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23 April 2014


WELCOME First of all, I would like start of by defining poetry. Poetry is literary work in which the expression of feelings & ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style & rhythm. There are also many other definitions. I compiled this anthology because I want to show you the power that poetry has. Secondly, the poets who feature in this book are all from different backgrounds, but have 1 thing I found in common (even with me). They are Radioactive : able to infect the paradigms (minds) of readers who come in contact with their poetry . Thirdly, I would like to define Radioactive according to my definition. Radioactive is an adjective ; sending out powerful and meaningful messages that are produced when poetic atoms integrate and disintegrate. I hope that you will enjoy this anthology, and be enlightened .

(Featured poets) McPotar Earnie Mac Vanadis Black Pearl Thabani Sibanda Njabulo Moyo Ryvaloqulty

This poem was written when I was still in high school. I was going through a lot of stress, but this poem motivated me to overcome most of the problems I was facing. (I hope it motivates you too)


Father we are lost We search for your love We are homeless, lifeless. The statement of our lives punctuated by misconception. We are searching for you in brown bottles that are short of a full stop, Because we know as fools we must stop. Dancing to the tune of the devils jukebox in local night clubs Looking for a future in the facial features of a woman, Simply facetious! Smoking our dreams in the pipe of the devil ,all for the pipe dreams Of being a member of this sinful society? To be rich, famous and cool? But father give us this daily bread Bread freshly baked by your grace Let us not be ruled by law but governed by your amazing grace, Oh how sweet the sound! With a heart of thanksgiving, a true heart of thanksgiving Giving thanks always! And deliver us from evil Father, from the depths of carnage, The carnage of the carnal side of man, to be an army of love. An army of your plan Father not some devilish man! Give us the strength to rise....like Jesus rose Father! We ask this in your heavenly name Lord...Amen
Thabani Sibanda is one of the many brothers that I have. His poetry always brings out the truth of what most of the youth go through these days. (similar to McPotar) He has a great passion for poetry/spoken-word , and has a proactive mind-set You can find more information about him on the following link http://www.facebook.com/ thabanianthony.sibanda

Sleeping with the enemy

Sometimes we overlook the struggles that some girls face , but most of the time, people choose to ignore them. This needs to change, and you can be the change

I... see visualize feel ...touch .read There is romance, Echoes of young voices I hear the sound of life here lies Hard... Rough and tough hands


I see African Sketches in my mind Sketches of beautiful people Happy, Welcoming, Hardworking Humble Honest Modest Creative Active
Sketches of a rainbow continent With joy and jubilation Cultural diversity African sketches Sketches of boys Sketches of girls All in stitches Sketches of a continent

Njabulo Moyo is a motivational public speaker. He is one of the many people who inspire me: not only to write poetry, but to live life to its fullest . He has written anthologies before :African Sketches ,and Sketches of my soul which have both received recognition locally and internationally. Hes a leader who has a vision to inspire & help people see opportunities in challenges .

you can find more information about him on the following link http://www.njabulomoyo.blogspo t.com


Freedom Activity We have the, freedom to speak, but no freedom after, Freedom to preach ,even if youre not a pastor, So everybody wants to bless the mic With food for thought but they are using recipes for disaster. Thats why, we all have to fight, Block with your left, and fight for your rights, But dont bite the hand that feeds you, Because you will you need it, when you cant afford your own appetite. Ive seen hypocrites fighting for democracy, And I call that democratic hypocrisy, Because the same people think that were all dumb So they act like , they dont owe us an apology

Now everybody put your fist in the air, And wave it around like you dont care, To the left, to the right To the left, to the right

So who do we blame for the poverty, Who do we blame for placing us behind the bars of the economy? Is it Politics, or Economics? No, I will call it, Freedom Apocalypse.
This poem is an extraction from the first verse of my track titled freedom activity. The track was produced last year in 2013, and it also featured in the album Building Blocks by BYO- Building Your Origins . The full poem can be found on the following link: http://www.radioactivetuts.blogspot.com http://www.reverbnation.com/theactivist


The first person who inspired me to compile a poetry anthology e-book was Michael (McPotar) . His book (POETRY- Pouring Out Emotions To Reach You) inspired me a lot. This is one man who has accomplished a lot in his name, also through promoting Zimbabwean talent (hip-hop, poetry etc. ) . #Provokatif (You can read more about him on the following links http://www.mcpotar.com ; http://www.zimlink.org )

She was a teenager; late night sneaking out, So many questions about love but never speaking out, Spare keys to the gate; her parents found out late, When her belly told the story; shocked and filled with worry, Her boyfriend refused the baby she carried, Now she finds it hard to get married, Her image in society's eyes are torn and buried, No degree or diploma , she sells at the corner, Her ambitions were once alive but they struggle in a coma, Till a pastor reaches and tells her she can conquer, Against all obstacles ; and learning from mistakes, Every girl has the power to do what it takes, So she rises again and bakes cakes, Puts them out for sale and that's how she makes, Money to power dreams, It's never too late, Learn from her history and begin to relate. Soon she has a man taking her for dates, He loves her for who she is and so they relate, We are heirs of God so our thoughts create, The realities we live; we can escape.

