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Prologue I was born to kill. I was given life to put death on my hands.

I do not choose who to kill, but I choose in what way they will die. I am a killing machine. I know no emotions. I recognize no feelings. Not even pain, nor joy, nor fear, nor anxiety, nor discontentment --- nor love. "It's time. They should be here a tall dark haired woman whispered. The softness of her voice matched the serenity of the dark night. They were people of the night so they had learned to work in the dark as if they belonged on it. "Why does the Leader wanted to hold a meeting now? It's very unlikely of her to be out of the plan. I thought we aren't supposed to work until the next month? She always scolds me for not following the plans another lady said. She was very pretty, a beauty that could be compared to a flower, like the two girls that stand beside her. Her eyes were very mesmerizing. Eyes that hid her cold and unspoken blood thirst. "Things are too worked up recently. The Leader receives so many contacts. And some offers can not be resisted the tall dark-haired girl replied. As the two talked, the third girl yawned. She was so easily bored. She rolled her fingers through her long brown hair. A cold gust of wind blew. She shivered. Then, two figures emerged in the darkness. Two short but beautiful ladies approached the other three. They walked silently as if their footsteps were leaves falling from trees in autumn. So serene. So calm. "Sorry we're-- the shorter woman said looking at her watch, "--5 minutes and 33 seconds late. We've taken 'care' of something". She emphasized the word care as if it meant something. With that said, the expression of the bored girl changed. "Leader unnie! You're so unfair! You should've called me! I was so bored for not working in two weeks! she exclaimed childishly though the disturbing bloodthirst

clouded her eyes. "Maknae, maknae, it was not a massacre so you won't really enjoy if you came. They're just dirty weaklings who need some cleaning the other girl consoled the brown-haired girl called Maknae in an icy tone. The Maknae sighed heavily. It was the sign that she was pissed off. She just sat on the bench and got back into rolling her fingers to her flawless hair. All of them laugh at the Maknae's reaction. Being youngest in the group, everybody treat her as their baby and their ace hitman. But because of her youth, she sometimes tends to be childish. "Maknae! Unnie is very sorry. Don't be mad. I have a contract that would make you very happy. Very happy the Leader said while smiling mysteriously. Maknae's eyes widened. She smiled as she sensed that another bloodshed would be coming.

Target 1: The Crimson Vylet Five men silently waited in the conference room. They were not normally like this. Usually, they were playful and noisily chatting when they were together. But this time, this was different. The next mission that was awaiting them-- might be their last. "Hey Kyu! You look too serious. Are you that nervous? Key said to his friend, breaking the deafening silence that was enveloping them. Kyuhyun just smiled appreciating Key's effort to ease the tension they were feeling. But he knew, even the cheerful and dorky Key, was nervous that time. In fact, he himself didn't know what to feel. He might be really scared, he was not sure. His Onew hyung decided to accept the mission so he must know that they were making the right decision. Onew always knew. But Kyuhyun was still indifferent, because all of the other Trackers said it was a suicidal mission. Kyu looked around the room. He smiled as he realized that he had been through a lot with these people. Kyuhyun, Key, Minho, Ryeowook and Onew were the top five Trackers of SME Agency. SME Agency was the biggest tracking agency in the country. A Tracker's job was to catch criminals whom the police could not deal with. They were tasked to solve seemingly unsolvable mysteries and to fight the most notorious criminals. They were skilled, capable, strong and intelligent agents who worked for the betterment of the society. As Kyuhyun's thoughts wander, a short beautiful woman entered the office. She wore a tight white blazer with a short white skirt that made her sexy curves more appealing. The five men stood up in recognition of the lady who had just entered. "Good morning Miss Sunny they said in chorus.

"Good morning boys Sunny greeted flashing her cute smile. Her aegyo was just irresistible. She signaled them to sit down. She distributed documents to the five of them before she spoke. "These are the files for your new mission Sunny said seriously. They scanned the documents for a while. "Is this all that we have Miss Sunny? Onew, the leader, asked. "Yeah, no detailed information? Not even pictures? Ryeowook added. Sunny shook her head sadly. "Sorry, this is the best that we can obtain. The Crimson Vylet is very cautious. They don't let anyone who had seen them--live. she said with a trace of horror on her face. Kyuhyun's grip to the paper tightened. Yes. They are cautious. He told to himself. The Crimson Vylet. Every tracker in Korea knew them. And afraid of them. The Crimson Vylet was the most infamous assassination group in the country. No one had really seen them. Even their clients never had the chance, and the intention, to see them. Payments were made on accounts, not in person. And one thing's sure, once the Crimson Vylet decided you'll die youre dead. Some small-time hoodlums even tried to claim that they were the Crimson Vylet and all of them were found slaughtered the next morning, saying as if there was only one Crimson Vylet. And that one was to be feared of. Fear of the Crimson Vylet grew larger in the tracking community. Because of this, the bounty for Crimson Vylet members grew bigger and bigger. Many individual groups, some trackers and even other hitmen tried to capture them,

but all failed. All of them were murdered-- and severely mutilated as if they were saying that they were untouchable. "So the rumors are true that some of them, or maybe all of them, are actually girls Key remarked. "How'd you know? Minho asked. "Look we have their 'code names'. The Leader, the Ice Princess, Pretty Flower, Black Pearl and the Maknae Key read the paper he was holding. "Is there a guy that would name himself, Ice Princess? Key added that made all of them laugh. Key was always the clown in the group, making sure that the tension would not engulf them. "Even if some of them are girls, we should be careful Onew said as he became serious. Everybody kept silent and looked down. Yes of course, everyone still remembers. Kyuhyun told to himself. It was not the first time the SME Agency tried to track the Crimson Vylet. Not long time ago, a group of trackers was sent to track them. And one of them is Leeteuk. Leeteuk was the mentor and the favorite trainor of the five during their trainee days. He was a very good and very kind man. Leeteuk's group managed to confront the Crimson Vylet after so many moves and trials. But one day, someone sent Sunny's office the dead bodies of all of the trackers that tracked them. All of them were heartlessly murdered, except Leeteuk. They left a note saying that Leeteuk kept up a good fight so they did not disgraced his body. "You can still back out. I-I myself don't want to lose you my boys Sunny said teary eyed as she remembered what happened to her Leeteuk oppa.

Onew stood up and patted Sunny's back. "No, we won't. In Leeteuk hyung's name, we won't. Onew said firmly. ---Dozens of dead bodies lay on the floor. The room was filled of blood and the scent of it lingered as a trace of the massacre. The Maknae happily wiped and cleaned her knife that was smeared with blood. Black Pearl and Pretty Flower were sitting and listening to an MP3 together as if nothing had happened. The Ice Princess busily downloading the files that their client needed from the target's computer. The Leader on the other hand pointed a gun on the target's temple. They kept him alive for the Leader's satisfaction. "P-please. Don't kill me. I'll pay you double. No triple. I will give you everything you want. Please let me live. Please. the target pleaded. The Leader laughed. "Its not the money that we want so don't try to bribe me you pathetic dog! she said as she pulled the trigger blowing the target's head. The Maknae lifted her head and smiled. She really idolizes her Leader unnie.

Target 2: Scent of Blood "You know guys, I'm a bit excited. I think coming into an ordinary high school is fun Key said to Minho and Kyuhyun while the three waited outside their classroom. This was all part of the plan. They had a very vital piece of information that might lead them to the Crimson Vylet-- the Daenbook High School. According to the information from Sunny, some members of the Crimson Vylet might be actually students in this school. So, they decided to act like transfer students hoping to get any information about the assassination group. "I still think this is not a very good idea. Its very hard to identify or even gather information about them amidst this number of students Minho said hesitantly. "But this is Onew hyung's plan. Onew hyung is always right. I mean, you know yourself that his plans never fail. Key retorted. "Besides, its only the best shot we had. We're entirely clueless on them. he added. Minho just shrugged. He never doubted Onew, in fact, he trusted him the most. Maybe it was the risk in this mission was getting into him. "You, Kyu, what do you think? Key asked Kyuhyun, who was silent since they entered the school. "I think its nice too. We never experienced to attend in an ordinary high school. And as for the plan, I do believe Onew hyung has something up on his sleeve. He is really the best tactician I've ever seen. He doesn't tell us what we don't need to know. Let us trust him Kyuhyun said smiling. Key and Minho smiled. They had known each other since God knows when. They understood each other through smiles. They were like brothers sharing a bond. An unspoken bond called friendship. The door of the classroom slid open and the homeroom adviser got out.

"Please come inside and introduce yourself to your new classmates he said breaking the conversation of the three. Key, Minho and Kyuhyun looked at each other before entering the room. ---Horror filled Onew's face as he stared at a tall dark-haired girl on his class. He looked at Ryeowook. He seemed to notice it too. Can it be her? The scent of blood. I smell the scent of blood on her. It must be her. She must be one of them. Onew said to himself as he observed his new classmate named Kwon Yuri. ---All of the students in the room kept silent as soon as the three entered the room. They just watched them with admiration, especially the girls, because of their 'cool' aura. The three introduced themselves. Their introduction was exchanged by claps and, for the girls, giggles. They warmly welcomed the three as they sat on the vacant seats. Since the classes had already started, the vacant seats in the room were separated so the three didn't have the chance to sit with each other. Kyuhyun sat on the back row of the room. Kyuhyun glanced around the room. He felt relaxed as he remembered their lecture room during their trainee days. Its so peaceful and so much fun, unlike the real world where the true life of a tracker begins. Then he shivered a bit when the idea that one of his classmates might be the killer they were trying to catch came unto him. Then, his glance was caught by a girl sitting a seat next to him. She was busy writing something on her notebook. But what captured Kyuhyun's attention was her

face. It was very angelic. She was very cute that she sent Kyuhyun into a trance. Her long brown hair, that covers half of her face, was very straight. Her scent was very nice. She was wearing a pink headband that Kyuhyun found to be cute. The beautiful girl stopped writing as soon as she felt somebody was watching her. She looked at Kyuhyun and was shocked that he was staring at her. She smiled at him weakly that Kyu's heart skipped a beat. "Good morning. W-welcome to our school. she said to him and then returned to what she was doing. She's so cute. And her voice, it was lovely. Kyuhyun thought. "Ah, t-thanks. I-I'm Cho Kyuhyun Kyuhyun stuttered. "Yeah, I've heard. she replied without looking at Kyuhyun still focused on what she was doing. Kyuhyun slapped his forehead. What am I thinking? We have a mission in here. This is not the time for this. But, but she was, she was so lovely "W-what's your name? Kyuhyun asked. The girl stopped writing and she looked at Kyuhyun and smiled. "Seo Joohyun. But they call me Seohyun she said looking at Kyuhyun, meeting his eyes. Kyuhyun shivered when their eyes met. He smiled. Seohyun. Seohyun. This name lingered on his head for the rest of the day. Only if Kyuhyun knew, only if he knew, he wouldn't rather ask her name, because it would change, his and her life forever.

Target 3: Sacrifice "What should we do? Ryeowook asked Onew. "Do you really think she is a Vylet? I mean, we might be mistaken Onew said, though he was almost sure to himself of what he had felt. "You smelled it first. That scent. That horrible and murderous scent of blood Ryeowook whispered. Onew nodded. He bit his finger. He was thinking. "Shall we attack her?" "No. No, I don't think it would be a good idea". "Why?" "We must consider keeping an eye on her first. She might lead the other members to us. Besides, if we attack her now and we failed--" "--we're all dead Ryeowook finished Onew's sentence. Onew nodded. Both of them knew very well that even though they were skilled, trained and strong fighters, they still wouldn't have a chance winning against the Crimson Vylet in combat. "Ryeo, please continue the plan. I'll be the one watching Kwon Yuri for now Onew said. Ryeowook was about to complain but when he saw the fire on Onew's eyes, he gave up. He knew that he couldn't be stopped. He knew that he had a plan. "I understand. I'll do this fast so we could both track that Yuri girl's back. Ryeowook said cheerfully as he began to walk away.

"One more thing Onew called, "please don't tell the three about Yuri. They might do something stupid" Ryeowook smiled and nodded before walking away. ---"Just kill me you bitch! I won't say anything to you so just kill me shouted the target that was now tied in a chair. The Black Pearl laughed. "I'm not forcing to tell you anything Doc. We can get what we want even if you don't cooperate. I am keeping you alive for fun she said as she pushed one of the target's fingers towards the back of his hand breaking it. The target screamed in excruciating pain. "Don't worry, I'll kill you afterward so please be patient she added while breaking another finger of the target increasing the volume of the scream of agony. The Crimson Vylet was in another operation. Couple of dead bodies on the floor, blood smeared everywhere-- it was another massacre done by the heartless assassins. "Hey Black Pearl! Cut his tongue or sew his mouth, I don't care what you do, but please keep him silent! Don't you see I'm studying Integral Calculus? the Leader, who was doing her math homework during their entire operation, shouted. "Let Pretty Flower do your homework. I'm having fun here! the Black Pearl retorted as she broke another finger of the target. "Don't worry Leader unnie, I'll help you out with your homework later the Pretty Flower, who was busy texting a while ago, said.

"No. We have exams tomorrow so I need to figure out this by myself so shut his mouth off! the Leader ordered. Black Pearl sighed in disbelief. She slit the target's throat leaving him lifeless in a few seconds. She murmured some curse words as she sat beside Maknae, who was busy playing her PSP. The Maknae was very bored in their mission. "Hey guys! I'm done! Wanna go home now? the Ice Princess finally exclaimed after a few minutes of silence. She had just hacked the PC of the target extracting the information they needed. All of them stood up and went out of the laboratory. After a few seconds, the whole place exploded leaving the trace of the slaughter burn into ashes. --"Seo Joohyun! Seo Joohyun! the teacher called Seohyun. However, she was fast asleep on her armchair. The teacher glared at the sleeping angel. "Miss Seo Joohyun! the teacher called out for the third time now shouting. Seohyun was startled and immediately stood up and said 'present' that made all of her classmates laugh. She was always sleeping in the class and every time she was caught, a comedy scene was to follow. "How many times do I need to tell you not to sleep in my class! the teacher scolded Seohyun. Seohyun bit her lip as she apologized. She looked down, ashamed of what she did. Last night's activities tired her a lot. "So, save yourself, what's the answer on the problem on the board? I assume youre sleepy because you stayed all night studying the teacher challenged her. Seohyun looked at the problem in the board and frowned. She knew she couldn't

answer that. And she knew what would happen next. She would stand up the whole period facing the wall. She was about to walk towards the wall, accepting her punishment, when she heard someone whispering on her side. "Square root of 3 all over 2 Kyuhyun whispered, not looking at Seohyun. "Square root of 3 all over 2 Seohyun repeated weakly, realizing Kyuhyun was giving the answer to the problem. The teacher sighed. "Well, alright, seems you did study. Take your seat. But one more time that I catch you sleeping, I'll send you out of the class he said. Seohyun gave her most angelic and loveliest smile to Kyuhyun as she sat. She mouthed thank you to him that made Kyuhyun's day complete. ---"Whoa! Onew, youre so good! You might consider trying out to the school chess varsity Onew's classmate exclaimed. "No, I don't think I'm that good. This was just my lucky day I guess he said. He decided to play chess with some of his classmates to kill some time. But actually, he was watching Yuri, who was in the dance studio nearby doing her club activities. He had been following Yuri the whole day. Noting every people she met. But it seemed all normal for Onew. He worried that he might be making a mistake. The door of the dance studio opened and Yuri went out. Onew was about to leave too but he heard someone spoke beside him. "Oppa, can we play? a small girl said. She wore thick glasses and carried a large Integral Calculus book on her hand. "Hey dork, go away, we don't have a time for you one Onew's classmates said.

Onew smiled at the girl. "Sorry, but I think I have to go he said. The girl bit her lip. "Oh. I really wanted to play with you oppa when I saw your game she said sadly. "Maybe next time. I really have to go now". "Taeyeon? Shall we go now? a voice said behind Onew. Onew's heart skipped a beat as he saw Kwon Yuri standing on his back. He momentarily froze as he again smelled the scent of blood on her, stronger scent this time. She is really bloodthirsty. What a murderous aura. He said to himself. "Yuri-yah! Can you convince oppa to play chess with me? He's your classmate right Taeyeon said. Yuri was shocked with Taeyeon's request. She couldn't figure out what's with her friend's mind at that the time. She looked at Onew. After she recognized him, she smiled. "Oh, yeah, Onew-oppa is my classmate. I'm sorry to bother you, but would you please play with TaeTae for a while? If you're not busy Yuri said. "O-okay. Sure. Onew agreed seeing this situation as an opportunity to observe Kwon Yuri closer. The two sat on front of the chess board. Taeyeon shook hands with Onew before she spoke. "Please do your best oppa. They call me MungTaeng, but I'm not that actually dumb she said cheerfully to Onew.

Onew looked at her and felt something. His heart started to beat faster. He felt something was with this Taeyeon. They started playing. Taeyeon was actually good at chess. She was countering every Onew's move as if she could read Onew's mind. Onew started to play seriously after a few moves when he realized that Taeyeon's chess skills were no joke. And every time Taeyeon would make a move, she would look sharply at Onew saying as if she was in control of the game. The looks from Taeyeon made Onew shiver. He hadn't felt this sensation before in playing just a simple chess game. It was the same feeling he felt when they were in dangerous missions. He felt scared. Taeyeon's aura made Onew felt fear. "Oppa, do you know what sacrifice means? she said after making a move. "W-what do you mean?" Taeyeon looked at him seriously that made Onew shiver once more. "Sacrifice? It means you give up something, you lose something you possess, something that is important to you in exchange of a better goal. A better achievement. A better prize she said coldly. Onew gulped. It was not obvious at first, but now he was sure that Taeyeon had more murderous intent than Yuri. He couldn't sense any scent of blood on her, but her eyes, her eyes made the difference. Onew felt fear because of her eyes. "Do you love making sacrifices oppa? Taeyeon asked. "No Onew finally said as he took out Taeyeon's queen chess piece. "I do, checkmate Taeyeon said as she made her final move.

