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It is believed that at the very least 800 have been constructed by the Imperial Japanese Navy, which usually had minor effect on Allied delivery. The small naval models have been created by the IJN to give further area fleet assistance, but much more exclusively they ended up deployed for harbor raids and coastal defense. They have been equipped with Sort 97 torpedoes, and have been fast submarines that could achieve some 19 knots underwater. Even so, as the midget submarines experienced only a minimal torpedo assortment they had to shift quite close to their targets to wipe them out. Each of the midget submarines had been assigned hull figures. At Pearl Harbor 5 midget submarines were sent to support the Japanese airstrike. They have been of the Ko-hyoteki Ko Gata Sort A class, or Target A, midget submarines. These ended up transported to their targets on the decks of more substantial submarines. In 1941 the I-20, I-18, HA - 19, I-22 and I-16 midget submarines commenced to shut in on the harbor, from Mamala Bay, ahead of the very first wave of plane bombarded the airfields and ships from the air. The hundreds of Japanese plane ravaged most of the battleships in the harbor with bombs and aerial torpedoes. The very first Japanese midget submarine to be detected was that of I-twenty. It was detected by the USS Ward, and subsequently sank by the destroyer. This midget submarine was later identified a handful of miles out from the harbor. The I-eighteen Japanese midget submarine was one more that experienced tiny impact in the course of the raid. U.S. depth costs ensured that it was abandoned by its crew ahead of it could achieve the harbor. It was later rediscovered at Keehi Lagoon to the east of the Pearl Harbor entrance. The No 19 midget submarine, normally HA-19, was also purchased to enter Pearl Harbor to torpedo U.S. warships stationed there. Like other folks it did not reach the interior harbor. The midget submarine grounded ashore beach locations near to Bellows Discipline. The submarine and its crew were captured, and these days the minisubmarine shown at a Pacific War museum in Texas. Those had been three Japanese midget submarines that experienced no affect during the Pearl Harbor raid. Even so, two other folks did achieve and enter the harbor. The I-22 minisub engaged the Curtiss (AV-4) and Monaghan (DD-354). None of the submarine's torpedoes ended up correct, as they missed each the ships. The Mongahan destroyer completed off the minisubmarine with depth costs dropped inside of the harbor. One particular other missing Japanese midget submarine, the I-16, remained undiscovered. The fifth Japanese minisubmarine was discovered in 2009 3 miles off the harbor at close by West Loch offering some fresh new evidence for historians. It was found with torpedo tubes

empty, and was a 2nd Japanese minisubmarine that entered the harbor. This minisubmarine was probably the most successful during the Pearl Harbor raid as it fired a few accurate torpedoes at both the West Virginia and Oklahoma battleships. Exactly how this minisubmarine was missing is not totally obvious, but it was most most likely scuttled by its crew soon after the mission. Individuals were the five minisubmarines at Pearl Harbor. A good look at the Ibanez PT9 Phaser Pedal