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November 2009 Quarterly News from SS.

Cyril & Methodius Catholic Parish

News from the Pews

608 Sobieski Street Lemont, IL (630) 257-2776

"A Year of Grace" By Fr. Larry Lisowski

Our year of survived fires and tornados and we share as sisters and brothers in
jubilee has been never stopped believing and trusting Christ. These are sacred moments
filled with many in God. We are inspired by their which have reminded us that “all
beautiful and faith that gave them strength and of us” belong to God’s family.
sacred moments perseverance.
as we celebrate As a parish, we have much to be
the 125th proud of and much to celebrate.
anniversary These are We remember that all that we have
today has come from our good and
of the faith and life of our parish
sacred gracious God.

We have had the opportunity to moments Sometimes past performance does

indicate what future results will
reverently trace our rich parish
history and tell the many stories
which have be. I am confident that the God,
that capture the way that our
Catholic faith has been passed on
reminded us who has graced our parish in the
past, will continue to bless us in
from generation to generation, from that "all of us" the future.
family to family, and from person
to person. belong to When you think about it, our story
is really “His-story!” How blessed
We have reverently recalled the God's family. are we to be part of one of the many
chapters! n
lives of dedicated priests and
parishioners who served St. Cyril’s Throughout this past year we have
with great love and devotion. We had the opportunity to gather for
remember how they sacrificed their prayer and fellowship. Moments
time, talents and treasures to build like our Polish Heritage Day,
up this Church community and Parish Block Party, Unity Mass, the
respond to the needs before them. Mass for the Consecration of the
We are blessed and humbled by Grotto Altar, the 30th Anniversary
their good stewardship. of the Polish Club, and the 125th
We marvel at the great faith of Anniversary Dinner-Dance, each in
our ancestors who endured many their own way, have helped us to
tragedies and difficult transitions appreciate our diversity, and at the
through the years. They bravely same time deepen the relationships

Our Parish Mission Statement We are a family of faith, entrusted with the gospel message of
Jesus Christ. Rooted in a rich tradition of worship, service, and prayer we foster the unity and faith of this
community. Enlivened by the Spirit, we share our gifts, talents, and resources to bring about the Kingdom of God.
A Look Back at a Year
of Celebration By Kurt Korte, Parish Council President

We are nearly In September an event was held As this Jubilee year comes to a
through our that really exemplifies what we, as close, please keep the spirit of unity,
jubilee 125th a parish, celebrated this past year. pride, and involvement alive so that
anniversary year The parish school reunion was held we may continue to build on our
and I wanted in the middle of September and over parish’s legacy for future generations
to take an 250 parishioners attended the mass of SS. Cyril and Methodius
opportunity to and reception. A big thanks to Anne parishioners. n
recap the summer Cannon and Shirley Tkachuk for
events and let you know what is all their work in planning the day.
planned for the end of the year. What was so great about this event
In July we held our annual block was that parishioners that graduated
party, “A Taste of St. Cyril’s,” and from our parish school over 60
it was another huge success. Nancy years ago celebrated mass with
Bigelow chaired the event this year, parishioners that graduated last year.
and she organized a great night of They were able to enjoy a meal
music, food and fellowship. Over together and interact as one family.
700 St. Cyril parishioners attended
At the end of October, we held our News from the Pews
along with 30 parishioners from our
sharing parish, St. Adalbert's. Father 125th Anniversary dinner-dance at Quarterly publication for the
Larry came through on the weather the Willowbrook ballroom. Donna SS. Cyril & Methodius parish
(once again) and it turned out to be a Nowobiliski and her committee community.
perfect night to eat, drink and listen planned a wonderful evening
to several musical performers. A big with great food, big band music, Send correspondence to:
thanks to Nancy, her committee and and fellowship that once again
her family for all of their hard work. highlighted the unity and history News from the Pews
of our parish. It was a wonderful c/o SS. Cyril & Methodius Rectory
August brought a once in a lifetime evening where one could watch 608 Sobieski Street
event to our church. We celebrated some of the more “experienced” Lemont, IL 60439
our unity mass on August 16. Well parishioners demonstrate the proper (630) 257-2776
over 1300 parishioners celebrated way to dance to big band sounds. Publisher: Rev. Larry Lisowski
mass with Bishop Paprocki in a There was also an opportunity to
bilingual mass outdoors on the watch a slide show of pictures taken Editor: Debbie Keppler
parish campus. Joan Johnson chaired during the many events that have
the event and she received assistance occurred during this 125th jubilee Editing/Proofing: Pat Graczyk
from nearly every organization in the year. Congratulations to Donna and Renata Teper
parish. The mass and the reception her committee for a memorable
afterwards demonstrated the unity evening. Polish Editor: Aneta Ustupska
of our parish not only through the
celebration of the mass, which There are a few events still planned Layout/Design: Liz Brohan
featured the Polish and English for the end of the year.
choirs, but in the preparation and The history committee will have at E-mail Address (Editor):
planning that went into the event least two more church tours planned rectory@stcyril.org
itself. Volunteers from some of for November 22 and December 30
our parish’s oldest organizations at 3:30. Keep an eye on the bulletin Parish Website: www.stcyril.org
worked alongside teens to make or website for details. The next issue of News from the
the event memorable. Thank you to Pews comes out in early 2010. All
Joan, her committee, and all those There is an organ recital planned for
the week between Christmas and Parish Ministries are encouraged
organizations that participated in the to submit articles to share the
event. New Year's.
happenings of parish life.