Rule Number 1: You only have 24 hours in a day. Use each second wisely.

Rule Number 2: Never say you cant afford it. Rather ask yourself, how can I afford it?
(Robert Kiyosaki)

Rule Number 3: Dont complain. Complaining is the most useless act in the world. Knowledge is power, only if you use it. Patience. The windmill does not go in search for the wind, but the wind comes to the windmill. Its not always about working hard, but its about working smart. Nobody can hurt/stress you without your consent .



IN THE SHOES OF NAKEDNESS It all happened fast, real quickly, But over the years I have learnt to embrace it -slowly- . I have remembered each detail accurately, And articulately fashioned it into words so I can it out. First he undressed me, each item one by one, The he slit open my safety, And cut into the garment of my pride, Meticulously, he unbuttoned my dignity, So he could expose my flesh for his vulture-like devouring eyes. How could something so fearful and wonderfully made; Knowingly, willingly and intentionally instil such terror in me? I was naked bare yet he could not seeThat my very sacredness had been exposed. So he kissed me, like he was thirsty, Like his body yearned for nothing more than my body; My temple He was willing to crush out my spirit, Suck out my memories, And destroy the me I had known for so long.



-All for this fleshAnd like an army of a thousand men stampeding Through a narrow cave opening fleeing form a fire With swords and shields in hands yet helpless my heart was confused. And yet his had an extra dose of determination, To crush out the last fight in me! And like daggers slowly manoeuvring into my flesh The words he whispered were cunning. Felt like the devils minionsCutting through my souls humming. I might have encountered the devil in this beautiful creatureIn fact I did and I wanted to prayBut the moment I pictured the fine text from the biblical press everything Got obscured. I pictured the walls of Jericho tenfold higher crumbling to dust choking me , leaving me unable to speakUnable to Breathe so I was unable to pray. So perhaps my prayer in that moment could have been from Ruth or Romans.
Black Pearl (Wadzanai chiuriri) is a poet from the capital city of Zimbabwe. Her poetry is very invoking. She is a confident woman whos not shy to speak about her emotions and what she sees. She also has a very friendly personality. Her poetry speaks with so much imagery : it helps the reader imagine the vivid and explicit pictures that she paints with her words. ( http://www.facebook.com/wadzipoet ) http://www.radioactivetuts.blogspot.com


Shes still young

She thinks that: shes not blessed, but blessed with curses, Living a life that has no purpose. So she wonders: Why do I walk on the earths surface? She hears no reply, Thus, she puts her body out for purchase. Its no more illegal, to sell your body, Because the world has new constitutions, Laws that add on to immoral contributions, Like, Legalizing prostitutions.
Shes touched, shes kissed, And with different bodies, she sleeps, But theres something of hers, That she no longer keeps. Something of hers, No longer in her vicinity, And she will never find it: For she has already lost, Her virginity

Despite her loss, she has found, Something planted in her blood, but not in the ground. It is more real, than her fake I.D, For her blood is now identified, With H.I.V. She weeps more, because she also finds out, That in nine months, she might hear a baby cry, Her baby; infected, trapped in her womb, But she affords abortion: Her uterus has become a tomb.
We should help our sisters who face similar situations. Most of the problems that women face today result from incidents they experienced at an early age. This poem basically tells a story about a young girl who guides herself into becoming a victim of circumstance. However, the society she lives in also helps her suffer the consequences, rather than helping her to find her purpose in life

By Ernie Mac As I walked in I did not feel: Welcome ululation, Or whispers of gossipThat would ferry me from the portal To the chair i wished to sit on. Just silence...
Silence never heard before. Its this silence that embraced me. An improper substitute; Lacking substance, reality or fiberIn any emotional proof! Camouflaged, hidden Lacing the truth

***Just Silence *** Without a glimpse of who is fooling who Dealing with the old Fusing with the new Encircled around reality-



***This silence*** Subtracted myths, To make truth the jewel! ***This silence*** Demystified mysteries, So they could mysteriously create new mysteries... Its this same silence That mocked the truth by deception; That took a ride on gossips effigy; ***Its this silence*** That ferried to my seat; That welcomed me

***Its this silence*** That I speak; That you hear;


That I write; That you read

Continued on the next page


***Its this silence*** That we live by And never let those that matter know how much they mean to us. So much said Without a whisper made Its that silence Yet so quietThe thoughts are loud! So clear your voice- they have already judged, A judgment passed in silence- whilst you were silent...



