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A wonderful and heavenly blend: Zanzibar – a romantic and exotic destination, Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa - the perfect
and idyllic venue whose shores play host to a turquoise ocean that gives way to a white sandy beach, not to forget
superbly landscaped, palm-decked gardens and the most courteous, creative and enthusiastic team to serve and oversee
to every detail. ‘I do’…indeed, that is all that is left to say…

From experience, we will be delighted to offer suggestions, assist in whatever ground arrangements are
called upon and ensure a magnificent celebration of LOVE for the couple. We are on hand to make sure
the process is extremely simple, hassle free and fun. The Civil wedding ceremonies are conducted on a
spot of the couple’s choice within our gardens or on the beach (if the tide permits) or even on a wooden
deck overlooking the Ocean. For religious Ceremonies, the couple would have to be transported to
Zanzibar Town, where the various denominational chapels/churches are located. There is an Anglican
Minister who on request can also perform a religious ceremony at a venue of choice. The certificates
issued in these ceremonies are internationally recognized.

In order for us to facilitate with the arrangements and ensure that the wedding schedule is timely, the
following documents are required at least four weeks in advance of the anticipated wedding date:
Copies of birth certificates
Copies of current passports
Affidavit confirming that neither party are currently married (if divorced – documents
certifying that the previous union has been dissolved; if widow/ed copy of death
2 passport sized photographs of each partner

Marieta & Jaco: (Sep 2006) ‘…. destined to get

married on the tropical island of Zanzibar. Donna,
from Bluebay Beach Resort made all the
arrangements for us. We were surprised and
overwhelmed. The wedding exceeded all our
expectations and was picture perfect!
It was an experience never to be forgotten. We
thank Bluebay and staff for making our special day one to be remembered ALWAYS’

Valid: 2007/2008
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Wedding Bouquets
We are delighted to present herewith our three custom designed wedding bouquets which cover
all the essential details and ingredients in a successful wedding ceremony or event. Whilst these
have been thoughtfully crafted, we are the first to admit that every wedding event is unique, as
unique as the couple tying the knot, hence our bouquets are not cast in stone, but to serve as a
point of reference. These can be embellished to suit personal tastes and style by incorporating a
wide variety of options (gourmet dinners, live band, dancers, choirs, cocktails, body treatments,
etc). If there is anything - anything at all - that a couple fancies for that dream wedding (and is
not incorporated or featured in the three bouquets), please do not hesitate to let us know and we
will see to it or offer other equally suitable suggestions based on realities on the ground.

It would not be just, to our dedicated Weddings Co-ordination Staff, not to mention that the
Bouquets as presented are indeed complete and many a couple have had very successful unions
with one or the other of these. The bouquets are all inclusive of the following services:

a Services of a Registrar/Minister: who performs the civil ceremony, lasting approximately

30 minutes

a Marriage license and certificates

a Photographer (72 prints)

a Fresh flower posy

a Romantic dinner for the couple

a The wedding ceremony Set up: a romantic ceremony on the beach if the tide permits or
on a wooden deck overlooking the ocean. The set up is beautifully decorated with fresh
bougainvillea and frangipani flowers.

a Wedding Cake & Sparkling wine/Champagne: After the vows are complete, a bottle of
chilled champagne un-corked and presented to the couple in celebration of the love they
have just sealed. Cake is presented with dinner in the evening.

Valid: 2007/2008
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Wedding Bouquets: specific details

Mahaba Malkia Malaika

Details of services as specified All services as per Mahaba All services as per Malkia
above. Bouquet plus/distinctions: Bouquet plus/distinctions:
Notes: ♥ Fresh flower buttonhole for ♥ Roses Posy
♥ Heart shaped ice-cake the Groom ♥ Traditional Dancers or
♥ Sparkling Wine/Champagne ♥ Superior Champagne Acrobats during private
♥ Wedding dinner: a romantic dinner
♥ Romantic Dinner at our
exclusive Bahari Grill at the set-up on the beach if the tide ♥ 2 tiered wedding cake
edge of the Ocean permits or on a wooden deck ♥ First Class bottle of
overlooking the ocean. The set Champagne – for the
up is beautifully decorated ceremony & a bottle of wine
with fresh bougainvillea and with dinner
frangipani flowers.
♥ Swedish Massage for the
♥ Swedish Massage for the Groom & a Zanzibar Special
Couple on the morning of the for the Bride
wedding (1 hour)

Applicable Costs: Effective December 22nd 2007 to December 21st 2008

Charge for the bouquet is total for the Couple

US$ 1,350 US$ 1,995 US$ 2,900

Bluebay Beach Hotel & Spa will extend the items/services listed here under
on a complimentary basis, for newly weds as well as honeymooners:
A complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and flowers upon arrival
An up-grade where possible
Suite bookings will receive an “under the stars” evening, weather permitting, where dinner is served
either on the verandah/veranda of their room or on the beach at the guests preference with a bottle
of wine at dinner.
Minimum 7 night bookings will be accorded a dinner at The Bahari Restaurant or weather permitting
on the beach - guests' preference


Valid: 2007/2008
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Additional / Optional Services:
(at an extra cost)
List not exhaustive (advisable to get in touch with our Guest Relations Officer (‘Wedding Planner’)
for further suggestions and information

Pre-Wedding Services @ the OASIS Spa

A full range of personal services are available to the couple at this unique Spa, located within the
Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa – to ensure they are at their best for their magical day. The array of
services are:

™ Body Treatments (Zanzibar Special Wrap & Vichy Shower)

™ Facials (French, Spa Revitalizing, Back Cleansing & exfoliating)
™ Massages (Thai, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Atomatheraphy, Scalp, Neck & Shoulder, Hot
™ Other Services: Manicure, Wax, Pedicure, Eyebrow Shaping, Henna Tattoo, Hair Braiding

Cost of services range from US$ 5 to 100 per person.

For a catalogue of services as well as corresponding prices, please contact us

Wedding ceremony: Entertainment

™ Local choir US$ 275
™ Taarab band US$ 335
™ Zanzibar dancers US$ 275
™ Live band US$ 555 (including dinner time)

Others: Video recording (semi professional) US$ 445

Options on Food & Drinks: Please refer to our BANQUETING Services Catalogue

Valid: 2007/2008
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