & er shorter fora Resistor, 1Ma (4) Hookup wire, stranded Insulated, 2 gauge Spin strip headers, female, OF*spacing (2) Batteries, Nizn recharge abla, AA size (6) Nova Adbattees prove! 2¥, Buthizn AAs provide L750 nly ate neeved to supply SX.heiping ther it inthe they teint se wont last as one Battery packs, AA (2) » Battory chargers, Niza AA @ Cotton padding or cotton balls Battory packs, 26AAA @) optional) iohse the Sraueo Mane ¢ Tools > Selssors » Drilor high-speed rotary fool sichesaDreme), Wire cutters / strippers » Soldering ron and solder Duet tape orpacking aoe Hot lve gun (optional) to mount the arsane Computer running Arduino IDE ree owas om ardunece Make: 67 PROJECTS Luminous Lowtops 4. Build the circuit Following the wiring diagram (Figure 4a, solder together the circuit for each shoe. The wires from the Arduino to the LED strips ‘need tobe about half the length of the shoo; the wires tothe force sensors should be about three {quarters of the length of the shoe. Cut them longer than you think you need; you can always ‘shorten them later [Figures 4b and 4c) Don't solder directly tothe force sensors, as they are plastic and could mel. Instead, solder to .23-pin female strip header, and then plug the force sensor into the header [Figures 4d and de ‘The middle pin ofthe force sensors ist used. While you're at it, solder the included headers tothe FTDI breakout board 5, Program the Arduino Download the project code from makezine.com lurrinus-owons and open tin te Arduino IDE: > Ifyoute using SparkFun or NeoPiel LEDs, use the NeapeLin sketch and dawnload Adatrit’s Arduino brary or NeoPiel LED strips from github com/adafrui/Adafrit NeoPa. > Ifyoute using Adafrit #306 LEDs, use the 860 Jnsketch and Adafut’ library fr LPD88D6 LED strips from github convadafrut/LPOB806, Under the Tools» Baard menu, choose BOTTOM Arduino Mini whATmega328,Aiso, under Tools -> ; SerialPort, select the serial port that your board és pluggedino Plug the FTD!breskout board into your computer and plug its header pins into the corresponding 6 pins onthe end ofthe Arduino Pro Mini Figures Sa and Sb) Cunt the LEDS on your she and update the ‘LEDs variable in the sketch with that number. (The deautis int nLEDs = 40) Click Upload in the Aruna IDE. Unplug the Arduino board Repeat forthe second Arduino Mini 6. Mount the force sensors Use duct tape or packing tape to mount 2force ‘sensors inside each shoe, on top ofthe sole, 50 thatthe circular pad of one force sensor is under ‘the ball of your foot, and the pad of the other ‘sensor is under your heel Figures 6a and 6 Run the wires and resistors flat along the bottom ofthe inside ofthe shoe. 7.Mount the battery pack and Arduino ‘Tape the battery pack ontop af the heel force ‘sensor so that ifits comfortably under your heel (Figure 7al.| rip out any extra padding under the heel first, Most shoes have a hard pad under the heel tol it the battery pack essentially replaces this. ‘The Arduino should tie fat, just forward ofthe battery pack but tucked close tot, s0 that the batteries take your weight, nat the Arduino (Figure ‘7b. Covert with abt of cotton padding ora cotton ball to protect and to preventit from poking you. (nce you're sure the shoes are working great, you ‘ean seal the Arduino in with hot glue. Or you can stash in an empty 2«AAA battery pack for extra protection [Figure 7 Replace the insole to cover the electronics and battery pack. Though you've thinned tout, it til cffers abit of cushion, It your shoes don't have room fr these ‘components under the heel, you can mount them ‘ontop of the tongue, above the area where your foot flexes (Figure 74 Again, you can protect the Arduino by biding itn an 2-AA battery pack 8. Power up the shoes Charge the é NiZn AA batteries and place them in the battery pack of each shoe. Putthe shoes on, lace them up, and watch as they react when you walk, run, jump, and dance [Figures 8, 8, and 8c ‘The basic code oop reads an analag input from the front and rear force sensors [their resistance changes linearly withthe amount of force, and they re connected tothe Arduino with pull-down resistors. then takes those force values and scales them tothe color space ofthe LEDs based ‘on some general estimates of the maximum and minimum resistances ofthe force sensors, Once the code has calculated the corresponding colors forthe front and rear LEDS, a for loop. produces a color gradient of sorts for ll the LEDs in between. Finally, the code sends these color values to the individual LEDs. Going Further Toimprove the ft with the components mounted inside the shoe, try excavating a cavity inthe top of the ole to accept the batterypack and Arduino Try modifying the getColorFronForce function in the code so thatthe default color fith no ‘weight on the sensors} your favorite color. You might also save power (and extend run time) by ‘switching the default from blue to red, You could easily apply the techniques and code from this project to modify other kinds of shoes, Like these light-up high heels (Figure 9}, or other ‘garments altogether. What about light-up elbow ‘or knee pads? Light-up gloves? Pants? accent Get the code, instructions, photos, and video at rmakezine.coin/luminous-lowtops Share it: luminoustowtops makezinecom/projects/37 Moke: 6? PROJECTS [ai anaPepper we makezinecom/projects/37 “= Saltand Pepper Well Simple and elegant, for the picnic basket or LENCULLUM hokurundacom) ingin the dining table. ‘THIS SALT AND PEPPER WELL is something ‘my giririend spotted in an old magazine. The setting was a rustic country picnic, with nice wine glasses and plates and ofcourse beaut {ul food. ln the midst oft all was this old and well-worn well. It'struck me as se much more elegant than the usual cardboard shakers you find in a pienic basket — so decided to make her one. I's simple woodworking project witha ‘twist — you'll use a dill press asa lathe, to ‘shape the little handle that goes on top. 1. Make the center hole. swith most of my projects the first step ist find center. On the 2" face of the block, measure and mark 1"in from each side and" in rom each ‘end. You are making the point thatthe cover wil pivot on, take the time to make sure you've ound dead center (Figure 1) Using the drill press anda bit, drill @hole fon this center point about 1" deep. 2. Cut the coves. You can do thisin dif- ferent ways, but Ilike the smooth round and the minimal cleanup that a Forstnerbit can give. Since m using a 1%’ Forstner bit forthe salt ‘and pepper wells, lLuse the same to cut the coves. Because drilling ahall-round wouldre- move too much of the block, ldrill these holes off-center, using a sacrificial piece of 2x4 to act asthe fence andto stabilize the drill bit while iteuts, lt you don't have some kind of wooden top Materials == » Hardwood block, Wats 2" Hardwood dowel, » Wood alue » Paste wax » Serapwood,24,about2" long Thisssac~ fila dont worn about aaperance, Tools » Dallipress. » Dll ites 4% 30 Ya" » Forstner bit, 134" Handsaw Tapemeasure lamp » Sandpaper and/or files » Square » Top guide bearing froma ve" routor bit swith" shank BITOFATRICK —= Aroutor bit bearing tums your drill pres intoa mini lathe. See SWAKENIT OP: T2b\e salt was served in open ‘cellars’ until the 20th century, when anti cakingagents enabled the triumph of the salt shaker For sea salts. a cellar still works best Make: 71 PROJECTS | eaten Pepper Well ‘on your drill press table, now would be the time toadd one. use a piece of MOF held on with dauble-stick tape. ‘ Using a square, make a reference line near the center of the 2x4, then make a mark2#" in from the edge. Thisis the centerpoint for the 14 bit. Center the 2x4 beneath the bit and clamp itn place. Now align the centerline of the block to that on the 2x4 and clampit in place [Figure 2a). Smooth dil through tothe table (Figure 2b) Repeat onthe ather side. 3. Cut the lid. Mark a line %." rom the top, all the way around the block. Using a handsaw, cut the lid piece away (Figure 3) Lightiy mark the top ofthe lid, to help you orient it during final as- ‘sembly, Clean up the saw marks with sandpaper or, ike dd, with plane . Drill the wells. on the cut face of what is now the bottom piece, make 2marks centered 11 fram either end and grill the two 12% well holes about 7" deep [Figure 4a). Use sandpaper to soften the edges ofthe holes (Figure 4b) 5. Make the handle blank. the handie is made trom dowel, wit ts bottom portion narrowed down to Ye". Because this portion acts as an axle and holds the whole project together, its important thatit be a fairly accurate W”. However, ve found accu- racy tonot be one ofthe features of my lathing method, so Ike to insert a Ye dowel into the end ofthe "one, Here's how to center it Clamp the 2x4 ta the drill press and drill a“ hole all the way through. Insert the 4" dowel. I should be a good fit with ttle or no ‘wobble. [IFt wobbles, give the dowel an even wrap of tape.) Chuck up the % bit, and dril 4" to24" into the end of the dowel (Figure Sal ‘Glue the 14" dowel into the end and set it aside to dry [Figure Sb) 6.Set up the “lathe.” Mount the lathe" bearing 2s de- scribed inthe “Skill Builder” article onthe following page. 3 makezine.com 7. Turn the handle. Cut off the %" dowel 1" below the shoulder Mark the #4" dowel: You want the handle to be about 2 long, so makea reference mark thereto indicate the top, and an- ather at & to indicate where to start the handle’ litte base curve Chuck the %" dowel nthe dill press. Make sure everything is locked down, then turn on the dril press and turn the handle as described in the Skil Builder, cutting the basic shape with rough sandpaper ora file (Figure 7a], then smoothing the surface with Finer-grit paper. Stop the drill press on occasion to check your progress. When you're happy with t, remove the handle and cut it to length (Figure 7 8. Assemble it. Assembly is straightforward excep for one impartant rick To prevent the lid from getting gluedto the base or the ale, use a small brush to apply paste waxte the upper" of the 4 dowel and othe area surrounding the hole on both the id and the base [Figure Bal Just be careful nat to get wax on the end ofthe dowel or nthe center hole on the base, because it wl pre- vent the glue from bonding. Ifyou donithave paste wax, you can use candle waxor even wax paper Using 2 tethpick ora splinter of wood, aply a small amount of glue to the inside of the hole inthe base. Orient thei the same wayitwas before you cut then press the3 parts together (Figure £86) Give the id a coupe of tens to make suret's moving smoothly, and then et ity. Giving ta turn every 20 minutes or s0for the next hour ent aad idea 9, Finish it. when the glue has set et the sanding begin’ Sot en the corners and smoath all he exterior faces. ike to chamfer the op with rife Figure 9) Foran exterior rsh ike paste wax or butcher black ol But ‘void geting any on the inside — it might give your salt and pepper ‘an od flavor or, worse, go rancid and make the well unusable Youre done. Prepare topicric!