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Questionnaire on Employment condition of College Students

Hello, we are students from school of economy and management. In order to know better about the condition of college students employment, we organize this investigation to understand the view of college students on employment and employment guidance institution. The results will not open to the public and do a great favor for us, please deal with the questionnaire honestly and seriously. 1. Your gender. * Thanks

male female 2. Your present major. * 3. What is your view of present job- hunting situation * hard normal easy 4. Which elements do you think lead to the hard situation? (If you choose B or C in question 3, please omit this one) * financial crisis excessive graduates be short of professional knowledge and technical ability lack of practice experience lack of job-seeking tactic others 5. Do you have the clear occupation plan? * Yes No 6. If you have the plan, which aspects involved in your plan below? * Self-appraisal situation commentary fixed occupation position the tactic of implement personal quality like confidence, perseverance others 7. Which price could you accept based on the consummate occupation plan offered by special institution? * 200-500 RMB

500-800 RMB 800-1000 RMB 1000-1500 RMB 1500-2000 RMB more then 2000 8. When is the suitable time to accept the employment guidance? * freshman sophomore junior senior 9. Which vocation would you most like to participate in after graduate? * Education IT and Telecommunication Finance security and insurance Fast consumer trade Government mechanism Press others 10. Why you choose to enter this vocation? * Good promotion Prospect high income fit the major more opportunity to start a business stability of the work others 11. Which are the top perplexed elements during the process of seeking a job? * the schools job guidance is not enough shortage of business recruitment information lack of job-seeking tactic inadequate ability Certificates be short of professional knowledge and skills lack of practice experience recruitment procedure and requirements the reputation of school others 12. Which aspect do you thiCapability to solve problems ? * Capability to solve problems capability to face pressure and conquer difficulties

Practice experience professional knowledge and skills personal image others 13. Where is your ideal working place? * Beijing----the capital shanghai Shenzhen or other prosperous cities Zhengzhou, Xian or other cities in the middle of China Xizang, Yinchuan or other cities in the west of China hometown others 14. Why you choose the upper place? * high income Good promotion Prospec better condition for qualified personnel more opportunity to start a business contribute to hometown others 15. Which is your preferred salary standerd(Your first occupation)? * 1000-1500RMB 1500-2500RMB 2500-4000RMB more than 4000RMB 16. Whats your standard according to the salary? * the human resource market self-appraisal the condition of the business suggestions from teachers, parent or friends others 17. Which kind of method do you prefer in job-hunting guidance? * face to face, one to one small training class within 10 people middle training class within 20 people large class more than 50 people 18. Why you choose the upper option? * standard of the fees customize service it is convenient for discussion and learn from others

enlarge social relationships others 19. From the direction of job-hunting for graduates which kinds of information do you most want to obtain? * interview skills the employers information psychological consultancy for job-hunting consultancy of career planning direction of major professional image and behavior others 20. Which price could you accept in the direction of job-hunting? * 10-15RMB/per hour 15-20RMB/ per hour 20-30RMB/ per hour 30-40RMB/ per hour more than 40RMB per hour 21. Which two kinds of channel do you expect most to obtain the recruitment information? * students employment direction center employment website recruitment conference in the campus recruitment conference in the society media teachers, parents or friend others 22. Whats the financial budget do you expect in job-hunting? * .below500RMB 500-800RMB 800-1000RMB 1000-1500RMB 1500-2000RMB more than 2000RMB 23. Which is the first factor you considerate before job-hunting? * The income promotion prospect utilize the major knowledge the environment to start a business stability of the job others

24. Whats your monthly cost standard? * below 800RMB 800-1200RMB 1200-2000RMB more than 2000RMB