Target 4: The Flower's Bloodlust "And what was that? Acting cool? Yuri asked Taeyeon as they walked together. She still couldn't figure out why would Kim Taeyeon, the best chess player--as far as Yuri knew, would play a chess game with Onew and why would she tell him her 'philosophies' with a cold murderous intent. Taeyeon did not reply. She continued walking without even looking to Yuri. She seemed to be annoyed. "Or you just got bored and you wanted to show oppa that you are no-one-can-beat Kim Taeyeon? Yuri continued teasing Taeyeon, oblivious to her mood. Taeyeon stopped. She turned to Yuri and glared at her. "Screw off Taeyeon hissed. "Hey! What the hell is wrong with you ah? Yuri asked angrily after hearing Taeyeon cursing her. Taeyeon walked towards Yuri and grabbed the collar oh her blouse, pulling Yuri's face close to hers. "There's nothing wrong with me. It was you. He has been following you the whole day and you're too careless not to notice it! Stop fucking around Kwon Yuri Taeyeon whispered. With that said, Yuri's angry expression was replaced by shock and bewilderment. "What do you mean? Who's following me?" "That Onew-guy. I was off my class early when I saw him following you. I decided to watch you two and I confirmed it. What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you feel his presence?".

"That's bullshit TaeTae. We're classmates. Of course we are supposed to be together most of the day! You're too paranoid." Taeyeon released Yuri. "Just watch your back and be careful. I feel that something weird was going on. I feel that something exciting is about to unfold Taeyeon said. "Something exciting? Yuri asked, squinting her beautiful eyes. Taeyeon nodded as a devilish smile ran across her pretty face. --"So can you join the contest? Our section badly needs a representative Seohyun cheerfully said before making another sip on her drink. Minho, Key, Kyuhyun and Seohyun were having a snack on the school cafeteria before going home. Seohyun insisted on treating the three as a payment of gratitude for Kyuhyun who helped her earlier. "I d-don't think I'll fit for that contest. I'm not really that good Kyuhyun shyly said. Seohyun was asking Kyuhyun to represent their section in the quiz show in the campus week. She thought that Kyuhyun could do well on the said event. "Don't say that, I heard from our teacher that you got high scores in the entrance exam. And our classmates requested me to ask you to join, since they think, they think that we are quite close Seohyun said weakly. She blushed a little when she mentioned the word 'close'. Kyuhyun looked at his two friends. Minho gave him a disapproving look while Key gave him an enthusiastic accept-it-you-idiot look. He sighed. Why can't these two agree when I'm asking for advice? He said to himself.

"Please?" Kyuhyun sighed. "Okay, I'll try Kyuhyun finally said. How could he refuse such request from a lovely angel like Seohyun? "Thanks! Now I'm sure I'll win unnie's share! Seohyun said happily. "Share? Minho queried curiously. Seohyun suddenly stopped celebrating. She gulped a bit. "Ah, I mean, her share of the allowance. We bet whose section will win in the quiz show. And now, with Kyuhyun, I'm sure we will win Seohyun said. She tried to smile her tension away. Minho nodded. But deep inside his mind, he sensed something wrong was going on. --"You know what we are supposed to do in here Kyu Minho said as the three walked towards their headquarters. Kyuhyun felt ashamed of what he had been acting lately. He knew their mission very well and the significance of it on their agency, yet he had been doing nothing than to mesmerize himself with Seohyun. "I-I'm sorry. I know our mission. I was, I was distracted by her Kyuhyun apologized. "Hey Minho! Don't be too hard on him. Kyu is not always like this. In fact, we should be celebrating because of this. Cho Kyuhyun falling for someone! That's epic. We should be happy Key butted in. "But this is not the time to celebrate because of these trivial things. Key, we are on a

mission against the Crimson Vylet. One wrong move and we're dead Minho retorted. "We know that. We all know that. But Minho, Kyu is only human. Don't be too harsh." "What are we dealing are not humans. They are monsters. Heartless monsters that are prepared to squander your soul if they wished too. To fight them, we shouldn't flaunt our humanity". "What's wrong with you? You--" "Stop. Key, Minho please stop. Kyuhyun interfered before Key and Minho fought physically because of the argument. "Key, I appreciate your understanding, but I think Minho is right. Its my fault. I shouldn't be distracted by this Seohyun girl. There would be a lot of time for her after this Vylet case. Don't worry, the quiz show will be the last. Ill just to keep my word to her." The two nodded. Kyuhyun started to walk again. He was really mad at himself for liking Seohyun. "Hey Key. I have something to tell you Minho said with hesitation on his eyes. --Yoona couldn't believe that she lost. She was very angry. She felt humiliated. "How the hell did he know something about that Laplace Transformation she said to herself after losing to the quiz show after not being able to answer the last question. Im Yoona was one of the idols in the campus. She was very pretty, very intelligent and very talented. She was the ideal girl of almost all of the students in the school. She looked intently to the guy that beat him on the quiz show. A first year student had beaten her on a quiz show. A first year student beat the school idol Im Yoona. That idea made her blood boil. And her bloodlust burst high.

The guy approached her and held out his hand. "You're good Yoona-sunbaenim. Thanks for the good fight. Congratulations. By the way, I'm Cho Kyuhyun Kyuhyun said smiling. Yoona almost screamed fuck you to him but she managed to control her temper. She shook hands with him (making another great effort to prevent herself from crushing Kyuhyun's hand). Yoona tried to smile at him. Then suddenly, Seohyun came to the two. She was very happy with Kyuhyun's win against her Yoona unnie. "Unnie! See? We won. Your share is mine Seohyun teased Yoona happily, not knowing that Yoona felt humiliated because of what had happened. "So, he's your classmate eh. Yeah, he's good Yoona said coldly. "I have to go, see you at home Hyun-hyun". Yoona couldn't control her bloodlust anymore. She was not usually as bloodthirsty as Maknae but when her desire to kill took over her, she couldn't control herself. Humiliation provokes her bloodlust. The feeling of being humiliated made her murderous intent rise to a horrible level. To a level that could be compared to a heartless monster. She was going to kill someone today. And she decided it must be Kyuhyun. --Yoona's moves were really fit for an assassin. She could move as silent as the leaves falling from the trees. Her eyes were well adapted in the dark. And she was very strong. She was a skilled fighter. She knew a lot of martial arts and dexterous in using many kinds of weapons. She knew all the ways to torture a person. Torturing

was her favorite part. She knew exactly how to torture someone to death in her own satisfaction. She located her target. The poor soul who would soon be receiving punishment from Yoona's uncontrollable desire of blood. She moved swiftly, hiding her presence amidst of the busy students in the school. She licked her lips as she prepared to strike Kyuhyun. As she was about to make her move, someone caught her attention. "Shit. Why is Seohyun there? Yoona said to herself. She knew she couldn't do this in front of Seohyun. Yoona figured out that Seohyun was going out, together with Kyuhyun and his friends. She started to walk away. She knew she couldn't touch her target this time. It made her angrier. And more determined to release her anger. --"Hey, what brings a pretty lady here? You wanna play with us? a thug said to Yoona while slowly approaching her. There were five of them. Five residents of a crime-laden street on the town. Yoona was always going to these kind of places to release her anger if they did not have any mission. Like the Leader was always saying, the world needs a bit of cleaning. She would definitely need to do a lot of cleaning because of what had happened today. "Yeah? I guess so. Let us play oppa Yoona said gripping her knife on her back tightly. The five men looked enthused. They approached here more. "Don't worry sweetie, we won't make it hard for you said one of the men while grinning wildly and craving for Yoona's beauty.

"I think you should make it a little harder for me Yoona said as she began the slaughter.

Target 5: Blinded Seohyun was shocked to see a dagger flying towards her face when she opened the door of their dormitory. She caught it with her hands, just in time. She looked in the direction where the dagger came and she saw Yoona sitting lazily in the couch staring blankly at her. "Unnie! Why are you throwing a knife on me? Is there something wrong? Seohyun asked worriedly. "I was throwing the dagger on the door. You opened that freaking door so where do you think the dagger would hit? Yoona said nonchalantly. She played with another knife on her hands throwing it up then catching it. "Unnie, why are you throwing knives on the door? What if Sica unnie opened it? You know very well that her reflexes are not that fast! she exclaimed. She started to sense that something was wrong with Yoona. "I don't give a damn Yoona retorted, still acting weird. She now lightly brushed back and forth the dagger on her arm. Seohyun gulped. She knew that something was wrong. Yoona was not usually like this. That made her shiver. Angry Yoona unnie meant serious trouble. "You could've killed Sica unnie! Seohyun shouted. "I threw that fucking dagger 'cause I know that you'll be the one who will open that fucking door! Yoona suddenly shouted throwing the knife she was holding to Seohyun harder. Seohyun caught it again, but now, barely missing her eyes by a few centimeters. Seohyun began to cry. She was afraid of her Yoona unnie. "U-unnie, w-what's wrong? Why are you m-mad at me?"

Yoona did not respond. She brought out another knife and played with it again. Seohyun walked towards Yoona and hugged her. She really did not want Yoona to be angry to her. Yoona on the other hand did not react towards the hug of Seohyun. She acted as if she did not notice Seohyun. "Unnie, whatever I have done bad, I-I'm sorry. P-please d-don't be mad at me. If this was about the bet we had, I'll return the share to you she said still sobbing. After that said Yoona pushed away Seohyun. The latter was shocked of what Yoona had done. "It not about that idiot. Tell me Joohyun, do you like that guy huh? Yoona asked. Seohyun looked bewildered with the question. "W-what do you mean unnie?" "That Kyuhyun guy. Tell me, do you like him?" Seohyun stopped crying. She was still confused. What is it with Kyuhyun? She asked herself. Its true that she liked him because he is kind to her. But she didn't know how it was connected to Yoona being mad at her. "A-as a f-friend. I find him kind and n-nice she said weakly. "Then drop all of your desires to make friends with that fucking guy Yoona retorted angrily. "W-why unnie? W-what's going o-on?" "I will kill him Joohyun. I will kill him. And I will kill him bad!" Seohyun was devastated by what she had heard. She never saw Yoona this angry and serious. And she didn't have any single clue why she wanted to kill her newly

found friend. "Y-you can't unnie. It, it is not r-right." "Who the hell are you to teach me right from wrong? Is that the way to talk to your unnie Joohyun?" "No, no unnie. Its just that, its against the rules. You can not kill him. And you must not unnie. He, he is my friend! Yoona kicked the table in front of them. She was very angry. Seohyun tried to hug her again but she pushed her away. "W-why do you want to kill him? Has he done something bad to you?" "He is a bastard. He made me looked like a moron. And he, he was so arrogant. Acting so cool. I hate those kind of people. They make my blood boil." Seohyun then realized the reason why Yoona was mad. She started to cry again knowing that Yoona couldn't be easily stopped. "P-please unnie, d-don't Seohyun said through her sobs. "What's wrong with you Joohyun? Why his life suddenly became so important that you have to cry? He's just trash. Do you favor him more than me? Huh?" Seohyun did not reply. She just cried. Now that Yoona had said it, she just realized that she was not like this before. She did not care if someone dies, even her classmate, friend at school or anyone else. Death was just a simple matter to her. But now, why was she so afraid to lose a stranger she just met? She did not know. But there was something deep inside her telling her, telling her that she must not let Kyuhyun die on her unnie's hands. Yoona was touched a bit when she saw Seohyun crying. She approached Seohyun

and hugged her. "We don't have to make this hard Hyun-hyun. I will kill him and I won't be angry anymore. I'll just give him the death he deserved. You're a killer too. More bloodthirsty than I am. You know how it feels when we don't wash our hands with blood right? Yoona whispered to Seohyun's ear. "But, unnie, please not him. He was so kind to me. He has helped me a lot. Please. And it is against the rules. The other unnies will be mad" After hearing that, Yoona pushed again Seohyun and became violent. "Fuck the rules. The unnies will be madder at you, not at me! You know very well that LOVING is against our GOD DAMN FUCKING RULES! Go on! Tell the unnies that I will kill him, and see who would be punished! Yoona violently screamed that made Seohyun cry harder. Love. She did not know that word. She did not know how to feel love. They were prohibited to love, but since she did not know or give a damn care about it, she did not bother about it. Love. Why did Yoona unnie said that I love him? She asked herself. "I-I'm not in love with him unnie. I-I just think i-its not right. Please unnie, don't be like this" Yoona grabbed Seohyun on her shirt so that they were face to face with each other. Seohyun saw nothing but violence across Yoona's pretty angelic face. "Listen, if you want him to be alive, don't take your eyes off him. Not even for a second. If you do, I will get him and make him taste the most gruesome death you can ever imagine Joohyun. And I will put his head on your bed as a present. Understood? So never ever lift your eyes from him. Yoona said. She pushed Seohyun away before she left the dormitory, leaving Seohyun crying in sadness, anxiousness and confusion.

--"T-that's impossible Minho! I-it can not be. I-it's just-- Key could not put into words his reaction. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. "No Key. It is possible. You admitted you felt it too. I think we should tell Onew hyung about this Minho said calmly. "But why can't Kyuhyun feel it? Aside from Onew hyung, he was the best in identifying who's the bad guy. It is his innate talent! He must have felt it if it is for real Key said still shocked of what his friend said. "Well, Kyu's deeply into her. Love can blind everyone. Minho said as he bowed down before he spoke again. "Even the best tracker the world had ever seen was once blinded by love, remember that" --Onew was lying on his bed staring blankly at the ceiling. He indulged himself into a deep thinking that he didn't notice that Ryeowook was beside him. "Hey, what's up? Ryeowook said shaking Onew to call his attention. "Oh, I am sorry. I was thinking of something Onew said as he got up and sat on his bed. "It was confirmed. They are Vylets Ryeowook threw the files he had prepared to Onew. Onew looked intently on the paper. His eyes squinted as he read the data he has been given. "It was a bit hard hacking the school's system. The security was at a top notch level. Even better than the government's security against cyber hackers."

"What do you mean?" "It was like, someone was trying to protect the vital information about the students. Someone was capable of making sure any data wouldn't be easily stolen" "Am I hearing that from a computer genius? It was hard for you to steal information through the school's database?" Ryeowook nodded. "So, someone in the Crimson Vylet is a computer nerd like you" Ryeowook nodded again, but now, with a smile. --The Ice Princess went wild after she had opened her laptop at home. She scrambled all the stuffs away from her table and placed her laptop there, typing furiously at the keyboard. "I will kill whoever it is. Fuck him. I will kill him badly I swear. I will kill him she said to herself. "What's wrong the Leader asked. "Some bastard hacked into the security system I created for the school's database as a project of the IT club. she replied still murmuring curses and threats for the one who hacked her program. "Someone tried to hack our school's database? the Leader asked again. "Yes. I'll kill him if I found out who that bastard was". The Leader looked down thinking deeply. Then she smiled. Her intuition was confirmed. It was the start of the war.

Target 6: Equilibrium Onew took a deep breath. He looked around, his eyes wandering aimlessly to the beauty and serenity of the park. He loved this place. Its peaceful ambience made his body relaxed and mind calmed. He loved how the soft breeze brushed his face and washed all his fears and uncertainties away. He felt he would like to stop time, he felt that he wanted to stop time. He wanted to stay in this place, like this, forever. But he knew that it would not be possible. And it would not be the right thing to do. He was now sure. He must be sure. The plan must be done. He silently said to himself as he stood up, now decide. ---Kyuhyun sat silently, thinking deeply. He had scolded himself a dozen of times acting inappropriately in their mission. He knew the rules, and he knew the consequences of not being able to follow the rules. But still, he just can not resist the so-called temptation. He never knew the word love. Well, he knew he loved his family and his friends, but the romantic love someone would feel for other people was alien to him. In their busy and dangerous work, it was a sin to show excessive emotions. Anger, fear, discontentment, and especially love. Because it would bare a tracker's weakness. Emotion was still the best weapon to kill people. But everytime he was closing his eyes, he would see nothing but Seohyun and her angelic face. Whenever he was alone, he could hear his mind echoing her pretty voice. He slapped against his face. I must not think of her! He scolded himself. "Slapping yourself would do you no good Onew, who had just arrived and sat beside Kyuhyun, said. "Hyung, h-how long h-have y-you--? I-I didn't notice you".

"Not too long. You're seemed so preoccupied. Tell me what you're thinking. Is the mission still creeping on you?" "No, no, its not like that." "Then what? You seemed to be really bothered." "Hyung, it's, it's about a girl. I think I, I am falling for someone" Kyuhyun was expecting a scolding from Onew but instead, to Kyuhyun's surprise, he laughed. "W-what's funny, hyung?" "Nothing Kyu. It was, it was just so unlikely of you. And that girl was your classmate?" Kyuhyun gently nodded. "But hyung, I know this is not right. We're in a mission! And a very dangerous one! It is against the rules to express emotions. I, I feel embarrassed. All of you guys are working so hard and me, I feel that like I'm so useless. I-I'm sorry" Onew smiled and patted Kyu's back. "Don't be like that. Don't give a damn about those rules. What do you feel is more important. Always remember that a tracker's true spirit lies not on his skills but on his heart". Kyu did not reply but he smiled. Onew was always there for him. He always knew how to comfort him. He really idolized Onew. "So, can I meet that beautiful girl? I'm sure she is so pretty to catch Kyu's eyes Onew said.