2 News from the Pews - November 2009

By JoAnn Sworan-Kowalewski

The “Beat the Lotto” Committee is The Grand Prize is $50,000.00 For tickets please call: Nancy
delighted to launch our 20th Annual with 24 additional prizes, the raffle (630) 257-2860, Joan (630)
“Beat the Lotto” fundraiser, OUR will be held on Friday, January 22 257-2939, JoAnn (312) 203-7355,
ONLY PARISH FUNDRAISER. in conjunction with Late Night Elizabeth (630) 313-9070, Henry
Catechism sponsored by our (630) 257- 9812 or Mary (630)
Your past support of this fundraising Mother’s club. 257-0569.
event has had an important influence
on many successful parish projects. The You can direct how your Lotto
We invite you to continue to join Grand Prize contribution will be used by
in this wonderful and exciting St. the parish to support its various
Cyril’s tradition. is Ministries by writing in your
$50,000! sharing organization: Altar & Rosary
As in the past, the cost of the ticket
Society, Athletic Commission, Holy
is $100.00; all of us at SS. Cyril & Our Early Bird drawing will be Name Society, Mother’s Club, Parish
Methodius parish understand the held on December 4, with a total of Council, Parish Operations, Polish
current economic challenges. Feel $5,000.00 awarded in prize money. Club, Religious Education, School
free to split the ticket amongst
Our parish, SS. Cyril & Methodius, Board, School Operations or
family and friends. If you are so
thrives because of the faith and Youth Ministry.
blessed and can sell additional
tickets to neighbors, co-workers, or work of people like you. Can we Thank you and good luck!
others, please contact a member of count on your continued support to
make this important parish fundraiser Your 2009-10 Lotto Committee n
our committee.
as successful as ever?

School Board
Adds More Talent By Mike Pender

The School Catholic school education to At the end of this school term, we
Board is our group. Each has a term of will be holding another round of
pleased to three years. elections. We will need to elect
announce that three new members for a 3 year
The School Board meetings are
we have three held on the first Tuesday of each term. You must be a parishioner
great additions month at 7 pm. They take place in and at least 21 years of age. If
to our board. the rectory basement, and anyone you are interested in helping your
They are Anne is able to observe. If you would school in this manner, please
Cannon, Maureen Moran and like to address the board, you contact any board member for
Randy Zezulka. Each of these new must notify the President, Chris details. n
members brings exciting ideas Bigelow, at least 24 hours prior to
and a wealth of knowledge about the meeting.

News from the Pews - November 2009 3

Fine Art’s from statues in the church. “It was
important to me to include details
“I was honored
to be asked

Role in from the statues that highlight the

individuality of each saint, such as
to make such
an important

Our 125th the cross, crown and scroll,” said

Fr. Marren.
said Steven.