® Fe tee ec ee Shareit: Asaltandpepperwell makezine.com/projects/37 “SKILL BUILDER = USE A DRILL PRESS AS A LATHE makezine com/arilipresslathe Whenever I need a small turned item, I resort to tricking ‘my drill press into thinking it's a lathe. This method is. slower — you abrade the material using sandpaper or files instead of shaving it away with chisels — but with patience you can get good results, Here's hhow I doit, using a common top {guide bearing from a router bt. 41. Choose a router bearing, The bottom of my workpiece has 2%" diameter, so Ineed a bearing that fits a Ye" Shaft 2.Mount the bearing. Clamp a scrap of 2x4 to your dil press table and drill hole to fityour bearing, ‘about %" deep. [I preter a Forstner bit, but a twist bits fine.) Then dril a clearance hole fs" wider than your shaft width fin this case 9") through the center of the first hole, all the way through the 2x4, Insert the bearing into the hole It should fit srughs if it's loose, give it a wrap of tape. 3, Mount the workpiece in the dill press. Tighten the ‘chuck, but not enough to crush the wood, Lower the chuck 0 the end ol the workpiece goes through the bearing, then Use the depth stop on the press to lock tin place. Turn on the drill press. Your workpiece should spin smoothly 4, Turn and shape your workpiece. For initial shaping use either a ile or an aggressive-grit sandpaper (60 oF 80) \wrapped around a dowel. Take your time, stay focused, and ‘avoid getting your fingers or the tip ofthe tool too close, as this can cause it to kick. Pressing too hard will ony clog your fle or, worse, throw the dowel off center. nce you've worked the piece down to shape, folda strip of finer-grit paper (120-220] and smooth the surface Drill press: Guide bearing oe ‘Scrap 2x4 PROJECTS | LibraryBox: Portable Private Digital Distribution Want to share files and bypass the internet? Builda mobile, » TimeRequirea: anonymous wi-fi file server with off-the-shelf hardware. oc ecoeed . 405360 JASON GRIFFEY Sree oe ‘i nel ' \ i TIBRARYEOX MA’ 36 router,TP-Linkmodel USB to Mini-B eabl ince in M3020 package » Ethemet eable need in M5020 package Computer with internet ‘connection Router with open Ethernet port WHAT CAN YOU DO oe Sonnamectne URW e170 0=)e2 2 eee at We svagoat vara Put ‘Windows PC angst Terminal onoskorLinux » Battery ack with USS output (optional) io run yout Loren Soxonthe as | 7 makezine.com LIBRARYBOX WAS INSPIRED BY THE PIRATEBOX ART PROJECT BY DR. DAVID DARTS, CHAIR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ART AT NEWYORK UNIVERSITY. PiateBox isa mabil, anonymous file sharing die, allowing anyone to upload and download dig les {rom mobile hones, laptops, and plug computers. When PiateBox developers managed to leverage the projet onto inexpensive G-to- wfiroutes, had the idea to fork PirateBox into LibraryBox. Libraries ae a bastion of sharing and acarnerstone of freedom information. Stil, knew | would have ahard time convincing Ubraries to use something called PirateBox. poked aoundin the cae to see what could make it ore appealing to brariesand educators. The most obvious change was to remove the ability to upload files anarymousl So how do you use LibraryBax? Put your digital content ona USB. stick, plugin the stick, and power up the device, which wil act as wireless digital download hub. Share anything! even stream video and audio — is robust enough te stream HD MP4 video to an iPhone or Pad — and it runs all day on a rechargeable battery pack Make It. To make a Libraryox, ou just flash the router with new OpenWit firmware, then telnet to the router and install PirateBax software from the command tne lis easy Finally install the LibraryBox software from your USB stick, Thats it! Use It. to use a LitraryBioxin the wil, people simply connect their devices tothe "LibraryBox — Free Content!” $SID and open any webpage in their browser. The device acts asa captve-partal, redirecting the request tits internal pages. The default install also includes a Chatbox where users can communicate anonymously, Libraryfox has been tested on a range of mobile phones, laptops, ‘and tablets. Just about any device with wi-fi and a web browser can connect and download files from LbraryBox. Tve even designed two 30-printable enclosures for it: @ small one {or very low-profile USA drives like the Sandisk Cruzer Fi, and 2 larger one with more room. Find both at thingiverse.comarife. Much ofthe world has intermittent internet access a best. But the mobile phone is becoming ubiquitous, and LibraryBox can bring ‘education information, health information, and entertainment tothe parts ofthe world where smartnhones outstrip web access, Version 2.0 The LibraryBox Project recently completed a successful Kickstarter ‘campaign to fund the 2.0 release, currently in development with Matthias Strube lead developer for PirateBorl. twill include many Upgrades, from SFTP content updating and mesh network content sharing toa revised UI based on Bootstrap, plus a hugely simplified installation, Tokeep up with LibearyBox, visit braryboxus.@ ‘Many thanks to Dr. David Darts, Mathias Strubel, Matt Neer, Ross Singer, and Andromeda Ylton. Get complete instructions, photos, ad project code at ‘makezine.com/libraryoox ‘Share it: Mlibrarybox mmakezinecomvprolets/37 | Zombie Builda powerful pocket flashlight with reclaimed partsand an “undead” battery! ‘THE “JOULE THIEF” CIRCUIT CAN POWERAV WHITE LED WITHA SINGLE 1.5VBATTERY. Not only Can itboost the voltage, it can doit with a battery that's considered dead, stealing the last bits of energy from the cel ee uit ny frst jute thet ona {husiaiiistruments breadboard from serap parts. Leven Mn iis hadabin of ead batteries that aticle "The Panjolele” hadn't recycled yet. | felt like Victor. tmteanecam rakes or Genera noi appenrein Ireally wanted his lashlightio be nice everyday carry, ke my old AA MAKE Volume. e Maglite. Ifound a few tutorials for stuffing all the parts into a miniature incandescent bulb housing but that didn't doit for me. Then found a uused-up tube of lip balm in an old pair ‘of pants. Could fii all in there and ‘an on switch besides? Yes! Here's how to doit: 1.Gutand clean the tube. 2.Windatiny transformer. 3, Wire the “joule thief” circuit. 4 Build the switch. 5, Putitall together. Make lots of Zombie Flashlights for your friends and include a “dead” battery. I's great fun giving these ‘scrap parts and batteries another life, ‘and they might ust come in handy during the next zombie outbreak © For build instructions, photes, and schematics, goto makezine.com! zomble-flashlight Share it #zombieftahlight Make: 75 PROJECTS License Plate Guitar ‘License Plate Guitar Make this DIY “resonator” guitar with a hand-wound electromagnetic pickup. [MATTSTULTZ | \N MAKE VOLUME 04, ED VOGEL SHOWED The License Plate Guitar is easy to make. oie ba USHOWTOMAKE ADIY GUITAR OUTOF A You'll wind your own electromagnetic pickup and a CIGAR BOX AND JUNK FROMTHE HARD- mount itan a homemade soundbax made with xpatcncein | WARE STORE, AND ELECTRIFY ITWITH A an old automobile license plate for the metal — CHEAP PIEZOELECTRIC PICKUP. In Volume top — kind ofa low-budget version of a resonator 21, Mark Frauenfeldergussied it up witha guitar, Then add a potentiometer and volume JAMESRUTTER | ‘rUitonal high-quality neck, frets, and tuning knob and get ready to rock that classic electric om machines blues sound in Provence REW Inthis project we're going to turnit upto 11, Here's an overview of how todo it~ fr full ‘ MERE. | withthe help of anoldticense plate anda few | step-by-step photos and video, visit the project components from RadioShack page at makezine.comflcense-plate-guitar 5 mmakezine com »Lleense plate, automobile Hardwood tuber, ‘about 40" length » Gultar neck with headstock, foreigarboxguttars We rose afuly fretted neck. CB (Giy37-002.02F Chat Som) you can alse go for ‘snonivettad model or 8088 Blane nut sven as CB catty earass0) Tuning machines (4) such SCE ety #3107701 Wood glue » Woad serews, #10, 114" tong (2) » Wood serowe, pan head, #8, ‘or@t0, tong » Hardwood scraps (optional) foemaunting teense plate ree Step » Plywood, 4", about 6" ‘andiawo" > Machine screws, 0-32, 1%" length (4) vith nuts » Magnet wie, 22 gauge, about 40 length adShack savesaes » Rarevearth magnets, round, Sham da, (4) Racha #645099 » Cyanoacrvlate glue aka Stperaive » Potentiometer, ]00ka, linear taper easoshck 9271-092 Audio jack, Ye", mene Radioshack w2ie 255, » Audio cable, shielded RadioShack ¥276-519 » Volume knob Racioshack saeeor » Gultar strings electri (4) fot acoustic Buy packet a teal must store oF oie » Wood seraws, countersunk head 24"(2) Tools » Naber such 28 Rasioshnack BSS0107IG youre work suthaneat metal the beter ‘wl become your best Mend » Coping saw Miter box and saw » ail and dit bits or both ‘wood and metal » Corner clamps > Screwdriver »» Metal les (optional) to an up rough edges » Sandpaper » Soldering ron and solder 1 Build the guitar body box Miter-cut the 1»3 boards to build a “picture- ‘rame” box the same size as your license plate. Glue and clamp it overnight. 2. Cutout the license plate Mark the location for your pickup. then use a sheet metal nibbler too to cut out the hole. The pickup you'l build is almost exactly the sare size asa single letter or number on the plate. 3. Prepare andattach theneck and stringholder ‘You can make your own neck rom scratch (see mmakerine.comfigarboxquitar fr instruction| buta store-bought neck made or cigar box guitars is easiest for this project. Cut the neck down for 225" scale length, then cuta groove across the top of the fretboard an gle the nut in pace. Dril four "oles in the headstock to mount the & tuning machines makezinecom/projects/37 ‘To make the stringholder, drill four %" holes in ‘a short scrap from the neck. Mount the neck and stringholder squarely to the body box using glue and (ong wood screws. 