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For more details please Contact : P.Krupal Kasyap HR & Product Manager Mobile :9396533666,Ph: 040-32990225 Email : Kasyap@honeypotit.


Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Honeypot ITC. A MNC IT company with offices in India and US. Honeypot established 2008 with providing services in Development and Training services. Honeypot Careers has been established with a Vision to bridge the gap between the Institute and Corporate and will aim at transforming the talented graduates from knowledgeable individuals to Corporate Ready professionals, which are the need of the industry. We assist to organize seminars and lectures on new Trends ,Technologies We provide technical support in College webpage, MIS and networking. We assist in colleges HR activities like recruitment of Faculty, Non teaching staff

Honeypot Strengths: LMCET.COM The Logic Maps Common Employability Test State of art assessment

technology supported by HIT centers with interview cubes powered by in house expertise using LMCET with complete employability assessment package. BETECHS.COM is an Education and Social Networking Platform for Aspirants,

Students, Graduates & Post Graduates, Job seekers, Colleges and Companies. Honeypot we are providing paid internship program provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate college students to gain valuable, practical field experience in their chosen profession. Our training services offer Employability & High-Level Skills with Real Time Project Get our professional service and guidance to score high marks in projects!! We will help you opportunities with multiple IT / Non- IT companies. Our team of highly qualified MBA,Ph.D professionals will develop your MBA project in any topic of your choice in a short span of time.

For more details please Contact : P.Krupal Kasyap HR & Product Manager Mobile :9396533666,Ph: 040-32990225 Email :

We are committed to impart industry oriented training to produce world class technically sound manpower. Employability Skills Topic Life Skills - Induction Induction

# of hrs 2


Icebreaking, Overview of Life Skills modules, Code of conduct, Professional grooming, Discussion on expectations Communication, Reading Comprehension, Listening, Non-Verbal Communication Oral communication: Introduction to Communication with diagnostics, Telephonic Conversation, Phonetics: Sounds, Phonetics: Stress & Intonation - Grammar & Exercises. Business Grammar, Pronounciation-1, Pronounciation-2, Group Discussion-1, Group Discussion-2 (Telephonic Conversation) Types: Business & Technical Writing, Introduction to writing, Characteristics of Technical Writing, Mechanics & Diagnostics, Grammar, Report Writing, Letter/Memo/Email Writing. Handling Fear & Nervousness, Content, Voice, Body Language, Mannerisms, Preparation and Delivery, Individual Mock up Presentation Logical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Numerical Reasoning Abstract Reasoning Self Motivation, Positive Attitude at Work, Building a Positive Attitude, Exuding Confidence.

Language & Communication Communication Skills Oral Communication

6 6

Effective Communication

Written Communication

Presentation Skills

Aptitude Logical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Numerical Reasoning Abstract Reasoning Personality Development Self Motivation, Positive Attitude & Confidence

6 6 6 6 6

For more details please Contact : P.Krupal Kasyap HR & Product Manager Mobile :9396533666,Ph: 040-32990225 Email :

Professional Grooming

Team Work

Job Readiness

Ettiquette Basics, Work place ettiquette, Business Communication, Personal Grooming, Body Language, Dining Etiquette, Global Culture Self concept, Perception, People Management, Introduction to Group dynamics & Team Work, Conflict Management and Interpersonal Communication Expectations Management, Taking & Giving Feedback, Dealing with difficult Coworkers & Colleagues Resume Preparation Goal setting, Individual goals, Organizational goals Planning, Scheduling Interview Skills, Stages in a interview, Mock Interviews Technical Interview Preparation

General Preparation Resume Preparation Organizational Behaviour Time Management Mock Interviews Tech. Interviews

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Domain training with project guidance with exclusive session and workshop Session on Research methodology Statistical and scientific methods of analysis with with statistical tools like Chi-Square, Anova, T-Test, Weighted Average etc Abstract writing Literature review Design data collection forms and questionnaire Data presentation Date interpretation Hand on experience in excel tools like SD, formatting tables graphs

For more details please Contact : P.Krupal Kasyap HR & Product Manager Mobile :9396533666,Ph: 040-32990225 Email :

For MBA Marketing Employability Training with domain skills Business Analysis using BI Technologies Salesforce / ERP CRM tools Internet Marketing Overview Website Planning & Development Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Advertising Social Media Marketing Lead Generation For BusinessOnline Advertising Email Marketing Ecommerce Marketing Google Analytics Creating Internet Marketing Strategy Making Money Via Adsence & Blogging Making Money As Freelancer Case Study Entrepreneurship opportunities in Marketing

For MBA HR Employability Training with domain skills HCM strategies Interviewing HRMS Software Training e-Recruitment Solutions Applicant Tracking System Social Media recruitment employee branding Payroll Management system Performance Management systems Social Recruiting, Internet Sourcing Web tools for Training E-Learning tools One line Assessment products Attendee managing on Cloud Telephone interviewing Live experience on recruitments with, Case Study Entrepreneurship opportunities in HR

For MBA Finance Employability Training With Domain Skills Statautory Compliances Payroll Processing Income Tax Accounting Basics Vat , Cst & E1 Sales Service Tax Banking Central Excise Add On Benefits Advance Training Programs For Stock Market Skills, Business Analyst Skills , Equity Analyst Skills, Case Study Web based tools for Financial analyses Working knowledge on TALLY Focus MS Excel (Advance) Payroll software

Entrepreneurship opportunities in Finace

We look forward towards a fruitful relationship with your college, please find attached document for Honeypot IT Training services for Academic Projects. We assure you that our association will be beneficial to both our concerns. Yours truly, P.Krupal Kasyap HR & Product Manager Mobile :9396533666 email :