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Class Date Duration Theme/ Context Topic Focussed Skill Integrated Skill Learning Outcomes

: 5 Budiman : 22nd April 2014 : 1 Hour (10.45 11.45 am) : World of Stories : The Ant and the Cricket : Reading : Speaking : 3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts. 3.8 Read and understand simple factual texts for main ideas, supporting details, sequence, and cause and effect

Curriculum Specifications

: 3.3.2 Read and understand simple and compound sentences. 3.8.2 Scan for specific information in texts 2.3.3 Talk about things heard, seen, read 2.6.2 State whether one likes or does not like the story heard, read or viewed

. Language Focus Behavioural Objectives

: Vocabulary : By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1. Answer at least 4 out of 5 comprehension questions by scanning information from the story. 2. Respond orally to the questions given based on the story read. : Students already knows how to answer Wh questions. : Video, Presentation Slide, Story : CCTS- Describing, Skimming and Scanning Moral value: Diligence, Cooperation

Previous Knowledge Instructional Materials Educational Emphasis



Teaching/Learning Activity 1. Teacher shows a video about The Ant -



1. What is the video all about?


stimulate Video

2. What can you see from the video and the Cricket Set Induction shown?

students interests

2. Teacher questions the students about towards the lesson the video.. 3. Teacher tells the students they are going to read a story entitled The Ant and The Cricket.

Vocabulary 1. Summer 2. Grains 3. Winter 4. Autumn PreReading 5. Shivering 6. Starving

1. Teacher reads the story first followed by the students.



the Presentation

students read with Slide

2. Teacher asks every student to read the correct intonation story. To introduce

3. During the reading, teacher ensure words related to students read with the correct intonation the story and pronunciation. 3. Teacher then explains words from the story.



Comprehension Question 1. Why did Ant work so hard?

1. Teacher shows few questions to the - To give practice students. about scanning from

2. Why Cricket did not store food at 2. Teacher asks the students to answer the information all? questions given.

the text to answer

3. What happened to Cricket when 3. Teacher calls few students to read up questions given. it started to snow? their answer.

4. Where did Cricket go in the 4. Teacher discuss the answers with the evening? 5. What thing Cricket asked from Ant during winter time? class.


1. Teacher divides the students into 6 - Give opportunity to the students to Value


1. Which character do you like in groups. the story? Why?

2. Teacher shows few questions to the give response on Cooperation

2. What will you do if you become students and asked them to discuss in the story read PostReading the Cricket? group.

3. Which words can be used to 3. Teacher asks the students to give their describe Ant and Cricket? answers orally. 4. For question 3, teacher will give a box containing adjectives related to the story. 5. The students will be playing Poison Box game. 6. Students who get the box have to draw

a paper with adjective written on it and discuss among their group whether it describes Cricket or Ant. Moral 1. Teacher asks the students what they Closure have learned on that day. 2. Teacher asks the students what moral value they can learn from the story. ValueDiligence