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Jordan University of Science and Technology Faculty of Science & Arts Department of Applied Chemistry Semester 200 Course

Sylla!us Course "nformation

Course Title Course Code #rere$uisites Course %e!site "nstructor &ffice 'ocation &ffice #hone ( &ffice )ours *+mail Teaching Assistant Dr. Ahmad Gharaibeh D3 L0 23586 S !"##"#5$#2"#5% & '" #0"00$##"00 a(haraib)*ust.edu.*+ Instrumental Analysis CH 336 Analytical Chemistry CH 233

Course Description
Instrumental analysis is an +,er,ie- c+urse intended .+r under(raduate chemistry ma*+rs c+,erin( the m+st c+mm+n meth+ds .+r instrumental analysis s/eci.ically s/ectr+sc+/ic and electr+analytical techni0ues. !he em/hasis is +n the /rinci/les and /ractical a//licati+n +. the instruments used .+r 0uantitati,e analysis. !he students in this c+urse are intr+duced t+ the di..erent ty/es +. calibrati+n meth+ds and .i(ures +. merits .+r the instruments. !hen the /r+/erties +. electr+ma(netic radiati+n -ill be c+,ered brie.ly .+ll+-ed by the im/+rtant c+m/+nents and ty/es +. +/tical instruments. 1uantitati,e a//licati+n .+r each techni0ue -ill be discussed.

Te,t!ooTitle Author.s/ #u!lisher 0ear *dition 1oo- %e!site &ther references Principles of Instrumental Analysis D.A. S2++( 3.4. H+ller !.A. 5ieman Saunders C+lle(e 6ublishin( 5e- 7+r2 #889 5th :diti+n D.C. Harris Quantitative Chemical Analysis 9th :d. '.H. 3reeman and C+. 5e- 7+r2 57 2009. G.'. :-in( Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis 5th editi+n &cGra-$ Hill 5e- 7+r2 #885. G.D. Christian and 4.:. ;<=eilley Instrumental Analysis 2nd editi+n Allyn and >ac+n >+st+n #886. 4.D. In(le and S.=. Cr+uch Spectrochemical Methods of Analysis 6rentice$ Hall 5e- 4ersey #888.

Assessment First *,am Second *,am Final *,am *,pected Due Date 'ee2 6 'ee2 #2 'ee2 #6 #ercentage 30? 30? @0?

Assignments #articipation Attendance

Course &!2ectives
#. 2. 3. @. Anderstand the di..erent calibrati+n meth+ds and -hen t+ use each meth+d :,aluate the /er.+rmance characteristics +. an instrument in terms +. .i(ures +. merits such as limit +. detecti+n sensiti,ity selecti,ity Betc. Anderstand the /rinci/les and the+ry +. +/erati+n .+r the m+st c+mm+n instruments .+r chemical instrumentati+n >e able t+ /er.+rm analysis usin( the c+,ered instruments


Teaching & 'earning 3ethods

Class lectures and eCams

'earning &utcomes4 A/+n success.ul c+m/leti+n +. this c+urse students -ill be able t+ =elated ;b*ecti,eDsE =e.erenceDsE # #2 #$6 3@ 56 6 5 Useful 5esources Cha/ter 2 and Hand+uts

Course Content
%ee# 2 3 @ 5 6 Topics Intr+ducti+n !y/es +. Instrumental &eth+ds 3i(ures +. &erits Calibrati+n &eth+ds 6r+/erties +. :lectr+ma(netic =adiati+n :ner(y Le,els +. S/ecies :missi+n +. =adiati+n AFGFis S/ectr+/h+t+metry" Limitati+ns t+ >eerHs LaAbs+r/ti+n and Chapter in Te,t!oo.handouts/ Cha/ter # Cha/ter # Cha/ter 6 Cha/ter 6 Cha/ter 9 LaCha/ter #3

C+m/+nents +. ;/tical Instruments >eerHs

9 8

AFGFis Instrumentati+n Dsin(le I d+uble beam s/ectr+meters Abs+rbin( S/ecies !y/ical ;r(anic I In+r(anic abs+rbances 1uantitati,e A//licati+ns D/h+t+metric titrati+nsE Studies +. C+m/leC I+ns Ddeterminati+n +. c+m/leC .+rmulaE Luminescence S/ectr+/h+t+metry" !he+ry +. 3lu+rescence I 6h+s/h+rescence Instrumentati+n I A//licati+ns. Chemiluminescence At+mic S/ectr+/h+t+metry" An ;,er,ie-. At+miJati+n &eth+ds :..ect +. !em/erature +n At+mic S/ectr+sc+/y Instrumentati+n Inter.erences :lectr+analytical &eth+ds +. Analysis" =ed+C =eacti+ns I Gal,anic Cells. Standard 6+tentials 5ernst :0uati+n E I Ke0. 6+tenti+metry" !y/es +. :lectr+des 4uncti+n 6+tentials Glass :lectr+de .+r /H &easurements. I+n$Selecti,e :lectr+des

Cha/ter #3 Cha/ter #@ Harris 20 Class 5+tes Cha/ter #5 Cha/ter #5 Harris 2# Harris 2# Harris #@ Harris #@ Harris #5

8 #0 ## #2

#3 #@



Harris #5

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