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Table of Contents

Mission Statement… Page 3

Racer Profiles
Charlie Sponsel, Pro… Page 4
Aaron Nachtrab, Cat 1… Page 6
Patrick Funk, Cat 1… Page 8
Our Trails… Page 10

The Blog… Page 11

A Final Thought… Page 12

Mission Statement
Make it to as many races as possible. Racing is our lifeblood. The three of
us have been traveling together to regional and local races since 2005. At the start of 2008,
we decided to make it official, and Team Robot was formed. Racing is like nothing else. It
only lasts for a few minutes at a time, but those minutes give you drive and purpose for
weeks, months, even years. We’ll be at the Fluidride Cup, the Pro Gravity Tour, the Mountain
States Cup, Crankworx, and tons of local races. Team Robot is a bicycle racing team at its

Win. That’s why we race, after all. With a year of Pro-category experience and another
winter of training under his belt, Charlie is ready and hungry for some wins. After some fast
results racing against the best in the world, and several podiums in local races, we believe
Charlie is ready to surprise some well-established names. After some solid results in 2009,
Aaron and Patrick are looking to demonstrate their winning ways on our new bikes. We’re
pretty excited about the 2010 race season.

Ride bikes. We’ve ridden together for 8 years now. Downhill trails, dirt jumps, skate
parks, streets, it doesn’t matter. If racing didn’t exist, we would still be out there digging and
riding. Weekends or weekdays, Team Robot is having more fun than all the other teams

Dig trails. They don’t build themselves after all. Here at Team Robot, we’re proud of
what we build. This will be our fifth season at our dirt jump trails, and they look amazing. But
don’t ask us. JD Swanguen, Phil Sundbaum, Declinemagazine, BMXers Justin Inman and
Darin Read will all tell you: they are a blast. If you’re in our neck of the woods, drop us a line.
The biggest news is that now we’re building downhill trails too.

Destroy all humans. The most important thing is to never act too serious. No, we
don’t really want to kill anyone; between you and me, we’re not actually robots. The point is
that we here at Team Robot take racing pretty seriously, but we never want to take ourselves
too seriously. Team Robot was formed to be different. We don’t want to be “Team Extreme”
or “Team Fireball.” We don’t have flames and skulls all over our jerseys. We want to have
fun, travel to some awesome events, and go beat the snot out of “Team Extreme,” “Team
Fireball,” and every other team on the race course.
Charlie Sponsel
Primary Discipline: Pro Downhill
Age: 20
Years racing: 6
Hobbies: Digging dirt jumps, running, riding even more, thinking about winning, firing my
1,800 pound trebuchet
Other: Full-time student status, Economics Major

2010: “My first year as a Pro was a big transition. I learned a lot about racing
against all the big dogs, and I’m ready to hang with them. I definitely found some new
speed this summer, and I’m excited to train hard and find some more going into 2010.”

Favorite Race, 2009: “The Snowmass, CO MSC this year was amazing. It was the
most consistently fast course I’ve ever ridden. You had to open up your body position
and ride over the holes, and on every corner you could feel your tires drifting. Racing
at speeds like that was awesome. I’m definitely going back.”
2009 Downhill Season, Professional:
Fluidride Cup:
#1, Port Angeles… 13th
#2, Pro GRT, Port Angeles… 19th
#3, Mt. Hood… 17th
#4, Mt. Hood… 18th
#5, Port Angeles… 8th
#6, Mt. Hood… 24th

Local Races:
Willamette Pass #2… 3rd
Blackrock Flow Cup… 3rd
Mt. Shasta Inaugural race… 2nd

National Circuit:
Pro Tour #1, Port Angeles, WA… 19th
Pro Tour #2, Angel Fire, NM… 17th
Pro Tour #3, Snowmass, CO… 25th

Fluidride Cup Ranking, Pro… 21st

USA Cycling National Ranking, Pro… TBD

2008 Downhill Season, SemiPro:

Fluidride Cup:
#1, Port Angeles… 4th
#2, Port Angeles… 4th
#4, Port Angeles… 9th
#5, Mt. Hood… 2nd
#6, Mt. Hood… 1st

National Circuit (NMBS):

Fontana, CA… 20th
Angel Fire, NM… 9th

Fluidride Cup ranking, Semi-Pro… 2nd

USA Cycling National Ranking, Semi-Pro… 5th
Aaron Nachtrab
Primary Discipline: Category 1 Downhill
Age: 21
Years racing: 6
Hobbies: Digging, driving fast, jumping really high on my bike, jumping really far on my
Other: Full-time Bike Mechanic, Part-time dirt-jump building expert

2010: “I really want to have fun out there. I think I put too much pressure on myself
this year, and I need to relax and remember why we all do this: for fun. Okay, I lied, I’m
in it to win.

