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General Electric

GE Appliances Shop and Buy Online Official Site for GE Appliances Refrigerators- Home Depot !" Off on Select Appliances O#er $%&'. Shop Home Depot and Sa#e. General Electric (ompany )*+SE,GESector, (onglomerates .ndustry, (onglomerates /e0site, http, General Electric (ompany )GE- is a di#ersified industrial corporation engaged in de#eloping2 manufacturing and mar3eting a wide #ariety of products for the generation2 transmission2 distri0ution2 control and utili4ation of electricity. 5he (ompany operated in segments. On 6une %72 %!!82 GE announced reorgani4ation of its 0usinesses into si9 industry-focused 0usinesses effecti#e 6uly 82 %!!8. 5he si9 0usinesses are GE .nfrastructure2 GE .ndustrial2 GE (ommercial :inancial Ser#ices2 GE *B( ;ni#ersal2 GE Healthcare and GE (onsumer :inance. During the year ended Decem0er 7 2 %!!<2 GE ac=uired the commercial lending 0usiness of 5ransamerica :inance (orporation. Also in %!!<2 GE ac=uired Australian :inancial .n#estments Group. On >ay 2 %!!<2 GE completed the merger of *B( with ?i#endi ;ni#ersal Entertainment @@@A. .n Decem0er %!!<2 GE .nfrastructure completed the ac=uisition of .n?ision 5echnologies2 .nc. Also in Decem0er %!!<2 GE sold a maBority interest in Gecis. BRIEF: :or the fiscal year ended 7 Decem0er %!!82 General Electric (ompanyCs re#enues increased " to $ <&.'!B. *et income from continuing operations rose %" to $ D.%DB. Re#enues reflect increase in sales in (ommercial :inance2 (onsumer :inance2 Healthcare2 .ndustrial2 .nfrastructure and *B( ;ni#ersal 0usiness segments. *et income also reflects impro#ed gross margins2 a decrease in pro#ision for loss and reduced income ta9 charges. General Electric Company 3135 Easton Turnpike Fairfield, CT !"#" $nited %tates &'one: -%!7-7'7%% Fa(: -%!7-7'77 7 Contact: Russell /il3erson Contact Title: .n#estor Relations Contact &'one: -%!7-7'77 &7 E)mail: *e+site: Fhttp, ,e-s: Fhttp, .istory: Fhttp, %er/ice: Fhttp, Employees: 7!'!!!

0fficers: .mmelt2 6effrey R2 (hairman of the Board2 (hief E9ecuti#e Officer (astell2 /illiam2 ?ice (hairman of the Board Dammerman2 Dennis D2 ?ice (hairman of the BoardH (EO GE (apital Ser#ices2 .nc. /right2 Ro0ert (2 ?ice (hairman of the Board and E9ecuti#e Officer Sherin2 Ieith S2 (hief :inancial Officer2 Senior ?ice Aresident-:inance Bertamini2 Ste#e2 (hairman2 (EO2 ?ice Aresident2 GE (hina (alhoun2 Da#id @2 ?ice (hairman of .nfrastructure :lannery2 6ohn @2 Aresident J (EO2 (ommercial :inance2 Asia Gentile2 5om2 Aresident and (EO2 GE >oney- Australia and *ew Kealand Ieane2 >argaret2 Aresident and (EO2 Retail (onsumer :inance2 GE (onsumer :inanceAmericas >ar3et/atch profile on General Electric (ompany http, 5he (ompany Snapshot is pro#ided 0y >ar3et/atch2 a su0sidiary of Dow6ones. 5he information is 0elie#ed accurate 0ut are not warranted or guaranteed 0y >ar3et/atch2 .nc. (harts are pro#ided 0y 5radeline. All times are Eastern ;.S. General Electric D8!2!!! parts2 &72!!! photos. (all center2 same day shipping www.Repair( GE Appliance Aarts O#er ' >illion Aarts J Accessories. 5oll :ree Help and Easy Returns. @arge Appliances :ind2 (ompare and Buy Refrigerators Shop and Sa#e from !!!Cs of Stores General Electric @oo3ing for General ElectricL :ind e9actly what you want today. GE Aarts Same-Day Shipping and Easy Returns +ou can sa#e the Easy Aarts wayM .content N (@EAR, 0oth O General Electric (o. )GE>aBor ;.S. corporation and one of the largest companies in the world. .ts products include electrical and electronic e=uipment2 plastics2 aircraft engines2 medical imaging e=uipment2 and financial ser#ices. 5he company was incorporated in D&%2 ac=uiring all the assets of the Edison General Electric (o. )founded as Edison Electric @ight (o. 0y 5homas Al#a Edison in D'D- and two other electrical companies. 5he company esta0lished a research la0oratory in &!!2 and many of its later products2 including #arious home appliances2 were de#eloped 0y in-house scientists. .n &DP GE purchased the R(A (orp.2 including its tele#ision networ32 *B(. GECs head=uarters are in :airfield2 (onn. General Electric Co1 Type Founded 2ocation 3ey people Au0lic )*+SE, GED'& :airfield2 (onnecticut 6eff .mmelt2 (hairman J (EO Sir /illiam (astell2E9ecuti#e ?ice (hairman Dennis Dammerman2E9ecuti#e J ?ice (hairman Ro0ert