4. Attach the license plate Use pan-head wood screws to attach the plate to the top of the body box. Depending on your plate, you might need to add small wood blocks inside the box to accept these screws PROJ ECTS License Plate Guitar 5.Build the pickup bobbin ‘Cut the bobbins top and bottom plates out of thin ‘plywood, then drill he plates and assemble them sing 6-32 machine screws and nuts 6.Wind the pickup Wrap the entire spool of magnet wire neatly around the group of & screws atthe center ‘of your bobbin. Wrap evenly and consistently, starting atthe bottom and building layers to the top. Secure both ends ofthe wire in the bottom plate's 2 wire-mounting holes. 7.Add magnets Place one rare-earth magnet on top of each ‘screw, at the end withthe nut, with a drop of super glue. 8. Wire the pickup, audio jack, and volume pot ‘Sand the clear coating off the ends of the magnet Wire, then solder a 2-conduetor audio cable to the pickup fether way is fnel. Wire the audio jack with another tenath of audio cable: red to tip, white to ring, Connect the pickup's red wire toone of the volume pot's outer pins, the jack's ‘ed wire to the center pin, and both white ground Wires tothe other outer pin. 9. Mount the components DrlLholes in the license plate forthe pot and jack, then mount them both and the pickup too. 10, Add the bridge Measure exactly 25° down from the nut, mark the license plate there, and glue the bridge in place at your mark 11 String your guitar and rock out! ‘Thread the & strings through the holder, starting with the thickest and ending with the thinnest ‘The thickest string should mount into the lower {eft tuning machine, followed by the top let the top right, and the bottom right ‘When all the strings are in place, tighten down, the tuning machines evenly But without applying too much tension, Plug your License Plate Guitar inte your ame, ‘switch on the amp, and strum the strings. You should hear your new electric guitar! Close it up by attaching the thin plywood back tothe guitar body withthe short countersunk wood serews. 7 makezine.com There are numerous free apps for 0S, Android, Windows, and Mac that will allow you to tune the guitar. Choose the scale you'd lke, and then tune teach string to the proper pitch. Now plug your ‘new guitar inta your amp and rock ont ‘A popular tuning for small guitars like this is called open G tuning. As Mark wrote in Volume 21, “Many ofthe original blues guitar players used open G, andit’s a favorite with Keith Richards ofthe Ralling Stones: For more tips and lessons on playing your License Plate Guitar, look for Ken Lee Burgess and Shane Speal at Cigar Box Nation {cigarboxnation.cor) or on YouTube. © Get down! Step-by-step photos and rockin’ video: makezine.connlicense-plate-gutar ‘Share it: Micenseplategiter makezine.com/projects/37 Single-Coil Pickup Direction of the Coil Winding | Start of Winding 2 PROJECTS Materials Wire, 18 gauge solid, 24 torah Spruceorbalsa wood: spe" 936" (1) forthe fuselage syenata36" (3) for 36° wing spare 3 wangribs (6) 6° center ung fand2" tal ods (2) » Balea wood," 12" (2) and 10v6" (2) ‘ora » Cable tes, 5" orlonger Chaka zptes ott, MO%2.", ith ‘Silk fabri, tissue paper, orMyiar, 4-650. ‘Thread ribbon Tools > Krife or small saw Hot glue and glue gun » Soldering ron and solder Remaking History Sir George Cayl the Glider a Build the simple plane that defined modern aircraft — 100 years before the Wright brothers. THE TITLE “THE FATHER OF AERONAUTICS" COULD BE BESTOWED ON ALOT OF DIFFER- ENT PEOPLE, BUTI'D GIVEIT TO ENGLISH- MAN GEORGE CAYLEY (1773-18571, SIXTH BARONET OF BROMPTON. Sir George was 2 aitted inventor who made his mark on ballistics, civ and biomedical engineering, and mathernat- ies, But without doubt his greatest ac were in aeronautical enginaering, Cayley did most of his work on fying machines around the turn ofthe 19th century, 100 years before the Wright brothers. At the time, there was ro engine light enough or powerful enough to get avehicle airborne, so Cayley's most significant inventions were unpowered gliders. Nonetheless, his work was monumental: In 1799, he developed the modern concept of the airplane. Cayley's idea, like many others that changed the world, was extremely simple: He was the first to cornpletety separate a fying machine's propulsion systems fromits iting systems. Before Cayiey everyone from Daedalus to da ‘Vine! believed that flapping was the pathway to the air Flight had been attempted, unsuccessful, in ornthopter,airraft that flapped their wings Uke birds in ight. [See Rubber Band Omithopter MAKE 08) In Cayleys concept if was previded bya fined sail whose surface was held taut by ar pressure In 1804, Cayley designed, built, and successfully flew the first recognizable aiplane-like thing ‘a small bamboo and paper monoplane glider. More or less modern in appearance, it featured a fuselage, a kte-shaped wing, an adjustable 3 makerinecom = E : & E Siege Cpe ait he fi ii slider an fit named ge BOLT ‘ADJUSTER, tail and back fins to contral the direction of. flight, and a moveable weight to adjust the aglier's trim or center of gravity, It was the first man-made object that incorporated the control and aerodynamic concepts of today’s airplanes, and probably the firs arcraftin history able to make significant glides. This thing actually lew! Cayley also recognized that many forces ‘operate simultaneously upon a body in flight. The ideas of thrust lif, weight, and drag, now the cornerstones of aeronautical engineering, were first articulate by Cayley ‘About 50 years later, Cayley ceturned to glider design and built a reall big one. Towed allt behind a galloping horse, it ‘was big enough to carry is coachman on .2.200-yard fight, making it the world’s first ‘successful manned lider. Build a Cayley Glider Lets build glider very simitarto Cayley, 1804 design IIve swapped his lowr-aspect- ratio sail for ahigh-aspect-ratio wing because, truth be tad, the original doesn't ftyall that welt} Figure A shows the layout of the airframe. The wing and til are attached with thread o ribbons, and maybe maved about on the fuselage stick to tain the best flight characteristics, The key to ‘making this glider isto shape the upper wing surface to make an airfol! — a curved surface that creates a pressure differential, ‘above and below, thus previing lift. You make the curve using common ip tes. FUSELAGE THREAD L Rudder. Bend the wire into a rud- der shape as shown, witha projecting pin ‘across the bottom. Clip off excess wire, then solder the ends ofthe wire together. Cover the wire form with sik, tissue paper, or Mylar. Making shallow cuts in the covering at intervals wil allow you to turn the fabric under and glue it neatly, Drill a hole inthe main fuselage stick ust large enough forthe rudder's projecting pn, about 1" from the end. 2, Tailpiece. cut and gue the taliece cut of "x Yo" balsa, overlapping the ont, Cover the ta with fabric using glue 3. Wing. cut and ge the wing frame out Of k6" Bala or spruce. But-jont the & wing bs inside the two 36" spars, then glue the center rib. ontop Let the alue ry Flip the wing over and hot-glue the 7 cable tes tothe spars, opposite each rib. To farm the curve of the wing, glue ane end of the tie, bend it intoa gentie are 36" above the rib at midpoint (use a scrap of balsa asa gaugel, then glue the other end and trim it neatly (Figure B). 4. Wing fabric. caretuy cover the wing wih sik, tissue paper, or Mylar Using glue. The wing surface should be smooth and taut on bath sides, 5. Tail DIOCKS. Glue the tal blocks, one atop the ether, to make 2 / high block Clue it atop the fuselage, 2 from the end RUDDER DIMENSIONS 6. Weight bolt. Ptace3 nuts onthe 1810214" bolt and hot-glue the tp ofthe bolt to the nase ofthe fuselage, 7. Assembly. Use thread or ribbon to lash the long center ribs ofthe wings and talto the fuselage. Center the wing 8 back from the nose, and align the back edge of the tail withthe middle of he tl block Insert the rudder’ in and tashit on too. Flyit Hold the glider ighty and give a level toss iitnsedves, unte the wing and move it back te tries too steeply and then stalls, move the wing forward ‘You can make ine attitude adjustments by moving the horizontal tapice forward or back, and by spinning the nuts onthe tose bot. You can contra yaw (let o ight irection by adjusting the rudder. well-made gidercan travel a surprisingly long distance — experiment! © For step-by-step photos and more, fyto mmakezine.com/cayey-alider Shareit: dayleyalider = Make: @1 PROJECTS | makezine.com/projects/37 Three-Day Kimchi Piquant, fiery, and fast to make, this lacto-fermented version might just get you hooked. ‘Time Required: 30 Minutes! 3Days' Cost: $5-S10 WENDY JEHANARA ‘TREMAYNE. (gaiatreenousecom) es (blogholyscraphot springseorm Shel punided Swap O Ram: o»Thead of your favorite cabbage vo lbearrats “: Beloves chopped Uicorchoppes onion » 2 Tsp minced ginger » 2Tbsp sesame itor fshat 2tspsate Yatsp dry red pepper flake » Jule of mes Sint whey ror efi Yogurt orlve cheese. Makingcheeseand Other daly products produces a Byer tetealled whey. Protensich lg full KIMCHI IS THE FUNKY, SPICY, ANCIENT KOREAN FERMENTED CABBAGE DISH that's being redis- covered by chets today Wrile traditional kimchi takes months to make, our lacto-forrmented kimchi is ready in days because itcooks the vegetables enzymatically. (Microorganisms work with en zymes, a chemical catalyst, to “predigest” your food, I's full of healthy probiotics and vitamin C. ‘ind did I mentionit’s delicious and inexpensive? 1. Shred cabbage and carrots and fil mason jars withthe mix Pressthem down with the back ofa spoon to pack the jar tight. 