Favorite Race, 2009: “I really liked being able to race the top half of Skibowl
again. The gnarly, high speed upper half was closed last year, and they opened it back
up this season. We hits some speeds up there we don’t hit in a lot of other places.”
2009 Downhill Season, Cat 1:
Fluidride Cup:
#2, Pro GRT, Port Angeles… 8th
#3, Mt. Hood… 9th
#4, Mt. Hood… 4th
#5, Port Angeles… 7th
#6, Mt. Hood… 5th

National Circuit:
Pro Tour #1, Port Angeles, WA… 19th

Fluidride Cup Ranking, Cat 1… 6th

2008 Downhill Season, SemiPro:

Fluidride Cup:
#1, Port Angeles… 5th
#2, Port Angeles… 5th
#3, Mt. Hood… 5th
#6, Mt. Hood… 5th

Local Races:
Willamette Pass DH#1… 2nd
Ashland Spring thaw… 6th

National Circuit (NMBS):

Angel Fire, NM… 19th
Patrick Funk
Primary Discipline: Category 1 Downhill
Age: 24
Years racing: 6
Hobbies: Working on his downhill bike, cleaning his downhill bike, weighing his downhill
bike, weighing parts on his downhill bike, fixing other people’s bikes, listening to loud music,
riding street, commuting by bike to work.
Other: Full-time professional mountain bike mechanic, metal music enthusiast

Favorite Race, 2009: “I had a lot of fun racing "KING DIAMOND" at Port
Angeles again this year. It’s one of the more challenging tracks up here. It’s so steep
and technical that it’s always a good time.”

2010: “I’ll be racing cycle-cross over the winter to get back in shape. I’m already training
for next season, and I feel really motivated. No more crashes in my races and no more injuries.
2010 will be the year of the ROBOT."
2009 Downhill Season, Cat 1:
Fluidride Cup:
#1, Port Angeles… 9th
#2, Pro GRT, Port Angeles… 16th
#3, Mt. Hood… 31st
#4, Mt. Hood… 10th
#5, Port Angeles… 12th
#6, Mt. Hood… 17th

National Circuit:
Pro Tour #1, Port Angeles, WA… 16th
Pro Tour #2, Angel Fire, NM… 16th

Fluidride Cup Ranking, Cat 1… 14th

2008 Downhill Season, Expert 19-29:

Fluidride Cup:
#1, Port Angeles… 8th
#2, Port Angeles… 7th
#3, Mt. Hood… 5th
#4, Port Angeles… 1st
#5, Mt. Hood… 4th
#6, Mt. Hood… 2nd

National Circuit (NMBS):

Fontana, CA… 9th
Angel Fire, NM… 19th

Fluidride Cup ranking, Expert… 2nd

USA Cycling National Ranking, Expert… 8th
Our trails:
Aaron pinning the first berm at our
first-ever trail jam. We have five
different lines, but every line starts
with this berm. A lot of good riders
weren’t able to ride our trails because
they couldn’t ride this berm. These
are the dirt jumps that racers built.

The big lower hip. We have

bigger jumps, but most people
agree this hip is their favorite.
Big, tall and steep with a nice,
wide landing; there’s plenty of
room to get crazy.

Even in the heat of summer, they’re

always ready to ride. Here’s Charlie
taking advantage of that and getting
sideways on the lower hip.

With years of work into these woods,

the woods have done some giving as
well. Aaron sweeps the leaves off the
trails. Sweep, water, ride.
The Blog:


One part- legitimate bike reviews
Two parts- random youtube videos that make us laugh
Three parts- photos and videos of us riding, racing, and traveling
A healthy dose of- bad MS-Paint drawings promoting Team Robot/shooting laser eyes through other
teams, poorly drawn explosions, and animals attacking people’s faces.

We started the blog to show what we’re up to, and we

post on the blog almost daily. We didn’t know how many
people would read a blog we wrote, so we wrote it for
fun, for ourselves and our friends. It turns out that other
people actually read the site. Hundreds of other people.
In fact, we’ve had 1800 unique visitors in the past year.
Happy Trails