Industry &roducts Re/enue ,et Income Employees *e+site

/right2E9ecuti#e J ?ice (hairman Ieith S. Sherin2(:O Gary >. Reiner2 (.O (onglomerates aircraft Bet engines2 electricity2 entertainment2 finance2 generation2 industrial automation2 lighting medical imaging e=uipment medical software2 motors plastics railway locomoti#es silicones $ <&.'!% Billion ;SD )%!!8$ P.787 Billion ;SD )%!!8Q7 82!!! )%!!<http,

"GE" redirects here. For other uses, see GE (disambiguation). 5he General Electric Company2 or GE )*+SE, GE- is a multinational technology and ser#ices company. According to the :or0es Glo0al %!!! it is the worldCs second-largest company. .t should not 0e confused with 5he General Electric (ompany plc2 which was renamed >arconi plc in &&&. .n the &P!s2 peculiarities in ;.S. ta9 laws and accounting practices made it fashiona0le to assem0le conglomerates. GE2 which was a conglomerate long 0efore the term was coined2 is one of the #ery few corporations to achie#e great success with this 3ind of organi4ation.

.n D'P2 5homas Al#a Edison opened a new la0oratory in >enlo Aar32 *ew 6ersey. Out of the la0oratory was to come perhaps the most famous in#ention of all-a successful de#elopment of the incandescent electric lamp. By2 Edison had organi4ed his #arious 0usinesses into the Edison General Electric Company. .n D'&2 Elihu 5homson and Edwin 6. Houston formed the ri#al 5homson-Houston Electric (ompany. .t merged with #arious companies and was later led 0y (harles A. (offin2 a former shoe manufacturer from @ynn2 >assachusetts. >ergers with competitors and the patent rights owned 0y each company put them into dominant positions in the electrical industry. As 0usinesses e9panded2 it 0ecame increasingly difficult for either company to produce complete electrical installations relying solely on their own technology. .n D&%2 these two maBor companies com0ined2 in a merger arranged 0y financier 6. A. >organ2 to form the General Electric (ompany2 with its head=uarters in Schenectady2 *ew +or3. .n D&P2 General Electric was one of the original % companies listed on the newlyformed Dow 6ones .ndustrial A#erage. GE is the only one that remains today. 5he Radio (orporation of America )R(A- was founded 0y GE and American 5elephone J 5elegraph )A5J5- in & & to further international radio. Between &%' and &782 8% different in#entions in electricity were introduced to the company 0y Hassan Iamel Al-Sa00ah. General Electric was one of the eight maBor computer companies )with .B> - the largest2 Burroughs2 Scientific Data Systems2 (ontrol Data (orporation2 Honeywell2 R(A and ;*.?A(- through most of the &P!s.

GE had an e9tensi#e line of general purpose and special purpose computers. Among them were the GE %!!2 GE <!!2 and GE P!! series general purpose computers2 the GE <! !2 GE <!%!2 and GE <!P! real time process control computers2 and the Datanet 7! message switching computer. A Datanet P!! computer was designed2 0ut ne#er sold. .t has 0een said that GE got into the computer manufacturing 0usiness 0ecause in the &8!s they were the largest user of computers outside of the ;nited States federal go#ernment. .n &'! GE sold its computer di#ision to Honeywell. .n &DP2 GE re-ac=uired R(A2 primarily for the *B( tele#ision networ3. 5he rest was sold to #arious companies2 including Bertelsmann and 5homson. .n %!!<2 GE 0ought the tele#ision and mo#ie assets of ?i#endi ;ni#ersal and 0ecame the third largest media conglomerate in the world. 5he new company was named *B( ;ni#ersal. Also in %!!<2 GE completed the spinoff of most of its life and mortgage insurance assets into an independent company2 Genworth :inancial2 0ased in Richmond2 ?irginia. .n that same year2 GE also ac=uired the credit card unit of the department store DillardCs for $ .%8 0illion. .n %!!82 General Electric 0ought the financial assets of the (anadian airplane manufacturer Bom0ardier for $ .< 0illion .n %!!P2 General Electric completed the $ .% 0illion ac=uisition of .DR Systems2 a medical software company.

