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Instructions for authors:

Papers would be accepted only in English! Font - Times New Roman Page setup - Top: 25 mm, Bottom: 20 mm, Left: 18 mm, Right: 18 mm; Paper size A4; Line Spacing Single; First Line Indent 0,5 cm; Article topic Font size 14, Capital Letter, Center, Bold; Author names in English, Font size 12, Bold; Author's organization - Font size 12, Italic, Center; Abstract up to 10 lines, Font: Times New Roman 10 pt Italic. Paragraph formatting: First line 0,5 cm, Line Spacing: Single, Alignment: Justified Key words up to 10 words, Times New Roman 11 pt. Main body text two columns: Width 8,3 cm, Spacing 0,8 cm, Equal column width is on. Chapter title Font: Times New Roman 12 pt Bold; Line Spacing Single, Alignment Justified, Spacing Before 12 pt, After 3 pt. Format of text paragraphs: Font Times New Roman 11 pt; First line 0,5 cm, Line spacing Single, Alignment Justified. Figures situated in columns or on the page width, text: center. Tables numbered, right aligned, title: on top, centered. Font in table: Times New Roman 11pt. Single line empty after table. Equations numbered in brackets, written by Equation editor in Word. References - Font: Times New Roman 10 pt; listed in alphabetical order according family name of first author.

Correspondence address:
4002 Plovdiv 26, Maritza Blvd. University of Food Technology Department MAHVP e-mail: mahvpuht@gmail.com e-mail: mahvp@mail.bg

University of Food Technology Plovdiv

Department Machinery and equipment for food industry

Department Machinery and equipment for food industry

Established 1973

Second International Scientific Conference

Development of the Science, Technologies and Techniques for the Manufacture, Packaging, Storage and Distribution of Foods

Let's meet again in the oldest living city in Europe!!!

9-10 May 2014 Plovdiv

With the assistance of:

Union of Scientists in Bulgaria Plovdiv National Academy of Packaging Territorial organization of scientific and technical union with House of Science and Technique - Plovdiv Union of Food Industry Tara I upakovka- Russia Upakovka- Ukraine Food Processing industry magazine- Bulgaria ProPak- Bulgaria

Scientific commettee:
Prof. DSc eng. I. Andonov - Bulgaria Prof. DSc eng. H. Beloev - Bulgaria Prof. DSc eng. R. Ilarionov - Bulgaria Prof. DSc eng. V. Pamfilov Russia Prof. DSc eng. S. Antipov Russia Prof. DSc eng. T. Mostenskaya Ukraine Prof. DSc eng. O. Gavva Ukraine Prof. DSc eng. O. Seregin Ukraine Prof. DSc eng. V. Sukmanov Ukraine Prof. DSc eng. V. Kartofyanu Moldova Prof. DSc eng. V. Gradunov Belarus Prof. DSc eng. A. Mamcev Russia Prof. DSc eng. N. Menkov - Bulgaria Prof. DSc eng. S. Akteryan - Bulgaria Prof. PhD eng. D. Chakarski - Bulgaria Prof. PhD eng. I. Malakov - Bulgaria Prof. PhD eng. V. Telichkun Ukraine Prof. PhD eng. G. Gutt Romania Prof. PhD eng. D. Mneria Romania Prof. PhD eng. P. Dashich Serbia Prof. PhD eng. P. Chosich Croatia Prof. PhD eng. A. Smrikarov - Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. L. Gacheu - Romania Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. O. Abramov Russia Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. M. Shamcayn Russia Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. Y. Petrovna Ukraine Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. O. Gubenya Ukraine Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. M. Bernik Moldova Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. V. Pozdnyakov Belarus Assoc. Prof. PhD Y. Bilan - Poland Assoc. Prof. PhD C. Soare - Romania Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. V. Hadjiiski Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. S. Damyanova Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. G. Antova Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. V. Lasheva Bulgaria Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. N. Ivanova Bulgaria

Main topics:
1. Design of equipment for food, biotechnological and perfumery industry 2. Technologies and equipment for food and beverage production 3. Packaging materials, technologies and equipment 4. Automation 5. Hygiene, safety and quality management in food and biotechnological industries 6. Ecology, resources and energy saving technologies

Conference language:
Bulgarian, English, Russian

Prof. PhD eng. Stefan Stefanov

Papers publishing:
Papers would be published in special edition of magazine Journal of Food and Packaging Science, Technique and Technologies

Organizing committee:
Prof. PhD eng. Milcho Angelov Prof. PhD eng. Ivan Yanchev Assos. Prof. PhD eng. Ventcislav Nenov Assos. Prof. PhD eng. Ivan Shopov Assoc. Prof. PhD eng. Hristo Hristov PhD eng. Donka Stoeva PhD eng. Nadia Arabadjieva PhD eng. Apostol Simidchiev eng. Nikola Angelov eng. Delian Gospodinov

Participation fee:
Participation fee: Participation with article 100 BGN Attendant 50 BGN Students and PhD Students 60 BGN

Bank details:

Paid fee allows publishing of one article (up to 6 pages), CD and hard copy with articles would be provided; cocktail and formal dinner includedSend abstract of the article

Anna-Maria Doichinova Petya Balinova Petyo Georgiev

Important deadlines:
1.03.2014 Send abstract of the article 31.03.2014 Full papers submission 15.04.2014 Receiving a reply for adoption 30.04.2014 Payment of fee Submission of revised articles 9.05.2014 Participants registration

Media support: www.mahvp.uft-plovdiv.bg