Kyuhyun's eyes brightened. "I, I can introduce her to you at school tomorrow. You would love her hyung! She is so, so perfect he excitedly exclaimed. Onew nodded. "Then, I'll be waiting. Onew said, standing up. "Though our mission is important and dangerous, never ever exchange your life for this. It is the best way to succeed. Kyuhyun smiled. He understood what Onew meant. The latter started to walk away with a smile, concealing his sadness, running across his face. ---Yoona vomited blood as Jessica gave her another blow in the stomach. Yoona fell on the ground holding her stomach. Then Jessica gave another kick to Seohyun who was now lying on the ground because of the punishment she had received from her. Jessica was giving 'punishment' to the two by beating them up. Earlier, when Jessica saw Yoona and greeted her, the latter did not respond because she was still mad due to her quarrel with Seohyun. That made Jessica extremely angry and started beating Yoona up. Seohyun on the other hand, pleaded that she too must receive beating from Jessica because she felt guilty of Yoona's actions to their unnie. Jessica pulled Yoona's hair, dragging her head up. "Yoona-yah, when did you learn to become so disrespectful? When did you learn to ignore your unnie? You want me to kill you ah? she asked as she gave another hit to Yoona's face. "Unnie, please stop hurting Yoona unnie. Its my fault too Seohyun said, still lying in the ground.

"Shut up Jessica retorted as she kicked Seohyun in the ribs that made the her cry in pain. Then, Jessica again pulled Yoona's hair, dragging her head up so the two were now faced to face. "Do you have something to say? Huh? Jessica asked angrily. Yoona suddenly started to cry. "I-I'm sorry unnie. I did not mean to disrespect you. Please kill me, I-I'm so bad Yoona said as she cried. Jessica sighed deeply. She then hugged Yoona tight. "Shut up. Of course I can't kill you. All I'm waiting for is you to say sorry. Don't do that again, huh? Yoona? Jessica said gently as she hugged Yoona. "Y-yes unnie. I-I'm sorry. I, I was angry t-that time I did not notice you Yoona said still sobbing on Jessica's shoulders. Jessica let go of the embrace. She then moved towards Seohyun who was now sitting, but still crying. "And you, are you angry with me that I beat you up? Jessica gently asked. "No, unnie, its my fault. All my fault. Yoona unnie was angry with me too. I-I'm sorry she said as she hugged Jessica. Jessica patted her back and then looked towards Yoona. "What's your damn fight all about? Jessica asked Yoona, still with gentle tone on her voice. Yoona's expression changed a little before she spoke.

"Don't worry unnie. Hyun-hyun and I will resolve this with ourselves. I promise Yoona said, now with murderous intent on her eyes, which was very obvious to Jessica. "Okay, but please don't hurt Hyun-hyun. We're sisters. If you hurt her, I'll beat you harder Jessica now said with a firm tone. Yoona nodded. She was about to speak when Yuri came into their room. "Hey! Sica-yah! Stop that shit. Tae, Tae wants a meeting she said. "Meeting? Why so suddenly? Jessica asked with a serious tone. Yoona and Seohyun became serious too after hearing what Yuri had said. "Beats me. No one can read the Leader's mind. Yuri said as smile ran across her face. "Kim Taeyeon, that beast. What the hell is this now? Jessica said, with a devilish smile plastered across her beautiful face. She started to go outside the room. Seohyun smiled devilishly too. The taste of blood on her mouth made her bloodthirst turn on. ---"Thanks for the info, I'll check on that. Ryeowook said to Key and Minho after they told him what they had talked about earlier. "Hyung, what should we do? Minho asked. "Nothing, just continue watching around. Be alert. Ryeowook said, keeping in mind Onew's request.

"But if you confirmed it, we, would have this best chance to strike Key said. "No. Let us wait for Onew's go signal. He has a plan, which we will know in the future" "You didn't even know his plan hyung? Minho, who was astounded by what he heard, asked. Ryeowook nodded. "Then it must be really, really crucial Minho said. "Yes, so let us trust him. He is the best tactician after all Ryeowook said as he looked at the name the two gave him. Seo Joohyun. ---- As for this line Im not sure what you want so you might want to keep original "We are being tracked? the Pretty Flower exclaimed after hearing what the Leader had said. The Leader nodded. "But, we're always being tracked. Think about it, our heads are worth billions Black Pearl said. "Yes, its true. But this time, I feel that the trackers were no joke. They mean business. the Leader responded. "SME? the Ice Princess asked. The Leader did not respond. Some dark memories ran on her thoughts, freezing her mind momentarily. "SME? The last time they tracked us was--"

"Probably. I'm not sure. the Leader cut what the Black Pearl was going to say. All of them kept silent until the Maknae broke it. "Whoever they are, I'll tear them apart she said. "Do you think that guy was somehow related to the trackers? the Black Pearl asked. "Maybe, but I doubt it. There's nothing special in him the Leader replied. "Who's that guy? the Ice Princess butted in. "Some jerk classmate of mine. the Black Pearl replied. "So, what's the plan Leader unnie? the Pretty Flower queried. "Nothing. Just watch each others' backs. I can feel that they were very close to us. Things are getting a bit odd lately. Just be alert. Meanwhile, Ice Princess and I will find out who they are. And if we find out who the hell they are... " "...we will make them taste the most gruesome death they can ever imagine Maknae finished the Leader's sentence as a wicked smile flaunt across her angelic face.

Target 7: Angels With Even Filthier Souls "Kyu, she is very, very lovely Onew remarked after seeing Seohyun. "Good afternoon, oppa. Kyu has been telling me a lot of things about you Seohyun cheerfully greeted Onew gave him a bow. "See hyung! I told you, you will like her Kyuhyun said happily. "Yah. If I am at your age Kyu, I might consider courting her Onew joked that made Seohyun blushed. "Oppa---" "Its true, you're very lovely. Kyu's very lucky to have you--as a friend Onew said that made Seohyun blushed even more. She felt very comfortable with Onew. In fact, she felt that she liked Onew. On the other hand, Kyuhyun was smiling wildly. He had never expected everything to be this perfect. He couldn't believe that this was reality because it felt like a dream. "Hey Kyu! Why don't you buy us a drink? Don't let Seohyun be thirsty in here Onew suddenly said, breaking Kyuhyun's momentarily trance. "Sure". "Wait! I'll come with you Seohyun said, who was now looking anxious. She knew that Yoona was still on Kyuhyun. She was afraid her unnie might kill Kyuhyun at any moment. "I think you should stay here with hyung. I can manage". "But--"

"I'll just buy us something to drink. Please stay with Onew hyung" "O-okay. T-take care Seohyun finally agreed thinking that Yoona wouldn't make any commotion in a public place. "Seohyun, come here. Sit beside me Onew said. Seohyun then happily sat beside him then gave Onew a lovely angelic smile. Onew noticed that she was even prettier up-close. They remained silent for a while. Both of them seemed testing each others presence. "Seohyun, I have something to ask you Onew finally said, breaking the silence. "What is it oppa?" "Do you like Kyuhyun?" Seohyun did not respond. She just smiled. She liked Kyuhyun. He was very kind, very fun to be with, and she thought that he was cool too. She felt as if there was a hidden voice, a will, inside of her telling that she must be with Kyuhyun. She then gently nodded her head. "Do you think you, you love him?" Seohyun was now shocked of Onew's question. Did she really love Kyuhyun? All she knew was she always cared for him. She wanted to protect him from Yoona to keep him alive. She wanted to be with him, just like this all the time. But she didn't know if this was love, or what was love all about. "I-I don't know oppa. All I know i-is that I like him a-a lot. And I- I care for Kyu. I care for him Seohyun said weakly. Onew smiled.

"Kyu is such a wonderful person. He is not hard to love at all. I know, I know you will learn to love him someday". Seohyun gently smiled. Yes, maybe someday she will understand what love is all about. "Thank you oppa Seohyun said hugging Onew. She loved embraces. That made Seohyun feel human even she was as cold as a ruthless monster. Hugging made her fell warm and needed. Onew smiled. He knew. He knew it right. He always knew. Seohyun was the missing piece that completes the plan. ---The two Crimson Vylet members moved swiftly and silently in amidst of the darkness of the night. They loved to work at night because it represents their personalities. Calm, serene-- but deadly. They were like the darkness, the abyss that ready to engulf any soul they wished to squander. After a few moments, they reached the place. "We're here? the Maknae asked the Black Pearl who stopped in front of an old building. Black Pearl nodded. "You knew what we are supposed to do in here right?" "The Leader told us to negotiate for our next mission right?" "Stupid. The Leader doesn't want any personal negotiation. That's why she sent you with me. Its like a gift for you the Black Pearl smiling devilishly.

"I dont understand unnie." "This will be a massacre the Black Pearl finished as she started to walk inside the building. The Maknae's eyes widened as she realized the bloodshed that was awaiting her. ---"So, the rumors are true. Crimson Vylet members are girls a man seated on a chair exclaimed when he saw the Black Pearl and Maknae. The Black Pearl and Maknae walked closer towards the man who seemed to be the boss of the place. There were many people in the room. Most of them seemed to be the bodyguards of the boss. They looked astounded when they learned that these pretty angelic girls were members of the most fierce assassination group, Crimson Vylet. "Oppa, how are you? The Leader sent us to negotiate. She couldn't come because she was sick Black Pearl trying to put a lot of aegyo on her voice. "Oh, its sad to hear that. I was expecting all of you to come." "The other unnies are busy. I think, I and Black Pearl unnie would suffice the Maknae butted in. She had a hard time controlling herself. She was very excited to start the bloodshed that the Black Pearl had promised. The boss seemed to think about something. Then he smiled. "Its fine, its fine. Yes, you two would suffice. And it would be easier the boss said with a wide grin plastered across his face. "So, oppa, how do you like our mission to be done? Black Pearl asked.

"I'm sorry honey, there will be no mission the boss said. After that, many people came inside the room. "What's this oppa? Black Pearl asked now shaking. She too couldn't control herself anymore. "Why are you shaking? Are you scared? Don't worry, they will make it fast." After that said, Black Pearl suddenly laughed. "What do you mean? I'm scared? Why should I be scared you idiot! Black Pearl said still laughing devilishly. It was the boss' plan. He had contacted the Crimson Vylet to have a personal negotiation about a certain target. But the truth was the boss was really after the bounty on the Vylet's head so he called up for all of the trackers, assassins and other individual groups to help him corner Crimson Vylet members. "Watch your mouth! You bitch! You're going to regret this moment. Kill them! All of you kill them! the boss screamed after hearing the Black Pearl called her an idiot. "Fuck you! the Black Pearl cursed before all of the men inside attacked them. Everything happened so fast. As soon as the men inside the room attacked them, explosion came from the back. Many of the assassins were blown into pieces because of the explosion. Then, the remaining assassins fought with Black Pearl and Maknae. The two were too skilled at fighting. Both of them, fighting only with a dagger and a katana managed to kill a lot of people. Maknae, who was ruthlessly stabbing and slitting the throats of everyone on her way, got a gun from one of the assassins. She fired at them killing more. The Black Pearl, gracefully fought with her katana, as if she was dancing with the people but slashing them as soon as she got near. Some tried to shoot her with a gun, but amazingly she dodged them and killed them afterward.

What was seemed to be a one-sided battle turned out to be a massacre. In the span of less than five minutes, they were able to kill all the boss' men who attacked them. Dead bodies lied on the floor and blood filled the room as an aftermath of the slaughter that had just occurred. The Maknae sat because of tiredness. Her face were full of blood spilled from her victims. She never learned how to kill 'clean' unlike the Black Pearl who didn't have any bloodstain on her face. Only the boss remained alive, who was now shaking heavily, clutching a gun on his hands and pointing it on the Black Pearl. "Is that all what you've got? Imagine if the others were here, it would like be a boring show. Now, who's shaking in fear? I told you, we're not afraid of you idiot! the Black Pearl mocked the boss. She started to walk towards him. "Don't come closer. I'll blow your head off. Don't move! the boss threatened the approaching Black Pearl. The Black Pearl stopped then laughed. "Silly. I was able to dodge the bullets of your hired hitman, do you really believe you can hit me? The boss fired his gun until its out of bullets. But he didn't even landed a close shot to Black Pearl. She ran towards the boss, drawing her katana, slicing his head off. "No one messes with the Crimson Vylet she said as the head of the boss dropped to the floor.

Target 8: Death Onew managed to get out of the building and hid before Maknae and Black Pearl blew the old building up. He clenched his fist tightly. He was so angry at himself. I should have helped them. He said to himself. He took a deep breath. He must clear his mind. This is all for the plan. I must not let my emotions get the better of me. Not now. Not now. He again mentally said to himself. He was there. Onew received a contact from a co-tracker about the plan of the boss to capture the Crimson Vylet by luring them to a trap. But he knew. He knew from the start that this was going to happen, so he warned his friend not to come. And he was right. All of the other people in that room died in the hands of two people he knew. Yuri and Seohyun. He spotted the two. They began to move, running fast yet soft and graceful as if they were dancing with the cold breeze in the night. He must follow them. He must pursue the plan. He followed the two, keeping a short distance between them. Onew tried to hide his presence from the two ladies, and he was doing it successfully for quite a long time. As he ran, he held tightly on his hand a small device that Ryeowook got for them. It was like an emergency button that the could press to inform the others their location whenever there was an emergency. No need to press it now. I must continue the plan. He repeatedly saying on his head as he tried to track Yuri and Seohyun from afar. "Shit Onew cursed as he stopped running. Yuri and Seohyun were out of his sight. He gulped. He was sure he kept his eyes fixed on them. His intuition was telling him that something odd happened. Where are they? Had they accelerated? Had they gone separated? Onew asked

himself until a voice spoke behind his back. "Oppa Yuri said in a gentle sweet tone. Onew turned back and saw Yuri. He backed off a little, looking at her intently. That was fast. I didn't expect them to notice me. He said to himself. "Y-Yuri-yah. W-what are you d-doing here? Onew asked, trying to hide the tension on his voice. Yuri smiled widely. She started to walk closer to Onew. The latter backed off a little again. "Oppa, is there something wrong? You don't want to get close to me? Do you dislike me that much oppa? Yuri said, still smiling, as she moved closer to Onew. Onew clenched his fist. He knew he had to fight Yuri. He had no choice than to fight. "Yuri, I-I'm sorry Onew said as he prepared to dart against Yuri. "No, oppa, I'm sorry Yuri replied and winked. Then Onew felt something on his back. It started to hurt. He fell down, back first on the ground. He was stabbed at the back by Seohyun. She was really a great assassin. Onew thought. Seohyun hid her presence well while Onew focused on Yuri so he wasn't able to notice her. Seohyun dropped the dagger and sat down touching her face, looking devastated. She didn't know what she had done. She never felt stabbing anyone this hard before. She almost cried as she saw how the poison on her dagger started to numb Onew's body. Yuri laughed as she walked towards the paralyzed Onew. "Oppa, oppa. You should've attacked me when you saw me. Hesitation leads to

failure. You should know that Yuri said laughing. "D-don't compare me to yourself Yuri. I'm not a killer Onew said, looking at Yuri's eyes. "Shut up! Yuri shouted as she kicked Onew's ribs. Onew screamed in pain as he felt his ribs had broken from the kick. He couldn't move but he felt pain. He figured out that it was not an ordinary poison. The poison in the dagger was for torturing people. Not being able to move but being able to feel pain. It was a horrible stuff in the underground community. "Tetrodoxin that was modified by the Maknae. She was brilliant in making poisons. You feel pain but you cannot move. You can speak, but not for long, your tongue would be paralyzed soon. So if I were you, I will say my prayers out loud instead of saying that I am a killer. But in fairness, I am a killer Yuri said as she gave another kick on Onew. "If you are a killer then kill me. Onew said with a determined tone on his voice. Yuri was surprised to hear the determination on Onew's voice. She was expecting him to beg for his life or to stop his pain. But instead, all she could feel was the dying will of Onew. The burning passion for something she couldn't possibly knew. Did this man accept his death a long time ago? She asked herself. "Hey, Hyun-hyun, come here! Kill this jerk. Yuri shouted looking at Seohyun's dagger she dropped on the floor. "No, unnie. I, I can't. He, he was dying because of t-the poison. Let us leave him here Seohyun refused as tears started to fall on her eyes. She was very confused right now. She couldn't hurt Onew anymore knowing that she would be the cause of his death. "What's happening to you? It, it was so unlikely of you? Hadn't you the one told me that if we kill, we must kill them hard? Make sure that their last breath was taken by

our hands? What's with the change of attitude? Yuri scolded Seohyun that made the latter cried even more. "I'm sorry unnie. I-I just can't. He had b-been so good to me. He, he was Kyu's hyung. I- I just can't-- Seohyun said through her sobs. Yuri whispered a curse as she walked towards the dagger. She picked it up and turn to Onew. She stabbed him furiously so many times that her face was all smeared with blood. She forgot her 'clean' way of killing because she was mad of Seohyun's reluctance. Onew looked at Seohyun as he was being stabbed by Yuri. He smiled at her as he was losing his consciousness as if he was saying to her that she was forgiven by him. He felt his eyelids to become extremely heavy. He knew what would happen next. He was happy. I did my part. Its all up to you now. He said to himself before darkness blackened his eyes. ---Tears started to fall on Ryeowook's eyes as he began to read the first lines of letter that Onew left for him. Onew instructed him to open it when Onew's emergency device was pressed. Hi Wookie! I, I'm sorry. I know you will kill me for this, but you can't! Haha, by the time you are reading this, I am dead.