Anniversary From there, he completed the design

by incorporating a font reminiscent
Currently a
student at
By Liz Brohan of formal, flowing calligraphy. Belmont University in Nashville,
Steven and his family have been
Sharing our gifts “Because St. Cyril is credited with attending St. Cyril's since he was 6
and talents has the invention of the alphabet in years old – roughly the same age he
always been an the Slavic world, my hope was to started studying music.
important part depict and honor that association
of our parish with a font reminiscent of the actual The song, The Faith of Our Fathers,
community. handwriting of that period. It’s the was written to be sung as a hymn
And those only way they wrote back then,” at any service. “The best hymns are
talents were said Fr. Marren. often the ones that are easy to pick
never more apparent than during up and get stuck in your head,” said
our year-long 125th Anniversary When it came to evolving the logo
for use during our 125th anniversary Steven. “And I wanted this song
celebration. In fact, St. Cyril's to be something that people would
is blessed with an abundance of year, Fr. Marren was easily up to
the task. “It was suggested I add enjoy hearing so much that they
accomplished artists who donated would want to sing along.”
their time and applied their craft to a banner to the original logo to
making our celebration even more signify 125 years of unwavering Steven admits that coming up with
beautiful and memorable. faith,” continued Fr. Marren. “It lyrics that people can understand
was also important to me to blend and connect with is always the
A Symbol of the historical significance of the biggest challenge for a composer.
Unwavering Faith event with the parish’s hopes and
aspirations for the future. This led “I decided on three verses,”
For years we’ve all enjoyed the me to incorporate type that is a continued Steven.“The first, to
round SS. Cyril and Methodius combination of both the classical reflect on our parish history, the
Parish logo that Father Larry and art deco movements,” Father second to give thought to our
had commissioned by his friend Marren elaborated. present, and the third about our
and fellow future.” He also concentrated his
seminarian, Father Marren went on to say that
his work for SS. Cyril’s 125th was efforts on ensuring the music had
Father Marty a timeless quality to it. “I wanted
Marren of St. made even more enjoyable by the
fact that St. Emeric is celebrating an people to sing the song for years
Emeric’s in
important anniversary as well. “We to come, but in a way that sounded
Country Club
Hills. An artist are celebrating our 40th and extend fresh even after years of hearing it.”
interested in our congratulations to both parishes." Steven’s inspiration for the song
liturgical art, Fr. Marren drew the came from his favorite hymns
figures of SS. Cyril and Methodius A Song including City of God and Faith of
for the Ages Our Fathers. Steven will continue
What could be more joyful than a to write and perform his own music
young talent giving voice to our as he continues his college career,
125th Anniversary? That was and hopes to someday make a living
the thought that prompted Laurie from his art. n
Groselak to reach out to musician
Steven Grand.

4 News from the Pews - November 2009

Lyrics to Inspired Art Corner
The Faith by Judith Mokelke
of Our
Fathers “The Spirit of Christians Past”
by Steven Grand What a great celebration our Watercolor is usually executed
125th anniversary has been. with great freedom and
Our Saints brought Your Word Father Larry, with so many spontaneity. A watercolor
down to the people in their own staff and parishioners, has painting is meant to be done
tongue. made this year something to quickly according to the
And showed them the love of cherish and remember. Mary inspiration of the moment.
Your Spirit that heals us and Marzalik, our art teacher at SS. Mistakes cannot easily be
makes us one. Cyril and Methodius school for corrected, and too much
the past 13 years, has created overworking can ruin the look
Then in a new land our fathers
gathered to worship You. a lovely watercolor painting to of the painting. Mary Marzalik
commemorate this important is relatively new to this medium;
And gave us this parish that feeds year in our parish history – she she has only been painting in
us, so filled with the light of Your named the painting, “The Spirit watercolor for about five years.
Truth. of Christians Past.”
By Your grace we stand
Mrs. Marzalik has been working
On the rock of Your Word and on the idea for the painting for
Your Spirit the past two years. She has
Heeding Your commands done a lot of research on the
For Christ and His Kingdom, figures in the painting – they
the faith of our fathers goes on represent different eras, as
As sisters and brothers we come well as the Polish Highlander
together to answer Your call. heritage in our parish history.
Mrs. Marzalik made sure that
To shine as Your light in a dark the clothing depicted in each
world, with justice and mercy for group of parishioners would
be authentic - the 19th century
Thanks for our children. Teach farming family is dressed just as
them to serve You and follow Your they would in an Illinois country
voice. town - she made sure that the
Thanks for the Saints of Your Polish group had their beloved
Kingdom with whom we will ever icon of Jasna Gora. There is a
rejoice. single parent family represented,
and military families. These She admits it can be difficult,
Refrain groups are transparent, to show but she likes the challenge, and
And as You lead us into tomorrow, that they represent spirits. Our the results. She said that the
help us to stay. beautiful church building is biggest challenge was to get
the focal point of the painting. all the groups into the painting
Aligned with Your plan for
redemption of this world (and) It rises majestically, the without overlapping. Her
guide us we pray. spires reaching to the sky. A painting was finished with skill,
finishing touch is the signatures thoughtfulness, and a love for
Give us Your eyes of compassion of Cardinal George and our the parish she gave tribute to.
and fill us with strength from
above. bishops in the left corner of the
You may sign up to purchase a
painting. This is a tribute to our
Wash away all that divides us, and limited-edition lithograph of the
wonderful parish, and all who
make us united in love. painting “The Spirit of Christians
have been a part of its past.
Past” by calling the rectory. n