2.Mince the garlic and ginger ina bow! with sesame ci salt, red pepper lakes, ie juice, _and kefir whey that has been inoculated witha spoonful of kefir culture. (Any hey that contains a live culture wil do: Try yogurt, ve cheese, or kefi) 3, Pour the liquid mixture over the veg tables so that they're completely covered. Leavea little space atthe tp fr expansion. Cap tightly and store at room temperature, amay from sunlight 4. After about 24 hours, the lidwill pop up from pressure. Refrigerate to slow fermentation, Finishing: A‘ter3 days in the fridge, the culture has fermented the vegetables and spices inthe jar, and your kimchi's ready to eat. Serve over rice. © Get mare appetizing information and recommend Sebi re eppatiing in : » Mason jars with lids. iedoessiog atmiabacine: ieyadinct »» Aletocks (optional) ‘Share it: #threedaykimchi 5 as Te al wer ty <—"=> MoreFermented Favorites = = Make these three and more at makezinecom/projects makezine.com 3 ‘Kombucha Btew the steggringly popular fermented tea. ‘Yogurt Tun crockpot ito yogurt ot using an Arduino, ‘Cider ice tan, and otte your oun hard apple cide. cusses | PROJECTS Jumbo Hand-Launcher for Folding Wing Glider ‘SINCE THE ROCKET GLIDER PROJECT ‘RICK SCHERTLE WASRELEASEDINMAKEVOLUMES [10/0 {makezine.com/goirocketalidel, its a been wildly popular. But one stru that younger builders have is getting “ the glider pulled back on the handheld ‘ catapult. With this portable and inex: ensive launcher, even the youngest kids can achieve impressive flights. peesalltings th le ait ances the 1.Cuta stake and drill ahole Make 2 angled cuts in the pine board to forma point on one end, then drill a W" hole centered on the opposite end 2. Secure the rubber band Feed the dowel through the hole so that one side is flush with the stake and the other protrudes. Next, put the rubber band around the dowel, then staple the rubber band to the wood to keep it in place. Small piece of wood Racket Glider ier 3.Pound stakeintothe ground |" Sssdsiieso.ctner Place the stake dowel-side up with a caput lachec yey slight angle. Use a piece of scrap wood to protect the top when you hammer itiato place. Hang the laase end of the rubber band aver the top of the stake. » Harmmer or matt Stapler » Saw Use It Hook the notch on the bottom of the lider onto the rubber band, pull the plane down along the length of the stake, make sure your fac ‘out of the way, and letitrip! Be sure to launch along the stake, not toward it, or you may break the plane. If wind {a factor, make sure you're launch ing on the downwind side, With this, ‘much stretch, the rubber bands tend towear out quickly. Keep a supply ‘on hand for quick replacement. © is clearly Watch the launcher in action at makezine com/prejectsjumbo-hand-launcher ‘Share it: djumbohandlauncher Moke: 63 PROJECTS Amateur Scientist Tracki Heat Islands ———_— Use data loggers and DIY sensors to map temperatures where you live. ACCURATELY MONITORING THE TEMPERA- ‘TURE OUTDOORS ISN'T EASY. That's because air temperatures are influenced by virtually anything heated by sunlight, and by engines ‘and other equipment that generate heat Bubbles of warmth are known as heat ‘stands. They make major contributions to the temperature in and around towns and cities, which are usually warmer than the ‘countryside, The National Weather Service has developed guidelines for placing weather instruments to avoid heat islands (see makezine.convewopl. But with the passage of time, fewer weather stations meet the guidelines, often because of the arrival of new buildings, sidewalks, and paved roads. Electronic Thermometers Stand-alone temperature loggers are FORRESTM. MIMS Gorrestmimscxg TL Vour ti" @ LOK +V available from Onset Computer, Lascar, Extach, and others. Data are downloaded through USB or optical ports; software converts the data into graphs. You can modify an Onset Pendant logger for temperature transects by boring an entry hole through its cap and an exit hole im its base, to allow air to flow over the thermistor, a tiny resistor whose resistance varies rapidly with temperature While temperature loggers work wel, they require you to note times and locations. uring 2 transect so you can analyze the data, No notes are needed with a Vernier LabQuest 2 (vernier.coml This 12-bit, fully programmable logger has three analog inputs for external sensors, and a built- in GPS that records the location of every ‘measurement. Best af all, it displays a real time graph of temperature as it's measured (Figure 11. After making a transect, you can send up to 1,000 measurements to Vernier, which will return a Google map witha color- coded line that indicates the temperature along the route. While the LabQuest 2is ‘expensive ($329), mine has become essential Figure 3 shows my Excel plot of 942 nocturnal ‘temperature measurements across San Antonio, logged with my LabQuest 2 and a thermistor installed on my pickup. Figure 4 shows the same data an the map generated by Vernier. Suitable Temperature Sensors Dedicated temperature loggers have a built-in sensor. The LabGuest 2 works with many external sensors, including a Vernier temperature sensor ($23). I you already have a voltage logger, you can use i to measure temperature withthe help ofa thermistor. » Make a DIY temperature sensor by connecting a 10k thermistor Jameco #207037 or similar in series with a 10kO. resistor to form a voltage divider [Figure 2]. Connect the free end of the thermistor 10 the logger’s positive voltage and the free tend of the resistor to ground. The voltage between the thermistor-resistor junction ‘and ground willbe directly proportional to the temperature. You can swap the resistor for a 20K0-50kN potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity of the probe. Mounting Temperature Sensors When mounting temperature loggers on ‘car, remember that the temperature ‘sensor must be shielded from sunlight. If the car will need to make stops at trafic signs or lights, the sensor should bo mounted away from the vehicle to avoid heat buildup from the engine or metal surfaces. Here are some methods I've used: »» Mount an Onset Pendant logger on 2 car roof with a pair of Adams suction cup clamps and a safety line [Figure 5. » Install an external thermistor in a drinking straw or paper tube taped to the roo! (Figure 41. Insert the sensor into the tube's forward ‘opening, tape its cable to the door frame, and run the cable through the window. » Use a car-window flag mount for an ‘external sensor [Figure 7]. Remove the cap ‘and the flag. Extend the sensor just beyond the upper end of the flagpole and secure it by wrapping a few inches of insulated, solid wire ‘round the sensor leads and the groove at the top of the flag mount. Use tape or binder lis to secure the cable to the flagpole. »» Use 2 feet of YA" PVC pipe with a tee fitting to make a sturdy sensor mount that’s shielded from sunlight. Bore a hole through a %"x fu rubber stopper and push the sensor through 0 that it protrudes %4" from the large end, Insert the sensor cable into one end of the pipe and press the stopper in. Bend the free ‘end of the cable back toward the sensor and tape it securely tothe pipe. Finally place 2 "tee over the end of the pipe so the sensor is visible through both ends [Figure 8). © ‘Study heat stands fora science fair project. Learn more at mkezine.conv/uhi Find this project online and ad your comments at makezine.comrackingheatisands ‘Share it #trackingheatislands tmakezieconroects/37 | Make: 65 PROJECTS Meo Tray KATHRYNMcELROY ‘THE CHAMELEON BAG IS AN INTERACTIVE MESSENGER BAG WITH A REACTIVE FRONT PANEL. |wanted the bag to display animations ‘and patterns across its front flap as the user places diferent RFID-tagged objects into it, and | ‘accomplished this by combining a Boarduino ‘microcontroller and an RFID reader inside the ‘bag, along with 49 RGB LEDs on its front flap. Designed into the coding are three specific uses, with potential for more. First, the bag keeps track of the RFIO-tagged items placed inside and warns the user through light deplays if an impor- tantiter, such as keys or cellphone, is missing, Alternately the lights can change calor to match clothing or accessories embedded with RFID tags. nd finaly t can be programmed to display cheery animations when a favrite totem with an tag is placed in the bag, enabling the user to ‘share her good mood with the people around her, Since the user has access tothe micracontraler, she can code additional uses to change the colors ‘and animations of the display. LSet up the electronics ‘a. First, solder your Boarduine following the directions at Adafruit( varduinol Connect itto the computer using the FTDI cable the colored wires with female headers go onto the back wal of pins f tblack goes to ground, i for orientation (pen the project code inthe Arduino IDE sot ware, select Tools Board, ond select Dueri- makezine.com lanove with ATmega328, Upload the code tothe board and launch the Serial Monitor by clicking the icon n the upper right-hand corner. It should tell you that no RFID reader is attached, ‘tb, Next, setup the RFID reader using the Adatruittutorial(makezine com/adafrit-fid~ ‘tutorial Solder the two 3-pin strips, but don’t solder the 8-pin strip. Follow the directions to connect the RFID reader tothe included 4050 level-shfter pin. Mount the 4050 onto the small breadboard, and temporarily connect tothe RFID reader and othe Boarduino with jumper wires, using Figure 1 for reference, ‘1c. Now youll test the RFID reader with some RFID tags First, reload the code and open the Serial Monitor It should now recognize that the reader's attached if not, check your connection. 1d, Each RFID tag has a unique number, and you'll see these numbers fash onto the Serial Monitor ‘when you place atag within 4” of the reader. Copy ‘and paste these tag numbers into a text document for reference. n the project code, about halfway down, change the cardident fir variables to your unique tag numbers to choose what anima: tion or colors you'd like to see when the reader reads that number. Then reload the cede to your Boarduino. Now you can label your RFID tags to keep track of which tag launches which display. ‘e. You're ready to set up the RGB LEDs. Reter to the Adatruit tutorial (makezine.com/adatrut-rab- Lcd forthe specitic wires. You'll need to power the LEDs wit the 5Vplug-in power supply while testing so they don't tr to pull SV through the Boarduino, Connect the other wires temporarily to the Boarduino as outputs. Wit the Serial Monitor ‘open, test the RGB LEDs by trying the tags you've assigned colorsto. You may need to troubleshoot if something isnot property connected ‘Once you've gotten all the components to work together, you're ready to make these connections permanent! Arrange all your components ontoa 'xd" protoboard. Use the 16-prong socket for the RFID reader's 4050, and two 18-pin strips of fe- male headers to make a strip for each side ofthe Boarduino, Solder the socket and female headers in place. Solder all the connections between the 4050 and the Boarduino, 1g, Cut extra long wires forthe connection be- tween the 4050 and the RFID reader, and solder the wires to the protoboard, waiting to attach the reader until we determine