Target 9: Aftermath Seohyun dropped on the floor, spitting out a mouthful of blood after receiving a kick from Yuri. Yuri picked her up and looked at her expressionless face. "You're not going to say anything? Why did you refuse to kill that jerk? What's happening to you? I'm disgusted! I'm frustrated Yuri scolded Seohyun. She punched her in the mouth making Seohyun fall to the floor again. Still, her face was expressionless as if she was not feeling anything. Seohyun was like this after Yuri had killed Onew. She still couldnt grasp what was happening. She couldn't believe they had caused Onew's death, one of the people she thought she couldn't kill. As soon as the two got home, Yuri started beating her because of her unnie's frustration to her attitude towards killing Onew. Even Seohyun herself didn't know why she had refused to kill Onew thinking that killing was just a routine for her. It was her nature--her obsession. But now, now she didn't know. All that she knew was that she did not want to end Onew's life. But Yuri did, so she was now confused, wary and sad. Yuri picked up again Seohyun on the floor. She was very angry towards her. Of all people, she did not expect Seohyun to be like coward and refuse to kill. She couldn't imagine that the blood thirsty maknae of the Crimson Vylet would back out in killing a tracker, their enemy. "What are you trying to show huh? What are you trying to point out? That we should not kill trackers who can cause our downfall? Or do you dislike me now and prefer that fucking jerk over me? Is that what you are trying to say? Yuri said as she continuously punched Seohyun in the face. Yoona ran quickly to stop Yuri. She hugged Yuri to prevent her from punching Seohyun any more. "Unnie, please stop. Hyun-hyun had enough, you might kill her Yoona said while

dragging the angry Yuri away from Seohyun. Yoona, though she was still not in good terms with Seohyun, could not bear seeing her get beat to death by their Yuri unnie. Yuri pushed Yoona away and gave her a punch on her face making Yoona fell down. "Shit. Don't dare to stop me or I'll beat you too! she said as she gave a kick on Yoona. She turned to Seohyun and picked her up in her hair. She cupped Seohyun's face so she could look directly on her eyes. "What's with that look? You're going to fight me? You're now going to fight with your unnie now? Then go, fight me. Fight me Joohyun! she said pushing her away. She then drew a knife on her back and aimed towards Seohyun. "Stand up Joohyun and fight Yuri shouted. She was totally out of herself because of anger. Actually, compared to the other unnies, she was the closest to Yoona and Seohyun. Unlike Jessica who was very strict, she often sided with the two and refused to beat them when they committed mistakes. She seldom got angry with them, but when she did get angry, it meant total disaster. And now, Yuri was burning with anger. Yuri was about to attack Seohyun when Jessica, who had just came, stopped her. "What the hell are you doing Yuri? Jessica said pushing away Yuri and rushed to hug Seohyun. As soon as Jessica hugged Seohyun, tears started to fall on the Maknae's eyes. "Get away there Sica! Don't you see I'm punishing her! Don't you punish them too? Then let me do the punishing now! Yuri bellowed. "It's different Yuri! Joohyun has had enough! You're trying to kill her! Jessica shouted too. "Hey. Yuri, please stop. Hyun-hyun had enough. I know she had learned her lesson.

Come with me, I'll talk to you Taeyeon, who had come with Jessica, said. Yuri cursed as she threw her knife away and followed Taeyeon. ---Kyuhyun rushed to where the signal was coming from. He was about to fall asleep when an alarm triggered. Onew's emergency button was pressed. He immediately rushed to see what happened to Onew as fear started to envelope him. Could it be the Crimson Vylet? He asked himself. When he came, he saw the others were already there. All of them looked doomed. "W-what h-happened to hyung? he asked, sensing that something really bad happened. He looked at them. He saw Key and Minho crying. He turned to Ryeowook who was looking down. "Ryeowook hyung! What happened? Kyuhyun asked while shaking Ryeowook. Ryeowook looked at Kyuhyun with sadness on his eyes. "Onew, he, he is dead Ryeowook said as tears, which he fought to hold back, suddenly started to flow from his eyes. Kyuhyun couldn't believe what he had just heard. He slowly walked towards Key's back. He saw something covered with a blanket. He removed it and saw Onew's body that was stabbed to death. Tears started to fall on his eyes as he looked his once lively hyung that he idolized the most. "W-who did this? Kyuhyun asked with sadness and anger on his voice. None of them spoke. Kyuhyun could only hear sobs that made his anger and loneliness fiercer. He wanted to avenge Onew. He wanted to punish the people who

murdered his idol-- his brother. "Tell me who did this! Kyuhyun shouted. He began pulling Key's shirt and shouted at him. "Tell me, who did this! Who killed hyung! he screamed shaking Key. "Stop Kyu! Being like these won't help. It, it won't bring Onew back! It won't! Ryeowook said trying to stop Kyu's anger. "Then hyung, tell me who did this! I need to know! Kyuhyun demanded. "We don't know who, but its the Crimson Vylet for sure Minho said quietly wiping his tears away. "The Crimson Vylet? Did they found out who are we? So they attacked Onew hyung? Is that what you meant?" "No. Onew hyung found who they were and decided to- to track them by himself Minho said. "Tracked them by himself? I, I couldn't believe he had done it. It was not like Onew hyung. It was so unlikely of him. I- Kyuhyun stuttered as he was grasping the facts and the reality that he had learned. "I, I don't know. But, but t-this what had happened Minho said as tears started to fall from his eyes again. "But, but how did he know about the Vylet members? Kyuhyun asked. All of them looked down. None of them responded to Kyuhyun's question which made the latter thought that something was being hidden from him. "Tell me, did all of you know who the Crimson Vylet members are? Kyuhyun asked angrily. The three still didn't say any word.

Kyuhyun walked towards Minho and asked him again. "Minho, please tell me, did you know who the Crimson Vylet members are?" Minho took a deep breath before he spoke. "We knew." "Then why didn't you tell me? What are you guys thinking about? I, I'm still part of this group! Why are you keeping information like these from me? Don't you think I am trustworthy? Kyuhyun said furiously as he began shaking Minho. "Kyu please stop, its not like that. Its not that we don't trust you. Ryeowook said. "Then what? Why did you keep this from me?" "Because the Crimson Vylet members that we had identified were Kim Taeyeon, Kwon Yuri and Key stopped. "Seo Joohyun Minho finished Key's sentence that made Kyuhyun's shattering world fall down to pieces. ---"What the hell are you thinking? Why did you do that to Seohyun? Taeyeon asked Yuri who had just calmed down. "I told you, she disgusted me with her attitude Yuri said nonchalantly. "I know it was so unlikely of her. I'll talk to her later. But please don't threaten Hyun-hyun to fight you. You know very well that she was very capable of killing you. Stupid". Yuri did not respond. She knew it too. She knew very well that Seohyun was very

skilled in fighting that she could even match Yoona physically, their strongest fighter. She knew that Seohyun could easily kill her if they were in a battle. "So, he's a tracker after all. It seemed to be that my first intuition on him was correct Taeyeon said talking about Onew. "Yes. And he's not the ordinary type. I personally didn't notice him following us. And it even took Joohyun for a while to feel that somebody was following us" "So this war is more than I thought it would be. How exciting. Have you extracted information?" "No, I was furious with Seohyun I killed him. But I think he was from SME." Taeyeon's eyes narrowed. "What made you think?" "Just a hunch. I mean, you know very well that they are decent. A good tracker like him must have come from SME. Remember him? He had almost caught us. That Lee-" "Stop! Don't mention that name in front of me Taeyeon shouted stopping Yuri's sentence. Yuri grinned and looked at Taeyeon. So, she still remembers. "Then it was that midget again. We should've killed her before Taeyeon said, seemed to bit annoyed with Yuri's grin. "Without Seohyun before it would be hard. Now she's with us, SME would be a joke" Taeyeon nodded. "I'll tell Sica to hack that midget's system. Then we'll continue this war."

Yuri smiled as she saw overflowing murderous intent on the Leader's eyes.

Target 10: Encounter Kyuhyun took a deep breath before getting up from his bed. He had made up his mind. He slowly went out of his room which had remained closed for the past week. "Kyu Ryeowook mouthed as he saw Kyuhyun. It's the first time he saw him after Kyu had locked up himself in his room. One week had passed since Onew's death but Kyuhyun still couldn't get over it. And upon learning that Seohyun was one of the Crimson Vylet members, his world was totally shattered into pieces. He had not only lost his idol hyung-- but his love as well. He had also blamed himself for Onew's death. If only he was not captivated by Seohyun's angelic face, if only he had noticed the bloodlust flooding her eyes, if only he was able to identify Seohyun to be one of the Vylets, if only he had the strength to separate emotions from his work, he could have prevented Onew's death. He could have saved him. "I thought you would lock up yourself in there forever Ryeowook said, feeling relived that Kyuhyun finally went out of his room. They were all still devastated of their leader's death. But he knew, he knew that they should move on in order to defeat the Crimson Vylet and give justice to Onew's death. Kyuhyun smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry." "You shouldn't. All of us are still longing for him. And we will, always." Kyuhyun clenched his fist until it bleed. "Yes. Forever Kyuhyun said as tears and blood dropped to the floor. ----

Still not here. Seohyun said to herself as she looked at the chair that had been empty for a week. Kyuhyun had not come to class since Onew's death. Seohyun felt like crying. She knew that Kyuhyun was suffering right now because of Onew's death. She knew that Kyuhyun idolized him so much. But now, he was gone-and it was all because of her. What if he knew that I killed oppa? I cannot bear that. Seohyun continued to talk to herself mentally. She was afraid that Kyuhyun might know that she was the one responsible of his hyung's death. She couldn't imagine that the kind, cool and fun to be with Kyu would be angry at her. But the thing that scared her the most was the possibility that Kyuhyun might be a tracker like Onew. And if that's the case, she would be forced to do what she did to Onew. And that for her was the hardest thing to do. I cannot do it. I rather die than kill him. She did not know what made her care for Kyuhyun so much. She didn't understand herself now. She couldn't understand how the bloodthirsty Maknae of the Crimson Vylet suddenly cared for a man she had just met. But she knew, she knew that she couldn't. She just couldn't hurt him more after she had caused so much pain to him. ---Taeyeon entered Jessica's room. She found the latter in front of her computer. "Any progress? Taeyeon said sitting beside Jessica. Jessica grabbed a handful of junk food beside her and stuffed it to her mouth. She did not seem to hear what Taeyeon had said. "No progress at all Sica-yah? You know how I badly want to destroy Sunny. I only need a reason why. And we have a reason now Taeyeon softly said as she stroked Jessica's legs. Jessica smiled as she pressed enter on her keyboard.

"Done TaeTae. Jessica finally said stuffing another handful of junk food on her mouth. Taeyeon's eyes were filled with murderous intent as she looked at the five profiles flashed on Jessica's computer. One dead, four to go. ---Ryeowook opened the urn and let Onew's ashes fall into the river. All of them cried as they witness Onew to become part of the nature. He always loved the nature. He would have been an environmentalist if he was not a tracker. And they now wished he was one. He could have been still alive now. Sunny was there too. She was very sad. She had cried non-stop since she received the news about Onew's death. Another life dear to her was taken by the Crimson Vylet. She felt responsible for the loss of Onew. "I know everything happens for a reason. We should not lose hope guys. Instead, let's be vigilant in the name of Onew. We're going to take down the Crimson Vylet Ryeowook said. "Yes all of them say in chorus. Determination and the fire of revenge were flooding their teary eyes. ---"H-hi, Kyu! Seohyun said in a soft tone when she saw Kyuhyun at their meeting place. Earlier, Kyuhyun came into class after a week of absence. He had not talked to Seohyun much but he said that he wanted to meet Seohyun after class to have a chat. Seohyun, feeling nervous that Kyu might already know that she killed Onew, still agreed. After all, she knew it was her fault and she was ready to face the consequences, besides, she missed Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun smiled warily. "I, I heard about what happened to oppa. My condolences. Seohyun said weakly. She felt Kyuhyun's indifference. She felt like crying. She thought that she couldn't withstand Kyuhyun being angry towards her. Kyuhyun took a deep breath. He had to do this. "Lets get to the point. I know it but still I wanted to hear it from you, Seohyun, I need to know. I, I need to know it from you. Are you a Crimson Vylet member? Kyuhyun asked with tears starting to well up in his beautiful eyes. Seohyun was shocked with what Kyuhyun had said. She knew it. She knew that this would happen. She wanted to run away from Kyuhyun as far as she could but her feet wouldn't move. Instead, tears flowed from her eyes. "Y-yes" "Then, did you kill Onew hyung? Please tell me its not you! Please tell me it s the other Crimson Vylet members. Please Seohyun, please tell me its not you! Kyuhyun said while crying too. This was not his plan. He planned to capture Seohyun but at the very instant he saw her, all of his anger seemed to wash away. Seohyun's heart was broken even more. She could feel the agony of Kyuhyun. She would love to tell that she didn't do it to ease his pain but no. She killed Onew. She caused his death and now the suffering of Kyuhyun. "K-Kyu, I-I'm s-sorry. I did it Seohyun said. She fell down on her knees and covered her face. She was crying. It was the first time in her life she felt ashamed of her job. Its the first time she felt that she was nothing but a heartless monster that did not deserve to love and be loved. Kyuhyun looked down. He tried to fight the tears.

"I'm a tracker too. And I'm supposed to capture you but I-I can't. I can't." Seohyun looked up, her eyes swollen because of crying. "W-why? You should capture me now. I won't fight back Kyu. Capture me, do what you want with me. You can kill me if you want. I deserve death after what I've done to oppa. He had been so good to me, but I killed him. I'm a monster Kyu." "I can't. Because, because I think, I love you" Seohyun's world seemed to stop after that said. Kyu loves her. She didn't know what to feel, what to do or what to say. She was beginning to understand what love was. Love was the only thing in this world that could change a person's mind, personality and heart. "I, I don't deserve your love. Don't you hate me? I am a monster. I'm a killing machine. I was born to kill. I killed oppa. Not only oppa but many others as well. And, I, I enjoyed it Seohyun lied. Kyuhyun must not love her. He deserved someone better, not a blood maniac like her. "I don't want to love you! But I do. I do love you Seohyun. In fact, I want to hate you! But I can't. I just can't". "But I'm a killer, you're a tracker. Soon me or my unnies will kill you so you better kill me now Kyu. I won't fight back. Just kill me and end my miserable life" "No! I can't. Just leave. After this we should stop seeing each other. After this we are true enemies. But until then, please know that I love you and I care for you. And I, I forgive you for what have you done. I know, and I can feel that this is what hyung wanted to have happened if he was in my place." Kyuhyun held Seohyun up and embraced her. Seohyun cried again as she hugged Kyuhyun. She knew she loved him too. "Very touching. It makes me feel like crying. Nice job Maknae a womans voice

broke the two from their embrace. "Unnie Seohyun mouthed in a horrible expression as she saw Yoona and Yuri standing. "You can be an actress, thanks for luring him to us Yuri said as she started to walk towards the two. "W-what's the meaning of this? Kyuhyun asked, making a fighting stance. "I, I don't know. Unnie! What's this? Seohyun who was still confused asked. "Yuri unnie. He's mine Yoona said looking at Kyuhyun. "So, you're a Crimson Vylet member too, Yoona-sunbaenim Kyuhyun said, inching backwards from the three. He was confused too. Did Seohyun know this? He asked himself, afraid to hear the answer. Only one thing was on his mind right now. He would fight with all of his life. "So what? Yoona said in a mocking tone approaching Kyuhyun. Seohyun blocked the way between the two. "Yoona unnie please stop. D-don't kill him. Please, I'm begging you unnie Seohyun said. "Get out of the way. I'll tear that bastard into pieces. Yoona retorted still walking towards Kyuhyun. "Then try sunbae, let's see what you can do" "Fuck you Yoona said as she started to run towards Kyuhyun. Seohyun did not move. She closed her eyes waiting for Yoona to strike. She wouldn't let Yoona hurt Kyuhyun.

But suddenly, someone attacked Yoona from the side. She was able to dodge it by changing her direction in the very last second. She jumped a few meters away backwards and looked at the direction of the attack. "Do you want to have some fun? You're good to have avoided my kick Key said. "Kyu, are you all right? Stop making stupid moves. We don't want to lose another brother Minho said winking at Kyuhyun. The two of them noticed Kyuhyun's disappearance after the class and decided to search for him. And luckily, they came on time. "Now, its a bit exciting Yuri said drawing her katana from her back. Yoona plastered a devilish grin on her face. She walked beside Yuri. "Maknae? You're sure you don't want to fight with us? Do you dislike your unnies now? Yoona said. "We don't have to fight them unnie. Please Seohyun said. "Then stay out of the way. I don't want to hurt you. Let your unnies enjoy the massacre Yoona said licking her lips as she prepared to attack. Kyuhyun, Key and Minho looked with each other. They smiled. Then they proceeded to their fighting stances. "Let's rock Key said as they darted towards Yuri and Yoona.

Target 11: Clash Minho, Key and Kyuhyun darted towards Yoona and Yuri. The two just stood up still as if they were waiting for the three to strike. As the three moved closer, they began to move into different directions. The two Vylets, seemed to be alarmed by the attack formation of the three, stood back to back and proceeded to move to their fighting stance. "They are quite good, being able to hide their presence to hide their attacks Yuri said in an excited tone of voice. Her bloodthirst and excitement to fight is overflowing. "Yes. Its thrilling Yoona whispered. Then suddenly, Minho charged from the left side. The two diverted their attention to him. Yuri aimed her katana to the tracker. As she was about to stab him, Key suddenly ran from the right side giving the two a kick. Yoona, with her lightning fast reflexes, blocked the kick with her arm, protecting Yuri. Kyuhyun on the other hand attacked on the front. He was able to get closer to the two because of the distraction done by Key and Minho. He drew his dagger and aimed at Yuri. This was the attack formation of Key, Minho and Kyuhyun. They were known in the whole tracking community for this kind of fighting formation. Nobody had ever beaten them when they fought together. Kyuhyun was about to land his dagger on Yuri when the latter suddenly bended her sword, which was originally aimed to Minho, in a split second, blocking Kyuhyun's attack. Yoona then punched Kyuhyun away with her free hand and kicked Key. Yuri punched Minho on the face making him fly towards the ground. "That was nice. You three are really good in fighting Yuri commended the fighting prowess of the three.