News from the Pews - November 2009 5

Tailgate Parties
and Ministry

By Karen Dziekan

If you, or someone you know is search for couples to come forward message and a great sense of
between the ages of 13 and 17, then and help start a program for the belonging in a community bonded
the Tri-Parish Youth Program is youth in the parish. Mike and his by faith.
something worth checking out. The wife, Wendy, were asked to take
Youth Program meets every Sunday over the program after the other To find out more about the Tri-
to celebrate 5:00 p.m. mass at St. three couples discontinued their Parish Youth Program, please refer
Pat’s Church. Teens are encouraged involvement with the teen program. to the weekly bulletin, visit St.
to make mass a priority, along with When Mike is not working with Cyril’s website at www.stcyril.org,
family and school. This allows teens, he is involved in the music or contact Mike at lemontyouthm@
today’s teens a chance to step up ministry, Respect Life and sbcglobal.net. After attending
and take part in the liturgy, their Art & Entertainment groups at the events, the teens will be
church and their beliefs, not just be Sacred Heart. Mike and Wendy own added on the mailing list and will
bystanders. God is calling them to a store in Palos Heights and when receive e-communications about
accomplish great things. time allows, Mike likes to golf. future events as well as receive
notifications in the mail. Join the
The Tri-Parish Youth Ministry is Besides celebrating mass together, fun at the next meeting, November
lead by Mike Lundberg who has the teen group also has fun and 8 at St. Pat’s Ministry Center. Don’t
over 18 years experience running interactive meetings on a monthly miss out on the casting for the teen
a youth program. Mike has a basis. On October 11, guest speaker production of “Song of the Stable”
Masters Degree in Education and Coach Dunne, Marist’s football this coming Christmas season.
a Bachelors degree in Adolescent coach, had an inspirational and “Song of the Stable” is a wonderful
Psychology. He promises safe and energetic talk followed by a Tailgate musical which offers something for
inviting surroundings for our parish Party which was jam-packed with everyone. n
teens. According to Mike, “Our good times. What a way to celebrate
teens have such potential, but they the win after Coach Dunne’s pep
are up against such horrible talk! Mike chose a football theme
messages and wrong information. not only because it is football
"Many things in the media are season, but because he would like
immoral, violent or degrading.” the youth group to work together
Mike hopes for the youth program much like a football team does. Not
to become a place to go to for a only is Mike there for the teens,
positive message about the right but they themselves can become a
way to live. support system for each other. He
promises many unique and exciting
Mike first became involved in Youth meetings. It is his hope that teens
Ministry over eighteen years ago from the three Lemont parishes
when Sacred Heart Parish was in have somewhere to go for a positive

