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Mini Lesson Plan (SIOP Model)

Lesson Plan Title: Mini Lesson #1 Communication Games Honorio Gonzalez

Name: Grade Level: Date:

1st Gr. 1st Grade& For the students to master the first&grade #nglish language arts, the students need to practice decoding s'ills. (lso, for the students develop comprehension s'ills, the students need e)posure to a variety of high&*uality literature and informational te)ts.
ELA Language Standards for Grade Level ELA Content Standards for Grade Level

ELD Objectives: For

the students to be able to use activities set up for instruction in the classroom to create opportunities and purposes for verbal communication practice through this strategy (Herrell & Jordan, !1 ".
ELD Language: #nglish ELD Content: $he

students %ill use the activities set up in their classroom to use for verbal communication practice.

For the students to master the first&grade #nglish language arts, the students need to practice decoding s'ills. (lso, for the students develop comprehension s'ills, the students need e)posure to a variety of high& *uality literature and informational te)ts.
"esearc# $ased Learning Strategies (provide text chapters re!erence)


Ke !ocabular

Screen (Barrier), Chairs

Barrier Games, Natural Approach, Communicative Language Teaching, Listening instructions

Communication games can "e used at man# grade levels and across all curricular areas ($errell % &ordan, '()', p* )+,)*

All strategies %ill be researc# based and from one of t#e te&ts' (lease )rovide reference for eac#' Motivation strateg : Natural Approach, (Building Bac/ground !or 0L1 Students)

Communicative Language Teaching ($or-it., '()+)*

2 3 -ould prepare to conduct the class activit# in 0nglish* 23 -ould prepare the set up the activities !or the classroom* 23 -ould prepare the students -ith instructions !or the lesson in the activities in the classroom* 2The students -ould then start the activities in the classroom*
(resentation* Learning Activities +Strateg Ste)s,

Natural Approach, Communicative Language Teaching

($or-it., '()+)*
(includes language and content o"4ectives, comprehensi"le input, strategies , interaction, !eed"ac/

2The lesson -ould "e conducted in the !ollo-ing manner: 2T-o students -ould site next to each other in chairs separated "# a screen* 25ne student -ould ver"all# conve# given instructions !or completing a tas/ to a second student, -ho -ould complete said tas/* 25ne student -ould have colored shapes that need to go in a certain order* 2The other student -ould have a chart, -hich -ould detail ho- the colored shapes need to go* The student -ould then give oral instructions on ho- the colored shapes need to "e arranged to the student -ith the colored shapes*
(ractice and A))lication Natural Approach, Communicative Language (6eaning!ul activities, interaction, strategies, practice and application, !eed"ac/)

Teaching ($or-it., '()+)*

23 -ould have the students do these t#pes o! activities so that the# could practice their 0nglish ver"al communication s/ills through a !un activit#* 2The students -ould use their listening s/ills and ver"al directions in these t#pes o! activities*

2The students practice their 0nglish s/ills at home -ith activities li/e these -ith their parents* 23 -ould as/ the parents to give me !eed"ac/ on their children7s progress -ith their 0nglish communication s/ills*

"evie% and Assessment: (8hat speci!ic assessment tools are "eing used)

The assessment tool "eing used -ould "e in ho- -ell the students carried out the instructions given to them to complete the activit#* These -ould help determine ho- !ar their 0nglish communication s/ills have developed* The -a# in -hich the students completed the activities -ould help me adapt m# teaching st#le to the individuall# needs o! the student in ho- the# needed to !urther develop their 0nglish communication s/ills* The parent7s input -ould also determining in ho- 3 prepared m# teaching st#le to the student7s need*
E&tension: 8hat are #our next steps !or !uture lessons9

The next steps -ould "e to prepare more complex activities o! a similar nature to the one descri"ed a"ove* This -ould !urther help develop the student7s communication s/ills -hile engaging in these activities -ith !ello- students*
"eflection.#at do ou antici)ate to be a )roblem for s)ecific students/

ELD Objective- 3n

ho- those students -ould read or conve# the instructions !or completing the activit# to the other student* Also in ho- the other student -ould ver"all# understand the instructions given to them to complete the activit#*
Content Objective- 3n

ho- the students understood the instructions 3 had given to them to complete the activit# given to them* Also in ho- the# used their 0nglish communication s/ills to complete the activit#*

.#at %ould li0el go %ell/ .# /

The ma4orit# o! the students -ould "e a"le to complete the activit# and advance to more complex activities* Their 0nglish communication s/ills -ould "e at the level o! the activit# that the# -ould "e doing* Their rate o! learning their communication s/ills -ould "e to that o! their needed level and grade and o! m# lesson plan*
.#at %ould ou li0e to be more sure about/

That the students -ould "e a"le to develop their 0nglish communications at a stead# pace a/in to their grade level* :or the students to "e a"le to properl# use their communication s/ills in the classroom activities* This -a# their communication s/ills -ould develop even !urther* :or the students to "e a"le to practice their communication s/ills as o!ten as the# could*
.#at t#eor or t#eorists %ould most strongl su))ort use of t#is strateg /

The theor# that supports this strateg# -ould "e the natural approach and the communicative language teaching* 3n the natural approach, the students -ould participate in small group conversational activities -ith each other and !ollo- instructions given to them "# the teacher to complete said activit#* 3n the communicative language teaching, the students -ould similarl# do the same as in the natural approach* These t-o theories are similar in ho- the# support the strateg# a"ove*

Add cop# o! student -or/