"But still weaklings. Do you really believe you can beat us? What a shame. I thought trackers from SME are worth fighting. I'm disappointed. Yoona said in a mocking tone. Kyuhyun slowly stood up. He couldn't believe that the Crimson Vylet was this strong. They didn't even seem to exert effort in countering their best offensive pattern. But he didn't care. He didn't care at all. All he wanted was to avenge Onew's death. "Unnie, I thought you said that they were strong? I think I only need one hand to kill these trashes Yoona continued to mock the three. "They're just like kids fighting monsters". "I don't know. The one that I stabbed to death seemed strong Yuri said in a nonchalant manner. "What did you just say? Did you kill Onew hyung? Kyuhyun asked Yuri angrily. Yuri smiled wickedly upon seeing Kyuhyun's reaction. She loved it when her victims were like this. Full of anger and hatred for her. She found it pleasurable to kill someone who was holding a grudge against her until their deaths. "And what would you do if I say I'm the one who stabbed your Onew hyung to death?" "I will kill you Kyuhyun said as he darted towards Yuri. He totally lost control of himself due to his anger. "Kyu, stop! Minho shouted but he knew it was too late. He was feeling extreme anger too right now so he could understand how his friend felt. Kyuhyun attacked Yuri. He slashed his dagger violently at her. Yuri just dodged and blocked his attacks. She was totally enjoying herself. She knew that she had caught Kyuhyun in her trap. Key and Minho tried to attack Yuri too to help Kyuhyun but they were blocked by

Yoona. "Why don't you two play with me instead? Yoona challenged the two. The two attacked Yoona. The latter kept dodging and blocking the attacks of the two just like what Yuri was doing. The two Crimson Vylet members fighting prowess were much greater compared to the trackers. Meanwhile, Seohyun was crying while witnessing the fight. She was very confused. She did not know what to do. She thought of this situation might occur when she killed Onew, but she didn't imagine that the implication of this to her would be this bad. This confusing. This painful. She knew that she had to side with her unnies, but deep inside her, there was a voice screaming that she needed to protect her friends, especially Kyuhyun. She knew very well that they had no chance against her unnies. Yoona, after dodging and blocking punches and kicks from the two, suddenly fought back. She punched Key in the face, making him fly towards the ground. She then grabbed Minho and punched him violently in the face until his face was covered with blood. She threw him and gave him a kick in the ribs. Minho screamed in pain as he felt that his ribs were broken after the kick. Key, seeing what Yoona did to his friend surged towards her. But Yoona, with her fast reflexes, was able to counter Key's attack. She pulled his arm and twisted it in his back. Key screamed as Yoona twisted his arm. She then pulled his hair, dragging his head up. Yoona smirked and spitted on Key's face before she threw him on the ground. She kicked Key until the latter vomited blood. Yoona was devilishly laughing while she was punishing the two trackers who tried to fight her. Kyuhyun, upon hearing the screams of his friends diverted his attention to them. Yuri felt insulted by Kyuhyun not paying attention to their fight and slashed him at his body with her katana. Kyuhyun screamed in pain as the sharp metal ripped his flesh. He fell down holding his wound.

"Don't play bullshit with me. You should always pay attention to your opponent kid Yuri said, advancing to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked at her. He knew that he was dead. He couldn't believe that it would end like this. He looked at Seohyun who was still crying. He had wished they had met on a different place, different time and different life. He smiled. He was now ready. He accepted his death, but he knew, he knew that he would die fighting. "Such a waste. Your life would end like this. That's the price to pay for fighting the Crimson Vylet. Poor guy. I'll admit you have your potential. But sorry, its time to die Yuri said lifting her blade up. Kyuhyun closed his eyes. Sorry hyung.

Target 12: Guilt

Kyuhyun opened his eyes. He saw nothing but black. He looked around, but still, he saw nothing but darkness enveloping him. "Am I dead? he asked himself loudly, remembering that Yuri was about to kill him. Then he heard someone scream from his back. He immediately turned around and was shocked by what he had seen. They were there. All of them. Bloody and almost lifeless. Key, Minho, Ryeowook and even Onew. There were also four beautiful ladies there, two of them whom he recognized to be Yoona and Yuri. But what caught his attention-- and made his heart stopped beating-- was the person screaming. He knew her, and loved her. It was Seohyun. Seohyun kept screaming in anguish as Yuri and Yoona kept beating her. Seohyun's angelic face was now covered with blood. "No! Stop! Kyuhyun screamed. He tried to move but suddenly, a sharp zap of pain enveloped his body. It was so painful he fell down on his knees. He looked again at Seohyun and he was shocked to see that she was looking to him. She smiled as she was beaten by her unnies. That very same smile that Kyuhyun fell for. "Saranghae Seohyun mouthed before everything faded to black. ---Kyuhyun opened his eyes and found himself panting, sweating and crying. He felt an extreme headache as if his head was being split into two. He couldn't remember anything except Seohyun's suffering. "Kyu, thank God you're finally awake. Ryeowook exclaimed as he approached Kyuhyun, who was lying on his bed on their headquarters.

"H-hyung he said weakly as Ryeowook attended him. "How do you feel? Thank God you're finally awake." "W-what h-happened? Key? Minho? Are they alive? To the Vylets?" "Don't worry. They are fine, just resting. You've been sleeping for three days. You've lost a lot of blood. Thank God you're alive" "W-what happened? I, I thought I was dead" Ryeowook stopped for a while as if he was balancing things. "Tell me hyung exactly what happened" ---"She still refused to eat her meal Jessica said in a worried manner as she returned holding a food tray. "Then stop feeding her! You're the only insisting on feeding that bitch Yuri said standing up, grabbing the whip that was lying on the table. "And where do you think you will be going Kwon Yuri? Jessica angered by Yuri's words asked. "To give that bitch a beating so she will learn proper manners Yuri retorted. "Joohyun had enough! You have whipped her dozens of times for heaven sake Yuri. Please stop!" "And why should I stop Sica? She stabbed me! She stabbed her unnie! She deserved to die! Yuri screamed holding her bandaged arm.

"Then kill me first! Kill me first before you further hurt Joohyun Jessica said preparing herself to fight Yuri. "You two please stop! We should not be the ones fighting in here! Yuri, stop beating Seohyun, please Taeyeon finally said. "Fuck Yuri cursed as she threw the whip down before she stormed out of the room. "Fuck that Yuri. What does she want? To kill Joohyun? Jessica angrily said as she slumped on the chair. "Give me the food Sica, I'll feed Hyun-hyun Taeyeon said. ---"So, Seohyun helped us?" Ryeowook nodded. "She tried to stop Yuri killing you. But Yuri pushed her away and was able to slash you a couple of times. Then Seohyun stabbed her. The next thing that happened is that they were fighting and Yoona was trying to stop them." Kyuhyun flinched in what he had just heard. Seohyun helped us. It means that Seohyun, Seohyun might... "Then, from what Minho had said, they just stopped fighting and looked at each other. They immediately fled after that, carrying Seohyun with them. I presume that it was like an emergency device like what he had. Maybe the other Vylet members knew that we were coming towards your direction. When I noticed that you three were out of sight, I felt something odd was happening so I called Miss Sunny and asked for help to track you. All of the SME agents were with me" Kyuhyun nodded. But he was still worrying for Seohyun. God only knows what Seohyun's unnies might do to her.

"They are so strong. Really really strong. I'm guessing even all of us in the SME wouldn't be able to beat them when they are complete. I think we can't do anything Kyuhyun said with fear on his eyes. "I think, there is a way to beat them. Well, Onew did not die in vain. He had left me this. His plan Ryeowook said showing Kyuhyun the letter Onew left to him the night he died. ---Seohyun looked up when she heard the door of her room opened. She lay helplessly on the floor. She had just received beating from Yuri earlier in the afternoon. She looked very devastated. Her face was very pale and her eyes looked very tired. She saw Taeyeon sit beside her. "Unnie Seohyun said weakly. "Please eat. Its been three days since you ate something Taeyeon said helping Seohyun up. "I, I don't want to eat unnie. I, I am bad. Please let me die of hunger Seohyun said as tears suddenly fell on her eyes. "Seo Joohyun! Why should I let my sister die of hunger? You know that I can't do that! Taeyeon said. "Because I'm a bad sister. I even stabbed Yuri unnie. Let Yuri unnie kill me. Please Seohyun replied still crying. Taeyeon fixed Seohyun's hair. "Don't say that. Yuri was only mad, but she didn't want to kill you. Please eat. Please"

Taeyeon began spoon feeding Seohyun. The latter did not refuse what Taeyeon was doing. She loved Taeyeon like a mother. After eating, Seohyun felt warm. She felt energized and freed from all the suffering she had been receiving, physically and emotionally. "Tell me Hyun-hyun, don't you want to be an assassin anymore? Taeyeon asked after a moment of silence. Seohyun frowned weakly. "I, I don't want to kill anymore unnie. Let's stop killing unnie." "Why? Is it because of that Kyuhyun guy? Do you like him? Is he the reason why you are deciding to change?" Seohyun nodded. She now knew what she felt for Kyuhyun. She loved him. And she was changing, because of him. "But Hyun-hyun, we kill bad people. We are cleaning the world. We are cleaning the world from bad people so we can all live peacefully. A world that will understand all of us. Isn't that why we became assassins? " "But I killed Onew oppa! Yuri unnie almost killed Kyu! Yoona unnie almost killed Key and Minho, my friends! Unnie, they are not bad people!" "But in order to clean the world, we have to make some sacrifices! What's four lives compared to what we are dreaming? Do you want us to, to return to the life we had before?" "No unnie. No, but, but-- But unnie, our methods are wrong. Please, let us stop" Taeyeon cried too. Its the first time she cried for a long time. "He was like you. Sorry Joohyun, its too late to turn back Taeyeon said as she

stood up, wiping her tears. She sadly locked the door of Seohyun's room in the same way she locked her heart a long time ago.

Target 13: Behind These Eyes "Short again? How many times do I have to tell you that you don't come to me with this small amount of money! Useless bitch! a man screamed as he slapped the young Taeyeon in her face making her fall to the ground. "I, I w-was so hungry I that I can't steal anymore. S-sorry Taeyeon said trying to stand up as tears started to fall on her eyes. She held her stomach which had not been filled for about a week now. "And now youre trying to reason out with me! Shut the fuck up and get me more money! the man bellowed as he kicked Taeyeon making the latter fell down again. "You really need some lecturing Taeyeon. the man grabbed a whip and aimed at Taeyeon. Taeyeon closed her eyes. She knew what punishment she had to endure. She prepared her body for the pain she had to take. She was tired of this. Very tired of living a useless life. A meaningless life. She was waiting for the first strike to rip her flesh. The first strike was always the painful one in Taeyeon's experience. She was afraid of the first strike. The first blood that would escape her suffering body. But now, it seemed quite long for it to hit her so she opened her eyes and was shocked by what she had seen. Her 'master' was lying on the floor, seemed to be lifeless. She also saw a man, a handsome man standing in front of her. He held a bloodstained knife which he wiped as soon as he realized that Taeyeon was staring at her. The man smiled at her. Its the first time in Taeyeon's life somebody smiled at her. "You're safe now." the man said as he started to move. "W-wait oppa Taeyeon said, almost in a whisper, not expecting the man to hear it.

But to her surprise, the man stopped and looked back at her. "What is it? the man said, again, giving Taeyeon a lovely smile. "T-thank y-you" "No problem. Angels like you are never meant to be treated this way he responded. Taeyeon smiled too. "There are no angels in this place. I am no exception oppa. I'm a sinner too. Just like him Taeyeon said, full of sadness behind her eyes. "You want to come with me? I can show you, angels do exist. the man said grabbing Taeyeon's arm. Taeyeon opened her eyes and found herself crying. She hated that memory. The memory that she kept beneath her past. Her past that she had learned to forget as time numbed her heart and froze her feelings. She got up from her bed. She glanced at her wristwatch. It was past 2am. She needed to get back to work. There was still a war going on. And she had to make sure that the victory would be theirs. She needed to win--to completely erase her past and to totally freeze her heart. She got out of her room and found Jessica in front of her computer. Jessica, who seemed to be still angry, did not greet Taeyeon. She seemed to be in a bad mood. "Yah, Sica. Is Yul already back? Taeyeon asked as she sat beside Jessica. "I don't know and I don't care. She maybe fucking some bitches out there and slitting their throats afterwards. Jessica responded angrily. "Sica, please stop. You know very well about Yuri's temper. And besides, Joohyun has a fault too, she shouldn't have stabbed Yul in the first place Taeyeon said trying

to calm Jessica. "Yes! But killing our little sister is too much! That maniac was trying to kill Joohyun! Beating her all day! And you! You're locking up Joohyun in her room too! You should have known better TaeTae. Fuck you too. Fuck you all! Jessica slammed her fist on the table as tears well up on her eyes. She was very angry at Taeyeon and Yuri. "Sica, please calm down. I, I d-didn't intend to do it to Hyun-hyun. It, its just a part of my plan" "Plan? What plan?" Taeyeon gave Jessica one of her devilish smiles. The latter got it and gave her own devilish grin. ---Kyuhyun was shocked of what he had just read. He didn't know what to feel. He was still grasping reality, and he found it hard to do so. But judging from what had been happening, they didn't have much time left. "But, I don't understand hyung, how, how did Onew hyung know all of this? And, and he planned it this way, without us knowing it? Kyuhyun asked, still in shock of the plan Onew had staged. Ryeowook just smiled. A sad smile. "Its just because he is Onew. Onew is Onew, even in the last minutes of his life. Kyu, we should not waste Onew's sacrifice." Kyuhyun clenched his fist. He knew it. Ryeowook didn't need to tell him. He should not let Onew's death be in vain. He had something to fight for, and someone to protect. His eyes were now burning with determination. Suddenly, a warning message flaunted across Ryeowook's computer. Someone had

breached their secret communication line, only available for SME agents. The two looked at each other. Ryeowook called Key. "Key, come here together with Minho. Its show time"

Target 14: Threat \Seohyun slowly opened her eyes. She sighed. Her eyes were swelling because of non-stop crying. She looked at the door of her room. She knew that she was locked inside by her Taeyeon unnie. She felt like crying again. She did not know what to do. Seohyun knew that she could easily break the door, just leave and go to Kyuhyun. She needed to warn him, to protect him and to apologize to him. She was afraid that now things were so complicated Kyuhyun's life would be in great danger. Now, not only Yoona was after him but her whole family as well. But Seohyun also knew that breaking the door meant breaking her unnies hearts. They took care of her ever since she could remember. Especially her Taeyeon and Sica unnie. They were like her mothers. She couldn't stand to see Sica crying. And she knew that Kyuhyun might not accept her. He was angry at her, no, he was loathing her for killing Onew. She could not blame him, but still, she felt sad. Very very sad. She knew that she had shattered a part of Kyuhyun that no one, even the most powerful man on earth could rebuild. Seohyun punched her pillow violently. Tears were now starting to well up on her eyes. She was frustrated. She felt like she was the biggest loser in the war of the Crimson Vylet and the Trackers. ----"Do you think its them? It might be just Miss Sunny or other agents Key nervously asked as he sat warily the sofa in front of the computer big screen. The four trackers were in the room where they could receive video calls from their secret line of communication that only SME agents know. Ryeowook shook his head. "That's impossible. That line would only be used in discussing new missions. We will

not engaging in any new mission until we jail those bloodthirsty maniacs Ryeowook said. "So, its them? Should we answer? We can be located if we connected Minho said. "I think we should. The usage of the line itself proves that they are very capable of locating us. I think we should answer Kyuhyun replied with his eyes focused on the screen. He was subconsciously hoping to see Seohyun there. He wanted to know if she was still safe after what had happened. "They have a really brilliant computer wizard Ryeowook muttered as he clenched his fist. "That person must be really good to hack the SME system I have designed myself" Kyuhyun slowly walked towards the computer. He pressed some keys to get them connected to whomever was using the line. A few seconds, something appeared on the screen. "Annyeonghaseyo! Taeyeon and Jessica greeted cheerfully. The four did not speak. They were quite shocked to see Crimson Vylet members, wearing ordinary plain shirts and greeting them happily as if they were normal girls. And they were pretty too. "Hi! I think you know me already, I'm Kim Taeyeon, I'm the leader of the Crimson Vylet. And, she is Jessica, we call her Sica at home. Taeyeon said smiling "Hi! Jessica waved and smiled. "W-what do you want? Kyuhyun asked. He really did not know what to say since the Crimson Vylet were acting weird. They were really unpredictable. "Before answering your question, I have something to say to you. One, we are the ones who are in control in here, you are not allowed to impose any questions, opinions etc, without my permission. And to answer your question, I am bored, so I

want to play a game Taeyeon responded, still smiling but now, with a sense of authority in her voice. "What the hell are you talking about? You are the ones who are in control? Are you out of your mind? Key retorted angrily. "Fuck Jessica suddenly said and she pressed something one her computer. Then, the lights went out suddenly in the room of the Trackers. Then Jessica pressed another key on her computer. Something exploded in one of the rooms of the hideout of the four. "Shit, what was that? Key exclaimed. All of them were very shocked. It didn't even cross their mind that the Crimson Vylet had this much capability. They even had control of their secret hideout. "So as you see, Sica is very very good at computers and-- she is easily pissed off. She is very much impatient, so if I were you, I would shut my mouth before she blows up everything in your base, is that okay my dear? Taeyeon sarcastically said. "Damn it Ryewook whispered. He couldn't believe he was beaten by a girl in the field he was best at. "So I think you have no choice than to play a game with me. I want all four of you plus the midget boss of yours to go to the address we will send to your computer. That's our hideout. No other trackers or police or motherfucking bastards included. Just the five of you. Is it clear?" "You mean Miss Sunny? Miss Sunny must go with us? Minho carefully asked. "Yah. Why? Did Sunny gain height? Taeyeon said laughing devilishly. "And if we refuse? I mean, you can destroy our base if you want, but you know that you won't be able to kill us with that Kyuhyun asked.