6 News from the Pews - November 2009

News from the Pews - November 2009 7
ALUMNI REUNION By Shirley Tkachuk, Parish School Principal
SS. Cyril and Larry and Father Marcin were joined graduation ribbons. The old pictures
Methodius School by Deacon Jim Wisniewski who is a and other mementoes which have
is one of the member of the Class of 1960. Alumni been displayed in the trophy case
most important participated in the different parts of were a special treat for everyone!
ministries of the mass, including three generations
SS. Cyril and of the Tasharski Family who brought We are still looking for alumni to add
Methodius Parish. up the gifts during the Offertory. to our growing data-base as we hope
It has a long Members of the Class of 2010 to begin a SS. Cyril and Methodius
and outstanding volunteered to help be greeters, and School Alumni Association. You
history beginning back on August welcomed the alumni proudly wearing may send your information (name,
31, 1884. The parents of those first the current school uniform. address, email, and year graduated) to
students realized and shared a belief SSCMALUMNI@stcyril.org.
still held by our current school Following mass, everyone walked
across the street to enjoy food, A special thank you to Anne Cannon,
families: that providing their children Diane Walus, Randy and Jill Zezulka,
with an excellent education just was tour the school, take pictures, and
the SS. Cyril and Methodius Athletic
not enough-they wanted to provide reconnect with old friends. Many of Association, and Fr. Larry for their
their children with the opportunity the alumni in attendance brought in help in making the day a tremendous
to receive an excellent Catholic class pictures, or wore their success! n
As part of the 125th
Anniversary, the
school hosted an “All
Alumni Reunion” on
Sunday, September
27. The event began
with a special 3:00
PM liturgy attended
by more than 200 of
our alumni. Father

Mother’s Club Plans

Memorable Events
By Laura Klimczak,
Secretary of Mother's Club
This school the Parish Anniversary movie and of Marriage and Last Rites,
year is well on then finished with Bedtime Stories. including her own wacky version
its way and the I would like to give a special thank of The Newlywed Game!
Mother’s Club you to everyone who attended that
is rolling along. fun event. Again, we would like to take this
We had our opportunity to thank everyone that
first meeting in We will be hosting a “Gingerbread has contributed their time to make
September. At House” building activity for SS. Cyril and Methodius Parish and
that meeting, new board members families on December 11th in Fr. School what it is today. Mother’s
Sivore Hall. Also, on January 22, Club meetings are on the second
were selected. The new board is
2010 we will be having the “Late Tuesday of every month in Fr.
poised to take on the challenges
Night Catechism 3—‘Til Death Do Sivore Hall (school lunchroom) at
of their volunteer positions. Not Us Part” theater experience coming 7:00 pm. Come join us to learn
long after school started, both the to SS. Cyril and Methodius. Save what’s going on at the school and
Parish Council and Mother’s Club this date to have a fun-filled night to contribute fresh ideas. Have a
hosted a family movie night double out. Sister will be offering up her blessed holiday season.n
feature. We started the night with hilarious lessons on the Sacrament

8 News from the Pews - November 2009

Religious Education News By Trish Nickleski,
Religious Education Director

Our first couple cloths to be used at their prayer tables grateful for the people who give
of weeks in each week, and the sixth graders of their time and talent each week
the religious receiving their Bibles. Other activity helping the young people of our
education included the children leading the parish learn about their faith and
program have rosary out at the Grotto. This year develop a relationship with Jesus.
been busy ones. we have over 600 children in our I am truly blessed to have so many
The children and program and 108 volunteers who people willing to give of their time.
staff have been getting to know one help out each week. I am truly The children of our parish are also
another and have begun to get into a blessed to have so many people who
routine each week. are willing to share their faith with
them each week in class.
Below are some pictures from the first
Please pray for my staff and the
couple of weeks of classes. You will
children in our program that they
see children making their prayer
may always feel God’s presence
in their lives. n

