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November 2009 / Newsletter

Name: Glencross Youth Group

Location: In the sticks
Bio: The Glencross Youth is a
group of junior and senior high
students who are excited about
learning about God and what it
means to be His hands and feet in
our world.
Check us out on Facebook @
Glencross Youth
Operation Christmas Child Visit our blog @
As you have all heard now, I have www.glencrossyouth.blogspot.com
challenged the youth to create small groups for an electronic version of the
and come up with 30 boxes for Operation youth newsletter.
Christmas Child. Those who do, will get to
paint on my car. This challenge is open to Any Questions??
anyone who wishes to participate. If you Contact Mike Penner
bring 30 boxes to church on November 822-3864 or 822-8070
15th, you will get a spot on my car. We are mtpenner@mts.net
all so incredibly blessed, let’s make a sacrifice to bring joy and the
gospel to many children. Let’s join together and raise 200 boxes
this Christmas. Just think, 200 children will have a happier Christ- Calendar
mas because of our sacrifice. And God will be praised!
Sr. Youth
04 - Bible Study @ church @ 7:30
We all gotta serve somebody. It just de- Living For Christ (Romans 6)
pends on who we give our allegiance to. The choice is simple, 11 - Bible Study @ church @ 7:30
Christ or the world, but living it is the challenge. I read in a book More than Conquerors (Rom 7-
somewhere where the author was arguing that most Christians have 8)
more knowledge than they could ever implement in a lifetime. He 18 - Guys/Girls Night - Planning
said that what we needed was not more Bible study but more op- will take place the week before.
portunities to serve. I disagree that we should cut back on Bible Bring ideas!
study (Bible study is worshipping God too), but I do agree our 25 - Serving at Faith Mission in
churches need to provide more opportunities for service. Some- Winkler. Meet @ Mike’s @ 7:10.
times we just need a little encouragement and a vision of what we
could do for God. So this year in youth, we to create more opportu- Jr. Youth
nities for the youth to serve others, locally and further from home. 02 - Bible Study @ church @ 7:30
James writes that, “...faith without deeds is dead.” (2:26) Although Yes and No
our faith is important, the world sees our faith in what we do. Let’s 23 - Games Night @ church @ 7:30
not wait to encourage our children to serve until they are “old
enough.” Let’s provide our children with opportunities to serve and Snack People
show them how God works thorough his willing servants. It is time 04 - Emily T 02 - Catherine
to stand up, say “No!” to our culture of comfort and self-interest. 11 - Martin 23 - Evan
We all serve somebody. Who do you serve? 25 - Jessica
October 2009 / Page 2

Attention all youth!! I would like your Blow If it looks like cocaine, is packaged like cocaine,
thoughts. Check out the blog and causes the user to feel strange and energized like co-
www.glencrossyouth.blogspot.com or the caine, is it cocaine? No, it's the latest energy drink called
Facebook page to discuss the idea of a Win- Blow and it's quickly causing controversy. The energy
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we have one who has been tempted in every utilizing social networking sites that are popular with
way, just as we are – yet was without sin.
teens, such as MySpace and YouTube, as a key compo-
Hebrews 4:15

A youth worker shared with me about her ongoing struggle with a life-dominating problem. Of note was her own per-
ception that this struggle has blocked her ability to know God and that until she conquers the problem God won’t allow
her to be effective in ministry. As I heard her story, sadness fell over me as her struggle is not uncommon.

All too frequently, committed Christ-followers believe that God won’t reveal Himself or use anyone who doesn’t have
life “all together.” An important question is this: Do you believe that God expects perfection from His followers?

One of my favorite encouraging stories in the Gospels, is the story of Jesus and Peter, after Jesus’ resurrection. The story
takes place on the beach along the sea of Tiberias. Peter has seriously let Jesus down over the recent days, running away
from Jesus at his time of greatest need and repeatedly denying he even knew Jesus. At their breakfast beach meeting,
Jesus had every right to tell Peter, “I love you, but you let me down. I can’t trust you anymore.” Who among us would
have blamed him?

Yet, Jesus did just the opposite. He gives Peter responsibility, “Feed my sheep.” Peter was far from perfect. Peter was
anything but a poster-boy for having it “all together.” Yet, Jesus not only revealed Himself personally to Peter, but He
gave him authority to minister to others.

While God’s people are to pursue holiness, none of us is perfect and we all struggle with sin's grip on our lives. (See 1
John 1:8.) Yet, we need to embrace ourselves as we are: both saint and sinner, with strengths and weaknesses; successes
and failures; victories and defeats. When we acknowledge our brokenness, struggles and our need for God, He will use
us. When we embrace our weaknesses as part of us, and put our confidence in Christ's work in our lives, He will use us.

Rather than wallowing in the mire of self-condemnation today, receive this encouragement from Scripture: But He said
to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, I will boast all the more
gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me... for when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corin-
thians 12:9-10

Further Reading - John 21, 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, 1 John 1:8