GE is an enormous multinational industrial company head=uartered in :airfield2 (onnecticut. 5he company descri0es itself as composed of a num0er of primary 0usiness units or S0usinesses.S Each S0usinessS is itself a #ast enterprise2 many of which would2 e#en as a standalone company2 ran3 in the :ortune 8!!. 5he list of GE 0usinesses #aries o#er time as the result of ac=uisitions2 di#estitures and reorgani4ations. .n %!!82 GE launched its SEcomaginationS initiati#e in an attempt to position itself as a SgreenS company. (urrently the company is one of the 0iggest players in the wind power industry and also de#eloping new en#ironment friendly products such as hy0rid locomoti#es and photo#oltaic cells. 5he company has also set goals for its su0sidiaries to lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

GE Businesses
GE Organi4ation Directory Main article: List of assets owned by General Electric GE (ommercial :inance (apital Solutions (orporate :inancial Ser#ices Healthcare :inancial Ser#ices

.nsurance Ad#anced >aterials (onsumer J .ndustrial E=uipment Ser#ices GE :anuc Automation .nspection 5echnologies Alastics Security Sensing A#iation A#iation :inancial Ser#ices Energy Energy :inancial Ser#ices Oil J Gas Rail /ater Roadways

GE .ndustrial

GE .nfrastructure

GE (onsumer :inance GE Healthcare *B( ;ni#ersal *etwor3 :ilms 5ele#ision Stations Entertainment (a0le 5ele#ision Aroduction Sports1 Olympic Games 5heme Aar3s

5hrough these 0usinesses2 GE participates in a wide #ariety of mar3ets including the generation2 transmission and distri0ution of electricity2 lighting2 industrial automation2 medical imaging e=uipment2 motors2 railway locomoti#es2 aircraft Bet engine2 a#iation

ser#ices and materials such as plastics2 silicones and a0rasi#es. .t was co-founder and is D!" owner )with ?i#endi ;ni#ersal- of *B( ;ni#ersal2 the *ational Broadcasting (ompany. 5hrough GE (ommercial :inance2 GE (onsumer :inance2 GE E=uipment Ser#ices2 and GE .nsurance it offers a range of financial ser#ices as well. .t has a presence in o#er !! countries. .nterestingly2 o#er half of GECs re#enue is deri#ed from financial ser#ices2 ostensi0ly ma3ing it a financial company with a manufacturing arm. .t is also one of the largest lenders in countries other than the ;nited States2 such as 6apan. E#en though the first wa#e of conglomerates )such as .552 @ing-5emco-?ought2 5enneco2 etc- fell 0y the wayside 0y the mid- &D!s2 in the late &&!s2 another wa#e )consisting of /estinghouse2 5yco2 and others- tried and failed to emulate GECs success.

GE4s +rand
General Electric has one of the most #alua0le corporate 0rands in the world. (EO 6effrey .mmelt had the new 0rand commissioned in %!!<2 after he too3 the reigns as chairman2 in order to unify all the di#ersified 0usinesses of GE. 5he 0rand included a change of the corporate color palette2 small modifications to the GE @ogo2 a new customi4ed font2 called GE .nspira2 and a new slogan2 "imagination at wor " replacing the longtime slogan "we bring good things to life". 5he new 0rand re=uires many headlines to 0e lowercased and adds #isual Swhite spaceS to their documents and ad#ertising to promote an open and approacha0le company. 5he new 0rand was designed 0y /olff Olins and is used e9tensi#ely on GECs mar3eting2 literature2 and corporate we0site. GE Brand(entral is a we0site dedicated to managing the 0rand and re=uests for font and logo usage. .t is closed to the pu0lic.

5ack *elc'
5he (EO from &D -%!! was 6ac3 /elch2 who many regard as one of the premier 0usiness managers of his era. *ic3named S*eutron 6ac3S2 he presided o#er a %D-fold increase in earnings )on a 8-fold increase in re#enue- with his policy )referred to 0y detractors as Sran3 and yan3S- of sac3ing the worst performing !" of his staff e#ery year. .n running GECs many di#erse 0usinesses he maintained a policy of only 3eeping those 0usinesses which were T or T% within their respecti#e industries. .n &D'2 GE was the ;nited StatesC second largest nuclear power company and third largest producer of nuclear weapons systems. 6ac3 /elch introduced the use of the si9 sigma =uality system2 originally de#eloped at >otorola2 within GE.