the length we need. Cut ‘extra long wires for the RGB LEDs as well, about ‘twice as long as the RFID wires ‘th. Now you can solder the power connections for the RGB LEDs and the RFID reader. Wel be using 4 AA batteries for our power supply tothe Boardu- ino, The RFID reader needs 3.3, so connect ane ‘ofthe SV pins to the 3.3V voltage regulator, then ‘connect ito the 4050 and the reader. The LEDS need SY connected to 2 diferent wires; since there is only one SV pin left, connect that to the RGB LEDs, then connect the Vin total voltage from the makezine.com/projects/37 al upth » Boardulno microcontroller ‘ast neostes tem ‘Seattutcom »FTDIeable,USB,3.3V RFID reader Ada #364 Breadboard, small fr testing »RGBLEDStrps (2) Adatrut oe Power supply, SV DC for festng, RFID tags Adatiit W365 »Protoboard, 2"%6" » Female headers, 0. DIP socket, 16-pin, 0.3" » Voltage regulator, 3:3¥, tomas. » Voltage regulator 5V,34, 3pin Battery holder, 5V,4:AA dumper wires fr testing Luan plywood, YorsII"=14" Electrical tape » Upholstery foam, 1" 2emzo"nonyelovens FORTHERAG: Altermatly, you can repurpose an ousting messenger bas Canvas, gray, 2 yards Canvas, white, yard Thread, gray and white Magnetic snaps (2) Metal loops, 2" (2) Meta lide, 2 Zipper Tools eto knife » Computer wth Arculne IDE ‘fee downland tom sna Laser cutter or dit Soldering iron and solder » Sewing machine PROJECTS The Chameleon Bag = 7) batteries toa 5V regulator before connecting it to the other power wire 2, Sewa bag or repurpose one ‘When you want a break from the electronics, start sewing the messenger bag — or repurpose an editing bag — following the instructions and templates at malezie com/chameleon-bag 3.Assemble 3a, Using the downloadable template [atthe URL. above, laser-cut or dil holes inthe thin plywood tofitthe RGB LEDS and hold them in place ina ‘grid pattern it you're repurposing a bag, adjust the template to fit into your bag's front flap.) Then push each LED into hole, and use electrical tape ‘nthe backs to hold them in place. ‘3b. Cutyour upholstery foam into two 13°10 rectangles {or the size of your repurposed bac), ‘one forthe back panel and one fr the front panel that will caver the LEDs. On the back foam panel, cut out cavities not al the way through! to hold the electcanics. On the front foam panel, use an X- ‘Acta knife to cut Xe where the LEDS will push into the foam. The foam will ifuse the LEDs’ colors ‘and make them flow together, 2c, Insert the electronics in the spaces you cut out in the back foam panel, then trim and solder the wires tothe RFID reader: Cover the LED board wth the front foam panel and insert into the white front flap ofthe bag, Measure where the ‘other half of the magnetic snaps should go onthe bottom ofthe front flap and attach them. Measure and finalize the wire tengths from the Boarduino tothe LEDs, take the electronics out ofthe bag, and solder the final wirasin place. ‘3d, Putall the electcanics back into their respec= tive bag parts. Insert the front p's extra fabric down into the back ofthe bag, Fold the raw edges ofthe back panel into itselt ‘and pn everything together. Sew the panel to- gether, taking care not to damage the electronics ‘or break your machine's needle on the LED wires. 3. Unzip the back zipper, insert the battery hold er, plugit into the Boarduino, and test. Now your ‘Chameleon Bag can tell what's missing, express how you're feeling, or just match your outfit. © Get busy with the project code, downloadable templates, sewing instructions, and vdeo at smakezine com/chameleon-bag Share it: Mchameleonbag 2 _makerine.com | PROJECTS makezinecom/projects/37 Toy Inventor's Notebook ‘OUR BACKYARD HUMMINGBIRDS WERE NOT HAPPY!A trail of hungry ants was climbing into our hummingbird feeder, fouling the sugar water, and keeping the birds away The ants were undeterred by folk remedies like bay leaf barriers, and pesticides ‘were out of the question. Ugh — but what todo? My bin of toy parts yielded the answer. Drill hole inthe cap from a plastic vending-machine toy capsule. Aitach the inverted cap ontop ofthe feeder vith abit of Sugru oF bathroom caulk. Use another {dab to seal up the center hole and hanging wire. ‘When filed with water, the cap makes a tiny water moat the ants refuse to crass. The hummingbirds are back enjoying the feeder — sweet! ‘See it work: makezine.com/ant-ree-feeder Share it: fanttreeteeder Make: 6? PROJECTS Enough Already! The TV Celebrity Silencer Tenet » Arduino Une microcontroller Hater Shed tem PMIKSPSS ler $75-$166 Sheacom er compatible conti: Bula never Power supply for Arduino 7 Maker Shed #4 » Video Experimenter Shield by Nootropie Beslan Maker Shed Composite video cables (2) Infrared LED sch a5 Ada #387, infrared sensor such as daft » Breadboard and jumpe ator Shed AKER 2 MRSEEEDS, fori tutorial Tools » Computer with Arduino IDE soft ‘ware res download tom 2th = USB cable, Standard-A to Stan- saré-B for aograrnming Aura » Serewerver, small flat-head MATT RICHARDSON mattichar Take control of your TV by usingan Arduino to mute annoying celebrities automatically. ''M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT OVEREXPOSED PERSON- ALITIES LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN AND SARAH PALIN, so I came up with this Arduino-based solution to mute myTV anytime these celebrities are mentioned, lcallt the Enough Already, It reads the closed-captioning text that's piggy backed an your TV signal, scanning for whatever keywords you choose. Build one and it can mute the audio whenever your keywords appear — or even turn off the TV altogether! 1Setitup 1a, Place the Video Experimenter Shield ont the Arduino. 1h, Using a composite video cable, connect your video source output tothe vdeo input on the shield, Connect the video output from the shield tothe video input on your television 1c. Set the Output Select switch onthe shield to “"Overiay: So makezine.com > \ a 14, Download Nootropic Design's Enhanced TV Out Library Inootropidesign comvefAtitrary, unzip and drop it int the libraries folder that's in your Arduino folder. {e. Download the project code from makezine.com/enough- ‘already and open itn the Arduino IDE. 1 Enable your television's closed captioning to ensure that your video source is sending closed captioning data, [Not all, broadcasts will transmit closed captioning) 19, Upload the cade tothe Arduino, Open the Serial Monitor ‘and st the baud rate to 57,600 bps. ‘th, Adjust the larger potentiometer on the shield unti you ee the flickering bits displayed on the top of your TV screen, 1. Check the Serial Monitor and you'l see the text coming in lImagine what else you could do with this datal] Adjust the smaller potentiometer with your screwdriver ithe formatting ‘ofthe text looks odd, orifyou see other data such asthe title ‘lthe program, 2.Leamn your IR mute command Adatrut Industries has an excelent tutorial on how tose infrared commands with your Arduino, You just needa breadboard, an IR sensor, some jumper wires, and your TV remote control. Fallow along at nakezine.com/adalruitr toadjust the project code's Sendtute) function to match your TV remetes mute command, 3.Putitall together 2a. Inthe keyhonds array near the top ofthe Arduino sketch, change the keywords tha you want mute, Be sure toalso change the value for MIPRER_OF_KEYWORDS so thatit matches the number of keywords you're searching fr, Upload the code tayour Arduino, ‘tb. Connect the anode ofthe IR LED longer lead opin 13 and the cathode [shorter Leal te ground ‘3. With the composite vdeo cable rom your vdeo source ‘going into your Video Experimenter Shield, connect a power supply tothe Arduino, and your Enough Already ready to 490. Poin the infrared LED toward your television and enjoy thesience!® ohn nape: Toshutthem up, get the project code and fulillustrated step-by-step instructions at makazine.comvenoughalready, Share it: #enoughalready makezinecom/projects/37 PROJECTS | Bass Bump Headphone Amp Build this circuit to boost low frequencies and make your MP3s go boom. ey cra Bridie rica ‘Cost: fod Preise scent Soe ae eter Pears ac Premera Deerienit ‘THE BASS BUMP HEADPHONE AMP WILL IMPROVE ALL YOUR PRIVATE MUSIC LISTENING. The custom bass- ‘enhancement circuit lets you boost the music's critica low-frequency spectrum toyour taste, andit has enough power to give clear sound and punchy dynamics "through most ary headphones, or even small speakers. ‘This amp sounds better than the head phone driver circuits in most smartphones ‘and MP3 players becauseit has a lower ‘source impedance and much higher drive ‘current. This means the sound from your headphones is unaffected by long cables ar impedance mismatches, Build one and you'll hear the diference right away Youll solder the circuit onatwin pert board to create two identical channels — left and right — each adjusted by its own bass control potentiometer. Each channel split the Low from the high frequencies at ‘about 1002, passes the low through the ‘adjustable boost, then recombines them before feeding them into the amplifier chip. At the output, a Zobel network keeps the impedance low at high frequencies and damps any oscillations. I'll done with a handful of resistors, capacitors, and two LM3e6 audio amplifier chips. All the parts are easily sourced at RadioShack I chose the LM386 because is easy to build with — its widely available, will run ‘ana single power supply as low as 5¥, and requires few external components. There ‘are higher-performance arp chips, but they'd require a dual power supply, making the circuits much more complex. The L386 performs well and keeps it simple. ‘The Bass Bump Headphone Amp is powered by a rechargeable battery for mo: bile use, but you can also power itvia USB using a custom cable. We can show you how to make that too.