Catholics Come Home By Julie Tejkowski

Catholics Come will be present at a Welcoming a friendly welcome to those we

Home is an Table before and after all masses meet in Church.
evangelization to welcome visitors, to answer
More information will be available
initiative with questions, and provide information
the first two weeks of Advent. In
the purpose about our Parish. The committee
the meantime, you can visit the
of welcoming will follow up on a one-on-one
Archdiocese website for a sampling
fellow Catholics basis to accompany fellow Catholics
of the TV commercials and to obtain
back to the back to the Church. You are
inspirational information about the
Catholic Church, welcoming encouraged to invite family, friends,
Catholics Come Home initiative
them back home. Television and neighbors to join us at the
on an individual level. Visit www.
commercials will air from Table of the Lord. Many returning
December 16 to January 24 on Catholics who have been away from
org or www.goingforth.org. If
many major networks advocating Church will come to a parish and
you would like to volunteer at the
this campaign. We are all asked quietly slip into a Mass to “check
Welcoming Table, please call
to reach out to Catholics that it out.” It will be helpful for them
the Rectory and leave your name
have drifted from the practice of to see a connection between the
and phone number to be forwarded
our faith. warm invitation they heard on the
to Julie Tejkowski and Ann
TV commercials and the church
What can we do here at SS. Cyril & McClafferty. n
building they have just entered. We
Methodius? A group of volunteers encourage all parishioners to extend

News from the Pews - November 2009 9

“Why We Go To Mass As a Family?”
by Leona Dourlet-Glotzbach  
First, during the readings, gospel or homily beyond daily and mealtime prayers,
Sunday Mass back to my everyday life for the particularly since we sometimes
I try to reflect, upcoming week. (unfortunately) miss these.
learn and
pray, albeit Next, as a parent I would like I think Sunday Mass attendance
sometimes to be a good role model by will provide my children with a
unsuccessfully attending Sunday Mass. I want strong Catholic foundation which
with small our faith to be a lively and real will be with them throughout
children with me.  This very part of their everyday lives.Also their lives so that during
much helps me refocus on what I think our weekly attendance challenging times in their life,
is important.  I also try to take at Mass as a family establishes they are grounded and have a
a valuable nugget or two from a positive tradition of worshiping strong faith. n

of the Animals
In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, Fr. Marcin gave the
annual blessing to parishioners’ pets on Saturday,
October 3.

10 News from the Pews - November 2009

Where God and Nature Touch By Lottie Koziel

As a pilgrim, I the Bible and His gifts of creation. such as the beautiful stained glass
was requested Visiting the Sorrowful Mother windows, the ceiling was painted
to write a short Shrine, it is evident that “God and depicting the Seven Sorrows by
summary of nature touch.” In 1850 Fr. Frances Fr. Frost, CPPS, and a bell tower
our pilgrimage deSales Brunner, a missionary adorned the Chapel. The outdoor
to Our Lady priest of the Most Precious Blood, Pieta Chapel was newly constructed
of Sorrows, built on this site a small red brick and dedicated in 1968. Since then,
sponsored by chapel in honor of the Sorrowful it has become a devotional and
SS. Cyril and Methodius which Mother. He did so because of prominent landmark in Ohio.
took place on October 10-11, 2009. his great devotion to Mary, who
guided him and his priests from Throughout the bus ride, Fr. Marcin
Though at first I hesitated for a loss
Germany to Switzerland safely to led our group in prayer, song and
of words, I asked Jesus and His
the United States. The Shrine soon blessings. Our group was honored
Mother for inspiration during Holy
became a popular place for prayer, to have three additional guests from
Mass. My intent and purpose is to
missions and inspirational groups Indiana join our pilgrimage – Sister
share my experiences with others
for parishes to congregate as Fr. Symforoza, Sister Nicola, and Sister
and perhaps others will also find
Brunner ministered to the newly Maksymiliana. The prayer and
time for silent reflection and prayer.
arrived German Catholic settlers in song lifted our spirits and attitude
We live in times when we are
Northwest Ohio. The Shrine quickly and the general feeling in the bus
continuously running to attend to
became a place where people could was one of happiness, joyfulness,
our daily demands, and leave little
come and “stand still and feel the energy as we entered the Sorrowful
or no time to feed our heart and
presence of God.” On August 15, Mother Shrine. Upon arrival at
souls to rejuvenate Christ’s joy and
1912, the feast of the Assumption, the pilgrimage site, Fr. Marcin
peace in our lives.
the Shrine Chapel burned and with celebrated Holy Mass, during which
Visiting the Sorrowful Mother it, the original wood carved statue pilgrims presented their petitions
Shrine brings back many good of the Sorrowful Mother that Fr. and asked for needed graces and
memories of times past. It is a Brunner brought from Germany. blessings for their families, friends,
wonderful place for reflection and Within two years, the present Shrine and parish community. After
prayer and happens to be one of the Chapel was rebuilt and a new dinner and a short break, the group
oldest Midwest shrines dedicated image of the Sorrowful Mother was contemplated the stations of the
to the Blessed Mother Mary. Truly, replaced. During the rebuilding, Holy Cross, led by
God reveals Himself to us through additional adornments were added (continues on back page)

