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EBME Unit 2 Online Instructions



Chris Pietras Exploring Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship Online 2.01 Compare different t pes of e!onomi! s stems" traditional# free enterprise# !ommand# and mixed e!onomies. Discover how different types of economic systems are alike and how
are they different Investigate who makes choices about economic resources in the different types of economic systems


2.02 $nterpret suppl and demand graphs. Determine how supply and demand is related to price Regulate how market (equilibrium) price is represented on a supply
and demand graph

Introduction to the Unit: %at!h the introdu!tor s!reen!ast of Mr. Pietras displa ing the unit !ontent# and !ompletion re&uirements Notes: 'ie( and !ompleted guided notes for unit 2.01 ) Compare different types of economic systems: traditional, free enterprise, command, and mixed economies & 2.02 ) Interpret supply and demand graphs. The guided notes will not be submitted but can be used when taking the weekly quiz Readin : *ead pages +,)+- of the online text.ook" Demand and Supply !o/ering la( of e&uili.rium. 0his (ill /ital kno(ledge needed for the unit pro1e!t. !iscussion Board "uestions:
#$ns%er the &ollo%in 'uestions in the (!iscussion Board) ta* o& the course *lac+*oard ,a e

%hat does the term 2!onsumer2 mean in the .usiness (orld# gi/e an example of a time (hen ou (ere a !onsumer3 %hat do ou think 2demand2 means in the .usiness (orld3 4i/e an example of ho( demand affe!ts pri!e. $n our o(n (ords# (hat do ou think the term 2e!onomi!s2 means3 5o( !an e!onomi!s impro/e an e!onom 3 %h is 25uman *esour!es2 important in a .usiness3

-ee+l. "ui/: Complete (eekl &ui6 from the 78ui66es9 ta. on the !lass Bla!k.oard (e.site# this is a timed assessment. :ou (ill ha/e 20 minutes and 1 attempt to !omplete this &ui6. ;se our guided notes as a tool to help ou identif information &ui!kl . Unit $ssess0ent: <=emonade>Coffee ?tand Business ?ummar Pro1e!t# /isit the follo(ing links to de!ide (hi!h t pe of .usiness ou@d rather open" http">>(((.lemonadestandgame.!om> A=emonade ?iteB

http">>(((.!oolmath)games.!om>0)!offee)shop>index.html ACoffee ?iteB Pla the =emonade ?tand or Coffee ?hop 4ame for ,0 !omputeri6ed da s <<<Cot ,0 a!tual da s# and (ill then !omplete a *usiness su00ar. des!ri.ing ho( .usiness de!isions (ere made during the game .ased on suppl and demand. D 30 day log sheet a/aila.le on the !lass Bla!k.oard site (ill need to .e used in order to prepare the summar . ;se the log sheet to !reate a /irtual presentation>s!reen!ast to share (ith the !lass. $t (ill need to .e uploaded s!reen!ast.!om and then share the ;*= onl # to the !lassroom Bla!k.oard site. 'ideos must !ontain the follo(ing information" !emonade"#offee $tand $creencast Requirements Came of pro1e!t>.usiness ?tudent name# !lass# date =ogo Pi!ture 5o( ou de!ided ho( mu!h and (hat to .u to get our lemonade stand operating. 5o( ou determined the 2right mi%2 and ho( long it took ou to dis!o/er (hi!h mix of lemons# sugar and i!e !u.es (as right for ou Aor !offee ingredientsB. %hat (as our secret mi%3 5o( ou determined the pri!e and (hether or not the (eather pla ed a part in ho( ou set the pri!e. Create a graph sho(ing the pri!e and num.er of !ups sold during the ,0 da s. Explain the peaks and /alle s in the graph. 4raphs should .e in this format !reated in M? Ex!el"

Lemonade Stand Business Summary


CUPS SOLD Conclusion to Unit: On!e ou ha/e !ompleted all of the ;nit 2 o.1e!ti/es# refle!t our kno(ledge . /ie(ing and !ommenting on at least 2 other !lassmate@s pro1e!ts. :ou must identif at least , unit terms (ithin ea!h !lassmate@s pro1e!t and ho( it helped ou to expand our kno(ledge.