Taeyeon's expression changed. She became serious as she stared at Jessica who became serious too and looked intently at Kyuhyun. She was about to speak but Jessica suddenly said something. "Don't underestimate my skills kid. I could kill you at this very moment, at this very instant. But killing you right now would not be that fun. Don't worry, I will send you to hell with my hands. Fuck you Jessica coldly said. She was pissed off by what Kyuhyun had said. Kyuhyun shivered. He felt the overflowing murderous intent of Jessica towards him. "I told you not to mess with Sica. Anyways, just come tomorrow to the address with Sunny. If you didn't show up, or if that midget is not with you, Joohyun is dead Taeyeon gave another devilish grin before the screen went black, leaving Kyuhyun almost fainting because of what he heard. ----Another one dropped dead on the floor. Blood started to flow out from the dead man's slit throat. Yuri cursed as she left the dead man and continued walking. Her face was all smeared with blood, very unlikely of her who always preferred to kill 'clean'. She was very frustrated because of what had happened. She couldn't believe that Seohyun would stab her because of a man. She never imagined that their favorite sister, the Maknae of the Crimson Vylet would actually learn how to love. To alleviate her frustration, she killed everyone who came in her way. She had killed so many people that night she was sure it would be big news tomorrow. Then her phone rang. She looked at it. Its Jessica. "What do you want?" "Taeyeon told me to call you. Go home Kwon Yuri, we have many things to do."

"I will only go home when I want to so shut up Sica" "Shit Yuri. Taeyeon needs you here. We have a big fishes to catch. Come home if you don't want to miss the fun Jessica said before hanging up. Yuri sighed and started to walk towards their hideout.

Target 15: Intertwined

"Tell me you're joking when you said you will kill Joohyun or I will kill you right now TaeTae Jessica with her eyes squinting seriously towards Taeyeon after cutting her call to Yuri. "Of course I am, Sica. How can I do that to Seohyun Taeyeon said calmly while smiling. "Then, what if they don't come? Or, what if they do come but without Sunny? Wouldn't it ruin your plan?" Taeyeon just smiled before she spoke. "That guy loves our sister. They will come, definitely." "Doing anything, everything for love? So romantic TaeTae Jessica replied sarcastically. Taeyeon gave her a sad smile. "Love is a mystery we assassins can never understand. Always remember that Sica Taeyeon finished her sentence before she got up hiding from Jessica the faint tears forming behind her eyes. ----"I think its bait. I mean, we can not risk Miss Sunny's life for this Minho said. The four were discussing the demand that the leader of the Crimson Vylet had imposed on them. They knew that they would make a move soon, but they hadn't expected this would come so fast. "But to think, Onew was right. He had told us about this in his letter. He said that

somehow, the Vylets would do this. Onew knew this would happen. And remember what he said? He said that we should go on and agree to their demands Ryeowook said. All of them fell silent. Ryeowook was right. Onew knew this would happen. They didn't know how but it seemed that Onew had seen all of this coming and he had written it for them. "So you think guys we should follow? Hyung must be right. He might have seen this coming. And, as of now, it goes according to his plan Key said. "True. But Onew hyung did not mention anything about Miss Sunny. We can't risk Miss Sunny's life in here. We better decline that. I can feel that it was only a trap to lure of us and to kill Miss Sunny and end the SME Minho replied with anxiousness plastered all over his face. "But, there's nothing we can do. Let's accept the fact that they are in control of us. I think, I think its better to play by their game first and find a chance to strike Kyuhyun finally said. "Are you out of your mind Kyu? We can not put Miss Sunny's life into this great danger! Or is this about that girl? Don't tell me Kyu, you're still in love with that murderer? For heaven's sake Kyu, she killed hyung! Minho said angrily. "Its not like that." "Then what?" "Yes she is a murderer. She killed hyung, but... " "But?" "I, I still care for her. I don't know Minho. I don't know! She helped us? Remember? She saved us!"

"Stupid! She is a monster! She deserved to die! Let them kill her, one less enemy right?" "..." "You two please stop. Its not the right time to fight with one another. We should focus on what to do. Ryeowook butted in. "Then, hyung, what should we do? Key asked. "I think we should go first to Miss Sunny and tell this matter. There are a lot of things I want to know" ---Seohyun slowly opened her eyes and saw Jessica beside her. She had fallen asleep again because of frustration. "Hi Joohyun. How'd you sleep? Jessica asked sweetly. Seohyun smiled. She loved her Sica unnie. Oftentimes, she was very strict to her, but she really loved her so much. She felt comfortable with Jessica being by her side. "I feel bad unnie. Yuri unnie and Taeyeon unnie are mad at me. I am a bad sister. Seohyun said as she began to cry. Jessica hugged her. "Hush. Stop. Don't say things like that Hyun-hyun. They are not mad at you. And youre a good sister. Youre our Maknae." "But, but I stabbed Yuri unnie. And, and I refuse to kill now unnie. I don't want to become an assassin anymore" "You're just confused now Hyun-hyun. Everything will be okay. Trust me"

Seohyun just hugged Jessica and cried hoping that everything would really be alright. ----Sunny forced a weak smile after hearing Ryeowook's story about Taeyeon's threat to them. "Are you okay Miss Sunny? We don't want you to come. We had just reported what had happened. Actually, we are worrying about your safety right now Minho said, noticing the change in Sunny's jolly aura. "I-I'm okay. Don't worry about me Sunny said, trying to hide her anxiety away, but all of them knew, that she failed in disguising her feelings right now. "I'm sorry, its my fault. We shouldn't have told you. It s my fault I insisted Ryeowook said, feeling guilty of telling Sunny what had happened. "No, please don't apologize. In fact, I have something to tell you guys. Since Taeyeon made a move, I think its the right time that all of you should know Sunny finally said as her eyes stared blankly to nothingness as if she was trying to revive a forgotten memory that need not to be visited. Suddenly, all of the boys went silent, anticipating what Sunny would say. Onew was right. He had mentioned in his dying will letter that Sunny would eventually tell them a story that would help them understand the intertwined destinies of the SME and the Crimson Vylet. "I, I know Kim Taeyeon personally." "What? You knew the Crimson Vylet's leader?" Kyuhyun exclaimed, not expecting to hear such from the SME leader Miss Sunny. Sunny nodded before speaking.

"That was a long time ago. I was being trained to be the next SME's boss. We had a training class on Etude." "Etude? The Forbidden City? asked Ryeowook. Sunny nodded before continuing her story. "Yes. The Etude. The Forbidden City. The place where crime is the virtue and justice and equality do not exist. A place where hopes and dreams are eaten away by death and evil. I was sent there to know and recognize evil at first hand basis, a basic requirement to be a boss of a tracking agency. Well, it was supposed to be safe. Our training was guarded and supervised by professional trackers, but I was too naive way back then. I didn't follow my instructor's orders and I secretly went out of our training camp. When I was exploring around, a group of hooligans noticed me. They tried to rob me and planned to kill me. I was helpless way back then. I thought I was going to die. Then somebody helped me. Actually, there are two of them. They fought and killed the hooligans that tried to kill me. A teen-age boy and a young girl who is of the same age as me. They were Leeteuk-oppa and Taeyeon." "L-Leeteuk h-hyung? Kyuhyun said, very shocked of what he had heard. He never thought that Leeteuk, Taeyeon and Sunny's past were intertwined in this complicated way. Sunny gave a sad and weak smile. "That's where I met Leeteuk-oppa. Through helping me, the SME discovered his potentials and trained him as a tracker. When I became the boss of SME, Leeteukoppa became the number 1 tracker of the agency. We have worked together as a perfect team since then."

"What happened to Taeyeon? Key asked. "Taeyeon was offered to be a tracker too, but she refused, for a reason I still don't know up to now. When Leeteuk-oppa became a tracker in training, he left Etude, leaving Taeyeon there. Because of his training, he seldom visited Taeyeon. But from our conversations, I knew that oppa really cared for her. She is like a sister for him. She was his family before he met me and the SME family. In Leeteuk-oppa's graduation as a tracker, he expected Taeyeon to come, but she didn't show up. When he returned to Etude, he could not find Taeyeon there. Old friends said that the previous night, Taeyeon went insane and massacred a hundred people by herself, and then fled away. From then, Leeteuk-oppa lost connection with her. After several years, an assassin group emerged. At first, we thought that it was only a high-level assassination organization being secretive about their identity. But after intensive research led by Leeteuk-oppa, we found out that the Crimson Vylet, the assassination group's name, was composed of Etude former residents and led by Kim Taeyeon." Everybody kept silent, each of them grasping the revelation they had just heard. "S-so you already knew their identity beforehand? Why did you keep this secret from us Miss Sunny? Kyuhyun asked. Sunny, who was now teary-eyed, spoke. "Because I really don't want you guys to be in this mission! I knew how strong and intelligent Taeyeon was! She was a monster! And I don't want to lose you guys to her! I debated over and over with the tracking community leaders about this case, saying that it is better if we don't take this. But they insisted that we must. They wanted to give you this mission. So I thought that if I will give you less information, you would eventually surrender.

But it seems to be that oppa's students are like him. Stubborn and very very talented. You managed to unravel their identities. So now, you are involved with this. There is no turning back. We lost Onew. And its all my fault! All my fucking fault! Sunny said now crying. Minho hugged her and pat her back for comfort. They hadn't seen the jolly and beautiful Miss Sunny so broken like this. They didn't have the slightest idea that Sunny was bearing this kind of loneliness. "No Miss Sunny. This is not your fault. We chose this. And now that we are in it, we are going to finish it Kyuhyun said with determination flowing on his eyes. All of them nodded. Sunny gave them a sweet smile. The smile that they had loved from Sunny. "T-thank you. Tomorrow, we will all end this. I will come with you."

Target 16: Face to Face

"TaeTae, guess what? Guess what? They are getting me in! They are getting us in! the younger Leeteuk rushed and hugged the young Taeyeon celebrating with joy. "R-relax o-oppa! I can't breathe! Taeyeon said while trying to free herself from Leeteuk's tight hug. "Oh, s-sorry Leeteuk apologized, realizing that he literally squeezed Taeyeon. He patted her head and felt her beautiful brown hair. He loved to touch and feel Taeyeon's hair. "Why are you so happy? You won lots of money in gambling? So unfair! You scolded me for gambling but now you're the one gambling! Hmmp... Nevermind, oppa, just treat me!" "Stupid! I'm not gambling Leeteuk playfully slapped Taeyeon's forehead. "They got me in. The SME, they wanted to train me and you as trackers. Isn't that great TaeTae?" Upon hearing what Leeteuk said, Taeyeon forced a weak smile. Leeteuk noticed Taeyeon's change in mood. "Is there something wrong?" "I don't want to be a tracker oppa." "W-why? Being a tracker is one of the most decent works in the world TaeTae! This is only a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our shot to change our lives!" Taeyeon's eyes were suddenly filled with tears. "Do you really want to change our lives? Are you not content to, to be with me?"

"W-what are you saying? I don't understand TaeTae. I want to be with you, to be a tracker with you. To leave this place with you! Taeyeon, don't misunderstand me. I wanted only the things to be better! Better for us!" "But, but I don't want to be a tracker! He was a tracker! And he was a monster! Do you want to be a monster like him? I don't want my oppa to be a monster like him! Taeyeon screamed running away. ---Taeyeon opened her eyes and found herself crying again. She cursed as she got up from her bed. Why did she keep dreaming about him lately? Maybe because of her approaching encounter with Sunny, she answered herself. "I'll make sure that midget begs me to kill her. I swear I will give her hell she said as she prepared for the most awaited day of her dark life. ---"Are you ready guys? This is it. Today, we're going to end all of this. We will end the Crimson Vylet. Ryeowook asked in their final briefing before going to Crimson Vylet's hideout. All of them nodded. "Guys, let us be very careful. Taeyeon is very very intelligent. We should be very cautious in playing her games. Sunny said with anxiousness plastered across her face. "We will be very careful Miss Sunny. We will Kyuhyun said with full of determination. But at the back of his mind, he had been thinking a lot. There were so many things bugging his mind. So many questions left unanswered. And one person he was dying to be with again. ----

Seohyun lifted her head as the door of her room opened. She was shocked to see her Taeyeon unnie bringing her breakfast for today. For the past days, its either Yoona or Jessica. She felt tense when she saw Taeyeon approach her. "What's wrong? You don't want to eat? Don't expect Yoona or Sica to always bring your food to you. They are busy doing our 'work'" Taeyeon said sarcastically emphasizing the word work. She still mad at Seohyun for saying she didn't want to become an assassin anymore. Upon hearing what Taeyeon had said, tears started to form on the Maknae's eyes. "I-I'm sorry unnie. I'm very sorry." Taeyeon threw away the breakfast she brought for Seohyun. "You're sorry? Just like that? You're just sorry? You're just saying sorry for disappointing me? I raised you Seo Joohyun! I treated you as my real sister! I, I planned to pass unto you the leadership of the Vylets and now suddenly because of your so-called love you're turning your back on me! H-how dare you Seohyun! How dare you! Taeyeon screamed. She was crying too. Seohyun felt terrified. She had never seen Taeyeon this emotional. She felt guilty for the decisions she had made. She felt Taeyeon's loneliness and suffering was because of her decision not to kill anymore. "I'm sorry unnie. I, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Please unnie I'm begging you. Kill me. Kill me right now. I don't deserve to live please Seohyun said rushing to Taeyeon and giving to her a knife full of poison. Instead of taking the knife, Taeyeon slapped Seohyun's arm making the knife fly away across the floor. She then hugged Seohyun. "Seohyun please, we need you. Your family needs you. They are coming. They threatened to kill us. They are coming right now. We can't beat them without you

Seohyun. They will kill Sica, Yoona, me. Please help us Seohyun Taeyeon suddenly said. Seohyun was now shocked by what she had heard. "Who? Who is coming to kill my unnies? Seohyun asked as she suddenly felt an urge to protect her sisters. "The SME trackers. Kyuhyun and his friends plan to attack us today. Please Seohyun, we need you" Horror struck Seohyun from what she had heard. She could never imagine that Kyuhyun would threaten Taeyeon and actually kill her unnies. "I-I can't believe it unnie. Kyuhyun is a good guy. He won't kill you unnie. He won't. Seohyun said shaking her head. Taeyeon freed herself from her hug and wiped her tears. She got something from her back. A cassette player. She played it. "I swear I will kill you all! I will avenge Onew hyung's death. I promise I will let you all taste hell. Especially you Kwon Yuri and Kim Taeyeon, we will take your heads and pay it as a tribute for the life of Onew hyung you had taken away. Fuck you all Crimson Vylet. All of you must die! Kyuhyuns voice said in an angry manner. Seohyun's jaw dropped upon hearing the voice on the tape. It was Kyuhyun's voice. It was definitely him. She could have never mistaken that voice she had loved. When the realization struck her, tears started to flow again on her eyes. Kyuhyun wants to kill us. He was very mad because of Onew oppas death. He will kill my unnies. He will kill me. I was so foolish hoping that he loved me! I was so, so fool... "I won't let him kill you unnie. I will kill him, kill them all before they can touch any of you Seohyun said with her eyes, full of bloodthirst and regret.

Taeyeon hugged Seohyun while having a devilish smile across her angelic face. ---Kyuhyun pushed the door lightly and to their surprise it opened. It was not locked. Cautiously, the five of them went inside the house that stood in the address Taeyeon gave to them. It was not like the hideout they expected but rather a plain big house very visible to the public. Then suddenly, something flew into their direction. Kyuhyun caught the knife that was flying into them, barely missing his eyes by an inch. All of them looked where the direction of the dagger came from. "Hi, Kyu, missed me? Seohyun asked with a bloodthirsty smile of sarcasm on her face. She was holding a dagger on her hands, giving a hint that she was the one who threw the knife on the trackers. Kyuhyun eyes widened as he saw Seohyun, dressed in leather black, together with the other Crimson Vylet members who were waiting for them to come. "Checkmate Taeyeon said to herself as she successfully set-up the plan to finally get her revenge.

Target 17: Eyes of a Killer Kyuhyun froze in horror as he saw Seohyun. Her aura was very different. Her eyes reflected nothing but bloodlust. Her gaze made his knees tremble. He could never imagine that Seohyun--the woman he loved, could carry such murderous intent. She was a perfect assassin. A deadly killing machine. "S-Seohyun Kyuhyun mouthed. "What? Did you expect that I would shut myself in my room and let you kill my sisters? I will murder you before you can touch any of them. Seohyun angrily hissed. Kyuhyun was again shocked of what he had heard. He felt Seohyun's anger, no wrath. He sensed that she was very serious in murdering him. "I, I have no intention o-of doing t-that Kyuhyun said. "Shut up! Liar! You can never fool me again! Seohyun shouted as she darted towards Kyuhyun. Then Kyuhyun jumped backwards as Key and Minho tried to prevent Seohyun from touching him. Key captured Seohyun's arm and Minho grasped her waist. Seohyun freed herself from the two by giving Key a kick and elbowing Minho's face. She was about to stab Key when Ryeowook stopped her. He pushed Seohyun towards the other Crimson Vylet members. "Seohyun! Why are you attacking us? Kyuhyun asked, still shocked of the Maknae's actions. Seohyun was about to attack Kyuhyun again when Taeyeon held her hand. "Do you think you can kill us easily? We are assassins and we know how to fight back. We know how to protect ourselves so don't be surprised that Maknae is protecting us from you. Yul, Yoona, help Joohyun Taeyeon said.

"What the hell are you talking about? Kyuhyun said loudly. He was slowly realizing what Taeyeon was doing. "Hey playmates! You want to play again with me? Let us do this outside shall we? Yoona said looking to Key and Minho, as if she was making them remember how badly she had beaten the two before. "Hey, Seohyun, who are you going to fight with? Yuri asked happily. She was very pleased that Seohyun was now back to her usual self. "I will murder that liar then I will help you finish the others after I have slit his throat and made him bathe his own blood Seohyun firmly said while staring violently at Kyuhyun. "So I guess I have to take the new guy. Yuri said referring to Ryewook, "Hey SME trackers! Let us fight at our backyard. It is large and suitable to be your graveyards. Let TaeTae and Sunny chat for a while she added. "I won't leave Miss Sunny alone with that monster Ryewook said. Then suddenly Seohyun threw a dagger towards Ryeowook. He was able to deflect it away with his fast reflexes. "Whoa! You're pretty fast, I'm excited to fight you Yuri said, amazed with Ryeowooks speed. "How dare you call my unnie a monster! Yuri unnie, please murder that guy badly for me! Seohyun said angrily. "Sure Yuri said though Seohyun need not to tell her that. She felt her adrenaline pumping up. "Wookie, please leave me here and be very careful. I will be fine. Taeyeon and I need to finish some unfinished business Sunny said, looking intently on Taeyeon.