Corporate information
5he companyCs mar3et capitali4ation is almost $ !! 0illion higher than that of >icrosoft. .n %!!<2 GE was named num0er one company for employers and employees on the :or0es 8!! Glo0al Alayer list. 6effrey .mmelt succeeded 6ac3 /elch as (EO of General Electric and holds that office today. (urrent mem0ers of the 0oard of directors of General Electric are, 6ames (ash2 6r.2 Sir /illiam (astell )?ice (hairman2 and E9ecuti#e Officer-2 Dennis Dammerman2 Ann :udge2 (laudio Gon4ale42 6effrey .mmelt2 Andrea 6ung2 A.G. @afley2 Ro0ert @ane2 Ralph @arsen2 Rochelle @a4arus2 Sam *unn2 Roger Aens3e2 Ro0ert Swieringa2 Douglas /arner2

and Bo0 /right. O#er the years2 GE has recei#ed se#eral awards honoring them for their accomplishments2 #alues and reputation, .n :ortune >aga4ineCs %!!8 SGlo0al >ost Admired (ompaniesS list2 GE ran3ed first o#erall. ):e0ruary %!!8- .n :ortune >aga4ineCs %!!8 SAmericaCs >ost Admired (ompaniesS list2 GE ran3ed second o#erall. ):e0ruary %!!8- GE was named to the Dow 6ones Sustaina0ility /orld .nde9 as one of the worldCs leaders in en#ironmental2 social and economic programs. GE ran3ed ninth on :ortune >aga4ineCs S8! >ost Desira0le >BA EmployersS list. )April %!!<-

%uperfund %ites
General Electric has agreed to pay the En#ironmental Arotection Agency to clean up three superfund sites contaminated with polychlorinated 0iphenyls )A(Bs-. 5he three superfund sites are composed of a %!! mile stretch along the Hudson Ri#er2 a section of the Housatonic Ri#er in Aittsfield2 >assachusetts and a transformer facility near Rome2 Georgia.

6nalyst co/era7e
Germanotta2 6effrey )/illiam Blair J (ompany2 @.@.(.(ornell2 Ro0ert )@ehman BrothersAarent2 *icole )(redit Suisse :irst Boston Dray2 Deane )Goldman Sachs-

SE( filings including !-

%ee also
Bora4on @e9an @ist of assets owned 0y General Electric >OOSE Ran3 and yan3

General Electric Co1

Corporate 8irectors, 6ames (ash2 6r. U /illiam (astell U Dennis Dammerman U Ann :udge U (laudio Gon4ale4 U 6effrey .mmelt U Andrea 6ung U A.G. @afley U Ro0ert @ane U Ralph @arsen U Rochelle @a4arus U Sam *unn U Roger Aens3e U Ro0ert Swieringa U Douglas /arner U Bo0 /right &rimary Business $nits, GE (ommercial :inance U GE >oney U GE Healthcare U GE

.ndustrial U GE .nfrastructure U *B( ;ni#ersal $ni/ersal %tudios, ;ni#ersal Aictures U :ocus :eatures U ;ni#ersal Studios Hollywood 5heme Aar3 and 5our U ;ni#ersal Orlando Resort U ;ni#ersal Studios 6apan Tele/ision 6ssets, Bra#o U (*B( U >S*B( U >un% U *B( U *B( Studios U *B( ;ni#ersal (a0le U *B( ;ni#ersal 5ele#ision Distri0ution U *B( ;ni#ersal 5ele#ision Studio U *B( /eather Alus U Sci :i channel );nited Iingdom- U Sci :i (hannel );nited States- U Shop*B( U Sleuth U 5elemundo U 5elemundo .nternacional U 5elemundo Auerto Rico U 5rio U ;ni#ersal HD U ;SA *etwor3 ,BC 0-ned 9 0perated Tele/ision %tations, I*B( U I*SDV U I*5? U IRASV U /(A; U /(>HW U /6ARW U />AX U /*B( U /*(*W U /R( U /5?6 Fhttp,11www.answers.com1topic1wt#B- G U /?.5 U /?5>W Telemundo 0-ned 9 0perated Tele/ision %tations, IB@R U IHRR U IDE* U I*SO U IAHK U I5>D U I?DA U IS5S U I?EA U IR5R U /IAX U /*E; U /*6; U /S(? U /S*S %panis' Independent Tele/ision %tation, I/H+ %'op,BC 0-ned 9 0perated Tele/ision %tation :'ttp, //DA V!o"owned with L#$ %& in a 'oint (enture ()*+ owned by $,!, -.+ owned by L#$). /$01 also includes a re2eater used for rebroadcast of Entra(ision 3s /,$%"!4. W%o be sold to Media General, 2ending F!! a22ro(al. 6nnual Re/enue, $ 8% 0illion ;SD ) %!!<- U Employees, 7 82!!! U %tock %ym+ol, *+SE, GE U *e+site, Fhttp,