News from the Pews - November 2009 11

(continued from page 11) gift of creation and our pilgrimage. I would frequently do in Poland in
As a pilgrim, it reminded me that my youth. These moments of silence
Fr. Marcin on the beautiful grounds. our ultimate destiny is not in this and reflection with God bring me
The Group joined in singing their world and that we were created to be great joy and peace and rekindle
hearts out, so much that Fr. Yuri (the eternally united with God. faith, trust, and hope even when our
director of the Shrine) commented hearts feel empty and our minds
What a wonderful gift to discover are full of clutter and distractions.
that beautiful songs were heard that the Lord Jesus often makes his
across the fields to his room. When we contemplate on the face of
presence felt to the one who takes Christ, His life, passion, His mother,
Sunday morning started with Fr. Yuri the time to open his heart to Him. His resurrection, our life once again
walking across the grounds, showing He will speak silently to you and makes sense in a very callous and
his favorite places of prayer and give you comfort, encouragement chaotic world.
other grottos such as the replica of and peace that goes beyond
Lourdes, Grotto of the Sepulchre, comprehension. I am reminded that Lastly, on a more humorous note,
Saint Faustina Divine Mercy Grotto, I will feel at home in this world only pilgrimages help you discover
Our Lady of Czestochowa, the most to the extent that I can see God’s hidden talents in people, for
beautifully glass adorned grotto of divine love in creation and other example spirits Teresa Kadelak,
the Madonna of the Precious Blood people. On this earth our life is a and “Abraham” Walter Para, who
and Saint Gasper del Bufolo, the pilgrimage to our only true home were chosen by lottery to serenade
founder of the most Precious Blood which is eternity with God. Fr. Marcin in appreciation for
missionary, and other beautiful sites. his leadership in organizing this
This pilgrimage, like many others pilgrimage. Much to our surprise
Shortly after, the group gathered at that I have made in the past, help and amazement, several new notes
the main Shrine for celebration of me tremendously to recapture very and songs have since been created as
the Mass of Thanksgiving for His precious silent time with Christ as a result of their appointed duet. n

Parish Information SS. Cyril &

Worship Services Methodius Parish
Saturdays 7:00 A.M. 5:30 P.M.
Sundays 7:00 A.M. 10:30 A.M. 12:00 Noon 5:00 P.M. (St. Patrick’s) Pastor
Masses in Polish 8:30 A.M. 1:30 P.M. Rev. Lawrence Lisowski

Holy Days As Announced Associate Pastor
Weekday Mornings 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. Rev. Marcin Szczypula
Tuesday Evenings (Polish)
8:00 P.M. (Polish) •
First Fridays 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 7:00 P.M. (Polish) Pastoral Ministry
Deacon Norbert Lesnieski
Sacrament of Reconciliation •
Saturdays 4:30 P.M. Parish School Principal
First Friday 5:00 - 6:30 P.M. Shirley Tkachuk

Phones Music Ministry
Rectory (630) 257-2776 Gym (630) 257-9844 Polish School (630) 669-9058 Miroslawa Sojka-Topor
School (630) 257-6488 Rel. Ed (630) 257-9314 Counsel. Office (312) 655-7725 •
Fax (630) 257-9372 Music Minister (630) 257-0100 Director of Religious Ed
Trish Nickleski

Check out the SS. Cyril & Methodius website! Liturgy Coordinator
Marietta Vargo
http://stcyril.org/whatis.html There is a lot of new

material online. The various organizations in the parish
Business Manager
and school are all contributing new material to the website.
The Parish bulletin is updated weekly, the school calendars and
Mary Beth Rudis

homework are online, and much more information is available to help
Tri-Youth Minister
our parishioners stay up to date on parish and school activities. You can also
email articles for the News from the Pews at rectory@stcyril.org.
Michael Lundberg