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Elaflex Photo Competition: The Results

Thank you for your participation. It was a hard choice out of more than two hundred pictures. Below please nd the award winners, and a choice of other interesting application pictures which were sent in.

1. Prize

ZVA Slimline 2 + ZVA Slimline 2 GR / with DSA for Preset Dispensers Petrotec, Portugal

2. Prize

POLYPAL CLEAN hose assembly / clean room / granulation machine - Glatt GmbH, Germany

3. Prize

ELAPAC seals / locomotive tanks - Burmann Dichtungstechnik, Germany

4. Prize

HD-C LT aircraft refuelling hoses, DDC Dry Disconnect coupling / Antarctica - Petroleum Teknologi, Norway

5. Prize

UTS universal hoses / lling of solvents with vapour recovery + solvents storage tanks Switzerland

6.-8. Prize

ZVA Slimline 2 / Olerex petrol station J. Nilson, Estonia

ERV-OR 100.25 Orange Band expansion joint / storage facility Porto Romano Primagas, Albania

POLYPAL PLUS + POLYPAL CLEAN universal hoses / mobile hose check - Sahlberg, Germany

9.-11. Prize

HD-C / underwing refuelling Frankfurt Jet Services, Germany

ZVA Slimline 2 / 2 GR Tatsuno Benc Europe, Czech Republic

LTX 80 light tanker hose for gravity discharge Nutzfahrzeuge Rohr, Germany

12.-15. Prize

HD-C and ZVF 40 / mobile container tank facilities in Spanien and Sudan Ama SpA, Italy

FEP universal hoses / lling IBC with chemicals Storck, Germany

DDC couplings and FWS composite hoses / airport de-icing facility - Goehler, Germany

TECNOPAL hose assemblies for chemicals / on reel + truck unloading with DDC - Belgium

Other interesting application photos

DDC-M 100 Dry Disconnect Coupling / large volume tanker loading or unloading - Tamoil, Eritrea HD-C Avgas / aircraft refuelling dispenser in wintertime - Tokheim, France

ZV 400 + HD reel hose / modular dispensing and measuring system for tankers, 700 l/min - Medicion, Spain

UTS anged hose / permanent high pressure + high temperatur use, alkaline solution - Italchem, Italy

LTW hose assemblies / unloading road tankers at the petrol station / hoses stored lateral in the vehicle unloading hose size DN 100, vapour balance hose DN 50 - Schrader Beckum, Germany

petrol station in Yamal, Sibiria / -45 Celsius - Neva-Services, Russia

ZVA Slimline 2 / new tractor, new nozzle / Tauna (Finland) - Pictures: Neva-Services

ZVA Slimline 2 GR / Race Car - Tesco, UK

Next Generation Refuelling - Gondrom, Germany

Next Generation Refuelling - Nappert, Germany

HD-C and Elaex nozzles / water & ultralight plane / JET A1 and AVGAS - Cross, Greece

ERV-G TW within pipe system of an aircraft refueller / during production - Fluid Transfer, UK

ERV ROTEX / cool water line seagoing ship Zacharias Anlagentechnik, Germany

ZVA for solvents / discharge of waste chemicals DNV Nater, Netherlands

HD 100 Neon spiral / large aerosol canon to avoid dust spreading in mining and deconstruction Ecology SRL, Italy

DDC couplings / special application / environmentally friendly mobile latent heat storage system with hot water - LaTherm, Germany

LTW / Double-walled special hose assemblies to protect the environment / stationary and mobile application examples Klenk, Germany

TW hose assemblies / Kuwait oileld - Pictures: HSI, Germany

ZVA SL 2 + Slimline hoses / Clou dispensers, last production step - Scheidt & Bachmann, Germany

ZVA SLimline 2 GRVP + Slimline COAX hose assemblies / vapour recovery in China - Henghe, P.R. China

ZVA service workshop in Serbia / Wet Test PMB Service, Serbia

a creative way to use ZVA nozzles Semap, Italy

hydrant system without vehicles - Dortmund Airport, Germany

HD reel hose / refuelling skid Gordon, UK

HD 100 C and HD 10 C / hydrant dispenser / the small hose serves as sensing line - Rohr, Germany

hydrant dispenser Kar Kunz, Germany