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August 4, 1944:

Summer The residents of the

June 12, July 5, 1942: July 13, 1942:
1933: June 12, Secret Annex are
1929: Anne's older sister, The van Pels,
The Franks 1942: betrayed and arrested.
Anneliese Margot, receives a another Jewish
decide that Anne They are taken to a police
Marie, or call-up notice to report family originally
the family receives a station in Amsterdam and
Anne, is born for deportation to a from Germany,
must move diary for her eventually to Westerbork
in Frankfurt, forced-labor camp. join the Franks
to the 13th birthday. transit camp.
Germany. The family goes into in hiding.
hiding the next day.

January 30,
June 1942:
1933: Hitler
mass murder
begins at July 9/10
Chancellor of
Auschwitz July 1942: 1943 - Allies
1934: First land in Sicily
Hindenburg deportation
dies; Hitler s from the
becomes Warsaw
Fuhrer Ghetto to
on camps