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INTERNSHIP DIARY Week 1: Monday, 17th February, 2014 Today, I went to the Beijing Hotel to introduce myself and

started my practical time. However, after one day of working, I realized that the work I did in Beijing Hotel was not suitable with me. Although it is a three-star hotel, I hardly had anything relating to English major to do. Therefore, I made a decision that I had to change the internship location this week. Tuesday, 18th February, 2014 Today, after the administrator of the Foreign Languages Department allowing me to change the internship location, I and some other classmates came to a translation company named Vinh Thy to greet and introduce ourslves. The director of Vinh Thy translation company and the staff enthusiastically guided us some things relate to tasks I would take over during eight weeks of the internship process. Wednesday, 19th February, 2014 Today, I came to Vinh Thy translation company to meet the director and recieved tasks. My first task was to translate document, that was a financial report named Bo co kim ton c lp and I had to translate it from Vietnamese into English. Before I started doing doing my mission, the director of the company said that a report was usually translated within one day or less, it depends upon the length and the complication of that document. However, internship students were lack of experience, therefore, we could spend much more time on translating than the staffs did. Friday, 21st February, 2014 Today, I came to Vinh Thy translation company to help the staff typewrite some texts and documents. In the afternoon, I stayed at home to complete the translation of Bo co kim ton c lp from Vietnamese into English.

Week 2: Monday, 24rd February, 2014 Today, I came to the company to hand over the translation of Bo co kim ton c lp from Vietnamese into English to the director. After that, I received the translation version of the report from the staff to compare with mine and find out my mistakes. At the same time. I could learn translating experience from the satff. In translation, I had some mistakes such as the title Bo co kim ton c lp should be translated into Audit report, and Cng ty trch nhim hu hn xy lp thng mi Hong Gia should be translated into Hoang Gia construction Trading Company Limited. Thursday, 27th February, 2014 Today, I came to the office and typed some documents to assist the staff. In the afternoon, I received new task from the director. It was the task to translate a contract from English into Vietnamese. Although I got the document from the director, I could not do it because the customers coming to the company today were quite crowded, therefore, I would do it later. Friday, 28th February, 2014 Today, I started performing my mission. The contract was about trading, its name was Contract of for sale and purchase of steel. In fact, this contract did not only mention to economics aspect, it also related to marine and ship, which is absolutely new to me. I realized that in this contract, I would have many difficulties in translating terminologies and phrases. Therefore, I had to find out an effective way to solve those problems. The staff told me that translating contract was a difficult mission, hence, I should spend much time on it and I had to hand it over to either to the director or the director.

Week 3: Monday, 3rd March, 2014 Today, I came to the company and did usual work before the director came. Then, I went on doing my mission. The for sale contract includes 17 articles and the length and difficulties of each article are quite equivalent to each others, therefore, I devided it into 3 parts to translate. Each day at the company, beside doing usual missions, I would have to complete 6 articles. In the afternoon, I translated frist three articles which mainly mention the features, types of commodities that would be sold and bought by two parts taking part in the contract and mentions to the value of the contract. The next three articles of the contract mainly mention to the terms and conditions of buying and selling commodities. Especially, it specifies shipment and payment terms between two parties. In these articles, I was in trouble with almost major terminologies of marine and ship aspect such as abbreviations: CFR, CQD, FO, Vessels P&I, ISM. Although I had looked up the meaning of these phrases on the dictionary, it was invalid, therefore, I had to search on the internet and consulted ideas of people from marine forums. Tuesday, 4th March, 2014 Today, I continued translating article 7,8 and 9 of the contract. In these article, I still had many difficulties in several major terminologies of marine and ships such as Bill of Lading and several abbreviations such as L/C, SGS, NKK, ETA, P&I Club. However, may be due to the experience I had learnt from previous articles, I solved those problems more quickly than I did yesterday. I kept searching much more information about marine and ship to enlarge my knowledge about this aspect and to find out the way to arrange my style in translation properly. In the afternoon, I went on translating the contract in articles 10,11 and 12. The main content of these articles are terms and conditions of two parties if the contract has any problem or one of two parties breach of contract and the penalty that the party breach the contract has to compensate for the damaged party. Besides, the article 12 mentions to other fees and relating documents of a transaction which is in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

Thursday 6th March, 2014 Today, I managed the rest of the contract. In the morning, I translated articles 11, 12 and 13. These articles keep mentioning to the terms and conditions that agreed between the seller and the buyer of the contract. In the article 13, it mentions to the situation of non-circumvention and non-disclosure. In the afternoon, I continued translating the article from the article 14 to 17. The article 14 mentions to the force majeure and the 15 one mention to the arbitration. The two rests are general provisions and effective date. In these articles, there were not many difficulties because I had taken part in English for Law course, I had translated several articles in buying and for sale contract. However, the director allowed me to bring the contract home and read the translation again before handing it to him next week.

Week 4: Monday 10th March, 2014 Today, I went to the company and did cleaning up the office with the staff and two other friends in the same group. we quickly completed this task before starting the main work. After that, I handed my translation of the contract to the director, and the director gave me another translating version of the staff of the company and required me to compare it with my one. In the afternoon, I helped the staff to sort out some documents and typed texts, therefore, I had no time for comparing. Wednesday 12th March, 2014 Today, I completed the comparision between the two translation versions of mine and the staffs. After that, I received new document from the staff. It was a certificate of birth. Before, I thought that the form of birth certificate is popular on the internet, therefore, it is simple to translate this type of document. In fact, I realized that the content of birth certificate is the same, but the way they expound were different, hence, I needed to be careful when translating to avoid small mistakes. Thursday 13th March, 2014 Today, I went to the company, did some usual things before starting work. The staff told me that she would teach me how to use one of the most necessary tool that support for the translating work. It was the photocopier. Actually, the photocopier has been familiar to me in particular and for everyone in general for many years. Although the way to use it was a bit complicated with me, I could use it at last. Friday 15th March, 2014 Today, I went to the company and intended to receive new task and work in the office, however, the director gave me document and told me to solve it at home, because other friends worked in the office today and I had to stay at home to translate document. I translated another certificate of birth from different provinces to compare the differences in the way it expounds.

