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Booklet Objective

To implement the recruitment process in the most effective and efficient way, through the following steps:

According to the approved policies for the Medical Cities and Specialist Hospitals, all vacancies positions must be advertised internally on the hospital portal and website, agencies and newspapers if needed. (When advertising in the media is deemed necessary, please communicate with HRA Director).

Step#1: (The Vacant Line)

Responsible for implementing and follow up: Concerned Department /Human Resource Administration (HRA) Expected Duration for this step: (1) One working day.


Make sure that your department has approved vacant budgeted position by contacting HRA by phone (Ext 2784) or by Email (recruitment@kfsh.med.sa) to get an updated MSR Report. If your department has no vacant position in the updated MSR Report, please request a new line from the CEO and begat committee through your administrations Executive Director.


Make sure that there is an approved Job Description (JD) for the position. (Human Resource Manual, Chapter Nine: Performance Appraisal and Job Description), in case there is No approved job description contact HRA by phone (Ext 2784) or by Email (recruitment@kfsh.med.sa) to prepare the job description before begin with the recruitment process

Skipping the vacancy step and starting with the CV instead, will not help and may delay the recruitment process.

Step#2: The applicant

Responsible for implementing and follow up: Concerned Department /Recruitment Section, HRA. Expected Duration for this step: Maximum (19) working days.

1. Recruitment Department will review all applications for vacant positions posted in the portal and KFSH website to ensure it matches with the Job Description requirements. Prepare required forms for short-listed candidates. * When considering a non-Saudi for employment, ensure that a work visa is available, if there is no work visa, the concerned department will be informed by the Recruitment Department via email. (3 days ) 2. Recruitment Section will arrange for the interview with concerned Department to select the suitable candidate. (4 days ) 3. Candidates who passed the interview will undergo for English Test or any other tests which is required for the position. Concerned Department will complete all required forms (Pre selection Form/Interview Sheet/Comparison List of Candidates) and secure necessary approval from administrations Executive Director. (2 days ) 4. Recruitment Section will notify candidates who did not pass interview and English Test.

5. Selected candidates will be required to provide necessary documents within 5 working days of receiving the notice. Candidates who cannot comply with the requirements will be dropped and Concerned Department will be referred to step 2 to restart the process. (5 days ) 6. Recruitment Section will verify the candidates degrees and certificates. (5 days )

Step#3: Nomination for the applicant

Responsible for implementing and follow up: Concerned Department / Recruitment Section, HRA / Credentials Committee (CC) Expected Duration for this step: Maximum ten (10) working days, unless Credentials Committee meeting is postponed or deferred. 1. Complete Candidate File with Reconciliation Form for Credentials Committee(CC), if the candidates file is not completed , the recruitment process will be stopped . 2. The Recruitment Section will forward the candidates file to the appropriate Credentialing Committee .The CC meeting is held on a weekly basis, every Monday and its agenda is closed on Thursday. 1. The Credentials Committee will evaluate all candidates file and recommend either the candidate is accepted or rejected


The Recruitment Section received the candidates files with recommendation from CC. Concerned Department will be updated and not recommended candidates will be notified accordingly.

In case the Committee rejects a recommended candidate, there file will be closed, and the recruitment process restarts at Step 2.

Step#4: Job Offer

Responsible for implementing and follow up: Recruitment Section, HRA/ Manpower Section, HRA/ Concerned Department.

Expected Duration for this step: (11) Working days. 1. Recruitment Section will calculate the salary and benefits according to the approved pay scale for the relevant category. 2. Prepare the Job Offer and sign by Recruitment Head and Human Resource Director . 3. Enter the candidate information on HR system. 4. Informing the Executive Director of the proposed Job Offer. ) 1-2 ) days 5. If the Executive Director does not raise any concern within 24 hours, the Recruitment Section will send the Job Offer to the candidate, and the candidate will have (10) ten working days to reply. 6. Recruitment Section will provide information and advice to any inquiries related to the Job Offer. 7 . If the candidate rejects the Job Offer, the Recruitment Section will coordinate with the Concerned Administration to resolve the issue. 8 . If the job offer accepted, the Recruitment Section will complete the verification of the candidates degrees and certificates.

If the candidate rejects the job offer, the file will be closed, and the recruitment process restarts at Step 2.

Step#5: Recruitment Process Before Mobilization

Responsible for implementing and follow up : Concerned Department/ Recruitment Section, HRA. Expected Duration for this step : Forty-Five (45) working days.

I- Saudi Candidates: Arrange for the medical exam. II- Non Saudi candidates inside the Kingdom: 1. For candidates opting to mobilize by Transfer of Sponsorship, ensure that all the required documents for sponsorship transfer are available. (Human Resource Manual, Chapter One: Contracts/ Employment Policy, 26. Sponsorship Transfer Procedures). Note: It is illegal for an employee to start working before transferring process to KFSHD is complete. III- Non Saudi outside the Kingdom 1. Send the visa authorization to the candidate with an advice to coordinate directly with the Saudi Consulate in their country of origin to complete the process. 2. Once visa is stamped, candidate will provide passport with visa stamped and Saudi Embassy attested document copies. Ticket and accommodation arrangement will be completed on submission.

If the medical examination, transfer of sponsorship or the visa failed, recruitment process will be back to step 2

Step#6 ( The procedures of hire date)

Responsible for implementing and follow up : Recruitment Section. Expected duration for this step: (1) Working day.

1. Add the name of the candidate in the arrival list and send a copy to distribution list (Concerned Department, Public Relation Department, Housing Department and Transportation Department) to facilitate arrangement related to accommodation and airport transport. 2. Forward the completed file to Personnel Department for contract formalities. Note: Mobilization should be scheduled to join within Sunday, Monday or Tuesday on the 1st or 2nd week of Hijri Calendar.

End of the Recruitment Process.