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Revision 1 1. Write the following sentences in the passive voice.

- They didnt give her a present for her birthday. She wasnt given a present for her birthday. A present wasnt given to her for her birthday. - People think he is in Argentina. It is thought that he is in Argentina. He is thought to be in Argentina. - People speak English all over the world. English is spoken all over the world. - Someone has told me that story before. I have been told that story before. - They offered that writer the Nobel Prize. That writer was offered the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize was offered to him. - Charles had taught the class the whole lesson. The class had been taught the whole lesson. The whole lesson had been taught to the class. 2. Join the following sentences using a relative pronoun. - We talked about the party. Sarah wants to organize this party for my birthday. We talked about the party which Sarah wants to organize for my birthday. - Susan said something. I couldnt hear it clearly. Susan said something which I couldnt hear clearly. - He was at war with his mother Mary. She was an extrovert woman. He was at war with his mother Mary, who was an extrovert woman. - Marys parents live next door. They are both journalists. Marys parents, who are both journalits, live next door. - They were reading a book. Its characters were students. They were reading a book whose characters were students. 3. Give a noun with the same root as: prefer (verb): PREFERENCE know (verb): KNOWLEDGE obedient (adjective) : OBEDIENCE 4. Give an adjective with the same root as: care (verb): CAREFUL/ CARELESS hunger (verb): HUNGRY luxury (noun): LUXURIOUS

5. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Read the instructions first in order to save time later. AS Read the instructions first SO AS TO SAVE TIME LATER He invented an illness in order to avoid having to go to school. SO He invented an illness SO AS TO AVOID HAVING TO GO TO SCHOOL. I started revising earlier so I could do more work. ORDER I started revising earlier IN ORDER TO DO MORE WORK. I wrote the date in my diary because I didnt want to forget it. THAT I wrote the date in my diary SO THAT I DIDNT FORGET IT. 6. Rewrite these sentences beginning with the words provided. Although hes got lots of money, he never spends a penny. In spite of HAVING LOTS OF MONEY, he never spends a penny. In spite of his young age, he had travelled around the world. Although HE IS VERY YOUNG, he had travelled around the world. Although they live in a big house, they only use the ground floor. Despite LIVING IN A BIG HOUSE, they only use the ground floor. 7. Complete the gaps using the verb in brackets. I really enjoy _______ (go) for long walks in the country. GOING Jack gave up _______ (try) to find a job in Britain. TRYING There was a lot of traffic but we managed _______ (get) to the airport in time. TO GET I had to leave so I stopped _______ (write) that letter. WRITING 8. Write the following sentences in reported speech. "A lot of trees will be saved", said the politician. The politician said that a lot of trees would be saved. "What are you doing, Bill?", his mother asked.

His mother asked what he was doing. "Will you buy me a new laptop?", Patricia said to John. Patricia asked John if he would buy her a new laptop. "Dont make noise please", he said to me. He told me not to make noise "Have you any idea where Peter has gone?", he said. He asked me if I had any idea where Peter had gone. "Lets go to the cinema!", she said. She suggested going to the cinema 9. Complete the following conditinal sentences. If Martin had concentrated on his work, he __________ (finish) it earlier. WOULD HAVE FINISHED If my mother had let me when I was a child, I _______ (have) a pet dog. WOULD HAVE HAD Unless it _______ (be) cold, we will go to the park. IS Sorry! I ________ (make) so much noise if I had known you were asleep. WOULDNT HAVE MADE
If I had enough money, I _________ (buy) a house in Miami. WOULD BUY