Week 5: Monday 17th March, 2014 Today, I came to the company and did usual things before I started my main work. In the morning, I typed some documentary certificates and printed them following the requests of custumers and under the instruction of the staff. The task was quite simple, however, I had to be careful because the amount of documents were many, which can easily lead to mistake. In the afternoon, a friend in the same internship location to me gave me document to translate. It is a report name Bo co ca ban gim c from Hong Gia trading construct company limited. The main content of this report was about the business sector. Almost vocabularies in this report are bn bun, bn l, lp t, t hng, hng ha, i l mua bn. Wednesday 19th March, 2014 Today, I came to the company to hand the translation of Bo co ca ban gim c over to the director. The staff gave me the translation version of hers and told me to consult the way she translate and style in preparing information. In the morning, the amount of of work was quite simple, therefore, I spent time on consulting other documents and typed, photocopied and printed some texts as requirements of the staff. Friday 21st March, 2014 Today, I had to go to the company in the morning. I did cleaning up the office together the staff and then, I typed some simple documents that the staff required. After that, I helped her to sort out documents of the customers. When those tasks were completed, the staff allowed me to translate any document that I was interested in. I chose a financial report similiar to Bo co ca ban gim c to translate because I wanted to be more familiar with this type of report.

Week 6: Monday 24th March, 2014 Today, I came to the company and did cleaning up the office with a staff of the company with thirty minutes. After that, the director assigned document to me. My mission was translating an Identity card and an Insurance card of a customer from Nghe An province. Because these certificate are quite short and simple, I had to complete it within this morning. The staff accepted my translation versions, in the afternoon, I printed those certificates and photocopied them into three copies following the customers requirement. That was the first time I took over a mission that I had to solve all the steps from translating to typing, printing and photocopying. However, there was a reality that although the staff checked my result and told me that was ok, my translation would not give to the customer to avoid mistake. It showed me one thing that the company still have not believed in the ability of internship students. Thursday 27th March, 2014 Today, I came to the company and met the director and received new document to translate. My task was to translate a financial report named Bng cn i k ton gia nin . In this financial report, there were many economic terms that I had learnt in the course of English for Economics such as u t ti chnh, tin, gim gi, chng khon, hng tn kho, d phng, ti sn, thu, vn kinh doanh, etc. Hence, I was not surprised much when I recieved this mission. However, beside terminologies I have known, there were some new words that I had to look up for dictionary. I had to translate it at home because today I had much work to do in the office. Hence, I would complete it at home and handed over to the director tomorrow. Friday 28th March, 2014 Today, I delievered the translation of Bng cn i k ton gia nin to the director and received the translation of the staff to compare between my translation and the staffs to fix some mistakes of mine.

Week 7: Monday 31st March, 2014 Today, I went to the company, met the director and received document from him. My task was to translate a devorce agreement from Vietnamese into English. The staff told me that the document was a short agreement and quite simple to translate, therefore, I had to complete it within today. I thoroughly agreed with the staffs idea, hence, I tried to complete it as soon as possible. However, during translating it, I had some difficulties in terminologies of marriage and family law such as xt x s thm, v n th l, ly thn, yu cu cp dng, mc cp dng nui con, n ph, nim yt cng khai. Furthermore, I also had difficulty in preparing and combining ideas inthe divorce agreement to have a good translation. In the afternoon, I completed my task and handed it over to the director sooner than I hoped. Later, I helped the staff to make arrange some things in the office before leaving. Thursday 3rd April, 2014 Today, I came to the company and consulted the model of the divorce agreement in English version to learn experience intranslating this type of document. In fact, when I was in the course English for Law, I used to learn about some terminologies relates to Marriage Law. It was a useful course for students of course, however, those terminologies were not enough for a translator. Therefore, I realized that I needed to learn much more to met the requirements of a translator. Nevertheless, I could complete it with fewer mistakes than other types of documents. In the afternoon, I was quite surprised when the director gave me a marriage certificate and he offered me to translate it from Vietnamese into English. Due to the length of marriage certificate was so short that I could translate it less time than the divorce agreement. As I completed it, I delievered to the staff and finish an effective working day.

Week 8: Monday 7th April, 2014 Today, I went to the company, did the usual things with the staff and other friends. This is the last week inthe internship process of mine . I did familiar work, did cleaning up the office, made arrangement some documents, typed some texts. In the afternoon, when the staff was away from the office, there were a phone call to her, and I had to answer. That was phone call from a customer. The customer wanted to change some things in the documents, I had to take note what he said in a notebook. When the staff came back, I gave her the notebook and told her the main content of the conversation. That was the first time I had chance to communicate with the customer on the telephone. Although it just happened within a few minutes, I had to use all skills I had learnt to talk with that customer. Thursday 10th April, 2014 Today, I came to the company and received document from the director. My task was to translate two recommendation letters from Vietnamese into English. Those documents were the final task of mine in the internship report. When I completed the two letter of recommendation, as usual, I read the translation version of the staff to consult. Tomorrow, I and other friends who are in the same internship location to me will gather to meet the director to seal that we had completed eight weeks of internship process.