"But Miss Sunny... "Please Wookie. We have no choice than to play by their rules. It s their game. All we can do is do our best and stay alive. Be very careful guys Sunny said. All four of them nodded. "Wow, nice drama. Come on, let us play outside! Yoona said happily leading the trackers to the battlefield they were going to stage. ---"Long time no see, Sunny. Have a seat. Taeyeon said sitting on a sofa. Jessica sat beside her, typing something on her laptop. Sunny sat opposite to Taeyeon. She looked intently on the Crimson Vylet's leader. "What are you planning to do? Sunny asked in a steady but firm manner. Taeyeon laughed in response. "My plan? What made you think I'm going to tell you? Still so arrogant? You haven't changed Sunny. You're still so conceited. Do you still believe you have the upper hand in here?". "I never thought that I was that great. But compared to you as a person, yes I am better" "Wow. Shut the fuck up or you will die earlier". "I'm not afraid to die. Kill me if that will make you happy". Taeyeon cursed as she kicked the small table in front of her. She glared angrily at Sunny.

"Fuck you! Don't worry I will make you taste the worst death you can ever imagine. I will punish you until you wish you were not born! Taeyeon screamed. Jessica lifted her eyes and looked worriedly at Taeyeon. "TaeTae, calm down Jessica whispered. Taeyeon took a deep breath and sighed... "You're very disgusting Sunny. I always lose my composure whenever I think of you. Taeyeon said. "Why do you dislike me this much Taeyeon? Why do you hate me? Sunny calmly asked. "You want to know why? Because you STOLE MY LIFE FROM ME! YOU TOOK LEETEUK OPPA AWAY FROM ME YOU BITCH! Taeyeon said screaming again. All her efforts to control herself were wasted. She just couldn't control her anger towards Sunny. "What are you talking about Taeyeon? I am not the one who killed oppa. It was you and your damn group. You are the one who killed him, not me. Don't blame me for your sins Taeyeon! Sunny screamed. Tears started to flow on the eyes of the two. "Shut up! Taeyeon said slapping Sunny's face. Sunny held her face, crying while she spoke. "Why Taeyeon? Are you scared to hear the truth? Are you living in a delusion believing that you are not the one who murdered Leeteuk oppa?" "Shut up! Shut up! You, it's your fault you BITCH! I saw you, I saw you kissing oppa. I was there, I was there on the night before oppa graduates from your fucking agency! That's why oppa stopped visiting me. That's why oppa didn't have time to even call me. That's why oppa hated me! It's because you midget was flirting him! You wanted to fuck him don't you? Fuck you, fuck you! Taeyeon said while crying.

She totally lost control of herself. Sunny was shocked of what she has heard. She liked Leeteuk so much that once in her life, she knew she had loved him. But she also knew that Leeteuk could never love her back the way she loved him for he loved Taeyeon with all his heart. And she still remembered that Leeteuk told him that after his graduation, he had planned to propose to Taeyeon. But, as the history had dictated, it never happened. Upon hearing Taeyeon had said, Sunny eventually realized what had happened. Everything seemed to be falling into pieces. "You're mistaken Taeyeon. Oppa, oppa loved you than anyone else. I didn't have any intentions to take him away from you and make him fall in love with me. Never did I think of that because I know, Leeteuk oppa loves you. He never hated you! But what did you do? What did you do Taeyeon? You killed him like a heartless monster. All I can see now is nothing but a killer. A monster Sunny said. "Shut up! Shut up! Liar! Liar! I, I didn't meant to kill oppa. I love him, I love him. Shut up! Shut up! Taeyeon screamed while crying and holding her head. She looked very devastated. She felt that her head was going to split into two because of what she had heard. She felt so weak and so useless. She was so confused that she didn't know what to do. Sunny was about to speak when Jessica pulled her tongue out of her mouth. "One more word and I will cut your tongue Jessica said coldly to Sunny while pulling her tongue making her burst into tears. Jessica then chopped the back of the head of Sunny making her lose her consciousness. She then approached and hugged Taeyeon. "TaeTae, calm down, calm down. Everything will be okay Jessica comforted Taeyeon. She knew how much pain Taeyeon had carried that she even wished that she was in Taeyeon's place now to share the pain with her. ----

Kyuhyun held his wounded arm. Seohyun got him again. "If you would still refuse to fight and keep dodging like that, I would use a poisoned knife so the next time I will hit you, you will be paralyzed. I promise you would regret being paralyzed in a fight with me Seohyun threatened Kyuhyun. She was attacking Kyuhyun non-stop since they went out of the Crimson Vylet's house. Kyuhyun kept dodging Seohyun's attacks but she was really very skilled. In a span of few minutes, she was able to hit Kyuhyun 12 times, wounding him in different parts of his body. "You really wanted to kill me Seohyun? Kyuhyun asked her, looking to her eyes. "I want to murder you! I, I thought you loved me! And I had loved you too! But now I know, you had fooled me. You wanted to kill my unnies? I will kill you first before you can hurt them! Seohyun shouted as tears started to form on her beautiful eyes. Kyuhyun felt mixed emotions on what he had heard. Seohyun loved him. He loved her too. But he knew that their love could never grow in the world they were living in. Only if they had met in another life, in another situation, in another time he knew they could be happy. Seohyun darted towards Kyuhyun, pointing him a poisoned dagger. Kyuhyun did not dare to move. He just stood there, waiting for Seohyun to kill him. He would love to die by Seohyun's hands, wishing that in his next life, fate would not be so bad for them. That fate would lead them again, together, but not as enemies but as lovers. "Saranghae Seohyun Kyuhyun said while closing his eyes.

Target 18: Fragments

The young Taeyeon, 14 years of age but skilled like an adult assassin, sat in weariness. Her beautiful face was all smeared with her blood and the blood of the people she had just massacred. Dozens of dead bodies were on the ground. The foul drench of blood filled the atmosphere. She could not move, she could not think. But her heart was even more tired, even more wearied, even more wounded. She stared blankly at the sky. That thing kept replaying on her head. She thought that the adrenaline of killing would help her forget what she had seen, but she was wrong. Very wrong. It only numbed her body and frozen her mind, but her heart still bled endlessly. She was in that situation when two girls, about the same age as her came. Taeyeon looked at them and sighed. "You can kill me now. I don't have any strength left. And don't plan to torture me, if I had regained a bit of my strength I'll kill you both she said nonchalantly. "What the hell are you saying? the taller of the two girls exclaimed. She was carrying a katana on her back. Taeyeon did not reply. She just closed her eyes, waiting for either death or her strength come to her. "It seems like all the Scarlet members are annihilated. We don't have to do anything then the shorter girl with a long blond hair said. "Then let's kill this bitch the other said drawing her katana. She was irked by Taeyeon's arrogant statement. "Hush Kwon Yuri, were not here to kill other people. Our job is done, we can finally leave Etude right now the blond girl stopped the young Yuri. She held her hand tightly.

"Why don't you let her kill me? My life is wasted, I want to die Taeyeon butted in. "She is eager to die Sica, let me go! Yuri said forcing her way to chop Taeyeon's head. "Stop Yuri! We're not going to kill anyone tonight! the young Jessica exclaimed. Yuri cursed but she stopped. She always loses her temper easily. Jessica approached Taeyeon and sat beside her. "Hi, what's your name? Jessica asked. "Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon." "Ah, I've heard about you before. Sister of Leeteuk oppa. Right?" Taeyeon nodded. "He's not my real brother though." "You're pretty popular in Etude. Very skilled fighters. I'm Jessica Jung, and she is Kwon Yuri. Nice meeting you Taeyeon" Taeyeon looked at Jessica and she saw her smiling. She did not know, but something inside her told her that she should trust Jessica. Her smile made the heavy heart of Taeyeon a little lighter. "You did all of this? Jessica asked. Taeyeon nodded. "Why?" "Nobody messes with Kim Taeyeon Taeyeon said with a little smile running on her face.

Jessica smiled too. "So, you will forget the idea of killing us?" Taeyeon smiled and nodded. "Sorry" Jessica smiled again. She got her handkerchief and wiped Taeyeon's blood-smeared face. "You're so pretty. You're like an angel Jessica said as she wiped Taeyeon's face. "Angels do not exist on this place. I am worst than the Devil" Jessica gave a weak smile. She saw the sadness in Taeyeon's eyes. "You're leaving Etude? Can, can I go with you?" "Why? Jessica asked, shocked of what Taeyeon had said. "I, I have nowhere to go Taeyeon said as tears started to form on her eyes. Jessica gave her again a weak smile and nodded. "S-Sure, its okay right, Yul?" Yuri just gave her a do-whatever-you-want look. Then suddenly, two younger girls came out behind a big boulder. The older girl's face was bloody and the younger one crying. They approached the three girls. "Unnie, please take us with you. Please the older girl said. "W-what happened with you two? Are you hurt? Your face is bloody Jessica suddenly worried said. "We're fine, that's not my blood. We were slaves of the Scarlet. When unnie came and killed them, we found a chance to escape. I killed a few who tried to get in our way so that's why I'm bloody. the older girl said. "I and Joohyun have nowhere to go, please take us with you. We are very good in working. We can work for you,

serve you--" "Hush. Its okay. From now on, I will take care of you Jessica said, who was seemed to be moved by the two young girls' fate. She hugged Joohyun who was still crying. "Wow, we are now instant big happy family Yuri said. "Shut up Yul. Don't mind her, she was just joking. What's your name? Jessica asked the older girl. "Yoona. Im Yoona she said. She hugged Jessica too. "We will be leaving Etude. We all leave this God damn place Jessica said. "And we are going to change the world Taeyeon added. ---"Oppa! Oppa! I've missed you. I've missed you so much! Taeyeon said while hugging Leeteuk. They were in a cafeteria. Years after they had left Etude, Taeyeon and Leeteuk lost communication with each other. But somehow, Leeteuk managed to contact Taeyeon and asked her to meet him. Taeyeon felt very happy when Leeteuk contacted him. Leeteuk smiled. They sat and ordered something. Yoona was with Taeyeon at that time. "You look very handsome oppa. You changed a lot. Taeyeon said. She was very excited and happy that she did not know what to say and what to do. She couldn't believe that all the pain that made her suffer for a long time would be washed away by moment she saw Leeteuk. "Ah, TaeTae, there is something very important I wish to tell you that's why I contacted you Leeteuk said looking at Yoona as if he was saying that their

conversation must only be for the two of them. "Ah, Yoona, please wait outside Taeyeon said. Yoona who looked irritated just nodded. "Unnie, the schedule, we should not be late she said, "If I'm late, call Yul and tell her to cancel it Taeyeon said. All she wanted right now was to be with Leeteuk. Yoona whispered something before going out. Taeyeon heard it and she made a mental note to scold her sister when they got back home. But right now, she did not want to ruin this perfect situation. This perfect scenario. "She is very pretty. What's her name? Leeteuk said after Yoona went out of the cafeteria. "Ah, yes. She was very pretty like a flower we call her Pretty Flower. Her name is Yoona. She was from Etude too. Taeyeon said smiling. "So, what is it your going to tell me oppa?" Leeteuk took a deep breath before speaking. "Its, its about your work TaeTae. What are you doing for living? Leeteuk asked softly. He then looked intently at Taeyeon, as if he was measuring her mood and reaction. Taeyeon's smile suddenly faded. She looked down. She figured out what this was all about. "I, I am an assassin" "The Crimson Vylet?"

Taeyeon lifted her eyes and nodded. Yes, it is true. She was the leader of the most notorious assassination group in whole Korea. The Crimson Vylet. "TaeTae, why? Why? Leeteuk asked Taeyeon holding her hands. Taeyeon looked at his eyes and saw nothing but sadness. "Why? Oppa, since I know you had done a lot of researching to find out that I am a Vylet, you must have known that our targets are bad people. We kill only those people who make our world dirty. We are cleaning those trashes that do not deserve to live. Isn't this what we wanted before? Before that fucking midget poisoned your mind! Taeyeon said. "But TaeTae, your methods are wrong! And please do not include Sunny here! She has nothing to do with this." "And now you are defending her. Tell me Leeteuk oppa, what I am to you? Why had you chosen Sunny over me? What did I have done wrong to make you hate me like that? I thought, I thought--" "Its not true Taeyeon, I do not hate you. In fact, that's why I had contacted you. We are assigned to track the Crimson Vylet. Please TaeTae, before we come to the point that we will be fighting each other please surrender. I'll assure you that your punishment wouldn't be that severe. Please TaeTae, I care for you." "Fuck that midget! See, she wanted us to fight each other. And what will happen if I surrender? I know she would do everything to get me killed. She is such a bitch. And, and oppa, I would never, ever surrender. We would never do that. Things have changed. I am no longer your little sister who will always listen to your request. I am the leader of our group, and I have the responsibility to stand up for them. If you wanted to fight me, then go. If your conscience can withstand it, then go. If for you, I am nothing but a trash, then go Taeyeon said, standing up. Leeteuk looked down. "Once you leave this place TaeTae, I will treat you as an enemy."

"So do I Taeyeon said starting to walk while wiping her tears. Yoona, who was waiting outside was surprised to see Taeyeon crying. "Unnie, what happened? she asked with an anxious face. Taeyeon did not answer. She just wiped her tears which flowed endlessly on her beautiful face. Yoona's expression changed. It became the face of an assassin who would be murdering someone. "I will kill him, nobody makes my unnie cry Yoona said. Taeyeon stopped her. "Please Yoona, no. Don't touch him. Let's go home. We have a lot of things to talk about Taeyeon said as she finally frozen her bleeding heart forever.

Target 19: Kiss Yuri smiled as she held her arm that was caught by Ryeowook's dagger. They had been fighting since they went out of the Crimson Vylet's house. She was totally enjoying this fight. She had never been in a fight like this for a long time. The last person she could remember that gave her this kind of fight and excitement was Choi Siwon, co-tracker of Leeteuk. She was almost killed in that fight but still, her blade prevailed. "Now, I see the true brand of SME. I was disappointed by those puny kids we fought before. she said as she removed her leather jacket which restrains her movement. She dropped it in the floor and to Ryeowook's surprise, it was heavy. "So now, I think I can go all out to you so better not to disappoint me or else you'll die badly". She added positioning herself to launch another attack. Ryeowook gulped a bit as he looked at Yuri's perfect sexy body which was now perfectly seen in her black sando outfit. He thought that if Yuri was not a Vylet he could have fallen for her. He shook his head and proceeded into his fighting stance. Yuri suddenly darted towards Ryeowook. The latter was surprised by the increase in Yuri's speed. She kept slashing her katana to Ryeowook. She was so fast that Ryeowook could only block her swings by his dagger. After several exchanges of swings and blocks, Ryeowook jumped back, providing a distance between them. "What's wrong? Try to attack oppa. You can't kill me by just merely blocking my attacks Yuri smiled as she prepared to attack. I need to think fast or else I'm dead. Ryeowook said to himself. Yuri attacked again. Ryeowook still kept blocking Yuri's katana but now, she was a bit faster she was able to cut some wounds on Ryeowook. He again jumped backward. He almost fell. He felt his wounds were slowing him down. "What are you doing? Fight me or I'll get bored Yuri teased. She knew that she had the upper hand now in their battle. But she also knew that she had to finish their fight quickly. She positioned herself again to launch her attack. Her deadly signature

attack. The slash of death. She ran as fast as she could, gripping her katana sideways. When the distance between her and Ryeowook came to the range of her blade, she forcefully swung it towards Ryeowook's head. Ryeowook suddenly positioned his left arm in the direction of the katana. Sacrificing his left arm to save his life. Moron, didn't he think that I can do this move over and over again. Yuri thought as she realized what Ryeowook tried to do. She was able to cut Ryeowook's left arm, but the latter suddenly hugged her. She then felt something stabbed her back. "You-- Yuri said as she felt her eyelids getting heavier. She couldn't believe she was lured on Ryeowook's trap. "Don't worry, that won't kill you. I just put tranquillizer on my dagger to make you fall into a slumber. A deep slumber Black Pearl. Ryeowook said laying the halfawake Yuri on the grass. "W-why didn't y-you k-kill me. I, I killed Onew-oppa Yuri said fighting the sleepiness that was getting into her. Ryeowook gave her a sad smile as the latter was wrapping his cut arm with a cloth to momentarily stop the bleeding. "Revenge won't give rise to anything. I'm a tracker Yuri, not a killer. That makes the difference between you and me he said before Yuri had fallen into sleep. ---Yoona landed a punch on Minho that made him fall on the ground. Key helped Minho get up. The three were also fighting. But again, it seemed to be a one-sided battle. Yoona was way too strong in close combat. She was the ace hitman of the Crimson Vylet before the Maknae formally joined the group.

"I'm so disappointed you haven't improved. I should have killed you before. Yoona said, looking pissed off. "Don't underestimate SME Key said as the two again attacked Yoona. Key launched a kick towards Yoona. The latter was about to grab his foot but Key withdrew his kick and jumped backwards. Then suddenly, Minho landed a strong punch on Yoona's face that made her fall to the ground. "Are we still too lame to fight you Im Yoona? Minho said jumping backwards beside Key. Yoona got up slowly holding the part of her face where Minho punched her. Blood started to flow from her mouth. She licked it like a vampire thirsting from blood. Her arrogant expression and devilish smile faded. She looked intently at the two. Her beautiful face showed no emotion. "If I were you, I would have attacked endlessly when you had caught me unguarded. This time I won't be easy on you brats Yoona said coldly. "Shut up Key said as the two of them darted towards Yoona. The two got separated when they were about to approach Yoona. Key ran around her and when he reach Yoona's back, he attacked her with a kick. But to his surprise, Yoona remained stationary. Then suddenly, Yoona threw a punch on her side, landing perfectly on Minho's face who was running on her side. She then caught Key's foot, on her back. She twisted his ankles making him scream in pain. She then pulled Key's hair and punched his face violently with her free hand. She punched him so many times that her face were now all smeared by the blood that Key vomits everytime she was landing a punch on his face. Minho, who had recovered slightly, attacked Yoona from her back to save his friend.

