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Relief Trust India: Womens Rights Safeguarded

The female gender is known to be seeking entitlement to womens rights in many societies of the world. Most of these rights are supported by law and local customs by ignored and suppressed most of the times. Women's rights are actually as basic as general human rights and so should be upheld by all means to safeguard the girl child and women in a broader perspective. In many societies, the history of an inherent bias of the rights of women in favor of men is quite visible and for that reason the creation of various institutions that will see a balance in both genders in relation to access of basic rights. Relief Trust India forms part of the bigger scope fighting the oppression of women's rights in the society. Relief Trust India on its part is really committed to addressing issues to do with women's rights, including the right to vote or suffrage, work, fair wages, to own property, bodily integrity and autonomy, right to education, hold public office and right to have marital and parental rights among others. Women in India and many other parts of the world face many challenges with regard to access of these rights making life quite miserable for them. Such challenges greatly impact on their social and economical being because of the discriminatory effects which results to cultural stigmas and illiteracy among others. In the 21st century, many organizations came up and ever since have heightened their campaigns on the need for observing womens rights. This has mounted excessive pressure on various governments to dialogue and reform the manner in which women are treated in the modern society. More laws have been passed and enforced to address the plight of women in the society. Relief Trust India on its part works hard to monitor the government on its laxity and ignorance to do with womens rights. The court system has also been put in the spotlight over the manner in which cases dealing with women's oppression deal with the ones presented in courts. With a more legal representation for women, it is now possible that justice and transparency can be granted. From own research and investigations, Relief Trust India found out that the major element hindering progress of womens rights is the low number of female representatives in parliament. In response to that, Relief trust India has called for empowerment of more women to seek such political positions. Emphasis on girl child education is also another measure that Relief Trust India has put in perspective to help enlighten the female gender so they can be able to fight for their rights in the future when they grow up. Education is actually the fighting chance granted to the girl child to enable them fight for their rights and possibly nurture future female leaders who will help change the situation. Relief Trust India together with other stakeholders is thus busy on the grassroots working hard to initiate projects meant to elevate the female gender in the society, for instance giving roles previously held by men to women and celebrating their achievements and success . It is thus upon the women to understand and become aware of their rights and what the constitution has in store for them so that they can effectively fight for the rights. With a variety of legal experts brought on board by Relief Trust India, women will receive crucial information regarding their freedoms and rights.

By fighting hard illiteracy through girl-child education, lack of representation and some cultural belief, Relief Trust India has managed to set foot into solving what has been considered a menace for women for a long time. Realization of women's rights is now here; no longer a dream!