@ Put some bottom nit! Fllinstructions ‘anid schematic at econ’ 5 iphone-amp ‘Shareit: #bassbumpheadphoneamp More Great Projects with the LM386 Amp Chip :: i 4 A mobile ampitiedspeate for any smartphone ot music player. ae un eh ew iti ti tas tar foveal hg ga tos om etch oon our kt makezine.com PROJECTS Self-Filling Pet Water Bowl SKYLER TIFFIN x ‘ makezine.cor/projects/37 IWAS TIRED OF HAVING TO FILL UP MY DOG'S WATER BOWL TEN THOUSAND TIMES ADAY, so I decided to make what Icall the “Aesomest Coolest Easiest Water Bow for Cats and Dogs." This bowlre- fills by itself, and all you need is ‘wood, a two-liter bette, veler, anda thirsty pet. llonce saw my dad do exper ‘ments with this “magic battle: He put water inti, turned itovera bowl, and when the bottle touched the surface of the water, the water stopped streaming and the bowl didn't overflow. Atthe time Iwas amazed, ears later, figured uthowitworks and thought t ‘would be @ goad idea for the dog dish. When frst putit together | was so proud of myself, until. [heard aloud thump from the kitchen. When | investigated, my doghada wild ook on his face andthe two- iter bottle was in his dish. fixed this problem by rot filling the bottle all the way and super-gluing the velero tethe wood. thas been many ‘weeks sinceit fll, and I think that's good sign! © mena For the fll build instructions, check out makezine.com/sel-iling-water-bowL Share it selfilingwaterbowl Make: 72 PROJECTS makezine.com/projects/37 Bamboo Hors d’Oeuvre Tray A few clever cuts and you'll be serving in style. i 4 PHILBOWIE Isp inpeint Hs n atphilbowiecom, LARRY COTTON \ and Arrow a Solan fh tantuo imate a eal tow and arrow for little ones. ‘SOMEWHERE BETWEEN GRASS AND WOOD ‘ON GOD'S CELESTIAL MATERIALS LIST, ‘BAMBOO IS EXCEPTIONAL STUFF. Light- weight, strong elastic, and durable, is ane of mankind's eatiest building materials works, bonds, and finishes well. Its such a perfectly renewable resource thal you can almost watch it grow — often between Zand 4 feet a day Here's an eye-catching hors ¢ oeuvre tray you can make with just bamboo, alittle glue, and ‘few clever cuts. Bamboo poles are available from such sources as calibamboo.com or bambooandthatchetc.com, or youmay ind ‘some growing locally. Harvestit ater itlases is foliage and thoroughly dries toa nice beige. You'll need about & running feet to yiels four ‘Swords Sap Neatly mdestuctibe, gated wit foam and te ‘duct tape for battle, 5" pieces that each include a node, with 514" of hollow tube on one side of the node and about 3 onthe other. You'l split these lengthaise, then ‘make three simple igs from scrap: a cuting guide for the 45° angles needed, a thickness gauge to ‘even up the segments, anda peg for fiting and gluing the segments together. Then just sand your tray and finish it with food-safe polyurethane, ‘The trays perfec for serving party snacks, and it also makes an interesting wall decoration, hhung either side out, when you're not using it tafeed your hungry, green-minded friends. @ ‘ult Fullinstructions and photos at makezine. comVbamboo-hors-doeuvre-ray Share it: Hbamboohorsdoeuvretray Surfboard "Fiegless" this bord wit boa fiber clth ‘and epoxy resin, Sh makezine.com makezine.com/projects/37 | PROJECTS Mini Blind Minder Opening and closing your blinds constantly? Build this gadget to enslave your slats and tame the sun. Witt | ™ "aug More Home Automation Gar at mmakezinecon/projcts —e Potted Plant Protector Cannect sensors to an Arduino to keep your plants warm, watered, and welt ie Warden Keeps your fury friends’ water sup topped up we youte away ~ andi send 3 [weet if it runs out ‘SOMETIMES THE SUN IS MY FRIEND, WARM- ING THE HOUSE ON COLD DAYS, Other times it's my enemy, warring the house on hot days. ‘seems no matter how | set my windowblinds, | ‘come home to a sweltering or freezing house. ‘So! built this Mini Blind Minder to open and close them automaticaly Its powered by an Arduino mi cracontroller. which uses a sensor to read the roam ternperature and then activates a servomoter to open the slats when t's oo cool and close them vihen its too warm, Ithas an adjustable thermostat, and itean ‘also be operated manually with a push ofa button, To make it, youl solder a custom Arduino “shield” —a circuit board with headers that plug into the Arduino — and calibrate the servowith 2 easy test programs wrote, then mountitallina tidy RadioShack project case I's only a moderate ‘amount of soldering, easy built ina weekend, ‘After you upload the Mini Blind Minder code to the Arduino, just count how many turns of your window-blind wand takes ta close the slats, then adjust the trimpot on your circuit board URE tilpressing the Down button rotates the servo the correct number af rtations to clase them, Now your Minder is matched to your blinds. Final, install the Minder to your window frame and make a simple sli clutch By loop ing a rubber band around the wand and 2of the spokes af the servo horn, Thats it How It Works »» In Manual mode, the LED turns white and you ‘operate the blinds by pushing Up or Down buttons. »» In Automatic mode, the Minder opens and closes the blinds based on room temperature, The LED indicates room temperature in rela- tion othe thermostat setting: green when isthe ‘same temperature, red when the room is hotter, blue when its colder. Up and Down buttons set the thermostat between 10°C [50°F] and 30°C (86°F »» When it's powered off, the Minder automati- ‘ally remembers the thermostat temperature ‘and the position of your blinds. © Get complete build instructions, code, and vdeo at rmakezine.com/projecs/mini-blind-minder ‘Share it: inilindrinder PROJECTS GPS Cat Tracker Find out exactly where kitty wanders all day. $140-5160 Pear IF YOU HAVE AN OUTDOOR CAT OR OG, you've probably wondered where itgoes during the day. Do they just hang around outside the house, or do they go on long adventures exploring the neighborhood? To snoop on my cat Conley, made a GPS cat-tracking col- lar that would log his location during the day, then let me download the data toa computer when he gets back home. At the core ofthis collars aTinyDuino microcontroller and a few af the expan- sion TinyShields that are available fr this platform, The TinyDuino works ust Uke the ‘Arduino Une and can run the exact same sketches, yet i's only the sizeof a quarter. ‘You can easily add capabilities just by plug More Entertaining Pet Projects ::2)02100001/pojecs Twitty that sends tweets. Se makezine.com Cat Mae a cheery cat toy 1 TiryShields into it — used the GPS TinyShield to get the position data and the microSD Card TinyShield to log the data To power the system, youneed a small, light battery withthe capacity torun the system long enough to get useful data The GPS and SD card writes are fairly power-hungry, | use a small ithium= ion rechargeable batery that provides up toéhours of logging capability A larger battery can be used to get much longer logging times. “To make the electronics box fr the col- lay, cut down a Ti Tac container tit, and ‘cuta small clot init to let the cat collar slide through. This lets the GPS module sito the back of Conley's neck during CatScratch. Feeder Fuld a soratcing post 4 that dispenses teats makezine.com/projects/37 his adventures stalling around and pro- vides the best GPS antenna reception. The software used to program the systeris very simple: An Arduino sketch runs.on the TiryDuino, which captures the raw data from the GPS module and writes ittoa text file on the microSD card, Pop out the microSD, putitin your computer, and you can open up the file in a program tke Google Earth and see exactly where your cat was during the day, complete with timestamps. @ For complete step-by-step instructions, part list, schematic, code, and photos, go tomakezine.com/gps-cat tracker Shares #opscattracker Fetch-O-Matic Craft your own automatic tennis ball, Feuncher for dogs. makezine.com/projects/37 | PROJECTS CNC Air Raid Siren It's loud, annoying, and fun. Cut the parts on a CNC router, then motorize them with a cheapo bench grinder! ‘Time Required: AIR RAID SIRENS FASCINATE ME, ESPECIALLY AWeekend ‘THE ONES FROM WORLD WARIIL The infamous Cost: ‘all indicated danger but also sounded the all- S80=875 clear, inspiring both fear and relief. They/re also eT just awesomely loud, Nowadays there are elec tronic sirens, but mast civil-deense sirens are sill the mechanical kind — basically bowers designed to make as much noise as possible. | sav DIY sirens online and instantly though of ‘our ShopBot CNC router as an elegant solution —iteould cuta perfectly balanced rotor every time. So | designed this siren for CNC cutters, Here's how | made it, and haw you can to, “SKILL BUILDER CNC PANEL JOINERY MOREE EMITS 1. Motor. Fractonal-toreepower AC matars cost $100 or more — sol used the MAKE Labs crummy bench grinder. Get one at Harbor Freight ($45 brand new. Iteven looks Uke a Wl siren 2. Cutting. Icut the plywood to 24°18" to {tour ShopBot Desktop [Maker Shed tem DSSBDP, makershed com). ft all the parts for ‘woroter-stator assemblies on one sheet of "ply and two sheets of, and cutting went off without ahiteh, Adjust them tofit the cutter of your choice Learn a bag of tricks to design and CNC cut clever joints in plywood, acrylic, ‘and other sheet stock. 3. Assembly. Building the rotors isa matter of glue, dowels, and gentle persuasion with a rubber ‘mallet. Testing them was scary — would they hold together or explode catastrophically? — but they spooled up to full speed and blew a surprising amount ofaiewith almost no vibration. Sweet! i Next mounted the stators and adjusted them to eliminate ary rubbing a leas finally time to seeif this thing was going to work. As the motor picked up speed, a faint wail began to emanate from the device, ‘which quickly gt louder and touder. By the time the motor got up to full speed the siren sounded so real and loud | hag halt a mind to duck and cover under my desk — it works! © Hear itwail, download the CAD files for CNC ‘cutting, and get step-by-step buld instructions at rmakezine.comfene-air-raid-sren. ‘Share it Hencarraidiron Moke: 97 PROJECTS Glow Plug 3D Printer Extruder Make an extruder by hand using only a few tools anda diesel glow plug from the auto parts store. ‘akarshed.com ‘Time Required: AWeekend ns ero makezine.com/projects/37 LOVE 3D PRINTING, $0 I DECIDED TO BUILD MY OWN PRINTER. | scavenged the stepper motors, linear ralis, and drive belts, but Iwas stumped whan it came tothe extruder. The «extruder designs I found online al ad one flaw: They required 3D-printed parts. So you'd need a 30 printer to make a 3D printer! My solution was to build this robust extruder using a handful of teas, one online parts order, and atv to the aut parts store. uses a $10 ‘glow plug from a diesel engine for anozzle heater, andi performs very well. Hobbing a Bolt with a Drill Press You'lLneed basic machining skills and tools to cut, dil, and tap aluminurn bar stock and steel bolts, thread a steel rod, and bend litle sheet metal before you bolt itll together, Typically an extruders feed wheel isa hobbed bolt ie. a bolt with gear teeth cutinto it