But as soon as he was near Yoona, the Pretty Flower threw Key away and kicked Minho that sent the latter flying into the ground. Im Yoona was very strong-- and very deadly. "You two are very annoying. I think I should kill one of you first before I play with the other. Yoona said devilishly. She started to walk towards Minho who was still lying on the ground. But suddenly, Key, who was still lying on the ground, grabbed Yoona's foot to prevent her from killing Minho. "Fuck, let go of me you idiot. Do you want me to kill you first? Yoona screamed as she began kicking Key. But the latter wouldn't let go of his grip to Yoona. "Even if you kill me I won't let you kill my friend you monster Key shouted as he tried to endure every kick that Yoona was giving to him. "Then die! Yoona said as she was about to stab Key with the dagger she was hiding on her back. She totally lost control of herself because of Key's persistence. Then suddenly, Yoona dropped her dagger. She hadn't noticed that Minho was able to get up and gave her a chop on the back of her forehead making her vision blacked out. She fell unto her knees still feeling dizzy and her vision blacked out. "Fuck, what did you do to me? she shouted as she felt that she was slowly losing consciousness. "Just paralyzed a nerve of yours. Don't worry, your vision will be back to normal when you wake up Minho said as Yoona fell unconscious on the ground. "Thanks. Key whispered as Minho helped him get up. Key couldn't move for his ribs were broken by Yoona's violent kicks. Minho smiled. "Were still unbeatable as partners right? Thanks for saving my life too Minho said as he walked Key towards the Crimson Vylet hideout.

---Kyuhyun opened his eyes. He saw Seohyun, with her dagger pointed out towards his face, standing with her head down. "W-why c-can't I kill you. W-what have you d-done to me? Seohyun said as she started to cry. She fell onto her knees and cried like a child. "I hate myself! I hate myself! Why can't I kill you? I have killed thousands of people before, but, but why is your life so hard for me to take? What have you done to me? Seohyun asked as she wept. She tried her best effort to take Kyuhyun's life but she realized that she couldn't do it. Kyuhyun felt so much grief as he saw his loved one so broken. He knew how much pain he had caused her. How much suffering she had endured because of him. He knelt down and touched Seohyun's shoulders. "I, I'm sorry. I know I have caused you so much pain. But please believe me Seohyun, I really love you. Even if I am a tracker and you are a Vylet, that wouldn't change anything. I still love you. Love is not based on the status, disposition or even one's nature. Love is based on people. We cannot choose whom we will love, we only choose how much. And, and I chose to love you with all my heart, with all my life. I love you because you are Seohyun. I love everything about you Kyuhyun said as tears started to form on his eyes as well. "L-liar. If you love me, why do you say you want to kill my unnies? Seohyun asked still weeping. Kyuhyun held Seohyun's face so that their eyes could meet. "Look into my eyes. Do you think I am lying? Seohyun, I swear to God, I haven't said that. We don't have any intentions to kill you guys. Yes, I want revenge for my hyung's death, but, but he was fated to die. I knew it already. He would still die even if you didn't kill him. And in fact, he wanted to die in your hands because, because

he knew you were a good person Kyuhyun said while crying. "Kyu, I I don't understand. I am confused. I don't understand anything". "You don't have to understand all the things right now. All you need to realize is, is that I, I love you Seohyun. And, and we should not be killing each other. Let us stop this nonsense war." "I, I love you too Kyu" Then it happened so fast. Their lips met and each of them wished that they would stay in that place, in that situation, in that moment forever.

Target 20: Onew's Plan Leeteuk's eyes widened in horror as he saw Siwon fall headless to the floor after a bloody fight with Kwon Yuri. He looked around and saw the lifeless bodies of Shindong, Kaing-in and Sungmin--all killed effortlessly by the young Yoona. He then looked at Taeyeon, whose cold eyes were locked only onto him during the battle. Their eyes met. He was the only one left. "So oppa, it seems to be that the 'powerful' SME trackers were no match against the Vylets. What will you do now? Taeyeon coldly asked advancing steps further toward Leeteuk, whose hands and feet were chained to the ground. "I didn't even imagine you would play this dirty TaeTae Leeteuk said referring to the chains. He was tricked by Taeyeon and Jessica, making him chained all throughout the battle so he could not help his teammates while the Crimson devoured them. He knew that there would be a difference if he was able to fight. "Don't say that oppa. I did that, I did that to save you. You could have been killed if you had fought Taeyeon said softly looking downward as if she was avoiding Leeteuk's gaze. "Save me? I'm your enemy TaeTae. You should've let me die Leeteuk said firmly. He knew that he would die too. The moment that Taeyeon managed to chain him meant that they lost the battle. That he lost the battle. But to his surprise, Taeyeon ran towards him and hugged him. "Oppa, please. Please surrender now and join us. I, I really don't want to kill you. Please, please I'm begging you Taeyeon said while crying. Leeteuk then shoved Taeyeon away from him. "What are you doing? Have you forgotten Taeyeon? The moment that we parted before marked the start of our war. We are no longer friends. We are enemies. If you didn't gain the upper hand right now, I might have killed you."

"B-but oppa, I, I love you. I can't, I just can't". "And I hate you. I loath you Taeyeon. For me you're nothing but a monster. I hate you!" After hearing those words, Taeyeon fell down on her knees while covering her ears. She was devastated. Never had she imagined, in her whole life, that the first and only person that treated her as a human, the person that loved her and cared for her, would say those things. After minutes of crying, Taeyeon suddenly stopped. She stood up, bowed down. "Kill him Yoong. But do it clean, do not play with him. I'll kill you if I saw any signs of mutilation Taeyeon said as she started to walk away. Leeteuk followed Taeyeon with his gaze and gave a weak and faint smile. "Saranghae, TaeTae he said as he closed his eyes, waiting for Yoona to end his life. Taeyeon opened her eyes. She had dozed asleep due to mental fatigue she had received with her conversation with Sunny. She got up and saw Jessica, seriously looking at the other side of the room. "Sica, w-what's up? Taeyeon said looking at what Jessica was intently looking at. Jessica didn't need to answer. The trackers together with Sunny and Seohyun were assembled as if they are waiting for Taeyeon to wake up and finish the war. She looked at them too, intently, until she met Seohyun's eyes. "What's the meaning of this Joohyun? Taeyeon asked with a firm tone of voice although she had already figured out what happened. She mentally cursed as she did not expect this turn out of events. She looked around the room and saw Yuri and Yoona lying in the corner of the room.

"Unnie, please let me-- Seohyun said with tears welling up on her eyes. "Seohyun. You don't have to explain. And please don't cry Kyuhyun said, stopping any conversation of Taeyeon and Seohyun. "Kim Taeyeon, this is game over. Stop corrupting Seohyun's mind with your lies. She is with us right now. Please stop and peacefully surrender. I believe we can still work this out he added. "Sica, are the two dead? Taeyeon whispered. "Nope. They just put them into a deep slumber. Tranquilizers probably Jessica whispered, not lifting her eyes from the other group. She knew very well that they were losing. She was just hoping that the brilliant mind of Taeyeon would turn the tables for them. But at this rate and at Taeyeon's mental state right now, that would be impossible. "Surrender? Work this out? Are you kidding me? Don't fool me. I would never surrender. Not to you or to any tracker Taeyeon said. "And Joohyun, you disappointed me. I, I can not believe you could betray me". With that said, Seohyun burst into tears. "Unnie, I, I did not mean--" "Seohyun, please don't listen to her. She was just trying to get into you. You didn't betray her. This is for the good, for the better Kyuhyun said while hugging Seohyun, trying to comfort her. "Kim Taeyeon, please stop. This is clearly your loss. It was pre-determined long ago. You lost to Onew Ryeowook said softly. Taeyeon was shocked of what she had heard. She knew that in this situation, they were currently losing. With Yoona and Yuri beaten, and Seohyun not willing to cooperate with the Vylet, she knew that their moves would be very limited. She knew that if they were playing mind games right now, the thing she was good at,

she knew that there would be a chance to pull this one off. "Pre-determined? Stupid. Are you out of your mind? How come I can lose to him? I remind you, he died in our hands. I can never lose to Onew. Never Taeyeon said with sarcasm on her voice. "Yes Taeyeon. You lost to Onew. He knew, he knew that all of this would going to happen. And his death, he, he was fated to die. Onew was fated to die Ryeowook said as sadness suddenly filled his brave eyes. Taeyeon's beautiful eyes squinted. "What the fuck are you talking about? Taeyeon asked. "Onew hyung had cancer Kyuhyun suddenly spoke. "Well, he hid it from us. Nobody of us knew his actual situation, especially since we are on this mission against you guys. He thought that letting us know in advance would only hinder us" "And so? That was his so-brilliant plan? Funny, he is just being a martyr, keeping the disease that was eating him on himself. What's so special about that? And how does it beat me?" "Don't you see Taeyeon? That was the very fact that you lose. He was a martyr he neglected himself and prioritized everybody rather than himself. He was different from you Taeyeon. And such, he had read you. And that made him understand how your rotten mind works Ryeowook said. "But that doesn't mean that I lose to him. Hell I care if he can read my mind. At the end of the day, his so-called brilliant plan is indeed useless. I planned it so that all of you will show up here so I can devour you, and send you to hell one by one Taeyeon exclaimed with extreme bloodlust flooding her eyes. "Taeyeon, you're such a pitiful person Sunny suddenly said. "What did you say?"

"I said you are a pitiful person. Can't you see? Onew's death is not useless. True that he was about to die, but he could have enjoyed the rest of the days he was going to live. But what did he do? He used it for the good of his friends. He sacrificed himself. He died so that the hearts of his team will be vigilant. And in fact, Onew's plan did not need to be brilliant. We just need someone, someone from your group who would realize the truth about your rotten existence. And that was Seohyun. Admit it Taeyeon, without Seohyun, you can easily be beaten. You may be the core of the group, but without Seohyun, you will be nothing. Onew read you. The moment he had talked to you during your chess game, he had analyzed your personality. Your greed, your selfishness, your weakness. Taeyeon, face it. You were blinded by your own selfishness. You are saying that you were doing this to clean the world. To make the things better? Liar. You are only doing this for yourself. Yes, not even for the Crimson Vylet, but for yourself! You were using your fake ideology to mask your selfishness. You are trying to run from your past. You are trying to escape the hurt that you bear inside. And that's why you lost. Onew is different. He sacrificed himself for others. And that was remarkable Sunny said as tears formed on her eyes too. With Sunny's words, Taeyeon went hysterical again. She did not know what to do, or what to say because deep inside her, in the bottom of her frozen heart, she knew, she knew that Sunny's words were true. And she lost. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Taeyeon screamed as she covered her ears and started to cry. "But its not late Taeyeon noona, you can still surrender and repent for the things you have done. It is never too late. Please, please surrender peacefully Kyuhyun said. Then suddenly, Taeyeon took out the gun she was hiding on her back. "Who the hell are you to say those things to me? Things would never be alright for

me! Nobody can understand me! DIE! she said as she pointed the gun to Kyuhyun. "TaeTae, please stop. Don't do it Jessica, who was alarmed with Taeyeon's sudden reaction. "DIE! Taeyeon said pulling the trigger. Two gunshots echoed in the room. Two bodies dropped on the floor.

Epilogue They were there. All of them. All of them witnessed as a once happy and dorky angel who turned to be a heartless monster burned into ashes. All of them witnessed as her tortured spirit finally broke free from all the sufferings the world imposed upon her. Nobody actually talked. Only the faint sobs remained to be the sound lingering in the ceremony. All of them realized how heavy and how hard the punishment that soul had been carrying all throughout her life. Yes, it was the death ceremony of someone they thought they knew very well. The death ceremony of Kim Taeyeon. All of them were there. The Vylets, the trackers, Sunny. Seohyun, the one who had been crying the most the whole time hugged the person beside her, Kyuhyun. She still kept blaming herself for Taeyeon's death. She knew that if she hadn't caught the bullet that was for Kyuhyun with her arms, Taeyeon would not panic and would not shot herself ending her life. "I should have been the one who died and not unnie. I, I am useless 'til the end Seohyun faintly whispered in-between her sobs. "Don't blame yourself Seohyun, it is never your fault. It is never yours. It was mine. If I hadn't provoked her, she wouldn't go hysterical. Its my fault Kyuhyun said caressing Seohyun. He made it careful not to touch Seohyun's wounded arms but he knew that physical pain was nothing to Seohyun compared to the wound scarred in her heart. "Shut up you two fools. It was neither of your faults. In fact, its nobody's fault Jessica suddenly said after wiping her tears. Everybody's attention turned to her. Nobody really knew what Taeyeon was feeling and thinking except Jessica. "Well, its nobody's fault. TaeTae, TaeTae did really want to die. Jessica said as

tears started to flow again from her eyes. "She wanted to die because she thought she had killed me! So that's why its my fault unnie! Please kill me too! Seohyun suddenly said raising her voice. "TaeTae wouldn't be too happy if we killed you Joohyun. She really did want to die. I, I myself witnessed all the sufferings she had to endure and I know, though she shows us strong image, I know deep inside, she was very fragile and broken. I hate her because she became a coward and escaped her problems, but I, I can not blame her, and she had been wounded enough. That's why stop blaming yourselves, its her decision, she wanted to die. Jessica said as sadness and regrets flooded her beautiful eyes. All of them remained silent. Each of them wondered if they could even survive a day carrying Taeyeon's burdens. They wondered if they could even escape the idea of taking their own lives. "TaeTae was such a brave person, but she had enough. I don't know why life had been so unfair for her. I grew up with her, witnessed her sufferings but despite of that, she was able to smile and do what she liked. Jessica continued, still, her eyes fixed at Taeyeon's ashes which were now inside an urn. "Had her methods been correct, we would not come to this point Sunny whispered. Jessica looked at her intently. "I don't know. Maybe yes, maybe no. But what I am sure is that all of us don't regret what we have done. We maybe committed mistakes, but at least, we had something we had fought for. Something that we stood up for. And that was enough for me to be happy Jessica said. "I perfectly understand you Miss Jung, but you see, you guys still committed crimes and there are consequences you, you have to pay Sunny said looking down. "We don't plan to run away, we will surrender. After all, we had already shown what

we are fighting for. We had lived with the belief that we can correct the world with our methods. We kill bad people, though sometimes it requires some good people to die too. I know it is wrong and with that, we are willing to face the consequences we have to face. Whatever it is Jessica continued looking to the other Crimson Vylet members. They all nodded as if they were accepting the fact that they were already defeated. Kyuhyun suddenly approached Jessica. "Noona, thank you. Thank you for surrendering. Your charges can be lightened because of that. I promise I will do everything for you guys. Thanks for cooperating Kyuhyun said. He was so happy. Now that Jessica decided to surrender, it meant that he and Seohyun could still have a chance. Jessica just smiled. In reality, he admired Kyuhyun. She admired him for loving Seohyun. She admired him for seeing the beauty behind Seohyun's bloodlust and being able to transform her into someone better. How she wished that she met someone like Kyuhyun. Someone who could defrost her frozen heart and bring it back to life. Someone who would make her feel that she was alive. "No Kyu. I should be the one thanking you for loving Joohyun. I know that someday, you two can be together. And if that day comes, please take care of her. And love her that way she must be loved Jessica said. Kyuhyun smiled with that said. He looked at Seohyun and saw her blushing. That made him smile even more. "Make Joohyun cry and I will kill you, I swear Yoona then said jokingly that brought laughter to the group. "Why are you laughing? I'm serious Yoona added. "And, I want you to have this Jessica continued, "Yul, please hand me the bag". Yuri gave Jessica a black bag. Jessica brought out something. It was an urn. "This is Taeyeon's most precious possession. I want to give it to you now Jessica

said. "What is this?" "Leeteuk-oppa's ashes Jessica said. All of them became silent again. Kyuhyun gave the urn to Sunny. "I think there is a better place for oppa's ashes Sunny said. She walked slowly towards Taeyeon's urn. "I think Taeyeon would be happy that at last, she and oppa can be together Sunny said as she poured Leeteuk's ashes on Taeyeon's urn. All of them gave a weak smile. Yes, Taeyeon would be very happy with that. ---"So I guess, its time to say goodbye Seohyun said. The Crimson Vylet were about to be sent to prison after several arrangements with the SME office. Kyuhyun requested for a short time to talk and to walk with Seohyun alone. "I will always visit you there, I promise Kyuhyun said as he looked at Seohyun's angelic face. "Be sure, because if you missed even one day without visiting me I will break out of that jail and hunt you to kill you Seohyun joked that made Kyuhyun laugh hard. "Just joking. Seohyun smiled, "Kyu, I will miss you". "I will visit you everyday, you will not miss me I promise" "I mean, I will miss walking like this with you." Kyuhyun stopped and smiled.

"I will miss this too. I promise I will do everything to have you and your unnies be released in prison as soon as possible" Seohyun gave a weak smile. "We are murderers. It doesn't change the fact that we still took thousands of lives. It maybe hard for you to get us out of prison Seohyun said as sadness fill her eyes. "Hey, don't say that. We will find a way. And, and if you and your unnies got out. We, we can be together! We, will all go to school together just like before! Kyuhyun said. Seohyun looked at him, her angelic eyes filled with tears. "Kyu, I I'm sorry and t-thank you she said as she ran into Kyuhyun hugging him tight. "Hey, stop crying. If Yoona-noona saw you crying I am good as dead Kyuhyun joked, "You don't have to be sorry for anything, past is past. Besides, revenge won't give rise to anything. he added. "Saranghae Kyu Seohyun whispered, her head still buried on Kyuhyuns chest. "Saranghae, Seohyun Kyuhyun said in a soft gentle voice that only Seohyun could hear. He lifted her face and gave her a kiss.

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