Who said that a woman is defined by her physique? Who said that a woman is defined by her complexion? Who said that a woman is defined by her facial features? Who ever said that a womans beauty is only skin deep? Woman is she that feels, not she that bares. Woman is she who has dignity, and not she who shuns propriety. Woman is she who is cultured, and not she who is uncouth. Woman is not an impersonation, but woman is I !!!
Tanya N. Masaire (Vanadis) is a young and passionate lady. Her poetry has featured on the Zimlink website . She started writing poetry at an early age, and she feels that poetry is a tool that can be used to spread positive messages . Shes also a firm believer of woman emancipation . http://www.vanadis17.wordpress.com poet



Enlightenment This is the poem that shines so bright, The poem that will have my mind consumed by light, Because I was in darkness but now I see: Jesus Christ is the one who died for me. This poem, will open my eyes, With the truth, because I was blinded with lies. I was blind, but now I see: Jesus Christ is the one who died for me. He died on the cross, for all my sins, Yet he did not commit any sin. I f Ive received salvation, then Im free: Jesus Christ is the one who died for me. Being a Christian is a life-style, not a title, But how many times do I even read the Bible? Do I know what God wants me to be? Jesus Christ is the one who died for me



Do I ever count my blessings that I receive, Because Im actually blessed to be able to read this poem; I believe, And if I do: do I thank God on my knees? Jesus Christ is the one who died for me. Although this poem has come to an end, I dont mind sharing this light with a friend, Because my hearts now opened, and now I see: Jesus Christ is the one who died for me.

Most of the times as Christians ,we easily forget who died for our sins. We also forget why he died for our sins. I hope this poem managed to open your mind and your heart. We shouldnt get caught up with lifes activities to the extent of taking Gods blessings for granted. Not everyone can see, speak , walk or hear. After reading this, I would like you to make an effort to read your Bible more often. (Dont forget to read it today !!) You will be amazed at how much knowledge you can receive from the Word of God. After you read the Bible, you should also share it with friends and family etc. A poet once said : Do people know youre a Christian because of your actions, or do people think youre a Christian because youre acting?



Fire Centred
Im sitting talkative with flammable saliva rejuvenating the last twig of a dying fire. I use the dead ashes to inscript stories On the walls of echoing caves. Meanwhile , the emitted flames are transparencies Viewing childhoods o four forefathers. I see more similarity From my attempts to contrast. Be it the oratory techniques that King Shaka used to assemble his warriors, Or poems that distinguishes our indigenous clans. Our minds capacity of Withholding a marvel world, Proportions the strength residing in the precincts Of our grandmothers necks, When carrying immense firewood From distant bushes. Indeed weve inherited our grandmothers skills, Also seen from how we knit inspiration With every strand of thought.

Makwena Peo (Ryvaloqulty Depoetiq Monk) is a poet , currently at the same university as me (in Bloemfontein : UFS) . His poetry is very descriptive , with a lot of personified expressions. I like his poetry because its always unique, and it always brings a new perception towards certain aspects of life . Hes also a man who is passionate about writing, reading and listening to poetry , plus spoken word. You can find him on the following link: http://www.facebook.com/Ryva lEktomy

At this moment in time, I continue to search, For the woman whom I will love , the same way Christ loves the church. I will continue to seek, For her angel voice, that always sounds so sweet. She is also searching for me, Because , believe it or not, we are meant to be. So, I will continue to search, Until the woman Im supposed to love: God lets me see. She has the obedience of Mary , The boldness of Esther. Both combined together With the heart of Mother Teresa. Her presence in my world Will be like global warming, Resulting from my heart being polluted With so many emotional feelings towards her.



Her beauty will cause a crisis in my imagination, When I try to describe it using mans words. We will never run out of topics for conversation, Because she always has something positive to say. At this moment in time, I continue to look, For a woman whom I will not judge like the cover of a book. Instead, I will read through the pages of her life And be overwhelmed by the value she can bring to me. I will always be by her side, She will always be on my mind, We will have no secrets to hide Because our love will not be blind.



Who is Thuthukani




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Email: ndlovuthuthukani@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/radioactivetuts http://www.radioactivetuts.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/2tukani

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