thats ‘made using a lathe anda specialty jig, Butif you don'thave access to alate, there's a clever ‘ick for hobing a bolt witha dil press, atap, and a couple of 608 skateboard bearings. Usinga DIY Extruder Hyuie Sappig hisint an existing printer, consider sng the printer's thermocouple and stepper contol electronics Myeuire bling anew machine, connect the moter, tepper, ni temperature sensor the controler, and hook the low plug tothe heater circuit “This extruder has a 0.3mm aerheight |:76mm flament diameter, and 039mm nozale diareter. To configure your software to use the new extruder, youl ned to calculate the rate at ich plastic exts the naz based onthe feed whoa ameter, stepper resolution, and gear ratio Pig this dataint the Profile Maker ver at Maker Bock com tautomatialy generate Sheinforge stings bofoe you start printing, @ Fallinsructions and photos at makezne. -corm/glow-plug-3d-printer-extruder. Share its #glowplug3epriterevtruder Animated Balloon- ‘TARDIS MAKE Robot Powered ‘Transformer bean re Helicopter v2 ng ZS fy. Kona Was ina bye inde hing i sens rate the ob’ verszco thing 2404 verse contig 7 head and as Donnie Pint nasal then Tine os rsa! the nsec to make attach an iat oma Assambled using srep-an itdae and wath pis tote on ei foes makezine.com | PROJECTS MAKE A RIPCORD ROTOR CHOPPER [Ee i ever ti ets and gear for makers. eer T3 Innovation Snap Shot TIPS TO SNAKE AREPLACEMENT Pee eee end Corgi es Seon Cees See eet Se ee wee! iallycuting into the cable at aoe OR ead SS Se uaa aioad eg eee artes Pre eee ery rece era te tee cerca ate een eerie erect) eee ees ee None eee) ree ets eo ee co een tothe cables under test. The kit comes Re eens oe ecg Cee eer ean ect) erect eee eet Karma Controller $30 - thinkgeek.com ‘The Karma Controller isan electranic controller kit for navigating through the internet slscussion board Reddit. I's a PCB with 7 buttons and resistors, with pins to accommodate a Digspark [a tiny Arduino-compatible microcontroller that i included in te kt To the computer's eyes the controller is recognized as a mouse, and the buttons are ‘set to move you from one story tothe next, upvote and dowrwote, and scrol through ‘comments. Intriguingly, the controller could be used for other purposes — all you have to dois reprogram the Arduino, The controller kit isan extremely easy soldering project, so i you're looking to get your feet wet this wil do it True Temper 8-Pound Forged Steel Wood Chopper’s Maul amestruetemper.com Hatchet are esisible Arce old hatchet has al the ame-the- west romanticism ofan axina charming te frm factor. The nly downside to hatches isthe harsh realty that hey jst dont werk Too puny oo ight ‘Aways inmate by wood splitng, [was certain hata perfect wand pe was the domain of Paul Bunya-lypes with bury physiques bl em alleime of salisbury steak ezen dinners. Eventally the aesthetics of wend chopging — a maul, a hardy slump leather gloves, and heart Nannel — proved too ampaing to ignore and bought the cheapest, lb aut rom Lowe's It proved tobe absolutely devastating to wood. One ofthe st satstjing purchases ever. The onl srngth required is the aiity towing it overhead then momentum and gravy dothe works you guide the head tthe og. When it connect is explosive. A rice, ry og just blows apart. Practice inthe backyard then pit tags where the neighbors can see yu. The wl tp hassling ou bout your barking dog. Hatchet till have their place — under the plow for zombie apocalypse sonar. Mater Jalopy Angel-5 Pencil Sharpener $25 - carl-officeproducts.com ‘The Angel-5 resembles an old- fashioned wall pencil sharpener from ‘any classroom but isnot wall-mount- able, How can an unmounted classic crank pencil sharpener be used with only two hands? [I don't have one hand tohold/anchor the unit, another to turn the crank, and a third hand to push the peneitint ‘The answers ints unique featur: ‘The sharpener, after being extended, ‘grabs your pencil, maintains good pressure, and self-feedsit into the sharpener. You et go of your pencil and Use one hand to hold the base while the ‘other hand turns the rank When the crank starts turning freely, your penciis sharp as tack ‘These are made by Cart, whose name | recognized from high-end paper cutters. purchased the basic ‘one, available widely for $25, even though Ireally want the $45 one that lets you select from five diferent tip. sharpnesses | really prefer a blunter tip), but wasn't ready to spend that much ana new technology. Now that Tim familiar witht ook for an excuse to buy the preferred one, called the co-2000, —Creig Wilson TOOLBOX | ruceno.tey| re fens" Loe = , af ee Cuttlebug $60 ; cuttlebug.ca The Cuttlebug is a nonelectronic die-cuting ‘and embossing tool for paper crafts, I's lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with embossing folders and dies from most manufacturers. lam an avid papercrafter and scraploooker, make all my own greeting cards, ‘and use my'bug mare than any other tool. YouTube shows lots of ways to use it for various techniques, including letterpress. Ive had mine for about 10-12 years, use it atleast weekly, and am still using the same cutting platesit eame with. Its more intuitive to use ‘and mare compact when folded up than com= geting brands Ive tried Dies and embossing folders are available in any craft store, but you canalso create your own embossing designs with leaves, lace, etc, using rubber mats made bythe Spellbinders and Scor-Pal companies. —PollyRobertus GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Badland 12,000 Pound Winch $299 - harborfreight.com The Bacland 12,000 pound winch is a serious tool, and coming from Harbor Freight, its feature set comes ata fraction of the price of other competitive models. The 3 can towin 12,000 pounds at a meager duty cycle of only 5%, [meaning that for very 45 seconds of ful load towing, you wil need to allow the winch around 15 min tutes to coll, the winch will probably pull acar, tress, fance posts, or anything else that you need pulled quickly and effectively, For only $29 you can add a wireless remote so that you can stat pulls from inside a car. There are often Harbor Freight coupons for 10-25% off, making @ purchase a litle easier on the wale, Jake Spurlock $399 - gopro.com ‘Speowise, the Hero3+ is a rice litle bump over the Hero3. ‘What really stands out, though, isthe size ~ its 20% smaller then its predecessor. Video can now be shot at Up tok resolution, and stil can be shot at 12mp at 30, {frames a second. What really shines isthe new Super- View, a mode that shoots an immersive wide-angle video ‘that captures mare ofthe user and the surroundings. The ‘camera kit also includes: a wifiremate (making helmet ‘camera operation much easier than before), a battery, waterproof housing, anda variety of mounts for curved and flat surfaces. as G2 makezine.com Velleman PS1503SBU DC Lab Power Supply $100 - jameco.com The HO Power PS1503SBU isa great addition to any hobbyists or maker's bench. It has large easy-to-read digits forthe voltage and current. The dals are smoath and ‘easy to adjust toa specific value. The unit does nat praduce any excess heat or odd noises. The onty downsides ae: It does not ship with banana plugs and cables you have to create your own; and itonlyhas one positive and negative valtage terminal This unit provides up to 15 volts, which is plenty for any microcontroller and most, hobby/project circuits I also provides 3 amps of current — ample for any small i electronics project. The H@ comes in @ compact portable case that makesit perfect for busy workspaces or ones with imited room. It prevides clean power to noise sensitive circuits and a steady reliable voltage that does not vary. HitCase Pro $130 + hitcase.com Thisis the ultimate “extreme sports” mounting system for an iPhone 5/5s. Use it to record your next Longboarding expedition or dune bug {gy race. Atits core the HitCase isa shock: and water-resistant case With a sereen protector and mounting lug that allows you to plug the ase into variety of mounting devices, sold separately These GoPro-compatible maunts inelude a rall-barattach- ‘ment that tightens to the bar withthe help of metal clamp bands, ‘ahandlebar mount, adhesive mount, as well asa chest-harness ‘mount giving skiers and other nonvehicte daredevilsa chance to record ther stunts, 8 makezine.com/37 —Floy Salinas Colored Hot Glue sticks alu-stix.com Hot glue is something everyone should have in their toolkit. Quickly build structures and secure parts or wires witht, ‘and you can find glue sticks for various different materials from rubber, metal, and wood, Unite other adhesives, you can undo hot glue: Just peel it off Normally available only in translucent whit, glue sticks for crafting are available in a rainbow of colors and are compatible with standard hat glue (guns. Make custom-colored bumper feet for projects like blue ta match an Arduino board). Make matching repairs to frayed colored wires. Get the sample pack to try outa bunch of diferent colors. Or get bundles ofa single favorite color Andif you're feeling really awesome, get the colored gliter sticks! Ted Kurt TOOLBOX 8V Impact Screwdriver $40 - blackanddecker.com | sed to think you couldn't beat a corded &" dil for hardcore screwriving, but ve just changed my mind. | recenty built ‘wooden gate, driving a few dozen deck screws with my drill — careful, slow work. Then | got my hands on the new Black & Decker &V Max Lithium Impact Screwdriver. Ican't believe haw rnuch beter this compact, solid tools for the job. Instead af risking stripped screw heads it drives like a dream. The percussive rat-a-tat becomes. loud — but welcome — sound asit turns screws wth terrific torque and speed. It comes with ‘a charger, magnetic hex bit storage, and integrated LED ight dol Edgar Park keprofessional.com kKirmipes look like tissue paper, but they're quite different. These low-int wipes are used in abs throughout the coun try, but they're also great for makers. luse ther mostly for cleaning 30 printer beds with acetone. Since they'e also lowestatic,| use them witha horsehair brush and alcohol {or cleaning PCBs, The wipes are also strong enaugh to scrub off adhesive gunk when using a solvent like Goo: Gone. Cheaper than lens wipes, they're great ina pinch for cleaning all kinds of optics, from microscope slides to magnifier lenses, and even your eyeglasses. Theyre not bad as LED difusers, to. =1K Tu makezine.com ‘A Catalog of Poss! by Kevin Kelly $24 Amazon.com For more than 10 ears, Kevin Kell [2 co-ounder of Wired and an editor of the Whale Earth Caaloa hasbeen publishing recommendations of usefl toals on his website, Cool-Tool or [dsclosure — recon started work ing ith Kevin onthe stl. Using the Whole Earth Catalog as an inspira tion, Kevinhas collected more than 1.500 reveus rom his websitento a full-color, massively oversized, 72-nage catalog of how-to information ot immenge interest to makers. Kevin deinen of tect includes anything thathelps you get samething done — iteould bea website, a Book, a mop, 2 ‘material an item of clothing a gadget, ranting ole that improves your abilities, Hyouwanted to rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse this ‘would be your guidebook ‘Te effect af seeing these rescues cn large pages hen opened ato page spread is 22°17 is remarkable, As Kevin wroteon hs site, "There is something very powerful at work on lao pages ofa book. Your brain begin to make naturaly associations between tols na vy that it doesnt on mall screens. The jurtapsitions of dese tems onthe page prea the reader to weave rlationshizs between them, connecting ides that once seemed far apart. The large eal ette ofthe page opens up the min, ‘making you mere receptive to patterns found in elatedtools There's room to ee the depth ofa book na lance, You can sean a whole ld of one type ofl faster than you can onthe web, that respec, arge paper bok. rewards bth fat browsing and deep study beter than the web ora mall tablet” As result, Kevin has no plans for releasing an electronic ersion of tha book land the webste the elctrnicvrsion, anyway) When Kevin showed me a copy —airmailed from Hong Kong hot ofthe press — my mind was biown, just asitwas when | discovered copy ofthe Whole Earth Catalog when Iwasa 10-year-old. Thisisthe book want my dst Blow tir mins th Mark Frvenfeaer HIGH-VOLTAGE ‘RAW AND Bre cy Pree @ ra SS NICK AND TESLA'S ARDUINO STRUCTURAL RAW AND FINISHED HIGH VOLTAGE ‘ADVENTURES: PACKAGING: DESIGN MATERIALS DANGER LAB ESCAPE FROM YOUROWNBOXES = ty criandereu by "Science Bob” Prlugtetser GEMINI STATION AND 3-D FORMS $69 ebook] $85 (print) and Steve Hockensmith by James Floyd Kelly and by Paul Jackson Momentum Press $13 : Quirk Books Harold Timmis $25 : Laurence King Wren na saighitrwar ‘When the parents of 11-year-old $40 : Apress {recently istened to an interview ‘easy-to-understand style, this. twin NckandTesiadappeac, Like Nekand Tels HaghVollagewihthbusterAdamSavagein fa gue tothe properties and theymoveinvithther Uncle New, Danger Lab, rine Adertues whieh he enthusiastically deserted uses of eomnon materials: met Hesapaigetmakertorasecret leasdenceficionnavel ed vith fisongoinglveafar wihcar?- as. alos plastics, compostes, oreriment agency Asyoumight projecsyeucanmaletohelpthe boardasacansnation aera. ceramic adheshes, and moe pect thekids uch getimohed prolagenis get outof dangerous Seagewoudfciasoulmatem Rs prca but awertyadtion inatairaisng adventure andare uations. In is story youanda Pal Jackson, apapercraartst_tothebeckel of anyone Who Calledonto ula number oflee- couple of space cadets named Cade andpotessioal“ldngconsut- buds thngs hat ust met trnicgnigetstosatethemsetes and Ela are appedina damaged lant Nis, Siemens, ardother__ertain specications achievable andthe tre word tromanunimey spacesiaonhasorting Earth, companies lackeon'sbookeantans ony though te use of certain Gnd. Thebonuspartofthstin Yurmissonistobuldelght dlfer-step-by-sepinsructonstormaking materiale Ws lot ntrest tidse-schoneradieluefmysery ent Arno gadgets hal wllenablecardboar pactaging andretcisis facts: Teton. she any serasisthatthebookinclodesyouandthe young scientists tes-_Longenpeene and consideration materia ata gc rar can- ietrctonsfor bulGing the desces Capethe space satan Gaaredtoe of paciage dexin Based ontis notin” and "Drie peat bogs. NickandTesiauseaburglaralarm, sight lderaudence,ctenadits formuator‘reaingthesrongest plagued Rusa in 210, where anelectrmagnt. able racking wilhavefun makings temperature posuble one-piece ntthat wll more than pet res joined devce acompresed-airwater cane abuclel Vaneportestem.a endoseanywlumetrcformubich seer hundred foe resin rock andmore ’sthefrstina_-matendetecting game, andmore, has atlaces and sagt sides” producing unprecedented ead Seresofbootsstarngthetechie The bookwes co-renbyMAKE thevereyof bar shapes shown smog througout the wes twins. Look othe olow-ap il, contr James log! Kel, __herethatcantemadewiha single halothe country” rian Dee abot Army Rampage in February “MF sheetofcaribeardisremartatle the autor ha writen two po 2, “HF andinspring Take a aokalvideos ets for MAKE: the Deed ep fandsampleoxtemplates: vi, Dice Nl 16 page 72 adhe Lbvenesingconevsruetrt “lke Pn magi ick Nt packooing- design your-own-boxs- page. Me rd erms/ Me jyracruRINe wenntoes FRBpucr estan by Chris Lefteri = $35 : Laurence king Have you ever loaked at something and wondered, “How di they make that?” Chances are, his ‘ook wil provide the answer. With deseritons of more than 100 diferent manufacturing ech iqus, including machining, CNC cuting, electron beam machining, plasma ar cutting, biow ‘molding, ud forming, and centrifugal casting, this book will make you envious af the predc- tion methods that ae afordable onl to deep-pocketed omanizations such as powder forging ake sinter orgng whic suse ta make autorative parts anahand tale. Hone: many at the techniques are aflordale even for small uns, and a the very leat, will open your eyes to ‘hats posible, They may even inspire you to create alow-cost desktop manulactrig alterna ‘eto one of the expensive industrial processes desried inthe beok =e TOOLBOX NEW MAKER_TECH SENSE 3D SCANNER $399 : cubifycom/sense Version 20 ofthe 30 printing revolutions upon us, and the ‘Sense 3D scanner is primed to lead the next wave in rapid manufacturing. Simply purchas- ing 30 printer will only get you so far The real challenge is modeling and seanning what you'd Uke to print. The Sense ‘allows anyone, with a simple ‘magic wand-like wave, to sean in color and prin to almost any 30 printer At $399, i's also bargain. You can read more ‘about Sense 3D Scanner on the CCubify website, Mare de Vinck STICKNFIND STICKERS $50 (2-pach sticknfnd.com These quarter-sized Bluetooth-enabled discs can be attached to pets, Luggage, phones, key chains or other easily misplaced items, The StickNFind companion smartphone app can identity and locate any disc within 10 feet. fa disc is out of sight, you can remotely activate its buzzer and light It atso works as a virtual leash —ifa sticker moves past a specified distance from your phone, your phone sounds an alert. —ME BLUEFRUIT EZ-KEY $20 : adafruit.com Any device that can take Bluetooth keybeard or mouse input will beat your command with Adafruits new Bluefrut, EZ-Key.The 12 digital input pins on the small board can bb programmed to each senda specific key press, mouse ‘movernent, or mouse click wirelessly toa device. If you've reamed of making your awn wireless (game contraller or making technology ‘more accessible forthe disabled, the Bluetruit EZ-Key enables to you make custom wireless input devices without ‘much hassle. Alter pairing the Bluetrut EZ-Key with your computer, phone, or tablet, the board wil send preprogrammed eypresses when you connect any of its input pins to ground. Just wire up any kind of momentary switch andit becomes wirelessly connected to your device. You can even use software to reprogram the pins to send different keypresses, Ifyou want te make a pedal that zaps spam from your inbox or physical controller for the game QWOP, the Blueruit EZ- Key might be the solution for you. Matt Richardson 0s makezine.com PI NOIR INFRARED CAMERA $30 : adafruit.com The official camera board for Raspberry Piis ‘a popular accessory for the $35 single board computer and it now comes ina new flavor ‘The Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Pi NoIR, which isthe same camera board with the ‘exception that the infrared cut filter is removed, allowing infrared tight to hit the camera's sensor. This makes ita great accessory for projects involving night vision. Whether you're building 2 Pi-based security system or want to observe ld at night, the Pi NOIR camerais the perfect ‘off-the-shelf component that connects tothe ‘camera serial interface on the Raspberry Pi ‘The Pi NoIR camera board also includes an ‘addtional blue fiter so that youccan experiment with near-infrared photography, a method for assessing how well plants are photosynthesizing, This DIY science project turns the Pi NolR camera board and a Raspberry Pinto an inexpensive instrument to help you examine plant health in your own backyard. —uR TEENSY 3.1 $20 -pire-com PIRC released another update to their popular Teensy USB line of small and inexpensive-yet-powerful microcontroller boards. The Teensy3.1 hasall the features ofthe powerful Teensy 3.0, but also quadruples the RAM, doubles the lash memory has two analog to digital converter, and is capable of true ‘analog output. All these new features (along with afew others] come inthe ‘same small size, andi costs only stighlly more than the previous iteration of the board Like the Teensy 2.0, the new board sports a 32-bit ARM Cortex-Mé processor {and can be programmed with AVR C or within the Arduine IDE along with the “Teensyduina add-on. And with more direct memory access channels, you can now use the Teensy 3.1 to control 3,000 addressable LEDs at video refresh rates or even stream high-quality audio signals, That's lot of power for such a teensy package! MR LITTLEBITS SYNTH KIT $159 : Utlebits.c/kits/synth-kit Uitte, in collaboration with Korg, has Created the Synth Kit, which enables, anyone to build their own modular ‘synthesizer with litle tone engineering ‘oF musical knowdedge. Its as simple {as plug-and-play and youl be of, Creating combos of auc, visual, and sensory experiences, The kit includes step-by-step instructions for ereating 0 musical projects, including akeytar ‘and Synth Spin Table. Check aut the UitleBits website to see what comedian’ ‘musician Reggie Watts and athers are Creating with this new title musical wonder. =My > \ SOON TO BE DELIVERED BY DRONE. itp Maker S41 makershed.com FLITETEST ANYCOPTER QUAD 370 KIT The FltetestAnycopter Quad 370 Ki is fantastic fist frame kitforthe aspiring mutirtor builder comes wth hardware, four Delrin legs, anda lasercut wooden frame that can eer eo BR 2